Episode 40: Sugar Daddy


In this episode we discuss prostitution, first dates, and bad gift ideas.

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episode this one was a good one actually

it has a yeah they got a real

the the related videos I want to hear
you say I as they did

they got real you know lawyer enjoying

thanks guys book


Sydney podcast show you

to you for you

beat can you time

I haris


0 be thinking iPhone Kincheloe

cups are I

what is that cups on is there from pitch

and think it’s I think they covered in
pitch perfect man made a really popular

but there was a row before that

just like things that girls just
automatically know

yet just you agree with that knowledge

yeah when you’re born you’re either an
XY an ax ax

in appearance xx the other vagina I know
the cup song he had

then if you’re an XY you’re a guy Enur

you’ll never be able to do it I really I
got that right

when Marino try to teach you the cups on
yeah I got the first

I could be I could master doing the cup
let alone thinking

I yeah at like that because you’re a

yet we did it I didn’t want ’em through
the to do it whatever

and I I was so thrilled in Reno was so
happy for me that we jumped up and down

I meanwhile every girl the world does
knows how to do it with

looking at that would do what innately a
well thank you that that the person then


her email I think it to her but the the
email addresses from someone named


well okay happen so thank you

sheldon the Sheldon yep you oh you know
me I’m Sheldon

love the cut sock I yeah sheldon you are

good spelled that your you’re the best

known better than to sell them at bay
here she also mention that

we did we had millions of views yeah you
know that podcast show

near million views which I guess is she
with you aggregate every single one of

our views over

the 39 previous episodes no

that’s the areas for what they did yeah
even the most I’ve ever have imagined

repeat customer another now

a road only allowed to listen to the
podcast Wireless they did that with that

it’s all a new person every time

the unique people not just you ni unique
in that there’s no repeats but also that

there are all unique people

yeah we have like no posers like
snowflakes yeah I love you guys

is unique cure all you need a love into
a fire you

the only advice podcast on the Internet
hosted by us

on the mir and I’m J and we are in our

fifth location in the last five episodes
your home I

I think we’re the most popular podcasts
who’s the

has 0 a place to record

we r bag line who we are in your
childhood bedroom right now

we’re recording like we are recording a
a radio show for six people

a we we shouldn’t be a ever having the
listenership that we do

just like bike traveling with these
microphones in a single Rick

a recording that a green bag filled with
microphones in a mixer which is like

shutting down to it is their livelihood
appeared on other boards

big that we have yet it looks like I
just like have

a child with a hobby like isn’t holding
around like a

like an audiophile hobo the others may
carrier backpackers many

health magazines and this is the way I
make all my money equity

right okay here’s your love it like a
shutdown day because I need to move


because I got stopped at a I had to go
with these that three maker runs in the

mixer I guess that a

we used to play on my computer I did it

a metal detector at an airport and the
lady in minnesota was like

what you get there and the like lowered
their recording equipment that are you a


I like the know I do up

ideal for I do a radio show I’m really
hungry because lets channel

not in not radio as much as it is a

it’s a podcast to the character with me
and she like

had to inspect all the equipment the
lead towards a renewed I have tried to

bring anything either your full cavity

big areas so early in a wedgie that it
had nothing to do with it

you are in there capita the D as they
are your screen through that with that

there was a nerd sniffing dog had

lick attacking me I guess was a nurse
living Dover may be required at the

Rosaleda math camp

yeah 1988 we think you may have turned

I reported what is known as mike’s math

I’ll got on and i dont I hardly even
remember a pencil to you and

I yes

alright by Taylor to do long division in
my head to your wired

had it him yeah that was a lie at

minor terrorism moment flying with the
podcast equipment mcguinness

like a door-to-door traveling salesman
dove governor dean s

on but you know what we haven’t missed
in episode yet

we really in this is absurd 40 holy shit
look what we’ve done

we’re broke in humans I finally slept
for 13 hours last night

yeah after sleeping for four hours a
night for their previous 12

if you guys are just catching up I’m you
and I have been on a

tour with streeter Sibilla David
Rosenberg the last

nine days it was hard you don’t you
don’t realize how physically demanding

is to be in Severna

seven cities in seven nights and
performing to you like it’s hard not to

just wake up

in philadelphia deco I need to drive
seven hours to Burlington Vermont today

notably you’re not there you know how
you’re going to get to the hotel at 6:30

I take it happened everyone is a year we
have to be at the venue at 6:30

0 alright you get to that they knew you
have to perform meet people and then

afterwards July 12 gonna rage

they’ve never been branded I an lather
rinse repeat

he and the best part is that it’s harder
than other job so like if there’s like a

door a doctor lawyer listening

right we’re in a more difficult place
than you

especially if you’re a doctor cuz like
you save one person a day

yeah i stated tire room it okay air

they escaped their worries you are and
how are you don’t get a lot of sleep

because he calls from patients in on a

I don’t get a lot of sleep because I’m
in Burlington for one night a year and I

have to party

X-ray oh yeah I was with 25 people who
all had big ideas and got into a club


hey like that doc I you you choose to do
it at because you almost have to you

I too used to do it because I want to
year you realize that that social

pressure is so much more

than the legal and professional pressure
they don’t there’s turning up the park

st. that we have doctors that with the
podcast my dad says it wasn’t a couple


oh my brother my brother said do you
listen to a couple really liked it

the units are giving their doctors in
with Elisa years that he like that yeah

FixYa year do you think their doctors
not name doctor Blumenfeld was in her

that male I just that’s another peek
into how much of a disappointment I am

carrying my Maker

sounds like my dad is a doctor my
brothers a doctor hey

carried a mixer on an airplane in got a
bit there you go

paths but he also I’m my dad

said %um I I at John Henry song after

last week yea you represent the John
Henry story nobody else knew it was

and I my dad said unis are the song I
and I

called them yesterday as they did you
watch the you through the podcast really

oh absolutely not I mom was listening to
it in the car

I I did my best to cover my ears
anything lower lot of myself

unfortunately a bit if you’re up
productivity seep their own I found

myself accidentally supporting you

second but yes I i’m the Ray Guy and
trolling in your subreddit I

ok thing that you’re a beaver I you know

I Rep subreddit username they used to be
funnier IPO’s

videos and say how much that better they
used to be that’s me

it at bank that mmm

and that’s why you think your mom can do
better that’s right attract

a alright let’s get into it the a how
does this work this is an advice podcast


people email us there you know difficult
places they’re they’re sticky situations

and they need advice

they’re so desperate that they come to
us these these these two

these two a borderline I infantile

children men that a that try their best
to answer these questions

on their a pic fictional radio show

and self-deprecating gathered who have

and where if you want I’ll children men
who have a big radiation

all right you know that we should be
when it was over like they the email us

because we’re fucking famous

any it was buggin below their own I
don’t think you’re that

the hear them at least to read the words
that they typed that

considered an honored at the by reading
the email and then say this person is a

piece of shit garbage they will clap
their hands and smile that I said their

name because other date name we have so
many fans that were considered

day mister that I actually had his
breakout I can remember I

I’m turning with regard to again all
rights lets the

we chose fortified good emails today so
it’s a

do our best to try to answer them let’s
do it this one

comes from a lady that will call Sarah

fake name real email ready yes

hey guys long time listener first time
asking you to you for some advice

I’m currently a full-time student
studying philosophy of moral ethics

in California I also worked 35 hours a
week as a cashier at a food


it’s difficult juggling both work and
school as my grades are slipping and I’m

still in need of much money

but recently my roommate in my friend
both started an account

on seeking arrangement dot com which is
a sugar baby sugar daddy dating site

they go on dates with men who spoil them
with luxurious dinners

monthly allowances and some men who even
offer to pay for a sugar babies tuition

in return sugar daddies expect in
accommodating company

and/or sex more or less hearing my
friends talk about their

easy in hefty incomes I’m a little
tempted to try it out

but I can’t help but think that this is
some sort of prostitution

my prince where’s that it’s not because
you’re not obligated to have sex with an

but I feel as though that’s now even
possibly dangerous

do you think being a sugar baby is ever
okay were even exceptional the someone

like me

a young college student who is
struggling to keep her head above

financial waters

thinks Sarah alright let me tell you saw

have all my sugar babies I never expect
sex from

as the add the sugar daddy yourself
daddy as a sugar daddy

yet you actually pay them in sugar
daddies the candy yes and I have been

I didn’t verify I they are very angry

they are my head would not like to be
paid in Canada another

hola hola does I unplug your leg or
Yahoo data or

oh yeah fell asleep within a 10 year old
and then I give her some go

brought added a you be others will they
get money

they are you some kind of or I said this
was arrangement mad as they there is no

such arrangement

legally they can’t obligate the UN’s
more to sleep with me

our cash money so what I do is take
advantage over here too

for a range and at last night I was
jumped by a threat or dirty members in a

in the parking lot of a Gilson a and
they brought me to my knees

a few what they did with forcibly raped

and I gave me %uh our package a life
saver isn’t that how do you like it now

tell you what

a I didn’t I here I

yep on now we have fun

a this is a prostitution website this
year get

said I yeah this is it’s

is as much as a prostitution website as
you can legally deal without

I had no idea what seeking arrangements
dot com was I went to it

Mike and now you are being tracked by
and now I a sign up to be a sugar father

there’s a white bear outside his house

and there’s sort of tapping into this
radio show that we do a

yet relabel repack be kicking a signal
where they broadcasting to you

I they’re too good it sir a I

reason to believe they’re not
broadcasting they’re not broadcasting

anywhere they’re sort of sitting at
locally in their gonna upload it later

white these is fucking leave message

what’s girl we have a drug deal to bust

are seeking arrangements dot com
obviously they can’t be like

in this website guys pay girls for sex
so they what they do is they sugar-coat


not no pun intended right and they say

want you become a sugar momma and Game
Gear its

and then a 1tb a sugar daddy and you can
pay for get sperm

ladies to hang out with you

and the entire thing is like a giant
went to all travelers out section I’ll

series with his all in quote I

yeah have a date with an escort and then

pay her in a tuition or cat naps are not
cash obviously but a

bitcoins I at and

to make things even more ironic this
girl is studying the philosophy of moral

ethics Sienna see you get it so you
understand I know you haven’t graduated


the final class is called obviously
prostitution and the first two weeks are

spent working on C

seeking arrangements da canção missus
the moral fibers your

are non-existent but it’s good that
you’re asking us because what you’re

doing is asking somebody who’s

a been on dates and gotten paid for

and yeah she’s saying that its not
prostitution because nobody wants to

look in the mirror and she’s asking
should ask your friends the air

so with the prostitution are no its not
like that at all it actually like

I fuck ’em any give the money I oh wait
a second what’s prostitution


the Dube birds leaving at three a lead
glass shattering

I I yeah I mean it’s prostitution

don’t do this although what’s a let’s
give this lady the benefited

out let’s play devil’s advocate a little
while let’s play devil’s advocate is the

one absolutely but i wanna throw out a
theory you tell me yea or nay

the when you take a girl out on a date

you pay for everything and you hope to
get sex

there’s no contract but it is a thing

that sorta is socially accepted

the guys pay and hopefully the girls lay

the economic that I’m being arrested

I’m being arrested but it’s also like
that they could

first well that’s like the pic for
someone’s dinner not many papers that

with dinner

and their tuition the right

so like either the UK you over reach

you pass a certain boundary where it’s
like the own net like

by paper grows dinner she doesn’t OB
anything I

liked I offer she accepts that it

the end if I paper a girls dinner

and that by her car she feels and debt
to be

and the way I want to collect a debt is
with sex that make you fucked up

so this is like seeking arrangements
while not explicitly prostitution is

much more prostitution the normal

data re which is a little bit
prostitution E I know I like talk to

girls who like

oh you like paid for dinner patrons pay
for the cats I felt like I had to at

least kiss amor something like

no you don’t yeah do that to people you
like or at a certain point if you like

enjoy it love you are starting to feel
indebted that you offer to pay and

insist on papers

the right and I’m sure if this lady told
her parents maybe they would give her

some more money

and I don’t have money yet through maybe

somebody would help if as opposed to
doing seeking arrangements dot com

me realize how dire the situation it was
yeah they’re like student loans and

stuff for you Renault whatever

for met I mean just like the

whatever your like if this is your you
know last-ditch effort to go out the


don’t and make them think before it your
last ditch effort which is donating


or eggs yeah and then after that just
drop out of college admit that you can’t

pay for before returning to a whore

and then become a whore I although

go to seeking arrangements burst then
become a whore

or is likely G at last minute mmm this I
would say or don’t even put it on your

radar never be the whore

never that’s not even an option not used
to it was trying out the was trying not

to be a whore

a prostitute anytime any can you even
debating whether or not this thing is


odds are it’s too close to even consider
right but also I will say that like the

guys on this site are

I essentially evil Yangon poor

women and like offering the money yeah
these are guys that you wanna hang out

with these are guys who should be done
donating to charity there should be

Scottish be setting up scholarships

not expecting to fuck students in return
alright so like

the all the guys on this site should be
round up and shot I W capital punishment

but I think they all should be dead

I who Wow yes stream and the girls the

I think the girl at the centre the
victims and the guys are like the geyser


predators whatever the opposite to the
victim is

a predator and yeah i right

okay had no the work yeah it’s adult
targets but rather

totally different good are you gay

yeah but left by Eric yeah I know what I
call you have my self help but think

about the fact that you did

I you’re like you but I have

and I had to it a lot I can’t do it
alone you do

I he really I really doubt okay the

ODC good so it through a great big in

the definitional haitian aggression

the has the vision aggression is in

and mmm to reach an answer to the

love your you done let’s make this an
18-minute up as a

I’m good yeah and I did it was only is
that we are all they have 12 more

minutes if we stuck to what we ever
really want to thank you

SL the from alas a lack

here we are I ready yep will call this
dude Abraham

Abraham rights in hello so I met this
girl on Facebook and we started chatting

in all

we both love the same bands movies and
shows after months of chatting and

skyping she wanted to meet me in person

a month from now she is a smoking have

happy tally in which is the complete
feature most guys want

I guess which will make me nervous when
I see her face to face

how can i play it all cool and hope for
the best how do I avoid awkward silences

I am also considering learning a bit of
French phrases to impress ur

should I go for it or avoid the risk of
making ridiculous mistakes in French

we are meeting at her city and where
should I take ur a restaurant

movie parks thank you guys feel free to
make but I mean whatever wild ABA you

can come up with

but please don’t forget to give advice
to you love Abraham

and been furthermore at

what is a restaurant if I take a 2-1

do with it down I and order food

well after shoving carbon nutrients in
my mouth

where do I get the green paper that
people don’t get mad at people after

they take stuff or

in a park will there be a grass

if so shall we sit on it do have to
compete with the trees for oxygen

or do they get it somewhere L a whatever
wild where you can imagine to make

Barbie I know it’s going to be hard I
know it will be a threat as this is the

most normal

email any with ever written yeah they do
understand how life works

and it’s definitely not sent from an
alien love

II I i keel keel keel see

is true way your door got more problerms
type of play all

I know you need a I know you need a
computer to send an email but I feel

like this is our first email actually
sent from the computer

yeah I not on the verse in itself there

adjuster just a computer to hit you up
another day

I bloopers third-seeded being I

hello podcast show I met her life a book
pays Merck ago so that the

Park just a bug at The Walking Dell
desktop I

the body I I’m deep blue hill

I’m not mad at you expected Avaya I

I we the barge or from my

as you I beat Gary Katz broadband says
in the nineties

and yet I still can’t get because he

use the destroy and awkward silence

how is that fair how did this happen I
could lead to a restaurant movies parks

bar exam or I was instructed out how to
avoid the

faith out big stay the they lobby

I don’t meet this chick bad

yeah done I felt bad because I gotta
wanna make ben is gay too much what


a unite english isn’t as first language
and so I did a little bit every search

and don’t worry he’s Canadian

cell yet so that explains why he’s weird

obviously we love Canada not everyone in
canada is we’re just

ninety-nine percent and are sorry sorry

sorry sorry sorry about that I at

think you know what he said feel free to
make fun i mean whatever wild idea we

can come up with

did that yet he gave us the green light
we’d came up with a while they’ve yet to

be read a weird email

yeah you can imagine and then but he did
say please don’t forget to give advice


though as the next question I likely
will host the show we could do whatever

the fuck we want at the movies
restaurants or parks

I yeah geez like it’s hard to go from

online meeting someone might have been
in person there is that like

that uncomfortable like oh my god
listens your real

really doing this and I what they expect
to see what I expected you know

well the question is how can I played
all cool and hope for the best how do I


awkward silences where we are meeting
under city and where should I take ur

a restaurant movies parks

I guess restaurant and parks are better
than the movies cuz the movies you don’t

get to talk to her

yet face errors that led to a birthday

movies about a good first day what about
a good second date

movies our third date thank you never
been on a third

it I’ve never been to a movie with a
girl I arena

um I went will I’m

for that they had like a girl from
leading to the movies I went on one

movie date

the last eight years people a movie with

Sherlock Holmes I

who easy today go to a restaurant bar

its user idea a and I was it

I with byron I

so are advised to read books are we
exited you go there

yeah you say hi you make small talk to
like the movie itself starts at the

grill unit facing each other it’s super

but there is there are like
opportunities for intimate moments

I like a something scary or funny year

just the fact the hapless in add very
close to somebody

yeah it’s super like classic date

is like getting popcorn is so damn Lake
City yeah shareholder hand or not that’s

kinda cool kinda cute but on the first
day pal

I other Euro but though all matter when
teachers circuitry

that human body the movie is displayed
on your face I

you oh my god you’re a fucking DVD
player I

I love you have you any interest in

lot but I like these in through beating
eight-state Flickr Big Bang millions

his mouth open then it says rejecting on
a wall he is just Tim Riggins

you can make your faced by Kim Taylor
kids perfect

nude congratulations that’s are advised
turn into Tim Riggins

I think that I you always have to just

wouldn’t this kind of thing you have to
embrace the

I discomfort because it’s like it is a
little weird

but I think if you’re cool with it
that’ll make her cool with it

and you have to make talk about it then
it ok so the best conversations I had a

after beating up some be obtained or
something are about how weird the

like the fact that we’ve met online
whats right you just embrace it head on

right but you would be wise to dedicate
with me you have had a crazy

like burst getting our talk about the
good stuff

and then later on you just dive Italy
it’s pretty crazy they were actually

family beauty

the US could talk about that we could be
done this before all that stuff you know

right surfers act cool then then when
things are going good break the ice by

bringing up the fact the

yeah my shed your cool skin and shower
that you could be vulnerable but you’re

comfortable well

with the vulnerable so if you were to
rank restaurant movie parks

restaurant first idea Park second movies

I would say park’s first restaurant
second movies third

a B-minus guys in candidates right -90
degrees Celsius right now you don’t go

to a park

ass IP address change your mind so

well I forgot his people his or her city
where she live a Miami Florida

perfect little part I hmm I that’s it
that’s good advice

played cool no awkward silences fake it
till you make if you pretend to be


you let actually the big comfortable
right it’s kinda like

ed I think a lot of people have this
thought or maybe I just had is that


what if I don’t drink and I just act

suddenly I’m saving money and I feel
good the next day

and nobody knows that I didn’t drink yet
had a thought but I’ve never actually

followed through on it

because like all you have to do is act
more courageous and silly

right I said a bit like concerts and put
buyers right like don’t feel like damn

thing like

if I just like five-second bursts energy
right now start jumping up and down

that’s all I need to the soon as I do
one other person I know we’ll start

jumping up and down and dancing ray

and then it’s like I feed off their
energy that more people comes like with

if the energy

you know I love it I need to go to a
fucking bar right now it’s it’s it’s

11:38 could be also some places open you

no I’m not it you’re hurting it a

gold mirrored gender its ok along with
his opal years their example

know the Broads but there’s a sports bar
I can

gava go through a danger to the liquid
brunch body

yeah a liquid driving

good as in alright to get them a
question of our break time

with a every element good the

30 ish minutes with over to take a break
now yet stria

were forcing it we’re for sale force
that so that the advice for this robot


yeah I don’t know where they a Abraham

neighboring I a bot

192 so any good stories from the road
that you want to bring up

are God really had a good time whether a
different way

who is like a new adventure every day
yeah it was like a a video game

like rampage words like alright I i be
check our girl

you’ve earned Ann Arbor of God now done
with Ann Arbor moving onto

Madison Wisconsin yeah every single day
I thought I couldn’t go any more

and that every single laid by the
afternoon by the shows I was like I

turn on do it said in I’ll as

highlights and lowlights for each of us
okay and I guess

my lil are low light was

I know you’re late what to never I when

did laundry Madison I lol I thought you
might lead to it as the lead in my life

I yeah I you

I it was well I needed to do laundry ran
outta socks and underwear have no idea

what all my dirty clothes in a bag and
started walking the streets have matters


we looking for a larger matter was 29
degrees below zero degrees you into the


most decrepit little laundromat with a
sign that said it was close yeah I’d


next one a good or other location on 701

East Johnson which is like a mile and a
half really all I got we’re

so what is the deal just the walk back
up to state three which is like the main

campus drag

right and you’re headed to you oh that’s
a girl was like

oh I was at your show that’s related to
the air

a and then you’re like where’s the

I I with her I was the road by 8am you
clean now immediately now

laundromat believes as you like but you
couldn’t things like

doing it is due largely by building with
Jay Leno now is a polite thing is she

actually wanted me to do

up there I remember being a highlight
because it was so you played I did take

her up on it on like yeah

okay let’s go to your building with urgh
that girl I’ll okay

for eight years old at least 10 years
older than this girl

YouTube really backed which about me he
wants to go back to her room and she’s


and some other roommates knew who you
were and some density that hey guys

a dictionary here I used to do is
laundry and then when I was like oh wow

cool in the others like

on what the fuck is going on with your
creepy on call that

here wanting to watch is closed are
watching easy way

then we put all over seven the logic
receive she gave your card the one thing

she said was

please don’t lose this car miss you lost

I dude I really blurted out I return I
popular Ono

Aug add all guys August the analyzed the
guy I love afraid we are never got her

room number so every time we went back
we’re like afraid we would be able to

get it going to leave come back when the
washing machine was then leave come back

when the dryer is done and then knock on
her roommates do I return the car he had

fold everything

that was the third thing as good as
funny when it was just like I went up to

the lobby this is so funny and they’re

but by the end when it was just like
time to switch it over the time to come

back and folded

I specifically right we’ve we really
made a day ago for

straighter and you about took a photo on
your instagrams

oh yeah a above me asking for permission

I also want when asked to go to the
bathroom its

I meet you I do my login urinate I gotta
be funny but as well as about them they

heard the shower

but after dark my user this early

LDS ok thats is I’m allergic to dust

have I he can you just take a look at
his rash or any golf Fri may edit

cards come holy shit i sorry I was
invited to this lady’s apartment

all its good that the good little late
the letter also highlights because

they’re humorously said I

30 but I am a late where no go ahead
housing is aged I got your head over

Dave throwing down my highlight is also
potentially a lower it was like

it was also a Madison the i/o behind the

I believe we have more fun college towns
and big cities yeah I can Arbonne

madison were more fun than like
Philadelphia and Boston

right wuv you have fun in every city we
love them all know this has nothing to

do with the people there the crowds were

evenly great throughout is just whether
or not we had a

crazy story for maybe looking where
there was need a smaller place like

Boston so huge

yeah we didn’t really know to go um we
need one street

I do though he took place on it I had a
really fine and a bus that though

no nevermind then %uh will you want you
it is we’re back to bed

had no way by whatever okay anyway any

Dave so wearin where Madison I’ll

we stayed at this bar called harkes like
all night

closed up we all left we’re walking back
to you some

girl Department with the budget with
Lake there was like 10 of us

we’re all gonna go smoke weed I

even mind your nine years older than
every other person yeah I’ll hey guys I

filled out a college eight years ago can
i smoke weed in your apartment

it’s so great how like I still get to do
stuff it’s fun for me and fun for them

like meanwhile

if i jizzed didn’t have a podcast an
internet where necessary

you be I repeat had no meal as we go
back to a dormant smoking weed

I the borderline should be doing anyway

now borderline should so anyway we’re
walking along

the street and I we’re with like

four girls five guys and Ernie river but

we turned the corner and some drunk kid

I’ll just groped where the girls were
with a grabber waz

lifted up her sister in grabbed her butt
Jesus and I

yet and everybody’s kept on walking

and I was like I didn’t understand what
has happened

and ice so I went up to the gyros like
what did you just do

it is like not in another night like
know what just happened why did you do

that and then she came back at like the
heaters touch you which is leading

that’s fine oh my god that’s the state a
college now that’s mine

like no it’s not why did you do that I
was like I was drunk but I was gonna

actually like

do anything where United is wanted to
make him feel like shit yeah I just like


I couldn’t Lake go back to the house
having not any said anything I was just

regret it

before you knew it before I knew it was
friend comes up to me is like

walk away walk away and as soon as that
happens nobody walks away

because it’s not like I’m like
confronting it a guy who just broke


minutes for those walk away and a mic
you’re right you I

you’re the voice a reason it terrible
persons friend I was like

is a block away I was like no and then
it just I really wasn’t even turning


at all and then all the surface I the
Dave the hand on the drug dude neck

you just the rows into the craft lead is
pretty much the most awesome thing you

can do

yeah just like just settling every
patchogue slam love story like you grow

up this group we know should augment
walk away

choke slam it was just it was great and
then that is my everything exploded and

I don’t remember what happened but we

every people were pushing each other
holding each other back Dave

like that drug I got up Dave would choke
slammed again

had the and then we just I don’t really
remember what happened big guy who is

like walk with Lee please please you
talk you through

I which is not an excuse no the terrible
excuse but

at least you started as they please
instead of wage walk away

dude its cool cuz when I was in college
I wouldn’t dare pick a fight with anyone

but now that I am NOT

10 years removed I can hang out with a
huge dude like David Rosenberg anatomy

I’d be down to pick on sintered saved a
gifted fucking choke

dave also is the next day like I was
afraid to him cuz like

I don’t know how strong I am I could
punch him

and break my hand and nothing happens
all I could put too many died

I yeah thats awsome

a so you had good good to good stories I
feel like

yeah we could double if we could keep on
talking about these stories for

able will save it for breaks for future
episode there

um great to hear in a few and if we

we want to go to other cities don’t
think that is going to be the only two

yr yeah we’re hoping to do it in the
spring so like

likely a lot of people came out in it
impressed the venues and hope will be

able to do it again

yeah on alright back to the questions

back to fuck in Madison do that I

what’s let’s call this person Isaac

Isaac rights hey boss I have a
girlfriend who is super cute funny

hot sexy beautiful and funny she’s a god
damn pair of nichols’

nice the problem is she is fucking dumb
as shit

and says and does the most dumbest shit
I’ve ever seen

it really pisses me off sometimes but I
still love her other qualities

I think I should break up with her
thanks for the advice

yeah we think so 0 yeah how

this you you think this person is dumb
and this person he described as cute

funny hot sexy and funny

but it you’re a bad even help out

year the dull when I think

me and the dumb one she is based in she
is bugging done as shit and does the

most dumbest shit ever seeing

yet its own done this shit is gonna do
that done shit you know you’re very this

all emails very repetitive Andrea
redundantly redundant yourself here

which is the least are concerned they
get the most which is he shouldn’t be

dating someone he considered on this
shit yazmin the disrespect so much

almost all over all the qualities like
that she’s hot

I love that about her edges funny enough
to note it twice in a single is the

adjectives this what this

they would have to go into much detail
about this when this at this guy is just

a silly

funny email guide who sows sodom

that he calls his girlfriend done an ass
is that we should break up with

basically be that your girlfriend is
dumb dating her is down

it Yahoo that’s a good tip that I have
is always

day in go out with someone who’s smarter
than you

that’s true that where you you want to
be the person

other maybe risk and dangers where do
you want to be the person where guys are


how did he get her or do you want to be
the kinda guy words like why is she date

her why is he dating her moon that stuff
I think you or would you rather have

near you wanna be is like other perfect
for each other

so that’s better than well how did we
get here is an economic standing outside

well at this guys must be so cool that
he was able to get someone so smart and

funny and beautiful

yeahh but I guessed that like makes I
think i’d was dating somebody smart

funny beautiful my friends would be like

how did he get her they’d be like oh
you’re so lucky I’m so jealous

they be a you don’t deserve ur I

if they were my real friends they would
it be really knew me that there’s and

definitely her friends did know that

yeah ship the Tigers is really backed
into a corner so I guess there’s the

sweet spot is going

going out with someone who you think is
slightly smarter than you

that we not intimidated people are
making fun of you but at the same time

you’re not dealing with someone who’s
like a pin you don’t respect

and maybe she thinks you’re smarter than
her because it’s nice to go out with a

buddy respects you

yeah respect for maybe intelligence is
so subjective that you guys can both be

smarter than each other in different

perfect half now but I was gonna I was
gonna go after Rhodes Scholar

official you want cookbook with you

loophole she I your smile

you couple that with the perfect its

the figure and stars and I’m sure that
you listen to her

look never realized it till now

whether you you’re in an orgasmic stated

you’re living your life in a state where
you’re just about to climax of God I


it I one last question good clean

you can go to bed Alydar do this once a
lot thank you you have you’ve only slept

12 hours last night

do you realize that I have a no home

him home with I I’m always have my cell

I E R you think that’s okay because
you’re not even bringing it up I’ve been

on the road for nine days and

the and when I went home when it when I
was done I came to your parents house

and I’m sleeping on a pull out couch

how is that fair and then you get a girl
and then I go back

take a red eye back to New York pack up
all my stuff which we they won’t have a


the next day we drive across the country

and then at the end that staying back at
my parent’s home for three days

at which point I fly back to you
Connecticut for the holidays

so I guess I’ll have a home in my
parents house starting December 17

K mommy daddy I’m coming home

please buy me things is what do you mean
you can get me

gipp her mom dad a present time and I
want to cart

I really dope I want a car and a new
apartment when I moved back to LA

because I don’t have a home no permanent
mailing address

Ono hmm

speaking of gifts let’s get to his last
email written by jacob

Jacob Wright I did not write this I’m DJ
courageously on the in

Jacob someone else right that’s a fake
name is the real email well within even

mention that email address again is if I
were you show at gmail dot com

if you find yourself in a sticky
situation a difficult place and you on

our advice

email the show if I really show at gmail
dot com right issue

he rights cell I’ve been with my
girlfriend for over a year now and the

other day we were talking about
Christmas present and she said she might

get me a phone case with a photo of the
two of us on it which I really don’t


I wanna seem like a sort a guy who put
his girlfriend’s face on everything he


she’s my iPod background but that’s a
different matter she’s also a bit

overprotective me and I feel like she
may just want to get me there so it


other girls of I wouldn’t mind if you
want the phone case for her but for me

it has tag nope

my question is how do I kindly let her
know that I don’t want that as a gift

toda for the awesome podcast yes Jacob

home and it’s really tough that is this
that is a sticky

terrible difficult place these are you
use dumped us

and tired then reportedly were at time
no word yet heard

I guess where that case with pride now
but at Willow will be back next week

show the gap BA jacket with a picture of
us on the back a bit

yeah and a tad too for my face that says
that bill fuck yourself every other girl

I’ll got a bad iPhone case you have to
deal with that he

that I think that’s a good gift the
responsibility to giving someone a cat

the are I I really think they’ve the

the the baby you should have done which
you already didn’t do unfortunately is

never go out with her

black I know as it is there’s we should
have when it first

this is the kind of thing that like when
it first comes up if you say something

it’s not a big deal

yeah you gotta kill this little thing
when it’s an aunt by the time it’s like

a by the time it’s a hamster

dog you can’t really run it over with I
get this which is a chosen the pastor

maybe she’s like said it to that we’re
gonna make it the

being a new company tighter it’s like oh
yeah I stewed over this and I weigh the

pros and cons and I realized if I have
this I would get to fuck other girls

like you

is you need to him a yeah it’s too big

it’s not even about fucking other girls
is embarrassing oh yeah I know

I’d that like that that’s a good thing
that says make fun of me that’s a good

thing where you can take your phone out
in public anymore

your growth did even be honored as being

a clingy jealous and I

all that it’s like this is that gonna be
in ugly iPhone case yeah

nobody has a photo on the back to the
iPhone case that looks cool

yeah let’s again ironic one of the key
Katter’s you know you should get is

getting both P

which is the the the for those body but

okay a it shiite but mostly

but hit the this thing does but

it it’s like a case that I is also a

second battery so you can your phone can
completely die

and then I charge so what you should say
oh my dad got me a movie

how to make your phone bigger yet he
doesn’t fit I don’t you dare

case cuz I want to use the movie cuz I’m
like so concerned about my battery life

that’s good so you say get like in
addition here found that they are

prohibits her for never giving your a
case with your picture on it

what about this I really want this but
I’m afraid people make fun of me

is that a bitch move yeah I mean yeah I
thought you can pass it on to other

people like

all everyone’s going to like give me a
hard time there such as why don’t other

people think

I don’t know just annoying you know how
it is when people I don’t care

I’m proud my boyfriend yes you are proud
of that

I had to have me I help you don’t

lil you marry me I have a mopey I

I I think you are you can’t pass a lot
other people because then it’s like

why do you care what they think and you
like and then you’re also lying just

you don’t want it you don’t wanna are
now you’re telling the that lying is bad

webbed after you just want to get amo
free will but not a lie

I a mopey a jet you’re generally won’t
fit the case

but it’s a white lie because you’re
getting it for the wrong reasons with

her I have mine is a white lie you’re
there I think

I’m nothing not a lie but I think other
my thing is even less alive in years

because my thing is I don’t want it
because people make fun to me that’s a

100 percent true

but like that Alliance banana she has
been on you make you retain your words

we can’t I’d love to recant them

I really think that you ought to just be
like I don’t want this

I it’s not the display of affection that
I wanna make for you

it doesn’t make me feel good about yes
it like

I think what a bit like it cheapens the
relationship that’s what I think I delay

weekends at the weekend that every week
in the Jeep in the

yeah a to weakening cheapening freaking

weakening leads and actually your
welcome your

relationship is up leaking I do think

you could just be like this is you
understand baby this is labor right

yeah you get that I don’t want to be
with someone that thinks this is cool

two options if you really like your
girlfriend and you just don’t want it to

be so

what’s the word seeking yes

then then issued a teller like hey I
don’t I won’t like this gift

I’m just being honest with you I love
you I respect you

which is why I’m gonna tell you the

that I will not like and I will not use
this case she’s so overprotective that

you want the phone to also be protected

in this this picture of her yet and this
you is

I know that this year the gift is sort
of like inconsequential but it’s

indicative of his bigger problem that
you don’t trust me they’re


and I think if you keep that behavior up
I’m gonna have to break up with you

the switch it up yes or

you say I’m sorry my daddy got me a bold

I so hey you make the call I think we’ve
given you two very solid options here

yeah I want increases your battery life
with your phone in the other

changes your relationship maybe for the
worst forever a

I dunno you choose what you want it tis
the season right

there you go i right that’s our time
that is actually our time

those are show I am email address for my
time if you got your own little

thingamajig is if I really show a gmail
dot com were also still accepting

things on some issues every single
episode has a new theme song

both at the top at and at the end that
first one was from someone

who I believe was named Sheldon or maybe
was reading from an e-mail address name

sheldon let us know maybe we’ll correct
in a future absurd

and this last one is by somebody named

cell thanks again for listening everyone

yeah have a good have a good Monday and
if it’s not Monday

have a Tuesday the and if you still have
it was absorbed by Wednesday just give

up we don’t need these jobs in stock do

Yahoo alright thanks guys by 0


0 get my

only you lived by your YouTube channel
is a

leading lines losing

dummy do ledesma

does not follow along this to me w

that’s why Lindsey Lee soon

the EU’s mama headlines

not only need a change sold don’t know

Monday it is in the hands and letting me



do myself a list of us

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