Episode 45: Gotye

This is a personal favorite of mine.


In this bonus Thursday episode we discuss best friends, worst gifts, and the art of being rejected.

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this absurd ready by Hulu minus sucked
by me very nice smell of the sponsorship

though from that yeah from that they
frown upon landing

with relate Yahoo Joe yeah sorry dude

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absurd and without further ado let’s get
started because

this is a very very very unique episode
was that

things Howell do I

put this simply the year would no no

all they got the real he got really got
tari really got the area where the

reactor that %ah

boots sale please enjoy the service that
they’ve guys bad love you

and you wanna do Liz do

this show need me the new land you know

remain 12

lands and many questions in the then are
the chances I’ll

your air it billion he added

but it’s the new use lawn

easy gather are


in Madeley is

show %uh in natalie is done


who a whole hey wall said ya did not

you got it down saying in years you how
old you how was that song

you record it and he likes your day yet
there was your boy

exactly Ryan I’m my biggest critic
you’re insecure

I now i’d is that that and that song is
so soothing in gay to be funny if it is

ended in

30 people booed him headquarters and

I you it made us feel till good

Dadu movie deal berries yeah

very smooth as if we weren’t tired
enough that song this really

ok rolled to the right to bed let me see
the guys name anyway because we always

forget to mention that song was written
for us by McLean

Canon BEC let yeah which I guess he the

assures that labor hero AP like you
should be reading

rap rock magli claim can and yeah a

K I Bhuiyan

I inside the claim can you actually you
have to being created yeah

thank you you have to be doing bigger
and better things

who know a lot bigger better I’ll creed
is a beer everywhere

it back legally where they’re your words
the I made for bigger and we’re certain

things getting this

wanna be famous for a bad reason nah

will be under a reality demanded I guess
there are people who wanna be

is like as kids like how to grow up and
be on a reality TV

yet bro there are no got an awesome
Nigeria and done that’s good

and fly it because that means they’re
happy for him this is the best

yet nice to be the name this is the best
thing to have people know you don’t care

what I’m feeling is for alright as long
as boldly works or he’s a good writer

he’s good actor no I don’t care

it want people to know who i am. yeah
only be other

I want to be on the cover apps star
iraqi ple

Us Weekly vote I French Bowman I wanna

Branchburg read to do I yeah yeah

left work yen would be anything I don’t
get the cover French values and surprise

even know that the

SUV their you is there a French every
magazine I don’t know

at and perfectly you know 1910 sure
there’s a French book began her career

as a

up I want to be on people team people
French people

french teen people who goods to keep

yeah there’s years never like a French
boy a celebrity is there

like a /url like one direction is like
the only other administrators like

buchanan have a hot british

with him people’s that it’s definitely
the most famous French person and I


I’m gonna just is say that a pink got
she is free

I I’m gonna do is say that I’d

I’m gonna go on record yet I used to

Ovi good few years you basically sonny’s

yeah I somebody that I used to you that
kills are few your whole

US shares of real or a little earlier
even funnier sit at the net is like

he and gotti a.m. from Kansas City

sell my name and I change my name is
gotti a rose making a jerk

little I think was like a year ago that
I went to high school with got CA

yeah to get me. it was the cruise like

Adam Jesse in got your a we were just
like hang out like

cut GA would be like the funniest
cartoon in Brasilia

we’ll play like golden yeah I like I was
always James by

yeah got CA but it was odd jobs Philip
we had a sleepover or

because either actresses hazard gotti a

yeah we laid got like I don’t know is
still on I played Tetris and got th

I dad liked made as potatoes did that it
was actually really today

it will even gotti a actually kill a kid
like the loudest fired if

I the Kaur can do if I really the only
advice podcast on the Internet has to

buy or sell a mere

and Jake we’ve got introduced this area

I honestly we could the dog you go god
Jake reported but

wait what league with art II guy whoever
that we’ve been going on yeah this is

the 91 minute mark

these are long steps that were delirious
yesterday delirious where are we today

Los Angeles we’re back we made it we’re
finally here

we started from the bottom on this a
Sunday December 1st I flew across the

country in four and a half hours and it
took me 11 days to drive back a little

if you didn’t know any better you think
I’m an idiot for doing what I did which

is kinda true like

year why would I spend so much money
flying the place and then just a lot of

time and effort driving the exact the
Bisons backed

from Wednesday started as a little money
do not think don’t nobody other before


think the driving is cheaper than flying
know it seems a good year it is much


but a when in fact it’s probably ten to
fifteen times more expensive

yep but you know what not really an

yeah I know actually flying is more fun
casual in the sky just hope that

like that to get extra hasn’t done that
number actually got his dad is a pilot’s

license I like where is God 38

hey got you used to like a chance for
pronouncing his name right

now or go TA blood

go to get Ikea

in go get it. a got tears in my English

yeah I’m the a brown bien got the a and
we did like this lake

this presentation is book report I guess
and got you’d like was selling company

only did the work cited by

but so how does the show work we the

make when it got EA for about seven
minutes okay we don’t got yelled blast


sorry blog there Wednesday night blast
would you say we got to him

from I am I said I put you on blast to
the for wired for that were a

there is an alien the idea him yeah yeah

a gadget I bigos got a good look at look
at all my god you

you wrote the joke earlier today oh my
god you’re I

mister dole disguise his shit it is the
lead you to that one

fun guides yet we had a blizzard that
they make it.

a are the most famous French person oh

who is the most famous rich sin Nicolas

lemme yeah or what about be a

ballet dancer from Black Swan but it’s
ok they’ve been significant

I the both dave is spread through the
whole world

the the battle a blaze LA guy from
blacks line Natalie Portman told

okay I got the answer then we’re gonna
start ahead bonaparte known as

French alive most famous French personal
million abortions friends

your zia train I

Tony Parker merle yeah

billows they with EU yeah you don’t know
yet I let’s that Israel is ridiculous no

no no I

I wanna storm somewhere Braehead I cell

hmm the way it works is that this is you
know and advice podcast people find

themselves in difficult places sticky
situations and I write in to us

if I were you show at gmail dot com we
read through

all the submissions and choose 425 to
answer on the show

we give these really emails fake names
to preserve their

and on imitation we get raid into it

I will I’ll give you honestly do those
your best intro

B-minus I with the absolutely appalling
behaviour and you think that was a

88 on line 80 ATT read through its funny
cuz gotti actually got an 84 and I can a


but I look at it came to me in tears he

aidid to make his dad Brad few

alright that the Minister well I guess
we’ll be French people so I’ll say this


a a napoleon napoleon’s there from the
top napoleon

rights it’s a lady named appalling by
the way Solari antoinette

Mary Antoinette Frenchwoman it you for
not believing on a boy and causes a lady

I first question my Mary Antoinette

hmm so my problem is my best friend I’m
a huge pessimist a downer on life

a negative nancy if you will and I think
that my best friend is the cause of this

she’s constantly insulting me telling
you how annoying I am and how much my

life sucks

soldiers call me to say well clearly in
a bad mood and is going to talk to you


even when I’m not mad at all this of
course result in me getting angry and

pissed off

is my best friend turning into a
negative person with low self esteem

should we take a break from each other I
used to be happy but for the past

several years I’ve just been this
ridiculously negative and his top person


I am you’re you’re fine or through it
what was the second

book but he gathers tore through are you
in a rush

I just think the lady a your best
friends everybody best friend gets on my

nerves sometimes its fine

I next question who is this the review
and a little

where they’re at and what’s I only chose
one question I’ll

okay let her style um it’s our heels a
dress down days late you have a bad


which is the shit this girl seems like
she has a bad attitude I she does now

but I’m blaming her best friend

no no no no it’s too easy inspector Leo

well here’s the real problem she still
classifying her best friend this

terrible person is your best friend
right now

she’s got up it where should it yet they
are lick here’s the problem

my mortal enemy yeah that late New Year

think about it that way this boers then
your best friend is worth

elevate you challenge you make you a
better person by being a better person


you they want to support you they want
what’s best for you they

entertain you they care about you the
they have your back with ross gonna call

you on your shit

it seems like this girl only called you
want your shit it’s easier to cause you

on your shit so aggressively which is
not calling on you

call you on your actual shit just just
call the

call you out for no reason at all the
time she’ll call speaking which it says

that she’ll call me just to say well
clearly you’re in a bad mood I’m gonna

call you later date hello

hello whole year in a bad mood excuse me
I just can’t talk to you later

I am find my way well I am in a bad mood

I guess my I guess my mortal enemy was
right as reserve

baiting me into this self-fulfilling
prophecy where I’m a terrible person he

believe you put up with this for years
the guy we start a podcast Seattle would

you have done

without us Murray worry visit antoinette
smith said when it herself

honestly do were in here as men we don’t
we don’t pat ourselves on the back

enough survey do you see you see you and
every single question saying that we’re

here is now we don’t pat ourselves on
the back in %uh yeah

so we do I mean that’s four or five
times twice a week that’s 10 times we

call ourselves heroes i think thats
patting ourselves on a bad idea

no you’re right I this is an appropriate

appear that I would say it’s way too
many like you should never think close

up here let alone that many times a real
I know call myself a hero who will

I then let’s let the problem at
bootleggers the problem I come here oh

no I call myself a Pepe

my call myself a good person good nobody
else will I

sale yeah if you do everything with
repair may be able to do because you

often take a break in the day to

talk about that yourself your myself
validation gets a little less egregious

a time

at every dollar hole double line at
Starbucks and I’ll say hey I’m

does anybody here think I’ve as awesome
as I do and other people tend to not

in so glories low they said would you
believe the possibly say in line with

the Starbucks you turn around and love

the real issue you a two deuces like
your richard nixon impersonator Intel

ask everyone if they if you’re a pimp in
a cool yeah yea and nay whether they do

the Pride techno are you all the other
if they suggest that I keep the line

moving everything okay you can you can
eat my ass

but would you say that to a Gabby
Giffords up cheeses were

why an actual year she here holy shit I
don’t allow that to happen but leader

make it the black

I don’t have any the LES I do you let me

that’s now and then when it got to real
yeah it’s a good trade I have no

backpedal yeah arm sorry she’s she’s an
american here and you’re in the area n0i

I place the above you because he knew

you drag to read it is bucking of all

Obama never hear an American Zeron
American -1

you’re always one upping me I so

very easily quickly simply put this
girl’s night best friend

you need a new best friend are you need
a best friend because this girl just not

investor and maybe should make yourself
the best friends cousin died in a friend


I think it’s time that you love yourself
shari the oven for the other best friend

or use your own best friend also

me and my own best friend here I

yeah yeah yeah I think Oh

I think a week it thing that I wanted
you always is now is take a picture you

as your credits and who spoke itself but

dodo le lawyers alleged down are you not
only is alleged

yeah New Year the lazy said there had
not where I live

as earth you you TVs are you required

really other your mailing you kneeling
on the ground in your parents ruin your

in your child in your brothers childhood
bedroom Sherdog know sucks you just

hunched over a floral bed print okay
this isn’t

the aisle so that mean I can take a
photo you find pic for pic

was little a bit under the pair pastrami

ass yet about crap the Act ganic

turning off actually shit right

the Amity pictured you I this economy
known I am because

Iran in a natural another night you’re
doing it this is Mina

man big sexy you’re being a little cat

on the local and I I

we got invited to take the local ANC
typically avoid appeared to be sure to


rehearsal I go over this one rec

yeah thing I mean resident do and hip

hip hip to hip hip hop I next question

no I will call this person another
French person that I know

the has priced another French atlee
Nicholas by tune

who is that he plays for the Blazers was
up Amir Jake

I’m leaving for the air force at the end
of December so I was planning on

breaking up with my girlfriend

we were texting the other night and she
was talking about giving me a blowjob

before I leave

excuse you this is very unlike her and
something I really want

I know I should just break up with her
but come on I mean

it’s a blowjob I would love to hear your

thanks you hash tag dope dudes

wait he’s going where the the Air Force

you go to the Air Force so you want to
break up with his girlfriend

so far make sense why I adjust

%uh a lot to deal with if you’re already
in a very difficult place like the air

force it see it requires you’re 100
percent of your concentration

if I did you know that about the area
where I can only assume I mean if my job

requires 50 percent my concentration a
girl is in the air force requires more

than that he is one at like

worry about you know nearly 100 when I’m
done with the person

i’m saying I’m dedicating a
fifty-percent my constitution my job

their estimate is dis mostly my stamp

secrets my coins I just I think the

I guess I’m I guess like I in my mind
but you’ll go to something like the air

force in the military or the Navy

late do you want to lock down a
girlfriend cuz they’re ’em

it’s like not really a good dating scene
in the army

herself senator year use small impotent

bach UPC shit well I can’t get any more
and more so let me lock one down back

analyze wanna make sure she doesn’t get

popular and then in and around the
united other day and I have we got by

can cheat on her ass well as long

the CVS is what is your motion of is
what about you feels like to be a blast

the how is this okay you sharing your
cell I’m on blast I’m now it’s still

you control your bowels men with the
fucking point

but life on blast I can live it

a few alive by on blast is in a late
bout last

but life on a blessed that the move did

that Virgin memoir a life on black as
the day resurrect story

in a mmm yeah

like you think it’s good to have your
phone when you go to situation maybe the

very least

I would biking get a bj from his way
less I

%um researchers say the you’re gonna go
fight for our country

and not heard a girl yet you gotta get
outta guilt-free kyria dizzy Wright your


you get did how fucking blow you
actually Hasler to gather it would be an


and sleigh ride permission to do it in
an F-sixteen producing to give you

airhead it benefits the experience there

I’m gonna give you up to i’m mark 3 blow

SkyDome if you will look I like for you
tonight during a sonic boom

I’d like whereas the break the sound

I a red and after you know i i swear to
god is hit the eject button I’ll do the

beer from your life forever I’ll never
call you

there is beer is an eject button that
this was their biggest

shoot up the person who’s kneeling right
in front of you in the the fighter jet

that that they did not get a parachute
I’ll give this guy some good person


reasons you’re terrible human being sure
go ahead your YouTube service

the two worked on the Costa think
veterans deserve

jobs me I yea really is real it’s it’s

couldn’t tear is value but you guys go
volunteer for armed forces and

amir’s gonna get get ahead from your
girlfriend that’s what you’re thinking

yours then another raise lolol I do it

we spend more time together than any two
people should spend together

yeah in a letter looking at houses we’re
gonna move in together

terrible idea right I

if your gonna break up with her I
wouldn’t I get that BJ

I’m dead serious you guys there’s no
video version is podcast but here’s my


its it was up and his wife

I guess switch did to earth to a thumbs

it was a classic class the gloomy I

a day indicated that they didn’t like
appears that life in a job you away

but if you know you’re gonna break up
with someone would you

a accept a bj we had a little bit bad

it ends in the leg side as get but I’m
gonna break up with you now yeah

you never had sex with your ex
girlfriend after you broke out now

me okay I are not the weird one here

that very normal to like did well as
Italy different question

fine he’s on his nose is gonna break up
with their yeah

he ship which is like I wanna blow you
and he said

is because they Ono actually mmm

hold on to that bought if your gonna
break up with someone I feel you have to

be the best guy that you can be so you
have to give her no ammunition

Mia with you which he probably gets mad
at him for being like but why did you

let me

sude you honor obey we’re through

let me know the do it right then in
there like

all god that was dope I E

don’t wanna be with you and she’s like

olympia I paid the it now is grody ideal

yeah you think Gabby Giffords got a

i’ll know she there any row to the
Patriot your tower here is a scumbag

really invoke unión the picnic but the

She Who Shall Not Be Named

game i jus ages the wearer’s don’t know

a alright two different pieces of advice
from two different people

Texas go for I say Knoll

floret its I yeah

the let’s take a break are let’s take a
frickin Brea

ok I might fall asleep every day 2 I’m a
break lower wanna talk about 20 jeans

really quickly

20 G that’s why they have another
sponsor for the shona 20 jeans dot com

20 jeans dot com

a site that was built on a simple
premise: genes are way way way too


in right there’s no need to spend about
$100 for twenty dollars

the cost have two sandwiches the cast
have two salads

the cast have 20 um chicken tenders

you can buy an awesome pair jeans the
same pair jeans they’ve been wearing for

five weeks straight

yes are you know I we did the video
visions podcast that model my twenty

genes that was in

was that national any in orléans your
link here

as a so you guys can even see you see a

I if your YouTube channel watch the last
episode we made a video version you can

see Jake model these jeans but they
don’t have just oh yes we’ll have washed

them since then

any I am and you know it they look clean
they don’t they take a look at in

and keep on tickin foresees a but they
also have awesome shirts

they got Henleys they got a actual

they got Hanley I the next your next
just comfortable clothing

flannels gray close if you’re looking
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yeah to some cheap but high quality
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asian city of the inexpensive a high
quality clothing right a

so yeah please do check a madhouse out
if your computer and happy just got 2

20’s dot com

checking out if you like what you see
pay purchase away don’t have to stop you

to please the hum

as well when I was talking about food at
the equivalent of what

a twenty jeans cost it reminded me
everything that I want to bring up

on the show which is your diet i’ll know

yeah yeah I said you’ve been eating
likes a

wrestler trying so desperately to gain
weight yeah

like a like you don’t do you have no

rape yeah i jus order whatever I want

I order whatever I want and then I order
a couple other things that I think I

might wanna ray

and then I if there’s something on the
menu that I don’t see very often than we

are with the chocolate milkshake I
haven’t been around 1 I’m right I would

like that

and then I’ll also finished other
people’s food Selena there’s like bread

that comes out the trailer

side all that the site Cracker Barrel

whatever I’ll get meat loaf in pride ok
where something some vegetable and you

get like a cheeseburger Mac an cheese
french fries and milkshake inbred

yeah reno’s also eating everyone else
through right and then you and every

meal with the same painful feeling

right it’s like a a it’s like

what’s that animal they eat so much that
he would die mom

like lands or something yet like
restrict their daughter because they

will eat so much that their studies in

yeah and in six hours later years
starving again and back at it

yeah I don’t know it’s gonna burn israel
is like their consequences think

disliked yeah I can see myself getting

and I’m like I just liked n when I’m
done eating

alright I’ll cut you know it salads
later like I’m pretty easy and I like

drink the night annum but then I

six hours after that I forget all the
feelings that I had perot

and I just do this it’s a cyclical of

sad deplorable the Braves really I

I John group yesterday battered you’re
killing yourself with I’m

leaders do I also you very very very
very fast

repair Asia because the human body
shouldn’t have much cutie at like seven

in your mouth before he gets to your
stomach today we were

I’m we pulled in to you working we’re
shooting into me like brought us


here and there like we’re talking about
like you know the logistics

miss you I whiz just I was getting that

yeah I look like a prisoner just like
that is sprinting and like many over

clutching the Muse

but it like I was bending over one hand
I mean the other which is like shoving a

sandwich in my face I didn’t even like
stand up straight could so what

ingredients were falling out at the fair

onto the ground that I couldn’t do it
and I was beating so fast asleep year

ago were refugee the scene food for the
first time in two years

that we do every four hours is there
which I realized I was like oh my god

I’m sure it isn’t from exile I

II aidid they needed to be done used to
respect paper

peery the a or is it too personal to
read the

message the same self 0 how the happened

is that during the Middle over to our
lower make find out how much you eat how

disgusting it is the same yourself a

I said I was gonna change year and sees
set yourself

a reminder for today at 11 a.m. yes what
is it read

um oh here we go this one of this
morning eleven actually I think

as I was very very hard but yes you
niggas ons

yet reality check your fat as fuck

your balding back flap is going to make
it so only your ugly fans will want to

fuck you

double chin your stubble looks better
theme you have little to no will power

the only thing you do consistently is
wreck your body in squander relationship


even this reminder will serve no purpose
except illustrate how immediately and

often you ignored good advice

enjoy your Cheezburger bada I

the funny thing is that I tried to order
to burger on the roof

I youjizz read the last line let me know

cheeseburger the actually be down

on the be you know it when when you have

a reason you’re very strong will parents
I’ve played the near

burning yell at you eat leaves and salad
primarily for about

a week straight months is do my best me
a bag on his head

I still have a fucking permanent house
it’s not an excuse for ninety order food

if they say that it was the excuse that
I go to the gym and not go to the gym

the relief like even rain and I’m like

did and I’d like I love the big rig
right now

amor I I’m a fat home it was transient

fucker and that thought that’s what it
is um

sell its let’s go back to these
questions or through your transient

badass as the same

why would I give anyone advice

why would I give some advice i’m lou i I
don’t deserve

do live because what you lack in the

discipline and willpower you make up for
and insight and self-awareness you’re so

clued in on life and your thoughts and
feelings that like most people

a would sit with would look up to you in
that regard i think and this is what

these are people need they need a

the fresh perspective and you can offer
that also

if you and its finances pot kettle you a
cheeseburger mmm

buffers that there was the basis the
youth to the I

no’s is this setup dual punchline I did
you as all

mmm I alright ready yeah can I get a

French persons name um a

yeah horny take Michel Gondry

perfect I Michel Gondry rights

you my girlfriend Britney and I are
about to celebrate our first Christmas


we’re having a friendly conversation
about Christmas guess we’ve gotten in

the past and she mentions that her best
Christmas present

was from her most recent ex-boyfriend

it was a painting and she went on and on
about how much time and effort he put

into it

I didn’t really bother me at first until
I realized that the painting she was

talking about is the very same painting
that is hanging over the bed her college

dorm room

that’s right the whole time I’ve been
given it to my smoke chauffeur


her ex’s gift has been staring me right
in the face reminding me that he was

their first

I know it shouldn’t bother me this much
but it does

should I ask you take that she ask you
to take the painting down

and if so how would I go about doing
this thanks Michel Gondry

I love it I mean it’s really funny yes i
think is the painting is that the

ex-boyfriend grabbing is declared him

looking down at it a bed I the its

it is so late well I think jus route for
even bring that up

yeah like you know we got on and on
about your ex

in any capacity let alone a gift that is
still on display

it’s weird though cuz like I think
talking about your ex’s is one its

just like somebody’s it’s like the your
favorite thing to do at the human be

why I don’t know but I love talking
about my ex’s like in a negative way or

your neighbor just laser-like

you know thinking about the
relationships like what that like that

good thing the bad things cuz you’re
sorta like trying to work out like

what you want the next thing I know what
you did wrong in that relationship

as he is natural that like to talk about
your ex’s but you should never be

talking about your X’s with

your current your current even if
they’re being cool there like saying

least doing great like just don’t ever
do that

there’s only so cool that you can be
yeah I

I also think I think you this guy can
spin this

you not to be like I’m her ex boyfriends
they will

watching over us to remind you that you
that that he was their first

your pounding your girlfriend under the

to announce that you’re there now yeah
now is better than first get fucked that

I’m I like yeah oldest

the slave the wait is paid the me the he
went out and bought a

like him easel and she didn’t need me to

this gorgeous little Christmas gift but
like ok guess what dude

I’m gonna pull out and ejaculate on to
it willie

or that looked like a long at all day I

and everybody I Q little and too little
painting is bliss

his absolute cell look bliss yeah

maybe it’s called glazing deserve I you
finish a voter

yeah you really makes it pop up yes

now you just have the you got atop the

X is present yet to do that and he do

a better-paying Nike be the same things
that get her a frame

trade for the day I yeah just he was
their first me know that I’m currently

surrounding you

and I’m better I

on protecting you me yeah you gotta do
like the cost money cuz like

things that I like thoughtful and the
like that I like nice but like people

Lake people a ship because money exactly
but or something like it doesn’t matter

it does honestly doesn’t matter if she
if that’s a good thing if she likes it

she knows how expensive it was yesterday
oh this is awesome

I love money you like if somebody gave
me like about seeing somebody in a game

like a very sentimental book

or a trinket or something and I went on
Amazon and over fifty dollars

I in a heartbeat I would say that for
fifty one dollar gets a tip to Amazon

iTunes Starbucks

other because descended

it’s the thought that counts no minutes
into the money

yeah it’s the thought of motor club for
actually doesn’t count for jack shit cuz

last time I checked I could buy a grand
a sweet nice copy in a croissant

with artists ya and actually alter that
so it’s 46 to wonder how many thoughts

really thought so i cant I can’t give
you this your IIIC the

this is where I swear the card what was
that MacFarlane I

yeah I know the monetarily another
monetary value is how siding with the

other stuff but I’m not trying to prove
a point I have to the house

first year-over-year while in it too

no who cares about cash value and yet
sentimental values

cents sentiment here with a sneeze

little includes sentimental the sensor

don’t regret this dental appointment I
made for you

I a major dentist women actually with
sentimental these

this sentimental he sends a mental note
don’t regret this dental appointment

that I made for you

you like this car rental rental I

hmm a new girlfriend she’s oriental

wohl I don’t think that the is there
that’s the word

absolutely it is oriental New Year
shared with no no no


about his other the Billboard we did but
we are in such a backwards as city that

it was completely normal

we are in a always where we got that
route sixty so it was is there is only

an Arizona

some listeners are the bradleys route 66
was old sign it

Korean tofu details like name it’s not
okay is it not

now we also saw a great thing in the
Grand Canyon which was candy cigarettes

oh my god the design that looked like he
couldn’t be legally made today or just


a kid asking is that a pic dad can i bum
a smoke

and unlike the tagline is like teacher
kids had a look cool

yeah and it looked like just like Daddy
does it I

terrible means that so many people but
so many laws to make sure that that

never happened in that prison just
selling these candy cigarettes and get

the Grand Canyon

um where were we this

a gf which went with the guy I don’t you
can ask you to take down the painting I

think that is maybe we can

lame there’s like when I as the

that those where the fuck is really my
idea they were my ex I

was like with somebody who is like
shi’ite what she was wearing her ex’s


the air like I want you to throw it away
but I do I can’t say it but it is not an

argument worth having is like

just its gonna suck silently SDO for a
little bit and process it let it go

but it’s like it’s not worth making
anything because as soon as you say

take it down then he really wins right
exactly and that use it a good energies

like no energy like kill some

sorta like connected list to him all
over again in a way to second no I don’t

is button don’t even just gloss over it
the greatest way to be to mister not

give a shit about the dangers next time
you go in there look at just pick at all

its flaws make others the bad beating

others can make fun of the painting from
ever although don’t learn and remember

this interview you to get over it

write write write write write write back
yet be

and the at my age I now the added value
would have been you do I know you go

no no no no lo he able no gotti Aqil for
segment idk

it mean gotti’s to make a jackass -style

yeah it’s cool got here what used to
work at like Walgreens to Eastlake

read the shopping carts in like got here
which is largely to a huge red the

shopping cart

year you got to be a lawyer yet it is
like regularly image than they could

have take one

but you lose and I probably went out for
like five dollars an hour

yeah it’s those stupid and they had
money like that and got here

minus got here for you she is he’s
actually somebody that I used to know

I using the

alright but their last question it up
this one comes from


french fry in the fringes try a bar

who over there is some fucking in say
we’ve been with red

vers than ever it is really a day and
everything it’s like throwing a

humanitarian or something somebody
really really

good it’s the pope lovers french’s

Saturday yes Argentina yeah I didn’t I’m
who this year

the phone mail your %um and hmm I

Marcel Marcel marcel marceau rates

hmm hey guys last year I met a girl who

honestly believed that I loved I was
promptly friendzoned at homecoming after

I asked her out

she would then try to get with one of my
good friends normally this wouldn’t faze

me but it happened twice now and put my
self-esteem about the way I look at

in the gutter I’m pretty skinny now I
can’t think about getting with a girl

without them rejecting me due to the way
I look

what do you guys think its you I hate
when it promptly friends only a

have you ever go up to a girl at a bar
just like a a baby Jake NHA

friend zone he adds like now all green
out a friggin go mini golfing any

frozen yogurt with their dude no I’m in
the zone

friend zone is the silliest term in the
world friends and as a way for people to

say like

ol she didn’t reject me she put me in a
zone a friend writes like she still

likes me

yeah you know the zone we’re with all
your other friends were you never see

that person ever again it could also
help with

it puts the rejection on the girl and
not you should of

idiot would be the friends I wanna be
your friend retrieve your friend can

hook up

like know she’s it’s just the she put
you in the zone of people she is not

attracted to you

you know the end attracted zones so so
now but now you can’t think I’ve

trying to go for another girl because
his office team is in the air because

you’re insecure because this growth and
find you attractive

well good way to make yourself feel
better is that nobody on earth

could get every single girl in the world
that he wanted

cell you can say %uh there are some
girls that don’t like mean some girls

that deal

this happens to be a girl that doesn’t
not necessarily every girl’s gonna think

I V that lay some girls okmore

will actually you know dig skinny guys

yeah or yell go get like whey protein

and just the hour later juppe
cheeseburgers mac and cheese french

fries I have you I will give you if you
need a diet plus

did I to pack on pack on the pounds Iraq
in fifty eight hundred calories a day

you you heating your real you do media
immediately via GV

I sees the cheeseburger which is a

is the only the it is the the

this guy’s tell you this is bigger here
you’re drooling

America and the guy’s really got to my
I’m gonna fall asleep

I when you’re doing the outer when
you’re like a yeah this is a movie

Miliband’s Labour

man dead and another eyes got the
fertility that in

on the youth this snug s I

little more being coy I own

I’ll give you final filter approval
though here that that is

book to the legal if they hear that your

Pinoy under suspected

excellent doors locked BIDU I make you
model for half an hour

%uh this seems like a young dude thats

experiencing his first taste the
rejection yeah I was not how it is

always are

you know it maybe that feeling ever does
go where you rejected me just think

there are maybe nobody likes me that’s

you got a just remain confident far I
don’t know

ya vacillate between attractive an
attractive to I mean I used to be

much less attractive than I am currently
your I think you’re peaking right now

you think this is my apex your 30 in I
don’t know where the gym directory go

you may

I i’m at a party topped out you may be
dead but like I just think that you are

at your apex let’s keep on going up
we’ll see what happens with the other I

can get

yet but I think it’s not your your stars
on the rise Blumenfeld

courts at the very least at the top yeah
yeah Hirscher there is one way to go

from here it’s down

know pick you up I’ll really think so

I was a stock would you buy me right now
sell me your hold me well you know but


eight years ago Muhammad to all the for
every day that a hacer holding Trevor

Bayne I sold the entire 2011

so I but you in 2007 good I did a good
idea to 2011 those whenever there’s an

all-time low %um

it a big deal I i’m among the got them
right here a little bit coy

yeah rights duty it are you made a

he made a mistake on a comeback a
Mexican myself still

you you you you mark my words are right

his view it in every year I

my broken heels been amputated and
talking to an animal style cheeseburger

no the to keep your head up did

I know what else to tell this guy yeah
just think the lake

don’t worry about being friends owned by
people also I think if you’re in love

with someone at homecoming then you know
what you haven’t really experienced love

yet now is fine too just like

be attracted to people the warm

open funny cool confident you not the
way about Lake

getting with girls I think people are
attracted to that kind of attitude is

gonna come your way

yeah just like not in not trying so hard

that’s kinda difficult to bed with you
try very hard but your effort is to you

is spent masking your effort yeah it was
so fucking

yes you try so hard but fifty percent of

is just seeming as though you’re not
trying yeah

sets like I try really really hard and
then the other half a meter is really

really hard to mess that

really really hard miss crazy so yet
again that the reader a date

i cant I can’t in good

babe give that advice cuz I don’t think
anyone can I mean at least not many

people can do it

right it’s hard to actually not give a
shit right way so I think might women

hey it’s it’s hard to give a shit and
pretended I give a shit like this as a

everybody does

yeah he always your country vacillating
between giving Asian pretending not to


right and just trying to hide how
insecure you are a

and how much you want something and
enable that seem cool urged the people

that are better at hiding it

so is my advice is a to at least just
keep on like smiling and laughing

let me look like things nobody are
advised to hide it better

hide it better yeah the anything it’s
good to like yours like

tell yourself yes I was rejected and
that’s gonna happen

I mean I everyone gets rejected you’re
not friends and you rejected

every rejection makes you a better
person a big is the music both whoever


averted remember what is tell you over
and over he was rejected not good enough

and then

there would be like but that’s fine just
life eighty

smile even though you’re sad don’t let
this is sort of like

I mean is heaven to me ever I was
rejected before and I yet other ad

own it up own up to it yeah you don’t
have to own up to it then your cuz

mystery pic like sweeping other

covers and then you never like growing
think rate so the Act grow

it’s okay to use DNA to keep on asking
people out keep on getting friends under

rejected it like and honestly

I used to be skinny like I N I was not
always this cut

like out I used to be like this you look
this slender

dude in like people looking like he’s
not getting any word

you jack now that’s not true as that is
the lebanese jokes for you been working

out for like a year and you had your

by the dairy Hill it enough today says
the guy that gets

up with the idea amid the other fix it

at the move doing push-ups i right

this is enough this public the observer
public shaming Delhi Mar embarrassingly

purists up

its weren’t there as they were I’d tell
you that you look good your

you’re trying to tell you may hear
people I an you’re done with it

absolutely no more thank you

and thank you guys for listening to the
evidence the

item the email address again to be on a
Raiders then so that we can

to answer your questions let’s make love
you is if I were you show

at gmail dot com things against the
thanks again to 20 genes for sponsoring

and Hulu Plus responding is absurd

we also accepting theme songs emissions
a every single

episode has a new original theme song
written by you

yes you Luke NJ Kerber who wrote the

outro Mike and that first or a certain
but I was name

ken and Mike McLean Canon clean kitchen
a murder

break in the year I will be back on
Monday for another

all-new episode thanks for listening
everybody Heath

text me now do I shake

your London Dec break your I %um a great

honest you make here your make


me in a pure great three-year him like a
paper Lake

you’re the only one good help good do I



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