Episode 38: Jealousy


In this episode we discuss envy, threesomes, and vibrators. In that order.

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things got real

paid finally Jourdain gyro

I’ve got a problem 0 and Act Cap South

I just don’t know I’m supposed to do

I do theme show


dot com

show do


done car

about me them its 50 you


means the sheehy beautiful

military down motor cap is back

it motown no problems and way it’s a
it’s a

at the play on a biggie smalls pop daddy
and me

so yeah may spell the dollar sign yes

and the dollar sign yes I hey this is if
I really only bad part

aid is a very very up hi this is about

really you realize a result the place a
dozen I really only buys podcast on the

internet hosted by us

unamir and I’m Jake we are bare bone
thing it today

bear we are there are bones we yeah

well we’re slowly losing more and more
possessions to our move to Los Angeles

yet really

we remain in New York yeah will some
version of us remains I’m falling apart

the sea and the fact that

we are currently holding the microphone
during a good arm extends worshipped in

your truck this morning the Los Angeles
just as like a

look as real life hack I’m paying to
have my truck shipped LA

a but then to say about my actual moving
cause I just stopped as many boxes as I

could I thought the truck

boxes hastily packed wrapped in duct
tape just like

around you know slip fuck fuck fuck

late Homer Simpson doing his taxes yeah
I got the entire time attacking I

there was late a monologue I could be
delivery was just faulk me

but me talk shit shit shit shit shit ask

Christ of damnit old top back I wanted

als like every sprinted to the car
sprinted back and realize I forgot a bag

or awful a I

you’re all set to ever happen hours 29
degrees yeah I was like

idea other than that promise sweaters
and also the Sun %uh it’s going to be

five seconds to load the car come back

nope yet to give it a thorough

thorough thorough inspection where he

he’s made a list everything on being in
a scratch on the car

and then as ours is a big friendly so we
started talking about Thursday like to

talk about like living in California how
you want to live in California how he

was a musician

I as urges like it was not slapping down
the truck tires

and Mike talking to me about living in
Santa Rosa

yeah just just ship my drug dealer it’s
a ser

at WW shit my truck

I don’t I care not for your story the
world who it is cold

I the wind is very cool it actually may
debut CD I’d love to

to grab a national players on your team
didn’t know

you but im yeah I could do not compel
here we go this one the seven-minute

love ballad I

it’s got no wifi no cry no

own life and no outcry it is a parity
sign thought our

to second before we started recording no
I pine ok I he said no

why I know my no all our

and no up by third I remember when I was
in a coffee shop in Georgetown

got applying

good sign no live but I no crown

and a in your is that’s on me know woman
don’t cry or

no woman no cry like I don’t have a
woman I don’t have a

problem her now no woman don’t later
like no honey don’t cry right

because one is like sounds very sweet
it’s like a woman don’t cry %uh that’s


yeah I was like no woman no problem I’m
gonna be by myself Brevard I’m not gonna


interesting mmm or maybe there’s no

and it’s like no cry like I there’s not
a woman around me

so I feel no emotion and emotionless I
can’t weep

yellow by are so without a woman I
cannot cry an hour he was so stoned

i three Kyl Bob Marley with all wave hi

so like all it is lyrics block obviously
ended by chord progression their shit

could be with downed

he’s like a garbage bin like the best
musicians are

are ones that don’t you fucking drug Ave

like on I am I’m

um I’m Josh Groban and it up an example

over a me this year do you drink alcohol
in right at City Music

I with an example there’s been a delay I

hum Macklemore a few

leaders broke character is that a
delayed i’d is realized that he thought

overrides good music because we’re going
home at the concert tonight we’re gonna

rage face

in there I it’s funny that we’re playing
I just like doing drugs

at the concert because it’s just going
to be thirteen-year-old to


and like to death Macklemore Ryan like
sing your song about being sober and I

yeah bout to get array I year

if I could be example can sober I could
be an example to start over

yeah I dude I am that’s not me I

likely I have a problem luckily you’re a
better role model in your way more

famous Macklemore

I despite my best efforts to get your
haircut I am i doing little bro my

actual personality to be more like you

I suck in general a bit and your amazing
specifically so

him alright toda not fair I

so you know this absurd coming out after
the concert but if you happen to listen

to it before the concert plays bindaas
hai 5 us go back in time but I’ll

I how they love to do before four hours
from now if someone steals my laptop and

listens to the source audio

very well somebody a thief that the lead
a laptop

beef that loves a that an audiophile I

him an audio file that loves audiophile
cell I’m a kleptomaniac in an audio file


I would like to maybe act now to club
don’t maniac

I’m I’m sorry I how does the show work

um cheeses well we

people email us in their problems
questions conundrums the ant

they ask us for advice and we do our
best to dispel

honest sometimes brutal

a advice does this will need tough love

so does any tough love dis dispel mean
dispenser did you use that word


and he dispelled means dispense it
doesn’t like this prove

hmm interesting I proportionally

we don’t have wifi or phone signal
because it interrupts with the recording

so we’ll never know

had any a mere tu cuerpo he then i aint
good read a little better day

a disturbance here though at the OJ key
turn off your phone

great yeah yeah I create disturbance

you create a disturbance either by Kim
turn my phone off

so what I was dubbed as the most they’re
not Hindu

your thirty-eight minutes against 10 I

he needed i cant ok Ruth absolutely X
gave you for that

I have attended the hearing did say FB

if you’d to find yourself in a difficult
place in you want some advice

%uh please feel free that email
addresses if I were you show

at gmail dot com if I really show at
gmail dot com cell

sure we get this party started yeah
although you’ve put a

border on my tender and

you are allowed me to been here not

and OK Cupid you are so gay

stupid you I love that you’re in
sweatpants leaning back right now

your got coming out here later peter I

is arguably do this this list

gut %um still the only Bruin 30 min

and I think it but I love you too so we
can have it on our site or something

this is what I’m currently looking at

a yeah

you localize the broader buicks way let
me take another

goes blurry this is bad radio but I’m
going to do that

and UX

you I really a homeless person that goes
things in certain

radio show but but Mike now play then
you really would like I lost my fucking


though I look there let’s read some
questions Shelly

yeah a we gotta

let’s we’re gonna open it up with the
lady this time

alright I lady you’re gonna give this a
Sadie Hawkins by gathers railing unsure

lady is to actually was our choice
ladies choice we give ladies avoid I

I’m theory if the birds podcast that
does bad

yeah I’ll yell fear ladies choice

this is the lady is a boy is rolling up
in a rolls-royce

is this the is this the the COAS in
those with their character that Bob Bob

Marley was

Bob Marley the fuckin stoner and here
eight city lyrics

shitty me that could be fucking high on
weed okay

never get lost did back in mind I am not
liking and that herbal medicine

I am thirty got any road biking garbage
truck the buffalo soldier

what to but below the larger had led by
tech bubble other animal

yeah I ATA

to what’s your name I haven’t given chai

I who more I the end

because I would call them your eyes only
at birth

be in the child near the dollars that
and not only did not as

there’s a a dollar declined aids aril

II it shouldn’t be a cent sign Shaya

didn’t now maybe it’s that a four eyes
at the end it I V that that lately


Roman numerals that cool that now I

so i rly but not that bad at the dollars
than glad worth it

I a it up

that boy because you’re worth it

good other than Glenn with it because
you’re worthless and worth that let me

work it

it’s rather we should get Josh Rubin on
a podcast yeah that is basically Josh

Rubin pressure

I reading yeah some comes from a lady
named ert year

but actually fake damask email Israel
change the names to preserve

this lady’s anonymity anonymity hey guys

my name is their two-year and I’ve been
dating my boyfriend for seven months now

he’s on the school’s lacrosse teams and
often the boys throat and with the girls


were very slutty on the weekends and he
seems to always be the one inviting them

to everything

I know you wouldn’t cheat on me but I
try to tell him he’s sending the wrong


I can tell the girls are blatantly
hitting on him all the time

but he thinks he’s just being nice and
helping the teams have good parties

how do I tell them to stop the
shenanigans and just get someone else on

this team to invite them before I murder
every girl in my city without sounding

like I don’t trust them are coming up as
a crazy jealous girlfriend

thanks tear tear are Bayrak no dairy cow

I rode a rare owed they removed a wreck

a whole body area brunette

I mmm I’m gonna pass I

it is there’s like a couple different
things wrong with this girl

after which water like potential things
K one

she’s really in secure building up a
wall this dude clearly

Ind enjoys by Terence right to the party
that you like up

I know you hate that his brother tho
bloody ike oh no you

honey hating yourself honey follow hiney
oh honey

repair and Odair your boyfriend likes
inviting girl to the party’s

the like that like is that the most you
can cheat on you without feeling too


you think there’s a chance that he that
you might tell you he doesn’t like it

even though he doesn’t know if he
doesn’t like it he doesn’t do it there’s

not like it’s not a hard job

other guys on lax team would definitely
be down to be the point like the point

of contact with all the hot slutty girl
developing as he knows that you can’t

get jealous about that because it’s such
a minute thing what he gonna be like

hmm I’m really pissed that he invites
girls everyone would think you’re the

crazy one he backed into a corner

to check out these girls are such luck
I’m gonna kill them they’re so study

they’re always sitting on my boyfriend
like your boyfriend did nothing wrong in

this situation

how do I kill them without coming off as
psychotic you can totally like your

boyfriend can get rid of this

I we were talking about you and don’t
let this go down like about the

girlfriend is the responsibility you get
only get rid you know

go ability oh yeah you get rid of that

AKA meeting that justifies shit to you

I feel like the number one your blame is
in the wrong place

its diverse it supposed to be the guy
but it’s the girls right she’s but she’s

like of these fucking slutty girls

how do I get my boyfriend to stop
talking to these sluts are always coming

on to him

yeah this is something we talked about
before which is it so we’re to get mad

at the other person when you’re

boyfriend girlfriend cheats on you bike
oh I’m gonna like that

does know Taylor Swift song about like
now I guess that’s for destroying the

boyfriend’s car

right home I don’t notice it as well as
you do I guess either way it’s like

about a

our at it doesn’t matter is I may be
wrong entirely but like the fact that


if your boyfriend cheat on a girl you’re
just mad at her and now with credit

I think an analogous that’s an important
but it’s legally in rhyme song

I L Carrie Underwood it really does
matter I

said the Carrie Underwood I everywhere
in the world to her

um fuck yet so early in the course like
it took about 2 yeah

his four-wheel-drive yet pretty ill
looped up

yeah I will drive the leathers the

at unmanned will know that could cause
he cheated on her yet

that the craters yeah that’s the case
you’re supposed to destroy his car not

liable you are totally destroy a car

but anyway your boyfriend is reaching
out to these people

these girls you find to be slutty
anybody in two parties

if you are don’t want him talking to
them but well

way should the dayton updated a hot ass
lacrosse player

yet sorry he so god damn sexy can even
help it so why you go out with an ugly

person you know you know who

how many slut is gonna talk to nobody
had to get a fucking life to you because

he’s ugly unattractive and stupid

you know there that’s that’s good little
bit of advice crore gonna set up an ugly

person with a bit

I all you know who like make a really
really great cut a couple like for the

this psychotic check

and a fucking virgin loser I

where the lawyers matchmakers ever um
man if I can try

I can’t do anything she’s a psychotic be
I don’t think she’s a be

and others that she’s like I I think
it’s normal to be jealous ideas normal

to project

I do think that you are wrong now

I think what you’re doing calling these
girls a slight ends

like and saying that your boyfriend is
not at fault is incorrect

so how do I get them to stop the
shenanigans they’re not they

have no shenanigans you need to you man
up and tell your boyfriend that you

don’t like

that he is the person that plans the
party’s that you’re jealous

you say hey you know what I’m a psycho I
really like

I wish I didn’t feel this way I know
that it’s been its

small I know it’s period know it I’m
jealous but

here’s the thing if you care about my
feelings you’ll do something to you

to alleviate the concern that I have can
you please

try to pass off the the inviting onto
one of your other bodies

no I think I’d rather break up with you
before I do that’s fair

I deserve that I earned that I think I A
I was small petty in jealous

I bid you adieu I really do well you are
taking this so well I think I

I think I want you back and now me in a
mere fuck on my couch I believe it

you didn’t we floated to the bit so hard
that I think we’re going to have makeup

sex nude

bit so hard to shake rate that shit cray
this girl psycho she’s liable to go


well take your pick Jackson tyson Jordan
James 6

you know that’s referring to what game 6

game sex yeah it’s referring to a fuckin
Jeezy some

that number quality the game 6 is really
exist 6

late the the Bulls burst the Celtics

IPO close it was the Bulls versus

I think the Bulls jazz soul jazz a push
up and Brian Russell that’s right time

running out

yeah 14 hits his the game really her
know how to do

oh yeah the game-winner 20 games Annu

six championship Wow he was liable to go
psycho in that game

the push of I so yeah that’s a little
bit of advice

if it really bothers me body you can
tell or

if you’re you’re you’re you’re you’re
cool with it

yeah I think the two options are Talon
and or get over it

yeah I’m his these girls are not at

they’re not even necessarily slutty yeah
what are the odds that they’re all


yeah and I mean they may hit on him
people flirt with each other

yet it but Nobody Lake release is very

to have like a girl hitting on a guy’s
so hard

and he’s never reciprocating it at all
consider that he might be a separate

reciprocated consider that he is young

playing lacrosse in college he might
enjoy the attention

so either you sell ’em that you’re
jealous and he might think that that’s

petty and dislike you for it or you
might change

the other option is did just trust me
get over it and maybe

he will think that’s ok we love you and
I’ll think that he’s dating somebody

who’s like easygoing and laid back

then suddenly I can start pushing the
boundaries let’s see what else is laid

back about

maybe I can I stay up all night talking
to a girl because she knows that I have


trustworthy girlfriend I’ll certainly
were kissing the severe this little late

in the cycles were saddened that might
happen if that does happen when you

break up with the guy

on but at least you know you didn’t do
anything you just

all you did was fuck it so hard it so
hard because you like

do I keep one ish or at least leash and
then he’s like oh then he chews up the

lesion runs away

yeah I will let their the dogs run free
in the yard no leash at all and

just trusting as the batteries but Hey
Baby the dog doesn’t he just goes too

far never comes back

well I think it’s better to err on the
side have long leash because that way

you’re getting cheated on and that’s not
your fault that’s his fault he has a


but if you make police too tight he
can’t he can enjoy his space in his area

and suddenly you’re the person at fault
that is really up to do is find a dog

that won’t astray even the despite the
long leader let the dogs in the world

here’s the funny people in the world do
you think that she did on their


and attorneys 18 and 30 you think not

I’d already present yeah I have cheated
over 50 over 50 editing

so the majority of people have cheated
on Peter so no wonder people are


are no are no wonder people don’t trust
their presence elves

I’m jealous because I know that I’m a
cheater so I think

anybody else in any situation like oh
yeah you could be tempted

you could see that the body great the

and I think we did um just alike prove
amir’s advice

a in my relationships I like to keep a
girl on a tight leash

well I had any shot myself you that are
to be the only bad thing to do

at the do the opposite of what I have
which is

I will I get jealous and I’m a cheater
so I’m a jealous

a jealous cheaters so it’s bad from both
ends right

and I’m a non jealous non cheater right
be a mere but the problem is you don’t

wanna mere

you wanna cool Jake with stuff because
I’m here doesn’t play lacrosse

will head to be fair day to play
lacrosse I

I think I thing I’m over tonight guide

yet another stuff I think people might
wanna like fuck a dick but they wanna

marry in a mere

I I’m that is

more than beautiful out there that long
as I’m not getting fucked you’re not

getting married I think I’m happy with
the world is

the world benefits right the world is in
balance it is a see-saw our boat people


firmly in the middle area I miss my
stuff man I don’t have an ex-cop

I’m stuffed were saigon I’m I I am

II I’ve got no tied to the world right
now I’m untethered

your leg on the you’re like Gandhi you
have only the clothes on your body

but but but not a you’re not suffer
liner happier now tent about I’ve got

like two boxes at the start that my
parents house I have a bunch of stuff in

my car who which is

God knows where right now somewhere and
rural Virginia

on a jersey and dad then I have a bunch
of crap

upstairs in my room some crap down here
this basement

I didn’t have shit everywhere yeah and
instead of fixing eight-year

dispensing advice about a cheating
boyfriends and a microphone that you’re

holding my life is in shambles

and ice sheet I N Out is going on tour
for the next

nine days family man our daughter

a my life is in shambles and I got
nothin but a rambles

are mike got how’s that for a preamp a
bright new

speaking of which let gamble yeah let’s
gamble by reading another question

of leaders make us even more depressed
than we already are

this one’s from dude

do long columns Scott brochures

see fibrosis nice is going to baseball
theory Calif fragilis dick ready

super tele fragilis better peace got

headed so basically I’m at uni and a
flat mate of mine has a long-term


they’ve been together for two years he
always casually jokes me having a

threesome with them

the more he says it the more I like the
idea his girlfriend is a smoke show

and i really wanna bang her how do we
tell if this is a joke and if it’s not


how can I initiated also with me and him
make I contact during it

thanks guys love the show Scott precious

awesome broche I love where had their
baby brochure the capital bro

you know her the super third basemen it
must miss got roaches

even though his on-base percentage is a
bit quiet Rocha

with the I nobody got that

nineteen of those two things
Scarborough’s has played third base

but also the Mary Poppins Sun Wow

at the event diagram that very little
else to do a very good job yeah

concerts but really don’t get it you can
enjoy it I

him I per big storm a bad

a few unfortunately it was three
negatives which remade the negative

say at Scott broaches humor beef Mary
Poppins humor me the bad song

leave my office well you should bother

actually I might like the door and tried
to stab you yeah

beds I prefer that over what is went
down I’m

so you wanna have a threesome with your
roommate and his girlfriend

yeah which i think is a bad idea cuz
threesomes have lasting consequences

you’ll have to see them a lot there they
will have to see you

a lot it is going to be bad for their

it’s gonna be bad for your friendship I
think if you have a threesome

it’s gotta be with to people you don’t
know very well

or liked people you’re not serious about
threesomes can never be

or should never be does the a like that
does the

friend and another girl bother you like
if a guy friend of yours

suggested a 3some with a random girl
would you be down yen down

you’re down to bone a girl with your
male friend your

I would never do that if we met a smoke
so tonight at the Mac to work on I will

not fuck her with you

if you hung out with their on I yeah I
got drunk right guys by

yeah long she had the hottest girl
you’ve ever seizure amaze yep made the


to take the back cover she that starts
hooking up with you

and how’s the up she is making out with
you data so you get so close to going


okay share I enjoy that %ah blowing but
OK ok I wanna fuck check to

excuse he’ll do I get to come in the
room no you do not get a car you believe


she energy like I am i get up and leave
alright please do

as a lute Lee now yeah I would I would

on on the contrary make a joyful your

I can exclusively have threesome that
that’s what it took

is there you would have a 3some with me
yeah why why me

I mean it better guy that your brother
that you wouldn’t

um now why would you want that

I would miss I mean I would prefer to do
is just me and the girl or the girl and

another girl

ideal but I I mean if if it’s gotta be a
threesome it

that flight data that are you know the
yep that’s what gets me the sex it’s a

funny experience it’s fun

to have sex with a girl with me yet the
bill areas would be

brothers I battery larry is

let me love buddy is lol you funny as we

this woman I think no not with I quit
buggin forced her into it she wanted to

do I know how does it really big

funnier than we do she’s cracking up for
our youth

fun for everyone the Skype in her bed
spread that’s your problem and you make

sex negative for the girl

rather positive experience for her a
positive one for me and

ultimately I think a positive one for
you there any other good ruseler

negative I think the net the neck
gathered so I didn’t bother to me that

it’s got at least

if you must at least feel good that you
gave me the gift to that three-way

if we’re breakin even I think that the
w/o pushes away and in that regard

do within a tight yeah that’s the way
they buggin record halting 2011 every

day to the bank

I you yet though

I think they’re at three something is

I believe you really are hell bent on
doing a collab understand my give you

think you’re roommates friend is such as

his 30th smoke show that you like me to

um but I did you can initiate Ukiah yet
they keep on letting them joke

maybe you guys are all drunk when they
it would happen when their drug you

can’t do this shit always respond
genuinely when they’re joking like you

know you should we should have a

yeah I did like the Ashdown I yeah okay

I are you only wanna watch me fuck her
yeah I do

yes any that outside actually I think
it’s like

oh I why I think it would be hot if like

if I am Scott Brosius watch it I

maybe I executive Scott broaches watch
as fuck which is why you that you’ve

actually said that a woman without up
bro she’s got roaches

you wanna watch as fuck and you’re like
yeah I do and then like they’re fucking

you start

start masturbating mob I and you know
what what are you up with a better

service code

and mama walk away your mother turned
down baby

I’m sorry mama actually she told me she
doesn’t listen

I thought I wouldn’t imagine where she
lives in the as I always said why

wash the dishes that was in the kitchen
she was in the car on the way to visit

my grandfather

0 Salaam veer off the side of the road
near at mob flipped car

I polypeptide got put it in neutral

mama mommy will alternate now look out
the window alright

look out the window looking to leaves
mama the goal

over they are mall oh mama look at the
leave date agent now mama oh mama don’t

you worry about me no more the the
foliage mama

I’ll give your body a rest mama my mom
will be just bad mama

don’t worry about me Mom I’ll see assume
haha mark my mom goes on I it simply is

La MaMa

food for the beautiful we are gone well
mother Obama durable we’re all gonna put

me actual

modem mom and dad mom ok

by I try to be swell up %uh tried it is
over not impaired

bob up against your breast while up

to go down Obama I have a great up

well 0 lover look

you as well years though curated through
a little bit

up mom with the word is likely out to
actually fuck it really really prepared

to follow

book I can’t do I get my book ago

I think about the I might be okay if you
did get a quick

please got no wonder they got everybody

you hull

her the I

ok think

I love you really really

30 love me honey

okay it

I EE’s courageous old is dying a lawyer

in my mom gone to a better place now
model all

fucking actually out early wanna go how
afraid to die my up

mother cry some more ethical really help

that ponders how this is such a week
will but I think this is your fault

I I was the party too well only gotta go
awful thing that I love you so much more

I so where were we on the 37

I a go for it

I just think that you can be the one
that you cannot be the aggressor cuz

then when Mike

it’s all over and your boy and her
boyfriend sites like think about it be

jealous like oh well you’re really just
wanted to fuck my friend in you

Heath he doesn’t think like ol I E

I was a victim in this he needs to be
the person

that a we think it was his idea the

reactor then he can’t blame anyone that

a don’t know that this is a good idea
but I mean

a good advice we had way I get this to
happen so

that are yet to happen just lay back let
it come to you

it will if it if they’re serious about
it am

also if you make eye contact with them
during that’s fine

have you ever had a 3some with you and a
friend male friend

mean now never like on all the way

full on sex threesome but a hooking up

yeah that happened before like making

yeah tight

I would have loved to have been there
actually you could have been there

why as I want have we ever made out with
the same girl

now we ever hooked up with the same girl
now well

toda nice we haven’t even had a

i three somewhere where time was just a
not a factor

yeah on awesome it’ll happen one day I
hope so

I just hope it’s a you getting my second
to not the other way around

I know that’s not going to happen you
know excuse you will you have much lower


like I i have the willpower to resist
anybody you’ve ever been with anyone but

I don’t have bility

to who get with no it never right I

is do it best but still that still a W
for me

it the a a so we take a break

yallop both take a breather who really
need it I hope that a

I hope that Mama thing worked out well
the screaming we’re peaking a little bit

I just worried about idealize a

netload.in recognizes the breakneck then
when his game at prefer to be kept the

microphone over here

if they got their break they were gonna

where you lecture me about where to hold
the mike that we could do that to

another question

asshole the header

hmm I as follows a little better bob
Riley little better

i little man with but we do well gee ol

we should talk about knock knock oh oh
shit thats ray

in the last absurd J came up with a
tender opening line that I thought was

really funny which was

knock knock who’s there interrupting cow

interrupting Calhoun mu fuck

which I val is really funny when spoken

I A I you know tendering it up as I am

known to do. these days I I gotta

a match with the with the with an

I got an exciting match rather than a
non exciting like a dime straight up a


the code I’m p a smoke show I she was in
a smudge was like a hot smoke shows you

just the woman that look like I would

like my type lady right so I don’t wanna
care for

right before a Ford Explorer button so
then I said I should use the NOC NOC

thing and as soon as I wrote knock knock

I regret it it’s so much I’m like own

so much has to go right just for this
joke that may be why isn’t even funny to

begin with

where you started telling people what
happened but we had this like nervous

energy about it it’s like no one
responded well to the joke

and then she said who’s there and then I
felt sodom reading interrupting cow that

I always bailed

and I like holy shit what do I do it
that’s what I like I’m trapped in a


I don’t know I want to ignore her I
don’t want to interrupt the cat is what

it is like

all in all that joke that’s not funny
what do you do for a living and

accounting rare shit now I said it
sarcastically a sturdy got around I’ll

are crazy a curling into my head allies
said interrupting cow

and she didn’t respond we’re about the
longest hour of my life

and I assumed it was over at that point

issue because why would you respond to
someone who made a shitty joke drew

but lo and behold lo and behold she set
an online service

I’m curious to see where this goes over
text which showed me that

I’ll she gets it she get that at the
jokes with verified that yourself up to


which verified my a sneaking suspicion
that this is my kinda lady

where to go to she was in a dummy and I
said interrupting cow

honours she said I’m curious to see
where this goes up attacks and I said

mu fuck and she said

nailed it yell with capital letters all
day I like your even more

and then so I was ice show their covers
this in my body

INLA me that that’s great I’m going to
use it

and then he used it and it said knock
knock who’s there

interrupting cow and the girls at booth

I blue

I the worst things we did say yet

and then didn’t you tell you that it to
you that this morning and

she did not get it yeah it was it was
weird it was a she genuinely thought

that we messed up the joke

yeah I was I said knock knock who’s
there who’s there as the interrupting

cow images that interrupting cow who

and then I said Moo method fuck and then
she said

way I ruined it piano jazz not their
response I mean I get it’s almost like


a sense of humor test years which is
lightweight I think that I think we

messed it up

near book a shooting she don’t
understand about children get

but do you think that’s a good litmus
test like had a determine whether

someone’s humorous or not

I think it’s like I wouldn’t say that’s
the perfect one cuz it is a little weird

a little

it saw its cheesy because almost have to
know that the person

it can you tell her daughter katie ray
is it is like realize that is a bad joke

I don’t know if there’s a lotta layers
but if the person get that its

a pretty great side through I think in
general having a funny

first-line oh that was my other tender
theory where like

aka I always say like just hand the
girl’s name and then like some other

don’t respond

so lately I started just sending like
really funny messages back to them

bright light like

their them into the inferno right off
the bat right so that there was that


I said hey and the GM responded and I
wrote back like

wow sorry for not believing in love and
I wrote to somebody else

way but shame we could have been

yeah I wrote to somebody else um and

time this window is now shut don’t
bother contacting me again

that person ever respond the yeah well i

to our I believe three ETA for the
people that I did that too did respond

to it because everybody just wants to
have fun and be like funny and tender so

if you are

if you haven’t gotten a match people who
went over dinner not every public alike

I great I and then forced the head

I if you have not heard back from a
match you should try just like saying


a funny cheesy line like that it’s
almost like the person that a common

you’re using that a

what to call the e kg the fibula is
really to resuscitate the conversation

yeah where like the there’s no rest
because the compositions are today you

might as well

dryer that’s what that’s what the
Predators are

yeah it’ll get there there’s no fuckin
risk let’s just have fun with shock this

debt as body

so that are not knock story the end

I hope awful you guys get to use it if
you do screencap in email us in

had a fiery show gmail dot com that’ll
be a fun thing

warm a cool

one more question will amass

even though we’re up to thirty seven
minute mark ready seven minutes over

what we’d

we designate it was too long which is 30
minutes let’s do it go

II I’d I Louis up with the return of the

get it this is another lady will call

Joe Girardi Joe Girardi

josephine Girardi rates hey guys

well basically I’m in a pretty sticky
situation before summer my friend

encourage me to get a vibrator because

well for obvious reasons pace and my
vibrator was amazing

and I have no regrets about getting him
however one day while cleaning up my


my mom found tyson under my pillow and
obviously flipped out

I quickly made up a lie that mean my
friends were using it as a prank

she took some convincing but after
saying to traditional I’m very

disappointed in you she ordered me to
smash tyson up with a hammer

because she apparently thought it was
disgusting it’s been a couple months and

I’m considering getting another vibrator
but I’m worried if it’s found again that

I can provide an explanation

what should I do and if I get another
one what I call it thanks

well first of all you should get another
one call it buster

as & Buster Douglas cuz that the person
that knocked out tax mechanical

yeah and it’s funny cats is other by
Brittany buster your

year that’s true to Buster yeah I did
Harley I think would really stick it to

your mom know you to start masturbating
with a hammer

but she did start masturbating with a
hammer excuse me feel

yeah her nominator destroy it the value
my better with a hammer

sorry mom I could take it up with the
book ever heard I

the head yeah beheaded the beam black
but what’s called an

it good the pain the pic up a big game

it delivered I

WKN letter that make the whole plane

at the busy hook I 33

with my pain is the pee in the header
the the sharpeville removing part

I think if the pin the tail I don’t know
I don’t know enough about hammers

just use the handy love you going to use
the hammer

what a vibrator your how did your mom
make you destroy it yeah

I like to think that she destroyed it
right %uh this is this is felt

disgusting I’m

I’m taking it to my room to destroy it
hard it’s gonna destroy me

hell I’ll ok I sin how do you know its
name up

what else could beat up my pussy with
such rager

mother turned it all I oh mama

about a British boxer cuz this girl cuz
ur lady are

earthing mom oh yeah look at her it was
a British boxer caricom in Lennox Lewis

1x Louis that’s a good vibrator name
that’s really close actually I

that as ago that and just find a better
hiding spot on your pillow

ass I at wilbur’s lace is gonna look for
a bye bye

yeah put it in your ass ass

find a better how he got the new pillow
yeah I

why I did it all in a good is constantly
being you

yea should just hide it under the bed
items that the match earth

and they deserve to be i mean you should
it masturbating is a very healthy

thing yeah nothing wrong with it do all
girls need vibrators to masturbate

only some girls masturbate with
vibrators and so was not mean

no single best way without by bidders I
think it just

help that feels better and what’s the
male version that

another four that a fleshlight Hulu

yet think at eight like we could get off
without had a late

lotion or lube on our hands yeah it’s
just it significantly

better well the the tricky part is Lou
Bega says moisturizer for your hands


you can’t you can there’s no alternate
purpose right

some excuses you can use I if ur mom
finds it again

um mom I it feels good when I have an
orgasm now that’s not an excuse I think

that’s like know that is is that the
actual reason

the other reason could be accepted I I’m

mom it feels good when I hold that
against Mike litt none and that the same


mom sometimes I feel horny and what
about the vibrating what about

what a toothbrush I hold the toothbrush
against it turn on the vibrator now use

it as a vibrating toothbrush

i think is but a better hiding spot I

than a buyer a dude ranch that I think
that would work

though it does it would not remove all
the head of was a good kid how would


I’ve course get it I

also why would she want to use that as a
vibrator and then potentially

have to use that as the term under the
punishment all right you

find let me see you brush your teeth
with it a

okay mom okay mom then a jolly good then

are well Ohio all oh okay listen Mon

loan lament for

a it’s all salty mama oh mama oh mama

a or I was talking about holding a
toothbrush flush against the vibrator

and fashioning a makeshift electric
toothbrush right now using the actual

vibrator to chip

she a cutie I did I did get that pics

is you do you think that makes it a good

about big it makes it better liberian
and rubbing plastic against I beat him I

thought you just met brushing your teeth
with the vibrator I would have not even

here I will just

I don’t even a guy I likely I think a
better view

with them they did they be you with
suggest that thank you

I hope really appreciate what you is
that going to say and i appreciate your


yeah that’ll never appreciate how you
doin real as they see you have to

appreciate me I do not

I absolutely do not okay

I did you can masturbate its normal if
your mom find that you should this time

just be honest to be a you know what mom

I’m young I’m exploring my body and I
like the way that vibrating feels

mom i touch the clay I Macklemore

this is the best day I love my wife I

up them the I don’t know why it from

I don’t allied my wife’s best their lack
the president like that

I really think today’s the best day of
my life I

you later waves path what do you mean no

I think it’s the residents lol the
return to the bad really get up

what it is what it does what it is what
it isn’t

I from I can’t wait for the concert
tonight cuz I’m so curious

who likes his music as much as we do

will be disheartening if it’s all up 13
to 18 year old

dummies will I would you call them
dummies I dunno

what if they are what if what if up to
me like his music in an awesome

a media 30-year-old nerd I guess it’ll
be interesting to see

lately to be in the 90th percentile for
age yeah I will be realistic there

but I feel like a music is that a common
bond really even if I see somebody you

who doesn’t look or sound like me and my
gal but you still like each

this song obviously within reason I mean
it’s not going to be like you like a hug

an Asian person if you really like us on

I mean like if even if he doesn’t love
her and I might now well great now I’m

sick hump come on I think you should
look at a car

dude hah you should at least go to the

and mom at the

downed a projectile vomit the jacket
role like when you’re when you’re

throwing up has a sticker hon Eric

like retching project out like when
you’re your bike

food poisoning or something I had that
was there is like

why would you ever know how projectile
it is I mean you’re always going to tell

you that I really hope that you’re
surprised by how much is like

why holy shit my body did that why

all like eyes wide shaky like all I got
everything that out

I I’ve I’d shaking is actually the
alternate at Eyes Wide Shut

cheek gel Yelp icon

your as a wide shaking you love my

be and his here are actually running

now we are running really late and I
think that the NBN as

yeah yeah i i say if you like my baking
yeah I could do a Macklemore living like

a Don

now I A don’t die needs there that’s
more than fair

I good good good episode good episode

you’re listening to this on Monday or
Tuesday we’re still on tour we’re going

to be in the

Chicago Madison Minneapolis Ann Arbor
this week so please try to check it out

if you’re in those cities

and a ain’t that first theme song was
from somebody named

Josh and if you think you can submit
your own theme song will good news

because you pay on

whether you musically talented or not
you can send those in

to a fiery show a gmail dot com those
are favorites

and we try to do that we met at the
lecture oh yeah

awesome awesome song awesome dude and as
little as Josh Boston what brothers


help on time and those last one this

outro song is by somebody named Doug

dog so please enjoy the song please
enjoy the apps that thanks so much

listen everybody

please enjoy the episode leave me alone

believe that they really enjoyed it mom

the room





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