Episode 54: Rap Love


In this episode we discuss hip-hop, haters, and taking somebody back.

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got really real

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first they actually got yeah really real

if you can believe that the really did
get really really really

so why we really hope you will enjoy
this episode were

we really really really really really
really really really really really liked


oh my god is dead I let’s get started
started from the bottom now we hear

if I were you show which Jake and only a
year we started photos bottom now we


show Obama week’s podcast da daaa we
started from the bottom now here

it probably be Show with Jay an early
age that we thought about a lot of now

we hear

to a motif rack yesterday here

check because they have his home maybe

it is how to create tension on its all
say mommy mommy i Justi

K speak to him the keys 18 everybody
back into me it was a pretty late


always playing go there now stuck on his
computer may

I just think it’s funny hat girls shoe

jus waitin in a minute show and then I
did not know that and now here’s

it my way Show with Jay panel yeah we
started from the bottom now here

so well below 35 I can study here

did you like that I like that a lot

I an you like Drake

a higher Yahoo airliner would have added
I use every single Mike even when I’m in

the cave cuz we started from the bottom
now is there from the cave now

and I’ll I love to collaborate with you

I that the Riley Deakin you made that
kinda sounds like Jake yeah Riley

I do wanna do well with 21 for worst
behavior to

thoughts though and worst I well above
their beloved us

game out that style made oh yeah you
like on the

yeah I only know two or three tricks on
the you know all the tricks on the air

yeah all the poll real no help that’s
all me

what a mean thing to say in a song that
someone else wrote

may be free if he did he wrote it deals
with the be

still yeah I know he I help for sure I

I mean other one that is songs lie I
have you talked about like

they there’s a song on another on and
take care that like all about like fake

you do is mom in

uncalled for like helping him when he
was struggling plae earlier that when

it’s all an hour early Bell a kid that
the center is

it just sort of a dog song you know idea
for a kid you

its a No is just doing a bit take away
the Drake assault is hearsay

year yeah anyway this is a fire you the
only buys podcast on the Internet has to

buy as a mere

and I’m Drake if the transformation is

have finally Drake now is Jake’s real
name Drake

on his real name is Aubrey Drake Graham

he returned that nerdy named like a cool
thing like Drake is a nerdy name anymore

yeah it does because he is Drake Drake

somebody other than AJ could be nerdy
her back Kendrick Lamar

I I can go to the like to the most
popular rappers now are named Kendrick

and Drake

a everybody likes Snoop Dogg and doctor
dre /a

yeah to park now with kindred and Drake

melvin their app Smith yep

Lionel yeah mill the and Sean

big shot but yeah Sean shine analyzes
shell on

Drake shining Kendrick loved as rappers

I have a song that I think we’re really
float your boat

it’s about me at my dick being as large
as an Eiffel Tower

hit fellas a second ago either gender

he says all my life I want money and
power respect my mind

dad from led shower I hope that one day

my dick be as big as the Eiffel Tower so
I can fuck the world for 72 hours gonna

am I got it back

am I got bitches by the way that’s not

fucking works right if your dick is
bigger you can fuck girls for longer

write your head up the because the day
the Apple tower I definitely prefer even

fucking anybody

world the world I feel like in terms
like the earth’s crust

and the size of the world you all in a
all relative to the Eiffel Tower that


tiny dick yet the drop in love you like

yeah talk about penetrating me earth
yeah here now

it should have been like as big as the
the Auberge Dubai tower

yea or like the moon leanna could like
but the earth have

feel like it was being filled up I guess
the moon but

a and I’ll blog instead of a spear right

yeah I don’t know I which is dick was
that pic I

anyway that abigail is right dick were I
think that’s also a good little telling


is basically shouting from the rooftops
that he’s got a tiny dick right now

well not tie a tie one on the Eiffel
Tower do but now we all know is take a

smaller than the Eiffel Tower

I never said jack shit other side may
become a spike as another everybody

assumed as around the size of the Eiffel
Tower at the edge in 10 meters tall

hmm that and I’m not be chipped I so how
does this show work well

we I dissect rap for about four minutes
yes i doubt i

now explain how it works which is now
then we

a take people’s emails if I really show
at gmail dot com people who find

themselves in difficult places in their
lives and they need some advice so they

come to us

and we do our best to guide them out a
bit sometimes it works sometimes it

doesn’t help lead always entertaining

I did I miss anything I think you added
11 cents to

workshop a dare you but sometimes it
works sometimes it doesn’t but hopefully

it entertaining that is that it doesn’t
come through

hopefully they dirty video doubt that
they hope with entertaining that is

large in 2m

will hope internally that it’s
entertaining year I’m

Tuesday morning quarterback you nothing
in the new critique

Yelp yeah do they were recorded also
also known as the Coach K

preferred by the football team tell you
what yeah I review the tapes and I could

take my players I V up and the
coordinators israeli they can’t play

for. -bob you know the shares all know
it it is ok

mandela goes into a get our work they
know it makes better players

mufucka never allowed us what’s that

it worse behavior

a home murse actually get started

yeah lotto for this theme will give
people a lot of a crap names

a great I so this first question

real question from real people begin
even fake names to preserve their

anonymity and this person eyes named

2 Chainz 2 Chainz rights

hey dudes I’m a college freshman
currently trying to make long distance

work in my first serious girlfriend

she is having a harder time than me
dealing with long distance and broke up

with me two months ago

I took the break a very hard in barely
left my room for weeks

a month later she came back to me cry
and beg for me to take her back

I did but later found out that she made
out with four guys

and blown to love them during her break
even though we weren’t together at the


I can help but feel like I was cheated
on will things get better

or should i bail gotta lotta responses
to this question really loud response is


and number one of the AM you were
cheated on throws doubt legal in like


but he was cheated on light Mazzello
diet cheated I should not you is cheated

on which is coca-cola classic in this is

cheated on the road with he cheated on

she felt bad to cheat on him so she took
a one-month break

the break they broke up Welsh in the
ideal I need a break any to figure

myself out there and he laid out for
guys blue to oven which is a very

specific number that he knows and then

you either very badly I think if you’d
said she’d blown two guys they would

have assumed that they made out to

yeah this point because the form a cat
include the two blows

yeah are getting more guys total to
overblown as well

I think four guys total all them got
French kisses

to have them die Frage blowjobs
widespread blowjob French kiss on your


I instead of packing the PNS the French

have a French do it it’s a yeah I mean
like if you don’t cheat on someone a

good way to do it is like to break up
with them for a month

get all your Wild Oats sewn in about a
month or two blow a couple do your

the not I’m back this is not fair well i

your small-minded close-minded and
absent minded so you’re saying this

girls this was in this girls plan all

i think i mean that not necessarily she
broke up with them maybe she wanted to

be with other people maybe those are the
reasons you broke up

and she had two months and she realized
those other people were as satisfying as

this guy

so she came back so do you think this
gadget acre back

well here’s my problem with it

this guy didn’t also have the same he
didn’t have the same experiences is ax

now yet the opposite where you were just
heartbroken so he’s gonna feel slighted

the he was like sitting in his bed

super bombed now is thinking like
yesterday that I liked watch nine hours

of TV jerked off four times a lady need
any food

she was sucking black dick that day well
maybe not a two guys at a sixty there’s

just the one at 30% chance that you as
you know

Messina d that day yeah I with that Matt
there is a 100 percent chance that that

dude getting blown was it you

I very honored with her black slaves lol

lol with the high now lol I try not to
pull any punches

I just added a die I keep lol

that history but at this time I come out
swinging I’m not going all bad Riley and

allied Watz iraq dinar a bad deal

okay athlete hey I ron is I never I come
our I don’t have an answer dude

sorry spit I allow

I was accidental mel is not health nut
idea post it note on your part that says

you’re a loser day

has dug my there in the third round in
billiard down

a I’d ICI I think he wasn’t cheated on

I think that he wasn’t even diet she did
on I think I I

this girl just didn’t wanna be with them
for maybe a multitude of reasons maybe

one of the reasons was that you want to
be with other people which is a valid

reason to break up with someone

she broke up did day which it did she
have a boyfriend

that’s fine that’s legal that’s okay
yeah and now she came back

he found out that she blue two guys

but alleged that knowledge just sucks to

yankee its up to you if you can if you
can live with it

or if you’re gonna resent her for it and
you’re gonna have a bad relationship if

you have a better relationship

you’ll be able to forget this you’ll be
able to move past it then don’t take her


and just say hey I’m sorry I know you
did your thing

and I don’t hate you for it but I can at
the same time I can be in a relationship

where I O

where I harbor any here bad feelings for
you I mean it taking her back at this

point I think would be the weakest move

for two months she’ll just have that
huge thing lording over year like

I was sad for two months on your part
you blue two guys in our back together

how do you ever get over that back I
don’t know that’s a silly law reading

anything over him but she has total
shares the mental advantage from here on


well that’s the thing you can get past
it in your mind well well who’s to say

that is not gonna break up in another
year one another break blow to other

guys French for more and then come back

that were valid that is more valid but I
think i thinkI

just as the Chi blute to people doesn’t
make her not

the worthy of coming back I yeah but I
wouldn’t recommend

if I were you I would not take her back
i three you just put too much weight


lon did not necessarily that honors the
very a

a small proud judgmental dude

so if someone you loved I the said

break up with broker with you yeah as
blue to do yeah he came back and said

you know what

I am I sucks two dicks by I didn’t I
didn’t like

fall in love with their families I
didn’t make them laugh I didn’t think

about them like in the middle of the
night wonder how their jobs were going

in like 10 connect with you on every
possible level

or what why connect with them on every
possible level you would say you know

what you had another dick in your mouth
so we’re done yeah I would say why don’t

you go to talk to the two guys that you
blew I suggest not doing it with your

mouth polls

me hard God I just think people are so
much more multifaceted binges blowjobs

on a black and white had a guy if it
definitely affects I

alright as though the advice my bases to
you search within yourself

and decide if you can actually be in a
relationship without

harboring any resentment it sounds like
a mere the kinda person who k its

K bad bitch to the CAG yeah I’ll wet
rags on is that

I don’t think that is one you know what
when someone breaks up with you

you don’t get the a lot of opportunities
to a

then s turn the tables on them and a

break up with them the fact that you
want to come back as a blessing because

you get to tell her no

well sorry she are you can come back she
are you going bad word on actually

you you hurt me and I don’t want you to
do that again you don’t get your have

the right to do that again

alright then you’re like US and other D
then you’re so proud that you’re like

you’re so proud that you’re doing
yourself a disservice absolutely ethnic

I’ll die a proud

all loan losers before I take this girl

this year at this question over a

JJ instadaily eggs God I made a terrible
mistake a 0 question a letter a question

or a liar

a it am next question

yeah next question I need a rap Smith

a local rap singer rapster

sir yeah ace after Oct the he sap rocky

except with that is that short for soon
as possible Richard

it here what’s what’s his famous haha

I is that the Sounders how deep pink
pink pink

having big titi does you use the same
user I mean he

he’s a fuckin problems that also a

in love bad bitches that if I prolly
yeah that Sun

his album though you’re a Ken Kendrick
are also on it he does

wild for the night I yeah he otherwise
I’m going to pick you

I who has actually him playmakers ill he
had actually made by a while for the

name wild for the night near

iight I thought back back back back back
back with a pill that guy I’d

back a sap rights aidid’s first time

long time baller jk I suck at basketball

about two months ago I broke up with my
girlfriend in an extremely kind and

caring manner so that I wouldn’t hurt
her feelings

I thought things ended amicably but new
evidence points to the contrary

for about the past month my ex has been
putting me on a tri-weekly blaster via


her sub tweets which are definitely
about me are in insult to my character

she persistently claims that I am fake
and these tweets

fill me with a white-hot rage should I
tell her that the real reason I broke up

with their was because she is very plain
below average intelligence and not


anything when adding up the present
Council breaking up the only proper

staying with her

with her exceptional sexual abilities be
my moral compass

love a sad

ap fuck yo dreams I

shit that some it’s interesting because
the details are the true then it does

does come out that he was fake we have
to bear Traci it’s a self-fulfilling


tri-weekly blast is not how you wanna
live your life right but at the same

time you gonna stoop to her level

I think the best thing what I would do
the best thing that he can do

is to ignore it that puts you above ver
as soon as you get

into that Twitter battle with her she’s
dragging you down

yes you’re on her level living well is
the best revenge

yes what they say haters gonna hate you
don’t wanna fight blast with blast yeah

it’s it’s all you clearly last year been

what’s been put on blast you really
don’t have to you at the

you have to hold your head high and say
you know what I know in my heart of

hearts that I didn’t deserve this blast
yes please the ball back

tri-weekly I to be sure that is the that
is excessive

unfair and unwarranted I don’t deserve
the tri-weekly blast instead

tri-weekly blasted now Lamela getting

once a week a tri-weekly blast about try
week blast

I parents limine

then general a if you’re too zoom out of
this specific

example the best way to really piss

art somebody was like yelling at you and
pat dry to piss you off trying to get

your attention is to ignore them

that’s a goal a right like if I may to
distract to a popular rapper he’s not

gonna get down there respond to me

but if like a big boy starts teasing him

you the only one to respond to people
who are bigger than you yeah yeah

interesting bomb like we get tweeting
hate mail all the time

not all the time not all the time but a
coupled I say tri-weekly

you think I’m put on the tri-weekly
blast yeah it’s a killer yeah I guess


I but that’s the that’s what you always
do you dizzy you ignore your nader’s

Yahoo responder positivity that’s it
that’s all you gotta do and I think to

yeah the rap the rapper mmm

had the rap viewed Vick will let

I I think you we have today we take
swept up in that the the way Kendrick in

Drake have you know we only lost too
many fallen soldiers guys we can write

you need to plug r.i.p big yeah

you know what yeah I honestly every time
every time I i buy an NDA any better

success I think my haterz live da make
me stronger

live podcast this one right here this is
for my haters lately this was for my

haters today

that is located at the same here that I
line eight of us

and a job at yo thank you for the money
elsewhere haters yeah still this is my

pack and I still get mad Skrillex

free snacks from nature but and I am
ridge’s rock on this hot cayenne

understand and I know every single
dollar to my haters

value push me you push me to leave you
in the god damn does so thanks for

hating keep it up baby

appeared to you would say this episode
is rightly a major rocks in your haters

data box in my haters more days like
that my entire career my entire life is

brought to you by my haters really haha

concerts but I ate I feed off that I
hate dude it inspires me

it inspires me and he just said you’re
barely getting a hater a I know I have

the Big D by get it there

I ads back sometimes act like an ass on
public deserve that the haters as

cartwheel on Adam yeah

forever to meet you I’m quit some like
Brady of color shit about not be like

now wanted to give to charity and I’ll
be able star

like hating on me and I’ll yes romney
ran on yeah like I’ll push be hannibal

in public hands

I an you asshole

you backwards man I so

anyway the advice for this man is to
ignore the hay

stay about it yeah that’s that as being
your moral compass

anything else yeah

now that Jesus iraq cheers on

shall actually if Chelle shall and she
co-starred think Challe

when I started that they tell now and
the desert about two months ago I was

there that the joke to like you know
make fun at me like

that these things are funny goofy thing
to say yet shall I like I would say

cheers in the notice shall I got years

iraq yes yes this could be with you this
year than chance years

as a yes some alright thank you there’s
the no conversation tears shall I did

you do and that’s

let’s read about my likely to a
conversation and

but now I’ve started so genuine that I
say Chad the

a kid stuff myself I just actors set I’m

it yeah leaders there to the were
friends and family I don’t often have


conversations with strangers rainy to
like say goodbye year

but yeah Challe gel Mike do they feel

sack pack you know it it means you know
what it is that I’m saying it

gel yeah 2014 the year

check out shall time to shine eyelets

to move on ok I got a third rap Smith

a lil wayne who Lil Wayne

little Wayne lil little little lil

L I apostrophe L dude I say this as Laon

do it doesn’t matter I it’s not little

alright let his famous on uelmen this

it he has so many like a lollipop I air

I I think I like Lil Wayne what the sudo

is I got that good good and I i know
that I as a man and that and they’re

you a fuck about those eight and I mean
it like lovely yeah he’s the same way as

he doesn’t give a fuck about his hitters
liabilities love the air

I that I had the funniest line minute um

asha is the I hope they had so switch

is they talk about it goes like she’s
the a

baby I’ll make you mad I wanna make you

as a girl does make me cum and then
don’t make a stand out

that you big news sweet over get no I
think the girls being sweets like

I don’t wanna make you mad I just wanna
make you proud and his responses

baby just make me karma and then don’t
make a sound

then that’s okay that the kid he fired
by the only other

know where that line that you like um
r.i.p rest in pussy

I at its funny I always aware how we’re
going to Justin Rose on your

r.i.p rest then play the I put the days
just like heaven on earth

happy wrapped in plastic her how is this
okay to be on the radio liquor so like

as a society very up tighten like a
prude like well it’s not put any moves

on TV leak and sware later the area

but then yet so does on the radio guy
will just be like

I just wanna make you proud so make me
calm and don’t make a sad I don’t think

I don’t think they

at player that work we’re listening to
that song on my Spotify usually they pry

played on the radio would like that one
word God I guess that’s terrific

girl just make me and Omega sound that
everyone knows what it is

I feel a higher the untethered says that
is best

now turn around phased out Arbor arrest
in this bit said Lulay dear

yeah it does since I I it so like his
things sorted that he like some

coming and bitches don’t make a sound

ray Whitney’s his is I hate sir haters

and a yeah I guess that’s basically it
he loves bitches in heat haters

yeah I know you like some syrup this

I there’s a mi baseball cards for
rappers there you can see like

who hates likes rarely how much little
way likes as how much he likes pussy how

much he likes weed how much he likes
cars that you like scars very much

but I know he loves pussy here I I think

to make Drake will his likes and
dislikes be a

Drake sorta like I feel like most is
songs are about being number one

yeah he likes he likes pussy buttons or
about more remorseful way than Lil Wayne

he liked Drake has some guilty on in
their line about like

at an even know how much I have yeah

I’m I forgot it’s a lot

fuck that never mind when I I came out
that the army

your I think nevermind and ice on what
you wrote the first bar you can just

delete it

yeah I get never mind what I got I

that greatness in you that real shit the

bag good Kush and alcohol your I

their question hey guys here’s

%uh this is a female we get a feel like

name I’m Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj

she’s a rapper not a pop star she’s both
both the other your rap

yeah gazelle gotta get a beach Beach
that a getaway

bank and at and a I guess that is a rat
ga-ga they’ll only male rappers rap

about if not fucking bitches scars and

I was yeah I’ll they do not have a great
a song with Drake

and it she read it she Nick national
accts about like

how wet her pussy get the mic how good
she is that sexual acts as a little

things throughout that to you

so she raps about fucking guys yeah I
wonder lines in that song is like

and I always ride slow what I’m straddle
in MI shit so wet you got a paddle in

Jesus Christ wrote about

I for you

yeah great good shit the Sun I

hmm adult cam rights know that Lil Kim

shake you may not see milken’s in jail a

we’re not giving her anything this she
said again fell is be

if they deserve theirs it stickier in
eyes rates

hey guys my boyfriend and I have been
dating for about four months

were both 24 and I think this is the
real deal his wonderful smart caring and

it’s close to perfect as someone can get

we get along very well and have yet to
get into an argument and I’m pretty

confident that this is the relationship
that will last

Allon line time now for the question

we haven’t said I love you yet for my
understanding the general rule of thumb

is that the guy says at first but I
often find myself holding

holding back from saying it with him I
really think I love him and I kinda just

wanna yell it from the rooftops but I
also don’t want to rush saying it

what do you guys think should I say it
should I wait for him to say it first

thanks they came in at shit

real question yeah I know where you are
for the best the answer

yeah now now now shit the I don’t know

is ironically Donna too much experience
in this because there’s only so many

people you can love it’s not like a
hooking up question

yeah um it sorta like the question we

a week or two ago it where I am other
payment who dares Yahoo pays on a date

like it is like

at Philly it is one of those rules of
society that the man

says I love you first but

it should be okay for the gold the girl
to do it evening for months is

roughly the range the Sadie Hawkins love
leaving is a good range like

saying I love you 48 months in

I’m yeah I’m trying to think back in
like my past experience I think it’s

like usually

you for you it’s a within the first
three weeks y’know within the 1st 2nd

but I don’t but I hold and I’ll bet her
as long as possible

like a week and a half I the II no I
think they

3 I take three to four months is a nice

range cuz yea the I mean it is good it’s
good to have that like

those couple months we dislike I have a
crush on you I like you

so playful and nice and I think that
probably the time unlike the lovers

actually most intense ride

like a couple months later you knowledge
in like hey this is our

I actually I love you and I and maybe I
did for a couple maybe I did a little


well here’s the that thing that I can
see is like

the first two to three months it may not
be loved it might just be this intense

physical crush that you have infatuation

yeah it’s like this exciting new feeling
that may

store to be loved I might just be like
loves cousin or something

diet love luster something you just like
so into the person cuz

new and fresh exciting right maybe
should wait for that to die down

get into this not that the plateau above
the normal phase

and if you still like the person maybe
that’s what the lovers

yeah but I thought you always wanna be
taking like you want to be a growing up

by telling just like

up up up up that doesn’t rhyme but you
can’t keep that

the growing up but selling L jealous
bitch she been knowing

I showing ever-growing not flat towing
it says selling selling

sell a sewing a while though cuz we
flowing and I’m going with is blowing it


well as a reference Boeing yeah this
episode is brought to you by a major

rock my haters in blowing

to check out the news 757 has class w
ith you did where the Jake and Amir as

your boarding

I to to be detained by the TSA

yeah upgraded to business class select

um I A E worry talking about 0

UK yeah you can keep that rate of
growing that you have in the first three


that’s impossible you can keep that up

idea that however there’s like I think
there’s something that

the first three months it that I thought
that is

love I feel like love is so that it has
many many different forms and there’s

that’s definitely one of them that way
where you’re finding everything out

about somebody and it’s super exciting
and I you don’t feel that intent again

in the relationship yeah

both you’re saying that’s also love our
that is what I think that the version of


I think they like you you can make it
more real later on by Lake

rowdy and getting put your actual roots

but other then I mean I also don’t know
cos I A I’ll never experience for her

but that’s what I wish you’d like to
hook a I’m cryin actually

borders shared vibrated you

is this what crime feel like now

okay i jus that gas both yeah

up to the break alleges that I R burdick
how the

I the tapping your back into love or

gas came out but I don’t I well first of
all love can be anything because it’s

sort of like a morph is like you could
say I love you and sure if that’s true

the year that it’s true

right by default but I think if you
think that’s love

and then you can feel love four to five
times a year

then it’s not really love I think that’s
too often feel love

you can’t feel I think you feel love
that often you’ll have a finite and you

can’t cuz you’re a robot yeah

you’re always love it’s weird because
baby don’t hurt me neither but will ever

feel it cos you’re a robot yeah and
you’re trying to break down like

the the the actual that is mathematics
yeah I love you were

you just put like it or not that’s like
four times here so I don’t know if


enough to be loved and I just did and I
love ninety five different people in

in a week so it’s like oh that’s not
real %uh be there correct

um they were both fucked thankfully her
question what

is okay for the girl to say it for

we got to rely paint yeah they don’t
know I really got real

basically weaver we’ve added ourselves
is not know what the fuck love is but

to bury a burly we can still answer this

cell I think it’s okay for you to say it
first but I feel like

it will mean more to you if he says

sure it always means more when you’re
not asking for it right so just wait you

can wait there’s were there’s ways to
show your love

and they show your appreciation and show
your affection white on your way

because I wanted to like I why I don’t
want her to like say I love you and then

he says the package is like

oh no that he only step back because I
like forced him it was so late I with

aggressor across never say love you
first and now I like made him say it

first love never heard that rule that
girls never say let me first really have

never had that has %uh

and girls said I love the first to you
well for me I’m what if I’m like this

cat is 24-year-old

unlike I will never say it first just
because I am an emotional robot and I

have you ever said it first

it’s always a come out of a conversation
that I didn’t start so I might have said

it first but as a conversation I was
initiated by somebody else he could have

a conversation yes like while you’re

yeah like defining what we are who we
are sure we take the next steps yeah I


I think ideal the it’s never just like

I grab it I grab this person that I’m
weather be like I have to tell you


so this guy might be like me not in not
very much in touch with his emotions and

especially at age 24 you know the fuck
you doing

not it’s free for yes you do well i’m
saying you’re not

emotionally all there yet maybe he might
be waiting for X 24 I’ve

I had already said I love you three
people right here

that doesn’t shock me that’s not a lot

but each one was like you know I felt
that my I thought you always the first

one and it came out of nothing

I yeah thing

well I guess here better than me correct

okay disgrace oh yeah I yeah how dare
you not gonna divided beds

the ago myself under the bus and hope
that your

the hill rescue wear the veil is pump
the breaks that what you’re doing is

party on my spine

I I don’t know I I guess you can’t their
first I go said first to be to you

are you loser well I mean I can help it

I and occurred but that

and I can’t hear you really hand

so they said douche I

I guess it has met like if you just
wanna say it can’t say it

but if you like want something more out
a bit like you wanna feel his love

then I think you have to wait

no okay I all good when we disagree

do you think she should as their yeah I
guess if you feel any should say it or

a broach the subject see how he reacts

you have to go full-on dip your toes in
love water

see if anything comes up yeah there’s
also no shame for waiting for another

month to

the sometimes you just gotta be a man

girl up another dude did you know about

this rule where the guys to say first
yet they got like the guy pays for that

I’m not saying that I agree with all
them but now that I’ve heard a guy pay

for typing for the day

guy proposes guy asked the girl to the
dance guys as I love you

that’s that’s just like the Whaley we’re
conditioned to think it’s supposed to be

alright if you say so I’m not saying
it’s correct right and I’m also saying

that you can say I love you if you love
’em anyone to say it but

if you were wanna feel like he did it

you wanna feel more secure right US but
this girl can be waiting forever if it’s

a dude

like me raper maybe there’s ways that
she can make him for like

wanna say it you know there’s nice
things that she can do romantic gestures

that will

make him realize I love this gonna be a
teller alright a.m.

the last question sort of has to do with

types of people we r said you want a
correctly I just get straight into it

ago we took a break with all the Raptors
yes but as do it alright so

give me one last rap question give me
one more plan plaque infographic have it

back to the doctor to ask

so doctor dre a right-sided race there’s
nothing you idiots guide to read their

is locked in my base let I a

we never gave props to Marshall Mathers
throughout the dyer et podcast

yeah he’s a rep God yeah I B King right

yeah hey guys some not the best looking
dude around but that’s not the problem

my charismatic extra for personality
attracts plenty of ladies

the problem is I’m not really interested
in a relationship at the moment but

still have

the base physical needs I tried being
upfront and honest but

I just feel like a shitty individual
even when they say they’re up for it

what’s the best way to ditch my morals
and go about hooking up with someone

without possibly hurting their feelings

thanks guys so simply put

this guy wants to go from on me

who like over analyzes and is hyper
aware other people’s emotions to a fault

that they can even like

let loose at any time because you just
feel so bad are like you start thinking

about the implications of what tomorrow
will bring in what you should text and

do all this stuff

to someone like you doesn’t consider

also maybe to a fault but maybe you want
to do

find himself in the middle of these two
things right

so can someone turn from a media EU I

personally I have and I thought about
this recently

what’s harder me going to the middle
oven between you and me or you going to

the middle man between mean I think
we’re both fucked I don’t think youth

were signed up for both of us

because we’re start yet because of our
age are just who I really likes what it

easier for you to do because you have
more willpower than I dislike dislike

in a weird logical way create a a
reality where I have to logically let

myself get you have you turned into some
kind of game I

you can do it as you loved you like mind

yeah just guys have to consider it a way
to improve myself like a Rubik’s Cube

are running

and outta me obviously I’m stock

I’ll never change a but I do think
there’s a

there’s one thing that you’re that he’s
talking about that he get over and we’ll

make it easier

which is he will he’s viewing being like

sexually free and

you know I’m he’s really being a sexual
being as something that bad

right-thinking I love like sleeping with
random people and

you know talking a different girls as
like a negative

right where I don’t think I don’t think
that you necessarily have to be an

asshole to sleep with a lot of people

I’m nice to everybody i fuck right I
think there’s just like

so what’s the problem that I E

that I do with the too many people and
get like over

and then it can occur then I’d word if
it’s had happening to too many people

then it’s rude and I get me because I’m
like leaving people hanging in like

leaving them confused but it are you not
upfront with these ladies

being like I doubt there’s a Reese you
don’t have to be up front

yeah it’s weird to me to be in a Barbie
like a really cool but I’m not looking

for anything serious like

okay either my favorite way putting on
that on the girl like that every girl

fucks you looking for something serious
right now

but some people are just by playing the
numbers right but I think you’d find

that out and then you can tell them as I
just really anyone a lot like you never


lies you never ignoring anyone as long
as you’re never talking shit about

anyone is not lies you’re

never ever giving them a negative
experience or as soon as you start to

you emphatically apologize and

stop so what it what are those things
are you not doing that you consider bad

I’m well I am up I have been doing this
in liked

a month now rationed a number I at the
light however

that a move that LA I gave it three
months ago over the bad things are the

things that you’re doing

and stringing people along lying to them
giving them a bad experience talking

shit about them

I would never and never talk shit never
mean I would ice cream people on

where like all I’ll sleep with somebody
at the positive fun experience ever with

having fun I realize we like each other

and then they’re like they wanna hang
out again naturally because you know

people who have nice positive sexual
experience to someone think that it’s

normal to have

to want to do it yeah but I like sorta
freaked out Mike if I do it too many

times that it’s gonna be

like a regular thing and then expect
something in me so I

this is the part where I should be like
have Mike added I don’t wanna see you

leave anything serious

but instead I’ll be like hey I can’t
tonight I really wanna see you next week


when it’s not really the case right
because you would be into that but

that’s the thing sometimes it is the
case sometimes I really don’t wanna see

them that week but I really do want to
see them the next week

right i think is just like it can be
confusing for people

and 8 gives me some guilt but also

as I them always upfront always honest
you never feel too bad

no so maybe that’s a the advice for this
guy should be is

a there’s nothing you’re not doing
anything actually bad they have nothing

to feel guilty about

yeah just get over the guilt yeah many I
think you’ll

the other you have the a good moral
compass here so if you start

it starts to get bad then you’ll know

right with the best way to ditch my
morals realize that your morals are


I could yeah you don’t want to be

manana and its or later what they did in
a vietnam you know

yet the dehumanized the enemy Paso yet
but propaganda

other so 28-year-old hipsters around
your apartment

what you need to do is just is is
realize that they

the that thing that’s holding you back
from a killing these bit iffy shorter

hoping you’d is it real yeah I’m not
sure exactly how this works

I where there is a way to brainwash
yourself with the

I agree I generally think that he’s a
that he that he’s the

put it that he’s like making a bad thing
when it’s not a bad thing

right just realized that it’s okay to

the girls have fun having sex to you so

later use well what would you advise me
to me to loosen up if I am

too much to the other end

I’m EU loosened up a lot but they’re
still like

this this person is actually pretty cute
but she said this one thing or does this

one thing and I’m just not even an
ancient I’m not I don t wanna

ever talk to her and i cant sleep did
not want to hang out with them again

because they do one one bad thing we
have one bad photo on Instagram

right I will scrutinize this one thing I
wanna meet up with them

I don’t know yet did look at the bigger
picture stuff but that’s hard cuz I mean

I sometimes do the same exact thing

you’re too judgmental not a judgmental
but like I like folk

like hone in on one thing that I don’t
like in Italy ruin an experience for me

but you won’t let it stop me from trying
to sleep with somebody I let it stop


me from trying to sleep with him a
second time I

the way I act towards women is the way
you act or Islamic after you’ve already

slept with them

right yeah the base the my baseline do
that I have to fuck them

okay now now that I’ve fuck them now
that now on your level

and I’m I’m already there right I think
I don’t know you just said

you have to be having more fun than you
are turn it into a game

turn it into a game quantify the
experience on now

see if I can track at my number air

I do you care about your number

view get excited about numbers like they
know I looked up at this many people

miss many days oh that’s a fun little

oh I have this many people this month I
want to try to break my record

and I don’t think they care I mean I
think I’m aware of numbers like that but

I don’t care about them at all

it doesn’t drive you you’re not like on
hook up this person because then that’ll


X&Y days are no I’m all about like one

I’m all about like and experiencing
don’t have this experience right now and

then afterwards I’m happy I

well I’d like being with as many girls
this week or something great

but it’s all it’s never a dull ache all
right you gotta get my number so last

week out the heat I girls now is she

it’s like Glenn Gary Glen Ross there
they just ran a hit quotas

oh yeah I know I have no I’d like no
quotas at all I was just on my feelings

and these leads are weak a we said
another the thing yesterday

with Allison resins podcast reelect on
day 2 she’s never knew her hair we’re

talking about i’d get

I like you’re staying up

a girl like any girl that wants to date
me like her biggest problems that she’s

not twelve girl thing right

and as a yes I he I just need new things
all the time writer and a to she’s not


over to do she is right over but it’s
also it’s pretty cool I wouldn’t wear

that you’re wearing it on a teacher and

I you wearing that al-zawahri by has
marked I to them every girl I’ve ever

branched I pepper fresh yeah

and then do that on my other leg it’s
all the girls that I’ve blown

such %uh to keep the radio size Basel
alright cool

that’s it that’s our advice that’s our
show that out assert that their

a if you guys have questions have your
own you can email us at the fiery show

at gmail dot com if you have theme songs
like a

Riley did at the beginning of the show
or even if its it’s not as good as that

just because the Drake one was pretty

we’re gonna get better teams all ahead
now we’ve had some awesome ones

the yeah send those in as well a we
start and

close every single episode with one this

last one is actually from somebody who
decided to keep his name anonymous still

and no I don’t want credit for coming up
with a good song but we have one last

rapper’s name to say that this person is

I yes this is the this is this is the

this is a economy a US guy a West is
gonna players out

thanks so much for listening everybody
will be back on Thursday another bonus

episode then


rather than you problems and I

the day yeah and my

some I

there and so is mine

weighing my




that issue



I’ll letter that are absurd once again
thank you dan H about response ring it

that’s nature docstoc.com if you get an
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snacks checking out y’all thanks

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