Episode 50: Swinging

This is a personal favorite of mine. Amir’s dystopian future intro that Jake takes over is hilarious.


In this episode we discuss rejection, trust, and how to sleep with your friends girlfriend.

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the year is 2014 the podcast landscape
has changed as we know it

suddenly till figures appear these these
heroes these caroline is a nerdy dude in


he’s immediately shot and killed the big
strong handsome one

he walks down under the hill love this
dystopian future in

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please enjoy this very special this
fiftieth episode oh my god %uh

if I were you 50 and we waited this long

both it was worth that actually because

them the big 50 was layin

thing love you by levy Hayman

30 are you really that any Gary through
a real the service they

gradually got real and it was a great
great time so without further as you

please enjoy is very special real

other flower you played a J

and a I see it please don’t bounce

let’s go yeah

skaggs tall


okay alright okay alright

turn it up of a

it now in shock Yahoo enemy you

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about that thing for the family to take

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a boy

too long yeah and I think tell table 1

up so waves not that cold feet
rock-solid Justin audiophile

funny put him on blast but stick around
for these clouds on capitol respect and

esteem for their

down trust the Pacific in the AM I R

call sir scoring got to take much more

with the mir just top said part of the
country have been

last got said take it now

fear now they can tell us some then
given by

to the peaceful height 385 stars take it

beer if they can’t tell you got then
they just amuse the people

priests remembered all but

hi I how do you go back

this is the moment I heyhey

now is fine those great that what we’re
gonna cut off but then we just thought

it was selling it a that we just kept a
guy who had through

to good way to start our 50th episode
500 week 800

and our fiftieth in our last episode
thank you you on the run

yeah we want this to be a fine a body of
work and I think I think that these

appropriate a good number

and we appreciate everything better we
appreciate y’all

and I’m sure you guys even more so
appreciate us

which I think it more than anything we
really appreciate it yeah

in fact I’m starting to resent you
because they’re not sure you appreciate

been up

and share your regime be a lot but I’d
like to be

more appreciated a I like to be a lot I

here I rather viewership I want to be a
false prophet few people I wanna be a

god and idle

you wanna be a ball sailed to you yes
this is a fire you the only advice

podcast on the Internet has to buy us
some Amir

and I’m Jake and that was Thomas and his
rap group is called the 28th minute

cool thank them I

cool anyway your year or you’re over it

you can spend probably days may call by

alright let’s get right into the show
it’s my time to shine always

do you want to talk about %ah manual to
you anymore yeah he made the song we

played it the

that his name is that then with his rap

I you we we get we totally unforgettable
memo is it

I’m over it David De Gea’s only helmets
got a rap group called karma as to what

the 28th minute

the 28th minute their dis- there’s the
props we were looking for and the ad

actually is our 50th episode

your on crazy for her 1 episode for

for our combined ages no her yeah

you know that you know numbers

ride yeah alright yeah

recruitment your age was my age
obviously isn’t fit

but now it’s obviously not yeah what is

obviously 58 ass

City diva hmm us so how does it work

we a we take advice to the people and
give it to the country

labels out here and they can’t tell us
nothing and yes

we give back to the people and %uh
spread our guys around JT

it might fit that does it take part

email us because they’re difficult
places in their lives and they’re

looking for advice

and we read a couple questions try to
answer them in a given

the advice as best we can on this year
podcast a sad about it

we don’t do our best both live ago

it but holy shit holy shit I don’t
always do with you anymore

food this is our this is the first
episode we recorded in three weeks this

is the longest break we’ve taken my
really I feel completely at a bit I am

we have let’s not ever got it back and
had a podcast

I was home I was with my family in here

lead and out two days editing the best a
third 2013 yeah

close to four four and a half hours a
day going to the crash

already did my shared with my brother
yeah and it was the best

what came two weeks in my life yeah I
forwarded you some questions are like

hey what do you think about this onei
about this and he said not now do not

now do you how do you have on an annual
vacation rental vacation

yeah and then it one way call that a
mental staycation yeah

not coming back and that’s when you flew
out to New York in reply to my bed at my

parents house

and I think that was cool to I does
necessary to corners and

ugg boots so I know you’re get this
party started

and do it I all right we need a theme is
that a

the Niners won today’s he want to go the
Niners yet the Niners

alright so where does this go 1949 years

yeah there named after the I school

Gold Rush which was earlier in the
nineteen right after

right after ww2 through that with when
everybody was held up to Kelly

I dole a little gold rush it is funny to
call on the 18 49ers

it’s like not their full name but its
too funny

the New York knickerbockers yeah like
that ever before but I’ve ever heard the

severs go 18 49ers

it I alright so this one is a real email
from a real person we’re gonna give them

a fake name to preserve his

and on DVD now we’re back baby yep

help per bag yep I’m so happy I can’t

I she’s well York right on 55th and that
could occur I

I’m so happy I am crying correct I was
so happy I’m obviously Karachi

is right you meant is that a clearly we
be now i’m happy tears

I was so happy that he is a joy are
coming out of me

I that be I’m cry but

is ok Colin Kaepernick rates

that you with you are usually repeat
them here colin chapman

yeah %uh hey guys my girlfriend 23
sometimes leaves over at her friend’s

house and sleeves in his bed with him

and his girlfriend I don’t think I had a
problem with this

until she mentioned that she sleeps in
her underwear only

furthermore sometimes the girlfriend
isn’t there

so it’s just my gf in her underwear and
bra and her male friend

I trust this guy and I doubt anything
would happen intentionally

but the idea that my gf might
inadvertently get her ass poked during

the night

I with not but a clock barrier disturbs

is this an acceptable called and if so
how can I have her stop

have fun with this but please give me
some advice to

love Colin Kaepernick other than the

they’re they’re having to reload the I
could a definitely make it funny but

yeah he’s do remember

busier than a revised my dad I do you
want me dead body and the extract here

yuck yuck so I

everyone’s having a fun little tired at
the end of the day

Louisville I almost feel bad we’re doing
a disservice was going to be like to

remind us that they needed by

by the way it’s like yeah you can have
your cake but remember to eat it too

at the same time we really is though 258

you guys aren’t allowed to get off the
rails and stay there that need to find a

way to bring it back yet again

this is like a very subtle passive blast
it’s not enough politic putting us on

full blast but his base I appreciate
that yet we’re recording this podcast on

a Sunday and I don’t think I really
deserve or need

or want a Sunday night blast yeah this
isn’t I don’t think anybody K

occurred it’s it’s that we want to start
the new week operate and

is passive glasses pretty much all my
ass coneheads yeah

pic him a bath a blast yeah

have bad simple as that sela

things have gone from bad to worse in
this question yeah I mean well

why first of all I love the I’d I trust
this guy

why don’t you sleep in a bed with their
girlfriend at RT that already violates

the trust

in my eyes if you’re like in your if you
twenty three-years-old sleeping over in

a boy’s bad that but the that the

that’s a no at the grounds for
termination appeal relationship that’s a

red light

and then I so you the very least it’s a
yellow for yield

a look I was cool I thought it was a
that it would he was having a three-way

paper well I thought I was to the
twosome just is due to my girlfriend

that’s not cool it almost is where’s the
words like

mag if you’re a if one’s girlfriend had

a cheated on you with a 3some with I got
its kinda crazy where time interval just

one other guy it’s like out its not

for it’s less people but it somehow
worse now an ok are

you kidding me i think im you had a
girlfriend you’d rather have her cheat

on you in a threesome with another girl
and another guy

that you had one other guy yet blows my
fucking mind

well what about an orgy the more people
that it is the less

personal it is and the less big a deal
with this it’s that humans are the worst

that you’re jealous that another and you
get to be a part of it like

it my girlfriend wanted ever three way
with a dude another

another girl I like fuck you it wasn’t
there for that

that should have been me that was by
threesome have well this is my rank like

a 4G is

bankers like a wild night 3some that’s
pretty bad a duo that’s like the worst

and the ultimate worse is to hear if
your girlfriend masturbated

I then it’s just her she’s cheating on
me with the year olds day

not fucking touch to use the help do
they have to kick your ass

put my hand you you flick your bean with
you to add my head to head that I hold

in the pussy

i fuck I you know allowed to judge
either wanna Bob

do Manama I think it though cuz

its owners there is they Lakers a single
thing like a

one-on-one is like an emotional two year
well as a physical cheat

an orgy or 3-way is it just a physical
cheap because it’s sort of like this

crazy experience

but like I would feel so jealous that my

gave some dude yeah last night in his

yeah I don’t want that to be happy yeah
elsewhere by bad

property I

she’s my eyes she’s my shirts she’s my
jeans then you can wear them

China figure I didn’t a nice way to say
I own whoever day

I what is it likely when you own
something but it’s not like I but it’s

illegal it’s not like a lamb personally
I’d like a dog like a value enslaving a

pet out at my pad I

alright I am most I don’t get any hate
mail for that day

with everyone beware that I’m calling
girls pack yeah I’m not just know that

I’m just saying that this thing is mine
I don’t mean like a property like oh

this is my limit

dismayed is my pencil you can’t borrow
it and

like is my cat as yet ugh this is like
my lizard

the ivory whatever yeah I

so yet so that your property eggs

I dude like God

um in all czar i we we had our yucky I

southerly and give them some advice to I
would break up with this girl

she’s not good I would it will I mean
the thing is she has a broken any rules

because you haven’t ever expressed

she’s broken implicit rules which is not
sleeping in a bed have your

I have a friend with underwear but this
girls isn’t the he’s very

um lacks in like he is he doesn’t really

the I like how is like I doubt anything
would happen intentionally but it really

gets me to think that

he might have award a morning wood in
poker underwear

that’s what leads are yeah years so

years you’re really feeling to see the
big picture which is that he’s fucking

your all night

don’t worry he’s not out is not poking
her climb voters hope they’re using a


they’re definitely having threeway sex.
that the club that is poking your that

the god damn

I rubber I would I think I guess like
you could

say had only do this anymore in CA she
takes it and she won’t do it then break

up with their

but if it’s me I’m just a hey

this is eating away at me for a long
time I think it’s awful I think you’re

awful goodbye forever

are what is our world all just up doing
it geez that’s

II wish you had expressed a.m.
explicitly that you didn’t like me

sleeping in the same bed as are my best
friend and her

his girlfriend I shouldn’t have to you
goodbye forever

approved are ahead like I guess I’m
gonna go back to fucking this guy are

sleeping I said I was gonna hang out
with this guy and his girl

I get I could see her if you could if
you ask you to stop it you’re just as

likely have course I would do that

but then it’s obviously she knew the
entire time that she with the issue of

getting away with it

and that yelling hey I’m from so I
really don’t want to do this 0

yeah okay I was surprised you love you
prefer the clock yeah holy shit

that you have that she had some sort of
moral obligation is they would you do

someone should have called someone out
at some point during all that their

for fucking people involved they’re
acting like it’s a normal thing eliza


was wise in my responsibility to slap
center this guy doesn’t have any friends

my old

I too old that what people do is that
cool relaxed grandpa yeah people sleep

in bed with other people

now on yet now I’m nervous I should be
doing it she

you’re nervous I wanna be I wanted a
young know when he hit but i wanna be

cool in with

needed sleep in the same bed put tightly
as other people

I lawyer relationship with somebody else

that’s all I need to do that that the
real I need why I he is also not that

good is that nice to sleep with people
that you’re not fucking

it’s the leaders its though it’s the not
exciting parts

like not being able to roll over and
there’s no space

right cuz if they’re really not even
touching if there’s not even any

cuddle then it’s just having a small bed
that your girlfriend likes

right so with there has to be a least

some contact them sort of human touch
that makes her like sleeping there like

okay but we’re not gonna look up we’re
gonna cuddle and cuddle and that’s nice

there’s no chance they’re not dude dude
they’re def curling

captaining I don’t know why you’d like
your your a fuckin you’re winning QB

you’re so tall strong

you know not necessarily handsome before
the light you’re a champion so that’s

that Nathan Jagger Lanci champion with
my point is that you’ll have to put up

with this shit she’s absolutely at the
very very least

getting poked by a boner your biggest
fear is happening

and it’s not inadvertent its verdict who
it is very verge into

I just buy a share you that the the
Dodgers have been more than hurt and

then going forward you do not want to
allow this to happen in your in your

relationship with your pet

I and furthermore keep your hamster on a
day when you’re not

had that was all a fucking bit if you
guys don’t get it at this point please

let’s look up

I finally understand that I’m mostly

as long as you’re apologizing for things
I called Colin Kaepernick in AFC

champion obviously I know

the Niners are in the NFC there you go
and I apologize of course

for calling copertina Colin Kaepernick I

and he’s the is very is a handsome he’s
got the whole package

you and I go I hit really hate for for
him your

had I put him on blast yeah even if bill
Dawson their kicker heard in

relayed the message I hate her I paper
capped ever

I don’t feel I deserve the problem that
is all they think mister kaplan et sir

make el cabron a guy capital try and I’m
not a game next week

hun yeah guess I picked this I

it’s a fake name I wouldn’t it’s not
actually what it on now

the Pew you forgot that all by the
podcast the

I next question yeah this one’s pretty
great so let’s get the name at the way

right off the bat

Vernon Davis Vernon Davis I this is the

email ready in whom I was cracked yummy

day yeah absolutely a letter that a

yeah looks like this ready I already

are thus the email read it became it’s
already getting I

%uh yet or ready for it curator

ok book it’s not gonna correct

it’s been a good ok every grandmothers

belly it better always there that

this is the entire email starting now

what are some stuff you guys say if you
get rejected in play it off like you

don’t care


no third project no hello no subject no
salutation no

no punctuation I’d love to know the
times they have that email could

in my mind he he went to kiss a body at
a bar

I she said no people back that nothing
and then went out with you bill in a


a fever text residential dream that said
whether some stuff you guys say if you

get rejected in play it off like you
don’t care

both seem normal monthly unphased I know
I’m going back out there to ours reality

that I’ve just been rejected denied

do please record and respond to a as

a it now allow me to make syria does it
look like I may have

I who well it seems like you’re in a
huge rush in your very miffed

years good quick near cuba is a

a good word to use their debut another
way to look at it is like an alien just

being like

water Scott you say to get rejected him
play it off like you don’t care

I tried to bed one of your women I you

rejected me not once but twice what is
some stuff to say to make it seem like I

don’t care

I was broadly denied I told her straight
up I stared at heard her forehead and I

said I don’t care

I don’t care I don’t care if there’s I’m
going to sleep

I then passed out for what seemed like
two and a half years was actually closed

as seven

injected with the mothership I told them
I wasn’t getting any

if they do you have all the detailed
February to impregnate a woman human

cities and I say dude it’s not that easy

yeah I texted the boys but I’ve yet to
hear back

lil at the blood brothers perot’s bad

alien who they were and miss that is
that already a movie

but and a leader’s vision is that sex
yeah it’s like impregnated you

female woman on other a female

earthling any do come then we can get
laid we had to teach

but it’s you know coming days as an
alien in Will Smith is is

human leader of course they’d never seen
here when

a is there an actual answer to this
question I think

what it depends on what kind of
rejection if it’s late

head you wanna go out on a date sometime
and she’s like a and no I don’t think so

that or is it like I leaned in to kiss
her and she like

moved her head yeah might have been
kissed her cheek

in Iliev that Hananel yeah

how is it important to remember that
rejection happens to everyone

Noah yessir you yeah

raise your hand never never never been

well hmm I guess it’s important to
remember that rejection happens to

everybody but Jake

honestly haven’t media yeah and yet
everybody interjected

everybody gets rejected and the key is
to play it off like it it ain’t no thang

right never wanna be like sad
disappointed angry at all

you always wanna be like you have other
options yeah they okay great no worries

yeah like you try to kiss a girl she’s
like oh noes I’m not looking like oh

yeah of course that’s fine to me

go kill someone over the don’t they say
that but like at that area

now you’re fine it sorta like same it’s
like being a birthday and you’re like

OJ’s have any romaine lettuce and the
like no

like okay I have I that’s a little it’d
crazy is like

oh that’s cool he’s done a lot about
that there’s a lot of other through the

light here I’ll do this or this or that
is always like you have options so

text like pretend like to text me to ask
a ask me out on a date now responded

with a rejection

I would never ask your well I okay
pretend I’m a man a track to play D you

wanna ask me out on a date

hey come over the couple who stupid you
order a

I hey a and Hey Hey Baby

little that psychic cuz I but I don’t
know how to text

pair babe arm what’s a Wii

his number a thing house three

I who is I hey you wanna go out on

Ono actually I’m super busy this week
let me get back to you

maybe next week or the week after yes
and good as they would say yes and get

acclimated white

I’ll probably so that’s the way to deal
with that that wasn’t what I rejection

that well I mean that to somebody would
reject someone our day

hamlet in the UK I wanna would it has
you like as someone super directly K

out like I take you out on a date on
Wednesday hey

no I’m sorry I’m just like I really
right now

yeah I don’t feel like that I’m sorry
that’s totally cool I get it yeah

so still the same and I get it yeah the
authority United

you respond positively is BA yeah that’s
cool that’s your decision that yet

you are fine I’m gonna go be fine too

because you can never change someone’s
mind out with a text message

deftly you’re never ever going to be you
can never ever say the right words that

a teen movie you don’t get is be like

I what I thought about you forever like
a linebacker take no for an answer no

yeah aight you always had to take no for
an answer that the answer

right and I furthermore as they have it

with you with a kiss rejection if you
read into kisser

she moved her head then I think you have
to apologize

idea say sorry II hell feels like a
physical advancement yet

I think yes Ames IA a.m.

now is now is a weird move on my part
that they would like maybe should give

you signals

and you could say sorry it but they that
was what I thought you would like that

are usually tell you why should they are
you sorry sorry but are you sorry for

for leading me in and then

pulling away like that that much harder
the it was that bad as much order

right like world I guess it would be
like that because

he wouldn’t that specific bed email well
that’s why we’re already under the bar

after he didn’t just this girl

that the glory of being a pussy in doing
things over text right

now laid out the deal with shit in the
moment through it’s really hard

it’s the worst to kiss someone enhanced
have them turn away

yeah that’s the worst feeling in the
world that’s the worst

yeah there’s no coming back from that
either you have to be like

okay that was bad i sorry amigo

that’s okay my worst feeling is seeing
like homeless people struggle on a daily


are like a single mother are single
father China supports

for her family so I think that’s the
worst feeling what did you say yours was

trying to kiss someone when they occur
they pull away

I or did I say I losing a loved one not
really care more about homeless people

the National people you love

I I have my my least favorite thing to
see exactly genocide so

I’m so you you might care about I’m
crippled old war vet

with drug problems that’s good i care
about. innocence that never had a fair

shot at the Sun Life

so are you is saying genocide yeah Jake
that okay

the for me the worst thing is going to
hug someone and they pull out 0

actually I know that sucks I

full-circle I yeah

there’s a lot about you I that’s that’s
the overarching theme with it but

gathered as well as they remind you may
not like the bad I

that the name is absurd things can be
bad to take a break now rates are on my


I’m gonna break and let’s do it the we
got a a a

follow-up power a follow-up up the file

from primer a question we

a we entered over our around Halloween
time which is a guy wanted to

a have a where he had a girlfriend back
at home during college in any wanted to

have a couples costume with the lady
friend of his at college should be

answered is with the gas deal with it

how was it need for Emily and were like

couples costume is the most flirtatious
thing you should do your price break up

their girlfriend

rate and they know we ultimately said
like group costume

do I’ll yeah I air

who told the did not cancel Halloween
plans to make his girlfriend happy right

okay so this

he writes in at December 30th just two
months after Halloween

hey guys I asked a question about going
to a Halloween party doing a couples

costume with someone that was in my
girlfriend and you said I should go and

have fun

well I did and i ended up getting wasted
and cheating on my girlfriend I told her

everything about it and she don’t make

both I I was wondering if you were me

would you still pursue the girl I once
cheated on or let her go and try to move


I only want the base again yeah I was
the televised the double follow-up up

that’s so funny would you say that was
good adviser bad boys that we told to go

in any cheated

all happy that he did yes is
relationship I mean are over our

overarching relationship advice always
is don’t stay with a girl when you go to

college for the first time

yeah cell he did it the wrong way should
have broken up with her and then hooked

up with another

right but get at least given the option
that we had we told the go to the party

it’s unfortunate that he cheated yeah
took the coward’s way out

I believe he told his girlfriend is then
stretch wrap

ultimately did take the carriageway at
best up like a man I

you took a coward’s way out and then you
better be a coward witched

I guess makes you a man you to carry out
the heroes way back n

I you can grab buddy a beautiful
transformation UN into a phone booth is

glycan left is the firm and

and I wonder if you should pursue the
girl aged I covered with I guess sure

why the hell not

and let my single your did the bad thing
which is arguably their

unless it’s not cool it’s very dangerous
now I thought the class was

should I pursue the girl I want cheated
on I love you I love getting his ex back

a would you still pursue the girl I once
cheated on

oh yeah are let it go on yeah I air he
is asking that

I once cheated or the like I got on with
this girl I once cheated on with this


now is talking about the girl that the
girl back at home that dump them

no shot at No up idiot shut the fuck up
you don’t get heard

your hero in the your hero now you’re a
coward again you take away your own

layout the cowardly and the air the way
out again

I you know what the fuck is going on
there’s only two hours in third for this

story: whatever you are you must be

stop it I stop this behavior be gone all
the couples costumes you want

%ah right very nice

that follow up very to their very very
public very

follow-up but I was your last three
weeks I haven’t seen you in a sense

before x-mas

yeah well now it’s January it’s so

january 5th three we see oh we’re
recording a podcast

in the room next door here yeah with
your brother yeah

and then US crammed of the the East

no has lovely and I stay here for it was
great I did I’ll

a nice little mix of I you know raged a
little bit

you raised a little faces little faith
yeah some old friend you know you saw

some friends face so when home

yeah he went home face I when I was
climbing with my brother yeah

family a climb today but everytime face

I and then I based on my family pays
back into the city raised a little bit

it was lovely it wasn’t it was really
very well I would consider it

perfect perfect vacation I feel like I
haven’t done any

work in three weeks the way the holidays
are structured I feel like I’ve I’m a

complete waste the space

like to add something that makes you
nervous and upset and yeah

no I don’t feel like myself I should be
working right right now I never

I’ve never felt more comfortable in a
lively yet just perfect your default

setting is like

relaxing yet you can be on vacation for
ever be fine I would never think about


I heard so fortunate that we found each
other cuz I you’re the only person in

the world that makes me work

it I where you wise and fortunate for me

I not so fortunate that we found each
other cuz you survive the only I have

read talking about myself

I you O’Shea I just realized that there
was nothing in this room a

you’re cursed Yahoo I come into contact
with his Kors

I I am blessed yeah I’m touch your heart
gold that you’re like a virus attacking

a body you like it then we found each
other cuz now I have a year organized if

he’s done

and the anti might is touch 50 I’m gold
and everything I touch turns to shit

I yeah a

and we wouldn’t have it any other way
showdown I

actually do seek earlier that year okay

that actually irks me and I there
apparently yeah

just because I don’t feel I deserve to
be on

understand last I I now understand where
you’re coming from I actually do deserve

the heat be out black typically you
deserve the blast the heat

a the resentment you deserve everything
every day the earlier every ending the


receiving right making me uncomfortable
well here’s the thing

now see the Chiefs ICU it’s you I

I was seething that she’d the that I

the Rep to get back to it actually you
read this one

what’s young hotshot you diva little hot
shot here say that how long its

it was that too long for a hit with his
name now let’s go tank one Bolden

Anquan Anquan Anquan Anquan Boldin

Anquan Boldin right I’d be with my
current Scottish girlfriend for just

under a year now and it’s going
swimmingly well

after going up for a while we introduced
one of my dearest Jewish friends 21 for


good Scottish friends and they have also
been together for several months now

but here’s the sticky situation a few
weeks ago me and my friend were talking

and joking around and then we started
discussing the possibility of whether we

would be

upper slapping drop in for the night and
it quickly emerged that

we both very much wanted this as let’s
face it

the girls are both god damn smoke shows
we’re 100 percent sure gropers would

never go for this and would probably
break up with us just for discussing it

so how we manipulate them into thinking
this is a good idea

and eventually succumb them into this
one that have sexy sweet

seizing the cheese Anquan Boldin I

well doesn’t sound like a season with
cheese yet and climbed down the gear

you’re inquiring as to how you can be
able to seize this season the cheese is

yet to be TheWrap I like it

I’ll AAI I like Inc one ball that day we
introduced her to let my Jewish friend

yeah like to know that and I don’t know
if I should be offended but I guess if

I’m not it’s fine

I’ll at the you others to know that you
like it

there to do is due to Scottish chicks
which is kinda cool

I quantitative data dating a foreign
chick its cool

okay alright so that have a rule of

act I hafter a long long night OVA

discussing details and logistics these
guys are ready to swing their

I in fortunately there is a other party

know that their girlfriends are so not
willing to swing that they would break

up with the boys if they even found out
they discussed it selling a ride to the

brick wall they decide to ask us not how
do they become better people but rather

how do we hypnotize them to make them
think that this is a good idea

it’s also though play like we were
joking around about it will be done to


ended quickly emerged the oh okay

to worry we were both pretty very much

down to have no strings attached sex or
the other Burzum girlfriend invited to

slowly explore the possibility and yeah
immediately right away fast as lately we

decided we wanted to fuck each other’s

good out here with very much hesitation
much doubt heard time

we did I did yeah there we realize there
was this emotional

it motional obstacle love a do we want
to try to convince them and yes it

turned out quickly that he would love to
manipulate the girls we care about he

did say manipulate rail

verbatim the use the word Manipur
anytime you’re using the word manipulate

jolts if I another row love done

don’t manipulate the advice would be not
do a

so how do we manipulate them into
thinking this is a good idea arm

all that being said you just gotta make
it seem like their idea mean everybody

wants to have a good idea

so you want to make then think that they
had the idea and that you guys are down

and that they’re putting it on y’all

poor example a are you guys are all out

get your all out getting drunker Yahoo
how the Irish they

but a little sauce today latte

geyer they said theres gotta okay yeah

that not what irish people they here it
yeah I know that you’ve ever left Iraq

as the Jews say a little sauce their
daddy daddy ir

I is still not be frosted lucky Judith

I as you they would you just wanna like
hope that it comes out like maybe they

will go they go this guy’s cuteness Lego

thinks you’re pretty I don’t know it’s
not like if I can create this scenario

years that the feel it will you be down
to fuck my

fuck my a woman you really can’t you
obviously could never broach it

maybe maybe maybe there’s like some
joking that you could do that puts it in

their mind in the back in their minds
and sort have

are some in session in life I bet

how do you think every thought about
whispering swinging into her years while

she napped I will say there’s a chance
that they’re down for no strings

attached sex

everybody like sex don’t you’re you
you’re you’re you’re you’re you’re

you’re you’re putting it on these women

the day that they want to be in a in a
Monday monogamous

relationship with you in your Julie
little friend yes but not necessarily


they might like swaying as well in fact
once I’m done swinging I’d like to stay

with your girl has that ever happened
before switcheroo

swung so hard that you stayed its own so
hard mother fucker wanna switch lives


that she would be great yeah I oh man

the other day I was like I dislike 0

Neil my dad I guess I on a bit over

pervert as many as the my dad’s eyes as
he may die with him

as they will your mom doing tonight like
you’re going to a party at that Italian


Lego cause guys like I the Claudia
computers nearly everybody that there’s


as a 8 a people’s lives there’s four
different couples as the late NDP

and I was like certainty um would you
ever consider swinging

yeah it’s like now lawyer they really
thought it had swing is like

of I there’s I couldn’t really trade-up

is like it I hope nobody residents
insulted by that there was at that party

into the net but it’s such a nice thing
to say about my mom okay they have

already reached that pinnacle our day

I could pull out is very key is that
puts me the better we’ll I

that is the nicest thing your dad there
isn’t anyone in your family it through

well as beautiful daddy I mean I’m very

conservative in my view point so
obviously I would never do this but the

would there be a time and place in your
life where you would consider switching

ladies with your friend

I don’t think so cuz when I commit to
somebody I i’m I really attached to them

I guess if it’s like at the end the
relationship we like but at the same

time you wouldn’t want your friend
burning your girlfriend know I think I

would want

if there’s every time it would be when I
was like very casually dating someone

that I did not St any future with

right to do they fall for someone I
don’t I would it definitely not want

them to be

you just thinking about Dave Rosenberg
fucking I’m always only thing about Dave

Rose a big thank you to go back I

even when I’m not talking about this
your deep up thinking is that the Rosary

fucking a girl that LA

one of my ex’s just like somebody
somebody I care about always Dave

Rosenberg fucking somewhere love

we see a day on the show I would love
nothing more yeah

he could be our karl Pilkington who’s
that is like the

interesting dude on the Ricky Gervais
podcast really just pick his mind and

it’s a such an interesting brain

oh well other to spend an hour in it
that’s we should do our we don’t have

any we don’t answer any both have talked
to Dave Rosenberg

I about his views about a

women whether or not the moon is a is an
army colony

but we’re still owned will in in our
breakthrough thank you

rate was here was in a car you that
we’re talking about like

3GS think really got about like we do
you think the Moulin Israel nervous at


conspiracy theories in and the day was
like will like and I’m sure the mood


yeah aka they withdrew the moon was real

okay Dave who’s to say it’s a manner as

cheese that we carry wearing a bathing
suit Dave

I its November in Michigan in your out
wearing a bathing suit instead of


how about this for I bob is I don’t
think you’re a real

I really don’t think you are real %uh
all rights as a for this question

suffice to say

don’t a.m. don’t bring this up don’t try
to manipulate anybody

maybe there’s a world that they wants to
swing on their own accord and maybe

there’s a way

to too slowly hint

that you guys would be down and I think
the first micro step in that direction

so little that it’s almost not even a
step test the waters

is a good way to test the waters right
off the bat

say you had a dream where they swung
yeah dreams nyse:

is outside I can’t blame me that’s my
subconscious yep that’s true as I very


unless you know what another good thing
at I feel like

you guys are all out somewhere maybe you

when he comes back for the bathroom with
your hand around 10 the girl’s waist

and it’s not your girlfriend oh my god
I’m sorry about your

I thought your phone was dead all hip
hop ratifying are joking about the Leo

if we did that

and million me know lawyer-like pay a
friend to be like you know what I always

thought you guys look better with the
other bronze

yet we have a friend that just like his
media as for the first time they whose

girlfriend is usually let me guess you
guys are perfect for a child I can

imagine the sexual chemistry there the
sexual chemistry there the sexual

chemistry there or

we’ll there are this with the guy would
deal not been

like holy shit do the robot they miss
program I

you with her about the whole time I

and will ball totally be on the lookout
for an email from a lady

a asking the same question maybe they’re
having the same conversation that you

guys to

minimize to use my me my smoking hot

read what is swing with these two jus
sees another funny way to imagine it’s

like they’re in the kitchen with Spring

PTP work offered that’s crazy rate
swinging then it like pens the living

room and the two girls ages 69 ignore
the GWB I

we really have to dump these I we can
hear everything that is the exact

I yeah I mean when the Jew for crying
out loud they’re both do

look at me I’m Scott’s Thomas Gottschalk

right that’s it we’re at a time all
rights I’m self

episode 50 in our on the blaze news and
notes will you guys think

well let’s talk about what we think can
be a preventive tobacco

Jake you’ve been I slipping into reserve

byu you’re being ill-prepared and you’re
not helping out as much as you

I think you should be okay also not
providing enough humorous commentary

we on a license love your laugh is a
very public blast I just have a

a text document 45 Thanks are you go
what do you think is wrong about me

arm which for the the text document for

you’re just have a visible it is I love
you I

heated probe AP I

it just the way you are hmm %uh

shit I oh I think I could figure some
shit out some defect occurs and I’d ever

given more time

I that’s not never taught a lesson never
giving up that organ

yet i right thank you guys so much for
listening sorry because I was in all 50

episodes which is pretty amazing
credible thank you

but some guys I only listen to 49 that’s
got your slipping

at the end of the day that’s not being
supportive that’s not being helpful

which we talk about the live by
Catherine only has the first absolute

had since we

announced our first live podcast in our
first live show in LA basically

we’ve never ever performed in LA so this
is that it’s a pretty small theaters at

the Sydney Theatre in LA if you go to
their website

on january thirtieth at 7 p.m. we’re
gonna be doing a show get your tickets

fast because

it’s such a small room that actually
will sell out pretty quickly I think

cell hop on that would be awesome to
pack the room with fans have ours at


a specifically fans at the podcasts yes
that’s alright hardware and advertised


yet and and only here to enter and only
hearing on our Facebook page

and I’m ready yea and read it on Twitter
okay and also on our site and taking

your calls I’m gonna hire some dude with
like a sandwich board oldest liar just a

flyer markets what

that smart it your fitting

it bath I

yet that first theme song was from
Thomas and this last one is from Maxine

AJ if you got your own theme song

we start and and every episode with an
all new theme song thanks to you guys

are counted fans if you guys have one

or haven’t email or have a question if
your own that you like the email in

that email address is if I were you show
at gmail dot com

we’re trying to get through every single
submission so please no submission is in

vain we also want to focus on
relationships tougher getting a lot a

relationship questions but any

any sticky situation they find yourself
in professionally

personally educationally or in any other

let us know we were relationship be
honestly we can I’m not afraid of him

I do it all other relationship advice

don’t dare me %uh we can make fun of you
regardless if the US were trying to say

is the thanks guys listen to this and
for listen to the first 50 others that

here’s to 50% more before I kill myself

later everyone eased


Yahoo mobley yeah

just stunned let me know would do it now

and you while well which into

with by I were you it by I were you

move would you help me now

give me a shout now did tell me what do







the warm


me Newman




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