Episode 58: Immune to Sex (Live at UCB Theatre in Los Angeles!)


In this episode we discuss sexting, Flappy Bird, and respecting your elders – recorded live at UCB Theatre in Los Angeles!

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this was a very fun fun episode

it was our live episode was lives so

things not only got real but they did so
in front of a live studio audience which

is fun insane

and also the Seahawks destroyed the
Broncos today see you on our billboard


your god damn right I did holy crap
that’s great I think

I think my one thing that I’m hoping for
that you get too lazy to design it Wow

yeah I and i think the one thing I’m
hoping for is for our fans out there to

design a billboard said it my way

after I will you show your Gmail dark
I’ll let’s get started in Jersey Shore


E me






yeah a



bad n show commodity failed us

I nearest rail hit the road

she uses there he is like you thank you
for the heads up to


I’ll good for you guys yeah

cordon bleu on yourselves

a okay here’s our confidence up guys

you guys aren’t that bad guys except for
mine action

enough site us so well

thank you so much for coming to our
first ever shown Los Angeles

the on guys all have our spirits on

you guys are modeled I model 92 the

yeah well that’s actually a button up
shirt design a

limited to write yeah he shouted limits
are a limited

3s next level limited I love that the
only sure they sell

that leadeth the

what’s so many ground that bad know what
that’s a funny joke

yeah that sell limited in this it was
smart but it wasn’t good

is there I appreciate got it wasn’t a
compliment but you’re right I really do

violation yaa got it you’re not welcome
now as their numbers they don’t have any

third eye

so guys this is a a live version of our
podcasters by show of hands who is here

who years for the pocket before in

Wow think I went on to explain it right
no i think is those should

okay well who years just here because
the bar billboard

do your job either

your Google the name atop a bit heard
the podcasts that in the standby line

and came today in the rain by the way
and R and be the first time it never

rains in los Angeles is during our show

but not blaming me a

I’m sorry a apology accepted a

you control the weather that’s
incredible I went better than what I

want their control

you are oddly obsessed with whether yeah

you’re going on vacation tomorrow and
I’ve been tracking the weather more than

you have

yeah you know might might might be
canceled yeah I don’t I like told me

this morn there’s a winter storm

use that what’s that in I’ve never heard
of a winter storm

yeah no rented by the reaction went
through them together is blowing my

fucking mind

I’m just saying watch out for tomorrow
I’m afraid that I’ll easy for

dole all that it’s really creepy in

I didn’t wanna say it I am so how does
the show work well

usually it’s just me Jake alone in her
room people email us

there they’re they’re they’re they’re
they’re difficult a

the lemons their sticky situations that
we do our best to revise them

how to their problems yes

yeah I’ve got nothing at your email that


you want me to critique it I your
posture is bad

to be perfectly honest zoned out turning

you’re thinking about your flight I will
know I think you’ll like this shirt sort

of partisan to take it up as unknown
away a little bit

bunnies I don’t know anyway I gotta show

like to know how the show or yeah I’m
with you yeah I think a

everywhere he was entirely sure that you
know Hong and we come through thousands


and we have it might pull right now

the best sex ever the

got turned off no

CA see him play for the yeah I don’t
even look at the klaas

I Boyd I will usually

get these emails is really helping to
preserve these people enemies alike as

we these people’s names on the ground

back now knows that she had been left


conquers all it is worse than sac and
then go home

got names action her is looking a mere
smooth well no

diet back into

goodnight yeah

not alone plus the a

I would never ever going to allow yeah
insincere it’s good that bad

II will love will use their oh this is
nice actually they don’t last a couple

of those guys talk about running some
with net and

and nobody was there to see me do it
sure and I liked it

I services this is up might hear from
him did you understand

you get it alright so this is running
somebody’s neck and

how hey lead do with your friend yeah

and is perfect for the thousand people
listen at home

they slow learners this is not a min
nobody taking video

okay alright I’m rain first question

from Zack me sup dudes

mmm calmly

I had a really nice the civic
organizations the last 10 holes

that’s interesting yet what’s happening
right now in mind

yeah i’m taking a shit does days and 8

not yeah to yeah course in my head

yeah we’re in the car yet another health
don’t know Ben Sherman sure just

guarding in bare chest Bharath socks

sausages something and the he’s standing

upright take this year not understanding
how how do you think this is standing


I’m gonna you that legal you can hun UK
your ass cheeks as a closed gate

that you fears that yes because you
couldn’t do it yeah I will

prove it right now by asking for a whole
entire yeah

we need a girl to any girl do this time

I love a girl to take a shit on Thursday
I really would

I don’t want to tell you that showed up
when I wouldn’t mind yeah

in alright in hey guys

however Google the person you started
dating I’m sure you have we all have

well when I did I found something that
really confuse me this is what happened

and that is really cool guy and open mic
I performed a

he seemed to really smart and funny I
went over to his house two nights ago

when we had amazing sex

even say you play the guitar for him I
felt like we had a real connection

the next day he texted me I miss that


cock reading this text me feel a little

I wouldn’t deny it would have been nicer
if he had said I miss you

but whatever it didn’t really bother me
and it confirmed that I did

that he enjoyed the sex as much as I had

then I proceeded to google his name just
to see what would pop up

well I found his Twitter page a few
hours after he had texted me

I miss that pussy he had tweeted I’m
done having sex

it’s boring and I’m immune to it but


I’m so confused that hurts what is going

I can confront him about it let you all
know that I discreetly google him

should I just let it go what should I do
thanks for your help love Zac

could have their youth jack

well as the girl who wrote a letter to
get the emails at right as it is for

girls name

whatever okay a personal really like how
are you

you’re reading that perverted story like
a children’s book yeah

show me around the globe everybody yeah
actually it was good and I’m

from yeah and ethical a little
children’s pastel looking for

policy that has ever thought bubble and
a pussy yeah

you should buy this book for your kids
basically not for children no

way with I what was your question do
questions specifically wat up

should I just let it go should I bring
up anything on the internet replete with


and sheep didn’t offer an option up stop
talking to him

yeah because I was really amazing sex
lead is the bigger problem I miss that

pussy is a text

or weeding out the bad sex with someone

I’m done having sex its bull

bringing her am not immune to it

was going to be a nudist a that doesn’t
make any sense to me

there I mean on the opposite immune to
say yeah

your pleaded with you do you have a sex

dry bright as TD which clearly he does

site is they have an STD no I don’t
think that sex diseases I’ll

transmitted or otherwise cop

while a be like that lol yeah I know

is another problem that you play the
guitar forum no that’s not to say I

believe that the first no

Thursday that’s so weird it’s like you
like and what I want to be

intimate like that buddy I’m a girl like
it hard for you on the first day be

turned off

absolutely is one throw up right now see

you’re a bad person rights a bit more I

we already knew that is a new
information really really turned up by

the playing the time ha

more so than I miss that pussy that’s a
bet text when he shouldn’t say that I i

on the endeavors that anybody I miss
that pussy

you said it but not with those words
like I missed your pussy is way more

into yeah

choir talking like dramatically in

yeah web you ever said agree with this

I with a sexy is decked David

represents another I am

I love to know how you are ons I have
you ever sexted

someone I’ve never sex that with someone
you never sent a dick pic

never said when you get home already I

and you what is the other day love our
podcast when you get home now

yeah and you need to reach out to
somebody with like a text you sent to

get them wet to get them excited

a to come over and fuck you up

UCL uncomfortable section

let it slip that text that I sent to get
someone horny

do come over and fuck me I don’t know
what is a magical tax that’ll do that

I is prohibited all it is cracked right

scale people horny to fuck you over this
guy would like to give the group will

have numbers and letter I’ll have
another yeah absolutely i has to have a

stagnant that with the

a and a trend that pussy it’s raining
holy shit this is live life live

I can’t believe this girl was injured of
I would be orchard up by

well that was the then I’m then a

I’m bored by San on board by sex is
pretty bad after having just had sex

with you

I think that’s worth telling him
regardless of whether you sound creepy


yeah I don’t know I feel like you just I
just think you write this dude often

never talk to me again

even if the sex was amazing what I want
to which he responded to I miss that

pussy digits then miss that dick which
is the a lot of course

like that the immediate response right
now you don’t get my husband’s NCAA

no you don’t get down in the trenches
%uh them would never stand missed that

put you say

hahahaha what you have for lunch today
do you think

yeah look-alike pastrami on rye 00 your
pussy miss

a you like I the other medical officer

here’s a link yeah I was there pickle in
your pussy

energy says excuse you have you finally
gone too far and that we got on board

with sex right

so hmm

should I just let it go no

it’s over I don’t know

I think so later I wanna recap
everything in my mind really okay

okay so I am an open mic many
anti-reform the amazing sex

yeah I miss that pussy is that was the
tween on board

I will say I miss that was the is like
that that that text

that the thats borderline inexcusable

which is it rape a

I understand right slowly

I come get you did it wasn’t me I’ll

shit I totally misunderstood the plan is
that was the a but i think thats like

the you can attribute that to you he
just doesn’t know how to turn Ranya is

like after first day I don’t like that I
bet that works for some people like i


would anybody be turned on by I miss
that pussy after a first step is all

dude is raising his hand I

in I really do have been generated yeah

you would you send that text has died

nope yeah that with the with has to go

in either i’m stupid I would Internet

it with anybody said I miss that pussy
when any girl be turned on by Miss that

was the

well that isn’t unequivocal no a

from this entire audience I guess that’s
a good lesson to learn so yeah it out

there don’t extend miss that pussy

right but there’s like a middle ground
at least text that you clean only has to

be late you

you send dirty dirty as the day after
day you act cool day after

I personally would act I don’t like
Catholic you build on their section is

you can reach out with sexy

ethics here to please the younger 0 to

there’s a there’s a 30-mile like a
liquid what

she what who knows what her fucking day
is like she’s she does not matter are

is really sick and a half ago fuck this
is %uh really tear up

the attacks I miss that within

no you can’t just you have to find out
what the person’s doing before

euthanasia is it was here where are you
on as they are you okay great I am i

eases the second birthday actually okay
so at this point is mister Hanja

alright let me know when you’re home
buyer sell their home is your pussy

I feel like really her now

this 2000 as all move on that at the end
I say

continue going for it right

what text is not as bad as when tax cut
how did with

the it was a but we please get in
anything my tweets are just non sequitur

this one does seem based in reality have

it seem like he doesn’t he doesn’t have
to let me let me know he had said yeah

94 you thinking about pussy and then
he’s like oh you know what

album you to sex which clearly is not
because he misses pussy

yeah he’s a liar

he’s a here don’t know move on and you
say go for it yeah

which is weird because you lose the
opposite right now Cheers

dona next question

that’s correct on

shit Iran we need another name for the

Samson Sampson

alright Sampson has really long hair oh
my god like the Bible simpson

oh yeah I don’t think that really yeah

you absolutely baby with that I

a hundred percent no I reading yeah hey

recently some friends and I were getting
ready to play frisbee golf

as we were about to leave my friends
house his dad asked us if

what we’re up to insert it in by some
sample on this is usually no problem but

this guy is one of those dads who tries
a little too hard to act youthful

so you came along after all how bad can
it be

bad he spent the whole time making snide
remarks about our class again thanks


and talking up with you I’m impressive
life accomplishments


its my friends that he was a colossal
joy kill ass

in it seemed unfair that he can make
jokes at our expense but no one else get

really do the same entry was indicted

a notice to be the same at this I
invited guest

any K as we’re lucky to the car

I decided I had had enough but this gang
called shotgun I felt that if you wanted

to ruin what run with our crew

yet to follow our rules in

needless to say he bring it he didn’t

breakdown and after a few of the bird

he decided that he would rather him in

they have a good day freaked out and
after a few opportunities that he would

rather walk three miles from her home in

I is the others friends house all the
time now I feel like we can never be

seem again wasn’t me who was the ass

should I am pawns as no thanks for the
advise love

sense that I guess welp

that question is absolutely depressing

look at a lot impressive life
accomplishments clean up the lens the

head that you got custer’s I

how much it yet lol hope it

well I’ll play frisbee golf

right guard when I got a three night in
college it’s really really tiny but I

love that this

this little kid was like he was making
but I classic inside asia

do it is unwilling to budge that they
might not be great

don’t side with dad he got others dead
in our inside jokes are functional area


is a buzz kill we’re trying to play
frisbee golf a Ron Paul and

it is so funny a friend’s dad is the
saddest relationship to you can have

nothing is sadder than a friend’s dad my
friends dad yeah I think all your

friends dads

it’s already the funniest thing your dad
is it funny you

because you’re used to it your friends
like you’re dead to me is funny

my dad’s US fun in mind that you is
funny yes

that’s real so pretty yeah just under

a so what would he say to this guy who

who basically say you believe your
friends he had

Hugo Lee like a 50-year-old man I
thought you were you get immune to it

when your all but I guess not

I love what you think happen I

she didn’t you all here good I’m yeah
alright alright here as you can see how

the flight no

go mister stance in you don’t understand

shotguns kind of a sacred rule here was
an inside joke a little crazy is that

reminds the

alright alright well %ah when she was
never touched the car first

I got clock me a

I although back all over

I rather what clothes in the back

you really haven’t Idaho I hope they
were like to pull over

so they do of home 30 miles

I think you know your shotgun I feel
like it

even and there was a time when I like
when I was driving and

we’re driving home from vacation is the
first time I ever had my license

so we’re driving back from vacation my
parents are both tired as I look I’ll


and it with the Willows their dollars
sentimental story here

if there’s a change somebody loves the
dollar’s she’s already on the ground

pick it up

a so I threw my my parents tired

they as a lookout drive and for the
first time ever I saw my dad get into

the back seat

and it was the weirdest thing I’ve ever
seen because he was

did the net a massive nasty lady yeah he
became a little pigeon

as good and I would never Chelsea it is
only because I know for a fact

my dad doesn’t like booking podcast in

but this is so surreal

say spittin let oranges withstand

yeah I forgive you

in girl I didn’t do anything wrong here

could you’re all I want to do is your
mom I know you with you because you my

bitch but I

could use diahann cell

don’t know let him know that I was chill
when he went to the back the

who looked like they never let him you
know I was injured as corporate 11 says

the wizard gameplay

yellow not have you had a terrible time
because the

because this this was like three and a
half demands what the other three have

now this wanted to talk to her

I he basically other halay yeah

yeah and he was in the back seat eating
a hot pocket sale his legs over the Rams

United his whole life by less than how
we landed my mom %um

who is fucking dying is not a if not a
fifteen-percent do you think there is

such a fear is not OK

here not a health bill archer one so
what happened was some include a dime

and a nickel to you and gay material

a hot there was not a 15 cent please
fortunately as an idea except that its

current yeah

so it didn’t work out right now I
thought I would say this guy is that

it’s not your fault

you don’t have to apologize that’s
really funny story like

a course you have to tell but you should
text you gonna treat your elders with


what those guys enjoying kill an issue
this kid is a fucking douchebag

you can’t you can’t accept his email is
fact why is that

I we are classic inside jokes they’re
playing frisbee golf a

clearly sided with his kid are you

a everybody think the kids right
everybody here if a frisbee golf writer

does a chance at life accomplishments
like are raising a teenager

are are pretty cool pretty good and I he
deserved to get shot gun

I think if you’re all you get shotgun
well call you

a I’m leaving at the end I’m going I
want them to be a dad and I think I’ll

be taking a few

a all

B&Q suck it is given to whoever wanted
them is that the end of the day like if

I call shotgun. somebody else’s and

I’m not gonna wrestle now he wanted the
matter where you’re at it

that’s why I get shotgun

that’s not a good thing I’m here the guy
nobody likes at the end of the day I

think that the best way

one is not asking for this advice for
the best way to avoid that shocking

thing is to just drive and then you get
the front see it’s pretty great

yeah two years a you shouldn’t drive

okay and that it is I don’t know this
guy who wanted a

who wanted shotgun but once again this
is that two per to complete the advice I


I think the data is only pollen apology
now and I think that in turn and China

hang out with the Sun

he’s a loser don’t think I’m here we
hang out with your dad you know they’re

dead last night my dad’s cooler than me
doesn’t count a

that’s their has a gynecologist

dare you to lick that pussy is all they
have any get the money for a hacer if I

get a look at her pussy yeah

this state yeah paper look it up pussy
though huh year

you think the problem is young go to my
dad you are you a healthy pussy

right driver yeah like Latin yeah it
always does well you know

it still wealthy though yes-man

not good this is all I got FL right now

he still gets pussy instead he doesn’t
get pussy

do not think I don’t know the
gynecologist does I’ve never been to one

but it doesn’t even dream

the by I’ll

that’s why I ever get a girlfriend and
she goes to a gynecologist

on Angie’s it out that well yeah it’s
gnarly top to do for you

funny girl I examiners should yeah
3-yard run now


you thank you public a rubber glove I
got a

I deliver your daughter not three hours
ago so I just heard 1320

you sexual oh my god you help I’ll

abd got a real Ryan

enticed her was the people a

the worst new bother in

services here your new dogs eat healthy
Tao the UK

touched her pussy right I’m I i mean a
whole year from naked right now where’s

your head with your

I in

are you happy very good but you go read
will you do not alter

that though yeah you come to rest into

you’re a pedophile and a murderer now in

I miss person

by who’s very questionable re

in by

just looking at how we’re doing on time
I don’t understand that where yes is

that is the hour

yeah a unethical I got there the I dress
the way I got there and i resent

this I would say this is a is the is the

yeah nicely needed to live here do

from the enlightened yeah now this is
the i mean they’re both tough cuz it

sorted hah

good Palin’s same actually I didn’t want
that high hell

at the question yeah Onam

yeah Stacy that’s my girl

States stacy’s

this is my rights away

this is the guy a guy is asking yes this
is that

I will also pay the fees dad his guy

going bad 0 low-earth

I want to go back in time and change
only that and

cause small and yeah but 9/11 I can
happen in

I wanna make sure we both had bad in

oh my god they all had that out

in also go back in time and not miss a

yeah he’s got going bad I

know if there’s anything a

and 20 hours yeah with bigjumbo

I impose in

life is yeah alright in third question
third question that one time you go

my girlfriend I’ve been going out for a
month now

and she is my everything but a problem
arose the other day when I was talking

to her on Facebook she told me she
wanted to spend less time with me

and that you want to hang out with her
friends more often

her exact words were

there the world to me and I do really
care about you a lot

it’s just that I don’t talk to them as
much and those guys are great


I have a feeling that this one is site

I have a feeling that this is one step
closer to a break up because surely you

would want to spend all your time with
the person you love

or I’m not that person so anyway my
question is

does this mean she wants to break up
with me on a later date

any advice would be super helpful love
stays his father

a I thought this would be funny if this
guy the opposite

nice and then hopefully can decipher
that right

I visited by I guess lol that does this
this is the fact is joining other

friends mean that you want to recover

unfortunately but you are on the you’re
on the quick road for a break up here

so I’ll when somebody when you really
care about someone you gotta hold a real

tight 30 got his mother I would say
essentially a smuggler is not have power

supply and I think if they want to hang
out with their friends who know or work

hard on your job I every time spent away
from you is naked

yeah and also obviously she’s not in
love with you cuz

why what’s going on there from when you
love someone you want to just be with

you always ask or so you think your love
is a skill 13 24 and then you minus the

hours you guys are away

oh and it’s not your girlfriend as a job
that away from you right that majority

especially in Spain

she hates me is PBS for the job that was
years brent’s

don’t stable cell about a girl that had
my friends that are you tonight

I had broken ipod today this girl is you
want to get dinner joining at dinner

date this really get dinner with the
Guardian sister

she had a nice Larry well as he says the
hell yeah

sixty-nine years since only well without
it you know I don’t know I don’t be

disheartened economy

heartbreak yeah it’s the whole

was he was he who loves the world

I’ll don’t be a fucking asshole

a your girlfriend likes her friend
that’s a positive thing you should like

your friends to you and you guys

like it’s amazing when a girl is like
I’m gonna go and hang out with my

friends yet and yet is their home
lottery players the she a

harding religion

I wanted money for being lonely but
thats ruin

there’s nothing better yeah we’re in a

ice to I I swear to God I common people
all the time it feels great but there’s

no better feeling

a there’s no better feeling than going
home with the fucking sandwich and a

baguette chips and be like

on the watch TV yeah and you can book is
a win still

and I do yeah and you know it’s easy to
get it on a big ed

oh you know what this now it doesn’t
call me the next day and be like what

did that mean yeah

colombo like in French was not the same
as that dick

no one time oh my god eyes were

dude I I shit you not well as a host

a sourdough loaf nah lol oh

you got a hole lol texted me when you
doing away with you and I’m cuts out a


is less than half a meter 10 bologna
sandwich hijack 20 per day

rest the local has the chance that I
miss that dick police say

I know low in that same yeah alone and I
responded we ended up dating foreign

yeah much easier to have yeah I lived
with that name

I and I’m fuck buttons that look today

a oo aad

with loves a a low not being aloof yeah
I was

dollars eloped with lol in

I’ll going to both been

so we talk about this at lunch about how
if somebody wants to spend time apart

pretty much your only option is to not
force them not to

because then they’re not yet but BP
grudgingly right which is the worst guy

doing after a prisoner

yeah an emotional level there is like no
you’re not

we are in love so we hang out on time
yeah why wouldn’t you wanna hang out

every waking moment with somebody

yeah I know that the negative bad thing
to do village but like everybody here

get that we just

what’s going on with questions diseases
rather against that

well %uh people are like oh I want clean
up the cleanliness is dead

clio courses best mother in his bed all
I’m larry is that this cup bottle of


but she wrote she specifically wrote

yeah I don’t like you I want any time
with you but my friends are great

yeah so those are two good things she
likes you

and her friends a great okay so so he
should she’s no longer has that and

that’s good

girl likes she and other friend that’s
great singing don’t you that’s great

everything’s great nothing bad you’re
making it bad

you’re making a bad I wanted to hang out
with them for this guy’s name Stacy’s


yeah they see you there evaded bad no

alright alright they see what is your
dad’s name okay mark Wright’s

closer to the top I

mark I I was gonna get

Marcus where to go yeah that he was your
mother don’t say it yet

well I’m gonna get still alright so let
go of my everything you can to a Korean

and we’re all gonna get everybody here
guess is Stacy’s mom’s name somebody’s

gonna get it right

I swear to god it’s gonna happen I care
any right one

to mary says there’s an idea i know i I
think 123 and we all get a

months then one Dadar she don’t think

do you got it in

babies mamas I don’t know Dutch what is
that a

okay this is mom is made up I


what is it who’s that ended with a cap

fish good

carriage Paris hear it unfortunately
carrots where

club 301 now 1/4 late yesterday

I said Harris Kobe parents

by city dead

met real not close that now is a I would
say that was a bad game

a about it can’t happen is that game I
can’t leave no one took credit for Kathy

absolutely heard no one was a blur

some gaps in effect capping yeah the
world looks small as bright as good

hands and I don’t have the interest

40 other people chatting at the end
actually I think kathie

UN in

speaking games this game this question
has to do it again

go again a dude’s name quincy but happy

I get my phone or giving everything
Stacy and undo move

yeah attention here okay so getting

email them okay jean lets that guys name

I claim Shana yeah

hey guys I recently started playing the

flapping bird bright

not responding either way for flash and
after eight o’clock

I standing whoever they only heard the
news on

I him I recently started playing a game
flapping bird

my friends told me to get it to look
like a lot of fun however

as soon as I started playing I instantly
realize that this fucking

devil a game to the hard as shit other
my hands on that being said

I cannot for the life of me stop playing
this bitterly BA in

it’s so simple to ’em but I’m fucking

in thank you on his PC shits

or pushed through become the best there
ever was

think with that name

debt around who was the name shana

Trenton iight I itself well

dinard within your game plan to come up
with that I’m

what it was is from a woman leans in and
sort of an end-run

his name arm it doesn’t matter if Penn

rape a you once told me that

you got it tiny wings once and yet italy
did he say when you’re playing a game at


you just look like a loser right do you
can’t look cool playing at like 2am I i

walk on the subway in New York City nm
just like old do I am like I’m

on point of going out like smoldering
I’m on my way to Brooklyn everybody is

like holy shit with this motion overdue

a hey look over my shoulder and I just
like yeah

if that status smallest thing you can do
is look at this little screen liking

it might be invested in it be like she

clap UAE’s Scioscia okay I’ll fight you

a party or and no know that bad

so tiny wings I ended up remember i
delete it anyway

yeah because you’re afraid you’re
getting to the point where you’re going

to I was on drugs I was like I was

I was on drugs in a bathroom in a and it
during a concert looked at my phone and

I saw tiny ones like

squeezed her a

he’s occupied some part of my brain it

this so at the same time I do i deleted
tiny wings I texted you actually tiny


we have to be at the time was the most
people take that everything’s

anyone now they aren’t concert on drugs
right now are you texting you know you

really have to know that I texted my
girlfriend from high school and said

we have to go back in

yes i deleted tiny

on then you always wanted you to be but

it is so funny how you like he is mad at
you gave these the ones the player

kept saying that it’s only problem is i
suckk I’m

bad is that it’s so I just delete this

become the world’s greatest do I let
this adversity

question me a and then he becomes like
this this

the this rags to riches story

I bags divisions story and where he
dominates this game that he considers


a it was a funny question but I think
the allies very straightforward with the


no good ever comes from having games do
it again

lead again you can’t look cool you can
be good even if you get a high score

not present because it’s just you
getting is going I think all is getting

a height we get a high score is

depressive yeah is that for inversely
proportional to the better you are the

words that the human you become

I don’t know is a call to be good at
video games well yeah

the answer to that question is no a

I love the yet this singular yes they
came for the audience well here it is

its this is the grad if you’re bad at
being a jerk cool because you don’t play

video games

obviously and then night as a real are
there you are the rule is cool you get

and then at the way and if you like the
best X player in the world you’re really


to who I don’t know these guys seem to
be into it

a I think you have to be OK video games
bye bye sister Natalie totally

yet get all right at it then delete it
and then you played on your friends

phone Wednesday night while you pretty

and you like no I don’t give a fuck not
even have it on my part

a and then everybody is like you’re cool

all the Sun your distance not the only
country City NY

I don’t understand why course yeah

alright Sears up I me and I’m

the end go to the next question you want
to go

break to take a break yeah

okay yeah


spur the unborn in here J has a very
hidden sordid virginity lost story

he told the ones on a live podcast then
we cut it out in the recording

so people were very mad and I said you
know it’s gonna live says he’ll tell you

the region is story

it was in my place to do it but I feel
copper and other

very least and as that it til you’re
willing to make this for me to exploit

your personal history

for the sake of drunk people %uh I just
I would yeah I feel bad

if you have promised not to say anything
he a

can you not posted online

at least this one do not have been a

and man I swear to God I look in your
eyes and I know you mention

so let i’ll tell the story the

oMG but we gotta start with absolute
silence because I’m gonna come in at

this is what people

Wireless right now this is the least
favorite part in the pot a

because I say alright cut it work at now
this is not being recorded

and then is there all right we’re back
on everyone’s just shell shocked that

they have no idea what happened

cell what you read it is though iron

before I tell alleges 108 as 10 mention
that you haven’t

I thought I get in touch with and I
don’t which 1i would happening on a live

last right now because we’re now
recordings Larry corner those actually

we are like me are recording a ESO this
is the

I’m pretty on blast that you have to
drink USD say

I would appreciate yes he charted I’ll
check your mind tells story

chug chug chug chug chug dot


%ah I’ve never been peer pressure

you now is amazing

what else do you guys wanna be your
friend cool

%uh do any I’ll make myself go to the
idea no I don’t love you

settle my supper list is this I was

how cool the first time ever II you did
not finish the with

also I do you make your you’re out and

you know the klaas in furthermore that
apple cider

fighting with three top apple juice
inner sleeve a hot slut you know

is actually very slick sweater and love

yeah are let’s see how you are I am
fucked for the first time you heard

every lap

in the

honored one-time come back from that it
is the

dead silent I movies yeah

I I’ll Sollazzo the Virginia story ended
up are walking the room

yeah we are alone I was gonna call it
where this is that the into the park

yeah I think forever

know that’s it I’ll in all 16 minutes
let’s look into one

last question final question within my
last name

I Senate now Mike Bennett Michael Bennet
Michael Bennet tell

which is an old does that Michael Bennet

Michael Bennet Jill Michael benedryl
tonight electro

oh yeah federal fortune up to worth got
this doesn’t make Bay

mister Michael of the benadryl fortune
you must never break and analogies

alright and up no one really allergic

you know how I’ve got that chip

I some dudes this weekend I’m going to
the mountains with a couple of brothers

I was friends with from college and high

it’s been a while since we got together
to know that will be a weekend full

hardcore drinking and debauchery that

no you’re right partner a okay said

candle to remember the time in high
school in mind and Showtime

cool 11

every year earlier in your nose with no
end in

back in the early 2000’s I’m sure you
guys remember how difficult point was to

come by

cut straight to the three of us in my
room masturbating

0 Brian

I was on a bet my two friends on either
side and on the floors it was totally

not getting

it was going to happen again this
weekend in

what can I do to have it not happen in

and if it does do is go along with it
but thanks guys love Michael Beth Israel

I Michael you he made peace with it
during the email

he’s already said that is gonna jerk off
by the thread

you also yeah it really does know is
there another

him worst nightmare do this for a long
time no time

lick her so much the don’t actually the
only way I can get our

I though well as they hit the

playing this way a lot more in time
thing however has been

people in the room that’s a question I
asked you cuz I i mean

I course I have been I don’t let another
girl in another male friend I’ll course


doesn’t have multiple times I would

lately that I love knowing the source
more yes yet

yeah those released love you

cause a lot of people have got into
Yahoo years over 28 years old

I so that you know the exact fix the
light to brighten

you go with the exactly what I’m talking
about right dude Scrabble board

do your job your body before right

know that I love you liar but stayed in

a yeah it is mark and I i

he’s right one was really hard to come
by I mean I

rearing habitat with the with her purse
like assertion

like no he jerked off to scramble vision
Mikey you were there

you get it still might be with me and
that was the end

yeah sunroom no yeah

like it doesn’t it let’s hope enough I

near the audience through but it’s gone
now but yeah

back in the day we we’ll go porns so
what do you do

you get your look pete was jacked up
when you’re thirteen your dick is hard

all the time

mine was not you never took off in front
of other dudes

no you never jerked off around another
guy you never said excuse me to another

you that you’re right now I gotta go
wrote one hell number bulk of

a him but that’s the difference between
me you

you had a sexual drive at age 13 14 15
and I never had

also your sexual drive an 816 til
infinity like a

but when you see how often do you jerk
off I liked enough

I no

love him %ah

school people when I respect that a
commenter up three to seven times the

way you

Paris what’s what’s hot look hot

really look there the we consider
everything now

did it only really quickly a story in
which injured of other people in the


I am II level as sure I

me I wanna it great feel to it easy we
all had our own hotel room redo:

a fucking five other dudes were watching
real sex on HBO every bit like a

I was a jerk off I right and then there
was a non-serious the major got mad like


jokes I really well dog howls over and
it was shut the lights off

it will you tell everybody finished and
that was that however it tells only over

your day

don’t know what was going on somewhat
the smallest this style

him a small hands growing up now to
understand that like

you have a you have your phone bill so
important anytime

but as we hear I have I family computer
that I had to sneak down to what my

parents were asleep

any we turn on it go bowling does outer

motor getting hard it’s not always but
you’re right now

Bradley and other alley

which is that you can be my computer to
run thank you Mike de Caza

wake-up call that everyone should have
the modem that up I didn’t know it yeah

I was looking at Tower yeah it was not a
baby boy at heart everything

I prematurely ejaculated in our eyes

I want to know is what I you masturbate
now I think I shared attached

got your clothes book

a story about me master yeah I am

gosh I C you know why I’m so i i wanna
know the most reasons the

was the last time you jerked up

licence this is almost there is no

County the last time you jaani area
lined up

I yes earlier this week but

you but OK I

what’s likely want to look at videos
does is cry was no what she used her

know I would you came in till

do you remember the fucking question a
let’s take this guy’s a really big

number i win

no a it was a Monday and Tuesday

I’ll it is it today Thursday it was
between Monday Wednesday and I didn’t

use pornography

you what thank you

a so with all that I am that I jerked
off in front of other dudes his soul

that you got to do with outboard

a oh yes here’s cattle I the

let a guy everybody the

%ah guarded

leaders of the virus attack on Gaza euro
question there are you show dot com

excellence to everybody for coming we’re
not doing this again is this is the one

so much fun thinking as

for being here for her son of a lil
tonight the







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