Episode 56: Business Ideas


In this episode we discuss climbing and grandmas. Then we make a SuperBowl bet.

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enjoy this episode yell you know they
changed the word

head episode in the same it is does way
toward yeah I get to change the two

words here and it’s episode now as the
please enjoy this

at this a I holdall you

you is getting stung by a lobster at the
end Scott horrible

yeah lobsters stung a lot used on ads

denying lol thats why that noise came
out I use those jobs I i’ve been

you were just on by a lobster and a

well the hell was that with the law’s
major Carlos that ending

I guess both down doubly confused

the with confused by it by is no is

then more so I was confused by you
describing that no

if if there would be a Kingston by a

enough Mac other I you don’t have to but
two people on blast in the first 30

seconds that’s

fucking up a thorough what to be fair
sometime people deserve to be put on

blast and I think

I think it the justified it the
justified case is being put on blast

there right now just that this to be
clear you’re putting not only me on

blast but

rosemary in notre G and christiane

from holland who’s a minute that One
Direction parody makes a lot of sense

that they’re from Holland a wide I don’t

a do they just imagine everyone talks
like that in Holland I

I do love that song your don’t know dr.
view of the pool is Andrew

prosecutors sure notices ambien yeah

a okay that makes a lot more sense I
just don’t like I think maybe that dude

should have let rose-marie missing the
last time I thought given or GF break-in

shares the

and I’m good this is the large is our

especially if north just was stunned by
a lobster I think it was on a

I measure the other than I also has the
brother and sister does there the better

time is triplets he says

well there’s just the deadbeat is II bow
their back and that the notre G

and whole dude I was thinking about it

conjoined twins this weekend I’ll call
you today this is a islamic

the it what

know if can a mastery yeah know it suck
in about

cinn 0 in stock now the dark about I
think you should take that

the lead for everyone else and not talk
about it he had just curious

well with a in conjoined twins could be
anything to be like to join the hand and

it’s mostly two bodies they could be
like a two-headed

person were you about to say a
two-headed monster

his youth in a little bit that’s what if
they know if you have

if you’re like inseparable conjoined
twins on

then um lady do they masturbate

again I know English speaking it was
very clear for your first and I googled


and I was sure I would find an answer
but nothing

I’d check the Yahoo Answers and gray
area here they request for a conjoined


that if you interviewed on reddit know
there’s never been a rare going to end

already there was the name a request

I think actually but I am nobody it was
all do it was all jokes

everybody’s joking about masturbating I
was trying to find out the real answers

yeah I’m sure there’s a lot more actual
scientific questions about conjoined


they should pry get answered before the
whole I know a lot about conjoined twins

clever read a lot about this weekend I
was curious

and the um would I know that they have
sex less than other people

yeah with their hands well with them
being too

used humans were a lot of them could
compare find like be with their

conjoined twin as having found their
soulmate there’s they’re like they’re

second part like they wouldn’t is it
like what does that tell you they don’t

have we don’t want to be secretary that
they’re not as sexual as

you know as somebody who’s like lonely
and wants to be with somebody

for a have someone do they prefer to be
conjoined I I mean it didn’t possess all

they know

its worry I didn’t say anything about
that see this is why many that I am A

yeah anyway this is a fiber you the only
night I have been halfway done talking

about this shit

holy crap style rallies at

on the internet hosted by her salary and
I’m Jake and

and Louis

we are at a time alright well as a micro
episode 5 minutes and done

okay so how does it work people find
themselves in difficult places the email

us at a fiery show at gmail.com we read
their questions and try to give

our advice perfect I

a toda toda robot was getting too even
when I do well I really don’t appreciate

that year the

fucking arbiter yeah the yeah you’re
still you so quietly look today are you

there God I hate that I know yet that
I’m you though

yeah I do you that way that you train me
to seek your approval

sorry but who does sorta re-ask sorry

I as tags sorry not sorry

when an embarrassing thing to say a bit
worse than being stung by a lobster

where’s that I’ll just leave this here
hmm oh yeah archaeologist with the fifth

it it before it’s embarrassing things to
read out on your own

base work well want I this period

the up this all %uh this

I know shits were given that gay

alright should get a

get this party started I up in here up
in here

okay and we are going to be reading real

from real people but we’re going to be
giving them fake names to preserve their

and nine emerged he cell you gotta a
fake name for me and this guy

her Chris Sharma I

pretty specific but I here we go are
actors Sharma rights hey guys love the

show I sent you an Email awhile back
about a girl who wants to go climbing

with me who has a boyfriend

the problem was essentially that I’m
super into her

don’t know how to handle going on
climbing trips with her well

now she’s coming on a multi-day climbing
excursion with me and some friends

camping spending the whole day together
and I’ll be working on projects all need

to be focused on climbing hard

atop this is applying at my work a rock
climbing gear store

summit after work whether to my question
is how should I handle this

I like this girl a lot she climbs she’s
funny she’s smart and she’s a god damned


jeff Flake cool and wait in the wings
should be just be friends

or should I avoid her until she breaks
up with her boyfriend

some help would be greatly appreciate
appreciated thanks guys

Chris Sharma this is so funny them
really imagine Chris Sharma wrote that


I does this this lean handsome man Chris

for anybody not that doesn’t know I
don’t know why he wouldn’t albert Adomah

kris Jenner’s where the best rock
leaders in the world i know i people

would know that so this guy

I its drama now going on a multi-day
rock climbing excursion

I work at a gear store ignore Udoka

I you are a gear store a its

shit well you gonna rock climbing even a
rock climbing expeditions

yeah is a romantic inherently oh my god

because it’s like its physical its

lot is shirtless dudes just pumping
through a rock climbing bouldering

roots it’s like Paul its primal you know
yet working your way up the wall then

you also like have people’s lives in
your hands on the

if he is doing it is like sport climbing

yeah I her trad climbing it is like
blaming this girl

you know she’s holding her holding her
feeling her wages belay hear that yeah

he’d like to delay her ended the day
ended the day your

you’re sitting around the campfire the
sun’s going down it’s at Magic Hour yeah

open a beer and oh my god some research
play acoustic guitar

I gotta go to twenty attempted to Joda a

the LBJ you know you to but yeah why I

just so you can keep those feelings at
bay I keep those feelings away

appeared Jani said a I

I’ll yeah

this is tough Chinese smart funny a
diane and she climbs

I water my fucker epic gear already keep
her away from me

lookout buzzkill a boulder a v2 I

which is the second easiest thing you
can build 3006

there’s the v0 I online you

here an uptake you not to bring it up

I easy does it but climbers love other
climbers right like how well you can

climb is a huge thing

amongst the climbing community I girl
who’s not that attractive would be

extra attractive she was an awesome
climber yep definitely should be extra

tracked it if she was a great climbers

though I’m not sure that Lake how good
you climb is super important

I feel like this how much you love it is
what’s important rock climbers are like

a very

very cool a group of people yeah a
little more than a little more chills

not about like

oh what can you climb is what about like
do you love it you know I

you have choc all over your hands all
over the microphone

I you it’s funny that you shot he had an
awful hard

do other you have the like this split
personality where they have you lovers

rock climbing and the other half love
you would like

also loves getting wasted in going to
like clubs in Vegas

right that you how does I love RI are a

a moon rocks I just just does snorting a
line of my kitchen counter

rolling my face off in going to Brooklyn
Bowl you

or waking up at the crack down on China
to a

chalk up my hands and Heidi into I
entered Red Rocks

I the valley when out this week you’re
like this has we can I was in Vegas it

was like the two

both my personalities like you during
the day I was climbing at night I was

just like

in a club with my brother yeah now as
you’re happy zone

yet I don’t know I think that they’ve
been here again

way more into you I am the day yeah

climbing exercising be healthy it’s the
LA lifestyle

its I think it’s it happily lifestyle
and also have living at your parents


I my mom is pretty pretty epic

you said what you say lights out at 10
yeah well I don’t have to be

I don’t have to be asleep net10 I just
had to be

in my room with the lights off at 10 I
don’t actually have a bedtime

that subject Xeon yeah and then like I’m

really should be asleep by 10:30 11 when
she comes to check in on me but

sometimes I can fake it unless you
listen to my breathing and she’s like

I can tell you’re not really asleep this
is fake fake breath

K and as you like she moves the the down
comforter away from you and she sees

they are actually like holding a bite
size Snickers Yahoo its okay cuz I have

a brush my teeth yet

edges like well dessert was at a now
this year’s gonna make it see you

up until 11 yeah and I the other night
she slapped me across the face back and

I that I paid left my room at 11:50

and actually a bit thirsty could have a
spot of water she is she actually

wound up I and there’s like a backswing
honors and sheep

she is she pop she borderline punched me
in the face he said she slapped the


it that you’re hungry for more I got one
more comment if you’re if you really

need something else wasn’t even true
because I started weeping

and it made me feel very dehydrated yeah
you’re losing a lot of that’s all I know

thats earlier yeah

at I this dude

what do you deal you climbing aside
gooey I’ll we’ll talk about climbing all

day he started rock climbing to you

yeah I really like it do you enjoy it in
what’s your favorite part about it

I think I getting to the top getting to
the top over route feels good

yeah yeah and on

an leaving feels good like putting
moisturizer on your blistered as Hans

so your two favorite things about
climbing both don’t necessarily involve

the actual climbing owner climbing is
the worst fire being at the top

yeah there now press the low-speed yeah
resting in the evening on lotion

you know that i think im just gonna by
latter and

lotion yeah viewed as take a letter to
the top of the loggers weren’t enough

there than

oleoyl now would be a keel

cules a said the a real the real
question is how

into this a boyfriend she if it’s a new
relationship that’s a maybe it’s it’s

worth trying over

so it’s in seeds of doubt if it’s like a
if it’s been going on for a really long

time you can wait it out because I might
be almost over

but if it’s unlike the lovey dovey super
intense hardcore

period this guy’s got nothing to do but
wait brazzaville is sewing seeds of


sounds um borderline illegal

I mean that the legal battle a slight
chipping away at but I i

ideology has a better chance if these
other guys not a climber he is oh yeah

that’s I mean that the game over if you
click to start climbing harder than that

do does even if he does Clive you become
the best

yep he’s a better climber the new we
suggest doing nothing yet we suggest you

not clear yet quit the gears nor

%uh pick up a different Hobby Boss tip
you take your king over this is

checkmate he’s got you be

I was I don’t think they like sewing to
see the dow as you say is it necessarily

you can’t do it by being like your boy

you know know is that they were the
right way to do it is just by being

yourself be great

yet be great all her present yet that’s
all that’s all it is and then to realize


there’s somebody better than her
boyfriend and then you express interest

in her and she’s like wow the guy that’s
better than my

boyfriend likes me I’m no jump ship

that is if you are better than her
boyfriend right so the first step

the better find out if you’re better
than your that her boyfriend if you are

great if you’re not be better

if you become better then make the move
and if you can become better

these out but the the russians

Chris Sharma but I wouldn’t ignore just
be your friend be therefore be cool be

getting her presence which you should be

anyway even if you didn’t like urged is
big be good

yeah do that you can always be thinner
look better

that’s not what I meant to be I put it
is correct

occurred alright we need another we need
another name

as rick answered a question Alex Honnold

huddled rights hey guys

I got accepted to a scientific PhD
scholarship which will start soon

the workplace is very nice good weather
no stress

or traffic and the work environment is

the problem is that I cannot get out of
my mind some business ideas I have

so I’m really not focused her motivated
for the PhD

but the scholarship will get me a steady
income for some years in contrast with

the serious risks are starting a
business in a middle of an economic


should I throw myself to the sea and
find out if I drown

or swim love the show wish the best for

Alex Honnold well

mmm huddled sticky sticky sticky
situation we’ve got business ideas

well year I’ve got some business ideas

you I V dowd amigo a doctor but on the
other hand

I have an idea for a business if
actually have a couple ideas

for different businesses well a business
idea that actually pretty dope

yeah some considering doing that instead
of becoming a doctor with a steady aim

come with good weather in a friendly
work environment

last time I checked some businesses
actually do pretty damn well

I heard a lil little business called
Mikey yeah

about Starbucks how it works as people
buy shoes Inc of being you get a cut

yeah yeah

so businesses don’t seem to be too bad
of an idea do they now

in fact I can’t think it was singled
business that’s failed which we Nike


does glancing over this New York Stock
Exchange app that I have these are all

seemingly pretty to grasp the idea

GE yeah good one a rate

okay right off the bat this one
universal no

to make they take real Bay and actually
Clear Channel

Clear Channel actually has a pretty

sizable net worth yeah and i’m looking
at a i’m looking at a steady revenue is

a stream and

up I can imagine these Warner Brothers
that started warner brothers are

pretty pretty loaded iight the well of
the two be perfectly honest my business


isn’t much different than theirs yes
fact it’s the exact same I’m going to a

fired some some big picture blockbusters

business is risky okay buddy

being a doctor with the PhD nice weather
no traffic in a friendly work


that’s all that’s all reward no risk

but it the heart wants what the heart

I the you to look at the list and see
the pros

%uh which is for your PhD program only

it at one con being you don’t get the
work on your business ideas they look at

your business ideas list

and it’s all kinds risky financial

a startup money you know likelihood of

and they’re all car than one Pro which
is you get to do what you want

hmm but is that one pro worth the car

your cell month that one con you’re
talking about not being with the

a well skis hit you you’re just stung by
a love

I here that was actually a lobster nest
up there had been buzzing about

I is little rat bastards yeah there’s a
little higher

yeah corner lobsters you should try
lobster honey

old shit will change the way you think
about lobsters and honey that she will

take your YouTube I

here I am well as they say I at the one
contest starting a bit I’ve got a PHD

that you said which was

not having time to start your business
might not even be true

he might be able to start his business
while in the PhD program

well just like you know I’ll small bare
bones skeleton aversion to the business

just to see if it’ll succeed

and then as it starts to succeed then
you can start failing at a school

because you like

you brought that lifeboat closer to

closer to the ship yeah what do you not
get ready your safety net just

just the you know do the PhD work on the
business as a side and when it becomes

mostly business

and then the PhD is taking a back seat
then it’s time to you

do all business what although it is it
is ironic that we are

addressing at Alex Honnold here because
you know he is a very risky guy he does

a lot of solo climbing without a safety

free so lonely and the and the cons
there are you’re gonna die

you know he still goes for it a tray

its it’s what he wants fuck it you know
what Mangold

work I were handled does is beautiful I

and I think you should try to climb Half
down without a without any gear

I um yeah

I don’t know if it’s almost like a if
you really wanted to do it

you would have done it world yeah I do
that I think that the the two piece of

advice are

either no matter what if you really feel
in your heart of hearts that you’ve got

these great business ideas then you know
he should just go for it and try to

try to achieve your goals but there’s no
reason you have to do it

while sacrificing the PhD but you if you
really feel like you need to do this

like all-or-nothing

then fuck it fuck the PhD although

this shows called if I were you I would
you do if your this guy

I would clearly just do the PhD program
right now would not

you would not that will happen I I was
thinking are you would have gotten in

oh yeah and they are smart enough to get
into a PhD program

will I will first off fuck you
ex-general let me yet another

thank you I wanted to take this and
apply it to myself where

some College Humor with my business idea

when I was working as an intern collagen
right now really your idea but sure

rally at Wailea that’s like my original
my about their risky I have no idea what

this is this means that internship could
last one semester or at last a year or

could turn into a job whatever

I have no idea but I knew I liked it and
then on the other side I was i

getting a year degree in creative
writing which isn’t

necessarily a PhD again unnecessarily or
at all actually right

but I was getting a college degree which
people say that you should be doing it


as a quote unquote safety nets on the
real back on so I was in college

and I had an internship and I was like
which one do I do

my boss said you get to you can come in
and work as many hours as you want

whenever you not in class is

so I said fuck it I dropped out of

and I came in ecology were all the time
and look at me now mother fucker

I got a podcast I

you the hardest thing to get I

podcast an Academy Award for the two
trophies you get for being in show

business leaders like them holding right
now is the trophy

I if I close my eyes and squeeze Iran up

it’s a grammy but I think that I think
both well yes maybe not necessarily but

your you stayed in college got a
business degree and then

also when worked ecology amor rights I
guess it is true if I really would stay

in school

and if I were you I drop the fuck out in
may have it the little

angel and devil sitting on it which

on the angel what do you think that it’s
so good to go to college how dare you

questioned my morality on this show yeah
you figure angelic cuz you at the

college no I just think you’re a general

I do they cover degenerate cuz I dropped

you know anything’s larger sting people
I have you

I you to learn that your four years a
fucking public education

excuse you but I am

alright next question yeah we need I

a China’s remember if this is the lady
or a dude

I think it’s a guy to give me a guy’s

Adam Endre Adam Endre

Adam under Adam Ondra rights

about three weeks ago my Nana moved in
with my mom and they don’t know each

other a great deal

it cost my mum thousands of dollars to
move my Nana

because she wanted to do it in the
easiest possible way for my Nana

my Nana is depressed and shizz and cries

other mike got a job at the I my Nana is
depressed and she is an cries

have a normal day and tells my mom that

Nana is a burden and not wanted

which makes my mom said and makes for a
house a hostile place to live I can act


and my Nana because she is my blood but
nobody is allowed to make my mom said

what would you do if I were you legs
mama’s boy

I’ll knowles this guy’s a mama

took in here his Nana and his men as
acting me to his mama

and is in no way that act I yell it is

what a hard situation this is a real
situation yeah

this year too hard but you are handling
it the absolute runway

live because he’s getting pissed that is
mana a

you have to look at this from your nanas

1gbps the NNN she was yelling at your
mama I think I it will

I feel bad for everyone I don’t get
pissed I would be like that

paid grandma the whole ramit

it man up mother fucker

I no Hana near you got another

people into my mama’s house it now check
yourself right now nobody makes my mom


many you got a man a year men are nah
nah nah nah

you dare you got no manners Nana mufucka

a before fucking never allowed us to

epic who’d as a man as Nana and while
you’re at the store get me a banana Nana

I an offender manana yeah

in fact I’d like a Fanta and a flat and
then after the bandana now that go

a creative flair to a flight data then
then n/an/a

I the eagle is a dish antenna

and Arthur funds are really I he

yep apotheke flown in to YouTube both
ergo bat

I I just think

you care yell at your gramma you gotta

you’re you’re right in your in your arm

he says they can’t act out at my Nana
cuz she’s my blood

true yes it’s good but like I think
you’re harboring too much hate and

resentment in your heart

and you got your you’re turning into a
hostile place to live

right now it’s a sad place to live year
so what you need to do is look recognize

the core router the problem which it
sounds like you did but he maybe didn’t

need it so it went over your head

your Nana feels like a burden to your
mother and to you

so why don’t you do that you’re best to
make ur not feel like a burden

which will in turn maker stop crying
which will make your mom happy

which will make you Nana happy which
will make you happy

you’re so selfish all this is to make
you happy

or make alright yes small little do

human left for your right word is they
are more jewish this day

I identify very strongly with my
mother’s side of the family

like Christian babe actually guides me
I’m quite protestant

now that I think about it and then I’m

now you that’s good advice i mean my
advice is not really for him but for

everyone else listen to this podcast

you think you’re like a shitty place are
kinda bored you’re not really doing

anything in life

think about how much worse it can be
let’s let’s take this person and that

treat him as an inspiration

at least you’re not living at home with
a mean Nana

who’s acting mean to your mama that’s an
inescapable situation

night without fucking as cable you know
the religious cable is imagine your and

old man a

litigate home it with as a burden to
your daughter

and the some resentful prick is the
grandson I

everybody hates you you feel like a
burden and oh you are

and they’re like holy shit why can’t I
just died no one’s nice to me

you Jesus release this kick if I can
move out

that’s here um alright

so yes summation what would you do if
your home

i thinkI be with you what you have to do

be. nice to your elders they’re the ones
that have been alive for a long time

they’ve seen a lot of shit there

whole body is hurt and they have to deal
with that being dead very soon

so you just have to be nice to all
people all the time you should

definitely be nice to an old person who
is your grandmother whose love you

unconditionally since the day you were

and I understand you want to protect
your mother but the best way to do that

is by making your grandmother happy now
by telling her to fuck off

it totally agree I consider me were
asleep entire time qeii

you how does one of those rare occasions
where mean jack pretty much said the

same thing

you but in a different way had a wet
dream just now

I I watched your penis grow into Jackie
elated Eugene

you through every look at time left but
I left the dog if we have

a man having a wet dream Bell will be up
to you

we have two things we need to learn more
about I love photography have guys

having wet dreams

and conjoined twins masturbating with
the not be an amazing visual

art a work love a guys sleeping in a bed
on his back naked

that’s why we should be fucking artists
do and then and then that their cameras

facing down bird’s eye view this guy
looks like Jesus on a god damn cross

all the sudden seemingly out of nowhere
as I start convulsing

his dick gets hard and it just started
Jackie elating while a volatile year for


I would I was followed here to like be
part of a study that I just if anybody

has a actors some kinda laboratory

I this holiday villa hated to give me a
third the

wonder whether those the thermal pad
mattress is one of the things

tempur-pedic if a tempurpedic mattress
and make the room a nice balmy seventy

four degrees I’ll sleep naked

i watch your number 12 I and I’ll have a
wet dream on camera I

guaranteed wet dream on camera I wanna I
love I love thinking about

I watched it you

I really what did I want that I don’t
know what I think about it I want it

all a while but my birthday is a wet
dream on camera

a him and then if they’re added that a
big booty ho will suffice

when I die bury me meet the corner Sto

alright break time we got some live
shows coming up

we have a live podcast at the Sydney
Theatre in LA on january thirtieth

advance tickets are sold out but if you
witness stand by line they let a lot of

people and it’s like oh yes a lot of
people and

a lot right look at least three nose
like 720 yeah like 70

so come to the standby line come one
come all but not all but at least 70


please that we also have shows in
Nashville on Monday February 17th

and in Charlotte on Tuesday favor 18th
and then

in Syracuse at Syracuse University on
Wednesday February 19th

I would want to visit Syracuse in
February the refund it supposedly a

lovely lovely place

and 99 feet of snow on the ground as the

maybe three feet above the cold I had
those kids rage man light lake effect


your just a real blizzard like and I you
care so much about whether

hmm you care so I’m more than anybody
I’ve ever met

you does that’s all I think about you
care a lot about whether

yeah why is that I don’t know I don’t
get it I don’t even like

I’ve never ever looked at a forecast I
you never looked better forecast

I’ve if you’re traveling somewhere next
week you would not look at the forecast

I think I’d look the maybe have looked
at the forecast like 45 times in my

whole life I

look at the forecast 30 times today I
and the weather in LA is identical every

day of the week

there’s no need for me to NJ 76 cents
partly cloudy that you must hate living

here now where you never have to think
about the weather

now because when I do as I sorta I get
off to looking at a

other cities weathers yeah I checked
over again encourage this we actually

she and I are both

I i’m not it on camera is a fun to just
look at the range like it’s a high is

sixty one day and then I love 8 the next
hole who

I is forecast year forecast that I L
it’s a nice little weather app if you

guys have any better suggestions do let
me know

this episode is brought to you by for
Tao K

I am yeah I don’t know any a.m.

those are just three shows that we have
lined up yet will for

record there’s three there’s Sharlet
Nashville Syracuse and then the one in


yeah the big four the big four you guys
gotta come please

there’s even if you don’t live near
Charlotte we r

we sort of promise them more than a
seller you gotta understand you live you

if you live in Raleigh live at the
little chapel hill you’re like I’ll I’ll


our way to the gum believe the public on
a night out that might not ever happen

operators so we got the check to see if
the North Carolina a

you this city are the best in the
fucking Union

North Carolina it in the Union are I met
yet america

okay um also our bill burr is still up

that’s an exciting little news go check
her billboard lease if you live in LA

I’ll in Santa Monica

cannot get enough pictures billboard has
very the

we’re talking about what else we can do
once this bill were goes down and we

have access to billboards for you know
several hundred dollars

seem to have the continued access to the
to these billboards I think like a big

thing has to drop out

and then they have to get ready these
billboards that super discount prices

but we know the guy we’re in the loop
were in the billboard loop

well where is an interview when is no
enter billboard circle if you have any

funny ideas for a billboard like

I know it could be a prank like I just a
picture ever streeter

we can find a funny pictures Streeter
and make that a billboard that could be

a funny thing

your be great year or %uh somebody’s
phone number

I did have a picture me on the Billboard
with the sign that says I love my mom

yes I LA she knows yeah

do you say is you want like put like
you’re like 10 their profile picture up

there some

Yahoo’s like it did a bit headed by
dinner profile picture with my zip code

and as for enright swipe right ladies

or that would that would be something I
could do you own bears lleno de

awful we should do I have a bet with a
loser has to do

a embarrassing billboard the other
person’s choosing oh that’s great

now to think about the stakes supra the
stakes are here

I add it now to think about the actual
bed the actual bat Super Bowl

yeah I think the as the oxygen a win or
a and I think then we will

rarely we should make a bad loser has to
get a billboard the other persons using

I done really yeah alright then

the winner and a loser has to pay for it
to aka

3 I 30 Jan eighty dollars plus an
embarrassing billboard

and I really for dan dreyer Seattle yeah

can’t wait I is just like us coming up
before the Super Bowl

yeah a great I now you guys know

you to root for now that I there’s no
taking a back yeah

which one is Manning play for I you
truly are the Richard Sherman a bill


I it that’s what happened I

you when you mess with greatness don’t
come at me with a story as bet

the a I at last question yeah

the that that that that that that yet
need another

male climbers name geez wheeze man

I mean it’s a it’s a male-dominated
industry know where we at this sale is

one female climber

alright female climber but this is a
male writer Sasa

to Julian sy said the Julian the mail

I’m a university student and I’m always
been taking my class notes on my laptop

this past week for midterms I began
reading my review notes on a legal pad

and highlighting them for review

which worked very well my friends keep
referring to my notes is pretty now and

I can’t help but be bothered by that

is an effeminate to highlight notes
should I go back to my laptop and not do

as well

thanks Sasha her is really really bad
they’re given a woman I


I’ll we hate to break it to you but it’s
very effeminate what you do n

yeah I mean your friends called it
pretty its

borderline I don’t wanna lay I don’t
care if it works it be gives you a

better grade than you do you succeed in
your life you want

you wanna be that guy known as that guy
that girl

I guess it is go back to the fuckin

dude I can’t leave you in rollers in
with this with his trash is no brainer

obviously take the C plus but at the
very least

you note sur dude Lee did you wanna it
did you did you wanna ask what to do

with the the them it high later no to
her that suggest burning them

I no one ever sees them yeah I don’t
know how to be friends called them

pretty but you obviously after

you have to kill them that nobody can
know nobody can know you did something


miss these Reds aren’t even insulting

that’d if they were insulting them I can
see at least understand his point of


that like he doesn’t want to get
ridiculed bid other sayings that is

notes are pretty

yeah and he took it I guess this guy’s a
closet homosexual who so afraid of being

outed that like

or he will ride over your eyes China
overcompensate this much

that calling his notes pretty is making
him seriously reconsider his

what he called actual identity I

think you don’t have bf is issued are

do better you’re doing better

so that’s great you they’d never
apologize for something that makes you


what’s beautiful thank you

never apologize for something that makes
you better

yeah for you make me better

birthday never apologize for you thank
you I am

you’re my best friend right now my
brother in arms

open right my soul mate at I and my wife

a plot in Nyala apologize to anyone for

at you apologize for the live-fire

I think it’s an affront to two lives
that you call me that

I love you email I’m head over here

I’ll kadu hammered bad she waited

obsessed in love I know if the user

that’s yeah question and I wrote to his
son a wife

out on the good little bit healing a
that is I love everything

you big he sell it for

here girls obsessed with you too

I am bad love you so much said so

do you love me died down tyler is so our

please see you me

a bad back obviously a work in progress
to see

but it was 99 percent done I got my dad
a string accompaniment

though it’s not a work in progress home

other than the latter it I don’t know
its shell or something

I have a quite nailed it down it’s going
to be

it’s going to be not pretty I’ll show
you that heard area

I’m pretty good at guitar but my friend
called my last song pretty

action I a break my guitar and take up a
more manly install largely pretty upset

about it

I but then I don’t want to be pretty
upset because the word pretty is a nice

they’re freaking out even more I hate
the word pretty

it summers get over it

do good get over yourself both

iight thats that’s enough that’s our

thanks for everybody for who’s written
in so far the email address again as a

fiery show at gmail dot com

if you need advice about something we
will do our best

to guide you at a bit we’re also still
accepting theme Sox emissions

every episode starts and ends with an
original theme Sun

written by and performed by ever
recorded by

are talented talented fans that’s right
we do nothing

yeah we do literally nothing that first
one is written by

raise money in not G and christiane from

can I suggest a band name for them yeah
Hall and Oates

nice Hall and Oates nice Holland so it’s

up it’s as if you guys love oats and

this last one is written by a dude name

whose band is called something noble
will be back

all once again on Thursday thanks for
listening area body







show team

by my

band day




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