Episode 61: Polyamory (with Josh Ruben!)


Comedian/Actor/Friend Josh Ruben joins us for this BONUS Thursday episode to discuss moving out, marriage, and trendy restaurants.

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this episode is brought to you by
illegals ill oh my god we aired of the

iraq did only girl we r illegal

our lookbooks I love it attacks got
there I miss burke

at right email Eagles im course here

I’m sorry ideology thought I was to
appear at Yale you’re going to get into

something really exciting and I actually

it is just yet its its legal sale gonna
your hairs

but it is very exciting none the less

well you know if you ever have you ever
have you ever thought about like to be a


ever thought about your coming I or II

father knoweth I be ready business idea
or a trademark idea I do you want to be

a patented

never had any ideas ever but I totally
get we’re talking about well luckily our

audience is filled with smart people and
if day or if you listening at home it

ever had a a business idea

idea that you want to trade mark or
patented or any type of

actually I have like her inventions all
the time yeah now and i wanna patton

exactly so you right to do that as you
want to hear some

I’m okay it’s just it’s difficult right
now that and so if you go to look at him

dot com

peanut butter a hot chocolate chips
inside it okay so that’s

you know that that’s a thing that exists
are here and wet and windy where does

that exist in a butter with chocolate
chip peanut butter like a skipping a

chocolate and I today

yeah really yeah I’m sure that’s a candy
bar they make peanut butter that I can’t

even say they get its skippy

I it are you for your right your vision
idea is

skippy you don’t want to pitch ideas
skippy you know I harbor no prior gonna

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a let’s get started let’s throw you into
this episode another

way we feel bad we we blew through our
whatever to her favorite gets back to

back we had Thomas on a Monday and I we
have Josh Rubin on

today I but we we had to get him on

he has to that good he is that it was
that exciting yeah

any isn’t it LA that infrequently yeah

that we had to use a right away luckily
for you guys

things got real luckily for us things
got real source or dove lucky in the

same regard indeed we are

so without further as usual enjoy the

heard good


fought yet do I that she with

hi I’m rollin face from what I’m rollin
faith I popped a Molly

hilite Leno water I i actually crossed
up moon rocks in San or did it sell

regardless of what that being some was

I was gonna roll by funky ass off we
have a guest here

hey just remain in the hands I

up the whole Monday lol yes me a call

one is a step sabado

domingo the time and the LA lab

he never break this detail an hour and a
half does the break character

calm me down the see me anyway hi amor
issues and they’re so happy to be with

you guys

I came early we got you I like cameras

I’m here it’s funny live in the art we
lived in New York for five months six

months doing the show and then

as soon as we move to LA we can get you
on the podcast and I moved in right

across the street from you you saw me in
a snowstorm I was waiting on the corner

trying to get a couch in my friends car

it yet I said hey I’d really like to do
this shit man I really want to be on

your pod

and then went after body do right then
and there well it was snowing had a

girlfriend over and i couldnt get the
couch the damn car. this is what happens

when I’m in LA I can’t stop talking like

its allege that little bit nicholson i
feel everytime I come here I just wanna

talk like this

holders is gray we’d is celebrity advice
like a mule

I can you believe it were here this is a
buyer you have jack nicholson et

with earth and I yeah anonyme

would you believe it I’m so damn old I
don’t have to worry about sted

sale side live a live internet great
know when you’re eighty nine pairs in

years old and a hundred movies in

what’s different stage as seven below
RRP is right

well I guess civil matter to me but no
matter their little sweet 23-year-old I

met up at town house in Venice

Arjun tender jack nicholson swipe

her I swipe left full hearts can’t lose.
I swipe rate for just about damn near

anything and that’s

no joke I well

yeah we’re happy to have you in this is
if I really the only buys podcast on the

internet hosted by me

and Jake and usually it’s just us two
but now we have this

a special guest a special yeah I heard
the show before

I have for the show I list my good
friend ben was on a few weeks ago when

you’re talking about love and I i

life aids in Lafitte back and I got
within half an hour talking about aids

yes gray at as a really weird episode

yeah just kept and Bob Lee zimbabwe then
only cares about it

if I’m at the Red campaign to gap gap
talk immediately make words impression

I’ll now ok I can tell you that here

I have a juvenile I

to me big cum relay a I

does good now is really funny

just milk butter

come cheer don’t matter cum jerk well as

at is a good jewish Robin Williams I Les
Miserables is just

button known i think is mom is a
Christian Scientist I already called a

christian dior scientist

she looked great and she didn’t take
medications up I

I love it %uh I will answer questions

was I I just I don’t even want to answer
questions that’s what I like hearing can

there in my favorite impression that
Josh Davis their desire

a dub it was not that it but I admit
they were one and all your pressure

there is no longer

so that I think my peers a when he does
the seagull

oh yeah I

first level I knew when I came over here
that I was gonna as you do and I tried

isn’t some days it comes and
site-directed a sec I’m like a look like

never know what is that maybe it’s that
the LA area I’m track

there iowa area it’s a depriving me
there they won the lull

for him how they work in Weedon people
like that’s that so I’m known segal

today that he got a slam it is

so how does the show where people email
us at a fiery show a gmail dot com there

in a sticky situation a difficult by the
device so they come to us for some odd


we read the Israel emails real people be
given fake names to preserve the


and do our best to you know help them
out I feel like you’d be

pretty get a kind that was the best
entry you ever gone really

yeah I think everybody my son died a
hero you may be a little bit by the


so that it was a letter in her so that
it wasn’t the best as he did it without

fear in your heart and i really sense
that here

well you’re stepping on my foot right
now sorry about your ring with thick

collided near pressing I had that bit
over I don’t want anyone home thinking

and worrying clock I

obviously I’m not wearing fucking clogs
Josh with %uh might be right now

colourants I exactly right area made
from treat or

yeah Florence grade in rain they’re not
or lobby their budgets email like cedar

I me to be here would get us a winner
every time I walk around make a man at

your feet

it’s an Old Spice commercial hey I’m

Isaiah Mustafa work Lawrence I

has them I the on-air happened to you
and a guest number one course

we need this is a dude who wrote a so we
need a name

arm here michaelson arm hair michael

which is your nickname in high school
right gap dude I was kidding I was

having I

up and houses a teacher’s I just heard
with the press will get used to call me

like earthquake sounds oh my god you’re
fat yeah I am i bully worry cash every

time I get off the short bus ego

of shifts all she had to pull

spool I go home to my mom she wrote in a
letter once

he wrote him a letter she wrote him a

because he gave me a welts with a rubber
band in my mom said Joshua what is that

my said our

that’s not the No what is it it’s not a
bud by Ethel

the bully on the bus he used a rubber
band give me a welt on my arm and the

next morning when I’m waiting to get on
the bus she adds me lol

to give to him take care highway did you
give it to I gave it to him

obviously before I got off the bus at
the end a better lower maybe a

however is really quite if they’ll never
believe it well she wrote this long in

I’d kill himself

hey I was that strong all I know is the
next morning o.o

when I got the bus to hand it to my
bully I said

message from my mom free every year at
me like

good luck this from up here in trouble
what it is like mom sorry my mom

for Kings Soli Deo know it’s like theirs
is deadly half it was just there like my

voice was definitely flattering but in
my balls I thought emasculated I

ever jack this is from my mommy’s your
mom I like ran off the bus and the next


he had a fuckin letter for my mom

hero Hurley wrote my momma a letter and
it was later

very articulate man basically was like
have work to do our children like you

and I you probably coming from a
difficult situation I was in

administration at a special ed

oh my god I wish to thank kids like a
difficult you need gear difficult school

and I just I just would hate to have to
contact anyone to

you know take you a few min take you at
your parents were poor

or better yet tell your parents if you
know whatever like

harassment Sun and he wrote this very
articulate letter pad wish I could


I basically was like I apologize we were
just goofing off course I didn’t mean it

not me I tend to go very late wrote it

I think he did yeah I don’t know you
want I’ll tell you what I was not his

dad probably is like

you know that became from my radio choir

allied yes but the bike at radio now
another beer

addition rod cost five dollars god damn
it you like Nelson from The Simpsons

I know what that is yet the other you
have missed it attention just passing in

the night there should be no

Davis a million miss I Prosecco B&S it
was the same exact sentiment has

Russian theater here folks at if I were
you in Russian pre Viet class admits to

were taken a question from arm hair
michaelson do it

already mister michelson mister
michelsen writers and not related to

Mad’s on Hannah Borgo

all KR so I’ll get a hand

anyway I went to a party at close friend
of mine was hosting and I was being my

usual self

to no one’s surprise there was a girl
there who was all over me that night and

who can blame her

I’m really funny I looked good and since
this was a big gathering I wanna say I

was the left the party but

I was certainly cooler than everyone
else I A

I ended up going on a date with this
girl as a favor to my friend and we had

a good time

she wanted to go all the way at the end
but I said maybe another time Mike

I can tell she really likes me and this
is what I was afraid of now

I don’t know what to do she was funny
smart has a great body the problem

is her face is very average

and bus I am NOT attracted to her

I feel like my only mistake was being
myself at the party

what should I do should I call her again
love armchair michelsen

love it well i this guy’s such a

and unapologetic douchebag only the he
realizes it which causes the life of the

party in your not you’re jealous of him

know I am him what I am my life for the

them here I’m ever you is be

yeah so you think you’re the lever the
party using YouTube is now it is the

turn in this is not gonna turn onto
their not

I’m not I’m not doing this K the answer
is yes of course

yeah I think it’s do she did I feel he
has a bad outlook on life

yeah I feel like okay so what’s your

how would you do if he doesn’t want her
to like him we kid

if you send this her info will forward
it will forward her the email that he


yeah and then we can see if this is
actually true or not if this

good looking guy was actually left the
party in picture picked the girl up and

went on a date with him

her were all Knoll

I saw where what do you think my wanna
put a picture this guy’s face up on the

tumbler and see what happens people
think of him

or up on social media and assertive see

what’s a social media has to say about

are you mean like for people to rate him
year or on nom you know

read it or wanna be sorted social media

a daily pickle or a HuffPo comedy

it is it bad to have been it’s that bad
have hi help sell

the steam like that nice it’s good that
he thinks that he looked good at the


yeah it’s good that he would that he
feels like people will like him

yeah the default I’ve had a nice I think
it’s bad that he is taking it

so far that he feels like and

of course everybody’s gonna like a man
I’ll I was myself so someone fell in

love with me and this girl is great
except she’s a little bit average though

she’s definitely below me

yet and the cheese grated she has a
great body she’s funny smart has an

average pace

that seems like a nine at a tent in
average face to me sounds like a plain

Jane which is you know make up less and

pale different gusting I have no idea
I’m dose which lani lane yet claimed

face is so fucking Sania

porcelain girly washed her face with a
rag goes to bed at night

mister drexel %ah to milk and doesn’t
wear nail polish I fucking love that he

noticed and forcing their sales

I NTT lol Yeller than a stick of butter

our life with to if not a flight
Neville’s with the awacs never suggest

that the

do a teddy bear day in a fuckin life

so clear in porcelain white she’s almost
translucent dates guys with mandates

hits drink soy milk at dad’s name is
Lenny she doesn’t know who your mom is

so specific now but I think I know
exactly who you need is your only has

brothers all which him she’s very close
Saturday altered baths

your name sir herschel down call tor now

and/or now herschel yard all Cornell
and/or now only eyler Perry character

and her dad name is Lenny that’s your
perfect girl

I it is it is I love a girl with with an

with an average its a girl with an
average base hi

all year I wanna grow looks like
garfunkel body like

oath art blowing over to its yeah
garfunkel nersa

the government with his body have body
that we won’t do it yet but I do I do

the album

the internet duo instead of the actual

leg bones area it’s because we’re it
were an Internet you are not legends

we are legends dude legends like Jessica

del Fino I rabbit

I said we have actually any advice to
tell this guy we just want to comment


heidi has won a column as a lie because
like the girl he should I don’t know if

the power is just that it’s

the 2013 buddy now 2014 2013 R and 14
days so guess what

24 you I its its its seattle is where
the day and year held in a

love the at the 2008 and I think you
really don’t need value-added as the

first as the

15 I would today I like how the night I
wouldn’t say eighteen you all you need

to do is dodge a couple taxes the y2k
didn’t start until 2001

dodge a couple tax you’re out you’re
outta the words i promisee 2013 this

you’re hearing

your your 2014 is the actual your

on do I get to an actual question that
was an actual question I’ve been like an

actual question that like

from a guy that we respect I mean from a
person that we respect

Mark Ruffalo I for somewhere is checking
in their writing to you from the setup

age I’ll try and feeling a little sad

I think this one is from a lady at a
lady name for a who yeah

that would be lady corn bread have whale

I as eventually compressing and Lady

way ill lewd sheesh koosh to it

rights I have recently been introduced
to the polyamory world

I’m very unfamiliar with the whole thing
but I’m slowly learning more

i met this really great guy at a party
with many other poly people

and we’re really hitting it off I am
currently single

but he has a wife I am a little unsure
about whether or not I should proceed

with the relationship

I really like him he really likes me but
I know this will eventually come to an

end since he lives in a different city
than me

and also the whole having a wife thing
should I stop analyzing and have some

fun knowing that there could be
heartbreak at the end

or should I get out now and save myself
the trouble love

lady cornbread have Walsh Welsh layoffs

up Ali amari ever done it ever

been a polyamorous open relationship

Jake I yes

you have I’ve been in a polyamorous
relationship the relationship was open

and likely I

we can hook up with other people I’m it
was open and we could hook up with the

five people in their relationship

it was a good look at T Mobile really
know it was sorta like a team that was a

little tribespeople it was like gonna

but you can hook up with anybody else in
the tribe I had what I had three

girlfriends in a boyfriend yeah and
outdoor the rules were not very explicit

from the get go so I never fully

I I was sleeping with one of the girls

racking up with the other two you
occasionally and the dude was completely

on Linux but not really my thing so I
didn’t hook up with the dude

about it quickly you know jealousy crept

and then I’m jealousy surname as the

hey hey jealousy hey busy

you Joe really here tonight to

19 citizen and mmm Dame

your tamil is a hideous had 10 his hand
as he had

Tennessee with at so three passing ships

you guys aren’t in sync when I’m around
unlike back in yoga

the have you ever been in a polyamorous
open relationship now I’ma

small formally fat hairy I

Mirotic pieces share I am I

if the thought love you now I if I first
meet a girl and I’m interested in her

and then she’s talking to someone else

I feel betrayed I get so sensitive I’m
such a hopeless romantic

week in the AM path June 30th I’m a

understand no well I feel things that I
don’t even

think I’m supposed to do. I feel your
feelings I feel your if someone’s upset

I don’t feel anything you Dec

you guys are the OPP you stole my
feelings I got mister glass

he I except as your question is
unbreakable is out there

correct so you feel guilt over other
people cheating on their

a a girlfriend now I think that I think
that was hyperbolic have me I don’t

think I could ever be in a polyamorous

well actually Never Never Say Never I I
can also imagine myself you know

like living the real sex 9 life when I’m
like 50 in going like an

you know swingers party what about you
know Palin an open relationship

I yeah a lot i guess i guess its order
is happening now i cant I’m

ministry place where the guy was a
serial monogamous

now I’m you know kinda like seeing
different people and you’ll get all

kinds judge me like I should be sleeping

in a rotation array you know people you
know I I just don t really a closed

anybody right now gotta have
relationships five months ago I don’t

need a new one yet so you know

satellite media as that which is that
was going on with you see an I totally

different your voice sounds a lot like
nine when he said that hes tryna by

sounds like me

I’m totally different you’re emotionally
unavailable for ever

yeah like Josh loves intensely is like
I’m not ready the love again in your

like gum

your you don’t hear you never loved in
your life yeah but it’s better to have

never loved and lost than to have never
ever loved and never love

at all does the same thing him novel she
s not the literature

I know I was saying that I am sorta like
that I also got out of a relationship

last summer and now I’m not eager to get
back into one and

that would you even ever consider being
a polyamorous US does that just a


I guess it depends on the girl like it I
don’t want to be exclusive with her then

I guess

I wouldn’t mind it that but i dont I
wouldn’t quantify it a qualified as a

relationship polymer is also really
weird cuz it’s like alright we’re

polyamorous we’re gonna sleep with just
these four people and that’s kinda a

twilight is

is out it is always a rotating group the
same fibers it like it’s completely open

as long as you don’t

there’s def year old ray as can you pick
those people who picks them what’s yeah

I don’t know if

I mean when I did it was it was sort of
like there was an existing couple and we

were like tell it all

which is like all be occurring I can
remember but I was so I’m and I was so

high that day that I had a polyamorous
relationship in

it does seem like it seems like if you
can handle it then I

that I’ve commend I think it’s healthy
actually do but an army and get into

deep before you know it you’re in LA and
yet you’re murdering Sharon Tate

I just I just think it to state your
name stranger

but if about I think I could certainly
see I feel like I’m doing the same thing

we’re just not all

we don’t there’s no vocabulary for
there’s no calling it a polyamorous

relationship is it just me dating

yeah I don’t understand the whole like
oh they’re in a relationship but they’re

still dating other people take now so
they’re not why label it at that point

yet like

bloodiest that’s what my I have a friend
you the one

who is still in its like polyamorous
relationship right and I like mentioned

the other day I was like

all your boyfriends and he’s not my
boyfriend either we talking about so he

is my best friend who I fuck

event like that that’s crazy that’s good
I mean I think that’s great but liked

She & Him it like reach this second

love understanding it yet they’re
operating I like

I above I’m about consciousness for a
for me

well let’s get back to this question and
it seems like

this grows a little in deeper than us
because this guy has a wife

so that seems like a agree totally not
down with poly a

yeah no idea Ilya play with fire

oppose that throwing stones but

I guess some by Anna now yes our index

yeah at A&E I add as a singer

Micah stereotypical Asian character from
the 50s not play a way Eric

me khaya pair hey yeah

her it up as you play with hey yeah

I the most racist to others and have
that rowing stance on

and never got to the bottom this time by
I can Tony Curtis

attorney Clifton I on my life I all

up the sub-conscious Ops II letter last

and I sounded way too many times yeah
you know FBI background people in a

relationship come on over to be in it
was consummated withering

yeah that’s a little weird when I don’t
like that against the rules a


I agree I don’t fucking know anything
down the whole shit would qualify the

entire podcast

that i’m dumb but every that leaves me
it to ask you german question which I

mean would you do you think marriage

is meant to be do you think we’re coming
out at this like this a row where

you know it was all like cultural
standard to get married that you know

people were told by our parents were
encouraged to find someone to now an

hour in this like weird new place where

right you know but we have everyone is
accessible and yeah he can swipe right

for a new

you know missus tonight or whatever I
guess marriage seemed to be

it is a little it does seem a little
fashion but it still is for some people

will to me I will here I am I just
marriage to me I am terrified that I’ll

be able to do it but it’s not
necessarily about like finding committee

to one person I just the the lake

raise their families it important you
know having kids three people in the

world is really cool

and I guess firm I at maybe there’s a
million different ways to do it but

I like the way that I was brought up so
I can one have like a strong family that

I can

that I can only little baby you have you
again and would switch it came out was

what I’m thinking too is like you had
these you know you had a mom a dad you

looked up to who the hell show that
shows they let a brother did

yeah I was ecstatic that’s what I want
to you america’s you know you’ll get

there like

I’m not be feel like when he had a
certain whatever like you know

number you but that you’re comfortable
like having hang out with certain amount

of people women whatever traveled then

he get ready for it or already find
someone that’s so good that it’s better


your desire to be individual and

do whatever you want we’d the three of
us none of us know yet ratio Cozumel

I used to think that is like I something
like that like oh yeah I mean

a member I was 2011 I’m 26 I’m that
somehow find a girl put a ring on her

finger have a kid but I’m 28 now 28 not
like I

hi I just keep on pushing back putting
it off for the I’m 30 now now my okay

cool I’m ready the next relationship I
have I love is a good thing about the

meantime I suck at next year’s Alicia
bad I have bats gonna be

the one that’s that’s Marredpally can’t
yeah when you start getting a little bit

older you can’t

like you when you’re in your twenties
wow I be stay in relationships for three

four and five years that you don’t wanna

members and yeah I you gonna play get
that feeling cut-out really quickly

right hand that fuckin they know where
you know it met the strong I’m una mary

decker on a mary decker let you know

great was high in a little by little
whatever we moved in completely


after two years after moving in I yeah I
was so what and I you talk to people

like then I guess is what happens you
move and i won

prove it was someone ever like have sex
again are you not make an effort but

but I if they give you wait long enough
then you move in is that if I tell you

like now it like

now some 31 I where we moved in and i
watch netflix

I’m a proposed to you though and then
you like many a wedding and you can

really break up because it’s fun to plan
wedding yeah

Rd and then after they go on a honeymoon
so it’s like oh hey we’re still having

fun in the lower part owner but on way
to pregnancy like oh fuck is going to be

an adventure

and then you keep on going on on the hey

and then yet then you go to a poly every
party you need a 22-year-old little

asian bitch in your liking whole go out
to come home with me I’m into Cali Emery

I want to play a game

did your cell I play where hey yeah

is dyed the Duchess the corn bread have
well sure whatever it is she Asian cuz I

imagine she is

I’ll say yes though I have no idea

in my mind that I picture your I so I
think this goes back to what we are of

the four which is like if you’re young

I think it’s worth having in it didn’t
interesting experiences

yeah immediately maybe if you’re if
polyamorous that we’re looking for

and you don’t think it’s gonna be
beneficial to you in the long run don’t

do it he doesn’t something very
important he made my parents actually


encourage me to to pursue they are each
other second marriages

me and they’re very happy and there’ll a
day they were like

don’t get married don’t remember brother
who got married like 23 is three kids

down a sec might get don’t get married

got married that we read each they not
yet it’s alright yeah I don’t know yet

don’t know yet how

that alleges things but my parents got
married insanely on 1922

I mean I dude if they were married in

have around I see anyone who was 22
drink they drink something Stephen King

wrote about

made them very young I’m but also

violent I I

yeah man who knows we are now it does
seem like what you’re saying is

dangerous which means create life
milestones so that your relationship

doesn’t get stale

no I just think I don’t think that
that’s like the reason I think that

happens naturally

a let’s have a kid because we’ve been
fighting that doesn’t seem like a good

idea I didn’t say that that you said my
now you’re like oh let’s play let’s

avoid the plateau by having kids and
getting married in getting engaged in

over don’t have markets to avoid the
plight I’d say that that happens

naturally and I did with the plateau

no you just want me to be saying the
other things you can disagree with me


well achille as job-killing

I am right back it I

hmm a so I feel like this girl might be

at Asian yeah Asian indexes if that’s
the case

now saying that if this girls I hesitant
about it maybe she shouldn’t pursue it

in the polly Amazon for people that we
are really gung-ho and open in liberal

and otherwise it seems like it’s not
going to end well I would say cut it out

now that my advice if I were you I would
not get involved with the man and his

polyamorous why or movie you top bare

where is that while thermal unit are

are you can be analyzed in serb labonte
vote in Goalpara

in this is Jeff Daniels eating I’d a

I home on the new Libyan oh yeah it’s
not allowed to have day off Jeff Bridges

eating a gots the I want their car isn’t
like I don’t have your back down the

government has a strong on the ball

I air /url on hollywood everyone is the

I don’t be in a hurry love you know
everybody’s back in a whole other thing

going all even

turbulent but with a really old %uh let
them scare a friend

I is on good form and this is why
bullies make earthquake sounds my mom

right in the fuckin letter for immediate
relief at

I was bad Bay I was like a lovely around
boy how you know why was I was like that

the kid in now that the cue the FAC you
with the rain slicker and

in super 8 if I’m equated the yet
another mild the obscure what’s his name

I Meeko Thailand

a make a talent at I Nico Hughes

yeah cracked perhaps yeah was that movie
with the little kid and Bruce Willis

it was a kid rewrite yeah that was a

el Ghazal as it was known as the letter
is Miko Hughes or something how that’s


yeah it was more hours yeah he was also
Disney Co Hughes he was in a new

nightmare at the Africa Kruger at film
he grew up to you

he like you yeah last year yeah bowl cut
he was like the new Danny

if come from this Iran’s message to

there’s a Torrance around here torrance
muse and every time I Drive past their

the exit for torrents are signs for
trying to think it’s just a museum where

Jackson teachers have that character
from the shining

yeah yeah unfortunately it’s just the
museum in the city of Torrance Calif

with the big flannel shirt on it yeah I

the only LA city covered in a red
flannel shirt

that’s actually not true silmar zile
mars numbered and red flannel shirt I

heard the Salton Sea actually looks like
a relative of

I you notice I feel like you’d be

this is like sort of our little break
right now as i coming up with names a

pretentious restaurant in LA

oh yeah I’m have you been to a the if
you go stay at dis

you have to say it like I am like in a
pretentious mildly European

model have you guys been to court I

because then people ask you you know if
you want a court with like it was on the


its are all also she mean so it’s Jess
fish but it’s been left out for a day

use or to feel it by the end of that
you’ve been asked to jury duty and you

have that nauseating feel like you’re
gonna get packed

lilia allow also there’s another re one
called a club or

it’s like clever accept em all the
waitresses reporters said

they walk around the proposition you and
that’s only only serve fried chicken

leaders no nothing like that every
that’s forty five dollars

a ya cemented dorn tanner’s 110 is it’s
all Italians pounded by Michael Dorn

the outplayed were fine a Star Trek I

look funny I you if you read that
correctly he was a war father coming on

in Star Trek again he found a door in
Tanner’s same exact menu is Dan Tana’s

to james woods does not come every night

another good thing for our veterans like
noun and now in

bike meant that a good structure for a
fancy restaurant

only elect had been pay I yeah exactly

to I been pygmy where they just cut
animals in a

into what’s happened scoop it’s on us
yet again Fairfax especially year for

£49 21 Fairfax

a really high rise in the streets are
parallel so that the restaurant and

technically exist in LA

but if you keep going down down for
about an hour and the connect just near


this be at the the road opens up in you
can buy the car and go into a hellhole

I its day spirited John Ritter

the a hole and fill that folks this is
while never get married

thanks I you just need to get married to
someone who a

really like IMDB so good at karla Tate

another girl pilot a

a josh is good movies going get the
third question

I’ll see here alright I need to any
dudes name

I Jeff Lebowski or I just love bows

iraq aids hey guys I moved to Mike I
moved into my girlfriend’s parents house

about three months ago and I hate it

their family are slobs nearly shit
everywhere my girlfriend and I seem to

be fighting more and more

I can afford to live on my own but
highlight go about doing this

her mom is really nice and started like
me even more she even but me

multi-vitamins in a birthday present

to give them a few weeks notice and risk
having the opportunist between my

girlfriend and I

or should I just find a place to live in
takeoff ASAP

any advice is needed and appreciated
thank you

died when he was this guy doing is he
liked trying to go through

you know law school and live next to

that bull place were in at work like I
was just plain I

Why Why live your graph as parents house
unless you’re on 16 pray and why is he

considering staying there cuz his
girlfriends mom bought a multi-vitamin


here take someone’s times and buy them
harness actually I was gonna move out

but find

their Grammy his security detail

do you know and I’ll stay for a week I
guess but the head of habitats care

I I should I hate you guys are gonna
portal a beer in your geysers logged in

I just feel so bad the invite a man’s

I love these vitamin why do you keep
doing the pinch my head thing like in

our kids in the hall:

I I don’t get any of these things like
that knowing aaron is a little

perspective plated perspective the AM I

got to put just get out get out I

does whatever it was recovered the
girlfriend now a dozen he just wants to

know if he shoulda at how we should go
about moving out her if you go back on

Craigslist you find an apartment and I
have a GE know about drones and fuckin


I don’t think I’m sure that they don’t
want you there at another level love

a non self-awareness this guy thinks he
is girlfriend’s family is oxide was

saying it’s a place for pre and they’re
feeding me what do I do

are not only in a feeding me but there
gimme all the necessary vitamins and


I I want every bit of my comment form a
good we have been cleared through all

these I email submissions great but
there’s one from this

from this give their mother in laws just
buy a there’s the

there’s there’s do there’s there’s do
nothing loser that sa

I’m living on HIA right field play ball
under arrest in my basement

maybe they don’t want you there either I
would highly doubt the given two weeks

notice or four weeks notice you have to
get the fuck out or you could just say

like a oMG I’m gonna start looking for

and that that you don’t like it then
didn’t say I hate

I’m gone to be casual say but I gave you
a multivitamin

just tell them you appreciate it too had
a leave after I gave you

vitamin a vitamin K vitamin b12 folic

niacin riboflavin Ryan both over here
that slowly poisoning and

I think I had a bit of class and I’m

upon mister fire for God I’ll pass
Professor Snape

my I put a little bit are fiberglass and
York Paris

una she and they will hit that that my
girlfriends dad is Alan Rickman is a


Broadway actor and was back in Hans

and leadership everywhere and is this
love is a slob

I didn’t ask you to read it here I just

are from a DOS and one tradition habit
so there’s a

newspaper on the floor in the bathroom
is eight years sir not that so far the


leavitt I’m not playing it up I would

cleanup the darks others as the Bowen ok
we’ll just drive

almost like crusted over cemented in the
in the say I is like

to eat my oatmeal crusty much like some
people like to eat

their chuck’s mix started

does that I used to actually relax I
guess he really affected their JQ etnies

Yahya Yahya

for your bday yeah he’ll start you know
your your market well as year-and-a-half

Ahmad she reeled love some milk a half
mix it up haha my milk make a sought


of high anal fucking hot mama here is
big cheesy cheesy bgz he’s SG says kim

chi di lien

go hi

hull her

pot year haha South oppose hit songs
here boo boo

yeah it’s all here for intensive put
here to close cracked it

cracked crack cocaine keith haring LA’s

all mike got I year

insane aisles like my serious are you
just said Chex Mix

so it sound like this a salty snack

0 right i guess im and check some sorry
race checks

I this is really a baguette is accepting

Grammy for the song I actually a man did
to be rise

check sue horrible Mike feedback

just a NASCAR fan I no doubt just
looking around

when clearly disinterested I just

I K I higher I Glen

okay I

if the house has a body if Taylor Swift
yeah ok raise money yeah I’m sad I’m

alright yo glenn

I hear microphone be back tears again

hi I love doing that smasher sounds

next to a al-sharia that’s a Leo crack
could be polish or go ahead to ease up

or could be a stop at my ankle

from polish or we just lost everyone but
six people

we just lost in all the footage from
this wat is love all the idea the idea

I’ll I get to one last question really
quick let’s do it because I think we can

I think we can I think we can’t think we
can chat with you need another lady’s


who anger is a horse I

I like that one apparently angered the

notice the reporting good horses

rights air hey guys joining the Peace
Corps or Doctors Without Borders has

always been a dream of mine and now that
I am in

now that I’m graduating in May with my
bachelors in nursing signs

I guess I’m at the age where I should
stop dreaming and start may be doing

something with my life

that being said I applied and was
accepted to program called I the HQ to

move to Ghana for three months

and volunteer as a nurse here’s the
problem I’m pretty poor

the organization that I’m going through
says that to fundraise

I should make ago fund me website but I
feel like that would be annoying to try

to get my friends and family into
donating money

is it selfish to ask people to help me
to pay for this trip

or is it more selfish to not try and
have to back out to the volunteer work I

was going to do because I can’t afford
my trip fees by myself

I’m torna all the best in red horse

alright well the is the answer at
selfish bitch

but caller selfish bitch for what asking
for my money

she wasn’t fishing I’ll nation oo ay get
a go on vacation hey

show actually you know what I really
like to go on a cruise to Bermuda sonic

ago finally a website I am a guy like a
lead yeah I what do we do that

Eagle fund your cell yeah any fun you

bitch fund you know meant good karma its
good Carmen

good carmine good collegue comma come a
comma comma comma comma chameleon


and curling like because I

so where would we gonna do we’re in
helper well

yeah I’d like this is the nicest girl
that’s ever emailed as we usually get a

I just a never-ending stream out the
assholes and losers rewind to the last

question who was I i’m getting food and
shelter in vitamins for free how do I

tell my government failure shove it up
their ass and there’s girls so poor she

can’t even afford to volunteer in a cab
for two hours to go

that’s what’s wrong with america cash
her problem is that she feels guilty at

all my money

you’re the only person that that
deserves money have you seen what

projects are on go find me Kickstarter
and IndieGoGo there much much much more

selfish than that anything you could be

a lot a white people make in their new
watches up of video games and board


and getting very much money for and once
even kids you don’t have clean drinking


I go for it should feel bad about shit

yeah and if you do go for increased ago
fun we paid money send it to us and then

we can have all of our fans who will
probably want to help you out right guys

but microphone be back own the because
if you don’t find

year capping a way ed fad tear you up

you know I don’t know who’s sponsoring
is up a certain LegalZoom

LegalZoom is going to give us money for
this episode

right and we could give the her some
other monies not only match

all the money that she raises wow you
only have to raise have the money that

you want and we’ll match the rest a bit

I like that all whatever you get every
dollar you get consider it too

gets four thousand dollars how r KK I
don’t really holy shit it’s eighty

thousand I

is not a legal binding contract we have
to cap it we have to cap in

was clear cap with a capital at our 25

i bitterly million raised $25 I promise
you bitch we will match I

is Jake and Amir verses Ingrid horse

day one here all right we’re defending
ourselves your honor

are clearly this girl is a fucking loser

Ghana Ghana up to what are you talking
up a Tag Heuer ataxia I

moral I object to you or let served on
our all and this is after all guy code

ike Sykora

II jazz idiom and TV shows a the so we
can do that

mister that’s really sweet love you guys
while Josh I figure you shoulda

yeah part in the show you had told me
that so that’s actually ran actually I

have my with a common factor which is i
didn’t answer domestic violence

and I A five human trafficking averages
divert some of those funds

now over to the to this girl well I mean
yeah I I just feel like

you know I feel like women who get your
head a lot and and did you get sold into

sex trafficking should get a

you know it will not let me say to you I
really miss you get a little tail heart

is so I am and where

I had this

what Ingrid horse please email us great
that go find me page we want to help you

get to Ghana your sister was in Ghana

my sister wasn’t gonna errors several
months not gonna do I think she found it

to be a very difficult but ultimately
rewarding experience

sounds boring to me why don’t we go to
Disneyland ur SeaWorld yeah

no party by black fish up I

yeah that’s a that’s good advice right
it’s not selfish let’s at our place day

at make you think make it thank go for
her selfless

yeah you’re better than but 1999 have a
thousand people the least you could do

is take their money and do something
good with a wedding right and only

find yourself going by yourself I

that’s our time got guys this is such a
pleasure thank you so much thanks for as

they take you on a show now is there
anything you wanna talk about before

before you go anything that you want
well I kinda I kinda said it jokingly

but we we are you guys reported that
would suck on the festival last year

and which is another weather most fun
weekends UHV my last couple years which

is so fun

Dawson to be there yeah I a good cause
we really do we we’ve be brief

we fight the good fight against human
trafficking and against Adam s balance

but we have fun doing it who do you have
I we go climbing ourselves when we do it


say yes you should check out what’s a
Comedy Festival dot org O which are

coming on Twitter

their dis- you can help out and you can
maybe go texted you know the dates are

yes it’s so I the 19th 20th 21st of
September 2014 we are in the year it’s

only a few months out dollar

if we’re alive we should definitely go
will be there for you to be there may be

here promote

or screen in Episode IV new show in

angered dollar I alright thanks for
coming on the show Josh if you guys out

there have any questions

email us at a fiery show gmail dot com
also we’re still accepting reviewing an

considering an using theme songs
emissions each episode start to the new

beginning and ending one mmm very good

very good in the air very very good well
done never stone was written by Andy and


it was that cool rap song and this last
one is written by

another pair called kite and low you can
send those off to a fire you show at

gmail dot com

as well thanks again Josh and thanks to
you guys for listening

peace J yeah sign in

yeah the mandates el nino I


yeah the 1i had any

really has a yeah the

many sounds his



his chin yeah whose

yeah couldn’t see it

love this yeah

you shell yeah nice one

%uh hurry girl not say


yes the night yeah


it K

for yeah

that’s it thanks again to LegalZoom dot
com visit LegalZoom to come to save on

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