Episode 19: Roller Coaster of Love


In this episode we discuss motion sickness, booty calls, and anal sex. (Not in that order.)

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for the week in time for the podcast you

ran two miles written by sun setting on

to downtown what we consume you features
I would you

the fly with you thought I would you

this showing what we do you teens I’m
for you

%uh pretty chill very cheap I

almost to chill in fact well yeah I

Waialae it’s a over stuff the puck as
don’t know

all rights fair enough I realize you’re
not the bus

I you are not the bus have made Jesse
free sin is the guy who wrote that song

desert breeze then you are a chill dude
away are Jake and Amir were very

comfortable in this episode

yes we’re not recording live coming to
you problem years a wet dream ever

recorded I

guide is drenched in CVS thats that’s
why there’s no I reverberate go

Mirza driven by nightmare ever recovered
in the years the menu

tried so beautifully is often perfectly

our actually recording from a recording
studio if you can imagine there are

places that are built to record

not just my living room what is covered
with towels and

this one’s called rec room records to
very nice dudes lesson here

brought us to this room that’s basically
like you

described my wet dream ever recording
studio yes

incredibly a warm colored cold

darkish diminish very

a lots have how would he call these like
giant rectangles that are soft money

also option passed over when I just

instead of just %uh me hanging up tells
on a television

and this place is so great so thank you
so much to rec room records for having


I guess for whatever reason they decided
that they’d wanna let us

record here whenever we want so I feel
agreeing to take advantage of that I

think when I was able to make them
really right now

a big we are gonna make them regret it
thanks guys

time to head a sec they want us to
mention their URL yr their their Twitter

account but I don’t need to do that yes
you do not only to do anything you want


already here he chickens out any second
sleaze download through the door comes

the beginning to get off welfare

has the a

rec room is with the W that’s the plan
thoughts W reck

roon .tv and it’s actually

recording studio run by Adrian bring a
yes he’s an actor you guys

yeah I think you’ve heard OVA I know if
you’ve ever heard of the on ther

the onto Roush be he’s on it idk

epic hustle thanks so much for letting
us in here guys that sounds great I’m so

excited to hear that

like I don’t even care if this episode
is funny yeah at this point we’re on the

20 minute mark and yeah I have even

ok yield for a question lol no I didn’t
bring emails yeah I we had this is just


this is just an audio experience more
than anything else

deaths he also said they’d edit this
episode for us the level the idea for I

wonder bill headed out the part where
you called a drink renee is

a show on 2 reviews I

hey he’ll never listen to it he’s got
bigger fish to fry

I mean they make actual songs here that
we basically are like kids who snuck

into their dad is recording studio

right we have a very little rain half an
hour in between the actual work

little do they know we’re gonna come
here every day for the next year and a

half to record an episode whether they
like it or not

a certain point the door is going to be
locked probably next medica

I don’t care as long as on the inside
when they lock and I’m not gonna be

alright I hear

I I will gladly be buried the air

let them carry my carcass out um

rates so the show is if I reall it
really lies broadcast on the internet

hosted by us

I’m Jake and now a mere had to be as you
know how it works

I you get into sticky situations you
email us your questions your conundrums

your problems

and we will do our best to answer your
probs is your questions give you life


it might not be good but I’ll hopefully
be funny and %uh that’s pretty much it

the email that you email

is if I were you show at gmail dot com
good work

thanks pal she’s I’m gonna I’m not even
needed I guess

yeah I guess what I here take my phone
read the emails okay

have fucking fun without me I will
isolate effect are you expecting the


%uh beacon that need to be content now
this is up with you

going to try to win you back cuz I won’t
also if you’ve never heard a man up if

you never listen to it up so before
usually the first five minutes are not

just us

gushing over us a sweet room breakers
usually we’re recording and held in

years how to present the ACN

turned off were sitting on hard hard

hunched over a table speaking directly
to Mikes right now I’m sitting on a row

%uh chair made of mahogany I with
leather accents

sipping from I I guess this is a rocks

I glass that you would drink scotch at

was serving very clean fresh not room
temperature not too cold water they had

to study the but text

we really do a you well let me just
cutting the water glasses

I I you started it I think

I believed I could almost tell her at
all right all right

first question re giving it we’re gonna
read these emails these are really

emails for real people were giving them
fake names to preserve

there and on a MIDI here we go back so
first email we received this week

girl is the first one we’re reading is
from someone I’ll call

Brandon random Brandan Wright’s

well well well Jake near finally harp

grip my questions I strikes I the mills
in a red that fired

a again here’s here’s the real question:
this girl

I actually that’s the whole thing I used
as a I really shoulda screenies

I love them adjust people telling us we
have a podcast we already knew that you

guys are really they are you listening

a hey here okay Brandan Wright’s this
girl is like for a long time finally

invited me on a date so I obviously said

but its to an amusement park and all
three times in my life that I’ve been to


an amusement park I’ve thrown up on at
least one of the rides

I don’t wanna puke in front of her
roommate chances but I also want to seem

like a pussy for %uh going on the rides

help I love that is that at least
whatever the rights

leading to music part thrown up on a
ride got another ride

rode up together it’s got the boot and
rally that’s the name for the ride

a ride the merry go round jar data over
to do this I loop to loop thing hope

adults PUA ghetto up there I go and I
just did this

tea cup brush and I’d make it a
hat-trick I

here we go 3-for-3 one-time uses

I tear list good you need me I’m gonna
be drinking clam chowder at Red Bull

I’m actually I actually a I very much
resonate with this question because

I’ve been to an amusement park before
and I’m very

a susceptible to motion sickness and I
was with a girl should I come on it’s

not that big a deal

unlike I will I really will not feel
good after its they come on just do it


I will do it and I will be sick it is
like I great that’ll mean a lot to me

I did it I was sick I did violate you
vomited yet another I

not involved on the rivals like I don’t
understand the joy rides that just make

you dizzy that’s not fun

it’s not just her I mean well what by
which it was a it was alright I was

basically like a

horizontal ferris wheel but then in
addition to that your little pot is

going around

see you’re going around and around as
you’re going around the yeah

seds so like I basically it was torture
I basically felt like I was gonna puke

and then it just gets sped up and up and

well that’s a very close my eyes and it
really helped a little bit and that the

president decided you’re susceptible to
that motion

exactly dirt EE roller coasters that are
not nearly as bad as that

right like that Brandon to go on a
roller coaster that might just do like

one loop but mostly it’s just faster
like a log flume

we just get wet know it’s gonna vomit
there another Carnival their games their

yeah you just go to the hard part do the
water one

the water I’ll look if that was me is
amuses parks

amusement parks up like a water stick
rights you’re saying let’s say yes to

the day go to me is a park and then just
decide to play the game try or try to

steer it in a way that was

is not gonna make you sick if she’s
saying go in this loop de loop de loop

de loop

the yet to be like hey let’s try this
one yeah

well let’s do the one where I just throw
above ball and milk bottle I

you still draws out so well I’ll all
their goal is to lebow’s

I no I the milk landed on my throat I
think I just don’t like amusement parks

I the Gump and they are just allergic to
the breakfast 8 everywhere you

yeah dozen other you could is not E they
may be always dry heave instead OVA

but I just ruins it like once you’re
sick once your motion sick like you’re

out for

whatever however long it lasts how I
don’t get we gotta get motion sickness

that %uh the sickness

you never get seasick now I guy I got
sea legs actually

I really do yeah a very well suited to
you I abused in that regard service than

many as I I got those skinny wrap your

I got like to peg legs year-over-year
beast than they had skinny legs today

card your skinny pale spindly legs
that’s how you’re a beast yeah a yeah

those instances these data as so I guess
my pale skinny legs make me a bit of a


in that regard and other mail pieces
that I read books in a car

let another guy that I love beast I
guess I can read a magazine or book in a


I don’t know that you will it is it’s a
must be genetic thing

yeah I guess maybe my jeans or make me a
beast what’s the

with wet my pants were to be so if you
can believe it the you have good

eyesight which is another

a thing that’s not nerdy you’ll get
seasickness I get motion sickness:

do you get you have any nerdy ailments
you have nose bleeds ear infections

what’s your nerdy ist a problem this was
in high school at actually

pretty bad acne now I

one golf balls it’s size go all sides at
once if I was to be a laser eye dirty


well you know job trying to play about
right now but there is no they don’t

they be cool

few but skinny jeans are kinda cool you
can be cool I guess

lead on anything I guess what else would
be nerdy about you

I’ll I i thoroughly in LB you’re really
into lower the ratings

that’s true I love Lord the Rings that
we’re leaving

but it’s not really a genetic what’s new
30 about a record ka

I fuckin an elf yeah I don’t think
there’s anything dirty about that

i guess i do. I’ll a record bone Darwin
reading that’s pretty

had actually your he had great I say

so would you tell i would tell this guy

I dunno I mean I feel the pain I don’t
know too like dizzy say yes and then

embarrass himself at the place

I mean the I your I thought leaders on
this way were caused by the answers

questions I guess I would but I think

I would say yes and then go on the rides
that are non

dizzying cuz like I mean I’m afraid of
roller coasters in general that’s a

whole different set of

a problems yeah your freighter but yeah

I what you’ll do any roller coaster yeah

there’s no occurs that would be too
scary for you lol the what about the one

at the top at the stratosphere which is
like the largest

building in Vegas and it’s just like
this log that like dips

over the edge and then you go backwards
I can imagine being nervous but I would

not do it

you would not do it what about like a
giant like seven hundred foot drop yet

at the just lifts you up and drop right
side that’s fine

yeah okay cool so I guess I’m the
asshole hygienic URL

I yeah I was go on the day and then lead
a %uh be like hey I’m actually like I

feel kinda sick I really want to be with
you by coming to light all the rights

like oh I really late night last night
that makes it sorta cool a guy I had

even though I knew we had his day I got
fucked of yesterday I also like scary

shit a drop the gloves or whatever

yep yeah

good said I say I say go for it

suck it up and go do the dizzy rides you
saying that because I get to the dizzy

Wright yeah I got and not do the same

s alright suck it up and up don’t have
to do the Roger played out alright

be omitted do it broke due to the rise
you don’t go up to No

that does Amanda video do the scary ones

I man up and tell that girl hey if it’s
a pretty big drop

say you’re too scared to do it ACS they
respect that

so Fred C you it left do to chill out
they respect the honesty

love God I’m honored user for that

requested didn’t turn out the way I
wanted to create

I guess is better than me advocating a a

just destroy the UK destroying a humane

oh yes the other one owned by the way
you guys I made by this point

the Humane Society at that age too easy
writer %uh but I learned about

you more about its cities do and they
don’t just rescue birds that

are and squirrels other they’re involved
in like animal cruelty in general like

ya that there’s like a wildfire yeah
like it a lot of the injured animals

like they can

units that is that then crazier than
that my statement about whether or not

they’re drain on society still stands
now that I know that dick

Yahoo dazzle soon it’s like a question

second question number two let’s do this

this one comes from Steve Sanders

I Steve Steve Sanders rates I got 99
problems and they all bitches

the funny way to start the inning since
you cut the lyric a really

yeah okay so nevermind I take back my
laughter tonight in that bothers

and they all bitches I that’s funny he’s
a funny rapper I think then

iight city centres rates there’s two
girls that work at the gym I go to

let’s call girl a Abby and girl be
pretty I wanna ask out Britney

but I think Abby likes me I’ve tried
talking to both of them before but I

feel awkward trying to ask how Britney

in front of the abbey how should I ask
out Britney should I wait and hope just

today wat and hope that I see Britney
when Abby isn’t working

should I go for Nats Britney anyway
should I flirt with Abby making Britney

a little jealous before I make the move
on her

or should I throw a Hail Mary and try to
get a 3some sincerely Steve Sanders

and thank you Steve for you as a
multiple choice answer it’s like the

SAT’s a

five guests over a fellow trustee to
give advice

slather for absence you would you say
those hours for options

I don’t know party wants to make fun of
them for being like such a douchebag

it’s like oh which goes it like to go
the gym I don’t have either one which

one do I do I do I play this

but I I think I’ve also been there yeah
it seems like a problem you’ve had where

you have a crush on a girl but her
friend has a crush on you see like I’ll

this one girl a sort of blocking my cock

I would yes I I would hate to have my
cock blocked yeah at the very least my

cock needs to be rocked

yes I was shocked I cocked as a bid
rockets been cock blocks

you if you can believe backed through
the exactly the opposite of what I X Box

I exactly I

I think I guess like those are all
pretty viable ways the plan aside from

the obvious joke which is the Hail Mary
threesome radio

so we can eliminate d eliminate D is
like how you would take the SAT is

easyer to live in a rancid choices and
make the best guy I think the other

three are all viable options depending
on the moment I i

is I wouldn’t do opsin see which is
clear that the making Britney tell and I

do that you would do that I would do
that I went with a girl that likes you

I was with a girl that likes me in order
to make somebody else does but also

because I like flirting

in life a flirtation will probably be
mutually enjoyable

for Steve and Addie now I see so that’s
like a fun thing and it’s got these

added benefits love making Britny Britny
a little jealous how do you flirt with

one girl man has got another

so I wanna go back to the fact that you
vomit on roller coaster I

so you’re the authority on motion
sickness add the

the fact that the amusement park and
then when there was a

to hug girls at a gym class and you
defer to the right

okay that’s good I don’t you never had a
rather loosely in your car right now

work turned up a little bit

let’s hear a mere admit I Eddie the
fuckin grade a loser I know this is good

I want everyone to know that you are
finally having mom actually turn it up

this time

I know I ask you to turn it down dollars
a day I really think is the event itself

was a good as

I mom i touch the net but I was but this

I best a shove my lad I

I eyesight I think come the only thing I
wouldn’t do

is a.m. ask out Britney right in front
and Abby

I think that’s like a little it’s a
little bit since the move yeah it’s me

it’s me

it said me move right but it would what
if Britney says no

then the move on to a happier like you
only got one shot do not miss your

chance to blow his

I don’t know I put it n da close Abby
and Brittany are but I think you could

probably as pretty out be rejected and
if you’re still interested in happy like

you still don’t have a date then yeah
you did utility that have you ever been

in the situation as to britain inches
like I can add he really has a crush on


and the like me to that doesn’t mean
that you can’t date me just because your

friend likes me

yes I’ve been in that situation ended is
did the people to the ladies easily

side with their friend her side with you
I know when they’re sort of like a

dramatic situation like that it’s

everybody sort of like on feeds into the
drama cuz like sorta exciting

so like it defied friend likes me I
definitely use that to like

get with a pretty your friends with
silicone ozone selects you like a

the cat no I don’t hurt or maybe
shouldn’t be telling that we’re talking

yeah CNN military backed out I could see
you turn into a game to excite the lady

that right yeah

court and it usually helps works I think

you have a crush on a girl would you
prefer that her friend has a crush on

you yes

us that’s better yea acted like you’re a
girl has a question you then like

to our friends like oh that’s good this
is a desirable guy like I show up

somewhere with some girls like

presumably been like OJ silly come is
really cute I really like them and then

I come in somebody’s looking at me
through the lens objects a cute guy

I’m supposed to like him rate suddenly
they like me

what’s up alright alright I read a I’m
sorry mama I

hah alright so your advice

is to you a was it I there was a big it
was either a

was a what up today wat and hope that I
see Britney would have isn’t working

yet AARC so you flirt with Daddy and
then make pretty little jealous and then


abby is not there ascap Britney I think
that the move that’s the movie let you

know what

I totally agree for sure you I really do
I really very bad situation where to go

back to you

not to know that you’ve read these two
girls at the same time

vision and your mom deadly gases while
have you ever had your mom and a girl

like you are the same god damn time no
of course you have a lead over you have

it show

barrios is bobbing you talking about
cover those geraldi budget does do you


I would never feel motion sick in this
room this is my this is my saves the day

appears that is happy places such as
solid safe

basement are we in like the half-hour
area right now a

we are around the 20 minute mark house
at are you for this

is this at the studio this is gonna be a
first for our apt yeah the guys are

helping as I like have to like go to
dinner they’re just gonna leave and come


Brian Michael are their names Brian
Michael thank you at rec room rec room


or Twitter at rec room checking out
please check em out

a.m. throughout question number today
right support them and maybe we can come

back into the studio

yeah maybe the lead us back in I am
shitting myself so I feel like that’s

going to be a

a huge no no that you see yourself when
you walked into you

because the these are clearly I was you
have you any given time

its that’s really impressive lol out a
view on its way out to view it

like I know you don’t need this much
really good articles also I think God

so I yeah it’s like a burrito I

a alright question number three this one
comes from

David silver David silver three guys in
a row we gotta yeah I think the next is

going to be a lady I

core ladies please email us more yeah
retired choosing I questions

or lose anything against ya lo ours that
the bar volume is primarily due

yea or at least ask questions that make
you so dumb sounding that we can make

funny you have legalized bribery logical
and smarter allowing and I guess we can

answer this but where’s the fun

here we go love the show brings me lows
and happiness to my workplace rights


you know what else would bring you
happiness if I had a good way to ask my

girlfriend to swallow

chill usually combat with would you
wanna taste it and hey I doubt

but I don’t think but I think it’d be
kinda hot to try

also if you can get behind that let’s
talk about getting me and my girlfriend

do you to push real sex or ask for it
it’s something that I think could be fun

to try but working it into a
conversation doesn’t revolve around an

argument that appears to

be blacker than the cherry I’m trying to
pop thanks

I love this guy is its it baby read like

but amatures stand up objects I

idea could could yeah because I know
you’ll be at its peak in Egypt be I

I yeah you were speaking about yeah I
don’t throw us into this

Paso best it so he wants his girlfriend
to swallow his semen and then also for


to be able to you have anal sex enough
so he just welcomed every guys this is

every guys problem why is that

I this is the dirtiest then we’ve talked
about the Y

is it good why’s that

hot or attractive for a woman to swallow

I don’t cuz it’s the same for you right
a real jagger usually the mouth

but then why do you care if she was some
other girl will like

with if you say I’m coming actually
mover head away

rank thats I mean I’m sorry

I’m a pig but that’s the worst I

that’s worse then genocide I up mike got
yeah I could not agree with you more


you believe that yeah a and that but I

I guess likes how do your mouth and
spitting it out

that I personally think that’s fine it I
don’t know why he wants

hers as well okay those its argument
would you wanna taste it maybe he

doesn’t want it in her mouth

right well it’s true I mean but at the
same time girls do stuff two guys and

guys do stuff two girls that they
wouldn’t necessarily want to do that

sort of like

look at what did that guys to grow they
wouldn’t necessarily want to do like for

example aural sex on a lady

you know the league Libya lady wouldn’t
want to do that another lady

rugby I’ve will guide doesn’t wanna go
down on a girl

yeah but she’s he’s like would you wanna
taste it and that’s like Noel

I don’t wanna taste it but maybe girls
on a favor all right I said as I said

yes some stuff I thought you were the
guys I like oral sex

know some guys some stuff turns guys on
that girls don’t want to do it so you

like oral sex

totally kidding me all sex and roller
kits Pierce

I really is all you do it to talk about
sex on the fact that I know you have it

I know you had sex and somehow I’m
always on the talks about sex and it’s

just really listens to the show

more than I am leader tell you what I’ll
I’m not on the tamil

I’m gonna sit this one out bizarro
subtly got much more comfortable

I I you alright anal sex here’s
something I could talk about comfortably

never had it not interested in it

I am I got come I’m gotta jump in here

either it doesn’t doesn’t appeal to me
anal sex nothing you’re never really

curious now

I just assume it feels like a tighter
vagina but it’s you know what it is it’s

too dirty for me cuz that’s where

alright I i mean poop doesn’t just

it’s not like it’s always could tell
your but workers ahh coming out well as

you know is coated with feces yeah

the inside is probably always coated
with the so I don’t think yeah imagine


imagine sitting through a tube then you
wait the outside the two-body things on

the inside of the 2i think

I think there’s shit I inside unless
you’re getting a friggin

colostomy and maybe there is a little
bit but you lusted of you get shit on

you have a cylinder but when you wipe

unless you use a or b day so strong a
the the water goes

up into your rectum there’s going to be
shed on the inside your party for let

let you tell you if it goes on a
peer-reviewed when it’s

sex in the red I guess thats more
appealing to me then

to blood is better than poop blood is
I’ve always said that

I sees the cheese blood is better than
booth just %uh

our average listener ages around eight
to nine years old

ok got I mortified

%uh I think I can understand your where
she’s coming from

about not wanting to have anal sex cuz
I’d heard that that can be painful

yeah it’s a tighter tighter it’s a
square peg into a round hole

there are like I mean there’s a plea of

E there there are like things you can
read in

at you know tips helpful tips for making
anal sex less

less painful um but I thank you heavy
anal sex is something you should not

pressure your girlfriend into because
the more you push for the less is gonna

wanna do it

yeah I think what you gotta do is it in
your mind

just you know like this is something
that I really want it in her butt

I is either by mail for dinner but

I she if she does he want it place they
like old is all I want for my birthday

this is i want for christmas

that says that as your children it’s
showing I remember I i said

that there is a I a girlfriend far in my
past two

that I would it do I’ll I like made his
jokes all the time but you know it was

I show that a but everybody knows that
that’s like

right others like it a deep-seated truth

%uh and dead you know when it’s like
when somebody’s it happens they feel in

the mood there like it in their mind
even though they think they don’t want

to that something’s happening like

the signs they might a little bit yeah
and the down to try

either you got a it’s a slow play it’s a
slow play or you can find someone who

specifically likes anal sex that we
don’t think it is an email he likes anal

sex he just wants to try it

yeah that’s chip have you tried using

a another human’s butthole discusses
feels like perhaps another

gotta go for getting a visit a a a a
male prostitute

I just so you can experience anal say
it’s nothing against you I respect your

decision i’d as usual 18 as in a but

that so I’m gonna go on that adventure
and I will come back to you

OJ’s man I’ll for the worse luck I

100 present workers nothing about me
will be better than that

%ah God well I hope we can help I know I
feel uncomfortable

this guy all he wants is a girl to
swallow his load into action the Flies

is that too much to ask

that if they were to have big I too much
to ask for you it to you wanna fuck you

up in the ass and then makers swallow
your cum

your father is a filthy jerk you watch
too much porn future is gonna get sick

I know it’s I know Bobby G’s that’s
gonna maker bobbitt

that’s my will s I

a haven’t talked about how comfortable I
am Raynaud yet yeah

okay good said this would this would be
the time that we do a little break a


but a I’m so relaxed in Israel I don’t
even yeah pretty neat it let’s say code

let’s take our break in just plug rec
room yeah before starting any one more

time yes please at least

visit the site at least visit the site
because we’re so happy to be here

yeah I feel like if you could visit to
sites right now it would be Requiem .tv

in Warby Parker dot com Borno sees that

sees the cheese dot com for the next
week is gonna forward to recommend us

even if we could be that does that

agree it is that good to see that she’s
dot com you go to rec room that TV

I you her mother may 4 well exploded lol
but yeah

by know you’ll pardon the mess never had
anal sex in cubes on the bug in very

good or LA

I feel you do hear that I really derail
yeah I feel I can tell you that you

that’s pretty little tea cosy almost

yet another the girls face left with the
car rides I think you know how to

forward a domain


you I’m being bullied I

a drink yeah okay search every other
than through hopefully

its I sure you a dodo bird outside their
eyes that was a joke

know he’s beating me up I know how to
pronounce good yeah I tell you

holy shish kabobs now we’re havin fun

finally it’s about freakin time to to
come in a wreck room

a alright am final question

a yet maybe two more you really love to
be the Allahabad yeah

I wanna go anywhere early as I they like
you’re really and this is the lady


though let’s do it like this one comes
from Brenda loss

brandon’s twin sister hi and currently

but not at this precise moment sleeping
with a friend

I don’t want a relationship with him but
wanted but what it

to keep it purely sexual I don’t wanna
relationship with him but i wanna keep

it purely sexual

I think he is on the same page but I
don’t wanna feel like a booty call

it seems like we each car to text each
other when we’re in the mood but he

always comes to my place

he still is with us folks does this mean
I’m his booty call

I feel like we have an unspoken
agreement as to what we are doing and I

would rather

be a mutual booty call the me feeling
like it it

the me feel like it’s one-sided or am I
just overthinking this

all the best Brenda yeah brenda I you
nailed it

you’re overthinking it would you settle
my over they hear that was the answer to

your question

what is this mutual booty call verses
one-sided booty call what’s the

difference I don’t even understand it
was so convoluted

but the situation is very simple and fun
it sounds like right she’s like

I we what we I don’t wanna anything more
but I don’t wanna be like just a sex

object to him

what are you talking about epic you said
one thing and then another

the they conflict each other truths
ma’am none sorry Brenda but you’re

you’re a hypocrite

I and you know deserve a booty call

dude flow or a one-sided actually I I

your it i guess its it’s easy to feel

when you’re in that situation we like is
he just using me especially if that’s

what she feels about him it seems like
that’s what she thinks like no one is

using this guy wait a second is he using

be but if you’re both using each other
how long can that last before things get


who have you ever had like a mutually no
strings attached relationship where

nobody ever got

a emotionally attached and then I just
faded often ended

I think so or does it always result in
one person wanting more

I guess anytime its you’ve I’ve had like

like a discussion like we r with this is
a friendship with benefits are okay this

is that your booty call

it’s turned into a relationship with
some correct I think you can’t

a have regular sex with somebody without
getting your feelings about sex is such

an intimate act

well you can no I if I was having sex
with one person

a lot I would start to care about them
or you would be like we should and

right so my trick is judges have sex
with as many people as I can

a lot however not all all the time
you’re not getting that deep into like I

don’t care that end by

yeah I care about nobody take least 20 I
self I

does ok I was a little monster I

that’s right kids are afraid of me other
monsters fear me

and frankly my parents don’t respect me
do but most of all

I’m afraid myself oh that’s fun oh wait
it’s not

I go out with people lately night about
the lonely but

news well as I feel lonely all the time
holy shit on a crowded subway guess you

all around

absolutely no one might as well be empty
that so I feel all that I have sex just

to feel but oh I don’t feel

any ever I’m a robot that is pumping
pumping pumping coming feel good for a

sec a crippling loneliness here i am.

a few II sacrifice 99.99 percent on my
day to feel happy for point 00 1 percent

and guess what it doesn’t last I got 99
problems and they all bitches

I you I love god that was very honest

a view on it thank you so much if you
like this chairs leading you to more

honest path

yeah this is like this this series it’s
really is its

a good therapy Donaire this episode I

its server over their recording this in
a very nice software that you can afford

please delete the source file I who are
you do press spacebar

I think that that hold something I don’t
know use GarageBand what are you using

Pro 2i don’t even know what that is yet
believe it

I you can i play the sax is a Fender
Strat hang in every year

yeah I’d love to shred it is especially
if its Adrians

I act what is the question

a she’s ever think your booty calls you
that he too cool

do public I’ll if you don’t let me they
were from him then don’t expect any

don’t expect to be anything more to him

that’s beautiful thank you if you don’t
expect anything more from him

if you don’t want anymore way I feel is
that already well we lost it

say they recovered is like a butterfly
city of my hand for a second it’s gone

baby gone.

plea over actually the recording cut our
energy passive download

it go the Sony made a super kind of us
the lingo

yeah I didn’t even know how to reset
perhaps its online by The Times upstairs

is a guy one last question no bus

Liana us this one is from

um God he’s another guy

mister walsh brennan’s bahut James

is the actor’s name I think I yeah

I’ve been going out with this girl for
seven years and I want to propose on our


in two weeks but it’s a big thing i’d
have to spend the rest of my life with

her and she’s really obsessed with
doctor who always is the stones Ramones

it a bunch of other bullshit

she’s love them since he was a kid but
it’s getting old should I just get the

fuck over it marry her fine ass

or should I wait and see if it annoys me
too much before I make this huge step

thanks guys

very bitter there for seven years I is
eager well what do you expect this event

clearly here is like

it’s a huge thing I love to be with her
for the rest of my life he does love

seven years but

I your are already like yes he received

when you do break up with her and start
new hopefully it stops in only eight

years seventeen and then I can pop the
old kill so small to like %ah the

like to bear that a show that she likes
I can you match I got you ban judges

Mary your fine ass

to see each the here’s the thing she
likes to have the most respected band’s

music history in a pretty awesome show

I don’t know maybe I can just settle
this message in error you

I I don’t like any bands are any show
actually it sounds like she is my dream


but that’s it it she’s obsessed with
this shit %uh

but it’s getting old I guess if she you
think it’s getting old

I don’t wanna like advise them not to
marry this girl but yeah he’s being very

cavalier about this proposal

right yeah this is married to do to you
should I just get over did marry her

fine ass

nobody Sydney shouldn’t say Marion fine
ass in the same question right

fine ass is not for merletti you should
it be ready in two

a and advice podcast about whether or
not you propose yeah

I US-israeli heavies that’s really heavy
set actually

you resorted to answer your questions
common with yeah

go to an amusement park with someone
those a first date now we’re talking

about the seven year anniversary

and whether or not you but I what if
he’s actually looking for us

my advice to you is for the love of God
ask somebody else that you respect you

or like that knows more about the
situation sir asked your dad like if

this is a dream girl and that the one
downside is that she’s obsessed with

Doctor Who

a go for that as best as you’re gonna
get yes you probably

she eventually be into all this stuff a
a couple years online

Walsh it has been seven years and she’s
still the other things that when you get

married they get the

get house pay a mortgage maybe raise a
kid yeah you know I don’t i’m for the


I don’t think my mom was obsessed with
anything when I was growing iPod is

raising six children know she will you
know she was obsessed with is making me

a god damn like

says it is obsessed with yell or you’re
like obsessed with the

feeding the kids as I thought you were
telling your at the buzzer

seven-day I B I married your fine as
well you like I

years so all about getting them to

sports practices it’s late and shit is
getting old

a cutie me I’m gonna be listening to
this stone

watching Doctor Who is added to the
biggest Oasis rather it’s I

he that’s that’s the way the game will
your mom areas by NS

I was so tired vice to use to go
somewhere else for advice

this is our first I we’ve actually urged
people there is this person not to seek

our guide yes

but I’ve got it somewhere else although
he did he did help us out he was he made

it to the show we are like a little
funny question at a bit

I get sleep residual tablets elderly

do we do what you do but at this point
star as you are I would say hello to you

in this situation all right now we’re
definitely definitely at a time

this was such a fun great place an
episode issue

this a podcast yeah thank you i rec room

thank you guys so much for listening if
you guys Cinda

still a go on iTunes and subscribe to
the show there too really helps us out

and you can also listen to the show at a
if I were you show dot com

or I guess not this week sees the cheese
dock on cuz we’re gonna forwarded to the

rec room directly to your TV

otherwise we r I usually over there as

%uh anything else you wanna mention
let’s not overlook them this time

yeah I was that’s plenty yes that your
computer I feel you

opened up three different as it is OK I
and we appreciate it

I believe you are launching iTunes right
now to write a positive review its

inscribed so we appreciate that as well
your check yet Warby Parker I taking out

rec room in your checking out as I feel
like we’ve st. for more than enough

yeah a said and what we provide you with

25 minutes ago jokes that’s not fair we
are you more actually and you have

absolutely every right to be mad at us
we apologize

forty were military girl I we’re still
accepting themes on submissions we had

this has turned into a thing that we’re
just never gonna end

they’ll flip this last one comes from
Alex Moses

anything you think you got one that’s
even better or as good as or slightly

worse than his we’d love to hear it

that email amor times if I R you show at
gmail dot com thanks for listening we

love you all

by hmm do







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