Episode 41: Aunt


In this episode we discuss embarrassing relatives, emotional cheating, and teenage love. Happy Thanksgiving!

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I was great where you are you to

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I to you that I had to describe even

things the day yeah the dirt the country
people a girl who’s hula hooping a real

themself husband took it this will be
resolved without further as you

injure the shell

you gotta problem

mean he didn’t mind the flash tac toe

well from northeasterners then

care show here where you show

shemale only this



yes I

yes that one gets a good that one get
the real good

if the it’s a clubber a parity a Rob
Thomas sin

and I think that ones better than Rob
Thomas did not not

not a not better than his saw you
visited some better than drugs

the other is better than Rob timers you
sir are are better than mister Rob

Thomas themselves I know it’s hard to
compare songs to people

yeah being said Rob thought all good man

that the said this is better than him as
a man I had rather hang out

in me this song on mmm then robbed our
and I’m not saying Matchbox Twenty MC

roba tom is somebody mister thomas

on blast I really and I’m actually going
to put grab tammy’s

himself on blast right now right here II

on a Monday it that Thursday Thursday
Thursday black it might well we’re

recording it on a Monday

Thursday blast happy thanksgiving is a
time is

yeah Thursday letting happy Thanksgiving
you get yet another think about it the

holiday we could take in this of

if we didn’t die a if we didn’t have an
add to her the

lowered mister Hulu Jaipur license think

leaders to didn’t do it because if they
did he wouldn’t even notice

yeah he’s eating turkey too busy eating

I what who wrote this on and through
loosing it behooves you to do is Rob

Thomas himself did not gonna

go lantus John the lantus great name
great guy great son

great holiday Thanksgiving help them
flip Thanksgiving liberal political you

think what we’re attempting to pull the

the day a month ago don’t they look good
the turkey hunt with my friends and

family and people I love

action by the time you read this I will
killed myself read this who’s reading

the fuck you

the third that is there a train ever
have never mind why I wire Cilliers

a yeah they are jewish are you worried
about the bloody they we can read it

but pulitzer you just talking about
being willing feet sir

gonna be though your grout they’re gonna

I’m not actually gonna kill myself don’t
worry damnit a

by yeah I totally forgot that this is
going to be on Thanksgiving yeah maybe

my helper and thoughtful the hood I hope
more than anything else people’s the

listener should

or accorded I thought they did I could
be suspended

big-ticket that beep its a

is a openly the if he started to build
it looks good

internationally okay with it was written
by all the I be there at the moment

friends family and loved ones are now is
SoundCloud it help it broke a review

if we donate 10,000 lightning history
paper it like this at the puter our

brother Edward troop

both really guided the world unhealthy
ever been

it’s too

hey you what to do if I really the only
buys podcast on the internet hosted by


al Amir and I’m J can actually I must
admit that I do host another ad buys

podcast so your little intro burden

it done what’s going on when the most
about us

me and you sure you can understand what
it’s like

well you really you really foolproof
yeah he did love brew

I made it for specific that it can’t be

them um new podcast news

new recording location now a the old bed
remove my older brother

downstairs and my parents have done in
your ears ring and

next year mary she ate my parents are
asleep I’m having flashbacks that when I

was 13 making videos with my friends or
my parents were asleep

I just imagine any minute now my dad
yelling for me to stop

for me to turn it down the only
difference is now I’m a 30-year-old


getting yelled ever made a Lego can
finally take him

just him to road is more than in shape
he is

cut built and stronger than I

this is also this your older brothers
room is the room that I am sleepy and

with the a wheel and I’m a pull out
couch right now

we’re I live in the level luxury I’m

I and scared I A I don’t know where r

I I’m gonna lay my head next our parents
said children at our age

and we are sleeping over at my parents
house getting fed by them recording a

radio show

yeah nerve is that your dad’s gonna yell
at me at this rate I believe my children

will be forty years old playing with

in my the my house lend their children
will be 65-year-old

getting fed with babes by their parents

and then in four generations
eighty-year-old will be completely

codependent baby

baby men that are unable to procreate
and eventually within four generations

our civilization will

as we know it be over I wanted to be a

apartheid that okay bit but email about

a and how is that fair for me over later
bro per

opal ok was trying to live on the net
but I’ll live pictures then

hmm I was just adding twenty years for
every every a

regression yeah but like 20 years per
generation there’s like

fourth-generation yeah it’s like other
both stirs

early let’s get this deadly you we can
all understand which is what the show’s

about basically

people up you know life is hard simply
put life is difficult

your you’re often face would choices
decisions that are

you know hard to make you can go one of
many many ways and sometimes you don’t

know which way to go

tricky tired so US loved ones or you can

email a podcast to host will go through
the emails

and choose four questions and answer
them as radio

interior into a microphone recorded
uploaded for other people the download

and listen to that just sometimes of my
husband saw his your dad doesn’t wake up

and yell it has to be caught in which
case we’ll have to work cancel the whole


upset it is the only by guest on the

that hopes it doesn’t wake my dad the

a with its recording that on that email
address if you want to email us here

your problems is if I were you show at
gmail dot com

badly you sure long gmail dot com

are also accepting been signs emissions
the first one but was by John bill and

its but the National could be from you

that’s right you Todd Murray

could Jibreel I earlier there’s a ton
realism Inc

not just to just crumpled up wallpaper
up too late for dinner

dead I’ll never write it beams down that
wasn’t specific enough to their image in

my middle name they’re not talking about

studying down on yourself atomic James

bullion Michael names Robert

if it weren’t talking about me I knew it
happy Thanksgiving mama

a Baba oh you know it it’s also the
prisoner Monica

her shit it said you know a lot of them

gonna ok or no no examiner hines the

item after the jewish listeners who are
still available and that was the word as

China’s I am really happy

peace two years used shallow Muslim show
them I left them in the car right now

to doer are are

more proud smart happy chosen listeners

I feel like they they really deserve

more than the non-jewish listeners do
and I apologize going for the Jazz were

gonna be getting the sojourner out what

now I have to be at this america into a

a anyway whatever your celebrations
there hope you’re eating delicious food

even if you celebrate yourself
apartments in Britain

as that Todd of course let’s get started
this is getting silly

but we’re gonna be reading these real
emails giving them fake names to

preserve their

and I’m nata the whole call this first
one from

aerial Harry a real rights

I recently discovered a new band and
decided to buy tickets to their concert

I asked my friends to come to and they
happily agreed

however I mistakenly also told my aunt
about the band and now she wants to come

to the concert to

I’m not embarrassed by her I just think
that you’ll feel outta place

how should I nicely avoid this from
happening thanks for your advice

love aerial that is the that is
something you’d want to avoid yeah

your your aunt going to pay its it’s a
new band a min to all my friends were

on L guys guys guys guys guys and

I’d really think you’re super cute India
I oh there’s my

and a good disappears a bit she’s 48 she
showed up to right now I is your aunt


why is that happening at the players
here on all I got your %uh

getting on if somebody’s shoulders
exposing her tits only shared jar is

your aunt was here too is rolling more
than faith cirrus go Soeda

who’s this sucking on a path I really
but a great admirer that guy in the

corner is big candy did pay

away there goes your great uncle votes
already got your parents are here


69 in the bus bit this isn’t even
appropriate behavior for somebody that


21 like does and let alone not related
to you

a is such a funny specific relative and

I I my mom’s sister wants to come

yeah your mom’s sister would be enough a

it is also weird because you can’t
exactly refuse her

its it if she buys a ticket to the
concert she will come

yeah cuz public your mom your mom you
could be like our mom I don’t want you

to go but

if it’s your art it’s like you don’t
have the same its it really it was like

I have something to your honor’s other
than your mom

amount is like a half mom it’s like use
feel somewhat comfortable around her but

not like a hundred percent in other ppl

if my aunt Susie was like I’m gonna come
to a concert with the ideal I

Abbey pub actually says he’s cool a if
it doesn’t work it doesn’t work for me

it because you love your mom and you
love your aunt yeah my mom super cool

man super cool

they should I love them to a concert
with me I love you mom I love you xox


is they’re not they’re not as Fontana

which on to do not are you not onto love
I love all my aunts

hot I’ll Obama I love all my aunt are
any utley thou and

you the ya love the bath day they get
hot again

if he could be and give them present but
now that the ugly the

blew the on bread through on threats are
on big-city

yellow the bad died pat your the bad day
love you know

you give me present though I want to
bring you to cart there

up who you know dear you be your age

said I I’m 28 male up with mom and I
love her because she did me pregnant its

me the thing that path for me in the
field with my problems

I know this is very off base but I
really left me the other day

newspaper explained to you when you
explain to me how your mom used the

threat mu

in its was when your childhood

as you would say it about the really bad

she would think the you’re gonna jager
we’re gonna send even

you are you missing every like between
is said you ate a summer camp

that everybody else every other him I
it’s cool and it was like

yeah we love go to a summer camp it’s
great in my mom with their go to summer


that is like no know how to love you

but plea youth a leave don’t do this

Yuto years apart mom

I love you so much you kid just send me
away so

politically words with the letter M
BOJ’s teenagers

unequivocally love his mom likes girls

I don’t wanna be ok part for you in

he is taking its toll outcome from your
dad liquor cabinet your

you know you’re grounded by 12 I love
you 73 are you the

fucking bears a clear believe I let you

are I stole the liquor from dad not you
you have to understand it

your collateral damage and I don’t know
what happen

collateral damage don’t take me away
from the

you do don’t send way ITM

so a meh has this girl disinvited her

aren’t yeah I wonder if you can say
something your mom your dad on whose

sister is bill

just going A&M I my aunts

my aunt is coming RRR to your sister
want to come to this concert

I think I it’s gonna be weird yeah and
he can deal with it

delicately Yemen ABC yeah maybe maybe
it’ll be like

how sad would be if it worked words like
oh I talk to your mom and she had made

it clear that you don’t have an account
yet this actually happened to me

straight up with my uncle my up

wanna my uncles like loves a you know
live music is like

always loved hanging out well as young
guys like are men don’t like it’s gonna

be so we’re like a drunken Johns at the
concert like

what I do but he’s just like a dude who
likes music

and who cares yeah I think it’s fine tho
he expects his nightly

your %uh isn’t necessarily coming to
Lake get drunk with your friends and

search for yourself and your friend Rick
maybe she is

heard the band but they were great and
she grew up listening to live music as

you want to go see a concert

yeah concerts are kinda not intimate so
I wouldn’t really care it’s not like

it’s a party

or someplace where they would have to
like talker hang out with each other to


once you get there it’s a free-for-all
your aunt can do whatever the hell she

want your

river that cuts through a few seal I we
got there I didn’t see you for two

straight hours

what the freda oh yeah

for I actually passed on the map yeah

you we saw you once the energetically
rapidly we ever thought you were dead

they took up your pension resorted
everyone’s laced red laser pointer the

American lapd you it was amazing I’ve
never seen that many people working in

unison doing bears the label is dummy
belvoir I guess you it individually


every single person at Brooklyn Bowl
that night you they

carried you around like the King Kooba
at the end of Mario to

shoulder to shoulder until you
eventually worth kicked out of the club


applauded louder than I’ve ever heard
anybody be outlawed it because it when

you came to you because you are you
walked back in and really tried to tell

you to get finished the deed

who they booed so loudly the the wall
started rumbling

freed himself had to beg and plead
everything herself

whatever and their uses it on Thursday
that advises a woman

I don’t care what she identifies as I
care with I identified her

as you saw a girl would yeah it still
works out in this case

they believe um so I would say

if I were you I wouldn’t think it would
be worth it

a the pros love dis inviting and do not
outweigh the cons are feeling guilty

right so taken a concert it’ll be a
little weird but it’s gonna be so get

there take a look at it again go with my
friends I’m glad that you are

particularly you like the music will see

yeah there’s an outage that I mean it
doesn’t sound like runs like I recall

we’re carpooling I curled and I talked
to my guy role and he got the really got

us a blow but we can we have really like

cut line to make it into we have to go
the cotton to take individual button

battery okay

its yep you’re going to be the best

aren’t ever or the wearer’s I

hmm cuz I’m on tid de dolor lot

have no ok you know you can’t keep that
in the event that already appear again

at that honor

and I on still the

who next bodies next wedged in

where the love gone I

rebelling got I Western a book

a stupid you actually are looking a
little got mad me

actually in Ankeny anything again to a
two-year I like the way you

on my parents scale upstairs Luca behind

up spoke with limited in it is mucus
delivery where

you’re dead redundant and we are

at her wits aunt I

ago prevailing at the loving it it was
like when we’re making minimum any jokes

let me know many min is that there’s a
town car

but not my yeah no Menominee Menominee

it was me you in Streator in a gas
station in a town small town in

minnesota called menominee

and semi in Streator were checking out
like buying stuff from the gas station

in there was like this

you know twenty year old lady who works
there and I’m like what is this town


and she said menominee nice it is it
true that Mitt Romney’s from a nominee

and then streeters like you know yeah
presidential nominee Mitt Romney is from

a nominee

and then I was like whatever like I
heard he makes how many

yeah Mitt Romney the nominee makes
mahatma nominee harmonies whatever

and she was stoned pays not allow your
leg and I apologize for you

and then you like sorry about them
they’re like being very immature

and then like to thank you letter you
know you made a hot you what it is I

hope that I

like I thank you oh by the way do you
have any salon I

yell Islam any spoke I

really was just like I was so fed up
though the as a fighter

well now I have one that was there a
it’s too late

you I’m image share I’m still mad at
that age where I can’t say

I cannot say the funniest thing
regardless of how mean it is through

that I like when I was in college and
stuff a lot of people just thought I was

mean which I probably was but like I
didn’t mean the things that I meant

right as always said the funniest thing
that I thought of and sometimes they

believe me and sometimes they been nice
and they wouldn’t actually

I think it’s always easy but wouldn’t it
be funny if someone said this right now

in my mind I’m always imagining somebody
else like

oh man who would crack me up someone
yelled that’s right you know i mean you

with bloodshed to each other all the
tire excellence is this songs is this

and even if sometimes we just been
actually we see ourselves right

Yahoo to make nobody levers just like

this this in polls that I can’t suppress
literally just for us

yeah selfish we’re selfish smalls were

a I moving aunt no

I picked ESA look more %uh

still up there never to a

another girl will call this lady Ursula

her sole rights really email sent to a
fiery show a gmail dot com

but the book hey guys so I started
talking to this guy and that on an

online dating site

we will text all day every day and it
seemed like there was a real potential


then he got busy with work in our
texting pretty much stopped completely

I tried for two months to make plans to
meet him but he would have an excuse

every time

even though you would always tell me how
much you want to hang out with me

finally I got frustrated and told him I
was deleting his number as to not keep

making an ass out of myself

and a few weeks later am back on the
online dating CNN he swayed me right on

tender and shows me on quick match on OK

what’s this guy’s deal what’s this girls
there is no longer dealers ala tell you

what your bat shit crazy

really I’m serious that was I had you
might really happen as

seemingly the non-toxic email let me
tell you what

dude I am Sherlock Holmes love this

type shit you have a seventh Sense
switches a smelling out

batshit NIS we can also see dead people

I’ve and they’re all that shit there
along better with girls like shut the

fuck up

yes the fucking ugly I let but pruitt

uga so what this lady said they gave
yourself away

wasn’t numeral one after two months of
trying to hang out with him in failing

right that’s a little crazy if you brush
them off and they keep on trying for two

straight months

that’s just like that’s not a few times
as the most rate yet I mean like once is

like oh that’s a bad sign and I will

fire that so I really really really like
the panel that Melbourne

no and then when that so it’s like I
will never see this met yet never

past month what’s Jesus Christ also
she’s like

so you know what so finally I was fed up
and I told him I was gonna delete his


that’s not the fed out that’s your one
crazy last ditch effort and yeah

like alright if you’re not going out me
I’m gonna delete your number who wait

until I want to hang out with you you
described me into it

okay and your girl wait what date and
time actually i cant make

up by i’m natalie another know now done
right what date thank you hang out

I also on I think on

okay keep it quick match but I know for
a fact contender you would not be able

to notice what you write miss you did
the exact same thing right so that means

after all of this

she’s still chose a mine tender should
still chosen on OK Cupid

so you’re the crazy one I guess he’s a
fucking idiot to

but there’s no advice for either view
their the advice

are this guy’s deal this guy’s deals
they would not interested

rise not interested and it’s that easy
that easy

if someone really wanted to hang out
with you they would go out of their way

to pay now with you

he’s your not worry if your offering and
he’s still rejecting

it’s not gonna have to stop to stop

just stop job the

shot down open up shop aunt all

a are a that a Roughriders brawl

want I I am sorry

I was hard on you I’m sure you’re
perfectly lovely lady

I just think that you came on too strong
in this

scenario yep I would advise in the
future for you

not to be labor a hangout session

I would advise for you not to hound

someone for two months and then I would
advise you not to let them know

you’re deleting their number if you’re
fed up and then after that I would


you not to choose their yet again under
the RTI a9

dating earth it’s late that brought you
to this

of full cycle to begin with I think a

our friend and Reese air once had a good

better relationship advice is that when
it’s good it’s

easy select when you’re like oh what
does this mean in this is cryptic is not

around to hang out Sunday does somebody
does it

when it’s going good and things are
going good then both people want to hang


and it’s very easy or at the very least
fun like I understand if it’s like

if it’s a challenge at the games they
are sometimes she doesn’t wanna hang out

sometime she doesn’t like

that’s kinda fun like a cat and mouse
game but right now this keep this game

is like

you are a client a mouse hole that with
the mouse is not picking out here

playing tennis against them

a wall not against another person and
the wall that you’re playing against is

like riddled with Spike so every to like
it just doesn’t work

yeah the ball the ban’s backers are fun
make it fun fight someone that it’s one


yeah by find a tennis partner by than

by that’s gross did I A its

aka yeah bond

I let’s go to a question from a dude
this time finally it’s about time

boys only wrestler podcast no more girls

no more growth coded

its league it’s a good chance because it
feels like a sleepover right now

mickey JK Tyre both wearing a face masks
with cucumber over

as a tight-knit these vibrators i buy I
rather share a vibrator

very imaginative every girl sleeper
growth L&B

do girls penetrating the same deal

another I’ll to a growth from that very
pornographic that to this question

hey guys my name’s Prince Eric so my
girlfriend let scholar hun bun

is one find peace ass my problem

she rushes away right when we’re done
hangin out were both 14 and we’ve been

dating for over a month now and we
haven’t kissed

but we hang out almost every day after
school and almost every day on the


we get along really well but there’s
almost no physical contact

although I try quite a bit and she
doesn’t seem to mind when I put her arm

around her

but when she leaves she says bye in
russia’s that without a hug or anything

do you think she doesn’t like me what
should I do

banks Prince Eric all Eric this is a
young this relationship question may I

know yeah

versatile I feel very uncomfortable with
the fact that he called her a fine piece

of ass

I thats I think in some way your

fault I don’t think I’ll pedofile now up
israel is leading the

for reading just receiving that email we
have to register their bets that flux

I L we have to go tell everybody the
neighbor who have been get

that sucks as the hey um

a movie next door and i actually really
obligated to tell you i mean this is

insane have a

podcast a I have a podcast that’s where
it started I mean you’re the long

version the short the shorter than a
registered sex offender so yeah

a predator I get that if you have
children leave them in the yard

don’t let him out I mean this is insane
it was a 14-year-old the road in all I

did was read back when he said

when you’re on the air your honor up

is this really legal I don’t think she’s
a hot Pisa

as but obviously I don’t think a very
like that

who I just who I look at urs use those
here’s a guide them nikolai me in the

fourteen-year-old kid who sent the email
it is a smoky over tonight I can attest

to the fact that he’s with the smoke

a is insane a

yeah that’d lock me up and throw it ok
okay though the cuts this is nuts

only said juju this is yeah this is so
weird I remember like

it’s great having a did you ever go over
when you’re in eighth grade you know the

answer to that is no

I’ll but like that was like a big thing

we never it was just like at the end of
the day

we had two kids each other on the cheek
goodbye it was the hallway before we all

got on the bus

go up to her say I I’m gonna go by

and then we kiss each other on the cheek
and hug and that was it that was having

a girlfriend when I was ready

well I remember in my earliest a now I
never had a girlfriend

ever but a my earliest my friends
lawyer-like girlfriend situations

I think it was in fifth-grade were like

this trend started where guys would ask
girls out

and I don’t even know what that meant I
was just like yeah

did you hear a Adams now going out with

Mindy and it’s like what does that mean
does he asked her out and she said yes

another dating and then at the end
recess they hardly headlight

and like the teacher had like all over
like the cool kids like

hey Adam Jordan Mike come over here

%uh so just so you know like we know
that you’re going out with girls who

just want to make sure you’re doing it
responsibly and houses like

what the hell is this going out all the
crazy like how do you will you hug girls

at the end a recessed like that’s what
going out at me like dipping your toe


you like for your doubt you like as you
get all that he is dealing with the

you know I’m just trying to hug my
girlfriend at the end of the day and

then we’re just playing oh how do we am

now were boyfriend and girlfriend my
mantra do you do you have a date really

human drive you to the movies with these
guys urged first girlfriend was sixth

grade and I think we liked

we would get pizza together and I would
hold her hand and I would kiss on the

cheek when

she left but got a greasy ass lips I
mean I don’t remember that but yeah I

mean it like I tell you

well as that united even have like
sexual urges that we had no it was

it was all like social like oh I want to
go out with this girl cuz she’s popular

in these are like my popular friends
going out with these popular girls was

just that we want to like

all right we want to create this little
family but it’s funny that like even by

aged well you basically know who the

cool dudes are and you know who you’re
attracted to you yeah

like the fact that I didn’t do that at
age 12

still sort of manifest itself in the
house area our active age thirty

right back to you did have a girlfriend
at age 12

shows up how you act today still you
still trying to get the most popular

girl and hang out there

yeah deal means different things that
I’ve never taken a pizza now

got be mad and singer eating frozen went
well you

at: facts I

I thought it was rather earnestly give
this kid plays and

say make myself I mean

so let’s see what was the actual
question he wants to know how he can

make it so

she’s a little more like physical with
them you just want to hug her before

well do you think she doesn’t like me is
the question but no I think of course

she likes you that’s why she’s healthy
so much

okay so she still likes you right so we
need your brain all the time

is this constant reassurance and I use
this to you %uh like

she is spending her time with you time
is valuable even as a fourteen year old

she is

hang out with you every day she’s going
over your house on the weekends

that means she’s thinking about you in a
positive way she was to be around you

give anything to add I occurs the the a

are no I wanna I wanna double team this

the yeah a dude she wants to be around

BWI you clearly different graduate net

the I don’t know man I don’t know it to
you on this poor kid duties were either


is fourteen-years-old you that you
checking Twitter I

at the man you the help you want to help
you he wants

how does he get his girlfriend to hug
him when she leaves she says by

in russia is that without a hugger
anything i think is going to pick up is

a hey were you gone come back you’ll be

up at the door where the alleged again
unserious is good hey wat career

however got something energy comes back
just as well and then you give her a hug

and then maybe still think that was a
cute little move and the others are


yeah I mean what sort of what can a
physical contact

should you get at age 14 hugs

not cases I mean a I’m I’m feel a little
weird thing like lean in for the yes I


do whatever she’s comfortable with and
you’re comfortable with and both have

you feel safe and responsible doing

a talk to your parents I really I wanna
kill her

do you wanna hug her before she leaves
ice ages broach the subject by saying

come hear you me a hug or something

right should he go for the hug yeah I
mean you go for the hug

you over the hug the first one’s gonna
be weird it always is but then after

that it will become the norm

yeah and then later on going for other
stuff will become

very pressure-packed and nerve-wracking
and that’ll never ever ever go no

go away yep that’s it its gonna turn fun

dollars not at age 14

or have you thought about just playing
video games with your friends until

you’re a don’t do that you’ll end up
like blue

body I it you live like me

her the words Berzon you can end up

in long or you know you should do you
should find a sluttier check

followed Jesus lives little leaguers and

by the slutty fourteen year old little
girl had actually I know a few

I my cousin I my cousin

used to babysit this is a is a dime if
not a

Pettis is a dime that use 10 others that
made you guys that live do

a but was good but a pic

yes don’t do anything that she’s
uncomfortable with

that’s my a responsible a

parental take items that you’re hoping a
right I

as all that being said I am old enough
to be this person’s father

biologically the I have to side with his
parents and say you know what

if your girlfriends not comfortable
young to be dating if your girlfriend I

love you as well

too young if your gonna not comfortable
to hug you then you shouldn’t force her

to do anything she was a force that

known don’t say like don’t feel like I
said forcing I

that was good day ivan is going again I
do I know is now on a five-year

force the hog I wouldn’t force her to do
anything I didn’t say that I said

ask her for a hug really make the move
then she doesn’t reciprocate of course


forested I don’t know I just I guess we
come from to replace I would say don’t


years in San Jake something else okay
Linda ads is that incorrect

a in BBC a pin be happy in be

areas open standard a really ordered a
raspberry I’d do it believe that a

resident I was sitting in court

babies being played back to earth a
given to keep listening I will back

peddle your honor

then say yes I did call it a deal so
don’t always blush

yes a a.m. well with the real

real ramifications mercy have mercy on
us your church

I am break time

breakdown I’m you know I wanted to read
that a time pretty

I wanted three that email that we got
which is a follow-up to

the a ani advice that we gave

oh yeah back in like episode 11 or 12
let me find his email

alright so this is the email from it was
the guy the the answer we gave

you gotta earn this booty you are in
this body in this is the thing that I

they do on HARDtalk Witcher

which I model everything that we do
after as much as they can pray

I it the will follow up with someone who
they’ve given advice to you and ask if

they were correct

threat so we this kid asked a girl out a
couple times she said no

the asters should we so we ask a mag has
grad again

and ice and we basically said no sherry
said no budget times

and we got into this this bit about how
maybe a girl just keep saying no because

she’s telling the guy that he’s got earn
this booty good better

but it but in fact that not the case if
if somebody

the says no to you many a times he it’s
time to pack it outright

you don’t make her feel uncomfortable so
he said he responded

are you um emailed SN and I gave us this

the our advice and he said hey guys I
heard you guys were thinking about doing

a where are they now episode

you called me got there to preserve my
anonymity and gave me some fake advice

about dealing with the girl

you told me that I was being a stocker
and made it clear that I couldn’t turn

this beauty

turns out you were correct but there’s a
silver lining to this story

I cried in front of her at less than a
week later

she sent me an apology text for the
basie treated me

now it’s awkward between us and I still
can’t get over her

but at least am feeling better

I do you know it’s silver lining means

what is what burden so

ridiculous there’s this little animals

I broke down in front of the nowhere
served openly he is below the girl that

I lacked

and our not one to three or four but
five days later she finally reached out

and said she was sorry so yeah

oh and don’t worry it’s a weird between

sure you to make matters better

it’s so weird a

the so just to recap they were

big bed tears and for the girl I liked a

a delayed apology text in now lasting I

awkwardness that though at least they
have that going for her

who is this a silver lining if this guy
really did managed in silver linings


this is how did it start a some

sure they are correct but there’s a
silver lining to the stories

so reason why are you feeling better
Achilles the feeling better

everything went as bad as they could
both you cried in front over

a good as it does to purge your feelings
I’m really happy that

it worked out at least I opened your
eyes yeah at the very least you think

you did a good job

I love got their deal I think you’re
great man I’m not trying to be a jerk

II image when

sober live anywhere where is that

a man we have good news and bad news
actually the bad news is I feel like

you’re gonna die in the next week but
there is a silver lining to the story

it’s going to be painful and difficult

anyway I’m doctor gunther and you can
call me later

at least I’m feeling better about things

there is this still you must hate silver
US thing silvers

let terry has a bad thing yeah the worst
thing about was that there’s a silver


cheeses is where the gold band from on
the night girl

to a hug care girls slick create bill

ofrece we really shouldn’t things are
gonna they’re still

then the good girl so if you if we gave
you advice in the last 40 episodes

please let us know how we did if you
followed it or not

and will call it the follow-up pup up

how we probably won’t call it that okay
which is a match in a wooden

to pick their line which is a or did you
like we did you think follow-up up

00 was like a good thing I thought it
was good until he made fun in me and

then I realized there were any the call
and cuts

Car Talk stump the chump yeah %uh that
so that that so

you told me that so we came up a pop up
because I was like let it stop the chump

does not make sense

rather what it is it through maybe it’s
not santa

it is but absolutely its member

who don’t bother looking up and tweeting
AZERTY millions please thank you

yeah the deuterium once again happy

happy Hannukah absolutely happy card for

I exile Thanksgiving and Happy

those early to the most gluttonous
holidays for them to the

to overlap like this is like a once in a
lifetime opportunity point at some point

all shits gonna get where you’re going
to get greasing the pan

Bowl yeah hikers Aria Thanksgiving a
judy is a favorite alike

happened during the Thanksgiving America
I mean girl on another food there’s not

enough food in words from me he law

a their thing about Thanksgiving is that
I always eat a lot

and so every meal feels like
Thanksgiving to me right you always


yeah ever seen you just even appropriate
II but and the if anything they’re

Thanksgiving at O’Neill as much as I
usually do because I don’t like turkey

schilit 30 its okay it’s pretty much I
mean I wouldn’t want your here

indians bill rules the dirty was dope
movie do next okay does a good idea

the I would have preferred a model and

horrible about three lobed though I
still in the corn

still in stopping mashed potatoes yeah I
am still cool they’re all good

yellow hubby loves that thirty both hand

a that the turkey the turkey makes

yeah read through it the last question
here yellow and

alright people gotta fees to get their

hmm so this one comes from someone will

Sebastian Sebastian rights

hey guys I’m a huge fan of the show and
need some help I’m thinking if he is in

that tender ap you guys always talk

but I would only use it to sexed girls
and talk dirty

I wouldn’t use it to actually meet in
person with anyone because I already

have a girlfriend but

just want some excitement on the side do
you think this is a good idea

or is it cheating on my girlfriend even
though I’m not physically cheating

thanks for any advice loves the best
yeah I would call sexting with other


abided do you think is a good idea due

it’s actually a terrible idea could let
me tell you what number one that’s not

it is not about sexting no be sexting
and tender as far as I can tell

yeah I don’t think that you are gonna
get into a sexual relationship

right off the bat also your like mashed
with mutual friends have p like your

friends they know that you have a group
it will get back to your girlfriend

right and then your exclusive door I I
only wanted to sex them doesn’t carry

much weight sexed

are said don’t worry out is used to talk
dirty two girls you’re such a scumbag


yeah though I really wanted to
emotionally cheat on you you know the

more damaging kinda odd

itself at all you just wanna tempt
yourself and you know

whole maybe you’ll meet someone who’s
prettier and funnier than my girlfriend

and suddenly

oh my relationship is weakening because
a bit this is weird interesting though

this a date is in line almost at the

thing worth like I is it cheating

if I’m like if I’m mean like getting off

to watching other by people nude having

is that so different than me like
getting off to texting with somebody

yes because involves somebody else what
if I i want to take a live cam girl

who’s like

paid stripper but I’m like

texting run like chatting with her

unlike someone I was like newt cam web
sites i think thats

closer towards the emotional gf
tendering but not quite there

because that cam girl odds are she won’t
have a crush on you

now I see so you’re saying like if
there’s like a up chance have a


yeah fish if it’s been reciprocated and
suddenly it’s like I’ll

now I’m in a relationship though they
really do. read that night oh that’s my

boyfriend is going like fap to so Mike

nameless faceless roll somewhere it’s a
good in this is like okay you shared

something you like got off with some
bread it’s the equivalent

like if you go to a strip club that’s
sort of cheating but not really because

the girls are laid not a great idea

right I’ll go but I was trying to give
you the benefit the dow sir you’re a


yeah in a relationship also it’s not
fair to the other girls and dinner that

like naturally you talk two years ago
don’t worry I’m only doing it to tease


ride at the fair yeah just bad all
around it a bad that I

murdered that man you get see you get
colon Christmas now

although maybe know me all right let’s
zoom out a little bit amounts may be his

relationship isn’t done so I love is
considering doing is a maybe he should

be on tonight because he should be in a
relationship with somebody else will

that is the case that he should not be
in a relationship and then easy

wanted against it the other way around
buddy so if you’re really eager to tend

you should break up their girlfriend
yeah and if you I

if you can handle not tendering than a
stick with your lady

right you gotta you if you wanna go on a
tender bender

a tinder bender you gotta you gotta you
can’t let this relationship

linger bigger and if you want to binge
on hinge the a

that tender been there yet been done
hinge and

okay Cupid I moon

a an OK Cupid

I’m sergei’s stupid too is that about

your day yet that we said all this
before to

at the is and it’s a Thanksgiving
special I

I the any other but any other race for
the SGA

no I would they get out your
relationship or bailey’s don’t other


it’s that easy there you go ten years
now for people who are in relationships

yeah it’s barely for people who are not
in relationships

some weird tourism you that your tender
owes you money cuz like I am obsessed

with that and I

wake of bacteria yo pay me man I

look why would they have barely your
hair yeah i rly

never talk about it again people you’ll
definitely doctor at it again

I can wait until the next big 10 do you
think of the her man

though this isn’t are you are you are I
was getting a going

I’m swiping and sometimes matching and
sometimes chatting but I’ve yet to meet

up with someone

and I it’s tough I’m very all over the
place I’m not it’s hard to find me in

the same city bird rights and
international cargo in the urine

fuckin Philadelphia before you know it I
a message via the

your list and I is can figure out where
I’m not be it move your mind but that

they keep moving

I don’t even believe it with anyone
anymore trying to relate to me

me with a new career we’re hurt again
we’re together always

only that opens the I up to road I’m

it all right let’s end on that the got a
creepy to national a salute I’ll be

thanks again for listen to the show
spreading the word we appreciate it we

love you guys

truth and keep emailing us your problems
that email address again is a fiery show

at gmail dot com

we’re still accepting pins on summation
that first was from a guy named John

bill lantus

and this next one is from somebody named

Torin pori and all what did you send me
about a.m.

the cup song we call that woman Sheldon
oh yeah he called her shell did but it

was not from Sheldon now it was

actually she said thanks so much for
having my son let the beginning your

video The song was sung by Sophia

and it was written by Sheldon so if we

yeah blog Halifax studios YouTube

channel there’s certain Thank You Serbia
and Sheldon for doing our last week

a are on Mondays episodes the exxon so

yeah week I’m glad we got to correct
that once again

happy Thanksgiving happy Hannukah happy

leg is a month then other than as the
island town burned it down

the deserve a region down Italian jerry
is there hope

at Dover earlier this season love at

the street and till no words to


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third she the yeah

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shirl Yahoo third the thread

just Bali




does it

the shade

that said



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