Episode 43: Guys Suck


In this episode we discuss Christmas gifts, female roommates, and why guys are the worst.

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I ap I

are 0 hey combat

didn’t see a their microphone I well you
got it in a completely candid moment


radar we have shirked money and I you
guys as absurd as

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enjoy this episode good episode actually

you know what %uh things

now and I’m trying to rack my brain they
did yeah no they did they did

they did they got real they are real
they did and that’s not so real

yeah I got they actually but really feel
you think so your honor when

oh my god okay I’ll let you know we know
as a okay

inge place it I data that I i don’t

yeah i buy everybody yeah

you I’ll tell you just what I like

needs the friend

is J kidding me right here



DJs show show


hash tag no okay

are there I like that well I hated it
her really and

island and now what’s up I A

a lot as shown here for lunch that
should make you hate bill

a way you’re like you’re still smiling
and hateful

it three legs of the late sugar doesn’t

I mean like what yeah now she has
nothing to do with your bad guy

Ulises whole lot alive this night is
life magnet

a cock there’s a there’s a mouse in

Mikel cheese grits now so many

anyway welcome to if I really only
advise podcast on the internet that

shoots in a difference in a location
every single time we record

I’m a mere and I’m I think I’m JK and

we are recording this Wednesday night in
a hotel room

in New Orleans may be looking at that
game really our also only addressing the

camera right now

you are you’re dressed in a carer where

we had cameras with us so we figured we
would have video tape record this

episode and put it online

I don’t know what I’m gonna get around
actually putting the video up cell for

now just listen to it and then hopefully
sometime this week I’ll be able to

upload it right through to you like

with watching this video right now for
now the listen to I

okay yeah that is needed no watching
just listen

can close your eyes pretend that we’re
not here

the app you are listening we will chat
up with VESA if you’re watching the


that we succeed yeah we made it might
even be dead by the time you see that’s

the magic of the road trip in a ditch

I am we’ve driven God

I don’t know 1500 miles in the last
three days

yeah it’s a lot the lot a giant but we
saw a lot of America

nearly dead and I’m ready to fly home I

I think I’m done bit think I do they
have say it’s been tough yeah big

Mississippi with a

was worth checking out but I’d like to
fly over

taxes New Mexico Arizona and I and the

yeah a know that might be the rest what

just Texas New Mexico Arizona and Texas
New Mexico Arizona

well California so we basically lost so
many states another just like

there’s three yeah in the east it’s all
very like add

dents and then went to get out west the
site for states until california

but they’re I enough about geography

if any which way to go out nor has the
nails and and her

and its Alanna I pick you up

when it had and I alright so we might as
well explain what the rules are

but that the way it works is a people
email us

at a fire you show a gmail dot com there
in difficult places they they need

advice and so they they come looking
towards us for some reason and we

us if they’re all the emails and choose
a couple you now 45 whatever

and I try to answer them on this show
you at your over explained it

real over acclaimed be can sell

let me drive but lebanon you are

over to take the would take the reins on
this one will do you think I spent too

long I do wanna a car in addition he
overdid it here let me show you how with


well as the others and here’s what help
here’s what we deal on them

on the show the podcast needed right so
you wanna do is download the podcast app


outline and older children at Odell I
gonna do a lot but it is a start but I

think I can really do

you are designed and that I did lay ship

shifted Oct damnit herwitz

there you go again your dad was right
your dad was right

um so yeah lets them

let’s read these emails and try to give
some advice

we’re gonna give these really emails
fake names to preserve their

anonymity and no new MIDI so lets the

call them cities that we visited so far
little nice

so this first one comes from a dude
named Tuscaloosa Tuscaloosa

out by you great city I never been to
Alabama or Mississippi before today

yeah Tuskers was cool yet we just heard
both iraq

Tuscaloosa rights so I’ve been talking
to this chick I met on tender for a

while now

jake would be proud the only and the
only thing she does

had the only thing she doesn’t go to my
university she goes to one

oh my gosh see it now that’s a very I
got it just got it is Neil know how

terribly I am like real good nine other
sign a sentence now

year you can be the next one and thank
you I like reading you loved

I liked you okay closure dimensions are

out like that it is privately is doing
and I

yelled out all the dirty did you read
all the questions and i wish i cud

that’s it to tears

I like working with you hope to continue
that being said

we are on the rocks a plan go ahead lead
like that let’s get like to be doing


we are on the rocks I so over-the-top
now are here

Tuscaloosa rights 7 talk to the chick
that amount enter for a while now the

only thing is

she doesn’t go to my university she goes
to one about an hour and a half away

and we really click she has double D’s

which is tied anyway christmas is coming
up and I’m so is her birthday which is

on the 27th

and we’re not dating yet but we probably
will be eventually

should I get her a gift for both one are

we’ve been talking for about a month now
sees the cheese

Tuscaloosa I and

it tho funny cuz everytime like I wanna
rip into this do but that he and they

went through the G the Lego he supports

in by the that being said you’re so
you’re not smart

his he’s only been talking to this girl
and tender

she lives an hour away an hour and a
half an hour and a half away

in did only ever talked and tender yes
nephews Helen every just messaged her

BRB at and he’s wondering whether he
should get her a Christmas gift

and a birthday gift her just 1

well are maybe neither because you know

will like the cousin not dating

well now they haven’t actually met met
the probably in a day

eventually like how much US then on the
birth the F 250

500 and that’s fair especially if you

well he does he has an area actually a
DD sets are that’s really all you

honestly you got together to present

I what we need to do with 1 per reached

year that with their different two
hundred dollar purdy

she already got you to get a heart cath

she got to do here you got again heard
through RI

now to meter now it’s time to meet her
for the first time ever here we go this

my girlfriend number together to present
I’d love to meet you

I beat you with give a layouts like a

like a secret santa baby know about I
need to meet you before the 25th cuz I

wanna come over for Christmas and give
you a gift and then I me to meet you

again for date number two with your
birthday you have got to be on his side

need you are get to know your to figure
out what you like and it up the bike you

for my girlfriend when I’ve never seen
her faith

I’ve never seen you animated you excited
I C five pictures the view

I think I got a pretty good idea you
have a bio that was a

500 characters or less yeah I and I see
we have one mutual friend some kid I

grew up with so I think we’re meant to

I plate yeah yeah and just buy a quick
little eyeball test than the picture

number four is a group shot

but I am fifty percent confident that
those are BB

the Sarge absolutely it the BBC’s

I’ve got to seize the Deal a who

OMERS the the burdick

her are so why words why we together to

its leads more times than his matters 0

you don’t get go through someone you’ve
never met why is a search is going to be

your girlfriend while you’re

we will be eventually when it’s been a

and you haven’t met and will be waiting
for so you’re gonna enter into a long

distance relationship which is

you know I think down pray I with
somebody that you’ve never met

that you met on tinder good while you’re
in college you go through different

college than him

yeah the shit together to give sir one

oh that was the question yeah wasn’t
whether or not he said go out with her

or whether or not you should meters so I
guess one don’t even meter

cannot did not gonna it’s not worth now
you’re saving money cuz Ian

in theory you you in your brain you
already spent money for two gets that’s


us here saving money right how did you
meet someone else with double D’s how

gosh at at least within their Howard on
by the way an hour and a half

what is that like it’s a 90-mile Drive
which is 10 your alias maximum

yeah maybe we’ll maybe then unmatched
when he was like somewhere closer

when they ran out she may be chic is
from is how you note it is maybe she’s


an hour and a half away but with the
DD’s like it that in your area starts

from that

the edge of her the hazard averred yeah
yet they said at least five miles yes

better body pic is yet another 100 yeah

yeah worse than extend a that actually
makes a lotta sensor for Christmas out

thinking you give her a nice sweater

yeah and then for birthday let’s get a
little bit more personal through

yeah lingere a.m. are

yeah so he was actually really cute gift
that I’ve always thought about giving a


is like Yetter I’m like really sexy
lingerie right

I don’t know yeah oh yeah you gotta go
really sexy lingerie sets like okay

thank C this is sui

I’m like super attracted to you but the
also you also get her like

pajama pants and a big t-shirt 3 like
hey I like you no matter what I want to

be comfortable but you turn me on

and no pressure it’s very odd and you
get all the terminology that they’re

both really really want to get a rich

I in all three lives you presented to
her by wearing the larger a

I to like this is what I got you in and
you take out the road love it would be

good for a quick comfortable

and then have this group you out hours
ago you could ever pants

anyway I think that by doing that to get
there develop actually a robe is a good

gift no not a robe

a rather roll them say about something
separately and at my advice is to give

her robe

because the road is like a very
comfortable item a close that a lot of

people don’t purchase for themselves

a row but an umbrella I believe romantic
gifts you can give her

I’m very practical gift giver at the
yeah I S

I say I’m oh you know to really also a
really good get that super cheap

and you can totally I’m I am

show who a we should preface this by
don’t give her a gift

and this is also this lever don’t do the
gay apiece

Tuscaloosa do not ever get this is for
all these people out there that are

trying to think alike

gets really opens for Chris very people
who people have actually met there’s

yeah yea let’s say you’ve met you let’s
save actually started dating someone you

wanna get

yet rated believe actually like started
dating someone and met them in like

didn’t know them and all that yeah

gass dope way to go that’s

we are just matched with them on tender
right right right like met them

who know that about me on like battle
but it may be that guy who cares

anyway they end up getting married I the

they have a kid because that to be the
president apparent bid this is playing

every day in his crib just to drive him

I so what you do is

give somebody a really old t-shirt you
say that your favorite shirt

so they like oh my god this is XA
romantic egypt is Dave Richard

I’ll but doesn’t is not also running the
risk of you give is giving someone an

old t-shirt

as a gift yet they all think they think
that mean something other so they they

just assume the sentimental under the
roof all my ex’s out there who will

who close to my my favorite t-shirt does
know it was alright I was on it

it was their ideology I got a K-mart
that afternoon I with me being honest

with you guys

e20 all I their dad that maybe have this
idea for other

other goal girlfriends quiere at this
hour no actually this is the

hooked up to a doctor I don’t know your
ex’s live in Texas yeah likened

a george strait yeah that’s so weird
that so unique

I would have yeah I got let’s go to the
next one aka

did you actually give someone a t-shirt
and now you’re embarrassed no

I that’ll come out as clearly lying in
the video version of the

I alright next question yeah

this one comes from somebody

a lady which we call this lady Charlotte
%uh it’s cute Charlotte

this bill Charlotte s villa rights

08 yuan $3.2 yeah mother fucker

a little harder to her more the mic
remember her speak read a mag light

novels razor there so

kinda blocking your vision recognize all

I of

I candidate you shit law ok yeah

Paul hey guys love the show that being
said I found myself in a bit of a sticky


by long-distance boyfriend of the year
recently expressed to me that he wants

to have a roommate live with them as he
lives alone in a two-bedroom condo

on the issue he wanted to be a girl he
claims they’re cleaner

better cooks and more studious obviously
be girl

I told them this makes me uncomfortable
he claims it wouldn’t be weird but I

feel like a terrible idea

not that I don’t trust him just afraid
want they will lead to another since

it’s an intimate situation

am I overreacting who have a right to be
weirded out help

thank you Charlotte as bill I nailed
that shit

then annealed that read as I was I did
you read that shit before

United yeah practices wanna a I but I
you are you’re practically of boogie the

does it

and you wrote that question i’d I who is
in your cadence your voice in your town

a really easy a bit of advice for this

on ugly girl you’re saying you choose
the girl

yet the lady chooses the girls a

you get to choose the people did I would
like nannies the most unattractive

woman you can find but then you her
weapons gonna be like will she looks

message is a slob in totally tell yeah I
need some news like

not only need but also fit yeah like I
want my roommate to motivate you

I don’t like I don’t like a seven outta
10 I needed to be like a nine or ten

I needed danita need a room with a dime
yeah understand add that way could that

way at like it’ll motivate me to be a
better but I yet

I get it as that like I understand what
he’s doing yeah

like what I will go one step further
than your advice her picking the girl

and use a break up with your boyfriend
are you think he is trying to hook up

with a homer

I think he has that is my is not a
dangerous situation

I we Media Corp you like I wanna have a

oh yes like I want to be a hot girl
maybe is like making my own nothing

likely happen but I dislike white girl

around but no he’s just like yet he was
that he want to hook up with somebody

else that data is putting himself in a
situation to be a dangerous boy tried

yeah that’s why if she chooses the girl

she’s i calling his bluff she should a
suggest that she moves in

will be delivered you at

would be kissing at good

Desert Calif with you but he to

large yeah why doesn’t she live with
this you mention anything about where

she lives on maybe they’ll

maybe they don’t do that now that
long-distance boyfriend all this is the


with the DD’s she’s already dating him
in his her mind to

the they got the BB got a long distance
relationship plus female roommate

thats the Damned now you’re done is damn
near done

she’s your day and you done yet damn
sure out you’re good you’re how

your rockingham dolan distress get up on
that team game

I get up on that in your game dude I

do I yeah but added a game to you that

got a fly ball there

they’re gonna be a all yet

whether the guys that are listening to
the podcast that thing the video

I pretended to hit me with microphone
news struck me you guys now you have to

watch the video

have that Collins out when I think that
was a good multi media

are a cross-platform webisode Mobius
owed hybrids

so where you live I’m no longer lag
behind a la Couette

really in what you know I a next
question break up with her boyfriend

they want to cheat on you now mike got
that such a pessimist I got this is just

covers on who does she

whatever he does actually wanna I you
like the eulogy it on you

yeah because you want to be a motivator
because all guys always on a cheat on a

girl because you want to be my roommate

that no not then mmm mmm well if he does

or what about gay guy or lesbian

lesbian best of both worlds

he can still have an attractive female
roommate when I D now you’re

stereotyping actually

how so I don’t think I don’t understand
it but I don’t like that

I don’t know why you’re being a
troublemaker live with a gay guy or a


yeah line I think gay girl is the way to

I think break up with him he does want
to date they will refuse to test the

waters and say something like that the
season sale

go for the lesbian an ABC if you like if

if he hesitates I think lesbian as the
ultimate answer here

he gets the live with a girl she gets do
not be afraid

year I V break up with him I

he is actively trying to cheat on you
basically just put out a personal ad

I Paisley actually cut find my

roommate on tender I feel and we’re
using facebook I want a blast on my

friend that he was going to meet a girl
on tender and have been

actually I’m I needed that this room it
for so we’re gonna go out for drinks

I and then get dinner you know just as
if I get along with my roommate yet

and then I wanna I wanna like hook up
with her just to make sure that there’s

no like weird chemistry graduated like a
sexual pensions in the Super we added

get that

out of the way right off the bat I’m
gonna I’m in a fucker

and actually a bite this is crazy I like
biking around to keep doing it

and we’re gonna break up in an hour I
was gonna keep fucking arsehole I don’t

like it anymore

yeah it’s like okay what every time tell
you how to my life Korean to tell you

about it

yeah I as

a I i fucked somebody

alright I’ve bug someone I lover I want
to remove and muggy my roommate

is that a big deal he’ll you long
distance lover break up with them

alright Texas breakup I say lesbian

30 on iraq with the

take a little break time gotta their

nice stretch mmm aka and

let me just stretch my penis out well as

wide as it goes it’s 0 except ok

I dollar you can’t see then the video I

it like a sock its here anus is dangling

bud a pink sock on No

speaking of socks let’s talk about a
quick little pocket that they’re not

gonna like that we are introduce them
this way

transition and that’s not good we lotta

the pay about one more sponsor this
episode which is 20 jeans dot com twenty

one of our original sponsors will
sponsor our day one’s yes that we only

sponsor with our day one

started from the bottom yeah now we r
they do have bottoms and they do have

tops and that’s the beauty magic
actually ran 20 jeans right now

yeah so that the website is called
twenty jeans it’s 20 then jeans

Jake is modeling in the video version on

work it started as a website that just
sold genes for twenty dollars which

would be amazing enough

if that was the only thing that was now
they also have a supremely comfortable

other types of clothes they sent us the
the softest T-shirts a model that

Headley’s am point yeah lagi

will be next on point I am I would say
good things about 20 jeans no matter

what are they doing with money and I’m a
professional yeah

but I I do get a lot of compliments on
that shirt

and also these days my favorite jeans
actually we’re on this road trip

for until December 11th yeah

we got on the road originally November

yeah the correct number thirty now for
the tour yeah after the tour

so basically I perhaps I packed almost
up and shipped it out to LA

a and we only left one pair jeans the

I only have one pair of pants this all I
had and there’s not even

hands in my suitcase so if you stay in
these jeans I abstain the day

in your driveway I pissed all over them
I couldn’t and you know that there is

still a great yet why Boston to

itself you’re looking to get clothes for
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gift advice you know tis the season and
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low price high quality %uh closer please
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dot com sorry 220 genes for

segue into a by talking about my anus
but honestly

thats that sucks you gonna go through
the beast and you never going to you

pull your partner’s mother ship it you
want you may just be another

G they are getting a life either there
is a saying and they yeah I said they’ve

how they said there are a whole
operation I now and I some reason I

guess we’re Alive’s tom is at Brown have

I there in our mind the real you see
they’re stealing ideas like an art

museum before we even get there is that
our break that their break

well we wouldn’t want to talk about 20
jeans but we also I guess can talk about


the road trip so far three days then

three days and we’re already running on
empty yeah yeah

a good two hour nap above the John
attack earlier today is their legal

I that I don’t know there are seat belt
in that they were supposed them

act that circle the about driving an RV
I’m so comfortable all the time never

boards like this huge windows everywhere

yes like walking around but it doesn’t
seem legal that you can

like click it or ticket you have to wear
a seat belt or if you’re in an RV you

can lay on a bed on top but the

wherever and whenever I’m sleeping up
there all I met like some people here

the group a bit going to Albany

and John Carlos are driven off the road
a would during my nap bomber

others what i’d we’re doing it for a
long time always just like imagining

below ground on a farm in our paper over
an hour if the dog did Williams had led

by a truck and I think I have here

well what a way to go W dad that I would
die out there if we got into an accident

but I don’t know because you’re at the
top like a pitiless

it lips over I’m the first to be crushed

I crush and crushed hmm boy what a way
to go

during an app oh that was the other
thing with which other Instagram video

oh yeah it was like a resort achieved it

it was still the most dangerous look
like they have

have is ready as I’m Jake Instagram you
wanna see it but Taker with sweat acre

with the

taken with Instagram AJ I aaja mahi the

mother-in-law and three-time the members
more later followers I

your other number and name I don’t but

we needed a Arik day 8 you are and I’m

levy the a we take a video I in the

a seat looking at Jake instead of the

and I was like of frame like theory with
a little tip with the steering wheel

well John Graham

are when a buyer a camera yeah we’re
traveling with your camera operators

our cameraman our friends react with
like they’ve been around since they shot

there are shut like them the first taken
to be at else ok I’ll write a bunch of

the are not correct like

the punch up all the scripts do yeah
they’re like writer director producer

and do

Yap with two key residue the number
three in four people behind the Jake and

Amir operation

yeah so anyway that it today Jake was

are now I was driving Jake was but China

guide the steering wheel I looked away
from it right I wasn’t tryna

act rikers you like look at the road
look at the road and I would like I may

be like look at the road

and honestly BR in RB when you’re
driving in like a

a Honda it’s like oh yeah just like I
could drive a Hyundai with my pinky

right on that they might I was off I was
up the live like two seconds early 20th

back in this league

be eased into a totally really put your
body weight in to straighten it out it’s


exercise so we actually did drift into
another lane not yet set a car

and then your you had a very you posted
you posed a very interesting question

which was

if we died shooting this video and ended
up killing somebody in a car next door

are a car next to us we crashed into
them we all died and they found that

video at the center the wreckage would
people be mad at ICI their legacy is


if not to do that if we die on this trip
I think that like

everyone is like wow they were here is
so funny they were great like

their people like posting about it
people like we lost

got game Angels today I but if

if we run the to run the run RRB into

minivan carrying a family a lower who
everyone parishes

among the wreckage they find it
Instagram Italian supercomputers

well I’m not looking at the road
oliver’s cracking up by Diane character

who PR were Devils were there yeah

with saying his game for menus today

its run were evil than the last are

alright well to a likely we survived
city after even worry about it

the police say that video noreaster I

you can we be retroactively arrested
with the statute of limitations upon


a.m. hopefully whatever it is we’re safe

iowa area 20 5 yeah 25 ish Alliance

have on ironic talk about 20 jeans

guys checking out helps us out helps you
guys helped us

helps 20 jeans is a triple helping young
jewish over

quit her Babel published bloodthirsty

I was joking about that I

who a.m. ’em question the third

yep the Sun comes from another lady do
you have another city that we’ve

driven through that sounds like a female

mes orléans I what about miss
mississippi over at tonight’s

that night yes it be yeah it’s good that
was mine Jackson I

Jackson came up with the Jackson or miss
mississippi yeah it was me rights

you under the Data you pleats hey guys

okay I’ve been on tender for a really
long time and I have around 250 matches

matching for me isn’t the problem and
neither is talking to said match

it always seems that once I start up a
conversation with a guy they always end

up asking for my number or my snapchat
which I don’t mind at all

the problem is that then they always ask
me for nudes

often guys even start conversations with
something like

send me nudes I even put please don’t
ask for nudes in my description but that

doesn’t seem to stop them

once a guy but once once a guy had been
talking to for a while and we’re hitting

it off

ask for nudes and when I play it Lee
said no he stopped responding

is it bad that I just wanna talk and get
to know a guy and then see where it


advice on this tender dilemma should I
just give up on tender guys completely

thinks a mississippi who who are these
guys and how their day

love this is I think this is the thing
most guys are these guys like

way or whatever what an advantage you
have if you’re a normal non creepy guy

every day

ever been on like from I’d never done OK
Cupid a given night use it but

a ever any tendered and we have to have
101 okay keep anyway

whenever everything all wanna ever been
on there just like it’s like

impressive that I’m not crazy yeah I’m
not like only got a really smart they’re

just like you’re not

weird we’ve been talking for 30 seconds
and you have an ass to see me naked

you didn’t show up in I you weren’t
afoot now have shorter than I

you don’t have a boil on your face that
you hid in all your pictures with the

sad state of like

she give up on tenor guys I villages
give up on guys completely

issue to take out don’t ask me for
newt’s are you think that later by I

think I like every other than

gives them the idea yeah they don’t ask
me for a guy sees that as I

up then she’s made the mistake of
sending nudes too many I

maybe she’s we cannot bring it out or
another way to think about issues like

actually saying pay I don’t want you to
I don’t want to send you naked pictures

and nine times at a ten guys are still
like I just wanna see naked pictures

wouldn’t like if you’re just if you’re
just normal

any guy that’s listening who isn’t in
your or otherwise

if you’re just not a creep what a huge
advantage you have over 95 percent of

the population

just don’t be an asshole it’s so easy I
would naked pictures I just had to ask

for them

yeah volunteer yeah you hate you
shouldn’t right every guy wants to see

naked pictures

know guys should actively ask for that
especially right off the bat like that

can’t be successful

never and even if it is what are you
getting like just don’t you wanna like

actually meet with him you’re using it
to have sex not to jerk off the air you

can buy editors writers videos a

naked women yeah yeah

I only people are sending news like that
quickly are other dude pretending to be


and it’s so funny like to be a girl that
uses tenders like such a different

experience than a guy like Aug

guys are so like terrible that like when
a girl uses a

if she slept together right odds are you
probably are decide because he’s using

it so much more actively can I want to
see new chicks

and it’s probably just like a high
success rate is like okay match match

match mad at an atlanta grow probably
cannot swipe to the right without

natural right and it’s such a high
quantity but it’s such a low low quality

which isn’t I really think that these
guys did be

can do better why waste like who

hats it’s insane you go you’ll real sex
is way better then

a single nude photos yeah okay I think
my advice is to any girl to not to use


right I can’t believe girls are on sale
now jet to are you done with my jaded


really garbage I cupid stupid shit

I mean that’s what I thought and you
agreed and you had a new used it all the

time yeah and I don’t use it my life is

infinitely better I people use that
shits so much so weird II was

at a family dinner the other night and
there was like a

a.m. teenage lady there and she was
snatch adding a bunch of white people

yet to be released after that all like
the snatcher instead of text

yeah like pictures text which I

maybe a sort of understand that they’d
really path if they pass the texting


sometimes out one attack someone and I
don’t even have anything to talk to them


I just want to be like and thinking
about you but I have today I what can I

say like

oh this is something that reminds me of
that will say that right and thinking

about this like

but snapped at is just so like it
doesn’t matter is a picture my face with


at crazy Thursday afternoon and then you
sent a model people right and the like

you get all these replies back says just
like people Ian me

believe me no meet me me alright

me love me me and it’s almost like it’s
bad on purpose by design and that’s what

people like about it that look so

rough with garbage all right after ago
and read

I don’t care who’s I don’t care who’s
who works at that multi-billion dollar

corporation know how their Jake know
what’s coming for your hand

year yelping box net shared the Follow
me on instagram a day-to-day

de l’Abbaye raat the WH

it at AOL dot net ya I’ll i right

what is this girl asking for it’s
already got next legal have snapped at

I yeah just hearing about every little
I’m digested again a producer to be

claiming it may be a

realize they like it I a advice on his
10 inch they give up until our guys

completely oh it no but I mean just keep
on doing we’re doing this to somebody

asks you for a nude block ’em

and their normal guys out there yeah I
me is also like

the best the best case scenario as she
needs to me they just want to fuck ur

like its need nudes

yeah those guys are garbage but then I Q
me you actually had lobbied you meet

somebody chances are he just wants to
like sleep with you no strings attached

but maybe that’s what you want to

certainly a bit with you get
relationships often so if I were you I

would not go beyond 10 their projects
advices keep going and you’ll find

your same delete India that’s why most
for any girl

but for every guy advice is down
everette I mean

in in a in my a square unquote world
where everybody follows my advice

ten years of sleep is only guys use it I

tenders grinder and kinder it in turn
grinder merge into one

kinder ap um speaking up guys

and their brains that actually is pretty
well to our last question that their

which is pretty great I’ll let you read
this time this one comes from someone

will call ’em

New Orleans I mmm

New Orleans rights here’s my situation:

lately I become increasingly board and
subsequently have more time to jack off

I still watch my fair share porn as much
as the typical 20-year-old dude watches

but lately I’ve been getting it’s a
pretty weird shit

am NOT referring to weird shit like main
importer anal enema gaping

is that I turned to my tent i turn my
attention to tender I swipe right for

everybody maybe a hundred every time I
take a shitton periodically throughout

the day

when I have nothing to do at work

Park right but

as web rate for everybody maybe 100
every time I take a shit periodically

throughout the day when I have nothing
to do at work

as a pretty good looking Christian white
man I get my fair share matches

this is where she gets weird with me I
sift through my matches and look for


targets I E hot girls are at least grow
that are decent looking and also give up

that by that they want or

even need the Deakin most my success
comes with the latter group

I start of every conversation the same
way hi Blake smiley face what you up to


then I slowly as great conversation

and see how they respond if they bite I
get their number and it’s off to the


soon we are sexting hard-core
descriptions of what we’re going to do


I’ve even had a girl send me a bit over
finger blasting the wound that never

heal between her legs

usually a drag this out I get mine not
and i block the number my phone and

deleted as well as blocked them on

ideas about once a week or whenever the
mood strikes me

sometimes I’m stoned sometimes I’m
completely sober

I have a girlfriend and a healthy sex
life with her

and I’ve no intention of making contact
with any these girls at any point

is this cheating should I stop or
discontinue my pimp rain on these tender


should see a doctor North

yes this is that by far the worst person
that’s ever into the shell right

when he’s a sociopath yeah years though
the open at

but is insane IIIA

are you he calls these growth target so
you already feels like I’ve missed by

your put him on blast

I absolutely love putting on up a bomb
blast yeah he’d a been

he did this is the guy that we’re
talking about in the last question sick

the latest yeah sick everybody would
make one other deaf person who they

couldn’t hear would you

that’s a choice old is a choice not
choices deaf person in the area on


does day but this is you this is

it revealed by the worst person ever
hosted a podcast

maybe know this is more this is

the other boroughs fucked up than
anything you’ve ever I think this guy

is a piece of shit he like Patrick
Bateman is a sociopath

I would say delete tender lose your

I and go to jail I please in any order I
don’t care do you should be really is do

the previous

a usually a drag this out into I mean
all the these quarters

I hope is trolling us and that this
isn’t real but because all these quotes

are so amazingly terrible or a girl

does return like hey I really want to be
a guy but it always has been for news

what i do to keep the app sadly tender

are I yeah I too hard to get potential

and ice sex them make them feel
vulnerable I keep their bucking

sex pictures and videos and then i
delete their names and contact

I drag this out until I get mine not

and then i block the number in my phone
and deleted

as well as block them on and a matching
with one of his

girlfriends rents and yet this like
already the first paragraph second

period makes them seem insanely terrible

and then he ends it with also I have a
girlfriend right

awful here’s another funny line a

or at least girls that are decent
looking and also give off the vibe that

they want the Deakin

what were and maybe even needed Deakin

nobody needs your Deakin although he’s
like it’s usually the latter group


feel bad now I they either yeah I don’t
think smoke so there’s that me those


know so jus lot slash need the Deakin
has a single white christian male

yeah year ago white supremacist I

a double everything do you bring
religion into theirs you

you racist sociopathic new evil evil man

what do you use for what to use for them
for the main profile picture you got a

dog in there

but died I won his advice AP AP

you did you look up to him poop a white

this sexting casanova yeah you think

he’s a hero to you now left it really
doesn’t do it for me

a lake I A GDE understand it as like
it’s like it’s like foreplay

it’s an exciting little flirtatious
appeal but I would

I would never be a alright yeah we
sexted now goodbye forever

a day okay we sexted now like need to
fuck well

he drags until he gets his not yeah I

I understand getting at No obviously

you down with you a ride together look
amir’s a loser but I’m cleaning his

girl’s gotta get there now i

yeah and as the there’s %uh the Dwight
jewish Mayo I get my peers share the


you but I don’t i’d target these people

i/os feel their their sexuality is a
problem and then dump them

I look at youth leader in quite a few
cities and I’ve never ever

ever felt like a viable love that I
could ask a girl for nude pictures

the goal is always to meet in person all

bahcall I mean that the above today’s
episode is that boys are horrible

I think guys are terrible and if you’re
not terrible Yardy in the top 10 this is

the love life

guys are grocers soul great

then geyser tear the worst guys suck

and then are go i’m a feminist a

I in a weird way have a feminine side of

would tell an argument that the length
or dove

love them love you dad I I become a
better but

hero but I I’m

the is this yeah guys suck were garbage
where the worst

girls are a thoughtful

smart kinda yeah but they the silver
lining for the guys listening is that

if you are slightly thoughtful slightly
kind slightly smart slightly funny

you’re in such a great position at your
competition is so awful your rare breed

friend year year year

already is year you’re being judged
against garbage trash yeah

I don’t want everybody to be good for
girls it’s hard to stand out because

most girls are nice kind compassionate

how if you’re nice guy nigga past year
an average woman

if you’re nice kanka passionate guy
you’re a fucking Don

juwan a good thing you know I’d

guys rule here acting terrible

darn well I’m keep making us look better
yeah do that you make me look so good

it’s a gloomy here guys general

ya ya make us look good in them though
it I

him a dare you stick your tongue out at
the badly

up Miley and Miley I I

we’ve done it we’ve done enough we’ve
got on our little exhausted diatribe

a until next time thanks so much for
letting everyone know

you can email us yeah if you find
yourself in your own sticky situation

double plays in a dark place

that email address again is if I were
you show at

gmail dot common boom are also still
accepting themes on submissions are we

don’t even mention that the

awesome one at the top of the show was
written by someone named Rory powers

shoot a lot to do

so check out Rory powers Rory on and

we’re gonna and with our favorite the
stony a

are remixer extraordinaire version disc
is that we have a cool little

outro video I made by another superfan

yearly transcribing the outright like
evaded let it happen

other way the yeah jay levy blends
process so now

here comes the video now live at what I
do is press the spacebar indicating the

end love the show and as old because you
do all the work

if you’re gonna edit this after you’re
done your RT on Bourbon I bought my god

you ever be where did you get that full

police I did I started treadmill bigger
like while I was doing it they’re like

I’ll give you the be the US three

the value levy been a are you have a %uh
I’m at an annualized

wasn’t right for me throw in the
transverse there was a he had

word yeah tranza states technically to
was a call slur

yeah slur it’s called years but has an
agenda mention sexual

transgendered so were ignorant on either
way I was looking the stratosphere

I it’s a tranny then then people at
least the same you me transgender


yeah I mean I obviously like I’m not a
hateful like hail hit on the air blowing


UK there holding a yard I’d margarita

you your are debugging partying it up
I’m sitting at home tweaking the ideal

levels it is by kids but that’s fun for

yeah you love where are you doing yeah
overrode doing what we love it it’s so

different that’s why we get along


agenda put my arm around I can I don’t
like that Jackson yeah

and I thank you listen everybody appear
actually thank you for listening

everyone will be back on Monday

who pay text me

I E are




she that said those are absurd thank you
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