Episode 47: Cheating


In this episode we disagree on whether or not drinking is a valid excuse to be a terrible person, and also buying gifts for porn stars.

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the difference


the usual

you know

well up Jesus

do we hangout sir here I

regular I think you’re the cause lovers
then listen to our podcast you lot

I N I save this the tell you on the show
but you on him

to get even cooler I’m gonna tell you
his name are mad

what is it Vince ballantine of course

the million I a video that all UV

then Valentine would have that his real

that so naturally curly is he was born

yeah as a great great great theme song
and this is a fire you

the only advice podcast on the internet
hosted by me excuse you

Amir Blumenfeld and I’m Jake and I’m the
hero and either side care

I you are my side please mention here
absolutely there are no my Batman

oh yeah but you gotta say my name I

here let a little weird you got a better

he’s gonna be my sidekick the a climb
under that included

a leading out you into need attacked me

and in need the EU 20 cuz you’re sitting
on the floor right now

I do feel below you um

has gone went chill deadly virtually

really yeah a have been keepin it real

I really didn’t try to what I mean

joel is sort of her see it’s like true
in real

it than that it’s owed three listener

your murder trailers chill it well I

it’s pretty true is pretty chill keep it
real Thursday third thrill

is true and real they keep be a very
real extra real so would not just be

real no month it’s actually really
unsure love you did the dissect the

etymology of israel’s please respect me

I is respect me

know that I need to be respected is the
jack kennedy could both think was so


said I Amanda than just get my respect

he has to get down in the dirt big for
it I

you’re reading that jack and the book on
the trip

are is part of it knows the it’s only
one line which is so so funny

oh my god ways I mean the whole book at
utah is littered with funny one-liners

it’s great music

growing up I always wanted to build the
world’s longest bridge

but I was very disappointed to find out
that someone already had done that

I from

he’s good he really is he’s you heard
that is so funny

I cell how does it work this podcast
this show that we do. it’s an advice

show so people

email us they’re difficult you know
situations and

we do our best to answer them you can
email us in yourself

at if I were you show at gmail dot com

she get started that with bitch

a perfect my friend one note that I have

good I there would be on per bags is

I I do have to ring up one bigger big
perfect perfect don’t change a god damn

being you’re amazing here’s here’s my
issue yes my little

at my live critique I and I i dont have
been is perfect

back in the church three amazing I Sri
hop right into it

yes so this email was written to us by

we’ll call banana me and run out at the
use for the show

we are moving on to fruit and fruit this
is a fake name

her name’s not really banana but we’re
gonna call a banana but I assure you

this is a real email your receiver
changed her name to preserve her

anonymity generates my friends are
falling apart

and everything about them is just no I

the I can’t even come up with the words
to explain just how messed up they are

relationship issues family issues school

friend issues you got an issue they do
too and its ten times worse than yours

and they all turned to me for advice
then don’t listen to me and cry to me

again later

how do we get them to stop asking me for
advice without hurting their feelings

are ruining our friendships thanks

oh no all Nana editor

I think you took a turn for the worse at
the end there you just build the

friendship test

you your asking how to tell your friends
to fuck off

so you can not help them they’re not
your friends

separate you’re a friend to no one baker
a bad person I think you’re right banana

for years figure a brown van and

bad banana your Amelia million and
passed a ripe

and you your your downright dirty banana
are you a green sour hard banana and

interesting yeah

I think let’s get let’s say she’s a
green sour Hardman and you have your a

really good and as I como she’s sweet

I at least it’ll I was an avid thinkers
like now she’s got she can ripen

you can still turn this around %ah
that’s also very optimistic we’re

looking at

begets maybe you should also know assay
years yet

I got mad at you well I’ve never seen
you get mad at me that was so

Realtors real also when would you
optimistic as oh when you said

brown bananas were sweet funny

lick this will only spend every waking
minute together for 10 days that you

finally see have capped

I is only so long there is you can’t
stay with me

consecutively for 11 days in a row but
on that twelve-day just fucking lose it

it would have been any you can is that
anything I was ready to decide need it

is nearby as it was it on the show when

when I estimated that in like the last
week and have since we also sleep

we slept in the same hotel room every
single night on the road trip that

in the last week and a half we’ve spent
eleven minutes apart yeah I think

I think it well we can sleep together
every night no signs

Helen 7 I

really quiet I yeah and we we spent
literally every waking moment we’re

we were either together or texting as
like to find out where the other person

was we get back together

thanks very sweet when I I fly home
tomorrow morning

and we are inspired it’s insane what’s
going to happen unless I we’re part for

two weeks

move good question never

and it’s weird because when you’re gone
I don’t miss you at all

sheath its governors things like you’re
here at spine

and you’re gone better soul months

other way helm done on crumbling backlog

what yeah it does because I don’t need

think about you when you’re not here
though because it better when I’m gone

that the aegis

yet that’s what I just feel like I’m
here to tell if they are you on buddy

it’s better when I leave

I just feel that I feel happier when you
know yet excuse is that why should I

call you and hurts all Israel out after

no that wasn’t real I you through for

for real that wasn’t really year I keep
it real us what we tell the me

I hope she’s young because she has time
to change yeah but friendship is about

people coming to you for advice also you
like this podcast don’t you clearly you

you you enjoy some level up advice

I guess it’s frustrating I understand I
think she’s frustrated because her

friends are following her advice

a surged she says should ignore heard
bias and then they come back

crying and they’re even more upset yet
the way he does I give advice

wholeheartedly a first time and then be
like if they come back to you that you

know what

ire de Gaby the advice either at a
follower not at this point I can only

help you so much great

a think there’s no or you change the
advice change the way you give it


or get more well-adjusted friends I mean
relationship problems

family issues as good as you is a duty
and that can you imagine having friends

with issues

i with I don’t think I do at work maybe
idea everybody as issues don’t they

and really like who were friends my now
give advice to the most

good I’m the one always asking for
advice ray we do we do

the a fucking loser but who has no
issues who has their life so

well put together they have nothing to
worry about and I guess like everyone

always has issues in just a bit late our
issues are

relatively good issues right these are
good problems yeah

ago I hate my parents like I’d on hit my
dad it’s like the

I yeah I’m not so extreme right hip but
my mom and my dad is like my bad and got

my mom

90 money it you my bitch

opaque Austrian sell my mom’s budget
species is you

yes Xiao Yao told you a bad as Big Mama
you look bad bits

a kitten 3a and his visit with his

with language they used to speak their
should keep 30

appeared as they loved theory like I
love you my mama and then just like

the glaze look over you as you like
she’s a bad as bit succeeded bad as they

say that

I guess is a badass bitch if she’s if
you’re willing to say that to her and

she’s gonna be cool with it

the idea that ass bitch to be called a
badass bitch and I care about it added

to the German Benjamin

you love bad bitches that my fuckin
problem you love bad bitches

problem then you know you like to fuck I
got like a problem

up you love bad bitches and

mmm but your fucking problem yeah there
really is

I love that peaches that’s my fucking
rubble all bad

just my fuckin problem LA niña

the gamma got pages I

hmm I write we’re done with this Chris
lady grow up

hell yea friends help your friend but
registered right ed

looking to promote for a more positive
standpoint I love they rely on you they

need you and you’re like the

the stable core Centerview friend group
and if they’re all fucked then

its responsibility to bring them back
you can do your leader believe in


I was bad II next quest what

and sorry leaving yourself but we all
know that I wasn’t to grill last

I next question next question

on hey guys %uh this one comes from
somebody will name cucumber

night absent you keep it more know that
the was

route you immediately immediately the
second thing you’d

did with a badge the ball and now now we
can do a vegetable team does today’s

episode like its fruits and veggies and
you’re just like in food

let’s first jobs always group will run
every future episode

a got three officers are now we’re just
using people’s real names

you know about a little bitty anymore at
all bring it

you have a problem with my can talk
about it John Smith

at that as actual persons that back this
guy writes in cucumber rights in

Duke basically my girlfriend cheated on
me a year into the relationship and I

for gave her

but when I came back to think about it I
feel like I shouldn’t still be with her

and give her a second chance

but then my other conflicting thought is
that I believe everyone deserves a

second chance to correct what they’ve
done Ron

what do i do guys given the
circumstances that she is one of the

nicest girls I’ve ever met and truly a
genuine person

I don’t wanna lose someone that special
even if she was pretty fucked out of her


should I forgive her and try to move on
with the relationship or should I move

on and try to let go onto the best
things that ever happened to me

when you guys said an episode 43 guys
suck I wonder sometimes girls can be

just as much pricks

as guys are your advice would be greatly
appreciated thanks

cucumber like uke is incredibly rare but
sometimes girls could be pricks

me bike only sometimes guys always girls

you think guys cheat on girls more than
girls to be done guys I think so

probably right because guys think about
boating more than girls do

yeah is that offensive to say I don’t
even know

its offensive towards males right maybe

I guess I feel like girl’s arm more
interested and

well-rounded guys and girls are more
interested in cooking in person

I girls love purses guys love pussy

that missile all-girl think about is
Papa now baby

cook in Turkey to whatever the plot
adonal but guys

Joe we we we we we were better

stronger faster she’s in stock

a term a known and I did was a

I actually that might have been the that
wasn’t me

the cool thing is that I didn’t just say
that that didn’t

I but I feel like guys are more you know
focused on physical

pleasure than girls yeah he will press
release this year

bilik at this point we’re almost were
almost professionals

a we we’ve hello text experience at the
very least reading a shitload

emails people’s problems right and the
vast majority love

the cheesy ones are from guys cheating
on girls so they like the real how to

keep treating other girlfriend how to
hide the real from from finding out

how to take their friends girlfriends
hell playwright how to swoop in and

steal some dudes girlfriend

eggnog every girl is like should I ask
this guy from for an unknown person

asking Allah date

how do I know if he’s really cool hell
yeah he’s are some too so you had no

guys do suck but also

sir cucumber your girlfriend sucks she
sucks you should not rely on you

yeah I just like that she’s like this
girl cheated on me but she’s the nicest


a in the world’s nicest guy ever met at

you should probably meet nicer girls
because there are girls that are if you

can imagine so nice they wouldn’t cheat
on you

yet but I do I feel for her yeah

is it is the way she did on people
before he was a she’s she was drunk

right I gotta think I

no headed higher the ball should be like
are no I B drug is not next year

I only do stupid shit and run for you
get drugs by Major League Soccer lets

novices who yes was like fuck pardon

at least the third XD like ohtake you
you dance like an idiot I was drunk

guess that the ex yeah

stranger yes I was drugged or excuse a
buck or sheep I’m

yeah I’ve done when I’m drunk rape you
can cheat on someone like

I was dumb when I’m drunk you know when
I didn’t think you could you are you

tell you make bad decisions great

everything bad decisions for their drug
but that’s not an excuse it is an excuse

it the reason that I did that I guess
it’s a really bad X

it is that excuse but it’s a good idea
we think they know it at the ballot do

no it’s not a drug I get the stupid shit
but I’ll do yes

I will do things they like it they I did
that make no sense

right so why is that not an excuse
because it was drugged

rat your I was the drive itself yeah so
but FIA like

oh the I didn’t really I didn’t really
cheat on you what I did was drink this

magic potion that allowed me to do it

yet it but that they it’s only like
slipped me something in my drink that

may be fucked up and do something stupid
no one would blame me

but it is cuz I drink though and I said
I’d like to drug myself

is that why yeah I mean I tell the boys
in it’s about having to post higher

binge I probably pretty good motion yet
I don’t really know my limits sometimes

I as I had some extra step to the potion
and maybe do something done

that the lobby at that that’s that’s a
week as they get her record US the


a don’t know it was me but what I did
was have a few drinks so you can’t blame


yes I can yet know you too much got
effects lol

I Ono disagreed with you more

I you think when you get drugmakers you
carte blanche access to do whatever you

want million a different person :i
big-time drug addition

guys think so till but I don’t think I L

I don’t listen i 10 ktt0 it is a call
under the included I’ll call that mean


influencing my bucket Vita this is a
dumb that sounds to me

it’s like if you get pulled over drunk
because you like hit somebody like

I don’t know what happened I was drug
like I didn’t hear him sober I was drunk

when I did is not by

you know it yeah I guess it is by
because you were drunk now at the rate

you’re you should never get in the car
but like that that they that when you

talk that so you’re saying you said you
get drunk and you hook up with you know

it is really

make an hour and biking drunk driving is
cheating on someone

yeah I do but the yes I’m that say it’s

is the onslaught a valid excuse act like
with the right now I’m sober Mike oh my

god it’s so stupid to drive trucks those
stupid like cheat on your girlfriend

but gimme like four shots of whiskey and
a big Joel drive any car

I’ll make our anybody well now that
we’re late night shopping day

the right okay well believes I have good
friend that wouldn’t let me do anything

that that that that

is so dumb I mean drinking and driving
is a whole other level are done because

you actually endangered people’s lives
rather the daily emotionally ruining

someone else’s life to but

I if if if you get drunk and cheat on
your girlfriend saying that you got

drunk is not

a excuse yes it is

acts newt so you think someone can get
if you cheat on your girl for your

timesheet doesn’t have the right to get
mad at you know she does cuz you got

drunk and Edith

and you did something stupid but it the
you don’t think that it be nothing that

tell something about

like you like it I think that the tell
by had a girlfriend if I had a

girlfriend and she cheated on me

edges like I was blackout drunk I would
be like a great way more

net I would I mean I’d dumper
immediately know

though they want a valid excuse is over
it I’m not say I’m just the opposite

less valid excuse the less upset if he
was drunk that she was

stone sober okay for sure sheep poorly
made as

occassionally made a decision to cheat
on me well she consciously made a

decision to get wasted and then didn’t
give a shit if she cheated on you yet as

leaders do

but I’m sayin will have wasted I

you by the way you are never so waz the
US 0

a regard for any yes I do.

now in Iceland and Iceland I was so
drunk I made out with three different

people and i’d in

I don’t even remember doing it would you
have made out with your other

with a date with you have made out with
your brother the idea don’t fucking

remembered would you have sex with one
of your siblings

yours that drive all right that the that
headline early enough 0 regatta skip it

your average guy right now there’s like
animal instinct inside your body Monday

are also there a girl analyst eggs
inside your body is there is a Flickr a

I love logic that still left even after
your drive this is insane you know I’ve

been very drunk and I’ve never cheated
on someone how do you explain that you

think I just never laid out in your
Black Dahlia

when in Iceland you but your a humid out
my brother

I but there’ll

I you think I’ve just never been a jack
is eerie think deep down inside my

animal person is better than yours

and you animal person different the mine

is that better for worst yes better

I after that make you inherently a
better person than I am

of course yeah 1 but does that bother me

yes but I think you have any but
incorrect am I gonna do everything

in my power to change yes of course but
is that

but is that change possible yeah I

so you’re saying regardless of how much
year it like if you get married one day

you’ll to stop drinking because once you

49 drinks you are you are literally
danger capable

I’m a danger to myself and others in
society and I think if I i’m such an

asshole such a bad guy

that your ride if I had your life a wife
for ten years and I and she birthed

three of my lovely children in and one
of them had a a little

something wrong with their with her leg

agreed that Decatur corrective brace

and we loved her the most even though
she was on a little crutch you know here

ya Ali yeah a little by little Polly
Yelp all the while

our caller we call a Molly poly a collar
Mali but like one of your other little

kids collar collar

always called a polygon upset IU color
politics you thank you

so then I’m at a bar wasted and if
someone text me I will immediately sleep

with them all cheat on my wife ruin

side is needed now however I’m gonna
give up drinking and texting when I met

my soulmate

Wow you have you you’re really smart
enough to know that you have no


0 0 willpower toda

I and where what went wrong

mama ok well im from Allah

why did why did not turn out like this
the way that I am I’ll

oh mama work what has happened to me

what has become of me other thought you
knew oh well

the little boy with overall to play in
the backyard mother all mother

where’s that boy Obama he heey goes to
raise now my love

I even has my pills in an airtight the
big a 22-year-old mother

well that okay mop-up I’m scared mom up

you a things got real pay 35 30 they
really did

a its yeah I like talking like a

a southerner dying at work talking about
Bobby Molly bills

I he’s really into MDMA mama Golmaal

old all but we brought about the bills
and put it in the water pump

Obama oh well as in the canyon freaking
out mother

is a dub step remix leveled I talk about
a little girl

I’ll ok up to you

mom up

love it I mmm

toda I

I bill hook up with that big Mugabe mile

the you

the all my friends are rich as fuck mama

in who yeah

what happen Year Eve is good advice use
a break up the government to give her

another chance

when I was a surprise ending

do you think he should but I me knowing
who you are would you want your gonna

give you another chance

now obviously is going to do it again
right it’s tough because like

I and inner-city I were given a new got
him on a

I would break up with a girl in a
heartbeat and

but that also has the cheater I would be
I give me another chance

you love life in your double standard
universe yet at you

so I guess a if I were you hmm which is

the the the title the show the titular
line I would breakup

with that whole ok I

but said I’m her ever another

chair get I good Caroline she deserves

but she didn’t do anything that bad she
was dry found you get there I

but if she even looks at another guy
you’d dump that whole because how dare

she holders I’ll to the same standard
that help myself you’ll

you put the whole a blast you do him

I him do you taken ill

alright let’s break it up um

last chance to promote 20 jeans before
the holidays so

my goodness 20 minutes a new pair 20
jeans right now

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that being said K I can afford very

excludes wants all well I

heavy I’m doing mary operator provides
your dad wrote you a check last night I


yeah you look at is that this isn’t
enough I get

because it was hannukah and Thanksgiving
and it was just a hannukah gear

old take you and I don’t get it they
they get really I do get a Thanksgiving


I absolutely do you think they will you
know I was here your house over the

summer you said I get in August 2nd gear

yeah how was that its Boxing Day loser

I its have it’s a

administrative assistant appreciation
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the and whether a hallmark a real
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a but if you don’t if you’re not spoiled
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treat them i anything else you want to
bring up on this breaking brick

mmm boom-boom rude

you got home tomorrow yeah you have been
home in the

wait a minute it’s been a long time yeah
I wanna go see my mama

yeah I in my daddy it now my money my

and my sisters and I brother yeah and
I’ll be nice

yeah I like my family be there’s no
girls at home what you gonna do

I’m going to you anything a mental break
one day

take a mental break that would be the
best ice

just sleep rest go to the gym start
climbing again wow

you’re getting your life back on track
yes very healthy %uh be

the person that i seeee in my mind when
I shut my eyes

that offers now you want to be in the
morning and at night yeah um

option number two to be I

is I just hop pop and tender in New

a zoo with what see with what with up to
its up in the AL seen

that was a I I feel like you’re gonna

a start doing 1a for a couple days then
I realized that you need it the H

the it’s still there yeah i mean that
was her flock through

your work I head

it don’t want anyone to hear the story
to that Italian

I that way you know it’s good

that we should do a a.m. her a paid

podcast episode where Jake has 0 filter

rather than this one percent filter that
he had breaking me about you when I’m

not saying yeah

yes I can because I know you’re not
saying yamina tell you is there a story

so bad that you wouldn’t even tell me

um probably not

my head pretty that maybe thank you now

problem yeah I’ll take that yeah now
have to know your first and if you had a

girlfriend and I had up with

how resilient where can I appreciate the
full honesty he said probably not and

they really do

repeat probably die let probably not
stir the problem

yep we’re actually definitely not
definitely next thing

you could make this news YouTube between
a changing my answer

I real-time thank you so much sorry to
hear that you know I get as opposed to

the Lakers I also definitely well

a to unless there’s something that’s so
bad that I am I not tell you

alright yeah I’ll holla nah nah nah you
don’t get that right

might see you don’t get the same right
that idea this is so you it’s an old

barn for me some bars /url held action

I let’s go back to reading from

the this question is written by somebody

tomato yet with Cook’s

the share lugar however is seeded

are seeded fruit her of route serves the

let’s not even get any more into it than
we already have yessir

all right you read this question hey
guys the ball yes for a long time it was

time to ask a question

and it’s got Facebook because you go to
university near me this was six months


we hit it off and we text each other
over the last period high school in


after she came moved into her dorm I
live at home

she actually drug called me at least 20
times for two nights in a row

we’ve met once and I’ve been trying to
escalate this but she’s told me a heart

to heart the G is extreme social and
trust anxiety

because the past people I don’t know
what to do now I really really care for


I guess it won’t work with the even
though I know she has Felix

any sort of advice on what to do from
here would be awesome

thanks guys love you best

to made I a this

something this relationship is starting
off on the right foot

yeah geez no trust issues

never meeting I and never hang out ever
see each other and drunk dials

drug tells here’s the thing about
relationships in the beginning is

everyone on the absolute best behavior

your on the first date is the nicest
best you will ever see your partner bust

and you know it’s also the nation’s best
deal ever purchase yourself Obama best


if they’re if this is starting a drunk
dialing twenty times for two nights in a

row where does it go from there

how does a have is the default like
what’s her true self if her on her best

behavior is twenty drug thousand tonight

yeah I don’t know twenty I its also like

don’t tell me twenty times in 2 for 2
for two nights in a row

I I thought the wrestle the question was
just gonna be like

how do I stop this yeah hideaway
escalated with you

excuse you 140 goals one more word

this sounds like bad news bears a for

I and yet he once more

I really good escalated beyond beyond

up up with comfort version for certain
you know it is

fucking problem is he was bad bitches I
think he was bad bitches

that is fuckin problem cheese who was
bad better than as a drug problem yeah

yeah I like the fuck yeah got a fuckin
problem find somebody reels if I can


can bring you to the curb maybe I
consoled a the

so this guy a mage what if you like
crazy girls

does anybody lookers girls you can only
crazy girls yeah

but this is too crazy for you are you
into it into it you’re into 2010 2020 in


um I don’t know mentor your but there
was a girl that you had a crush on the

and slept with yet she just kept on
calling you drive owners are your

I went out now course not they wouldn’t
get you into now

I think that I like a little crazy I
like them i stupid and crazy I think

there’s also something like spark we
like our hookup with someone and then

only later

I realize I’ll she crazy year you like
that like a

UN into a slice a pizza at a little
spicy be united skinny like if I can

habanero pepper

nah nah nah I really like that you like
me like I like the Rochester not ghost

pepper and I mean to complete the
metaphor I don’t like crazy girls at all

and I hate spicy food

well how in this that’s weird yeah
practically a foot

i block but

big butt billable when it’s right by my
head down here

it I least accorded typically I Philip

you ok

lip I

I with typical yep

don’t buy anything you can do

yeah political attack what yeah

there’s a bit of all political attack
but you nobody is ever

a guy and a girl up by their guy to guy
are fighting and then the other gauges

to like tickles them by used to do to
get you can’t not

laugh during a two goal in its so funny
cuz you’re mad we’re also

cracking up yet there’s I have a the I
method for getting over

fights and its decline eisner’s
diplomatically as always do this

um if you’re like upset with somebody is

actually not on the same page I was
baking we’ve let’s just

lie down and huggin and have the same
exact conversation

but it’s like a sister lie down and
hugging like different girls like lying

on my HS lebowe arms around her

Anna it’s just like okay we’re connected
were in love

gonna be like a little more nice to each
other but we’re sitting across rooms

like screaming at each other you never
get anything done

so that’s the that’s their good example
your dichotomy it’s like your monster be

also have these very genuinely nice
romantic thoughtful little

life hacks yeah I just think about them

so many different people that yeah me
back I

a ser which we tell this guy

um I guess

shares extreme social entrance trusting
zaidi I will say that like

it you’re being nice in like not pushing
it cuz you think that she has like

trust issues but for her to tell you
that she has trust issues me that she

wants to trust you

%uh citing ok and you can just say I am
someone that you can trust

if you are it was if you’re not like I
would it when it whenever Gloucester’s

something like that to me I’m like

okay I’m ready I am NOT trustworthy you

but as though she’s like really opening
up and she’s a nervous that I trust you

but you

can be a support system for the stellar

and I’m gonna give the old if I review

a lady drunk dial me twelve a twenty
times in tonight’s

I am blocking her fucking phone number

she’s outta my life we had a mini hi-fi
an hour there’s a reason it just was

issued maybe like

she is sorta crazy and pushes love
people away right but

if you did you feel you on a break down
these walls and just try to do you

through the night

safe %uh go for men go forward

or give up for ever you say tomato I say
tomato yes

if they do it a is it a made-up who did
so we have that in common

a shoe at last question yes um

with see here there’s a good one a let’s
call this guy

Peter I could do

Fort I a

watermelon works actually know huh very

hey guys I’m writing a gender dire and
it does show clearly a lot to get the

watermelon the

you wouldn’t even allow pizza his body
is there was

a minute watermelon roads I think I’m a
couple years older than you guys but

Jake reminds me of myself when I was in
my 20s I was slain a lot so that’s

getting away with everything married
chick strippers no condoms no problems

now I’ve settled for a few years I met a
lady who I love and is beautiful and

it’s fun to be with and make loads of
money she is posh

and a diva for her to keep making all
this money she has to travel a lot

weeks at a time this means my is still
strong sex drive gets put on hold weeks

at a time to relieve this pressure when
the wife is gone

I have a couple love pornstars i watchin
waktu on my iPad

the wife knows this happens and doesn’t
care no biggie

here’s the problem when my favorite
pornstars has become pregnant stopped

making videos for a while

she tweeted a link to her Amazon wish
list for some products that she likes

as a congrats on the baby and a big
thanks for keeping me entertained while

the wife is gone would it be OK for

for me to buy this adult star a gift
from her wish list

something fairly cheap but nice I’ve
always enjoyed to present people with

thoughtful gifts business crossing the

what would you do in the situation do
nothing discreetly do a kind gesture for

this porn star

or soon to be mother what would you do
in the situation

would you do nothing or discreetly do a
kind gesture for this pornstar slush

soon to be mother

season the cheese and squeezin MD’s

so dow watermelon wonderfully where did
question very nice and very unique

yet interesting I feel weird when
somebody’s older than us

yeah advice like you’re smarter than we
are yet it’s like his problems like and

other problems like

my wife goes outta town so I you know
just masturbate she’s fine with it

well but OK cool well got an iPad mixer

of course there was rain from an iPad no
daddy what

were and I bet this guy is like an got
his shit together

um Amazon wish list for porn stars

that’s thats normal what is that like a
tip jar

yes or don’t like it

and I don’t know they have like leave
porn stars twitter has like a link to an

Amazon wish list

and unjustly hey you watch me fuck

clearly you wanna will yeah arrest me it
like for yet like for people that like

russia’s on porn stars

when we went to a burly man with April

Road on ok she actually got a bike
somebody bought a bike

that’s too weird thing like what are the
guys that are buying the bike does the

actually just want to say hey things or
do they think that’ll help getting

things that is that my problem with this
guy’s question

where it’s like so it is discrete kind
gesture in like if you think you’re like

me then I know

that their motivations like deeper than
that was like

you just want to be on this chicks radar
yeah maybe she’ll see you made a belated

maybe shiite tweets at you thanks any
written respond you like no problem that

she looks cute whereby a picture in

G like others go kinda cute then she
starts following you may be direct

message or maybe as exchange numbers the
start texting sexting

then all the sudden your life that tells
your on kayak your

liner into the fuck in Ohio or wherever
you live in

and all the sudden you’re in love with
her with a pornstar just got a god damn


that not OK the of work to get done

you’re thinking that only picking twelve
hours ahead as the Greek I

all that happen in the course of a day
and a half I

your know it sounds like you shouldn’t
do it early just keep on checking after

clear that way you’re you’re still get
to jerk off to her but you don’t I’ll

lose money

day at the layaway yeah and your life
will find out that you about a plugin

Blendtec to a porn star I

everyone at the Blendtec she wanted a
budding diaper warmer

alone ol up he watermelon what’s this
little line item here you you but

someone to cripple was that

I’ll yeah 0

bring the ports to buy her new actually
help alleviate

if you must know you go out it out and i
buy gifts for porn star

would like to sleep with than I just go
on their Amazon wish list

you know like a registry a baby registry
of sorts to there’s a

allman that have sort of Master headed
to watching her

get fucked and i buy her by buyer
pacifiers said I’d like a divorce you

what yeah but but but all I did was
taking my money

you’re out on your ass it seems like
it’s a very

its its rich its risk with no reward

truth um that’s our last question

the internet for I forever we ask every
we just answered every question we’ve

ever gotten

we thank you stinks guy is sobering and
it is somber and

it is absolutely and its macabre ring

area and I think he really is my cock
ring is macabre

yeah and his seattle Mayor saddening

is a glad you’re at hand and you know
it’s like going on in this Dec yeah

feeling these emotion I’m going through
the motion although I can’t quite

explain his roller-coaster

mowlam go one in love with the poor
storage is God

here they want to raise it from a little
God tell you that big now lives that it

out so I’ll browse around

on they have a bomb dot com are dona

a we shoulda had that idea getting

shockwave in Lynn to do freestyle

Kilda they can do a better job than us

but a shock wave is a better be better
than this

up I hope I

but yeah it do to make your phone is so
let now

so this but I guess is now reminder to
ask me to have them do that

that a young man episode speaking apps
as this one is done

peace thanks so much for a listen and
everybody that email address again if

you want to email us is

if I were you show at gmail dot com
still accepting out the insults

emissions that are someone at the
beginning was Vince Valentine’s

think you can do better than him we’d
love to hear it

ninos seriously in a non sarcastic way
would actually love to hear your time so

that we also don’t you can do better
than that the bumper

and we got some pretty awesome group run
they’re all cool they’re all good in

their own unique way

it was the best yet the Valentine let’s
go out Liz beavers

and this last one we’re gonna end with a
different one from a lady named

surely be thanks so much for listening
area buddy

later Jamie you ass count hey

yeah our girls I

thought costs down cry

30 care here’s her get here said I miss

might not be enough I East

but it’s all around me

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