Episode 44: Awkward


In this episode we discuss study buddies, masturbating, and how to act normal.

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I woke up in a new who got a a this
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Wow now do that

I bernard re capita in my mind and the

they ago as earlier recien Laurel

fake they got real fake no and then they
got really angry about how did they get

really out mazzola thanks to worry
Parker and thanks to you guys please

enjoy this episode Joe 123 for you the




hi-eight heights that the cover other
signed by the Ravens actually there

the Remo raining but everybody loves the

its up it’s the really bad sick on page
that I have

it this with 1968 so like

it wasn’t even like a play on anything
at night it was Brady

with ago the Ray Romano is he around
then he was alive videos like

maybe eight years old he wasn’t funny
and no I mean it was funny but you know

third-graders are funny there

money like dat their silly lately but
potato chips known as that’s

that’ll air yeah anyway this length
whether to fire you the only by spy cast

on the Internet

hosted in a lucky to in Austin Texas on
a mere

and Angie you naked i’m new in nude

I’m nude no joke this is a yeah this is
a really compromising

the one who thought we’d benefits this
is so funny in bare bones for adult

pretty budget hotel yeah your naked

on your in your bed select under the
covers I’ve set up shop around you

I i’ve been sleeping for the last three
hours you just woke me up

had cast balls set up you handed me a
microphone yet there’s a sleigh hello


the energy to do it by you this could

value the servo gyros is pitch black in
here I like

very slowly tape to make a point the HST
sorta like stumble the lake be to

realize you’d like mine

and then it whenever I power you good
shot up

what the rules are a in Jada used up my
hands are tied down

it’s delayed already recording in here
and it’s now

a surprise recording I am has been known
for you

I how are you halfway across america

I at the fever dream I actually John and
I Carlos yesterday were like

it seems like hmmm our night in

this is like another world remember the
GUS burger that we have in our like

gotti as a long ago

it seems like there was last year yeah
he’s like three days ago

them were crazy lily is insane it’s a
wild ride this life thing

hi I highly recommend it feel like home

what done talking with you we just
started the show it is with the

entirely new topic again there’s
literally no other aspects because I

need not 13

to so how does the show where kids and
advice podcast people write a sin

Irish oh I gmail dot com we sift through
the questions

we answer them one at a time on this
year program it’s people who are finding

themselves in difficult situations the
need our advice

and we do our best to give it to them
how’s that perfect

was it well he said Radisson against

so please give me more nervous now I
think a little bit okay what else

people senator quell state you like
about me year you’re right

%um why do we I’m usually learn as you
go on the jury I said he emailed daily

these are the joey Essex year 2008 year
Joey dough and lol UK

I’m you could not bear our gary Gray
said the dougie that that’s that’s just

I’m good at all your

thank you back the actors stag up yeah

hours stallion I I guess I’ll

another thing about use a very
argumentative by then you ask me to list

terrible things about yourself every
night and use the you seem to want

honesty but you disagree with everything
that I say

who bring it looks like there are no
wrong answer is equally like how low

they are blow it is you

practicing you being defensive I

they were kid and he would say about you
I like I hit you with like every single

the hard truth that I girl I put on
clothes and go out for the night I look

in the mirror and I just say what you
talking about

how I how can you what are you saying

right now you really gonna do today you
know how dare you okay

okay tried other sure the other day and
use calden said fuck off with that


late that was your YouTube though it
slide test now is your am I talking to


are you talking to me mami I if I before
i buy a shirt after

I have to know whether I can like be
pissed off today I

I goals those with the shirt looks like
when I turn away

I it’s really go that’s really good

actually in Austin I really wanna see
this was gonna say we’re in Austin

home is so dumb I hate this

I’m there’s now a tell you what it is

%uh is gonna say just know that I think
this is stupid see that they

pointed out I you

were in Austin which is where I bought
my first pleasure

I lip


you do it talk about it I have for an
hour and a half ago maybe

you can make a little ass you’re just
you’re hosting a podcast

you’re speaking at the microphone me me
any things about me

me in a the idea that they’re listening
they could meet there is no my new show

about I select uninteresting for example
where I bought my first bite shirt to

the fair

I am the one that told you this yeah
that’s why I was when I your lawyers

SlideShare life after denim look him up
boys and girls

I let the let’s get to these questions

a these are real emails from real people
were gonna give them fake names to


there and not limited unanimity will
call this first-person

mmm George W Bush

George W rights hey Bros so there’s this
girl I really like and she wants to hang


i really wanna hang out too but she
wanted to be with other people

she’s afraid that if we hang out alone
it’ll be awkward which it wouldn’t be

we have no problem talking over text but
how do we create the same atmosphere

when we hang out

so I guess my question is how do I get
her to hang out with me alone

and then if that happens how do I make
it not awkward social wanna hang out


lead W it sounds like it might be
awkward yeah

live that’s a that’s a concerning issue
for you

yeah arm he can help this girl but I
don’t to be

but she is gonna be awkward it’s not
going to be awkward

how do I make sure I how warm I’m not
weird to her

what if there’s a silence then-white I
told her I’m not awkward how do I make

it so that’s not a lie

I because it’s gonna be fucking weird

it’s gonna be real hard word let’s let’s
as the let you in on a little secret

I make people uncomfortable I

own quirky in a bad way you know zoe
additional new girl I’m like that but a


adorkable except without any of the
redeeming quality I just a dork

that’s a bit I I am a dark word

a dork word a dork wired seeing

King dork Qingdao required door quad

so how Dez how to see make it not
awkward you already make it awkward when

you’re being like standoffish about like
you as a

train to discuss who should hang out
with yeah if she’s like

yell let’s hang out with other friends
you shouldn’t be like know it’ll just be


it’ll be fine yeah if anything hang out
with friends the least awkward thing you

could do that so you want the first

date or two to be perfect the heck is
then you can

make jokes in a group maybe people laugh
at them and then like you know you can

still talk to that 1i you get girls yeah

yes yes yes is perfect then you could
just make jokes in a group to make

everyone laugh

and then use or to look over your
shoulder to see if she saw people

laughing at that happens for you

I wonder if I this guys is not funny and
he’s like Jorge only group is that he

will steal my thunder

well if you’re not funny then it’s the
even worse to be one-on-one because that

everything is relying on you

like in a group you can only sleep back
in like contribute once every six or

however many people lines there are

yeah that we should each account the
lines so how many people are there let

the year 6-10 you wanna make sure that
you’re contributing 163 know there is a

so awkward now

miss adequate I okay ship search %uh
sorry I have to jump in and said

anything 49 I hate

I I I also despite what we talked about
earlier whether directly or earlier

naked I yeah what

deal do the years that is be you can
never Lake

it that these if you win and you he
hangs out with her alone

then it’s just like the energy is so bad

sorry I want any other friends no nano
it’ll be our sins can be fine

that’s a %uh okay starting in a negative
light why do you wanna be with me by

myself like Mike and over have my
comfort zone there

yeah just let her dictate the first

and then if you’re cool and relaxed and
chill and perfect and

awesome then yes I’ll hang out with you

here’s and also weird thing I she is
afraid that if we hang out alone it will

be awkward

that’s not a good beginning of a
relationship know that

interesting yeah there’s this girl and
they really liked you want to hang out

but she’s

she’s me terrified at the prospect of
doing it just with Momo it

maybe she doesn’t even like him writing
that sounds like what’s up

there might be a very sweet way to
reject someone yeah

know we can hang out from come to this
place that all my friends will be

no I wanna hang out with you alone it
wont be awkward lolol

oh I think you just like poked the yeah
a serious question

very I now good and I would say

leave her alone you you ass

ok the tears starker for that here
knowing their

you plays a I think all you can do even
if that is the case if she like it cuz

she doesn’t like you then

the best the you can be is to be cool
and relaxed an easygoing

and just put yourself out there in a
positive way and hope she reciprocates

your energy

sees the cheese you fuck and suck me

should be blood sheets you quote
yourself in a dumb void

you try to move t-shirt I job are true
I’m used to users right now

they saved by I use the catch phrase is
more the old blogger like black alive K

as night we went out and bought yet
Laura backpack

with is the is the G’s shirt then it and
any we

we were just dead the many people you
and Jake and Amir

loaded on your phone you at our podcast

download you are here but you’re trying
to get and the DJ hip

lay episode 5 it was insane

if they’ll ever loving did a these I
don’t know how would you pay them but

the crowd to literally stay there in
earnest listening to the first 11

minutes love this show

they realize the be was never gonna drop

they thought it was a remix but the mix
never got read again slowly started

filing out you change the military

summerall you all you brought was double
XL see the cheese certs

you started charging we will %uh
five-dollar leaving like a bitch

be a nobody paid it you ended up moving
three shirts because people felt so bad

for you

a new look so proud to have that money
you that lied to us

sixty dollars later like you were faring
your cell like your side with a woman in

a kabuki drama

unit that had made regime and they’d
screamed at everyone not to pick up the

my piggy

it is that the rain is not for you its
for the ecosystem

it’ll help make plants grow been a

yeah so seal a deal

yet both teams like up hmm slash Jake
and Amir please

help us out move these units work that

are we done with this guy yeah dude and
everything that started with

I if this lady thinks it’ll be awkward

maybe she’s right where the very least
go plan her terms and make it not

awkward their maker

maker fall for you no you can’t like
argue your way into relationship yeah

you can start at such an a net negative
and and

get yourself into this whole right now

now question number two the world this
one comes from well

John Quincy Adams buttons from beyond
the grave

yeah I guess I dunno today the mother

in heaven sample no Quincy Adams’s

very much so in hell I he writes hey

so we have one computer in the house
which we keep in the family room so that

everybody can use it

my dad has starting using it late in the
evenings after my younger brother and

sister have gone to bed

but when I’m still awake and when I get
downstairs to grab a snack or a drink of

water I keep catching him are currently
staring at the computer desktop


I’m pretty sure he’s up to something I
mean why would you just be staring at a

blank dust-up

do you think he’s jerking off in the
family room when most was gone to bed

and if so how can I relax in this house
in the evenings knowing that my dad

could be fapping a way downstairs

good his dad by the way john adams the
rate please help love John Quincy Adams

oh man helpless my dad’s fapping

woodlot disease that he would sure like
if you just walk downstairs in your dad

is this Terry

the style a computer is that like that
salutes as he is

that’s how I used the let you hear the
stairs and you minimize it use like

hmm hmm I mean I was the dad as
obviously no

Middies is not good at this yet but like
I would have

a web page open ready to go and then
later than %um was coming downstairs


you know closing everything minimizing
and then in the

in a complain the family room in a
communal room you do that I only I will

have one computer

we only had one computer see rather jerk
off in the family room to porn then like

by yourself to a magazine in your
bedroom I don’t have any magazine yeah

yet year I and did anybody ever catch

year yes it back to you wrap it up CEO
at a club med them to the club a good

global memorials may cause I had there’s
really no good

ways by what my sister we have most
night my brother he knew what was that

yeah at a certain point this a guy you
like and more cavalier with my attitudes

I would do it during lunch is more doubt
I think I got caught masturbating like

about 15 to 20 times Bell that’s good

don’t like mid yeah I did not like it
when every Kat because it’s like it’s

not necessarily a bad thing

yet I’ll let you know on anybody there
rates like uncomfortable think if they

saw me walking in on you you’re taking a
shit was like okay I understand that

people do this but I wish I didn’t see

I don’t wanna see you like it I W and
what is your dad like that

Cooper I dad is just like this this
unimpeachable great person you just like

fixes everything gets me out of trouble
pays for shit

and out made a family and like I disarm
like with him

opened detail looking at lesbian porn
apps like owed no

turn away K be up in order to be home to
the man behind the curtain

its the look good no you do not want you
do not want to see how the sausages

polled almost double

um known so but maybe his

is like buying Christmas presents buddy
that is the lead lead is lagging your

life I am a donde companies getting
equipment bro the dad is saying don’t

worry we’re already almost got me a hand

buying you a gift the already getting me
I was getting you

her college threesome dormant worry
getting me

I am college anything dorm room

I have you ever been commerce ability I
don’t think so

the lake when you I’m gonna have

hopefully one day I have a family I’m
not gonna stop masturbating

I I may have to let’s not a thing that’s
gonna happen when I was younger I was


okay my a my sisters are home and the
home a masturbator like everybody my

film is asleep I’m gonna masturbate him
to go take a shower in master bate

and then I like grew up and went to
college in it’s like oh my roommates go

to class in a masturbate then I’m

grew up even more lives in new york
alone logo no one’s here mas que

all day Yahoo’s is the there’s the
fridge after the autobiography this is

I and with certain what you like okay
I’m like have a girlfriend in a massive

a while she’s gone

and then you a cab without a wife and a
kid Eminem

that the masturbate with the kids
sleepers the pic but you’re gonna

masturbate less

how your letters extras like is just a
series of finding time to masturbate

lepers what happens in between secret
masturbation session

it so that the two funny thing that like
I can I kid soccer game I gotta I gotta

run to the car to say that I like for
got like a granola bar for them and I’m


I’m gonna masturbate and then I’m gonna
get out there starting in an Audi orange

slices in 30 will CK

catch a glimpse of a mill file run to
the public restroom and after Mass today

yeah I feel that you have a problem
sorry no I mean it’s just like I’m at a

funeral and someone looking

exceptionally hot flash sad who also up

I surge up in the grave down there with
them and I start to master a year under


and it has been absolutely I called you
fap to funeral

I fat boo a so what he

okay how do you the relax

urban you can’t treat your dad
masturbating is this

terrible thing they can sleep in the
same house as he’s a guy like you

yeah you gotta just bring snacks to your
room hunkered down your dad is down


holing his liking wastes key underlying
is wat you understand your dad lets just


was just put it out there your dad

is looking and girls getting fucked

and rubbing his penis and tell it has an

what do you do when you’re at a computer
like that D like have like a tissue

you know what when I don’t know if I’ve
ever masturbated to a

like a desktop you never like I A

I feel like a to computer pornography I
would use my laptop

and do it in bed and what he masturbated
to their I is

a murder who put a personal question
that I don’t know you don’t love walked

into your like yet like I’ve never done
that I when I

look at porn I’m on my laptop in bed
like I it will now I’d like to know

where u come

I don’t know if I want to tell everyone
Merry Maids beat them lol

I why do you need to know them curious
that’s a good alibi reassured that this

lawyer I

driven by the fact that I don’t quite
know yet I am

I think they realize that not curious
about that I think

I think that’s the last backed I ever
want anybody to know about me yeah I’d

like to know where u know

I would like to tell you maybe not with
various I’ll tell you right now to tell

me where

Garfield tell you where you know it you
know been fucking book mandela secrets

every every compartment your house is
open I realize you’re not an open book

by but I

but I just pure AP Canada page and I
need to know and I’m bites

thumbing through all the pages just read
open adjust to this one %eh

I’m not gonna lie party that has to do
with I’m afraid that

what I do a jerk off into

is I mean it’s not weird but I if I say
you big really do that

ibn al just guessed that things that I
think it could be

okay %uh 83 things if it’s a a towel

or a rag mmm-hmm or like out a

he’s have dirty laundry %uh or bikes

napkins or tissues I think you’re not
you say if you are jerking

onto a photo of your family that’s weird
you’re jerking off

I miss you a dead cat I think that’s
pretty strain aids tissues

really you loser you

you okay re okay 3 weirdest things

you to be jerky I’ve do a big serve your
family I usually go for the most clean

like yet easy to dispose yet I don’t use

laundry that act like what then we’ll

data but i wanna do that I wanna just
get rid of it

idea I’m not COO I that’s what I jerk
off into two

buddy placard I don’t appreciate the

that the anything about checking out we
like as soon as inside when you’re doing

it right

I love this is like born of God like
donahue I’m like this one more porch or

portico or pulling at my

body and then it’s just like I’ll come

oh my god this is disgusting Aug ideally
every year the his three

hate it I airliner anyway didn’t see
this see the others that have sex


you have sex then use like wanna lay
there with somebody and hold them

perot’s like okay I nodded

I did you jesus take a shower a penny to
get rid of me

how do I not cuddle with me I’m always
here when I’m done

up I need to masturbate and exploded a
and disappear forever quick quick quick


it is convincing the people who are
hopefully watching you truman shows

doubt that it wasn’t that big a deal

I I am we enter this guy is questionable
and as I get up for myself a glass of

red wine

yeah I laid it on the models I

o’clock log into a bar me like um

now back rocks excuse you

I want a glass a red wine on the rocks
people might do that

really now maybe yeah

if one does everything ice in the wind I
want to is everything weirdest thing

that you have to say right now someone
does it

why red wine rocks yes owners I’m gonna
order then

Austin tonight at the leathers and
people who like red wine chilled yet


till but I think that but up like
putting ice in your red wine duper ice

and milk that’s fell to me

man that’s more normal than the red line
was no why are you

others clothes on Saturdays point I will
say that it’s really hot under these

covers and I

do very much so not want to be under
here you’re cool with that

I’m gonna take left leg here just like

okay this is a alright we’ll put it up

above the covers can add you know photo
this an Instagram it to serve people

have a idea about what’s gonna

what what I see right now I would like
very much like filter approval

I’ll give you final filter approval I
will upload it when we applaud the upper

said this is just a very

I can tell there’s a said but it’s
definitely something

it’s definitely weird that you took a
picture I

you did a picture in a bathtub today the
now believed to be

clamoring for that fuck at says that is
the saddest birch

to disperse the how many other parts
like Malaysia at my other leg got

amputated a few I just when I think a
podcast having a black mark maran in a

rare radio studio in his house and then

them over to us and it’s you naked in a
lucky dole holding a flaccid microphone

of flats in my car but it would be
really this good this everything about

this photo as Plaza

mitzi yellow it is it is very flaccid
inducing the

the photos are the yellow this election
really nice the since

is well well toward giving Mike

phone apt Dec I

so we take a break now yeah 25 ish
minute mark

let’s take a little break other what it
what we talk about that we haven’t


um well as got stuck in New Orleans we

that was fun yeah for an hour here RRB
was in a

parking lot surrounded by cars that you
can maneuver so

but started by the we what we walked
into it the Hyatt

in a in the French Quarter yeah which I
would recommend no one stays at

all black out based on that it has a
nice thing to say and i actually think


you believe you know no kill the ISO
that’s right I

had a hot total to depart so based on we
first got there

I would say never stay at this hotel be
totally redeem themselves

okay so you walk then I’m sorry I don’t
even know I said I think my

I am just really hot saving the planet
I’m don’t bother in general or until we

walked in

we had been driving all day and all 10
hours in RBS stinky Sr like 11 p.m.

and getting to a place feels so good to
be up to be in the RV right we pullin

were like alarm I we’re checking in

yada yada we have an RV like 0

your weekend help with that but we can’t
park there

and I was like I’m not I understand the
big the adult size like

okay we just tell me what you would do.
it said it like yeah I don’t know

I will this is hospitality split like
help work together at the very least I’d

like to the ballot and suggested alicia
yet he has broken are being really hurt


on the wall where should I go like well
we don’t know

they had this never happened I guess ad
here right now but I’d

annexes like I can look up um places for
you to park

like oh yes that’s a all I need thank
you she’s like

mmm yeah we just it’s only showing me

RV like resorts project we pride on a
stage where

a like no I don’t I wanna stay here

I’m here at er now said there was like
Thursday there’s backing away late a

this is insane I headed there to help

leaving and I’ll have taken customer
amid strains the DNA don’t know where to

go and all I wanna do is give you my
monies I can stay at the hotel

you locals that are paid to help people
are not doing that but we went outside

and there is this

this rogue hero valet man Tony

with like and yeah you can put it right

is it is like we have that what move in
the morning both will find a way

I you told me about this lot that was
like a couple blocks away that didn’t


um there’s no garage those that yeah you
can stay here

and I was like but we need to move it
back 7 a.m.

so we went out we got like a little
tipsy I did you get additional actually

I deter you i can text it failed

you always over your head we’re playing
clue I

we and we just like that the tony and I
like it by give you forty dollars

we just go any and do it put it where it
needs to be

areas like yes we did and then he told
them the ideal has the keys back told us

where was

all that so I guess when Tony a parked
it it was an empty lot

yeah but I is all too when I got there

I was surrounded by cars I there was

no chance in hell love me getting out
yeah I back up

just like almost hitting everything with
things like 25 feet long the year

some lady was like was waiting for my
spies like trying to help me

she she tried for 10 minutes

and then eventually gave up so you’re
not getting out and we’re all waiting

for it that I agree here and here you
just text back yeah the cars stuck

yeah I guess plan B is the waiting
another 14 hours for everyone to leave

and leave at 1am

yeah we needed to drive all the way to
Austin and me well this

whole buildings like that the parking
lot was in like people doing

construction so I call these
construction workers were coming down

the arm and you never getting out

you’re never getting out I always my job
and I i don’t even see a way out of

shower now ya Li et al are knocking it
out at on our

steady on as a hell’s yeah AL

is locked mine started yelling
negativity had some other dude like

I you usually this truck here to move E

as I i if you at do you know who that is

together as though any is the window
persons so here goes disappears in the

building have no idea he’s helping me or

I users look evan is eating gumbo under
an applied in a BMP

oh yeah I know about that car shootout
add-on for got a few minutes later

somebody else got those idea at this

it we don’t know who any of these cars

and then he’s like could also like
serves as a parking work for the city

right finally have the water like people
one by one did you park in this lot

sir no are right next person a third is

do cuz I yeah I got the window the
window guys numbers

you call them is user they don’t answer

yeah I don’t know next I

I’m fucked completely fucked and then

and the oh then you get the because the
guys I got touch with the window guys XO

filled with hope was like this is like
this is that something has to give I’m

gonna get out if your

spent 45 minutes and he’s like yep not
his car

I know it now like even the people that
were like sort of half helping me you’re

just gonna write

I turned and there is a guy in a higher

i Carl share a hero emerges like
guardian angel and after your dark night

of the soul who all is lost moment

my protector who I was like I waved my
hand through him today sorry was real

happy with a knife

that I he was like well as ran away
because you touched him he started

groping his chest are you stuck your
mister with

lie I here’s what we’re gonna do you
just like talking me through this

calming presence

ice they backed up got as close to occur
is on one side

tonight we’re gonna do now is Pitt he’s
like coaching me through like turning

the wheel

is a kite little bit little bit little
bit sup

and even her back little bit little bit
ago it was the game earlier have not

your hypnotize it was

centimeters Lee at one point we were I
was like

he would go little bit little little bit

and I’ll go back overall ok a hair

well a bit earlier air Emily this the
the RV every time you

take your foot off the brake in history
lesson learned it is like there’s no

know there’s the fight took my foot off
like I hope he could go

37 music go of what the heck there is
never a controlling it

that the water here and but eventually
and he was just like

looking me in the eyes they will be
either for the RV’s like right

come to me little bills like that see
not only hours raised as I go back and

forth yet in that small hallway

even tighter you did like a 48-point
turned it took like five four minutes


I don’t know Harry how much oh my god
back and forth

by family we got out a bit I like wanted
the hug

good if you told me to give them money
yeah we gave her money at your bride the

first guy and then you gave

another day money to get a matter the
car and I think I think you just now

getting bribing

yeah where’s forty dollars are you fuck
me I years forty dollars the person that

can save me how it’s a bit eighty
dollars of the Holy Tony held

he didn’t know you know it on tony has a

all in all we did get out in New Orleans
alive yes than an hour later than we

wanted to

parking on shit I and the parking K

I it let it be known let it ring
throughout the land iight

let’s go back to answer questions when
that’s one name

maybe even two dunno okay I

at No ill new old mill

the Sun comes from a lady will call
Martha Washington

month who hosts in 10 the Greek Lloyd

nah businesses calling over and

although she did not use that name you
know that you’re a

would cool a little like clay little
cunt a

I dude let lawyers cunt

don’t say the C word Croix I

ivins mother writes I’ve been sick but

kind I’ve been studying on a regular
basis with a guy for one of my classes

we get along very well he’s a nice guy
and more

to the point of my quandary he is easy
on the eyes

I don’t feel any strong emotional
connection and I’m not in the market for

a relationship

but I certainly wouldn’t mind getting
physical a study buddy with benefits

if you will my problem is I have no idea
if you would be open to such an


I am terrible at reading these types of
situations and rarely am I able to tell

someone interested me and less it’s

considering we are in the same program
at school and thus

in a lot of the same classes I don’t
wanna misread the lives and make a move

and face the awkwardness of a flat out

when this artist what are some tips and
advice for subtly testing the waters to

see if he’d be interested in hitting

or wants to keep it strictly

where some tips and advice for subtly
testing the waters to see if you’d be

interested in hitting this

or if he just wants to keep it strictly
to hitting the books

toda Martha Washington Martha Martha you

call EDS bpm new you call a baby

what do you think what’s a good night it
was a good shape for like a lady to test

the waters to see all you guys willing

shares hey it s sex here’s how you test
he am

you ask if you want to study with you I
N EP does yeah

then he desperately desperately wants to
fuck you

I’ll had that’s the Navy little many

the about having sex with the girl he’s
studying with

surface like if you don’t know if a guy
as as a girl

if you don’t know if a guy just wants to
have no strings attached physical

intercourse with you

from a he does yes yeah that’s a good
tips so I keep your study with them in

your like who study

with benefits now that the study itself
benefit Acworth actual education

knowledge is more beneficial than any

very very fair and I’m very very much so
that was quite

I it’s so yeah he wants the yeah

he desperately wants so for example what
you can do is on

anything yeah yeah like braai this

turned to me I I the point that I had

want I want to fuck you I oh my god AM
you start to straddle me

I is from why am I still that I am
taking the other foot out

I’m hot I think I’m full alright

you are still under the covers a little
bit alright wearing some sorta

down toga in um yes

a case is some things you can do a smack

smasher book said with a cold snap slam
your books at the slam slam book sent to

haiti wanna sex with me

now the something that he’d be into or
you can be like not text him and be like

hey after a study session let’s have sex

yeah oh you know it’s cool if you’re
like if he answers a question you’re


oh okay I now every time you I

answer question correctly I remove an
article of clothing yeah

and for every tell you answer question
correctly I’ll I’m

sit on your check I whether you get it
right or not

tell you what we don’t even have to
study anymore there’s not a ton have

advantages towards being a lady in the
romance department

on but this is one huge huge one its
when you wanna have sex with a guy

and not a necessarily make it in a a
motional thing or

get into a relationship but nine times
out a ten

that guys probably down yeah if you’re a
guy you want to do that to a girl

odds are it’s not going to happen right
cuz that’s what order as well

yeah so like your your your sh you’re
literally shooting fit now

russians illiterate your figuratively
shooting fish in a certain you’re


I that’s that that are recommended for
the first date might have missed the

read the question

it’s so you’re at his bail factory right

and you have a loaded gun in their fish
there yeah

so it Martha Martha Martha Martha

would be easy to shoot fish in a barrel

love to do is get over the emotional a

ramifications a stereo fish dead in the
eye and blowing its

guts out but beyond that I I think I
could do that

your YouTube up its I think I could get
over that much

and yeah I’m sure they are you get past
a yeah

then my prized cable shooting fish the
train that cold dead sanitize

would you ever shoot a catfish in the

yeah you would why not

I don’t know I really don’t I

I don’t know why either I think at a
certain point a fish becomes too big to

kill it has feelings

no dolphin you would ship dolphin now I
was your adult you would know that’s a

smart man on Iran

I one she would shoot a would you shoot
route not sure to trap

Barracuda I is done we could be the
major fish

I know that I a thought is that I am in
which a Houma whom I knew it was you

going out to watch the Clippers

I merger I mean sure we’ll shoot a beta
fish those things that have to be put in

another direction

an Alaskan to fish as you know I you
want if I can we compete

I no I think that’s what a sea bass with
used to be called

alaskan duty and nobody bought it cuz
its outlook is biting into TIF

yeah don’t quote me on that but there is
a fish that people eat now and I think

it’s the best I think the original may
have where it was

something to finish right and they’ve
changed it and it’s like this huge

marketing win because I calling a Cal

yeah I or calling it a beef

tooth Cal nobody was the that gassy

shit maker animal and then select the
slick marketing agencies like

so take your toothbrush and call it a
Chilean sea bass and suddenly people

want to eat it

yeah and it’s Jim the power of the
imprint as a is a

you don’t have to miss read anything or
read anything or subtly do anything

Martha just

be open with their feelings and luckily
for you

this guy pry wants to bone you do yeah

let us know how that works out I’d like
to hear follow up on that one love to

hear him more detail actually

I he says god no I actually might write
fanfic about it how dare you you broach

that to me with this is a studying

and if you’re not gonna you’re not gonna
open this book and learn with me then

I bid you ado I wanna do I really like

and okay maybe we’ll have physical
intercourse but I want to be in a

relationship with you afterward as

is means are you free to bask this to be
zeros strings there are many strings

attached and there are more than attach
your marionettes okay

a bit weird dangerously intertwined do

very ugly like a cord blood red another
oil conversation we’re in a facebook


I surveys were good visual and life
unofficial now I’d like to speak to your

father to purchase a ring

I then and only then can we kiss

and then only then generous study I

do that you fail every test only doing

grab in this water here you touched my

yeah it was an accident and I realize it
means a lot to the next to no purpose

staring at you but

we are just friends know it here one
last question

hmm hey guys I let’s call this person

I’ll a.m. millard fillmore very nice

hey guys I I Rd sorry

hey guys and the big fan and got
obsessed with tender thanks to Jake

I already met with a girl by having a
gym day with her and we seem to hit it


however I’m not sure what she wants she
sent me a pic later during

the day up her abs so I sent one back

and as soon as I did she immediately
texted asking if we should hang out


does this girl wanna make a move on me
the night we hang out where she planning

on friends owning me

help in dira RA it’s fine

this is an emergency and help we need
she had a gym day and she texted him a

picture for abs

all got that as an and then as if you
wanted to hang out again this is a fine

I’m sorry this is a friend zone

I she’s absolutely putting you in the
zone battery between the lines

I’ll I know you know this is a friend

the year the year firmly in the zone a
friend yeah

look around it’s every other friend zone
guy that she did this to know

no this survey GG checks her body parts
you know you thought you were running

down to is a touchdown but you reach the
friend zone

i/b/e/s renzo homes sorry birdie

you that you’re playing baseball
rounding the bases but it’s football and

you’re in the friends are

yeah I do a friend zoned and friend zone
because friends don’t bone

I this girl obviously likes you

what are you talking about if you meet
and tender have added

good day then she takes you a semi
shirtless lecturn asks if you want to

hang out

that’s the opposite of friends this is
not a how dare you makers read this

question there are people who are an
actual difficult places users bra and

he’s just bragging big at the humble
brag Ludhiana humble

I is biz Raghunath the this to this guy
unless girl should go out is like bill

the least self-aware couple that has
like hesitantly in love with each other

her which I do I asked her to marry me
and she said yes up

did she just gonna friend zone me years
ago by areas where they are the best

friend zone

I but has been my life partner don’t be
like a man I’m in the soul mate zone and

I can get my

note of IBM at the sneaked out into the
living room in jack off a bike kids are


well my god this is all all these
questions are weaving together a

tapestry one family has long long form
improv that we’ve we’ve devised with

gather we’ve ascertained

PRK Smith before you were less than
kings were princes I have to admit the

lucky into

him the king of the keen to but is keen
to mean

um I don’t know

getting Island we ever mention who that
first song is from

mmm no okay so that

raised at that we had a a week and I
always like see the name

and then the show starts and I am I my
brains after the races

a we’re every episode starts and ends
with a new theme song the as can submit

to a fiery show a gmail dot com that
first one was from someone named

dig dog who actually runs the Seas the
cheese Twitter account 0

deserter account called seized geez and
this last one

is from somebody named snow is snow

wreath sale until with Louise to

I night have our fans understand that

and the other 49,000 993

now I shouldn’t be horrible got his job
at that cut this joke in there the

bubble bread

you and don’t forget the hundred
thousand the phones on Soundcloud I

250 though the day the fans and I

yeah I’ve got a dozen Twitter followers
to you 43 absurd and I had not been

ashamed as

as I am twice in this episode where
referencing where I bought a shirt

and then how many people listen to our
show and also where you jerk off into


yeah this is the moes this only got the
day off finally got a really bad

no he didn’t learn to read it we started
from the big bottom and now a real

was serving soliciting everyone Heath

text me no Mac girlfriend

the middle school

she’s demand

red yet to thinkin

locations around



it around the


and me

no need to make new loans just sign


many know the


the is

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