Episode 64: Cat Noises (with Rose McIver)


Friend/Neighbor/Actor Rose McIver joins us to discuss flowers, bigotry, and prostitution.

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hi let’s do a real quiet trial

live here it is I should let me at least
a year

sheesh talk too much Glock I

dead scariest I don’t wanna do it dry

extra quiet low if anything it should be
bigger haha sparks

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now get excited Kors this

episode was great slow this

episode it was good yeah I this episode

rei.com Idaho

I’m so you deserve love yourself
mcclellan’s oh we’re

me I hey yeah it really it makes you
feel bad as you said

and yet again re yeah oh yeah

we to a our friend and neighbor Rose
McIver joined us

and sitters got a lovely voice in a
lovely attitude so please

enjoyed this ep here we go is all

you alt shoes into

to stall on the street


Luongo Paul

Google bomb the review

sure who

thoughts %uh feelings about that

I’ve then good I don’t know if it was
good or not I think I like that

it was that sort of the sea shanty of

have what’s it was a sea shanty you know
it’s I

lead position and even only 15 min on
the diminutive

alright enough without any leverage a
song is like chanting

there was a wobbling tiny to do their
way to remember it

shanty is Chancey is yeah that that’s
that’s shared he was channeling not

chanti that was I was a challenge around

it was like a it was a guys thing I sure
know that I preferred that sound to what

I’m listening to yeah

old as the road for an intro to our

rose I guess they’ve dishonor well

Rose McIver hello roses are neighbor

roommate friend in that order I think
great yep it’s true story

so we moved to this place in LA and

Rose was living underneath us and now
she’s living

in our apartment rose to be to

clarify she was living in an apartment
underneath that yeah she wasn’t as

living under the issue

rose with the Big Red the anger the
House we I’m not a pity on her and

invited her out

I lost real good and modern my fair lady

I lost my tennis hall under the house
and I went to find it and roses armed

grabbed my hand

and it scared me it scared me and that’s
when I found rose

see what you were put your so you’re
playing with the tennis ball in this

yeah I’m having attended law by myself
like one of those velcro mitts

yeah I know that when you add the
committee does velcro that would suit a

swing both actually at the back

a swing balsa was just one ball that
let’s also get this out of the way

Rose is an American says the country’s
speaks in codes

swing ball sets we will sit on a bench
like said I guess it comes on the ground

in is a big string of it with a tennis
ball need is whack it ran in SoCal


to learn how to top USA USA

you as a back to the sea chanty I

what the swings it’s got a swing set
know the spring ball

swinging ball well makes a lot of Saint
Paul swing swing balls

its legal similar to table but simple

selling ball makes sense but that other
balkan tethered to the pole and sweet

Billy Harmon would use the word teether

it on like a daily basis mister the word
swing I feel like I would use them

cut a comparably I don’t think that you
baby sit together what either

I liked what they heard me say swing
yeah yeah I’m sure I have no

the four-day than anything else we act
like that said when was the last time

you heard me say swing

aside from this room he said me a swing

Kappa that delicious slurpy Monday I

that’s right role the driver put you on
blast putting ripka

a blast your mom makin soup it is not

it was gay the bland porridge it much

is what I’d say listen it was really
delicious when I had a blocked nose in

the textures were all

really and interest in my mouth yeah but
once their nose started to get better

and the thais started to become more Wow
parent a

I I think I prefer to other meals to
that next Wednesday I am

amir’s mom the diligent listen to the
podcast yet

and she makes beautiful chicken
schnitzel I just delicious

the calculations dark about how much
food your mom is nato’s

now is spoiling us me Jake

rose our new roommate yeah cell

well for small thanks for coming on the
show we had a borderline beg you to do


so we’re a little bit offended right off
the bat well I noticed she started doing

like gee jets to every single person on
your contact list like anyone for this

afternoon anyway straight and once you
got there and you there I

was a better option than no one’s ever
gonna take it better than 0

have you ever done a podcast before know
I’ve never done a podcast

really Wow we’re breaking up the
pressure is more made in on

one you because for maybe I just want to
experience the best podcast again

her and you guys have to give me that
experience day pay

and this can we have something to prove
you have something to progress from a.m.

and is to be a stand-in

I’m gonna be gone in you know I like I
think this is all about you guys today

if you develop

we’re all gonna be gone I magnin were
lower yeah we’re all

like them dust jacket you book a poetry
right I

is enough if enough for us who had a

we don’t talk about that intimate
details on the show that being said you

did order a book of poetry I’m not

ordering a book of poetry I didn’t say
where shall

I had that doesn’t make me a fuckin
loser I

her and say that yeah you didn’t

I why you mad I ordered a book of poetry

a curated by garrison keillor so ever
heard of them

yeah I love you like Prairie Home
Companion plan are you gonna retirees

gonna leave it around so that people
think you read poetry

alright acid you know how the parched I
my highlighted the afternoon was when

you guys got fucking

box Lakers tickets delivered to your
door and he was so disappointed that was

in his book a publicly held up

it is held and Willie know that lol I
love sports

I love sports sports and poetry but

it’s a girly and done at

yeah I hate poetry leathers about liz is
about basketball

it is weird I feel like me would be the
one who was into poetry at the to it


really yet well you’ve known as you
basically have a crash course in us you

didn’t know it at all

6 days ago but we’ve spent so much time
together that you know it’s more than

anybody else within the last six days

say you are very familiar with us but
still have this level up unfamiliarity

that you can say stuff like that let you
also you pick this completely wrong

i think im completely wrong when I met
them I remember I saw you

and money to me right now yeah and I’m
listening before I need it feels like a

conversation I’m gonna be relaxed I got
my feet up

I wanted a point across the room yeah
and I’m being back in trash for

wreck withholding hola be put on blast
but on blast

put on blast everyday by these new
friends enemies

it all happened at once so you’re saying
I am as make them I just felt like

and he was gonna be the lady killer I i
really I thought that you were the one


IQ zany and i’d I haven’t listen to this
podcast before but I’ve seen you guys on


sketches and I thought I could be the
zany up they won it was super confident


like pulling checks all the time right
and that jake would kind of be the

the women and their and so struggling

like this is the struggling but I could
import checks wanna I just thought that

I don’t get pushy I did I

definitely didn’t see confidence there
was no confidence radiating cannot be

beat I

pretty calm as BT she said really BD

repeat BB yeah now

but been I was surprised and i got to
know them in now

I feel like I feel like you’re kinda
both in between the two and you’re not

actually a lot the stereotypes I thought
you were

okay dedicated her yeah it’s fun it’s

yes nice what a book describes my eyes
again I

now that I got to know it is you now now
I would say that this soulful

yes now that itself not think droopy
really think

I wouldn used to be within the first
week I’ve known you

but in by tomorrow I feel it’s not my
guest on this broadcast we’ll revisit

that topic

aka but for now they’re not your soul
now this awful

soulful poetic Lakers that mom poetic

the best two things you could be is let
me at least explain to you the show will

explain the listeners ante at the same
time basically it’s an advice podcast we

get emails from people

all around the world and their in a bit

there in a bit of a bind and they’re
asking us for advice for help

I because they that desperate we do our
best to offer to them

sometimes it’s just me and Jake and
sometimes we have a guest

that like how I CT the other day agony
aunt that phrase

with that its exactly what you do or any

so to speak what is that I don’t the
budget is that this is like that as the

ball swing

love a the advice

I she’s a terms she’s a key moment you
what we thought that what you call

yourselves to call yourselves

advisors work on myself a god columnist
rather you not a column is good fun

Parliament where you a better bottom
it’s yeah hyper-partisan missus

what are you not because in agony aunt
is the fifth and agony uncle is the

fitting description

but the person who’s somebody comes in
asked questions in

you have wise sage advice you can kind
of get back to them I feel like

that what you guys should be aiming for
at least agony on both I can be the

agony aunt if you want to be the agony

see that is what I’d love to be your

mistress you wanna be my ain’t your gut
and I wanna be your wife

you because I it be the agony uncle six
days isn’t enough to get used to this

I and then another and another way it’s
more than enough to get used to it

so and basically read these really
emails from real people but we give them

fake names

so that we’re not a you know in for
preserving their anonymity basically

in this first one is from

an who you know let okay it from a guy
can you give me

got like a a native because you’re from
New Zealand rectum

a native New Zealand name that would be

INR in our normal country I had this
really had to do without being deeply


I and I’m gonna go for a place name if
you like that and it’s good

week ago Groupe who oh wow came in

what’s that rather pay her rural pay who

Rua yep pay who real her yet already
messed up you to hear them back in


into New Zealand Palin yes

through high and line any who who the

I rule pay who right

you’re a terrible agony aunt I a as I
found this chick on OK Cupid and then

reach out to her on Facebook

unfortunately she’s been dating someone
for the past month so she wished me luck

on my search after telling me that she
thought I was a cool dude

she’s got the perfect blend of quirky
cute and classy going on

and we seem to have a lot up the same
interests compared to the rest to the

girls on OK Cupid plentyoffish Match dot
com and in mid-march mid-missouri

she is head and shoulders above the rest
of them I was thinking I might go ahead

and send her some flowers for
Valentine’s Day

and was wondering what your thoughts
were on this I doubt it will make her

leave this guy

but maybe all pissed him off enough to
act like a douche all’s fair in love n

roll war right

hoping for a cool fake name love Rua

pair who sorry to disappoint you ruin
pay who

is their family dinners and broadcast by
naming is not my thing

90 players actually chill that’s all we
ask for is a native New Zealand name

well it’s a it’s a mountain at the snowy
snowy mountains that mainly I see nobody

really likes to ski on it but it’s the
best option for the North Island

perfect for this guy this snowy icy a
icebox over here

what do you think if you’re in a
relationship and somebody sent you


it did he meet her aunt what’s going on
OK Cupid

if he’s in a relationship will sometimes
as Lana OK Cupid to you

meet other people and then may do and
then they deactivate their profile but

I feel like that the pressures on her
for keeping it and productive

that that seems strange if you meet
somebody take

you take it down your status as this
girl on girl hate okay

yeah your your caddy yeah I’ll go ahead
Eagles at

you I do not own a cat knows me they
know that that is one of your pet peeves

right how you know me so well

six days it’s really quite sad to hear
this yeah we can it was that noise and

she hated it

yeah but like I just like a me and he’s
only like a like an angry cat why would

you give Jake that

Mr why would you do that I wanna just
that was it like now don’t jay is that


James like crap I have volunteered my
afternoon but this and I did not ask and

I’ll undue as the news to volunteer just
like that I don’t wanna make

if it’s neural the miss you mad orbiting
yeah I mean at 191

what actually I really need to know is
what guys so what happens is I get more

more bears to the person is doing it and
I just feel like they have nothing to

dignity but what is helpful as those

normally that’s about somebody who I
care about and I really wanted presented


but when you do that I feel like you
have known and to be honest it doesn’t

upset me as a coach

yet world I’ll tell you what to be
honest that cut me to the core that was


that just got its complainer on

do you have to understand I never had
any dignity before we started the


yeah I’m talking about %uh if a mere did
at Windemere did I was upset because

I just want the best for him and I want
him to I can feel like he’s

he doesn’t dignity yeah and and so that
was updating but yeah that’s it I want

people to know that I didn’t like her
8-year-old yeah but I lol what context

did you hire a lawyer to let you know
I’ll let you know what nevermind moving

not that either the guy with the

a a road just imagining me in a bold kak

actually I remember I came out to get it
taken water last name yeah

were there you’re crawling across the
hallway with the

you repeated whiskers done with roses

any third heard put the

you’re like climbing at be at the
counterfeit and

what you did was to have been the only
thing they’re doing the noise but its


being a nice little yeah okay together
the two got a saucer imports a mill

yeah and I spent two hours lapping it up
with only my time incidently the fridge

is held together with a duck take
shelter deck built he thinks he’s like

honestly Bob the Builder I a bill that a
yes lol

there’s a lot of animosity no I mean
inside the room yeah

and I think that the duct tape self on

as only broken once whereas the shelf
that %uh sub-zero built

broke three or four times so they’re the
fighter from Mortal Kombat Sub

yet he that he thought that because
employees work at your side

fix their fridge I think the a.m I think

the duct tape shelf was a decent I
thought you’re gonna bring us back to

the question

on which is whether this guy should give
a girl with the boyfriend flowers to try

to fuck up a relationship

that’s funny yeah he should

of cores really that the chill mood

he hasn’t made her the right he has made
a judgment on Facebook

yeah are you just met her on OK cubes
just later on OK Cupid and then added

her on Facebook now is gonna send her
flowers I think even if she didn’t have

a boyfriend that a bad move

power settings on flowers on Valentine’s
Day when you have a min

year I I think if they had really
genuine connection

that would be different question but the
fact that he hadn’t even met this girl

and she’s got a boyfriend

and he’s just obviously interest in her
because she looks hot

in these pictures maybe well what was it
quirky cute

I quoted yeah he’s got he’s got shit
this perfect blend of quirky and cute

and also she has a boyfriend I don’t
wanna meet his own quirky cute girl

inflation and that will be lovely and
she won’t have a boyfriend that’s all

well and good but this guy was it is

he has met anyone on any of these social
networks he found one that he likes and

he’s got a

he thinks he’s gotta go for any things
by sending flowers

let me ask you as a female do are
flowers good are they lame

they can be made they can be both rate
depends on who the guys sending it to


yeah definitely and like fires can be
pathetic if it’s like someone you don’t

like sending it to you yes every gesture
in the world can be lame if that the

view that the victors comes from a
shitty person

rash like when I make the cat know is
that sexy in its country I

when you do it it’s like ok I I’m losing
respect for you

it’s bizarre i by the way I do want to
know what the context was the part it


I didn’t are at Rose I think he made a
bitchy his noise and i know i did not do

that either

nah back to the head that cat that the
snake that’s like a gay this for you

know the gate is transitive like

everything that they do we’re they
saying like oh you shouldn’t say that

thats Katie like you kinda did

and this organization started Italy it
makes you got to the gay best friend in

this equation

they resent that and not at night cause
theres an and still thinking about this


I feel like I feel like the flowers are

a really lovely gesture and adjust but I
can’t believe he’s gonna be somebody

else and that

he shouldn’t why do you have that belief
well I do I do I do you think you gonna

why do you think that this garbage trash
loser that doesn’t understand any social

cues that took

they took OK Cupid to Facebook and now
he’s like so out of touch that he’s like

I think I can send her flowers even
though she has a boyfriend

what makes you think my big is it I’d
love for his mental health is that he

asked you this question

but not his mother or like some kind all
that would be our that the best I

you can ask is there now is gonna ask
his mom for advice mommy said I give

this girl flower flowers

that’s what he calls and problem is I
promise he was 48 years old living in

his mother’s basement

and Branson Missouri well here’s the
part that’s why is not meeting anyone

I L I know it don’t mean any money on
frivolities like flowers

go get your own place see itself at by a
coffee machine

had a girl over havoc that’s all it
takes is a copy machine and having a

girl over as a true

ask a neighbor for sugar et al how did
we one week per se

you are planning is came out apologize
for playing music that we can hear

diameter that’s right to do that then
look out for days later I have these


new friends so why don’t you and like
have some kind of nice over the fence

conversations with some people around

I think the problem is he’s not is not
enjoying it I think I like your

advice is moving at a Missouri no that’s

kiddo share he’s in the heart of America
the heartland Dixie

mine I as breakthroughs that Dixie I

on all the dick you can thank you to
hate on a military just cuz we live in

los angeles la he doesn’t have to live
in Los Angeles but I’m sure he’ll find


ladies that are up his alley if you move
to a New York Los Angeles Chicago Miami

samples they already an old Orlando ass
10-year girl in Jersey small-minded

you’re not online earlier than 80 can be
happy in Missouri

I to both you guys on a Anna Tuesday
blast but I’m gonna do it

integrally this comes on a Thursday
alright well put you on a Tuesday to

Thursday blast at 3 a.m. Wednesday that
the fall Wednesday on blast that you can

survive that cheese is probably not

you’re saying done is the flowers don’t
get the flowers believe in something


give it a little while I have hope for
you with flowers ever break up a

relationship are absolutely not tear at
the fabric of one

but my tear at the fabric what if he
with her boyfriend her new boyfriend

that she made on OK Cupid never but if
the house


but I don’t think it would make Groupe
who have any taxes I just think it might

sabotage what they’ve been something

but that is a good colleague he didn’t
give her flowers in this guy gets her

flowers I feel like I can’t I go a
little bit

yep course and I think also he’d if he
gives our flowers and then the boyfriend

is like

hey who the fuck send you flowers don’t
I’m really I’m really jealous and she’s

like oh yeah that’s not an attractive
quality you’re like freaking out over

these flowers

but I don’t think that the end is gonna

Groupe who with the check as a a serious
I think

best-case scenario they just break up
but as an end up with you there yeah is

that what you want to pay you

let’s wait for an answer that’s a yes

well yeah are ready for use for New

not a steady okay very good very nice
kangaroos from New Zealand Australia

Rd jury ruse from Australia think we got
a couple in

let me ask you this question the fray
that the term Kiwi for us to offer a new


the number of times that you’ve confused
me with Australians is medical occurred

bordering on investor

okay well was it two questions one is

that three questions one is clearly an
offensive term for somebody from New


no okay to is named after the fruit or
the animal animal

do they have kiwi fruit New Zealand
let’s question to number two not three

ahead yet cutie the fruit at to pat the

is yes I did give you the freezer okay 3

New Zealand and Australia the USA Canada
or is there more like a brotherhood in

bonn there

it’s like USA Canada I guess but because
we small a and where more isolated

when we are on the other side of the
world which you’ll don’t necessarily do

as much as mere

as americans the Kiwis will go bald
probably a lot more

yeah I mean their way that they live in
New Zealand of course they wanna skip


have yeah yeah thanks yes we’re already
here the year New Zealand as Missouri at


not everybody is you have a ride as a
year are going to end it all works were

in paradise lane now though and that’s
not a happy that you’re in your paradise

in a chatting about the people it might
have been you know

yeah rose yeah Gibraltar

I 10 what context

you all hits and our neighbor I was on
OK Cupid in New Zealand for

bloody ears and I drove over to the
other side of the world are you trying

to get away from it

and I get his stead I am a new man

living up to date have you ever used in
online dating

site i havent haven’t because you don’t
have a problem meeting guys a

and yeah I guess to tell you

the plane yet and I don’t have a problem
eating girls but my problem is that I

don’t get enough girls I want to use
tender okay coupon the problem is that

you enough is never enough with you

enough is not enough yeah there’s
nothing kinda know ball

that kinda politic Petros give me a B

at all come on bill year ago the roof

deal with are yet with the line is that
I am as their own up is never enough to

know the Everett enough

enough not to know if not the self that
itself that due to love that

dime of yo going to gather build and
he’s reading straight out of his new

poetry anthology

I I love this was by Sylvia Plath a
better deal

dope luv a cool but

below the Derby with doop doop doop and
I love that he turned that into a word

like your writing

with the I felt like there was a hottie
kick drum I

hardly keep this is what you like here
I’ll show you at the beach I

shit like and the Dominican Rep other
yeah I give me a

rescue me a topic and i’m saying I’m

cats and neighbors okay cats and


act cast in neighbors’

neighbors and cats don’t be those cats

unless kilby that the ok thats

have a lot both baths imbera hats

that’s what I call heads down Eve their
brains and doing it and we’re showing

more promise than Jake

are you getting any and hats address
don’t be

thats give it a shot you talking about
things like to think that you sound like

you listened in way too much hero
roselle did you guys have a listener as


I listen to way too much to the best be
possible to get you know how I only way

to insult as a compliment that way the
rubbish trash

teenagers they thought that they could
box after they had roselle

yeah I was wanna yeah does the one that
was right now joe

foods the snow well as that’s the beat
another day at the same time

and I

a different scene Russell throw up their
the YouTube video area each residue the


he does he does the beat in the military
and then he has to do with a hook

and it in any described above school and

textin I’ll lose I can yards that’s
incredible so

at that point he’s throwing up wild
giving that he had the big four

yeah it’s crazy so I don’t give this
girl flowers stalls it lowers

no don’t don’t give her flowers you
don’t move atoms are either

be the bigger man be so big you can fit
in is very

I read consider there’s something noble

their something are you good luck in
Missouri I will look at the area you

live there not doing the podcast without

he ok good luck to win the pot Cassie
address it should just stick around to

be the covers to

if necessary I feel okay with the rise
in Asia

cannot handle Amir gives you a be I give
you a topic and you freestyle

can I say that that would really make me
very deeply encamped because

and bad beat boxing is almost as
offensive is

a bed cat noises on a human

and I’m absolutely not getting data
alright pterodactyls

here it is do I dude do do

do alright 190 good day is he react to
listen to the ground in I love

sorry and I am going who while

what’s your favorite dinosaur have
published a source it’s pretty good one

Monday the source cool with I’ll day one

get to know each other I well as isn’t
your dad

is an Illinois dinosaur they could buy a
set yeah he showed your hand with that

one what you are

you’re boring me about the but there was
boring dinosaur

the one that’s like borderline still
around today like a fish or something

I visit and attorney for

a nerd or that New Zealand up with
another mountain

that’s another that’s the next advice
ask Ms 225 as coming at you with

that actually really good at 24 II we do
need a female

a navy missus Tenney far the names are

by ambiguous this is really cool because

email came to us from New Zealand really

that’s right from the freemen you guys
remind me of my time living in America

which is a great nostalgia kick I live
in New Zealand now so here’s my issue

I’m a lesbian and my grandpa has left me
a shit ton of money

all good so far but I don’t quote look
like a lesbian

and quote he thinks that I’m just being
rebellious and has told me that an

out of his will if I quote continue this

I’ve never actually told him that I’m
gay and somehow he’s found out that I’ve

been dating girls

I’m single at the moment and I have
dated and have had sex with men in the


but I’ve never been sexually attracted
to them so my question to you is

do I date men in till he kicks off and
leaves me my 50 those

or should I be true to myself and

the money toda missus what’s

to the fair Tenney for hammy that with

what the Rose live zeros that that the
hundred thousand bucks

year 192,000

that’s what’s up baby I know my math I

my maths I’m at is your granddad on
social media

a why do you ask that well I feel like I
if I let me know

if he’s gonna null alway oh she’s not
too high to cheat on actually

changes sexuality know she’s saying she
has had it for him until he dies

roar so he doesn’t should I date mean
which is

that’s a different question like if
she’s hiding it from a grand edition 1

I’ve seen him that’s one thing but if
she’s gonna

stop single since that Singh mean that’s
different and I need to clarity

I am shit you’ve poked a hole in our
podcast and thats lawyerly I think Larry

her quandary

-ism she feels weird about lying to her

and shit well shit she’s like confident
that she is a lesbian

but she also wants her grandfather’s
money so

she’s saying should I try to hide my
sexuality from him

Intel he dies is that okay or is that
like robbing him

do you know she’s had a really honest
conversation with them explaining why

it’s okay be homosexual no you can’t do
that once you’re 60 70 80 is all you not

gonna change your mind people that’s

people are not change their mind at age
world that’s

the question is do I is it considered

tonight take a stand and be my true self
and sacrifice the money

or should I lie about it

and borderline Rob my grandfather I mean
I think it’s

obvious what the answer is borderline
robs grandmother

her grandfather snowmen discussions and

I wow the truth comes out mister big it

mister big get there they get Blumenfeld
know a woman fell

no no is that

with that it would like it really think
I’ll reaction I

this is the time when I wish that
podcast with visual because I don’t


say anything in words about it cuz I
want me because I want people to know

how deeply it affects me and I feel like

they would know that if they saw you’re
out we are putting your there’s tears

streaming down your face right

Exeter you are you really are welcome
right now

this is the snow she’s is why I know
your ears out about other and

should I get my TS stick the other
animal noises they dislike was it

specifically cat

well I feel like a tiny ones people
really try to make who makes an elephant

noise are countless in casual
conversation the

room I’ll now as well as their up though
the Don leading to be mailed

subject as long as does the timing would
tear stickers hmm

is that enacting term it’s an acting
trick leaders put mental and your eyes

to make yourself cry we didn’t mention
that rose as an actor

actor/actress leader for Letterman okay
we did mention that Rose is an actress

actor yeah I when I’m said I

to I and so that’s one of the trip to
Israel doesn’t think women should have

rights he called the holy Shiite other
lesbian friend AOL AIM is modeled are

actor friend I A N actor I would never
say that I’m friends with a lesbian

yeah you put that word in my mouth got
it I would never be friends

a hard to see any way in which Emir
could get to know your grandfather

25 and get the money from him because I
feel like they would be like minded

yeah I can sort all that interesting
gain his trust your it

I i do feel like if you’re a bigot then
you don’t even deserve to have money

related here bigoted don’t deserve to
have highlighted

I think that if the if somebody donate
money to like anti-gay legislation yeah

other assets should be /c really yeah
actually did say you really you love

america so much but you we are against
one of the first amendment rights

freedom of expression and against are we
talking about

yeah have creative the think whatever
you want yeah

not down for that I was able have
opinions that are different than your

you don’t deserve to have my ticket that
are the opinion that so black and white

that in the wrong I’m not be allowed to
kick the shit outta that can allow

yeah card lush cart launch for hard-line
Shiite I

I I think that

if you’re I think that if they’re your
print than me you don’t deserve to live

in your size so you’re saying is big it

are it’s that big a third if for them is
I don’t like them but I don’t like that

because they’re big attacks that
different cuz they had people they’re

different they pay taxes

they do the work that you’re not willing
to do it a lot I think it’s out there it

s if you got rid of all the big is in

standing up for a big hit to get rid of
all the biggest in america

in this country would fall apart I’m
sorry to tell you this country

have fallen apart if there are bigger
than america this I love America it was

bad I like a slave owners condo to bring
your eye

use and suck my dick dude

that’s what’s up there’s a mother fucker
outside I wonder how the package I think

it might be my poetry book

still I is the guest expendable for this
moment ago collected poetry book of

course not know you’ll stay right here

ago Jake is expendable is the guest

there’ll even understood that this is
broken English words for a little man

attacking a mere others deflect get out
you can knock and the door

I can’t put into Alberta I

subjects just left to get his book a
poetry yeah this is the first

it are you here for this because
otherwise I’ll just be me talking to


I really hope that is not tickets to
Cirque du Soleil or something to feel

healthy and

out the window into just that banks

I am so now that text here with you
really have more fun hanging out with

mir Jake

I mean I haven’t seen either view
separately so makers are always together

yeah so stuffy did French if you like
that gonna be a high-risk situation

living together

working together cooking to get the
cleaning together yeah

when one of us leaves is going to be an
interesting dynamic went just to a

3 it was a guy delivering a pizza to you
are hammering bill

that true yes about half an hour bill is
our neighbor

he’s and another tenant sarajevan
anymore rights

his is a tenant yeah bill that’s here

I next door living next door it’s the

it’s that that we’d garish for the seams
tonight live in their garage well he’s

always there

any hour of the day or night I think he
lives here he was in the garage

I oh he’s calling you up for talking

don’t are different from Jake Hill Cesar
assets doesn’t think you deserve money

if you’re different at all

right what about someone with an accent
is that like minded enough for you

for them to be able to keep keep their
money for you not to beat the shit I

love you to explain this

but ticket the heater

you imagine that I hate big it’s because
they’re different yeah

that’s exactly right I don’t yes yes my
friend yes that you always

for just I love Allah her dark hair our
podcast before but Amir has advocated

for the closure up he made to the baby
with the

and now he is standing up the fight the
good fight

I think I think the bigger than american
need a hero I think you are

Israel underdog story kinda guy yeah I
really am know that’s not a bad idea for

your billboard that half the

design let I’m glitz closed with them

together let’s close america’s humane

it also tends to me doesn’t like dogs
yeah I i’ve been

I’ve been called out on that for I quite
a lot the last couple weeks

on the podcast earn I know in real life
I mean you

a seem to look down on it your friend we
met yesterday

said that dog lovers are better people
and Jake said I don’t like dogs

I don’t dislike dogs I just don’t like

d like cats no I mean I could taker key

I can take their yeah I use on the
struggle with that made him

identify I think that I deserve some
kinda ACA later praise

begin nothing okay why do I have to you
think it’s nice to like dogs

yeah and if I don’t like dogs the thing
that’s kind of sociopathic I’m gonna

show you a film called last minute but
other than that I should check the other


and if you dont like dogs and understand
dogs after that then

you either robot that I’ve suspected
these days all these years

whom for the last six days even calling
the robot

and city because I am emotionally

what unites that’s nice he actually said
that you more like you like an

a bro but I can officially intelligent
and you’ve been taught

but this is what you should say what you
should do in your really struggling with

emotional capacity

and I think that’s accurate here like
I’m I was an alien that was made an

ounce or two

starting to learn how humans should act
in that’s

what I say and do it’s like perfume way
he wears that smell the human

yeah you know that book now he was a
smell the thing is he doesn’t smell it

creates the smelled like human like

it’s like that you’ve just chronic units

I do smell you were to be keen yesterday

very I let’s go back to the question

I wolf you just another cell yeah cuz I
didn’t put on deodorant today so I’ll

make sure I wasn’t ripe

and I am so what do you say you say

be yourself don’t accept the money no
rob his mother fucker

okay rose vote be yourself don’t accept
the money

be yourself donated the money but I feel
like after he passes away

things might will be a bit different
anyway and you might end up with it so

I’m hoping for you so you’re saying be
yourself and whether you get you the

money or not is up to him

maybe make a deal with like a sibling
where they get the extra money but I

understand you

and in after he passes away you can

kinda renegotiate the contract with the
person just

I really think that like you got a yet
the look yes yet to be thinking macro

not micro ensure she’s got his pride at

I don’t I won I won my grandfather like
me who for who I am but he’s never gonna

let gun acceptor

so she might as well pretend that she’s
straight up until he dies which is

probably going to be soon

and then cheaters uses the money to take
girls out his sleigh and pussy

she’s munching box he is challenging
down on muff

and I think it’s all on a grandfathers
died and I think she’s not monogamous

I yet she doesn’t even know is she’s
single she said she was single

but she might be monotonous gmail with
my night as middlemen I was what you

might meet somebody lovely I feel like
you’re suggesting that shit is gonna

hook up a lot to check

lebanon say any all others that are you
could she could much down on the same


for ever ever for all I care I just
think that she should be wining and


either many bitches are just one bitch
just with her grandfather’s money

to stick it to him he’s rolling around
in his grave as she’s rolling around in


fuckin fucking licking Klett taking

I’m serious I I think that sounds like
this device

i think is yes I’m with you more about
this red lace

a before he writes the will you sit down
with them you like grandpa I know your

thinking that I’m gay but I assure you
that I’m not

you have to believe me I need your money
I want your money azerbaijan say

it was a robot would say yup and then as
he said I as he lay dying in his


before before the last thing he sees and
it’s too late to change the world

uuuu slinky little coil little diva girl

and you just go to town use scissors you
659 I did you 69 ion li-ion

is on his bed now on his body oh and I
think a rusher a two girl that just

talking with him soul and fucking on
talking hot

at nine dead serious when I say meow let
Nash it

media now I’m not that night at Noyes
rose and where covering your years i’d

just with that

that’s the name other my god dude

kids say the noise I know but I just and
thinking about it and its

a soft spot me and I feel like I’ve
revealed that weakness do it’s just

nasty to

to cut a key exploiting it over and over
and over again in the same podcast

I got it’s tough did you think that
there was a world where I found out did

make the noise over and absolutely not
but I thought the

Emir was more well trained as a row but
then to give you that kind of

information be noticed I receive your

and I grew from it you program me to
change it I haven’t

it made the noise since then because I
knew that at that what I always love you

programming that you made the noise to
begin with because I think we in Russia

to live their entire lives

without me ever feeling it necessary
without me ever being compelled to make

cat noises in her presence

I don’t understand even if it was like
you don’t think it was I think it was I

know it was I remember clearly what it
was tell me am I wrong

I am sleeping in the solarium at the
moment in your house because

my house is great but I and sleeping

gotta have great doesn’t even have the
deadly dozen I am sitting outside

and it’s a very cold room and it’ll be
great in the long run but not in winter

so I i’m talking about you silly remarks
did misleading as Larry M

wake up with a coughing fit into the
night I go through the kitchen

Jakes duct tape shelf falls to pieces as
I get past melt with a mention that you

open the door to hard

go on and and I’m drinking milk on the

and I feel like it was around that time
that you a said something like it was I


is that that did happen but I didn’t do
the cat noise that’s

you and a4 a.m. Moran Rose is out there

in her pajamas sipping milk I’ll be with
the Lord Lord the dirty announce

all he could do you I yeah I think

Rose is out there if she had killed a
bird Yahya and lets you

yeah I was the yeah and she was arkansas
ratting on

are litter box rather I could lead to a
litter box educated adults is still take

done through the hatch I

which is rich in the military takes down
we have that a box a clean the litter

box but she’ll troop in the bathtub it’s

I hear it’s good advice I

I let’s answer on your question we also
have been set II the break

now that was the break that was a great
makes ever baby breaks over

a.m. your time for one last question

a we need a dude’s name

will go it could have been a he would do
is is

is is in English the official language
New Zealand not it’s a binary nation

with two languages and left the second
language Marty

Andy speak that you’re married the that
that the %uh the chanting and

who think the a similar to see

Chantilly headed the sad apparently and

know it yet marti that is theirs and
chanting then the awesome I YouTube


with a light I actually talking about
the the passing of

and same-sex marriage watch that video

an easy loan yet happen in New Zealand
and it will reduce it is I will sign and

how many have with the population

what population what percentage of the
population is my already I’m a little

bit scared about you ask mister via

because I don’t know the exact answers
and I mean to sound ignorant I they are

my own already

I Wow I

while yeah yeah I mean I i assure that

did you say you lost respect for him
similar to the way you last respects to

me when I made the cat noise when he
said that

definitely not equally but as a little
worse for him or for media a

I think we don’t even need to human it
with an answer the right %um

totally and

the body population I don’t know exactly
how big it is that he could to Hoonah

is at little town in New Zealand Midland

just I wanna say no exit insulting but
it’s not it the Missourian

if military and New Zealand it’s no it’s
no how bob

like bustling city centre now it’s no
Auckland thank you

you think Christ Church absolutely and
it’s Noah

paint already what is the name the UK me
it to her owner

it and who now writes hey guys some
twenty years old and I just saw a hooker

the strangest part is that I haven’t got
the slightest clue why

I’m at college and i can and have gotten
pussy many a time

and normally I would have laughed at
anybody who pays for sex

but for various reasons i’m not the best
place lately and I thought

the answer would be to see a hooker

now as I write this I feel like shit
worse than shit in fact more like a scum

sucking scumbag degenerate piece of

I mean I i obviously is protection and
I’m not a complete moron but I still

feel like

so dirty I wanna do right now is take a
scalding lee hot shower using

bleach for shower gel give myself a BD

now I don’t expect a mere to be
experienced in such a situation but I’m

sure Jake is a beast in this regard

how do you make yourself feel like less
a buttered in these situations Jake

please help I wanna just and

I was there that I resent the
implication that I would never pay for


there that I would but I would know how
to deal with the situation like this

it’s funny cuz earlier like how dare he
think I got a prostitute

and N Roses like have you ever gotten a
prostitute you like

well AR I paid a stripper wants to blow

hot three hundred dollars three hundred
dollars that was a joke

a I’ll tell the story

it was a joke story here’s what happened

I’m a moron I was in las vegas okay

rewind Sin City we are gonna really
wanna take you way back three and a half

weeks ago

I you get my Time Machine it’s a little
broken they can I backup my was a couple

years a two years guys in Las Vegas

and I went to you I visited and a strip
club as a lot a girl do

huh you went did you go to Vegas with a
girl know I was and as the in Vegas with

my boys

with my boys Mazzetti vs i think im here
might have been there

was there when we were there john john
carlo first time I think cell

okay um and I was

getting along with the dancer famously
which is a famously I would say it was

pretty famously she was she was talking
to me about her pics for

the Oscars and that was I used a lot of
people with yeah yeah

which is crazy cuz this is like three
weeks after the Oscars as you didn’t


she didn’t get any idea she is in a
weird we’ll help her intellect

I did I thought that the way she
interpreted Life of Pi was really

I point was piled connects so hi

toda less li-ion so I am I like that on

I’m a we went to the back room

and she’s dead arm for two hundred
dollars you can do cocaine off my ass

with the F to provide the cocaine that
well I didn’t at that point I wasn’t


interesting in doing cocaine I’m and
leave the mall I didn’t want to do it

after athey air

so I said for 150 have to eat appeal
lies and I what if I don’t know what is

it like has a what if I don’t want to do

it he said well if you give me two
hundred dollars I’ll blow you

and then I said that sounds like a fair
deal yes i know i

so washer what I said was I don’t have
that much cash

energies that will take a card and I
said okay

can I meant no you and then I went over
this I big scary

announcer guy he swiped my card maybe
sign like a document to make it

against to make it official that they
weren’t robbing the did you ever lawyers

read that we are I said to my dad but
he’s a tax lawyer so he just said it

looks good but I even he didn’t have a
lot to me it’s

so I went back into the back room where
she proceeded to you

grind on me and give me a private lap
dance but the blowjob never materialized

and I came out wondering if I should
complain or a

that was just gonna get me in trouble I
is reportedly just so I

buyers remorse yeah yeah I definitely
was it wasn’t even a bio yet their

product that they with their the gas
turbines which way did was leave a

negative yelp review

yeah um I said hi I paper blowjob but I
actually got fucked

I not so so if this is your case for you
not being a good person to give advice

about sleeping with

a prostitute yeah because you never
actually collected on them

that the sexual good that yet right you
have no idea I resent the implication

that all the supplies to say I resent
the implication can i genuinely

you so I’m sorry tuna sandwich but I am

that would lose them it could have been
indicated demand

what I would say is don’t use bleach in
the shower

I don’t give yourself a VD test

how you go to a clinic entrances how do
you get yourself a VT I don’t think you


I think that just like a really close

it’s like yeah it’s its a a magnifying

can you show that you an ex-girlfriend
and it’s like valid

yeah you sign your little I ever ever
gone on a date with somebody without

bringing a clean bill of health

does the show on that I don’t have BD or
explicitly that I do have ED

do you ask your dad to drop that
contract yes made a is a tax lawyer I

mention that but he has tried to contact

love you like it better with contract
you act ernie with contrary to what you

guys say is not a glorified account

now where did I love my father Res that
since we don’t usually have a female

presence on the show

where you land on the prostitution scale
are you

Virat me against it are you totally cool
with it

with my really like are you extremely
against finally against it is that

vehemently isn’t what’s by real by

virulent and their Ireland are you
totally against it

a boner tightly against at your fridge
Julie you never to land against

I think that a its oldest profession in
the world a hug don’t wanna do it myself

right but more power to them we need
more power to them

their victims their hapless victims

Lydeard I can’t believe Jakes the

was the reason right now debating
prosody day well

what no that’s not fit that is not fair
I don’t have a judgment on prostitutes

because I haven’t been in a situation
where there has been a realistic thing

in my life

but I feel like its it’s the deal

if they want to like maybe certain
things nobody know the one to do it’s

not true

and he seems well as high class escorts
they you know even I

I have an opinion on I its I have an
opinion on escorts and I think they’re


and I think no matter how empowered they
feel they’re actually victims UHV

love society I’ll other misogynistic
culture uva money-hungry

slut Thursday you’re lucky lucky I I
think it’s but I’ve

I’m violently against that he’ll still
have a few hundred dollars

to experience she never blew me dude

she never blew me so what about me
twenty dollars for his II

sigh I hope your I never fucking classes
I’ll issue is that the UNLV I think she

was taken a pottery class and I think
two hundred dollars get third

get there by it is not a matriculated
students about the scene get there and

guess what I did make it if I can
swallow my load

cheeses I D E yes she didn’t see my CG
didn’t touch maybe

I think rose needs to take a bleed
shower after this conversation

I just think I just think at you know

certain problems aunt something that I
understand I don’t have to I’m not in a

position I don’t understand

what it must feel like personally I
would be okay with selling that is a


but look some people out

terrible in relationships and remain two
goals and why’s that any better than

being like able to do it as a business

I’m sorta with you I mean I don’t quite
flag other Marley it’s all

I don’t know that it’s over principle
when win

the jacks shaking as he did this is the
first time I feel

we’re going every day we’ve reached his
moral limit I

one I think that is kinda close minded 2
say prostitution is bed

i think thats I think that’s very thing
the presidency you think prostitution is

good I wouldn’t like to take a woman
selling her body for money is good you


sorry if they had him surrounding up
next to use me taken why on earth would

you assume it’s just women

here we have another just narrow-minded
example from the brain

from the shriveled up peanut brain
object help a this

well this is the you’ve been eubanks
skewered today

that could clearly be a male that could
be what was male prostitution okay the

and know if course not is not at all
know prostitution is OK

what about porn for the prostitution why
are you worried about sex

so if I’m taping a prostitute fucking me
that’s okay no

II was another good point but I mean
like I don’t give I say don’t watch it

I love watching porn I watch porn all
the time so you

totally implicit in all and Yahoo I
don’t think mcDonalds is good for me but

I like the way it pays

about all the link makers ok make a real
change but I can hey I got up like a

podcast letting you don’t have them

I could tell agony with the clean side
even Erica with Amir Blumenfeld

her the biggest Society of America I am

being against prostitution does not make
you a big I’m unsure

I can see I i’m really time generally
tryna see from your perspective and I

know and I feel like you’re

look at heart wrenching prosecute a
strong empowered women saying

its just think the that there’s a world
that word that could possibly exist

we’re maybe in the same way that the
pornstars I don’t have a judgment was

just because

for them they can do that and they it
doesn’t make them feel sleepless night

and unhappy

I think the danger is when a ship I’m a
guy named Jen you by accident what I

have stepped

I it’s their body and they’d jaco its

genuine now I can do that now here

not now about like this I are actually
at an ethically that were more than at a

time usually like to keep this under 45
minutes or at like the 55-minute lack

I’d very much like to know the the

does one we end with the yet the reason

okay I you guys were juggling and rose
through an errant ball

and it when outside and as a joke I like

I have like like it hit a capped I’ll

and then you’re like I really don’t like
it when a

men mentor people humans humans humans

cat noises any any other species decide
can’t yes by at least

his bed no not yeah onel you like a
human to analyze lie like it mean any

species decide a cat does a

can’t wait about when a parent does a
human rights

that’s embarrassing a what about a human
doing a paper herod know is as a human

so I’m lack

I’ll is that does that bother you that’s
not that I found a new pit beef

hope that abandoned me in general I

I thank you so much for coming ashore as
had a girls

I mean it was great I was here anyway so
it was easy yeah you know you do realize

a recording for the first half we just
had to come into your room to do it yeah

ages into my cell area man we went from
there i click the little wireless

lavalier mic to you when you’re asleep
in shook you awake have with the podcast

been but I’m glad I’m glad we got to do
it it’s fun thank you so much for having


and do you wanna play anything any
movies or TV shows or whatever that

you’re in the year on the %ah people to

I mean I’m not apply there I’m not very
good at that and a

you want me to mention some stuff and
then you’ll you’ll start me no

nah just you know I hope that I come
back and maybe one day I’ll

have done stuff that you guys like that
illegal yeah

or maybe you already have I don’t know
if they admit they don’t even know

because you won’t say anything exactly
as I like to leave it with an air vent

rate you know my name

you know my name you know my number I we
are gonna be your number in the order to

keep it

but you know my stance on prostitution
let’s do it those are the big three

but I’m not a prostitute just don’t
forget that da so

if you have your own questions if you’re
are your own theme song you can email us

if i reset my gmail dot com

that first one out I think I ever
mention was from a dude name mclean

what’s amid a song before

and that was a second Sunday submitted
in his last one is from someone named

Colin I think so much till a to all the
all for listening and

will be back soon peace re the event and

is common 0 add-ons

Laval evidence option

sometimes in need

dhlakama Bradley Jake here past

tandem yeah text there were all in the

small home all

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