Episode 5: Seize the Cheese

Description: In this episode we discuss cool dads, nerdy friends, and foul balls. Also JFK.

saddling it’s bad for you

so I’m shown you


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if I that was my sister welcome to if I were you

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what else big for the shelter in life you provided but what else the

I deserve nothing else breakfast great that’ll do

you should always be asking what your peers can do for you

now what you can do for your prayers like a bad JFK

a 10 JFK was a bad JFK

thank you sorry if you want to apologize for your voice

I yes apologizing for my JFK joke in for my

void ok qualities and avers 98 said that this podcast I have a cold so I

apologize that the real person who should be apologizing is you

who gave me this cold you listener he defended

if you see a deal isn’t it you give them a call

how did you do that the for the name of the game is

if I were you we get emails really emails from real people to our gmail

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we sifted through every single one we read them all they’re all great their

own unique way and we answer the ones that we think

we can provide the best advice for in a humorous way

it’s cracked I’m a the email seven great

weary we get like 50 to 100 a day were overwhelmed with how awesome in

you know a lot of them are just compliment saying great job on the


yeah I know the a single question has started out with a shitty podcast yeah

now here’s a problem that I because those people stop listening to the

podcast before we get to the email that’s right

that’s the beauty of a podcast the terrible people don’t listen to it

oh that’s cool

well they’re not terrible for not liking your pie right with the who’s with me

I hey guys welcome to live by are you the only buys but get on the internet

that you suck if you don’t listen to you don’t worry for not listening to you

will never hear these insults

and if you are listening then you are list then you go

we like you yeah let such as a II

let’s get to the questions the only half hour really get there as many as we can

yeah rapid-fire this is the light be roundly rather than 30 questions in 30

seconds can you imagine

gather it’s way too fast here we go later the

wow that’s it and time alright this one is from

Lucille fake names to preserve your anonymity

that’s correct Lucille says I’m in secondary school in the UK and I’m

starting to be accepted into

the more cool slash normal group however

I’ve many nerdy slash we’re friends and they often invite me to gatherings I

don’t want to attend

also meeting the nerdier group damages my friendship with the more normal group

how do I break away from that without seeming mean

or obsessed with being cooler expertise

marks good I don’t deceive says being cool

yet the subject of the email with the help me help me help me help me

I sorta got a nerd touched me the other week and I really started to freak out

that it’s like i don’t know if it’s

contagious there’s so much shit this is so body

well fifth you’re like you’re like the character the changes

it what it is like teen movies yeah but this is like before you become a good


rate your come so what we’re saying is you’re bad person I

where the your hair person that that I friends will be there or be for the like

throughout high school %uh don’t mean shit to me anymore

they keep trying to be nice to me but I this other good people whose ignored me

my whole life

now sort of except me so I want to ditch my old friends that’s the losers and

hang out with the something their eyes the losers

do users the air losers drug

cruisers ditch the losers and a I would cruisers

um you yet it’s not really nice view

Lucille yeah how their yard vices how dare you

here with their dirty friends and your cool friends because you know that

there’s not much of a difference

the only ones will become cool over time through hey everybody happy

and then they’re gonna feel like a real be each

hate a dude idk she’s like 15 years old caller ABI

if they can feel like a real be for ditching your nerdy friends when they

become cool and then you’re getting some

come crawling back to them because the cool friends love OD done some sort of

drugging you like

oh my god I had no idea you guys really cool ones all time please let me back in

your group in the dirty ones will be like yeah we will lay back here good

because we preach acceptance

well 08 so their letter back in then whatever

shit yeah hang out with the cool kids did your duty if you seen every single

teenage movie ever

you couldn’t you can alienate your friends for now be cool ride that wave

and then

you know grow come back to your old friends and they’ll accept you in ninety

minutes or less

I wait so real quick what was the advice that we’re giving here

I think it’s don’t ditch your nerdy friend right

the AM don’t titular de France be who you are try to hang out both groups if

one of those groups

doesn’t accept you for that the day are not the cool group

but what if what if I mean what who she is is not liking the quote-unquote nerdy

group whether she is a cool girl

yeah I guess if you genuinely just don’t like these people you

have a bad time when you’re with them a year what he would with you just stop

hey how the declined their invitations and don’t decline adjusted like hang out

with the cool group

right if you actually want a Ella than you should yell Lucille you gotta do you

that your advice for every person do you son

do you you’ll do you I

you’ll do you yell at them we haven’t even read the question you should call

the five guys you know do you

I would respond every I can’t answer every single email just say I do.

as the %ah to respond the audio that’s the new yellow

I think about is that like that’s the motto ya do you

bad replay good right next question

this one’s from George Michael on the bus to university the other day

I was talking about how much I wanted to slam this girl only to find out that she

was sitting two rows behind me

and well within earshot and was disgusted by what she hers

mushy heard me said how should I go about rectifying the situation so we can

still hopefully get down and dirty one day in the near future

take how do I go about this this you notice he hit

you know that he didn’t ask your advice yeah he does in he knows that i can

answer this or don’t care to is going straight to the source

well you I love you could use this guy is such a pervert buddy like blue with

this girl so hard

like should feel mortified he’s like up man yes you heard me like they call to

discuss the shit about her

how I rectify this so I can still fuck the shit out her

had has one re rebound from this you know I think

there’s a chance that she was actually into it if you’re like a desirable guy

and I she heard you say like all these like I want slammer like maybe

maybe she’s into that she just played disgusted assessor like a game

yeah i think is the only thing you can do is just no doubt that you said it may

be like

and I unfortunately I i’m sorry you heard it but it doesn’t change the way I


do wanna get down and dirty on and baby don’t say down dirty

cuz even that made me cringe a little I

just jus wanna go that say you wanna get down or dirty with her

had like to get dirty with you I’d like to get down and ordered

please choose one well you know do you this is life

it’s like when someone steals your phone in like write something super confident

to a girl you have a crush on and then

at for CB Ike know what he do it that’s like all you know I wouldn’t have the

courage to do this myself but it’s cool maybe this opens up like a pen

like a box of opportunity that I will be able to access other

places or to be thankful that that she heard it because otherwise you would

you never like would have gone up to argue like hey I want to do

bad things to you gonna slam you I would like to slap you

biggest used to also change your language if you’re like

ducky on a bus

be a little more discreet not yet I’m not saying slam

yeah I believe the advice I should be giving is that how to conduct yourself

on public transportation

more than anything else and you know it for this Lent don’t do you

don’t do you kill other people try to do them on the bus

they do them you you you’re getting in the way of them

that’s the problem here you you tell it interferes with them

yeah I know you can ask my advice but general though it’s a

that’s why you’re not going to give it buddy exactly right okay

that means a lot about the movie not dead yeah

next question comes from you I it’s close to conserve new

comes from okay sorry huh now I like

got tests of his you’re crying that’s not that bad the word you’re looking for

I was sad data iPod does give the advice that you’re gonna give

I guess the advices she’s either you can come back from it if she doesn’t like it

so at this point she’s

she’s either down with it or she’s not right either have to go

full and either percent full throttle you’re that guy who says that she wants


you want to slam people you can look at this point do an about-face 180 degrees

in like now they that’s now a man

out later i three to cook for you I

I like the buy you a Grand Slam for that that’s what I males

us that our allies at the Westin

the third question the third was pretty good

this one’s from toe bias or bias

I guess I’m really excited to get my first car and my dad can’t wait to help


and advise me on one he’s always talks about he always talks about going to a

car auction to get my first car it is clearly excited about it

however I don’t feel as if he has a great knowledge on cars and I don’t want

to risk getting a terrible car they

keeps breaking but I also want to hurt his feelings do I go with him and spend

money on a potentially bad car

or go with someone else such as my best friend’s dad was a professional mechanic

behind his back

of I that is that dads worst day

yeah holy shit were in accord with your dad

does doctor nothing would I heart more

is a dead man’s a a dad who is been looking forward to going to a car

accident car oxen with his first board side to buy a car you know

likud day going to you day that guess what

I L I went with that my keys dad instead

you know he sort of work rose %uh divided by yourself for

you with another dad a better dad dad 2.0

actually I really like other that is their chance a

I think I’m just gonna call him dad and Adam gonna call you Rodgers

fitted thanks to its all the good his name is Dennis

I you know I just really I don’t know I really get along with

other dad more than you yeah Italy moms gonna start dating other day

a cool mechanic he knows what is he knows what he’s doing

others though call you UNKLE roger: I

you that so close you are to me that is yes shit

your your dad is like also like

its it is insulting for a guy like be like told they don’t know anything about

cars to

for a little oh the dad the dad thing is just like a bad

now you suck it cars my best friend’s dad is a professional mechanic

that’s so sad for the that occurred at I mean I don’t know anything about cars my

son’s best friends dad might

definitely more know more about cars than me I don’t think I’d be insulted

that he went with another dad

to get a car though yeah but that to you workers like you don’t care about cars

anyway this guy’s likely it was cuz like

the fact that even know that car accident car options exist right is like

let’s go to cart I’ve never heard a kid that’s like

pairs are gonna buy a car and then that you like

but I don’t want my dad to buy the car August other data like to use the car

you in great I you’re getting a car

what is the car arc said I think you there I

will the the ones I’ve heard over like Adam cars that are like

um you know taken away for people like used in crimes and the like um

impound cars and stuff like that because the people keep their favorites up on

a the please take them and then sell them at auction for like

a a significantly lower price well i guess i do that

why doesn’t everybody that I think because what a chance there was a murder

and that guy

ride it would be was so know about I think also there’s a there’s a chance

that I have no idea car

I in that is a police easier so yeah just like every

his advice we give take any information idea with the greater Salt

a because there’s a more than 50 K its it was complete bullshit

heller design up I guess be a hose did give it is clear that he was

a boron I never knew what he was talking about his water to police station

one car please I’m here with my best friends that is about getting arrested

already ok I

they confessed to the murder at the Buick I they take your chi

so know this kid is best friend’s death that is so

rude I want to go with another dad your I

that’s like a deadly like a son I want to teach you to throw baseball like no

other your are you throw like a sissy

I would alert for Ryan’s dad for

rides that is Nolan Ryan I he named his kid Ryan

Ryan Ryan got what makes you think that other dead even want to go with you

you have those a his own sanity is an amazing car

I I out with %uh vivid by there was chastising me for

for taking your dad for granted you know I’m really surprised that people keep

emailing the show because

what we do you know half the time this is make fun of them

right which is reduced to rubble that sometimes forget even give advice

but we really do appreciate in the email again is if I were you show at gmail dot


yes the roadway if you wanna get insulted yeah

called email as those writer really dumb question a question you think is valid

and we’ll you know we’ll find the flaws in it

you don’t have to worry about that you can also get if I were you show dot com

to listen to the podcast and see you know the email address and all that

information over there

cool said to get this kid advice go dad

yeah I i will I guess if you’re like very concerned

maybe you could suggest I’m going look up with yeah like

with your friend and his dad also maybe year friends that impart some knowledge

on your dad but I would like %uh your data the process together especially cuz

I highly doubt you’re paying for the car yourself %uh you want like

let your dad be involved is the big move it it’s a big moment it his life just as

is like a big movie in your life I imagine like the kid

like a that you can come along with us and they’re like the cool that

the son and the son’s friend driving in like a really nice 57 Buick

whatever that by like a Porsche Boxster there’s only as only the trooper 3a want

to go get is a not so thank you

they have at the police auxiliaries everything you could go to your Kia


when you get there get is not says that were seized in any way without the

parking lot

a the other dad call that doesn’t have enough money for

any the Kaysville loser dad has to buy

hit by the others on the car as well oh man thanks glad you’re real sport

will shock say I didn’t know I was going to buy into cars I think

ghali a I can always get another job or something yeah it’s as great body

pretty cool right son to cars a year old man shut up death

you’re basically very welcome to early

local 2002 you’re the best as he takes a check from regular dad

for Glenn all the cars ill bottles already on adults only to you

well who’s the guy that got to cut what’s actually

hi sup loser yes sir absolutely I’ll I’ll be in the car

/url bid was there is sandwich that was seized in the last week a

out of here grabs the I will I will get outta here glad I really

you have to go away now in fact Trish over here kinda what’s car for sell

%uh galley added she was sort of a only all she lives with me now

you don’t worry about seal a very good yes absolutely have

holy mackerel old get is putting me in an okie

is putting me to head off to get my head in the hot nacho cheese

s topic why was this eve

would serve terrible crime took place that they had to seize the cheese

I another never making sees the keys

sees the cheese you do you you can also go to seize the cheese dot com to

see our large I love to check a better made available right now

right now sees the cheese what are the odds that it’s available

I I things 18 miles and II there’s no way

really no way it is a rhyme i think is though it’s available

well the thing is were recording this on Friday and up living on Mondays we have

an entire weekend to get through it

right a to buy this domain sees that dot com is taken

of course day obviously sees the cheese

fees that sees dot com is available police yet

you guys 11 go to see the cheese dot com

right now you can leave a lot to between where the forwarding it to our website

we have no idea what we do with you that geez I come but we do

owed it by the time you’re listening to this we owed it

and we’re gonna do something something insane like for it to our other words

shall I get URL for yourself the

yezzir she we’re gonna have to go and pay for it

ok if Ford’s the cool that sports a

cool that’s so cool that he has his own porn site

it is him sitting in the NHL jersey with those two kids

only 250 poured cool that is the very cool at all

it I users or a molester from the few

coarser it see this person sees the portion that comes a real

see if GV the boys at is the portion that guy was definitely still available

for hours

sees the cheese I can envision myself buying that the next two days

alright yeah Anna

who solid answer go us those are long as the answer today

close to nine minutes well you can take a breather you have to clear failure to

take supply either

she’s Iowa been sipping water I am have to you

well now there’s nothing I need to chop my nose obviously and my brain into a

bowl and put it back on

you have an array have a cold I was when I like if you just if I

died and the sliced my face open at like opened my face like the top or the

cookie jar

how much snot yeah you what where does it come from

was a blow its so much then it just like now is that Lee more wars more

like my body doesn’t produce anything as fast as it produces not when I’m sick


we just did was reproduced must like this do thui a dislike have like pax

that’s just like pure

you could at least I i climbed up and frack separate

Jags explaining your

on Jack stock to put up racks okay

you can do it said that not making fun of someone who said that

what I really hope you know %uh a few a few months ago I i

said River we there when I said Hugh Jackman

has anybody ever called called the future jacked man VA

no I was not there I’ll with huge Hugh Jackman I was like if anybody ever call

them huge jacked man

as a nickname and I googled it turns out yet I

to a good I have no idea why do that stores will serve as the next guy said

this one is from a bomb did the

buster bluster big-name

real email it has been a long life long goal in mind to catch a foul ball at a

baseball game

I was at a baseball game recently with my girlfriend and we were sitting on the

third base line

it was the top of the fourth and I hear cracked the bat also on the ball’s

coming right for us

I brought my club to the park that day I reached up and I cut it

here’s where it starts to get tricky I love this guy’s reading

I showed up to my car asserts my girlfriend and she told me to give it to

the kid who is sitting next to me

I teller know this is mine have been waiting twenty three years for this


the kid heard her say that I should give the ball to him and now he’s staring at


I still declined after an argument I reluctantly give the kid the ball

the girl my girlfriend is still pissed at me that individual right away

what should I have done slash do that’s amazing because there’s like now you

have nothing

yeah it’s gone so badly that you like you feel guilty that you didn’t do it


got was that you you don’t have the ball over to really keep probably hate you a

little bit because you feel like they gave me the ball but it was like

very begrudgingly yeah at this you have to like

whatever you decide you’re committing like it the second you kept the ball

the second you said know it’s i’ve been waiting for this mode for 23 years

young given the ball in the pocket yeah it like that they’d like

you know you’re golden gleam advocates that but you have the ball that this

were like

you know or you just give it to the right away and it’s like you’re upset by

your girlfriend thinks you’re awesome to the kid thinks you’re awesome the kid

has a ball

by the best case scenario by you still caught the ball

now is your goal like what’s the point have okay now we have the thing that i


yea yeah you you you just done it yeah

caught the ball give it to a kid by a ball like put it on my right now is that

is that is that

I brought my brother got to the part that day let you do you do that every

single day

I could really about is booked for 23 years I happen to have my glove in a

city on the third base line

you were you this weird you went there with your gloved to catch the ball

it’s not like a lot of happenstance the weird thing is this is a double-a

Richmond flying squirrels

Cesar game some early but this guy was left field

I holy crap brett butler himself

II I mean I guess I think the a in the movie The Thing

you should have done is just a lie been like don’t repeat my nephew

I just love you to another kid and that she’s like oh okay are you raise your

right your not you love it

some other kid in your life and then you’re like still kinda guy you tell it

you gave it to us

and a you can keep the ball under your pillow right there one day you propose

to are you guys are barely raised a good veggie thought to buy the ball when

you’re moving from but

rugby her from your house to an old folks lol this is the NBA Live

and she just divorces you as a 70-year-old I

you’re still 15:07 goes on as above all don’t ask a

so the way he misplayed it was not sticking to your guns right away

you want to keep the ball shake up the ball I agree but what can he do now

because the kid is the kid even deserve it like the kid was sitting next to me

that you were that kid nobody did you buy your whole life

part 1 like now you should’ve me that kid

were remembered but now he’s good he’s done he’ll never try to catch a ball

you know what he’s learned too bad about the good bad life lesson

should get him to 20 no absolute how is that fair for him

you’ve done that child the decision faithfully should be they’ve your grope

another club right oh yeah

is a wholly the ball in your head so happy what did I also catch a silver

platter for read it does

service kid on Ibiza this is an absolute crime rate

is a shame so I I think that we should set your goal for now is like that year

I mean you should she should respect that you spent 23 years trying to catch

a ball you finally did you didn’t want to give it up there and you did so we

did a reluctantly and you did it to make her happy and to make the kid happy

erode you know expense the says your own happiness

says you should forgive you and you failed your your 0 for 3

your batting 0 for this game paid for your life

alright 0 I think we have time for one more question

hacking p was gonna go pee yeah so we cut the satyrs

latest speak the question will your I yeah I really have to pee said ivory

Latta workers is called

I’ll while realizing while you’re in a I’ll be right back

I’ll bring the microphone to the bathroom so that we can totally hear

I’ll this question is from Lindsay

heavier Jake my name is Lindsay and I’m in a bit of a predicament

I live in one of the rougher neighborhoods in Canada no such thing

I really know this is alive and recently learned that one of my best friend stole


a it went missing a month ago and just two weeks ago my friend invited me over

to play x-box

on what i think is my all TV I’m afraid to confront him about it

because I don’t wanna lose him as a friend help me a mere Jake you’re my

only hope

so just to recap Lindsay lost her TV somebody stole it

her friend invited her to her house and she thinks that her friend invited her

over to play at spots on the TV that he stole

had to confront this new friend that she doesn’t want to lose for some reason

she doesn’t want to lose a friend thats dollar TV yeah because

know God for dead yeah i i value this friendship and

obviously my friend values month-long I hate that cut him

cut her off because we obviously skills lot stuff from

we have the sort of mutually beneficial relationship where I like her company

are his company and dad they like my shit yes 0

you’re a borderline prostitute other if I guess in your friends the prostitute

I don’t either I don’t think I understand that metaphor your cuz she’s

paying she’s a hang out with her friends

oo IC said she’s paying an LED TVs and stuff so you’re at your job

not that she is she’s not appear yes she’s a John George on your friends a

prosody as you want to keep this relationship going

or city confront him also helps you know that it that’s her TV

ya surface RT what crazy audacity this friend as to invite her friend over to

play X box on the TV that he stole

it’s kinda weird because like you know they make a lot more than just one DVD

yeah I like a lot of the time people get the same TVs because there’s like deals

on Amazon or Best Buy

read like there’s a chance it like both you guys like needed new TVs at the same


you’ve got the same TV right I guess there’s also a chance that both view TV

and that she then you bought one and then

here she stole it yeah or dislike so obviously hers

but then it’s like why invite the friend over you go baby go find your order


or your receipt and you can get the serial number from the TV

I serve fish likely find it wallows

your friend is in the bathroom right and then a then in that case I would

confront him or her about it I would just call the police and tell

the shorter the line we’ll have the serial number or you like

00 is this advice because you’re afraid to lose the frantic viewed by

I did your TV back the more porn item in your life

I I V if you’re I think you’re afraid of losing a friend by accusing them of the

like stealing the TV yeah a and you should only be worried about doing that

if you’re like not a hunt for senator the TV is yours but if you are

if it’s if it’s definitely your TV then a

you know have no fear about losing a friend cuz they’re gonna go to jail

is there a kleptomaniac you it your

euro DTV is K I or you have the police seize it

right and have land in his friend go and buy it in some sort

TV auction see the tease Steve these the TVs that

be’s and are gonna do something with you the cheese that girl

I really liked very much like the only thing is that is that God

located possibly I don’t like a picture world in 10 years were down because it

buys it from us for a go and I’ll

so itself itself ago P thats logo dog dozers by her

I get something going to happen with that they’re just trust me we’re by and

see the TV that thing is in 10 years a million dollars will only buy

medium pizza from Pizza Hut you with their economies got we talk about that I

finally had a house if you want to talk about the podcast inflation okay stack

please you’re the start it was JFK

I started from some sort of bottom the opposite an hour here

started from the bottom now we hear see speech yeah like an a an ad sales

persons that we are ready for the slow game they are really green let it


spend the money on the DL outside is so there’s some like marketing guy that’s

like alright yeah

we’ve got a good idea get the website William

if we don’t have the website what you need on the left so we waited fifty

you you we shot the commercial where it was like a %uh

Dead Poets Society charity were some school English teachers they regarded as

according to you you see the cheese 30 started its on the kids don’t think

voters are rising as they won’t take any offer

over a billion dollars you offer twelve million dollars in cheese

see the teeth a but we just don’t buy it

no buzzards our gift to you first person to listen to this podcast about the the

cheese but no I really want it

yeah it’s funny cuz like anybody was the two like if they probably are you into

it but they can be funny if %uh

some you listening to right now just like public I we he didn’t get it

only got it go to see the cheese right now get out

we’re now we’re definitely getting I’m staring at a screen right now that’s a

sees the cheese dot com is available

great how much is it like ebooks its eight dollars we go halfsies on this

go dutch for each reach making at least half a mill with a couple years

yet where we split it right I only I guess what I just bought sees that she

threw my food

if possible entirely mine refresh the page loser

no doesn’t know I thought that’s right grades

Heights you still have that

it is cured my cold with cheese a

I and that’s our time that is our time thank you so much for listening to this

weeks episode if I were you again the email addresses

we promise we won’t make fun I’ve every single person that writes in

just some of them the email addresses if I reuse shell

at gmail dot com or you can email

if I really show at sees the cheese dot com I

we are still starting every show with a new fresh

user-submitted created theme song we still haven’t settled on one

I think we don’t have to ever settle on one yeah because we didn’t

the stick is just new theme song every episode written by

1 I’ve you guys again send it to if I really show at gmail dot com

oh you know we wanted to do with the the audio question

oh that’s right that israel if you guys are tech savvy enough

to actually record your voice asking the question

instead of typing it out I would be cool to do questions that way we can hear

your voice and we can

answer it how we can make love your voice it decided exactly like what if

this person had a stupid voice

were just sitting here making fun of your syntax that’s not fair to us it’s

not where the viewers here’s the RDA’s

ceaselessly if you it is forcing it as a tag line to everything i mean to you

guys it’s easy and that she’s record your voice send that

voice violin as a as a question I think you do you file

yeah I wayd why a dot why the wife I’ll

anything else any last words that is so quick to come up with the acronym for


is thank you II yeah

shit I did you to cover me like that well I

yes something else I we have a couple live shows coming up 11 size 11


so we have one coming up on a june thirteenth I believe the dayton

I at the UC theater add-on

New York in New York and the west side though that’s because you live show to

be very funny

if you live in New York reserve tickets income

and I then we also have 10 shows in London starting on

June 20 fifth was yeah

Tuesday maybe june twenty-fifth and we’re doing two shows a night

and some the show’s might be sold out but we might be releasing more shows

in anyway sees the cheese grab the tickets

and let sit let you at this yeah I do thats thats the bumper light

sees the T yes we sat on every episode with people saying sees the cheese

it’ll be like our vision FP does is keep it crispy cut-rate

I what is that P I he’s not listening to this

let’s ended with layers beautiful song

a untitled but probably called

if I were you show theme song thanks so much land thanks so much everybody for

listening if

I the this

line down my

lowering here


sees the cheese

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