Episode 46: Christmas Gift


In this episode we discuss second chances, sexy clothes, and the perfect gift.

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and now I’m not now where can I get my
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hi alcohol better are no

3 there hello did you know leaked a

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a good it’s funny because this episode
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please enjoy this episode

luckily for you guys things

got mama re

no can you believe it their reliability

it does is it that is what is the the 46
ago the bow tie

your beverage it is more than I does a
please enjoy it is very real

a I work you d yeah

K I’ll always be a man nah




first yeah

the and eat and there



well okay

NJ cold baths as long as there’s

to on the issue


leave where the moment

yea RI Agnetha

Sood is brought to you by coca-cola not

why it’s not but that was the he has
just a catchy be his I’m

ewing coca-cola would sponsor this year
lol my

little low-budget a non priority Italian
Admiral and they they they take out

Super Bowl ads they don’t yeah I don’t
give a shit about

region are you reading now it’s more
like you get with moral is our podcast

there was a super bowl all you know

he really name that you have delusions
of grandeur it now

yeah I think more people large but

made in China thing that figure out the
exact mat but I bet

twenty to thirty times more people watch

I one Super Bowl then have ever listen
to our podcast

2232 yeah my that no that was sobering

I owes more than a reality check I
really being more people knew who I am

then Peyton Manning and

does hearing those numbers I’m starting
to think maybe they were not the gates

I’ve never build smaller

than I do right now i living in in your
in your

guest bedroom a with the with the mic
plugged into a world

but Kim switchboard I microscopic

yeah I am and I’m a plug dust I’ll

flooding through time and space wirthlin
does yeah that here that the in sounds


a recorded by a brother-sister duo nice

Jake and iris you think they hook up no

I does what the fuck is wrong with you

do you think they do look me liqueur one
track mind even when I talk about

sibling that’s the first thing that goes
to you

if that’s not enough enough that it’s an
upcoming year lower than

up sorry it is it’s a little early on
Monday for a blast religious binky

eating into the world class I don’t
think so you get the idea I don’t know

if I want to start the week glass

had a big I wanted to start the week out
thinking about incest yeah it here we


right there about a little over an hour
now be perfectly honest I won’t put you

on blast for putting me on blast

you can put me on a reverse black
honestly I let alone clearly I’m not

gonna do it

and I i like that because I wouldn’t do
that to somebody I never put someone

on a Monday blast let you just put me
and the Monday blast

I at borderline don’t appreciate that

up I get the board I put you on blast

I anyway what is that with the hell
retailing with us

yeah is as if I were you the only advice

on the internet hosted by us on a mere
and Jake

you put your phone on airplane mode
noble its cuz my brother is coming and I

don’t know when he’s going to get here

okay self there’s little static
throughout the episode that’s fine your

brother’s coming

I’ll be able to hold over here I’ll

the the UV rays or whatever the but now
I can understand how these words have

never heard static bool i plug my phone
off airplane mode at least wanted

players union even notice

you ever but your phone ext.: your
speakers in here that like

the eaten Yahoo and then your fingers on
her happy now

now that doesn’t sound familiar to you
but here by next speaker denying a

little static I it is a memory i get a
text by the a

your ideal item you agree and if I never
agreed that I like the back again even

hear you

and only have a bold loser thats rate
reality is what I think a bit

are so how does the podcast work people
are in difficult places in their lives

and they they don’t know what to do they
don’t know who to turn to their friends

and family are alright I guess but

with the really wanna hear is our
opinions cell email us at the fiery show

at gmail dot com

we come through the thousands of
submissions and we choose about 40

answer every episode is on the right
there is a threat leader drew goes up a

real live

I can give people a

the Hello Kitty yeah I’d rather you
didn’t know about it that’s right I V

like Iron Man

allowed me at night its I’d not a Monday
blasted it is absolutely the hip

I good so what I call you out it’s a
Monday bill as to when you call me out

it’s alive

prettiest yet but in a bit but I’m doing

yeah without doing that baby girl what
you’re doing is putting me on blast

Ivy League you just don’t know how to
take criticism at

the beach is so much larger boat

had I’ll try to help it through every
single time so we’d have to say we

counted a thousand submissions I

me call to the thousands is OK at the
lake we choose 425

thats so alike I which is thousands
emissions and here we go

like people email is it and we do our
best to help let’s get started

that I am ready the next episode but
sounds really nice

yeah will see him that’s good now and
that’s good

I let’s get started iraqi and

their phones shattering you’re like the
whole grain yeah if they made you mad

you are like me when I’m thinking about
ways to prove myself

I a yeah it’s like the heart but he does
really hates improvement

Hamid I usually get started let’s do it
let’s give this

real email real person a fake name to
preserve their anonymity

and I’m gonna tell I wanna say that this
person them as Donatello

the other low Donatello rights dear Jack

in a mere nice ask their could

realize the douchebag Apple lacked his
right kidney

fuckin jerk right diseases nice one

sky gone yet leaders this can be alright

I you you critique me on the podcast
with the spine and a guy called you Jags

might as well be jack you’re getting you
so much anger that I ever let my mind I

have my mom and dad were proud to maybe

okay so go by Jack alright checks
actually a cool if you think about it

I want and I I’m Josh I

John Tyler rights dear guys

christmas is coming up and army
relatives are asking me what

want today clarify that

yeah I think you got it when I got a
classic wooden track as

dear guys christmas is coming up in all
my relatives are asking you what I want

I don’t want anything because the only
thing they want to give me our books

which I already have or things I don’t

how do I tell them that I don’t want
them to give me anything

it would be great if you guys can answer
it before it’s too late thanks

Donatello so I was right when I called
him a douchebag

I got a mother fucker E but not for the
reason your first thought

um yeah which video de has all the books
you have every book he has every book

okay although I they already want they
want to be books which I already have

he has all them yeah yeah re every book
every be ideal is in the library of

congress he owns every single but this

it as good as any a gift is prior
multi-billionaire yes every single

digits Elsevier books

yeah and then you can have I anything
you wanted to look at your sole leather

wanna be every book ever you’d make a a

it so we had to be like I don’t what
anything yeah how do I tell them that

I don’t know dude jerks just money just
at least liked

give them an answer they want to give
you a gift it is a president’s

all you have to do is is give them a
direction or you could just say

oh I don’t know I like anything you have
to be like how do I

how do I tell them to fuck off or what
about like a donation in your name

yet you’re in greenwich react fix got is
the god damn good they got them Bridget

trying to steal Christmas

now on I think is the lowest the
opposite Goodrich its

its the mid she’s that which is what its
is your name

give prisoners back to you that your
Santa if you’re

giving away all the gifts with you
police fear Agencia to use some custom

this question comes from the North Pole

of mister clause was also recorded a

hopefully these will give me to give its
I got cold

I got Co and I

coal man how is that fair so instead I

would he give the guy that has
everything it’s what you give the guy

that wants nothing

I think use yeah I i donation in your
name is pretty nice find a charity that

you like and say I don’t want any gifts
but may be donated this charity

no I don’t want to do that either hmm 30
have all the donation household

a I don’t want anything Europe they were

I don’t understand lately it seems like
you just haven’t thought a lot

it’s funny because like in the area like
some is that not only gift I already

have everything I need that sounds very
special but this guy makes it sound

awful yeah

its I gotta get more than I could ever
need but it’s not like say

already have books and honey entitled
what does he think they’re only like

nine books

you the only things Harry Potters are
books but how do I have been walks

I have the books the unlocks what are
the books do I need

he has one Bible that this I is every

a back this is all the books in line
involved story leaguers story ever told

I am yes lie ever told how that’s enough

no yeah I got himself on a Monday black
path leads shared

Lord isn’t saying he was struck by
lightning I got

it is blasted you back that field that
blast com

love I’m so to this country say

asked where a money to be donated then
you’ll come off as a really good guy

always the hardest white t-shirts Aquino
you never have too many plain white tees

that’s their nice so thought the but
donations yeah but Derek I’m saying

charity you’re like that I could ever
have an you know having a t-shirt stains

it’s getting haynes nice I know the net
yet not I’ll be acceptably

yeah only as per two packages they
they’ve got the

the comforts of crew neck I that’s
really nice that the war that a nice way

to your washer cuz its causal creased

and then also the other this has brought
to you by heat coca-cola

I responded let go to be the quality is
really knows though I like I prefer

fruity luvin XQ

Heenes a okay I realize they give it to

and I say charity gets lotta money
around Chris Ella

he could use some keys a it sees the
teases the T

all right there’s a duty solid options
if I reuse or a hat

alright at the but has nice logo bone

electric toothbrush damp hat sucks

these there you go a jacket alright
donation allegedly fresh

leather jacket my ipod I know lenders
there and the

and I did get to choose shoes shoes

it everybody I shoes shoes shoes shoes
shoes youth

walk into the club like I don’t really
know their stuff that I am so sorry

none next question yes

this from comes from someone will call

Leonardo Lille nerdo

are a Leonardo rights I love my
girlfriend but she always wears very

loose fitting clothing

she still a mint but I have to use my
imagination when I’m weather because her


aren’t skin-tight at the same time I do
i creepy pervert staring at her when

we’re out in public

what should I do thanks Leonardo

I am well gee whiz sounds like you

maybe she your girlfriend a collar and a
leash my way

because it seems like you you want to
build controller a hug serious do

E you liar a blast in away yeah

God is not only a leonardo is not say

last of 32 oz the last dog is it god
damn blasted Blanc

and God will damn you for blasting his
son’s b

excuse it maybe a at fix I don’t is

this lamb best thing I’ve blasting had
this even blasted lambreau hearsay

down big bellows there at all godless

might meet this guy needs a magical
potion to make his girlfriend hard to

him an ugly everyone else

because why would she want to be with
him if she was so hot that you can get

someone who’s not too shallow enough to
care about what clothes that you are


yeah I’ll imagine what she find someone
that doesn’t care about what clothes she

wears he would make him a harder look
but wears clothes that she feels

comfortable in Buckhead

you can’t you can’t dictate what she
wears but its and

and you can’t be happy that she wears
baggy clothes so she doesn’t he done

you gotta just let her do her seems like
you’re just approaching it from all the

running nose you want her to be more
attractive but then you you’re

considering not bad because you’re
afraid that

other guys will hit on her but then you
don’t want to be ugly because then your

friends what respect gonna do

I’m gonna try to put myself in his shoes
okay gang I’m gonna try it was open


you never tell friend connect with I’m

I remember high school yeah my

would wear skirts we went to different
high schools yet

and like 200 meter um morally party or
some shit

what money that making you partied with
their high schools

well yeah I winter I went to up I went

a private high school and they didn’t
have any they have that many friends

there so all my friends went to

the other high school at school on the
matter yeah

little Romeo and Juliet action private
school boy

a public school girl from the wrong side
of the tracks yeah

yeah where her skirts are you officer
your jerky

I jerk off to Romeo and Juliet

you the most dramatic story ever been
told the air

I so but lay out the after school it’d
be wearing skirts and maybe I

oh no you’re wearing that scroll them
leave jealous that guys got to like

look at you and Mike it simply was
coming up behind you on the stairs what

if that your skirt Lee blew up in the
wind in my summer player

underwear your but which is a something
as stupid high schooler things

beer bill anymore like if your
girlfriend like say you had a girlfriend

and she’s really low cut shirt and she
bent over

to pick something up and some purchase
like stared undershirts are nipple

yeah I guess that we’ve been would you
feel like hey don’t wear low cut shirt


and mmm me really happy you’re making me
think about stuff to help but think

about you

will you need are no I don’t know always

how is this average up good

you always wanted to be at than the

in Ludhiana the average another’s

I wanna live a life not extraordinary I
love the

I how is the how is this normal and the
most slows switched

average how is this average I well okay
so it’s sure you don’t lie

I am let it start to be like I don’t
want you wearing this

would mean that the is the weird thing
is that she’s not wearing right

currently wearing clothes that are like

nice normal loose-fitting like not
drying to much per detention

the UK so also trust you may need a
little bit but it’s not like mostly


the earth but I am so who could you know
there’s also a

an area in between slutty in baggy

normal right but how do you suggest you
go from to wear normal clothes I think

what chris is coming at you just buyer

a a slightly smaller share I think like
positive reinforcement always goes a

long way

it’s never good to be like I want you to
wear this its its book morton

it’s nice to be like if you see her in
something that’s like in line with

the way you ideally want her to dress

that they are then she likes you she’s
gonna posit CU’s

so if I were you it is positive
reinforcement assertive steer her

towards the clothes that you do like

yep are positively rally in a
relationship a lot of people like

only like this shirt does this look good
wit and where brain like you could steer

it but it’s weird to have a good
conversations like I would like you to

dress sexier

yeah but not so sexy the perverts
religion. you

I don’t know I want you in that special
zone where you’re hot you’re mine

yeah so I feel about playing this game
has a sort of understand

mmm while really grown today positive

and response heads money there’s by
Cassius for other people but it’s also

assists peace proposal dry completely I

super 23-minute an II to questions deep
you wanna take a little break

a little breather little um though they
wanna talk to you

and I your pre party ritual yesterday
was pretty funny

the ritual yeah the running to a mall

that blows that you’re going to return

a good move by get the zone poorer and

I you law

we’re all gonna belt ugly I felt very
ugly yesterday

I was I for got like my bag your address

as they were like to borrow a premier
says the for me to change

and we’re going to a holiday party in
like beverly hills some CEO’s house is

like super

sweetie early tied with on the president
was going to be right

and it that was a cocktail attire like
business casual whatever

side needed a penny to close and I’ve we
walked down the street and

couldn’t find anything I is like we have
to be apart you have an hour that we

need to go to the mall

silly got your car sped to a mall ran
into a j.crew

where you found clothes that were too
expensive for you to purchase

so you got them on credit wore them

without taking the tags are yeah even of
the time I had that I successfully hit

the town I

you’re like a a here like a homeless
person is someone dressed up

also was on real life hack i buy it has
a button I was both doctors go thing

about new socks

’em and about it a new

a blazer in a tie and then I went to the
bathroom and I threw out my underwear

I only been two hours get cut to when
she was chill yeah

issues like anche they do on a bag and
those like

does go away right now take a look at
the tag office no I’m had picked is

again if the kids

I it’s so you’re aware he’s big deal

I like lighter Bay the members elected
by going to date you they recognize

avoid her

I you you have to you have to

go the extra effort to actually do that
I if I don’t lock someone space and a

memory i jus will forget I just like
that he had not forget her

i cant I control as tear derived the

I hear II bad facial recognition a seat
is Ivan like

a nice to me I every single time I’m
seeing someone I’m

terrified thing nice to meet you are hey
is then or i three at the combat that

like I had a

I remember the first week I’ve college
like unlike I can’t

a think about what my professor looks
like like I’ve met someone once I can’t

process what their face like that it’s
hard for me to you we also end up

meeting a lot of people

right J we and when I see them they look
familiar but a valley close my eyes and

try to think of something that I met
yesterday wouldn’t be able to

right it’s a breeze ever like we did
this we may hear a mic old course there

I can see it but

I’d like some actually yesterday that
party like three different people ish

I stuck my hand out to a thickness to be
even a hug me in their life

yeah we know I when I was make shock
even working with for seven years

by DA I iraq good story

good story goods are returned have your
turn the close yet I had no

I’m really I’m gonna go do it this
afternoon why don’t people do that more

often you can just buy a really awesome

outfit where for one night and then I
come back the next day i three people do

that they did it in some movie that I
was watching

I owed never been kissed by drooping
with bite bite you

whomever wrote directed little everybody

with Drew Barrymore’s never been kissed
she really had been

that was used as in that movie I’m going
out their first kiss was the one on

camera yeah

you graduate level is it really
depressing movie she like she’s like

30 years old and she’d never had her
first kiss

hey I’m sure there’s some 30 year olds
there never had their first kiss was

another was like

Dru Berrymore not keep his ears is
making them feel cared for

its by a job but if they do that they’re

uglier turn up begins so does a 30 that
have been kissed in there

you can I’m sorry I’ll kiss you if you
ever think is right into the park at

our kiss you and you have engaged but
your for you she got to the speaker

right now

wanna 111 actually

both get home from work lucci’s is
Christ dude

did get I just back in math up use

Mike old guy this I its

it now a bit is over I delay to stop
this a.m

I’m getting I a higher level up turned
off I

my big everybody did I did you turn to
be a sexual

yeah my dick shrunk into a nothing I
have a vagina after that

the good is adequate about cat yeah

I’m glad this that bypasses rated pg-13

it’s rated NC-seventeen take that
coca-cola you

fucking bitch its and we just lost our
biggest sponsor to date

I love coca-cola you’d like a good girl

yeah I weed free advertising for kokka
like this is like they’re doing fine

it’s really I saw this I’m this is a
real where decide but it will do this

and then go back to the questions but I
saw his post yesterday in like a

diner and it was a from 1936 celebrating
coca-cola’s fiftieth anniversary

like they’ve been around since the 1880s
like like company was able to stay

relevant for a hundred and forty years
when i comes their dreams

filled with sugar but still like the
cover anything that was popular in 1802

that’s all gone away completely

there’s a weird like tooth powder and
products that no longer exist because

still the number one drink in the world

you think those guys make bank I have to
have it over the Sea Dogs coca-cola’s

making like to grant

every time someone Bassett can I fucking
so he cud

to you credited as 0 buys yeah I believe
that is fucking Paul

that’s a good hard to please you they
cling to grant a candle

thats because you can say I was due
paper again a coke

6500 I’ll it’s like a fuckin

that the right to left understand money

ok who doing the CEO coca-cola makes

the big big girl ideas like a that house

yet he’s got a fat feel like if they’re
like bigger than my parents house about


like a three-bedroom I can get three

Republican four-bedroom cool cars the a
two cars

two-car garage and it’s late biking

did by connections ideas like cricket if
so where

its I’m sure that the go quick so much
bank is houses carpet

I now I let’s go back to it

yep question number three hey guys

my name is Rafael a haha

very nice the Oscars that april oneil
but I damnit

hey guys my name is Rafael a wouldn’t
make the Oscars April nope that’s fine

hey guys back ipod broke it

could skip bank who I and hey guys

my name’s april oneil next few hours ago
that Rafael up

I hmm for the last two years have been a
weird complicated completely toxic

relationship with the guy

it started off with us flirting at work
than sexting

then him trying to sleep with me and me
refusing because he had a girlfriend

eventually we hooked up after he broke
up with her and it all culminated

in a pregnancy scare I’ve been ignoring
him for the last four months

and thought I was finally able to get
over him however

he texted me a few days ago saying that
he had changed and beg me for another


how to know what to do. should I give
him another chance or do you guys have

any advice on how to finally get over

thanks love Rafael a you ask you think

yeah cell an should she give this guy a

make it 7-4 home on for months the
opposite advice

oh yeah people cheat especially have
like that I think you can’t look at the

track record

no i use skype has got a chance given
that you have to understand I was four

months ago and I was with you

look like he’s not gonna cheat on you is
not a cheater is now

he’s not he does what he knew he liked
it was you and messed up obviously there

was some sort of pregnancy scare you
know a lot of drama the toxic


not nice to have that kind of passion
yeah I could feel that yeah just like

feeling heartache in like weird

pains as emotional pain but good and
then to top it all off

this guy four months later I mean life
that’s enough to change completely

yeah and it’s not like he just wants to
have sex with her I don’t think it’s

about that now as I’m glad that I think
it’s like

deep rooted change the other was my

why would he begged if he wasn’t telling
the truth about SL especially i mean

to have the balls to do it over text
yeah exactly right schools like when i


a girl and I’m begging her overtaxed
yeah that’s the truest don’t leave me

that that mean something here means it
means a lot because you’re begging

like otherwise about you beg so I am
never talk to the guy

again yeah I yeah goodbye okay he really
I’d like he had to stop doing that

how we visited sex with someone and then
go to work with them the next day

oh my god started flirting at work in
the knee sexted images like at work the

next day like no higher than your
picture make it seem you that you nigger

dick and she also said

a skippers parenthetical asides she says
then sexting

before I knew that he had a girlfriend
so he was so whether nitsa cool by the

way I have a girl at the

very relevant pets that yeah but I do

I good you’re worse than this guy
actually what are you talking about this

who you are are you in seeing her noble

worldwide now to believe not responsible

you already have actually because I
skimmed your home

ha this is insane yeah this is
absolutely nuts

alright every kick your ad for what you
did there I

the by Rafael april oneil if a guy is
begging you

he’s never in the right yeah also

just coming from somebody who doesn’t
know how to change he didn’t change

nobody changes let alone in four months
not like now now now

on how long do you think it takes three
to completely change

there how long will you be like how long
have you been this person and how long

do you think it’ll be before you’re not

I guess I’ve been this person for firsts

five years however my 28 Hananel man how
old are you

28 yep five years they’ve when I was 23
I became a monster

okay and that the next 16 months not for
that’s fifteen times long in this case


and I’m also still the same so at we
don’t know how long the state the state

is gonna lastingly and forever

I don’t like there may be no turning
back the disease may have taken

I at this point there is no you left

do not go back to. is avoid I

here how do you grow something from
someplace that doesn’t exist

yes so this guy did not changed for
months if anything he is more the same

now than ever he just wants to be

bone you because he doesn’t have a
girlfriend was as hell was that you

later you have sex with someone

and menu I cast them aside few months
ladies are thinking about oh that’s

actually kinda fun I’m reach out to them

with you yet at this toxic relationships
are realizes what he needs to do

is reach out and say that he’s changed
and tried to drag you back

into is swirling swirling tornado vortex

via a carelessness so

at did they also work the other day I
make that up they did the third thirty


okay so just so many reasons not to even
entertain this guy’s

starts just dumped don’t although

maybe there’s way she can fuck with him
back you know like turn him

into an even more Spurs though in %uh
the biggest thing she can do

is just ignore him completely yet our
dowdy 18 is there

is now know right now don’t doctored

maybe she can hit ’em pit yeah it

yet it like a chair and hit him in the
back ok he said now like to recognize

Israel hehe an address by

your inciting violence and try to cause
a riot met not OK

yep chaos and anarchy in the workplace
you’d love that wouldn’t you

you just fucking love shaking up the
status quo you piece of shit to you

you dissident you but the Joker

beard Joker who I

be cannot be more clear yeah don’t

do not an made for thats this last

let’s do it and

shall we call this person I’ll discuss
good I’ll

which one haven’t you sent michelangelo
yeah things is good

michelangelo’s party did party dude and
this guy

is also party at listen up this is a
little bit longer but it’s worth it

ready hmm without sounding too
self-righteous getting girls

isn’t something that’s difficult for me
for a late email

I’d say I’m pretty good at the game and
getting compliments on my looks by both


female and male friends by chatting to a
girl for a minute

I can tell what type of person they are
and what they like in regards to

attention and person

all this is a matter to me having a
rotation about four or five different

girls showing hot

interest in me at any one time and they
were probably hook up with me given the


except this is where my problem comes in
for each of these girls

a change myself to suit the typeof guy
they like being cocky or keep

so the only know a glimpse up the real
me there’s a part of me

that wants to keep getting the attention
I can get for easily from girls

I enjoy it but there’s a part of me that
wants to commit

at the same time except trust will
always be on my mind

as well as the pretending to be a person
I wish I was to sum up these girls

if I decided to get into a dedicated
relationship how would I cut off these


since the cases they are the ones that
contact me first for a conversation

or to meet up and they have a certain
expectation at me now that I’ve got

myself into the situation

thanks so much bro dudes love

our own I’ll what

I can answer that question I have a

I wasn’t listening I can answer that
question though the Paiute Edson

I would texting hmm this guy’s getting
started even before you

yeah he’s in his late teens and he’s
already fucking playing the game

pretend to be people is not getting
attention your to be even worse

yeah %uh more or maybe a lil peak early
in become a better person by your age

now to be nice so what is it getting fit
serve micro attention from girls do you


do I’ve noticed that you change your
personal I need to change your


to get girls but I don’t think you had
five different ones that you can like


no I think alike play I would always
myself to like it sorta heightened


you play the same game with every girl
regardless yeah but there’s like there’s

certain times relate

if I know like a girl likes outdoorsy
this an adventure

and Mike that make traveling and I like
I have liked a lot about towards the

adventures in travel is like Mike clear
that up writer for girls like it

partying and clubbing a good be like a
relic I’m

into like these shows in these panties
bars in Iraq but it’s ok was a genuine

because you are actually except that the

yeah it’s all I thought you never just
like I love sports evenly

right now but I guess I could be like I
love Tom Brady

rare I can’t happen to like I have so
many genuine emotions about things they

just happen a different like

areas but it never lie at least right
I’m never like oh yeah I I am

I’ve been to South Africa to its right

yea and never like that but also I think

I do this other thing with age I have

have these like go to things that make
me seem really really

open haha like all styles share some
stories that make it sound like I’m just

revealing something to somebody that
I’ve never told anyone before

red and and they’re like oh my god this
guy’s they still open and Mike

like to let my guard down but it’s like
giving them like sold nothing like not a


ran a true version of myself loss I i I
understand where is there a little is

known as podcast in which case they know
the truth version %uh via

right which is had but I’m awful lot who
are the

question is if I dedicate if I decided
to dedicate myself to relationship how

to cut these girls of

yeah no I said would have I’m

my is it hard to just stop texting
people back if you’re in a relationship

with somebody like in some it exceeded

he they initiate you click oh sorry and
busy or apps I am seeing someone

yes happy this way to do it I’ve done
that before but that he just creeps back

in when you like I’m curious about what
this person is doing and there’s always


social media shit we’re like by see a
girl that looks like the picture on

Instagram I wanna like

reach out to her I I like if if I ever
get a girlfriend I need to you

just delete all my contacts delete all
my social media

be at you have to you have to put
yourself in a sensory deprivation

chamber because you won’t be able to not
react to the

in Pitt is is he is have yet phase them
out of your life but it’s it sorta like

when you’re on a diet news like oh I’m
any to clear out my kitchen some

attention like I’m ready these chips TN

the bacon or that whatever yeah you need

that’s all you need to do which you also
need to do for food right

yet I yeah I should just like remove
temptation cuz I’m so weak will

I but I also like I’m to you

hit them to Lake I’m I’m too fucking
deep now you’re in it

I love I’d love giving in to my website
well it for someone who

okay let this guy is asking his is self
in 10 years you’ll what he could have

done differently

what’s your advice to your former self
to keep a matter this radical

I guess I mean its it goes a long way
that you’re already self-aware

and I think that like this type a
behavior it the way you like it eating

away at me

though it the weird thing is that like I
can see myself changing they don’t know


right under the alternately like it so
much yeah I understand it’s killing you

from the inside out

I like every single day I wake up and I
feel further away from the good person

that I imagine myself becoming

and I feel like disconnected with like

my friends my family who are like good

I’ve feel like I’m turning into this
weird little

The Hobbit troll that with it only exist
in my own head

you’re a bigger in the morning and
working at night yeah

a the ok let’s go home how many things
are good its

the Barr brothers the I bigger the
morning average it was Matt Sloan

very very good site it’s about Jake
actually I’m

on the bigger in the morning g’night my
belt is loose in my trigger is tight

sir let’s try to get this guy some
pointed advice before we go

it how to cut these growth of I guess I
mean I’m not in the same

situation so my advice doesn’t carry as
much weight but I feel like

just being a as honest as possible with
people that texted me like 81 hangouts

know so I am seeing someone

does not seem like the easiest solution
sometimes the is is this the most simple

year but they like with the right girl
that’s gonna make him feel like over

like now we’re having like the solicit
text conversation like

I wanna and now at the other just read
it delete

the contact so you are tempted to get in
touch with them and when you get a text

now but the number you don’t know he’s a
who is this and then they’re upset

will think about your last girlfriend
you area texting let’s say

you add a similar rotational 456 a 1215

35 girls rate you’d settled on one that
you liked

they texted you what he did I responded

I good n just hit you had a password on
your phone or something

I and no I guess and you have a
girlfriend I have on point invariably

the look at your phone as he lay

are you have ninety I had a bad
girlfriend like that I I’m

cut people out for and I guess I just

I just didn’t respond but not another
comes I’m seeing someone I was just like

radio silence people would read at me
and I just didn’t didn’t answer them

there you go by the goodbye brother it’s
too late for me

you go on i’m appalled soldier I

I need you to do it’s good for me yes
remember me honorably

actually I’d like BR I’d like I love
like a pendulum honor

also delete dinner from iphone I

and a just actually go ahead and do a
hard reboot

whom other Euro over here all remember
me as such

you bury me with my Mac Book Air good

a good you lebanon is life please leave
my internet history

I you a homers

murse i right that’s it there we go

by thanks peace I that email address
again if you want to email us

with your own little difficult places a
in is

a fiery show at gmail dot com ross is
still accepting things on submissions we

start and and every episode with new

that first one was from a brother-sister
duo Jake an iris which is awesome

its next ones also awesome very awesome
it’s written by someone named

Eric and it sounds like a real song yes
please enjoy and we’ll see all next week

later to




Jenn study












you are




this one

/url Sun

not news to learn





you are





i won



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