Episode 69: Mom


In this episode we discuss dimes, mothers, and Dave Rosenberg.

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thusly I

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yeah but let’s as well let’s start the
end I was a

row things get really into the idea
right now

have by line to 3 for me

and then here to the show done

on but it’s not the one I’m

downs not be awful people

name pretending to be in that mind here
that every no

down a lot my

don’t need be wrong

the early I’m people session

he loves no them

can’t godless got using him

I you

hi hair

perfect song really

I loved it ballot told the story and it
was funny and it made me feel night

well hello Is this genre cuz I like that

but how do I listen to other songs like

I think it’s like a folksy pop

folksy pop was in pop was a spot yet as
a sketch it was that was upbeat

okay I wanna listen to what’s the most
famous on that sounds like that

armor this land is your land yet now

as the the third quiz as poppy is that
yet I was dead just more focused like

Simon and Garfunkel but I’ll yeah

garfunkel aren’t quite as folks live
that that well this guy’s name is

hey here at this whole email accompany
his song I like is gathered tear down I

got a place on with Anna song was so
good that I am like others guys actually

really good

yeah I’m gonna read his email for beta
whole pig their

roots he said my name is Sheridan Way ca
w/o IKEA

so if we use is the M’s on I love for
you to plug my band

the Sheraton why cuz and then I clicked
on the Sheraton awake us

and it takes me to a website called
sticker kids kitchen

so there’s a chance that the Sheraton
way cuz change their names to sticker

kids kitchen

which probably makes more sense because
sticker kids kitchen is much more fun

and cool to say

yeah than the share it in a way cuz it
away the sin is great

thank you share it and like a well that
there’s no more songs like that that

you become a stick integer getting

yeah but I don’t I don’t wanna learn new
songs I feel like I like the songs that

I know already know Macklemore

yeah it’s over though ever really have
already known

rap God and so like now I’ll just listen
to the rap got over and over

very at like I’ve Rd listen to all the
good songs right size have to listen to

them again

just yet fair enough yeah I don’t wanna
learn anything new that attitude song

lies I feel like I have peaked oh you
know I think there’s a sign

like and is it now

take late December and I should be back
at school

something like like Counting Crows no no
no no

i cum how are now you 88 Old Navy

I could in their dad and now they’re
back it had

how park now this is the most and
there’s he have ever done on a bike yes


a god you’re all all I

years so bad music shit why it was that

a you wanna look it up I’ll explain the
show yes I great hey this is a fiery you

the only advice podcast on the internet
hosted by us

al Amir own and looking at the time but
I’m day

yeah a cell how does it work people
email us

with the their a difficult little
questions they need advice

and so they come to us and the email us
in a fire you show at gmail dot com

we read these really emails from real
people and do our best

our darndest actually to advise them
added their sticky situations is Rod

Stewart Maggie May

lol Rod Stewart is really good you know
it’s on does set kinda sound reminds me

that gets me happy like that opening
theme song is

her that was a bad way to say it but a
someone like you

by Rod Stewart has only a someone like

makes it hard to live without somebody

else some wilmer Gill does one do that
makes it so easy I

et years her some other signs like this

for bucket pocket songs are good as our
China three like music and no we can’t

sing and her appreciate it we are like
old music that we can’t remember I

wonder what percentage of people
listening to this podcast are listening

to it for the first time

maybe it’s five percent maybe it’s 10
percent that a if you are here for the

first time

thanks for joining us we’ve open every
observer ever think

want people to know why not we should
starting now

I just tried to explain that every
episode start to the new brand new

themes on

that is submitted to us by our talented
fans and

yeah you can submit those yourself at a
same that’s a military show a gmail dot


now this easy this episode will be a
little bit different because it’s that

reason for questions together

we each chose to and we’re gonna read

back and forth and the other person’s
going here for the first time so I chose

to question JHS to questions and

we haven’t heard each others questions
here attract do you wanna start or

should I start

Obama I’ll else dire here you never read
questions all-star

here and now Elster pay now with urine
all start

huh get your day military diet pill

farkas I money what’s a good I’m

will do nineties Benz I’ll smash mouth
okay a

okay these are really miss real people
begin think names to preserve anonymity

so the persons name a smash-mouth
smashmouth rights hi

I was into every episode and wished I
had problems that equal those are the

people who write in

and I never really did until recently

I’ve started talking to two girls one

and absolute smoke cell 10 outta 10
perfect life I just a bit of

mmm not that is not nice there’s just
something about her personality I don’t

quite like

mmm then there’s as other amazing girl

tease probably a nine outta 10 and I
binder personality beautiful

I wanna get to know a better hopefully
start dating your but I just can’t get

outta my head this opportunity I have
with the 10 outta 10

yeah well i do tonight but the hotter
one just to get outta my system then get

with the nine out of 10

any advice would be brilliant smashmouth

cool I’ve never heard a question for the
first time on the show before

that was fun I so this guy’s

choosing between a diamond and nine a
dime in at nine

dime with the terrible personality not a
terrible but such as rhonda

done a bit of something a little bit of
the ad you find in this email the same

thing that I i

I butch was is that the overarching
sentiment at this guy can fuck at 10 and


its order the overarching sentiment a

a self-aggrandizing asshole which is a
10 likes me an anime likes baby I’m

gonna do hook up with the nine

but then I’ll never get this 10 outta my
head so you know I don’t

find that attractive personality wise oh
yeah i’d of

fucker it was because I can and then I’m

then I’m gonna go out with the nine
blowed seems like

he brings up an interesting point not
specifically this is scenario but

every time you always go for let’s say
the most attractive person right off the

back at the first thing you see with
them physically

and then you start taking away points
based on their personality

so this girl I mean a 10 and nine are so
similar it’s almost not worth it

even try to figure out the a specific
problem is in the eye of the bureau

I sometimes I have beer goggles on said
all the glory that I

a good night is a Tedder end to yeah it

it honestly does it even matter that’s
why I cleaned with radius

and I say calling because i’m talking
about. dimes nickels pennies and

n/a and quite understand the times as
they arrive at a court

a beer an active so blackout drunk

other buy beer goggles make me screw up
Buckingham buffalo nickel

with the buffalo nickel its

hit a low by had that looks like a guide
to be on a diet and

it the fire that resemble that god damn

that’s right now loca well fuck a girl
who looks like a buffalo bills player

actually a water buffalo as I yeah

much ugh water just like in a sober up
is not my cell promoting up with his

guide and nickel

this girl looks like I swear to God
Thurman Thomas with the way a good dream

Kelly without one jolly old Saint Nick

and Nicole she is that in Bearden I’m
not sure she’s a woman but I’ve had


ales in my body to decide that my
goggles are made a beer

and I think over to hook up with their
or him

have a I have beer goggles sell fake of
luck a bottling beer

I don’t even need a woman I will have
sex with the beer that a drink ugh I’m


Ono I can premature ejaculate into a
Heineken bottle

I put it in her high 80 I

have come goggles now their wayward

it makes every girl look like beer I am

where were we but what a shitty do

she hook up with this ten just to get
out of his system

me and then move on to a nine you know
it sure would be going to hook up with

the 10 and then and nine do that please
don’t you’re not you have any advice

that you need some a great diving

you can’t you can hook up with one
another and Senate bill he just wanted

to write this

email just like fucking show his problem
yeah the world

let’s talk about it in more state grant

how much a let’s say there was a 10 with
an awful personality

and a girl that you would team up five

you know I feel bad even ranking when it
was actually I would like to submit this

if you actually have feelings for these
beautiful 9

than likely there’s always gonna be tens
out there there’s always gonna be tens

is always gonna be 730 reporters
knocking down your door

you know I you just if you are feeling
something for this nine she’s beautiful

inside and out

then cut it off and just go and just
getting just fucker

yeah live in from I can’t really
separate act like hot ver

hot like a hot person with the terrible
personality is not attractive to me

0 yet no I don’t have that some people
some people can separate the personality

in the physicality

yes you can yeah course a hot terrible
person you can still be attracted to I

could be attracted to an ugly terrible

I I’ve dated them

what you did an ugly terrible of course

in the twenty I I

yours the years confess to me that you
have a urinary tract infection I do need

cranberry juice a

no it doesn’t go through and have UTI
yeah I can rages

your as so how do you had is that have
conscious thing that you can do like

others grasshopper terrible but let me
try to not think about that urs adjust

are not well as she’s Louise is the the
way your brain is wired to a girl is hot

a terrible than I’d like The Punisher by
fucking her

stabbing her with my knife tech I air

that workers in a the kurds yeah mind
that like your way back in her isn’t by


not like you at the girls hi for me have
my ways I like II

and magnetite yeah girls hopper terrible
unlike I’m

I wanna but you yeah I’m gonna make you
like me so much that you fuck me and

then I’m gonna leave

and then he then I’m terrible a I liked
out terrible people

I’ll sense see you wanna you wanna be
even more terrible than a terrible girl

yeah okay so why is that near you don’t
seem insecure

I maybe I’m afraid maybe I am in
securing maybe I’m just like

oh i buy it you know like it its it’s
like if I’m afraid have

are murderers but denies become a serial
killer I become the creepiest mother

fucker in the world then I’ll

people fear me I C so let’s have a fear

bees you should become a wasp well

IPO him the more terrible creature

away anglo-saxon Protestant that’s
exactly right

the air

all the sudden your name is Richard oh
my god I’m I’m I’m sprouting up plugins

slider very Richard Cooper nice to meet

is at a squash racket or are you just
happy to see me you know my my wife


hi dude lovely 20 daughters she loaned

I 100 I really terrible news today

yet suddenly I can’t differentiate
between my wife and daughters

i wud at every night when I was made at

my well I you know my wives

email eat my life take my while I’ve

she’ll um so did we answer this guy’s
question he’s a liar

yeah I will I think so my answer is
there like

you’re always going to be tempted by 10
dislike go with your heart right now

made it sound like your advice was I
just to fuck that if you can fuck it and

fuck it and yeah I mean I see it in a
compromise something with the nine

I mean if you can you should it’s your
right as a human being to

to have sex with the most attractive
person that you can

well what if she believed what at this
10 like so many is like oh I just wanna

fuck her and then like lever

I it’s your dirty and your your
complicate your situation

yeah but you can you sleep with someone

without leading them on as light yet
these lines are

a friend honest with both the girls and
that’s good yea say hey

you are so attractive I have never been
able to get someone as good looking as

you too

actually be interested in me I’m not
interested in your personality there’s

a9 down the road was a much better

thing going on however I would like to
tell them to know was only eat what the


alright here in 10 let me get there

Beach sorry I shouldn’t use that word
but crap

that really freakin hurt eight killed by

it hurt my soul actually I am

I lets a let me choose

the question that I A her

let me read the question that I chose I
should say nanette I might have

accidentally deleted it

that cool that’s bad chill that’s not

no she didn’t would like to read I got
it this one’s funny because

no tell me why well I have to explain a
little bit

so it’s a series of three emails let me
read the first one first gimme a 90’s

band to call this person

to you a sugar ray alright sugar ray

rights hey guys my friend has a friend
who won pretty attracted to

the worst slash funniest part is that
I’ve never met her I’ve seen on Facebook

and Instagram

and I’m sure she seen me too the only
time I’ll probably ever get a chance to

meter is that when my friends parties or
something and I don’t know if

or when he’ll invite her my question is
how should I go about meeting slash

talking to this smoke show

should I start following her Instagram
in messager should I talk to my friend

about it

I don’t think I should just hope to meet
her one day I

just I’ve never I’ve never really been
in this situation and I don’t know the

smoothest way to deal with it

thinks toda great show and then

I the next day he wrote the next day
here at erode a follow-up email to us

PS I would totally be down to have sex
with her

I then six days later he wrote another
follow-up to us

PPS I think I need to have sex with

I so keyboard more

day he read more yes I actually ended up
masturbating to you right now more than


I need to know what it feels like to
have sex with her

follow-up the fourth I can’t stop
thinking that I Swan slashing need to

bone there’s thrown but will

part 5 I am growing desperate I it turns

I did have sex with anything or anyone

all my friends friends are pretty
attractive do advise I’m begging you

it’s a despite the humor this guy

emailing as every three days with his
growing desperation

but I hope day is just like you know
what I

I need ads it there BP

PPPs I no longer give a shit so

I pppp you smell like PB

that was a bluff eyes still wants let’s
meet it

yeah %uh cell how well has this ever
happened to you

your your your scooters scooping around
somebody else’s facebooking like well

my friends friend is hot yeah I think
I’ve done that before

I would just at her as a friend and then
like message or something really you

would add a person you don’t know as a

I think so I I mean I wouldn’t do that
now but like when I was in

high school or college would imagine
this guy is

because the its so clueless yeah like
follow on Instagram do whatever I mean


your friends friend the stakes are so
low you wouldn’t ago the friend angle

the you like because he a hissing a need
to have sex with there’s a new Cingular

midwives that’s like

legit get it I guess he well this is
like this is

that idea that we had were you you get
you tell people had a message people

and then they would pay you to do that
because that your area of expertise this

is like for a free version of that right

I’m heading it message yeah call me text
K’naan with texting

I and actually just texted ya thang body
and she jumped up on a Mac

bank you texted might think the Nets
staying now

mother fucker I don’t know what you’re
talking about marketing I

middle about but yeah mayoral

back and I that the thing that we never
they’re owned by

is that at you only say that in the car
you’ve ever said

a IKEA a cool

fucker whenever I’m driving taken I
would doubt will often carpool together

places that however I Drive by

AL a move Bucher

other downs over moving by and get that
pic or like we’re at a red lei

where the president brought to me can’t
move legally fucker

I in balloon

biker and the way after

I I the alright so if you need to have
sex with their

that it does not that changes the game a
little bit if yes then to be just wanna

stay late means whatever

yeah cuz I think you should %uh I think
people should speak you know

tusla season 2 into their fertile garden
beds and see what grows

yes he would hold harrod’s funny guy and
like let’s talk to you you nunu and Leah

they may be talking to him him him him

and just like another that really
matters especially when will I talk

about Facebook Instagram in Mike

by its already drink at a bar that like
low barrier to entry

dating is easy simple harmless stupid
fine okay

now you wanna I play you can do that
with everyone is an instructional video

so you’ve decided to have sex

big volume 2 up see you so you’ve
decided to have sex with a specific


a now you’re getting invested now you
can be disappointed

it’s a little dangerous on so I think
which I would do is just

it you wanna max don’t minimize
rejection okay

meeting with so messaging her and be
like hi my name’s John

or whatever his name is sugar ray do you
want to get a drink sometime that she

says no you’re like okay fuckin crushed

see you do have to talk to the friend
don’t it don’t be a passive weirdo and


follower on Instagram right talk to the
friend have a party invite her over and

go up

and talk to her and just be charming do

outwardly be like I’m trying to fuck you
right just

you let her wanna fuck you and then you
reciprocate always

meet her feelings matcher feelings and
then you

good a little bit and see what happens
but always be ready to just

poll banded by a get out so then she’s
not like oh that guy was desperate just

like oh that I thought the guy wanted
that may be the minute now is go I was

up talk to somebody else okay

well okay here well here’s my question
okay I

and our sugar I’m sure you note the I

follows China visualize thing on a

live obviously a sudden there that’s a
problem that’s not a good thing to do

but years but here /a /p

jérémie Cir hack

you are at 100

okay I was born 21 enough to try I and

wind yeah and then on the other side %uh
this spectrum

is the girl at -100 aka that those are
strangers your 200 apart

meeting in the middle is boning oca so

you wanna go let’s say to like ninety

and then see if she goes to her -90 or
she has to go to her like -85 a little

further 0

and then you move a little bit closer to
zero or do you wanna like go to like 50

and see if she goes like 25 and the like
sort of pull her closer

it you got it depends but like it if you

I think you start going like 92-85 me
and you just won her you don’t you don’t

either to me to just you just won her
meal the move

also like it registers a little bit you
like I’ll it you

if you’re 85 and she goes to 98 I like
okay out on 85

started by 85 I creeping up nearly all
what’s up in about again

like old about tiananmen 85 you like 70
she’s really appreciate that

and go back to nineteen illegally 88 8

eightieth one III 80 80 80 actually okok
85 nearly

50 huge that will wait a second but

before she knows it but could 65 to 350

and then you like baby Uncle Jack
tonight with the like you do in order to

get the other your dad is right

it si se kaha you brought me here

II of IGT 7d and then you’re like all
your it separately will look but

corrupted 0

of my pants are all my galloping
whoever’s neary

only share he said this guy’s a creep in
she walks away

those beautiful thank you it as a
perfect combination have your

sexual expertise in media my love

hey so we’re both good at things I’m
good did a

Cal anything in your get it had a police
and purple

keeping the idea how long the party
Alana make sure you don’t be can you

talk about how to have sex with people
sex is good

I’ll tell you how to do it that’s the
tagline to the let’s say that we will

delete extra people

sex is good I’ll tell you how to do it

I ex-gang dot com that as a no load gas
and nobody King

head pack staying know then had

hair um alright

a to I was my turn yeah it’s gets

its do one more for you okay

and oh I was just looking at all there’s
that I’m not lol

that I could remember before a EU me you
what you wanna do

I at the yeah I could stay with you

for a while how any longer help ensure

I don’t like that you know it’s on but
yeah I know

who sings it leonard Skynyrd a shit

weapon of gonna he did all the bad bar
that any of the actual learning

I looked at my life dude

alright alright me why be a text King

we need to be a text got well don’t
think about that

really really hi

I’ll some love them into that being said
text king and text got a bill taken

alright I’ll be built this I will have
to think of a new name that’s right

and I was the K who is the god tell

I’m the judge the jury and the
executioner alright

this is this comes from the

Weezer Weezer Weezer writes dear Jake
and Amir

I N in quite the conundrum all my
friends are very good friends

with my mother they all think that she’s
funny and great

bon which is around them she’s really
nice and cool

when they’re not around however she’s a
real it sees a rude P

a.m. I

the when they’re not around however she
the roof

I I love God sent she’s a rude bitch to
me all the time

I in then cheese bread with all my
friends she knows a lot about me just

from story then she gives me shit about
things they did in the past but I’m not

proud of all the time

and she uses these stories to berate me
hurt me ok but the

fucking bashes the received don’t get me
wrong though I wanna have a good

relationship with my mother

just heard when with her you your
position with my friends in order to

hurt me

yeah occur either fix my relationship
with my mom

or get all my friends to hater I

thanks Weezer appeared to apply to
imagine like his mom sitting around with

his kids friends they’re all playing
poker like this kid just like

nervously shifting is seeing all of his
friends I gladly tell missus Delhi year

the funny is like I we’re gonna go into
that but I guys

she slams the door turns around looks at
her son’s like now you’re far

should now you’re really but I later
learned already

if you get ready to see this rude

free a

yeah fascist yeah this is the regime

Evan regime good I’m stuck in there is
even for this

a like god that’s so funny when an
amazing mother

she’s a rude bitch to me all the time I

you that right here that’s right your
friends like you so much

a will my initial reaction was that like
maybe about

not a rude bitch to you all the time and
you just are like going into this with a

negative at the attic one of those
things are like your parents go to

school and they’re like I I left like

unless some whatever buyer well I left a

but I’ll give your line she left a book
at home and then everyone thinks it’s


and then you’re like a cheeses mom leave
me alone you’re such a room

texted me the why’d you give me like you

bad-faith year after freakin talk to me
at school

are on your the ugliest weirdest mom and
everyone makes clear to me now

blurry yet but I i animal-related as
collateral ways had the best mom ever

I love by mom yeah mom

if you’re listening and I know you are
because you support the fuckin shit

outta me I love you

you the best you are a queen princess

God devil worshipping bitch I love it

you are a beast with your mother bucking

bees there was one thing he said that
sell or should be yeah

yeah either honestly it’s snuck into
that is trying to come up with as many

adjectives like erred in

and one time I caught my mom pregnant
with a second and I love your money

yard a bath you’re the best

that being said at one point I did go
into your room see you john black paint

on the wall your eyes rolled back

way to the back in your head I could see
optic nerve creeping out from under your


swearing yelling swearing in Latin my
momma performed an exorcism

on me when I was three it didn’t care
did indeed you did raise the little

devil didn’t you mami

you raise the little devil and now it’s

my purpose my my lot like this spread
that that curse I am in negative

cancer on Diana the on bad to people and
you raised me and supported me in you

let me exist in this world through even
though you’re a brilliant beautiful

amazing woman

you worship the devil because the devil
is me

yeah I Wow hold

yet helpers so

real we all we often joke about things
becoming real that that got

and I usually finally arrived I feel and
reels bill USA

month Hui so can we actually give this
kid advice what is there to do other

than talk to his mother about a

or keep your friends away from your mom
it’s not hard years don’t invite your

friends over to go to their house

yeah go to their house that way keep
your friends away from your mom to Mom

away from the stories and keeps your mom
for being such a real be

also just try to try to come at this
from a place in appreciation for your

mind because I bet a lot about your
other friends don’t have like awesome

parents liked you

they get along with them so just like
embrace it to your mom like you would

with your buddies and its kinda cool you
might have like a nice casual

fun relationship with your mom like I
have my mom I love you mom

you’re the best mom in the whole world

la a RA

ok that’s it a move on I really kissed
her goodbye

that the question is over I love her I
think it’s time for its time for a break

a great we need to take a little respite
yes the

we have live shows coming up but you
know we always talk about that

a I thought it’d be fun to talk it read
this email that we got

after the Dave Rosenberg episode aired

dave was such a hit such a hero such a
cool on our show that a

emails to our account started flooding

and this one is probably the best one
we’ve ever gotten

and how to be fun to read it pray tell
it’s called

David Rosenberg story so enticing

hey guys I just listen to the howdy
episode with Dave Rosenberg I thought

I’d tell you a quick story about him
that I think

illustrates one instance up his game
pretty well

basically after your show in Philly my
friend and I ran into a mere and Dave on

the street

other both love you guys and Streeter
had a cold

Dave wanted to come meet us out at a bar
after hanging at our favorite

outdoor patio bar with day for a bit
learning more about my favorite website

College Humor

Dave and I went inside to look for some
girls approaching girls at a bar is one

of my least favorite things to do

so I was glad Dave took the lead and
this is what he did

for stuff he took off his hat so all the
checks could admire his flow

secondly as we were on the side of the
bar scoping the scene he catches the eye

love a girl by the bar who was doing
some dancing

no words necessary he kinda imitator
moves in a funny way

and next thing I know the two are
grinding up on each other tongues down


him at this point I’m pumped dave is
getting it on but I don’t want to just

stand there awkwardly while he dances
with some girl

however as I start walking away Dave
waves me back over

and we talk to this girl and her friends
for a bit as the bar starts to close 10

minutes later I get one of the girls

and and my night to head home I think

took the dancing girl back to his hotel
but I’m really curious how that story

ended up

that he licked the fall trail to her
belly button as for me

I ended up having a steady hook up for
the next few months with the hottest

girl I’ve ever been with all thanks to

hero I

lol not a he did he

be won the game if there is such a thing
as the game

he came over danced with a girl without
speaking term a doubt whether a just as

a kid is like

our man I’ll never be as cool as Davy I
goes to lock away

and days like no you know at tonight’s
about Bros 2

call to go back we hang out with their
spread her friends

and this guy ends up looking up with
their friends for several months to come

dad goes oMG I

was wearing a sees the cheese t-shirt
yeah but he was bugging

jacked so but he was really were the
first people I get a girls number while

in a season

I CNN center as these the tease

a yes as the that’s a great Dave
Rosenberg story

that amazing also weekend verify that he
fuck that girl yeah hotel

up at 8:30 a.m. and got a cheesesteak I

it dates so poorly on that tour I never
saw him in the morning without

either a cheesesteak or a McDonald’s
cheeseburger this is always before 10


yeah your big mac I Hewitt of menu

a lot of this stuff isn’t even offered
yet but he’s so tall and handsome that

you got it done

I’m really excited to go we’re going
back on tour with Dave that the at April

26 7th and 8th I think

there’s a twenty fourth fifth and sixth
24th their fifth and sex

had a little better day off I’m bad at
this yeah over gonna be in Seattle

Portland and San Francisco

we’re gonna be with Dave so come to the
shelter got arrested for him

for real for real if you don’t know
where the shows are yet I’m sure you’ll

be inundated with information all over
our website as soon as we get it

but a I don’t know if any thing has been
officially announced a release to

anything like that

a so stay tuned for that stay tuned for
more great day rosenberg story we should

also record a podcast maybe like

once or twice a day on the road yeah be
great a.m.

where more stories will be had do you
want to read care

I let me read while my last question its
actually oddly in the same vein as your

last question

interesting so kinda worked out that way

I need a any to any to any the

guidelines their headline rates

my mom is really embarrassing on
Facebook every time I post something she

comments at least once

and it’s either a dumb joke her her over
praising me

and tagged aunts and uncles which cuz
they have to come and leave equally

embarrassing comments

yesterday posted a video of me solving a
Rubik’s cube in after my mom left three

paragraphs long comments and later went
to my school friends made fun of her

yes but had to take it down before she
could see it

and get hurt feelings hurt she’s
sensitive about that kinda

how can I ask you to cool it on facebook
without hurting her feelings

I still live with her and will until
August thanks guys sorry if this sounds

like a douche a teenager that a
rationally hates his mom

which the first one dead you this guy
sounds like a little bit

more legit act like that solution though
that is not post on Facebook

yeah but thats hard to do if you wanna
post a video where you were supposed to

but as video his Rubik’s Cube used art

can you disable comments I don’t think
so you can delete comments you could

delete your moms coming

yeah but that’s that’s basically going
behind her back and delete comments

could even friend ur nom I would also
hurt her feelings you know you can do is

blame it on your friends

black mom my friends are like being such

assholes every time you comment
something amazing and cool like that


but the jewel heat then she’ll hate the
friends like ok you’re right they suck

just mean you whenever you have the
whole day ever

hmm a but is it better for her to hit
the friends then for your day

his or her own son until you’ve got to
be a prospect mom I love you I love that

you come in you so supportive but like

we you need to just like Tony back a
little bit

just a little bit leave one paragraph
long comment yet that’s all you need you


yet or not multiple paragraphs right
this happens to a lot of people and our


the mom just not necessary paragraph
long but like bill

like every single thing yeah comment on
every single thing

every bit as embarrassed adding it’s
like it’s not actually embarrassing

I really I want them his profile and
Mike there was three comments from their

mom I would make fun of them

right but actually embarrassing areas
like have actual honors thing

you think it’s embarrassing for the cat
like the kid should be ashamed of

another kid should be ashamed himself
but I think it’s like I do find it


right yet still on ease up nobody was be
the butt of jokes

but unlike oh your mom comment five
times on your Facebook status to be a

shut up

yeah like he added a mom like 1 comment:

that again real or just like it or
message me about it

tough love yeah he’s gotta use gotta be
afraid it will hurt your feelings but


ultimately that’s why the better
relationship because you will resent

each other

yeah that’s nice advice or like

you do what I do and I just rolled my
mom’s Facebook wall I come in on her

wall all the time

I she’ll get the new a baby and paste

yeah you like would pose like you just
read a message on her wall outta the

blue being like

hey who do you love the most me or my
cat was your favorite son

that you’re planted a comment like a
still no word from mommy about this


I started think it’s Micah yeah an AO
platter that comment and I tag my

sisters in it

yeah as can you believe this I

are you believe in what you’re not
reading yeah a that’s funny troll hurt

from her fall

in response see how she likes it perfect
take that mom

forget you will from mother I write as a
spare a special mom themed

a episode towards the end there have
said 69 perfect for mothers day

um cell the end the end

to but thank you guys for listening to
this show we are here every single

Monday literally every single Monday it
was the more shares at a fire you show

dot com

it’s a mere own questions at a fire you
show at gmail dot com

and you can also submit the in songs to
that same email address that first one

was from Sheridan like a

the Sheraton way cuz dot com and his
last one is from

a guy named Hampus ability Swedish

and I believe he has a band to called
the ticket people

the ticket people so yeah thanks for
listening everybody

all Sienna week well not really seal sir
just hear us in a week right

but still we’ll see you will hear her
hair in a week

in a week it am I read and to start some

seen in the area and is being removed me

yes the reunion there do

the the way my Hindu


humiliating that by doing it



human they

the moment for you I

me know the old-line the way do pool


the the mind

the in

in my head the one with the name


she learned


the knee

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