Episode 51: Stay Friends


In this episode we discuss religion, chivalry, and the oedipal complex.

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Thursday podcast sad day

that the area


so hiatus I was at the Rogers how to

we didn’t know every word let the people
don’t know I know is that before I

started seeing you is 32nd the main use
staring at each other in the eyes

your place is our game over who gets the
start the podcast chicken

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as enjoy has ever said today’s I think
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the great great president we had we made
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absolutely 100 percent unequivocally
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they finally got real

so enjoy this upset everyone thanks
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listening to



it pen


that was soothing I but so are you mad
I’m not mad

I’m soo it you don’t know it through the

%um very soon appeared and they don’t
have never been issued route for

I it led shows now I’m soo

a she kept on going that was short but

50 inch LED blinking a year you’re

graphic okay goldeneye and shoot a

this killed a person say I’m silly with

I masud fair I

I that was odd reason I I G Scott

from the band sexy I believe is their
first tour EP sexy

yes sick and then see s icks EA

a cyclic seasick yeah over the other way
around she did a

previous intro so this is our first I
think real heat

had another manga I have no idea but I
rose Gators are the ones that people

recommended that a is for the best up

well the Excel yeah thanks again Audrey
for that

thank you and this is if I are you the
only advice podcast on the Internet

hosted by us

al Amir and I’m Jake and soothed

and I’m soo I I’m incredibly sued

I really enthused area yeah because
we’re in your room

yeah we may better and yeah by your i
mean they’re downstairs and my parents

house for him/her him you mean years old

me yeah my older brothers old all the

yeah surrounded by photos a I guess
paintings the

my child there’s voters have you guys
yeah yeah there’s them

I’m in this room know are you come
around frame this term

a like other black that we’re on so yeah

so that so thoroughly that my room here
also all those scarves on the door mind

now those are my mom’s

I’ll the it I’ve been parading around
room at night in them

a everyone’s hoping that we just stay at
my parents house for Erica’s very funny


I like where when you tell people where
you’re staying

what he say like I hope you like oh
you’ve moved at LA where you live in the

ghetto I live at Amirs moms

I yahoo.com a deadly yeah I always got
your dad lives here that like your mom

is the

soulmate I everybody loves that they get
a real kick out

yeah a I told your dad gonna

you have to start bringing people I was
at Sebring girls back here

rakers getting liquor is almost 83 at
this point yeah

there’s a fight and raisa already yeah
have a diet that her dad over dinner

that I was horny

yeah he said I can you pass the whose

furthermore I’m I I’m growing sued in a
phrase I’m horny

mister blute build I am I am sad to say
that I both through the day and horny

I at this point in time out by myself

sued scared and alone at this juncture I
mean your eldest

bro eldest son’s room and I are becoming
a cuckold

above my cell boots their help

but that is a given just bring ladies
into the side or right yet I said

so on a others but now all I need to do
is find a girl who’s willing to drive

back to the valley with me

K kamada don’t you dare put my parents
on a Thursday blast

do not appear at every other to be on

who let alone on it there’s two her

I am alright the how does this show work
what is this showed you on tax planning

at this time

sure yeah we are home we used to live
guide if you’d rather live all you need

is that a good thing

yeah I was it wanted to go but I’ve been
nearly got all this great love game

okay well it’s one strike and here’s
what it is

we find people are who are in now we’ve
got a good group of people who are you

arthur Baker

girl rides okay it I did I like about
what are people who are looking for and

both there and sticky situations

terrible conundrums and awful life the

they come %uh looking for advice and we
do our best

to give it to them and had appeal email
us the email us

by emailing us in a I barry you show a
detailed account

and I actually don’t appreciate I this
quiz that I walked into

lizards order proud the teacher I

that you taught me a lesson but the
other thing I learned that I don’t like

you as much anymore

because I went to his podcast thinking
we’re fucked recalls

Yahoo you condescending schoolmaster

you mister fini without the accent or
the life lessons

I there was there won’t be any

I athletic director thank you

that helps the fuck now I feel good and
you have the got the and third gift yet

I wanna learn more

to give it to me again there no no
believe in myself so

we’re gonna give these real questions
today fake year fake names to preserve


and on the MIDI anonymity so the yet

yet our first name for the scare I’m ya

and peek at you Pikachu I’d choose

your email IBM and I I

big to rights data years reside I

who you know deserve to be in his room
on my pullout couch absolutely not

with me flower do they I

I hear you’re ready in bigots who writes

I got dumped by a chick cuz she lost
feelings for me

hey hand the here ahead not me

the I got done by Jake issue lies
feelings for me

hand she said she just wanted to be
friends but now she says she’s still

trying to get over me

and so she keeps asking to hang out as
friends but bails on me and ignores my

texts every time we’re supposed to hang

then she text me back days later
completely disregarding the fact that

she flaked on me

I asked her why she was ignoring me she
said she was making me mad on purpose

because it was her defense mechanism for

for not feeling sad wTF is going on I
don’t know

I wanna keep just being friends with her
but her actions lead me to think she

doesn’t wanna kick it with me

what do i do guys thanks P could chill
what a confusing woman

yeah he really let you in on the process
though I guess is my defense mechanism

since I don’t give a shit about you
anymore what I mean thing to do

but it is very a on is that the very
least will not she’s

something a little jerk it may be back
up with someone because they are you are

feeling for them

hand I and then

thats it you know if you break up with
someone you can’t

be like lets hang out and then cancel on
them and then hit the mob leader in be

like lets

let’s hang out and then say I’m sorry
ignore you that the defense mechanism

cuz I’m not sad

it does sound like she doesn’t wanna
kick it with you but I don’t even

understand why you’re wasting

in like your energy trying to figure
this out because he wants to get back

together with her on some level

with what you need to figure out is that
she sucks and that you don’t wanna kick

it with

her she doesn’t make that Isis this the
decision she doesn’t get to be like I

don’t know if I wanna kick it with you

like no you decided when he broke up
with me that we don’t kick it

yeah and now I kick you to the curve I

I take you in the face on a nano okay

if you’re a parent not physically not
actually metaphorically to Fort Lee

business how it happens so often it’s
just like we’re gonna break up but I

don’t or I still wanna be friends

okay so then you realize well maybe it’s
not best to be friends right away

well ever get it why do you break up
with someone because you’re not friends

with them

well you can be friends no not this
early letters when your lover

lovers with someone if you’re in a
relationship with someone you that is

your best friend you spend all your time
with them you open up to them you learn

about their life you tell them about
your life

you guys that have a connection a sexual
connection but also

a mental connection and emotional
emotional connection you guys are best


and you don’t get along you break up
that means that’s not your friends

you can’t just be friends you’re not
rent I

we aren’t friends anymore that were
breaking up its it’s getting up the


I decided two things 1i don’t like
fucking you and to

we’re not friends and usually the
breakup happens after the I don’t like

fucking you anymore and now you always
like fucking

that the project is a problem I so you
still like bugging but you don’t wanna

be friends with them

I think people is everyone really is is
I wanna fuck you I wanna be your friend

and then you are broken up and the like
well shit I want anyone else to fuck you

I want anyone else to be your friend hey
look mean you stay in touch so I can

keep tabs on you just

make sure you’re not moving on to fast
thats the

the general idk thing are the general

feeling is the same with me but the
reasoning is different

so like I also go through the phaser hey
we should be friends but then it doesn’t

really work out but I don’t want to keep
tabs to make sure nobody’s

boning the ex-girlfriend leaders cup
YouTube carefully when Tony anyone

II guess I doubt I don’t care but I just
don’t wanna know

like I don’t like keeper from doing it I
just don’t know about it

I say on but I think people say oh let’s
stay friends

as a wave bit like making the break-up
scene easier

so i right here we’re still gonna hang
out it’s not like I’m just never gonna

see you anymore cuz its it intends to be
like I let’s break up I’m never gonna

see only yet sorta like when you’re

you’re likely be home you hug your mom
and your like I’ll call you

right with this isn’t the absolute and

but will call each other and it’s gonna
be five like there’s gonna be

is still contact here but when you’re
breaking up with someone the real truth

is that there shouldn’t be

right here leaving your like a and I
just got your life forever

own no I mean I still wanna know what’s
going on with you

with your mom and dad was not going to
be friends yet tell me about what’s

going on at work and stuff you know

alright solak keep in touch and no not

re nobody that’s not going to happen I
think about the friendship I think if it

does happen it happens

down the line down the line if it does
that of the right down the line

down the line down the line down the

dull I II as though what’s this

if I Rio iron on keeping friends there
but I actually think she doesn’t wanna

kick it which I do guys

yeah she’s she’s confusing you she sucks
you’re not with their

don’t be a friend you don’t have to be
your friend be friends with other people

that’s what’s gonna get you over her
hanging out with your ex doesn’t help


move on pastor axiom people the majority
people up still wanna hang out it’s just


I’ll let stay friends and then maybe he
will get back to a relationship with

each other

the at the usually a person who gets
broken up where they feel like wants to

remain friends

hutch alright well yeah let’s just stay
friends yeah

and hi and good you know I’m

the reason I broke up because I wanted
to make other friends about other girls

I other people that I wanna sleep with
that don’t make me feel sad and you have

to be my friend now

I now that I’m telling you that I don’t
like you

I there’s there’s a harsh truth

toda tough love baby sayre I

you they have for real not my government
building because she doesn’t like me


an the NHL is that how to do a book
about my girlfriend I don’t return a


hand relax girlfriend I ex-girlfriend on

the handstand I the hair stand for

loop the most turned down podcast avi I

hmm alright ready yeah question number
two given name

I I already said which follows day they
got you

yeah I bogus or I above us our rights

hey guys I am a girl who’s turning 18
soon and my family’s religion is really

becoming frustrating in the relationship

to a point at which I can’t cope anymore

the rule is no sex before marriage but

no relationships before either also no
kissing hugging holding hands no

boyfriends or boyfriend activities

before you ask these things would sort
of be allowed if you engage

or planning on marriage I kept all these
rules because

I love my family mom and dad their kind
caring and loving

which only makes the idea disappointing
them heartbreaking

on the other hand if I were to break any
of these rules I don’t know if I would

be on speaking terms with my family

what would you do if you were me thanks
for the advice

lovers or but well below the solar

um first of all what religion is like no

know anything and she can’t have she

she can hold anyone’s hand unless
they’re engaged I

your parents don’t understand how corny
work even they want you to

no sex before marriage fine I understand
I mean I don’t that’s been

dumb as fuck I you heard it before I
heard before

I like ed but you I’m not allowed to
touch a boy’s hand or no boyfriend

activities in less were inlet is my home

say ads eligibility arrangement deal
into the air but it’s a bit does so

backwards you don’t get

engaged without touching someones hand
elicits an arranged marriage

Asare I’ll oh my way are no

Ono no honey oh oh honey I but even that
you touch the guys he

I you have to take his hand in marriage
no courtship it all

and I guess in arranged marriages than a
either way what would you do if your her

0 iight CSR at that we’re picking apart
your parents religion

I I think in the just do what anybody
does he just did

lie to your parents this girl never

look at wait what do you mean lying so I
I disagree with my peers beliefs on this

but I love them so much right you know
my parenting want me to do anything

either they were

they were kind loving those people who
didn’t want me to skip school they let

me to go out drink they want me to smoke
weed they want me to have sex

I didn’t know and I didn’t tell them is
a crazy loop hole here

I could appear to be really upset if
they found out you’re having sex

but a hom the timer time whereas like
they wanted that entail so you’re

says I pretend your your you’re my mom
no gas actually a and you have said yes

X no

I’ll okay and I’m proud of you now

I it so that way you don’t tell her the
truth then you she’s not mad at you

normal people live there I realized how
irresponsible this advice is how old are


maybe you should be happy taxes as I’m a
girl is turning 18 soon

0 I mean I guess I lost my virginity
with him

let’s not let that act advocates sex

but just advocate lying to your parrot
right shape ready to go to do but i i


you have to understand that is our
report you had a

you know responsibility for your own
life and if you have different religious


you don’t necessarily subscribe to
there’s you don’t have to

live your life by their standards the at
line is good because it allows you to do

what you want and then you don’t have to
tell your parents about it right if

you’re very scared about the reaction

right that way when you lie they don’t
know about it they hear what the

they think is the truth but it’s
actually not that you’d let these are

liars in the situation actually

I would probably be so frightened that I
wouldn’t tell my parents anything

but you would you be touching and I’m a

like girl’s hand and and I mean it’s
it’s hard for me to put myself in this

like situation where like I’m

I’m I was raised in such a strict
household I don’t know how

I mean my parents are much more
conservative than I am so in that way

acts or

I mean I’ve I’ve done stuff that my
parents don’t like me to do

alright though I still think there’s
you’re dodging questions

but I’ll say that the podcast is called
if I were you and your exact words were

retired from the foot but without

I lol room to my lovely list

and meanwhile I told the 17-year-old do
hope that the crowd and tell our parents

did not

the bug has got a buyer you and you just
answered I don’t know it’s hard for me

to put yourself

uses who backed I give up I’ve think I
might put you on blast with you

he cared for the hope why did the show
is that you do put yourself in other

people I actually

yeah we’re recording this podcaster
Thursday it’s Wednesday evening is this

is officially

n/a it’s a it’s a Wednesday evening
blast a late late late Wednesday night

blast that the

you sneak in the right before right
before the early early Thursday blasting

on the fan other

selective truth-telling alright and

outright lying but I definitely don’t
have to disclose everything

very well and then also you may want to
consider on a larger level I’ll

leaving this religion seems like God
seems I cannot get online

in the grand scheme religions yep
there’s a ones that are Dez

ones that are less so and the rule love

no relationships before sex right no
kissing no hugging no holding hands no

boyfriend her boyfriend activities sits
third too little agree just L

found the little restrictive manner as
the guiding principle that we should

always be

looking at better God is not real I
there is no such thing as the afterlife

and does you know muzzle maximize
happiness while you’re here on earth

I rather than restricting yourself to
get into a heaven that may or may not

exist very well so the religions

that are you know very very strict yeah

the ones that are like don’t touch a boy
and tell your husband with

you II was that seem to go against the
evolutionary purpose a reproduction

get those aside there’s other religions
that are just like you

but with this religion in the maybe pile
out this religion a blast

I really well be the pile a

the hell no file the plan not intended

because I am going to hell according to
this person’s religion

if there is one which there’s not well

hell hell Nevin whatever

there’s love there is no just mean you
right now just

can we just enjoyed this we at least
think this is real

I shit and alright

that’s all we gotta do we would do if we
were you we would lie to your parents

also consider leaving your parents for

every day is giving parents could be
loving and caring and

have all these strict rules yeah of
course I mean they loved their daughter

and they think their religion is the

religion they want her to go to heaven

all that jazz that it makes sense I
appreciate that their

their loving parents the devoted parents
to their religion and their children

I think they’re there believe sir silly
and childish but I think that they

really come from a good place

I would do it by some people raise
Nissar household may grow to be strict

people in some people like wait a minute
this is crazy

I feel like in the the more like the

recent generations are like now that
they have the internet they realize that


the world is bigger than yeah I i don’t
like that one is going up Lake

but you know I ben is more conservative
than their parents

no and a break that what happens is on
the kids who I would

came from strict household when I was
growing up BK like

they were the wildest ones right and
then but now

they’re like settling down becoming
strict themselves could have gotten

themselves into so much trouble cuz they
were rebelling so hard

so the strict parents ’cause crazy kids
which then interns cuz

strict parents again right click the
View you do go crazy new

go too hard then you’re like oh my god I
don’t want anybody I love to do that

you learn it the hard way right and at
the iPad I think

beings to strict is a problem

but I mean also what do I know I

hmm I’ll ever be a lover have children

take everything with them and with a
grain of salt children the size of a

frikkin bolder and I have children ma’am

but that I’m gonna have children I

RA Jesus is set I wanna be in love
wrapped children

and and it felt like a blast yeah it
definitely was a vua

as occurred it should have well I got
class and is it a felony huge explosion

your eyebrows should be off right now is
that the girl as last as a god damn


lower was appreciated and in fact

I mirror introduce that the right now
but I’d like to run your neck

%uh what yep you gonna squeeze you gonna
choke me

no no it’s not that it’s a yeah I don’t
know if they’re that the

thing that as anyone aside for me and I
kids from him the man who

what you like squeeze my neck from
behind her like push your thing right

and I could run even act like I put my
palm down

on an 83 Mac a nice weight fast like a
credit card like listen to this

yeah but didn’t people I know the night

the I a so they did

as so you just you pull your hand really
fast towards you at least sandpaper at


if that’s what it is is when somebody’s

I been a a nerd /url loser very very
wrong in

in a and its at actually I’m not sure I
wouldn’t really run your neck in that


certainly yet and proven Ron I it such a

distinct pain later just a quick little
burning bruise

I remember d like to if you you did
something right like oshit

liked how do you know and ok there’s a
code of ethics that is running

yet will cuz yet you if you’ve done
something like stupidly wrong

I you does all banks and stupidly routed
by like I mean

now I’m trying to explain manana yet so
for this you could run at

agility you just wasting everybody’s
time you’re stupid

I’m going to my neck deserves to be run
right now air and select

will you have to you have to it he
handed me a PM yeah I give it on a big

people can understand it %uh

love to make a video I died nexrad

this is a Dave Rose a very special
another day visit with special

another is we should have them on a show
Delhi act question number three

the app I am I think this one from
another lady the other female

Pokemon then and hoping I’ll be there
any sec their head right

Charmander HR men dress rights I

yessir cell I’ve been seeing this guy
for about two months

it was obvious casual at first and then
once that thing started to heat up a

little like Anna started the so what are
we conversation and he labeled us as


and just a few days ago he finally asked
me to be his girlfriend at a party

here’s my conundrum though he never pays
for me when we go out

he always asks for a separate bill I
feel like a guy should pay for a girls

dinner every now and then

and that’s also why I was confused about
whether maybe he just some me as a

friend with benefits

I’m only 21 but I’d be an old-fashioned
he’s great

we both get along great and definitely
have feelings for each other

I really like everything else about him
but I can’t help thinking that maybe


cheap I don’t wanna seem like a gold

I get that were both students and have
our own bills to pay but he never even


and its make me question if I’m not
worth it to him

here’s where I need advice how and when
should I bring up this

paying situation without being awkward
or him feeling humiliated

or is this something just worth breaking
up over love the show

and making fun part but please don’t
forget to give the actual advice after

well this is great that the prime
example loved somebody meeting to have

their neck rub

happy being said I think I should run
her neck really

yeah really runner nah for are for real
I for real deal sees I like I heard they

were options are like

when should I bring this up or should I
break up with him yeah those are the

only two options

or their chance you don’t bring it up
and it’s fine

you don’t conform to these to these of

societal minute that we’ve put down from
generations ago

non had I I thought you were a feminist
equal opportunity and all that jazz

I here’s what I’ll say

I did my toughness and site you go for
you always read the question and I just


yeah I feel like its it’s unfair because
you don’t get to give advice first

well here’s the sticky situation arises
wellness I

but in a perfectly gala Terry in society

every bill is split but at the same time
there is this

understood thing that a guy should offer
to pay and this guy does not offer to


and it is a little bit bothersome and so
I sorta side with the girl at this point

interesting yeah well I think he should
at least

offer I didn’t see this coming I agree I
mean here’s the thing

if it’s me if I’m the guy in this
relationship I do offer to pay when I’m

in a relationship

I pay I would say eighty to ninety
percent of the time every once in a

while will have been paying for so long
and the girls insisting

right absolutely insisting that she pay
you still don’t let it because you know


you have rules and you have rights and
you have polite and urs

be a gentlemen is it’s actually not
gentlemanly at a girls

if someone is likely that the pain you
say no no I insist that as a No

really i really wanna pay and you say
absolutely not out there

others I’ll pay that was like that
enough I’m gonna pay

and that’s not an is just a minute took
that was a gentlemanly

because you took that away from you can
be so nice that it becomes really that’s

like a circle

I think the the the correct thing to do

is offer what is is to do is try to

you know are was with me but her dad

50 I like the upper once you let me pay

know now please up a is a I would really
like to pay

I really appreciate that thank you very
much as though they really like to read

that so you go for

the second attempt the same interview
graciously accept however this is

I mean I’m going out there the tangent
my neck should be right

I after a deadly rubber there’s I you
can run my neck if you want to have to

the show

I at I think

it’s too weird though as it so I

the ISM same one I agree with you the
this guy should be at least

offering to pay the two you can bring it
up you can bring it up

that I think that makes the two small
petty and like and even is as if you’re

saying you’re not a gold digger

it does make you seem like you’re sort
of the preceding

ditch as well I not even say for lack of
a better word because that the exact

word that I wanted to do that said

that it makes it seem like a pretty
bitch meeting

I that just like I expected to be paid
for expect to be wined and dined but I

don’t think any which expected I think
that that’s like

you know that is the way it society and

and it’s okay to like that but i think
is not OK to expect it

right so do you think it’s okay to think
it but not necessarily to verbalize it

yeah I think that it’s like its it on
him none on her to tell

rail im because she can’t do it because
then if he does it because I’ve heard

that it even worse than

I don’t know jewish in Libya right was
your divorce in it or you don’t want


him to scour through was Cardona your
final pay and then it’s like a sore

subject here

could that is and that every time he
pays from then on your feet it seems

like he wants to

it’s also kinda cuz you told him that
one time radio maybe wait it out

and then the one time he does do it it’s
gonna seem like a much bigger deal

if he ever does do it you make you see
it you get so appreciative you say this

is so nice

and hopefully that nixon be like now I
like to make her feel like this

I’m gonna do it here’s another thing you
could do sheet copper first

to pay for something Israel wanna pay
for you I I wanted to take you out to

dinner like it said he gets

anything exciting is life happens you
say I’d like to take you out for this

and a new pay these also in his mind

he’s like I should take her out someday
to yeah I plant the seed have

chivalry and yeah I returning the favor
and then when he does

that’s great you BX you be excited you

you beat thankful appreciative and the
need and then he has just go back and


take care each other’s bills every once
in a while and then sunday you’ll forget

who did at first

and you’ll say oh my goodness he was
always cheerful I

I don’t even remember the time I rode
into a podcast called him a cheapskate

and I don’t even remember the town I
called you a pretty bitter I

it so it never happened so you might as
well not even get me angry at me for

yesterday it all worked out I am

yeah it’s you can bring it up without it
being awkward or him feel humiliated

that’s the answer yep I is it something
was just breaking up over

now Lalit which is where we are our
default is always to say they break up

with up early and if you’re 21 you’ll

break up with him now but I not over

who played really really bugs out it is

weird gray area like you want to be

equal opportunity guys and girls are
equal but at the same time

use I’ll it’s also polite to pay for
your guy but it’s a great

it’s like reverse sexism in a way I
think there’s like a new age chivalry

worth like it’s not like

the olden days was like the guy pays
it’s like

others canonize throwback the guy pays
yeah like that’s cool this is this is

nice and the girl can get something
later you know

I you know does is a good system like
the guy pays for like the

a meal and unlike the girl pays for like
desert right now about getting something


it but you’re also paying guy pays for
the meal goes pay gold pays for the


yeah it’s for the the valet parking if
there was that your as I live in Los

Angeles now see as understand

always think about ballet I in LA it’s
all ballet

oil LA and the ballet if a guy pays for
a meal that he should get sex in return

or something

that’s what and yeah well-prepared or
even like if we discussed a to

prostitution attacking his paper said I

they don’t even need in Phuket give
money for a blow J

that’s the future and then you’re saving
your seven calories 20 turn 21

class take that bowl the sores parents

I can all get blown for money now

I we’re all going to hell now

it you jack nicholson now they live in
LA oh yeah here’s johnny has I guess

that’s pretty good

I’ll my all is is that with chibi the
back twenty

yeah he backed light up my life

Mb um let’s take that break

break I you said your gonna tell my mom

serving the same through yeah my parents
have been feeding it I was

super appreciative up with I mean when
did I get here

and and Saturdays and Saturday a.m.

and since then they’ve been feeding me

yeah home it’s been doing their laundry
in yet appear bed

yeah and I appreciate that and I will
just say that for the past three dinners


they will have my you kept your mouth
shut on night pick up that shot is just

it’s been

you know there with couscous on

would you say there’s couscous and
evening israeli kiss kiss her and then

Monday evening said we have with the
others doesn’t risk is leftovers at risk

is my mom made chicken and then tonight
yeah okay that there’s chicken

yeah of course in tonight there was
there is pasta

fish Yahoo is carrots cauliflower there

was that last thing I guess there’s
still a little bit acoustic you there as


that so I was gonna say I was just gonna
say during dinner I was maybe in a

standout if it’s to my if there’s cuz
customizing stand up in asthma Rivka

and I see what you doing here at Yankee
it look like you prepared the fitzco


a clear to me that you made the couscous
on Sunday and you keep on serving it

as if it’s a brand new fuckin dish yeah

and I don’t understand why you’re trying
to keep up his room

I ruse Roush is a ruse ruse give the
keys keys is red

but but I don’t appreciate it nor do I

yeah and I was trying to play that maybe
during dinner or

ever is not the best idea to do it it’s
such a it’s not even a thing that she’d

like you’re putting this narrative on it
that is trying to pass it off

yeah I’d but that’s not necessarily the
case that we have

leftovers all the time I’m excluded like
it lasts for a couple days and she

chooses an additional have that the main
course unlike

FB stop the leftovers aside yeah

yeah it did you get that because I’m as
a my eyes are glazed over

actually said if I am resort imagining
the couscous tomorrow I slipped into it


range I

here I will not sit at the dinner table
I think I’ll make a stink

do we allow the part where I said Rouge
whose I

you everything else instead is why I
know I never got that big guys that are

through the know God par that chill

yeah Gorillavid Clark back Monday

the calling your mom a unappreciated

her a not a good share via year that’s

but I said a ruse ruse but that’s the

yeah it’s a little too shameful today
I’d also like to tighten up the part

where we were talking about run your
neck to make it sound like I explained

it well

yeah just like a super quick revision
explanation a we should talk about our

live shows

oh yeah first of all we have one a live
podcast coming up on Thursday January

30th and as we said in the last episode

the theaters not very big we actually
already sold out of the presale tickets


tickets that you can actually buy online
boom towed out the ideas you buy ticket

the over 100 105 have already gone

said club leaders people show up but
there’s room in the theater for a

standby line so people can come by even
without tickets with the standby line

and if you get there

pretty much like an hour beforehand odds
are you’ll have enough room to at least

be shuffled in and enjoy the show as

very very true I we also have to you

coming up with streeter one in ratios I
at one in nashville

on Monday February 17th your I

in Nashville at like the knees comedy
clubs he can go there and check that out

and then on Tuesday the next they were
going in Charlotte at the Charlotte

comedy zone I believe it’s called

a go to their website for tickets and
then the day after that on Wednesday

we’re gonna be in Syracuse at Syracuse
University with Dan

the British as a little straighter and
that last show in syracuse head and

ill the weirdest to wear a ball the mid

Nashville Sharlet Syracuse back to back
to back

its yeah this is the big one all I’ve
ever wanted

but so that’ll be exciting we’ve never
performed at any no

have been in Syracuse now never I will
never forget any other shows

sorry funny P as kidder come and check
that out please do

I I don’t know how many fans we have in
Nashville in Charlotte in Syracuse

ice in circuses gonna be really lovely
that tickets can be february 19th

that’s great companies already -9 now it

let’s see what another month into
internet here I wonder how deep down the

polar vortex we all go

no that in six weeks have snow and
blizzard-like conditions

a which has the right month to move to
Los Angeles lurch in a sec we sure did

I am so yeah but Sep Sharia transfer
that last last last question

final 11 last one given that last name

on Scudo what is hmmm

what is that the way the Pokemon Center
I scored

can use later a Pokemon real quick I
don’t understand Pokemon

it’s a guys try to catch capture them do
you think I’m a fucking loser any the

day before pokey ever you knew I was the
United States Court Ellis was the bed

bug you

I do know not much about Pokemon I

the I think it’s like a guy tried
there’s like

the use these animals to battle and you
have to catch them in

then the they do battle against each
other UX later perfectly

he had I guess there’s like a char is

panders you to show desired I

everybody knows more Pokemon and a pink

led to believe that the you to a bar
that but mucho

it as a great things and yeah ready jars
are a squirrel

skurdal’s gets I had some so there is

even if that the right way to do it I

I you more bears with the railway

here alright so

screw over a hits I myself from

so for the Christmas break I returned
home for a couple weeks

from University last week it was time to
go back

and as I had brought most my clothes
from my student Hall

I had to take them back again with me my
dad’s car is pretty small the suitcase

took up the whole trunk

as well as the back passenger seats says
both my parents always insist on coming

back with me whenever I have to go back
to university

it meant that my mother had to sit on my

hmm now I’m not saying that I has sexual
feelings for my mother that’s gross

during the ride though I couldn’t help
it get a boner I blame the bumpy journey

the worst part is I think she noticed
because after the right

yeah add to the ride she looked very
pretty funny it didn’t speak much

what should I do cheeses

rights Oedipus Rex I questions god bless
them at a pool sex

I and edible text from

a some geez what an edifice do

I he lied at self yeah

I I think he would know he blinded him
so he didn’t kill himself

he killed his dad and doctors martini oh
yeah I mean that’s what happened you


in Oedipus he’s his proper sized

to you that one day he’s going to kill
his father and

mary’s mother guess so they sent him far
far away to another

Kingdom yeahh but I guessed shit you
know you explain Pokemon now

I so they they like them away

Fargo she remembered ex/nm away and
something happens because they sent in a

way like

their carriage get captured you like
comes back and like

Sunday yet no idea that he’s like in

castaway and he liked wins like some

killed the King and marries the Queen
and little does he know that his mother

and he killed his dad

I see say inadvertently did it it’s like
a cyclone profit yea exactly

um anyway when he finds out that he did
that I think he killed his mom in The

Blind Side or maybe his mom killed

and then he’d live himself one thing is
we need to cut I

I inflammation slit your eyes out

it is that’ll change the situation I
don’t know at what

yeah part beef is like well yeah

some like if there’s there’s a wait on
your lap like

squishy fleshy wat yeah and there’s like
a bubba kush

and there’s and things are bumping and
grinding then you will get a boner

my problem wise within that you allowed

in this situation to your mom was
sitting on your lap why not say moms and

dads level drive

I cannot say all will pack as much shit
why not sit on top this if there’s a

million things you could done

that you didn’t have to be in this
situation its the with its

not in the know but I infer that this is
an 11 hour drive

I it’s clear to me now that more than
ever that eleven 11 hours United

open he left that out that bike he
nutted out his moms buttocks

hmm a

on Mill mom turner’s of those nah with

bob is podcast is over this is the last
question don’t turn it down turn it off

we had a good run I’m gonna talk about
other kids at all in their mothers now

this is rated Nyak a not for you

i right here’s Jerry yellow I hope you
make it

to visit grandpa mama i right by

hoon a

what do I do well

there’s nothing to do at this point you
got the boner don’t bring it up

hope you know you have to do is convince
yourself that she didn’t notice

yet she probably didn’t just look at you
funny cuz he sat on your lap for a car

ride that would

I you can feel the boner I did you feel
the boner more intensely than anybody

else sitting on top you felt the boner

but now I not the other way around
should use it on your mommy’s lap that

would’ve been better cuz even then it
%um if you have the bone religious

felt that in yourself in Armenia and
that way she got a hot like you couldn’t

you can feel her slippery little bad
loan no

Bob believe this fucking better than I
drive out there oh that is rightfully


soccer up lags and I’ll make sure you
don’t remember run your neck right now

I its own I definitely don’t get it
because there that I didn’t mess up.

yes you did that was wrong to pleaded to
tell my mother to swerve off the road


who worse than saying that when you sit
on your mom’s largely at the slippery v

for no man a plugin crocodile mile down
there who will figure it out

slip and slide on your neck he is your
right yeah I

brother-in-law’s laterite your eyes

you but you know it you fucked up you
players over the situation you deserted

to have a

real a sit-down conversation about the
bow wondered what it meant

old mill well I

hmm there’s not much to say about this
one is just the funny silly question


water awful situation to be in but you
just you’re at school now it’s over your

mom didn’t notice

forget it don’t tell anyone I just don’t
pack as much shit next time

yeah don’t sit on your mom’s lap don’t
have to sit on your lap again

that’s all that’s all we can do. there’s
in learning going moving forward we’ve

learned her lesson

don’t do this everybody has a secret
that they wouldn’t tell anyone ever

%uh piece of information that in your
brain that when you die will be lost for


you have one of those I have fun with us
what is it oh my god I wanna miss

I I’m sure you have some do I don’t
think I do

the Evo secret that’s so bad that only
you know

I’ll search myself or

all find it all access this little

I must there’s little memory box I must
have one

I must I must I must have a secret said
to pray that the Barca

yet don’t get me Ron the problem is that
I’m so open about it they tell everyone

look I live my life is an open book

yeah no one should relieve that netbook
is smut

it I I don’t be there to be no

I’m a little dirty ask a

a good dirty yeah I’m with on wave dirty

our way you know it that’s quite enough
more than that actually this is in this

more than our time actually heard a
thank you guys so much

at Surfers bonus Thursday episode in a
while we appreciate you listening to it

our last episode was actually are most

to first day episode ever so thanks for
continue to come back and spread the


but we’re still accepting emails from
you guys that its

that’s from a fiery show gmail.com and
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I’ll try to make iTunes will be cool

I all the cool kids are leaving a review

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vacated and sexy this last one is from a
guy who were

asked to be but remain anonymous wow

yeah because he like put summer he put
some radio personalities on blast and he

didn’t want the

anybody to know who was again my dear
that sell yeah

that’s it enjoy a the address on it
thanks so much for listening

will be back on Monday did edited edited


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