Episode 65: Nice Guys Finish Last


In this episode we discuss ghosts, sneezing, and Seal.

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things actually got very realistic and
it has pretty sweet course



the ninsu lieberman


is to you


you show

sexy the time



tell you

problems my you

as you zoom

yeah delivered

the my all the games


is my


on hmm

the bombs

mom yes


in my arms

as well year


are are at halftime I

it was good but it was weird a why was
it weird

those kiss from a rose yeah what

other time lease on Katie possibly
paying well I like I mean it was

I mean you can you clearly with talented
and what interesting song to choose to


I yeah give not like people he threw
roses anything to do with our park as

though it’s not even like

its another placate and I don’t know

I I’m mad about

really a yeah I

a dip with feel the cell phone blahhh it
take a librarian in a bad way

daughters dad would have been all that
song was written by Samuel gray a

and he has a band camp page

so we got a planetary archived at band
camp dot com you can hear more of a son

I think they’re all syrup field yes it’s
a wholesale covers

can you name one other seals song I am

no I

today have other songs you must over a
he’s c/laahi at all

I seal is very famous for its own names

is still yeah he still favors that he
had earlier so much three

it’s free and one son that is very high
D cool yeah

and his name is feel yes evil that’s
pretty cool

I is to a man as Michael whatever I
don’t know what is wrong there is

big ol me a seal

could a seal the deal I particle

baby you’re grown I

gonna be named after does the really
slick where their

you can colonies now the seal just seal

notes right now or is not a letter I’m

up hmm they lurked there yet we’re still
talking about a

it makes the same bill gray eighty this
is a fair you the only buys podcast on

the internet hosted by as Avenir

tailor-made journeys but oh you didn’t
tell people a legally change your name

yeah I’m now Josh yeah sort of a
different guy different by better person

chiller man that me that’s Josh

you want to change your personality but
instead years change your name

yeah and I’m using it to get pussy yeah

now the name is Josh we could finally
get a close-up it

it tell you have to do anything that was
holding you back opposite named Jake

though wrecking loser live DVD at a
worse than you to hook up with less


am how bad we talkin and

a beer bad for Hannah her

had Darrell they are all yeah

as many girls mean

tread mean it’s interesting

at Google at the myth of the nickname I
guess jakers with us

it her seal I did though I don’t think I
don’t think my neighbors ever like the

like it deal closer for a year read it
definitely definitely helps your case

you like our on Tom

on cool on Jake yeah it’s a on it all on

I’m already if ugh gaulan cool apps love

trail I made you look over that guide
tread now a days even I don’t tell

people out there with a

with a guy named Trevor ability to
borrow in time who is like my neighbor’s

son Hunter

jus cuz I thought someday somehow it may
get a blade

wow that’s really cool yeah real who
told you that some

due to a bar when I New Haven hit some
way somehow

it is really thought like maybe one day
I may you know that I could happen all

the time a one time it might get him

cool enough name pair is under plotters
a pretty badass name

dads here because it means you hunt

yeah yeah it’s much better than seal
which is an animal that hunted

fools shit led the hunted that’s kinda

I’ll hunted am what’s your name

hunted her at Heathrow hunter no hunted

up people looking for me I

that’s kinda cool you’re like a mostly
America’s Most Wanted

I’m hunted yeah I’m I’m I’m

hunted hunted herwitz thank you

you know some %um Walker Jim the

another day would be walked yeah yeah

hunted in what edges battered well names
that it is past tense verbs

walked Texas Ranger I hunted as Thompson

I so how does the podcast work well

we get emails from people in sticky
situations asking us for advice

we don’t know why but I don’t know I
guess they’re desperate and we do our

best to help them advise

added their terrible places we give
these really emails

fake names to preserve their hand on a

since its Oscar Sunday why don’t we go

Oscar names I like that yeah

so we need a we need a dude a dude

who is nominated for an Academy Award a

nominated for an Academy Award

harm I I’m drawing a blank I’d I and II
don’t know one person

that’s ever been nominated Matt the

oh yeah he should totally when he should
win for to detective

old man I guess at this coming out
tomorrow will already know he wondered

so others say oscar-winner

am at the look on a rights hey as

so I’ll be going to college in six
months last weekend I visited campus for

a three-day two-night trip with a buncha
other incoming freshmen

I met this girl there who I immediately
hit it off with

but then I had to go home at the end the
weekend now it’s been a week and we are

very interested in each other

but we both think long distance
relationships are done

we have six months before we can
actually go to the same college and can

actually date

what can we do to avoid a not enjoying
the last six months at home because we

are only thinking about the future

and be burning through all the emotions
up an entire relationship before we even

see each other again

and then I wanna date once we do
actually see each other love

natty mcconnell K I’ll at the Americana

is guys very the emotionally intelligent
for an 18-year-old incoming freshmen

is not emotionally intelligent yeah he
doesn’t want to burn through the

emotions over lace that’s like a very
mature question is: the

imager stupid thing is entry into a

with the colored incoming college
freshmen who you met at Orientation Week

I going into a long distance
relationship and then guaranteeing

you’re gonna date her when college

well he doesn’t know if you want the day
there deter are you doesn’t want to be

with her during the six-month interim

or does E a row real reread the tab the

I’ll we immediately hit it off but have
to go this weekend now it’s been a week

and we are very interested in each other
but we both think long distance

relationships are stupid

we have six months before we can end up
going to the same college

so what can we do to avoid not enjoying
their last six months at home because


only thinking about the future and be
burning through all the emotions over an

entire relationship before he gets each

I say so he basically doesn’t want to

ignore her and then lose her but he also
doesn’t want to

get into a heart heavy relationship
right now and then Nazir again for six


will you they should be the day when he
gets a college I’ll

no girlfriends non-college that is your
single time

at your rule that you’re single time bad
what if you fall for someone

you can’t control that can you falling
for someone yes sure you can

you can control falling for someone I
every move I make is calculated

so you can say I’m just gonna hook up
with people and then

not allow yourself to fall for someone
know hey that’s not really true

I don’t know me and I as Sir

sir sealed her I do think you guys

do you should not get into Europe
relationship unlike in orientation


yeah but you can have a crush on someone
on orientation weekend that will he is

saying it

had a wee had weed not

burn through all a very motion CA that
okay now

I’m texting her every night never gonna
have phone calls every night yes like

it’s gonna

escalate if he does want that he has to
stop doing it

say he just has to de-escalate their
relationship yeah there’s a lot of

things on your plate right now but

you got you got a gurl imagine that like
is your senior year high school has your

summer with your friends

don’t enter into a long distance
relationship right now enjoy the ride

right and see what happens when college
starts because she’s not even gonna be

the only girl there she was really go
this orientation we can we had three

nights and look what happened so magid

you had like an angry the others
thousand nights

yeah the its

college is amazing okay it was

your knowledge was awful okay look

that’s not fair a

is that through them yeah I had a bad
experience and

all four colleges that I went to it is
funny because you’re such a

it seems like you would have an amazing
time a college yeah it was weird

I think I I was so anxious to like be a

that I never wanted to be in college

are you I like when you’re in college
you want to be out of college yeah when

I was in college all I wanted was an
apartment and now you have an apartment

all you want to do is go back to college

I miss college you do you have more fun
in college now than you did when you’re

in Cali oo that’s definitely true like
we were at Syracuse the other week iraq

has raged our faces off yeah buddy think
you could have done that age

18 no I tried and I was allowed to party

you like it that’s the shitty thing
about I mean I don’t know I have to all

school who differ but the shitty thing
about where I went to school my freshman

year is like

you had to number one no someone at the

and then give somebody five bucks for a
cup and it’s still get shit on in the

live in your filling up the beer and
they get

it was just it was like hazing the
entire time

yeah I like fun to go out to those that
know the party’s I

had some sort of weird drunken
realization when you’re out partying in

syracuse which was

it took me 10 years past college to
become cool enough to be a cool person

in college

and then now that I’m a 31-year-old
hanging out a college parties

it’s definitely not cool so I went brown

being I’m cool in college to be cool
enough but the fact that it took me 10

years is now

even less cool than being I’m cool in
college it’s too late it was it was a

lose-lose situation a lose lose loser

I balloons lost loser laws

in I was until then and now I’m I guess
even left school now for

partying at college yeah it was and yet
assertive tried to like

figure out how cool you r Elledge party
yet at 13-under later still like


I big I is it I believe we tied to the
park as though we like psyche

it save yourselves up in the bathroom at
the at the Yale cuts at

yelster like should we go to the parties
which uses could be fallin

I alright let’s go

are you sure they will bigger losers and
then we go and just like alleged

19-year-old hangin out

look a good times slightly sad better

good times ultimately great a/c advice
is to taper off this relationship with a

tapered off

would you say I would say yes China
tapered off but it’s hard because it’s

like if you have a crush on someone you
do want to talk to them a lot

it’s hard to be like so self-aware
they’re like I like this person but I

can’t let myself like them or so I’m
gonna not text that I that usually sorta

like this

sets you up on a downward spiral or you
know that this early downward but a

you’re caught up in that that vortex a
your emotions are gonna be like

going into overdrive because you’re
trying to tell them not to so I guess

like as long as you’re

talk to her do your thing as long as
you’re happy and as soon as it starts

likes being stressful

play that’s not a good thing and I think
he want what he wants to do is like

keep that line of communication open

like maybe a text every

five to 10 days that way just like

in that person’s consciousness but it’s
not like a constant stream of


yeah LA when she hears from you or you
hear from Herzlich exciting it’s not

like a daily basis thing

that’s good that’s good advice really

thank you you’re welcome her okay I
gonna get adviser

data skew all plus issue

excuse me I little snooze a rule

yeah little Sunday’s Sneads network

it I feel happy it was an interesting
thing I did on their part guess is that

the first these are the podcast

I don’t know how is mister for the
episode 65 will go down in history as

Jake’s personal lives the

its you exit 65 AKA this

needs seen everything still yeah that’s
what the

up I I’m this knees /url

and polishers alternate character I
really low but I can make you laugh that


well as they this a said something
yesterday you have to really hard

was there when he said my my

die it’s ridiculous appeared your talk
to your mom about how I built the UE

there are like maybe you’re sick because
your nutritional

your bad nutrition you like I don’t know
what you had to say

it like that you have to understand I
usually garbage

my dad’s ridiculous I

it is an impressive I don’t know I have
no idea that will have

my ago public about love so early days

yeah IPO’s saying the

I might die it’s ridiculous yeah that

yeah garbage yeah is it

01 they’re all I V hey yeah I you all

Friday’s prize rides old Friday’s

Yelp race red hot Frank’s redhot how we
should hit them to sponsor an episode

I love I love it yeah but I don’t think
that’s how it works

vehicle thing to do for when we run
outta sponsors yeah we do like a

like oh a wanna-be like to add get

I allow you to say Rep red hot gay hey
we’d is advertised for you guys are

freaks were such big day and gray and
now we give us money to advertise

again in the future and they’ll be like
no I mean I

we didn’t even notice you guys moved a
single needle

alone I owed us so while we’re big

I takes actually just saw a Starbucks
commercial for the first time ever

is ultimately Starbuck said at school a
lot Starbucks other one is to grab the


they’d only dads yeah they just have a
lot of stores they were just oddly

addicted to their

pretty much not very good copy X how

dare you say that I I mean the fact that
I like their copy me that’s not good

that such a real because I’d I’m not a
copy drinker

you like Macklemore do you think he’s
not good I think he’s gray

I think your opinions are vital I think
I’ll I think they’ve from Seattle I

guess yeah

europeans should be celebrated Seattle
Seattle Washington but I’m not an

I’m not a copy drink regular coffee
drinkers don’t like Starbucks

and AIS I love you have a coffee drinker
I like Starbucks

I guess copy snobs don’t like snow but

yeah I guess maybe not but like fight
coffee snob

I fuck a coffee snob dog Boii

I’m every every man caught him and I’m

average Joe an average Cup in Germany
yeah for my favorite place on earth

a Starbucks I don’t mind as ridiculous
don’t like guys ridiculous

so that’s that who is it see its lead

sorta Will Smith’s or dove John Travolta

AKA the the world’s most popular
scientologist s the perfect man if you

if you just remove John Travolta

II the next question yeah we need a

Oscar winners nao sandy Sandra Bullock

Sai who she is classy she is ravishing
she’s the kinda pendant

class come at a raster absolutely she

she is a got an ass full of class
riveting she is riveting

hey guys my name is Sandra Bullock long
time listener first time writer so

here’s my problem

I’ve been texting this guy for a while
and we’ve hung out a buncha

up times it’s been a few months and
we’ve hooked up in our

but last night I was talking to him and
he said something rather disturbing

he told me that he believes strongly in

and he sleeps with the kitchen knife
next to his bed every night

because he’s scared up the ghost that
live in his house

which he thinks is haunted all I could
think I love

sorry I try to be sympathetic but all I
could think of was what the fuck

is this enough to break it off with them
or should I give this ghost boy a chance

despite this weirdness

please help Sandra Bullock city that is
a weird predicament

I think the problem is not that he
believes in the goes but that he’s

afraid of them

update a scaredy cat I

he also doesn’t understand goes were

a butcher’s a knife but to stat you
there transparent you

everything goes right through them you
can’t fight a ghost with the knife

that’s not smart that’s how you do it
was probably use the night against you

all you need is a ghost busting box
devices so you gonna call

I a panel cPanel

that obey now ghostbusters

could you fall in love with someone that
strongly believed in ghosts

um I think so yeah you excel I mean I

it i think im you like now you’re stupid
I’m not sure I could fall in love with

someone who strongly believed in

I’ll interesting what does that mean

I like when people are flexible well as
the you like someone that doesn’t have

any strong beliefs

I don’t know I guess there’s like sums
strong beliefs like

better now that’s not necessarily true
but I mean ghosts

at that’s pretty weird I would you say
if you believe in ghosts you’re done

no cuz I mean another who believe

to me it’s like somebody saying they
believe in God is like saying I believe

in ghosts

right it’s just you yeah okay how about
this do you think if someone slaves to

the knife next to their bad because he’s
afraid of a ghost attack

would you say that person’s done yeah I
would say that person’s like a pussy

yeah see really like I I think it’s okay

I can store to be a only have they can
touch with my spiritual side I i believe

they’re like

and I that that’s a bit like I believe
in ghosts is see it seems sort of like a

statement I could like

talk to someone about what he believed
it goes they had like maybe that

experience they have a story that

right but if they’re like yeah I’d live
in Gautam actually I’m

a pretty terrified over the

so much so that I tried to worm I keep
protection near my bed

in the war movie knife the Tigers dad
said goes to women

J with the 80s I was in the Navy flight
with the girls

I there was a poltergeist and I a

kid I tried to kill it with the poultry
night I

yeah still got it poltergeist poultry

I will say that was a person 65 without
a doubt that his address as the first

live sneeze

and what are the best love the best
examples of wordplay

but I think I’ve that I think I’ve
offered here’s the here’s a question is

a paltry night for real thing

yes of poultry knife yes

it is I think so it says sounds like it
should be want me to google it

above I you’re like I don’t want to take
anything away from his perfect crime

you can buy night for poultry I of

so what kind of knife is it is a
different than to their steak knives and

poultry knives

yeah like our having chicken tonight a
got the poultry knives

I will say poultry knife is yeah it’s a

yet at the bank yeah Victorinox poultry

that the rear three quarter inch
straight vent boning knife

I can I do not liking a Google right now
that is closing your eyes and member

remember exactly read remembering my dad
stab you with the popular

yeah I would say I guess a

i’m ok hmm I i agree with you it’s okay
to peace

spiritual enough to believe in yet
possibility of ghosts

but to keep a knife by your bed in be
afraid of ghosts

is something that maybe you should grow
out have

at age 8 it sounds like he’s a 18 to
25-year-old and how this person is

with an eight year olds brain is there
anything that you like that level and

scare dove

in your life still a

I guess I don’t like bees

I that’s how I do yeah I carry around a
butcher’s knife

I can rely on a hike AI know that I need
this stat be removed I

really accurate with the might be knife
then have kissed

I’ve killed many many be that may be no
yeah the

yet all the I don’t they a deadly not
that scare dove real things let alone

things that are probably not

real yeah well I will liked but it is
still feel he needs to sleep for the

night next to his bed how many nights in
a row has he not seen ago I

but he’s still like know that I didn’t
know what the night for their

I does know for a fact that the first
night where I keep the knife away I mean

there’s a reason they have been attacked
me and I think it’s the night been a bit

by keeping away all the sudden they’ve
logged made a false sense of security

that does slow rack not actually smart
I’ll say that

ago has never attacked the human that’s
the first thing that’s the first thing

people should know about ghosts

yeah that’s true ghosts always discreet
people out like he close a mere and then

you see a translucent six-year-old girl
sitting at the foot of your pledge


six year old girls are so scary yeah I
always ago

a girl that died or had a tiny little
black hair to dry long yeah

like no I could kick this should have a
six-year-old girl

I honestly I’m not trying to be be a
diva but I could like

I could wipe the floor with

a any kid boy or girl five to ten no
problem I beat the shit outta

especially a girl yeah especially ghost
girl who’s like

malnourished and and and you brought it
away in an insane asylum I could

but to destroy her especially cuz his
pride she’s bright only there because

adult to actually killed there at one
point exactly so she’s already proved

your weakness

it’s true and now you really have to get
at it again

that’s a lot of the times like the girl
from the racial crawl under the TV

yes it risky you’re scared they’re like
your your defense II go no no no hurt me

I beleive you were a little more
forceful and I could go for the Red

Cross Ltd the jump

your book what do you think you’re doing
work it’s the whirlpool

I was armed and try to ski area leak lol
being celibate

get back in the Tempe I am afraid of a
fucking six-year-old

you don’t need a night just tell it off

do would you say you ain’t afraid of no
ghost I ain’t afraid of no ghost the 88

the needed data Duke good but they’re
really funny letter that the

I afraid of no ghost yeah I guess you’re

greater no good you should not be

I blue apparent rated No

girls are not allowed to be afraid
anything at an adult

as when you grow up you can’t be scared
naked the scare

well as well as though you’re scared a
the other day when we came home in the

door was open

oh yeah like you can be scared have
people KU robbers

now be and afraid you can’t be afraid to
rob I ain’t afraid no person

hair braided no crime um yes I would be
afraid or Robert you like in the house

but pussy maybe I would

I mean we I had the bat yeah yeah you
have a bat

yeah so work look at a robber have
that’s worse than a that

um ASE at the attic gonna be air

right about where the bullet yeah yeah I
like you so he’d shoot it and then you’d

hate it away like a fastball

yeah and then it would hit up ricochet
off you can go through the guys


I don’t know if I could do that but I
could every palate of I

you youth small petty

self AGR and Ising at all you big
infallible bullet yeah

yeah I think I could I i think i buy

I can def make i dag maybe a bloop
single to left field

I doubt about the lay down a fucking but
like idk tower nicer to God I can bag

and at least earn 2 base is that it is

think the decade hit a bullet with the
bat I don’t think it’s possible to do


that be like a weird sports science
documentary thing

yeah at school was alright we get a

rolanda see to chat a hit me his role
but a second

that’s like the level up X MLB players
that they can get that is weird spare

Louise soho

but really we sell though here to chat
hit 31 caliber rifle

just sit in the back I don’t know
anything about guns

is 31 caliber thing I really think I can
be there no shut again

do you know caliber means Amazon caliber

the with that the bullet or something
I’ll thats totally

I guess happen but we must be ray I
don’t know I

you I’m not looking that up I call me
maybe I needed

a are actually take a break it was that
kind of a break it’s a sort of a break

but is there anything you want to take a
break about

I am there then we are talking about

a.m. wanna a we have a show I know

Thursday night at colgate yeah

do you have to go to Colgate University
Holgate know dr. show

who nine people ESA no be huge

finally at nine people listen to this
show they go colgate

hearing that a lot yeah I guess that
forget about that a lot Colgate

University what up

call gay shows just three years ago yell

a yeah I got nothin great I love the
email address that you can email us is


at fiery show at gmail dot com you can

please keep sending theme Sox emissions
hardly counts as a break that was not

yeah that was I can say religion history

well was no breakdown any walls dude
talk to be on a know who you are

whites I wanna know who you are this
whole park as as talking about sci-fi

can we r

love you I thank you thank you

a bit breezy I love you thank you

but will have reshaped that is insane
yet is insane

I it’s called saying I love you too

well actually you should be saying at
first I should I love you too

that’s what it is apparent said anything
I know you’ve never ever fuckin

honestly yeah in our friendship have you
ever told me you have to be


nell you don’t think you have no I’m not
I don’t pick as you love me

I ek yeah I guess I love you as a friend

yeah it’s all I need thank you

okay why did it have to take me the what
at the drag it out here

well I’ve ever said I love you to me I
think so

oh yeah definitely when you are sober

a I think probably

adeptly said it about you like I love a
mere two people

yet said that in front view beer very
emotional guy I don’t say I love anybody

to anybody

right when you do their love you to your
mom and dad I

now nothing sir I think I

I they just feel that love I never say I
love you

well it’s so weird when it now

yeah no I doubt never miss

must sometimes I must have sometimes but
I i’m not

we’re not like that I’ve found it says
at the end of conversation without when

you had a girlfriend would you say at
the end of conversation would be a guy I

wanna go to work I love you

yeah girlfriend more because you know
bitches me

bitches the constant reassurance yeah
bitches be crazy huh

it is the Validate in bitches better say
that to me too because I think the load

more than they do

a bit better if it bitches be it better
than me

yeah bitches better tell me how much
beer I mean to them otherwise good a

a my existence does that mean anytime
that adage is validation

it I love you thank you man

I appreciate that and I think

that you are also good

and I have strong feelings for that for
years lol

alright their question yeah

I guess what’s the fucking point

their question love you mister

I’m artie said I love you as a friend
but after qualified

up what do you think I wanna a Yahoo
what do you mean

like I’ll I love you like is the it’s
like i like his mother has occurred

a romantic thing for like I love I love
you like a brother I think

I A OK love you as a brother yeah but
just say I love you need to get back to

you as a brother

I haven’t there’s also their love you as
a brother and then I’ll mouth

the as a brother parts are to be like
alright that’s fine because that makes

it pretty about their

I love you you moved to Monday

I is II at else that they go as a better
than audible whisper

do people wear the mushing have your
lips against your guns this will forever

be known as the podcast where I had the
live sleep I

the amazing wordplay and where I finally

got him you to tell me he loved me and
the big three

this is a podcast for had the

the history books the people I think if
anybody out there is taking are all

orel history the Yahoo one this is the
one to point your friends to you when


things got more than real they they got

at they got on as they got got that
though and that’s why I would say that

is synonyms for real

yeah yeah things that only got real they
got other things that are

what real me invalid yeah salad things
got ballot her

a let’s get your last question okay a

sorted apropos and we need a

guy’s name Matthew McCullough a now a RT
is them

he is that good a prayer at the got a
rate I is a whose another guy those

nominated for an Oscar


Leo DiCaprio Leonardo di Caprio

rights so I was dating this smoke show
for a couple months

we were getting along really well and we
had a lot of an had a lot in common

the bad news hit when she went to a

got drunk and made out with some other

I broke up with her and have moved on
but I can’t help but thinking that maybe

I need to change my approach

I always nice and polite to girls but

things end up going wrong so my question
is do nice guys finish last

should I be disrespectful towards women

thanks always for keeping it real love

that the Macau today does Leo I’ll love
Leonardo DiCaprio

that it’s such a bad question are you
should I be a jerk

hand I no but is there something to that

I don’t think so you don’t think there’s
something to the fact that you can be so

nice that it’s borderline boring and
girls get disinterested in you

I guess I don’t think there’s ever
anything boring about being nice to


I maybe a bike you if thats all you are
in your not like

you’re not funny and interesting thats

you’re just like Borean nice that’s not
good but I don’t think it’s like being a

dick that makes people

attracted to you so what is it

a.m. just like being hot

but isn’t there something hot about

a little edgy mean maybe I S is

I mean it did it works differently for
everybody I don’t have any of that

wedding in I don’t have like edgy

in me she do you think that I am like
you think I have me miss the I think

part of your appeal is that you’re like
very open

about how dishonest you are alright and
I read like oh yeah I don’t treat people

nicely and I’ll that interesting that
century and like when

good when pic girls tell girls about
year like you like oh and girls try to

dissuade girls they like that only

drives them closer Tia yeah that’s true
so that I like many liberians are to me

being a scumbag

yes right they are not being super nice
and super polite

and you think that’s helpful I’m always
nice and polite so what is it

home just being high I think

like having nice lips I

you had a really cuz that the not being
cooler ideas such as it is having nice a

nice lips right like my features are
good and I yell

and I like and I’m and yet a cool name

and I’m I I would walk into a room and
people are like oh this guy’s

attractive and then the subway is like
owed you know he’s famous

yeah and then somebody else’s like yeah
actually is rich and bad news is that

that a row just like people to sort of a

and then system so then I’m in a room
and I’m

and then I am am attractive ray

rich good lifts a missile great lips and
then I have like a

and I’m just try me when I start talking
to people yanaev that confidence because

all the other stuff is correct as well

so what’s the question I

nice guys finish last year’s or
something to the fact that perhaps you

can be too nice

that borders on boring that allows

are causes ladies to not be interested
in you

yet another I guess is that like choose

ladies are going after yeah I mean on
one hand

its accurate to be like just be yourself
and you’ll attract the ladies

that are attracted to you so if you’re
super nice you’re going to attract a

super nice lady

who doesn’t want and even an iota love
bad guy in them

however I do think even be on that there
is something to do

and I might have I heard this before

where on like to

a I’d like not liking edginess to me and
I can come off as boring

and like that could lead to a people
being bored with me

I don’t you have a you yourself
specifically A&B my so you’re funny

though so thats

they they give you an edge right but
it’s not like

Yadana we don’t smoke cigarettes I don’t
smoke cigarettes our leather jackets

and against tattoos and motorcycles and
those are all the things it takes to be

cool yeah

at least in 1958 her a

but yeah I think EPA it dance it isn’t

terrible idea to be a little a a little
edgy in a little man

an I wanna say be mean reveille I don’t
think being hassled ever

ever good now i really dunno

I guess you could there’s that there’s
no reason to be

overly nice to someone if you don’t feel
like it’s suiting you aired

there’s a better your situate your
situation yeah to now

but at the same time I want to tell
somebody who’s super super nice to be

a little mean but what can they do to
make it not as boris did the

I it’s just be a little more aloof make
people feel like they have to work for

your affection

not be mean but just be like I’m
interested in a lot of things

and maybe not necessarily like MIA
gung-ho interested in you

being super nice because I think that’s
more which turns people away

less than my you not people just being
like really nice but as people

sorta being over interested cell like

just be silent for a little bit yeah

a quiet game yet don’t say anything

lewd you’re good at that are Bruder rude

rude I’ll be rude brewed now rude be

recruit you should Bieber always be

Thank You BB but what I mean I’m good at
that up getting not saying anything

I said about Leo DiCaprio’s get a
brooding I al-attiyah

but it’s also true like maybe States are

I don’t even know what I’m saying at
this point like I just I don’t wanna say

be meaner but at the same time

I feel like being too nice can be a bad

yeah is being be overly nice is not
necessarily good because it make it as a


kinda wish over a kind over ready with
be not as exciting

with hot is to be like unavailable I
find it like if I’m at a party i doing

who a lot better if I’m like events were

being a social butterfly like walk
around a lot the different conversations

and Mike I’m not really a

don’t have time for anybody area and
then I like

someone who’s seen you like bounce
around everywhere we like CB sit down to

just focus on them yet like

oh wow alright now i’d like I got his

write something that he was a hasn’t get
at given anybody at this place so far

race I think it’s more about that was
that are being made but

and more about being unavailable cuz
that’s hot there it is

okay say you said it for me so that I
didn’t have to say it at all

don’t be mean be here unavailable or

or seemingly disinterested gorges be
Leonardo DiCaprio I

is it too late to get their bitter lace
the less what I wanna say always the Leo

the BL DiCaprio

her delial dickey Brio

that’s right I throughway

lesser a year years a alright that’s

that’s officially our time artie said
where you can send emails to sign have

to say it again

I don’t say fiery show gmail dot com is
rarely mentioned at the break yeah we

don’t have told the senate the Sox
emissions there too

yeah even though they can yeah that
press dollars from Samuel gray and this

next one is from Audra Evans the name
sounds familiar I think we played a song

of hers before

but at this was also very good we act on

it’s a short week cook soul see y’all

cheers later well you’re money


she me


state yeah

I’m me and the


my show by

yeah I’m

yes I

J can


I you there

I time

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