Episode 7: YouTube


In this episode we discuss being a teenager, ducks, and whether or not you should YouTube that shit.

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jerks back we started from the bottom in
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up a so how it works as we get

real emails from real people about

you know they’re just sticky difficult
conundrum nickel situations

country could turn on Google can your I

no definitely not isles that kind &
Rubber Co come and Rob Nicol

situations and the offer up

advice often um incorrect advice but

you know at the very least we’re honest
with ourselves we’re trying you really

of all this for trying all my god how
are you pissed at us I’d love I

always get a great the audience I and

say yet we get those emails are
submitted to us

on are email which is like I said before
if I were you show at gmail dot com

please if you are in any difficult

email it in where have an amazing time I
checked that email more than my actual

email cuz it’s more entertaining

through what what’s gone within my
actual email my me down here your

president ready in touch with you for a
very long time yeah

only if they can get it such as they
would listen to the show and then right

into a fiery show there it is my son
won’t return any my okay

so let’s give the address and anonymous

make up a name will call and was

is Girone B hurts too obvious

dad Blumenfeld I am

yeah a did I forget to mention anything

um I don’t think so so with possibility
that I’m also forgetting to mention


10 let’s get into it yeah let’s operate
in I

as always will we’ll never say your real
name we’re gonna make up a fake name to

this really email

and will call this person homer homer

homer rights so my girlfriend adjust
over a year went to Israel on a church


and upon her return told me that she
jerked off a 33-year-old Mary dude

I love her and I want to let it slide
but I don’t want to seem weak

so do I and it or try to forgive and
move on

Wow of she came back from Israel I was
just like

just straight up told The although the
back straightaway

it’s very specific was a very specific

hey homer um allergy

I jerked off a 33-year-old Mary always

I know I just as you have a home is was
it drop in that

well I love you like I love her yeah

like the first part of his email should
I you know

you should right but she went away

a broke up your relationship and maybe a

the city let it slide he doesn’t wanna
see week

who are weak I

I don’t let but let it slide much like
my girlfriend hand up and down the shaft

I the a man with the breaking a wedding
ring on it and

I mean o’leary’s she did this guy even
on the older and married dude

with with this may reduce even on this
church chip

oh my guide look at by the way the all
the neighbors god do

gathers it there’s a level irony here
that they’re on a church trip

I assume this church preaches a against

enough sure for the to convince them to
go to israel together and then they’re

just like we like the church but at the
same time

I’m gonna get this guy handy like this

more than that sir check look

no mercy what you never hear about a
girl cheating on a guy

with just a handjob yeah just a handjob
so clinical

I think like you given the circumstances
I you’ll never be able to forget this

you’ll never believe the lake

move on from you maybe she like

stick oh I hooked up with a guy on the
trip you know i i don’t wanna know

anything just like

with it was in israel you know your your
missus said

you when I needed adventure you know
very religious spiritual place in the

the power of God move you I and II

I he feels remorse so you know you take
your back with you like

you know too many details you know every
detail flight

just you to be at the movies you hold
your hand you like own notices

the masturbate a arab guy well we were

that size is there there’s a 50 percent
chance to use the other hand to the head

through that

a with urea is a question would you
rather your girlfriend tell you that

a she made out with another guy or

just jerked off another guy no kissing

worse think

all kisses were intimate soared above

an exchange of fluids I mean met jerky
somebody of its just like

but it’s actually arises I mean I think
it’s ok foul

that like I view more bad about that
like this some kinda you’re like

animalistic thing like some do just like

got gratification from my girlfriend
like no that’s not fair that allowed

that’s my girlfriend’s hand elite your
girlfriend you like put up with

you know like the highs and lows like
everything you’ve ever when she sat you

therefore when she’s sick you

you care about her hopes and dreams and
then just sums married stranger on a bus


commoner hand I she gave him the highs
and the lows

I don’t think it’s fair I my advice is

break up with her and next go the tooth
on you find out no details at all

you like while I cuz I know if you like
people messed up in

you wanna like move obligate the way to
do it is not by knowing every single


that’s so funny to tell a guy that you
jerked off the 33-year-old very good

even the I does go the city why did you
tell them I love the detail that

if you like you know what happened you
should say it’s not important don’t be


a jerk top this guy who was the some
married dude

I didn’t save it was on a buscar they
just picture it happening on the bus

yeah that’s so weird al’s imagine a bus
but it does not mention buzz that

although it’s so weird

I would love it cuz I you us sir homer
use clearly got a lot of the deets

email us let us know that was on a bus
at the very least outlets where this was

I want to see if I miss you too affect
you like some perverted game love

clearly one hour this took place with my
girlfriend on a bus with their hands

so would you say I Reil you would break
up with this girl

yes because a you now what if it was
just squeezing

not even a jerking off motion she is
leave his balls

I Nokia them I don’t know if I find
screen that’s why I guess like

I’m squeeze the fees is cleaved I would
like to thank to know like

what made her do it miss you might do it

he alerted Rohan if I were you I’d break
up with their buttons I’m not you I was

the guy on the bus

ok yeah that’s right I’m 33 people 33
happily married and I gave him the


but what would you do and you break it
yeah I would break up with someone that

you know jerk someone else up that says
the weird thing to do in general

I think the kissing is almost like on me
I was like in the moment staring this

person’s eyes were in the

like and the Holy Land fear you gorgeous

but like jerking somebody always such a
a commitment you know you like

you have to grab it make it harder than
it is like you know

knowing how do you know that right for
those the as you don’t know that’s good

advice on how do I

how to use a hand job I a good hand

a good to cheat on your boyfriend

alright so homer break up with Marge yes

now let’s get a new question this one

really now real person fake name
forgiven the name part

Bart but writes he won’t come up with
that the with the game for that

threats Matt green eggs family members I

hey I’m a sophomore in high school and
I’m leaving on a really long trip

I usually shave with an electric razor
but it’s broken

my dad is never hard to teach me how to
shape should I wait for him to teach me

or should I just to YouTube that shit

old mill a buyer its though

a it your with

protecting himself to YouTube that shit

my death not there for me

okay I’ll mild man sorting neglected to
YouTube shit

I learned how to tie a tie I like that
brought the key to be but he’s always


just YouTube that shit lied to i still
in the

backyard have our house for two and a
half hours it does in a baseball into my

own glove

to YouTube that shit ovoid

is also funny cuz I can’t imagine
because a lot of Asia where like this is

the big issues

like a but as gonna teach me to shave 08

know it up maybe I’ll YouTube that speed

you a the question should I

YouTube the shitter wait for my dad to
be there for me it’s their way for him

to teach me or should I use

it does cuz I he told me he was going to
the store ten years ago

%uh he I have entered berlin song
started I’m debating

whether or not to start youtubing she at
so many the teach me how to be a man

and ID they gonna be my father YouTube

should I set my mom up on a date you
know helper find love again urs said I

to should i jus YouTube that shit

is dad is that is off %uh getting a

in Israel on a bus right now is that is

I um cheeses

with the bush this I guess you to visit

you dad is that going vote more than
anything I’m sorry about your

relationship with your father

and I don’t even know if I’ll ever have
a good a a good father further

figure in my life already have an older
brother so should I

Yahoo gonna teach me how to be a better
person or a

today YouTube I wanted every women
rights or do you know

be the man of the house but a I don’t
know my guys kinda

socks cuz he’s never around and
certification YouTube shit

a few are about to sit on you do but I

a I think I’m ready to be it the dad my
dad never was to me

should be a sad YouTube channel its like
dat is not here

tooth does all the things like you know
had a hammer and nail everything you

that supposed to teach you

and then never tell me that YouTube that

I YouTube that shit together I guess
another what are the options is to just

buy a new electric razor

right not just going on a long trip

I mean age like the their EE like
undertones in this question that we do

it we don’t need to talk to you about

K I I look to you your dad

if he’s a busy guy size it is not CD had
to shave

I YouTube the shit your light you that
your YouTube your own man

YouTube send this kid like a football in
the mail on his birthday

think it was that was there there

so thin ice the advices by a new razor

then YouTube that shit yeah hair my
advice is always YouTube that shit

you do that shit her my to you now do

sea view this is the 1st time listening
you just don’t get the okay to go

do you then they’d turn this shit off
right now

don’t do me %uh yeah favor okay just
turn it off

thank you think you could buy right

a we asked a couple weeks ago for people

submit questions not only via email
which have been coming in have been

doing great but also

if you could record it now be even extra
day because then we can hear the

person’s voice and I just add another
dimension to the question itself

yet almost like we’re taking alive call
that’s right which is

in turn is closer to our goal of having
a live radio Colin show

this one comes from a teenager named

we really like this question so you want
to play here you go

this is Lisa hi Jake and Amir on I am

while you can call with everyone but I
am a teenager

living in Washington DC and basically

my problem is that I’m pretty unsocial

I’m pretty unpopular and

all Sam I just don’t have interested in
talking to people

and they don’t really have ton of
friends outside in my little group

and all hang out with anyone after
school which I feel like is something

that’s part of being a teenager or
something I’ll

so basically i was just wondering if you
guys have any tips for like

isn’t generating more social and how
would you recommend going about this

with your experience being a teenager
since I’m kinda stuck in that looked at

thank you oh my god does not break your
freakin hard lisa

I’ll be your best friend all these your
door yeah

you Lisa sounds like the coolest thing
is right now yes she is so mature an


she does have a small group of friends
which is great yeah launching are those

girls and guys up to school you know

the thing is your lost right now you
don’t know what to do but just the fact

that you’re aware enough to say that

oh you’re on sociable and 0 you don’t
know how teenagers supposed to act

like that mean that already puts you in
the top one percent of cool teenagers

growth figures out how air yeah most
teenagers right now

would never even know how to you know do
any of the stuff that you just did CRT

much cooler than a bike to the people
that year

afraid to talk to you but you shouldn’t
be afraid to talk to them

that’s correct cuz you know what

they won’t accept you I no

then a alright hi you know you

it’s so easy to like there’s as remember
when I was in high school like

I would do the same exact thing I come
home after school dychtwald

no let’s hang out with me but thats
that’s not true

so many kids in your high school right
now are at home be like I wish I was

doing something after school today

right and you have you know that in
common I think the most important thing

the desire

to me people be friends and have fun
that’s right

and you know it’s hard to like here they
like ol it’ll be better when you get

older because you know

you wanna fix this problem now but like
the fact that you and you sound like

such a cool

teenage lady already that maybe there’s
other cool teenage ladies

that you haven’t even tried to talk to
yet because you’re afraid

the maybe if you just took that effort
or took that’s my little rest you can

find someone that you do want to hang
out with

and you know it doesn’t take a lot of
people like you can have a group like

two or three friends they are really
close with and that’s

thats hors d’oeuvres will get you yeah
that’s all you need you only need one

shoot yeah for it to to is like you have
too many then yeah

decide who I hang out with an ex we
going to be email yesterday I have too

many friends

ok highlights for help this loser and
they’ll be a away leases going to me

like to be given advice but if we can
help at all

like I don’t know if mean Jake are at

%uh known around your school or anything
like that but like

if you need like a video from us or

like a a picture from us drilling unda

we like will say where your cousins you
notice the 800 I know these guys they’re

out there my cousins yet we would even
say cousins will say like your best

friends cuz cousins are like you know
you like for staying be your cousin were

gonna be like

Lisa yeah that’s our girl she’s the
coolest girl that I and L

you should hang out with their two you
know we won’t even be lying

that’s right because as a right now you
are the coolest teenager we now

sad as that sounds Lisa so email us the
CMOS again if you have any favors we

could possibly do

we will totally help you out thanks for
because you know what

you you wrote the first you record the
first audio question

for a pretty cool podcast herself yeah

now it’s bill us up you know what at
least a year cool in all

blower the best her and I mean how cool
is it that Munim your are giving you

validation right now

cuz they mean you’re pretty neat but
obviously cool

where the ship you’re lucky we don’t go
to your house well because then you

wouldn’t be the coolest in there

so in summation Lisa we love you and we
can help me out just a

even more if you wanna email us we’ll do
literally whatever you want what

cut your high school where your biggest
fan yeah exactly

will come to your high school and give
you a piggyback ride every single class

we get arrested I for even saying that

knock at the door right now only said
are you kidding all your

we’re doing so the old three-strike rule

you’ve offered to many pay you back to
teenagers a bizarre blue pearl

cat that I don’t even know that there
are those guys in jail we ought to tell

you to YouTube that shit

I a alright

but the move on to the next question
been on

this one is from millhouse who

a mere Jake by the way just a quick
reminder the email again as if I were

you show

at gmail dot com is in the body of his
email I C yeah

if is really helpful I thought millhouse

I was asked to be a groomsmen for a guy
I wouldn’t even consider being close

friends with

him and I’ve probably interacted enough
to be considered acquaintances

so believe me when I say I was caught
off guard I’m honored but I don’t feel

like I’d be his best choice

I’ve been a gruesome double for for my
best friend and was ready to take on the


but I don’t feel the same way with this
guy what’s the best way to turn him down

oh my god it’s so sad there’s nothing
sadder than asking a guy you don’t

really know to be your groomsmen

yeah we could just home I annually let’s

come over let’s get a beer sometime you
know what I early

at sure you want to be a jaundiced
emphasize me beside me at my wedding

are I’ll I’ll way sorry woody I wouldn’t
even get a beer with you what he said

was gonna say no to beer

at now you’re a I yeah I guess I’ll come
to your wedding that’s where they are

you not come to the wedding its

its be in the wedding party I want you
there when I commit to my soulmate

fraternity yeah seizes it’s actually
really important to me

me you okay how I what’s your last name
because I

I’m just a very good acquaintance
viewers it’s so weird

actively the sport the poor group
doesn’t have any

any real friends at all who is getting
married says got one

yeah matches like talking to his wife is
like a hour

sick I have like have like a lot I
really good friends i’d like five to six

bridesmaids you think I’ll go problem
yeah know all

I’m like really popular so I got Brooke

well like say who’s like who is going to
be a like best okay well yeah

%uh my brother yeah okay and I like is
going to be like the creams okay

on well I would love this guy from work

a Roger you know is there’s millhouse I

so I might as Kid way way you like now
from where I like your lawyer your

like friends like I just i’ve seen him a
couple times at work and I think he’s


okay yes so %uh so that’s to write up

that album I like racked my brain other
storms a brain to come up with a

you more and if you wanna like drop on
your bridesmaid that actually BDO

yak is then it then at that point I can
pick one up and called her one of my


because honestly I think miller’s is
gonna give me the big nooo

I you could say know it to something
like this

but also was a groomsman have to do at a
wedding not its best man

like plans definitely gives a speech in
all that yeah but it is weird to be part

of it like standing up

being part of a wedding then you’re
right you’re not here like your your


waves parents like shaking your head

how my involved in that his those or a
bad dream I play

you’re standing up there you walk down
the aisle with wanted with the bride’s

cousins are sisters or friends that
pretty insane

pretty intense should I like make new
best friends are a great table 1

you don’t know that guy your table 1 and
you don’t

you barely know that guy and everybody
else you know even less

cuz like it easier quincy devil have met
his family Ono

man I could you could earn what mean

so you can go to the wedding go do what
you want you trying to go the wedding I

said what’s the best way to turn down
like entirely you want to go to the

weather here

so you’re busy %uh that’s good but what
it’s like the weddings like August 23rd

2014 will you have them dude arch

white I thought you said Aug is 20sec

a bid a I do you know my schedule or
casual acquaintances lay off me I said


yeah I’ve heard she’s I don’t know it’s
weird because I B

on it to be like I United don’t know you
that well I think I feel kinda weird

I think you that you’re always like that
you like you’re not acquainted any more

than you just like your you know we’ll

be friends but that’s fine probably to
rate yeah

this guy clearly doesn’t give a crap
about as close acquaintance try anything

you like in a Queens mind if they were
like for you

I would probs if I were you I’d like he
was so funny that I would do it

raised here would you think the
equivalent for you would be

and quite an acquaintance that we’d be
like what you want me to be in your

wedding party

um while like I feel kinda bad maybe
somebody a

allowed right now that I considered
secretly filmed because nothing like

what the fuck they’re close enough that
you’d listening to this podcast

yeah I think I’ll probably like cheese

my buddies roomie take I pics is losing

sorry we hang out a lot I would call
your friend really

and fact I’ve got you my best friend and
I’ve best man

will you marry me I I don’t know how to
get gay married but perhaps we can you

do that shit together for all eternity

you do that you do that shit is the new
season achieve

I am yeah so I guess the best way to say
oh here’s a good one

lotta weddings fall on the same days
because there’s only so many Saturdays

in the summer during the year

the easily could say my cousin my
brother my uncle

ray might closer friend actually a
closer friend than you if you can

imagine that sir

a.m. and we’re getting he’s getting
married cell

you know I guess unfortunately I won’t
be able to attend yours I B

I wonder is that her accurately that
getting to Queens as babies is like RTS

a lot of people

up a paltry is getting 10 knows

I it’s between are you being a girl has
been and I guess we killing myself

because I have no friends

do I was trying to get married so I can
get a hand job out of the closet Israel

that tire that’s how you get six was a
married guy accepting just like a


are if you’re 33 isn’t a hand job just
like getting

specifically backwards to so I have not
thought about everything else aside from

brother married pain is being struck by
well I can only imagine is a teenager

well i guys you like haunted Israel and

church trip and the kid is like do I
break up with a girl like I agree with

any of the

you know no obviously you do if

if that happens when you’re younger like
when should happen the relationship do I


I don’t dislike my like and purrs
relationship does this mean we break up

ray I would like when I was in high
schools like a week but that means that

I think that means we’re gonna break up
now is that a breakup thing I don’t know

how to search it somebody that does that
break up with me yeah I don’t know

and you gotta you got to decide what
your what your threshold as unique as

you get older

I draw the line right before JL on a bus

right we’ve got to come but yeah review

i am. say a lot as love the group’s
apply to the group get outta the way

that allows you that’s it I feel bad for
this girl

asking a god damn acquaintance

it’s funny how late were going back like
with the

with Lisa Raitt yeah least they were

yeah really get your friends you the
best you’re so cool in this group was

like I need bread to be my

my agrees that a and you were like you

live alone get outta bed say he’s a

what do we do early or not they

it is we just decide who’s good and bad
but when you’re a teenager it’s okay to


you know lost confused the low not
knowing quite how the world works yet

that complain you’re going to have your
list to get it yeah but then you’re


your past that age you should have
friends by now if you down

don’t ask acquaintance dopey put people
into that she’s just the register

you you selfish ass at funny he’s trying
to get his wife to a low

I kinda like big be a little really

let’s just get away just does all you
have it all my friends and all your


I know I R breadth rate all about

but wouldn’t it be romantic to our just
for can get away with that

to meet let’s let’s make this weird sexy
Pachauri just don’t have any friends to


yes get married into me I don’t need a

here’s the fuckin the the courthouse and

shit won’t millhouse be a offended I
mean he’s our best friend is still


you really think you well I bet his
weird twisted

brainy ping 3 probably only interacted I

later to Queens is urs said lol I do

billowed dumb way red a bit caught him
off guard and I actually hate me allows

forget him he’s never gonna be a good
bit but the low

mercy poor guy here

seriously they Lisa email us we want to

I I alright let’s get to you

try to squeeze in one last question this
was a funny question may not have a lot

of money advice but i just want to read

had a title hash tag Mallard problems

so you know it’s good welcome to I’ll
call this guy

Gill tere mere jake has handed out my
friend in the park

we’re playing frisbee and generally
having a good time suddenly

a small brace have ducks walked out of
the woods and into the clearing we ran

my friend took off in a sprint after the
poor birds and chased them until he had

narrowed down one

after about 20 minutes a chasing the doc
it was too tired to run anymore

it eventually collapsed onto the ground
and upon further investigation

he died I don’t know if he had a heart
attack or something but

it was dead we left the lifeless Mallard
in the field and went home right away

it’s been a few days and he keeps
bringing up the doc

kids in school now think were both duh
killers but I don’t even like to think

about it

if it goes on like this I don’t know
what I’ll do what should I do to feel

better about the situation without
looking like a quack

this is amazing I just love public

he’s at mallard ducks birds so what Doug

%uh abrasive drug free is that whoever

rates have done it to look that up to
save that even the correct no murder

their rose yeah I to fly in

stuff great phrase that ducks I guess
it’s actually

more clear to me now than ever that the
person who wrote this is a dark I

or a dog I a chase that duck in Delhi

dog feeling guilty about it I

you i’m a i’m a proud golden retriever
and I accidentally exhausted deducted


I’m the dog from duck on tonight

I’ll shit I is like I mean

party wants to school you for killing a
duck in the other one I

the other part be I guess want to tell
you you know it value wasn’t totally

healthy diet maybe it was near death

via I feel like this is how vegans hunt
like her

but allowed to kill an animal the duck
dive somewhat natural causes like you

need it now

both to it imitation duck is that vegan
restaurant sits to the duckbill was

killed by teasing it to a heart attack

the duck and really enjoyed the Jays it
got happy it’s the most expensive da

Cunha really fancy menu

at Ballard so we have a small Brasov
duck that was murdered by

you know exhausting it to death and that
served over field create the adrenaline

is still coursing through his veins

for it makes it very light and fluffy a
five hour energy actually

you we also had a can help that I killed
itself when we showed him photos have

other cows being eaten by humans

so that’s five hundred dollars a plea a
gala dive boat that had

I you is to really expensive me that was
not your usual causes because he brought

it on

the gal he did you tricked into doing

well what do I do to feel better about
the situation I guess you can say that

hey millions have ducks are killed every
year for food

and those were done on purpose who are
these people picking on me

ask every single one of them if they’re
vegetarian if they every

meet then what they’re doing is worse
than what you did they do.

that the thats latest there that duck in
the eyes and the I’d at full life with

level is beak allied with Ballard

a really boring episode uva Looney Tunes
were both just take chases daffy until

it dies of a heart attack

by her exploded I your friends like it

is that the SP itself ok something such
as I said that the right

who email us and let us know fine

that they’ve I

at you like that I think the duck on the
menu is served with

suffering succotash though it ends up
working out well

on great emails great questions

given come and gone easing answers more
than anything else

where the best let you guys are the
worst if used it is unlike weird call

I alright signing of this is God I

worship us can a Weslo thing about yeah

I instead uses North for we are at a

a thank you so much everyone for
listening every week

are episode gets more listens than the
one before which means you guys are


you know an awesome job enjoying showing
also tell your friends to enjoy it

and we appreciate it so so so much
without you guys

there will even be a show on asleep only
ten thousand people was in every episode

I would have quit long long ago guys
there wouldn’t be a show but also


us there would be issued yes more
specifically with II 50 don’t get a big

head about it

50-50 between me and Jake line then so
that’s ninety-eight percent of the week


us there’s no show obviously a anybody
can listen to a podcast but it takes

like two heroes to come out to the world
works and

I like your phone to record one yet

I wouldn’t say heroes ID gots Yahoo gets
here as a dollar bill

and we are I don’t know what not immoral
let’s be on that because immortal

implies that you’re

today what’s gonna live forever and also
have always left for ever

I you thank you the thank you for

and thank you for emailing in and we’re

and the share with another theme song
that was submitted

and this one comes from that the data

mmm says that as hell the

that that that I dot dot dot dot to a
yes I’ve ever heard the

the extended version of that song I %uh

I thought that that not all da tile 9
hours ago

I hightower’s aborted in like 30 seconds

you cry right before you give up I’ll

by email you know that found it

I was really about to go off I very
barey mean tangent don’t have to you

you interrupted I’m gonna still go on it
for the future I

seizes this and it’s from the
supermarket auto brothers thanks for

listening everyone he

I where you

if there’s a problem fits you can’t

shake you know me

land use all you do


and all do

what you

Spags shows for free

see the G’s

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