Episode 71: Sim Cheating (with Thomas Middleditch)


Star of HBO’s “Silicon Valley” Thomas Middleditch joins us to discuss mustaches, break-ups, and virtual world problems.

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yeah all right let’s get started this is
a very very very exciting episode Thomas

middle ditch

is back hole with a vengeance and

between the three of us I show you
things got very real

incubated let’s get started whole love

the fab were you here’s exactly with
output local

me that I see and Ukraine countless the
key situation it’s a tactical

ACM no p then change my table mat and

the only you by Scott that’ll give it to
you pre-taped

everything said everybody in the
previous last

what may I ask people has in the past
it’s on the fun at the party as the past

week Israel

thank you sucky know the deal

email your questions your property
sheets please

system but the fuck it she’s a beer

here take all your questions and sought
the here


Aloe Blacc cast as I fuckin problem I
love podcast that I fuckin problem et al

is little that is here

capital do you mind if I call you Tommy

that’s cool really tell yeah I’m I had a
lot of things but there’s a couple

things I’m not fine with and I do with
those comments up my Instagram I

notice and I thought they are file out a
lot lol I delete the deals covered I

delete a man i block your mother fuckin
at really

yeah bladder I I love it

I asked people not to on this bag as and
then they did it more so

I’m sorry the more you the more you say
no the more they do I i know i know it

without the whole a

years stop your they earn a blackened so

yeah I don’t give them the infamy I now
i mean

blocking his people not blocking years
like I’m done with you

yeah the same blocking is bad even for

yet is that the opposite what they want
they wanted to respond to be like hey

quit it and then they say it again it is
like stop at

but it is like I’ll there’s no responded
they don’t have a any

like that the one strike affect I Bogdan
zero dollar deal yeah and apparently the

only pictures I myself my girl from my
dogs like I

but sup are you doing brighton penis in
catfight a burrito

there was something that needed and
college you really give you were an

abuse a commenter they could block you

but then there’s something called hell
block you or something well yeah I’ll

smiting smiting that was it I was a pile
he was piloted

BM but it was like you’d cut your
comments never showed up

except to you say you would comment and

and no one would responded by 03 just
need to do that yet to the if they’re to


no one could be there that’s release my
that even better than blocking

yeah because that is like you think that
you’re trolling but nobody can hear you

right wasted effort although it’s not
embarrassing enough

because you think you’re still getting
it way I mean was a troll what there’s


if no one is responding to them at all
the real I think the polygraph confuse

you like something broken something John

you broken yeah show continues
throughout happening

chrome can be ruined I’m growing it hi I
think that thing I’ve got you grow

confuse you I can say that

the air you could say it but we can also
make fun of it we can make fun of


thank you he added so anyway at Ambani
go ahead make

yeah it now why don’t we should at the
full thing I could they’re gonna do it

I feel like I should write to:
anonymously and say how do I stop there

to address it to ignore it I learned to
live with that I was that the end is to

have the other day and I like made it
fun at myself for having about caption

sure like opening people up to you make
them a caption sure

but then even when they did it hurt my
feelings thank you know

you have to realize friend state where
human yellow serve us

are very sensitive human well I think if
people knew how often

a even not there were celebrities but
like celebrities

I bet all day I’ll check their at
replies on Twitter oh yeah

yeah and no but nobody really thinks
that like I’ll

this person’s gonna read my reply yeah
yeah imagine imagine if you’re just

walking along you get

a notification that says like hey
everything you do this sucks

and you’re having a great day and some
stranger just says that yeah I would be

horribly about rolling it really works
then he headed exactly where and you

have to tell yourself like are

okay they don’t mean it they don’t even
know me I’m a beautiful by the black a

Batman I’ve done that where you like
somebody says oh you suck everything you

do sucks and I like

click through to see who they are ray
would like although everyone

like he didn’t notice me and then I do
yeah I’d like and I read another tweet

them that their

but usually when you find over there
like are you fourteen

yeah your gf 9 followers you live in

the middle of nowhere yeah and I could
squash you

yeah here’s what that means yes gosh I’m
very weak could do you have a


ek I don’t know really when I got all
when I got mugged and had to run away in

order to prevent being mad dealers but
as from teens

I’d like to hear that story a is in
Toronto guys spat scanty dot

and a great night a great night I made
out with an incredibly beautiful girl


way out of my league and I was walking
home three in the morning

feeling pretty baller and I what passes

and there was some some tufts in amber

through the wind out out them rub their
numbers reached out and show

be a and major staring at me so I gave
my like a little not as I was weird

and then as I can across the street
acted like

I knew that they re hi me and my dry
cancer like for confidence out there


let him try some a famous myself but go
ahead there are cared

then they gone from me in on getting him
anyone see what I got 10 got

he can’t reach years jacket and was like
ok fuck how to be a

like 22 me after hours like

it could be a gun between I’ve what i
do. I’ve never even been in a fist fight

than ever to nothing

and then he did he like try to punch we
missed me

then grabs my like her tea and like
started to try and hockey jersey me

while the other guys like reaching in my
pockets and fighting

and select and I remember like it was
saying they say it’s almost like I’m so

that I see there’s a homeless guy

sleeping on the street as a it was just
so surreal there’s like someone they’re

known can help you know what the hack

and then I was like to a swinger punchan
potentially like maybe it’s tab

I had a like a like up not a flashback
like a mental image of me like live I

competing for

an annular to think like stabbing play
catch around rather surprised by legit

yeah exactly and then I was like now
fuck it and I slipped

Adam I her D 00 as a hockey

Toronto yeah baby all rock on the shock
of the

and I slipped outta my hoodie and Iran
and lucky for me I actually do

I guess it’s been I got legs I got legs
for days

likes for days and arms for hash and

yeah and I’m rawness has heart is

milestones could take me and I I was

roadrunner there they tried in there
like I on I

so screw you team I

with that let’s get started early in a
row to a movie where you become the

world’s greatest

runner yeah your leg braces falling off
a day after show

yeah I get to the edge in a block after
escaping then there’s like a coach who

were so he’s like

every or thought about running track in
men everywhere that boy

who was he it that %uh they recreate

a cell lets the let’s let’s

start yeah he started let’s explain yeah

we already started let’s talk we already
started and now he’s got nope

a shoot him I there is no air

clear the shows called a fiery you it’s
the only advice podcast on the internet

hosted by

us my name’s Jake and Amir

I appreciate what you just did I ever

I so um me how does it work

we get emails from real people and real
difficult places and they’re seeking


and we do our best to offer it sometimes
it just me Jay consent as we have

funny friends with us and today is no
exception hit it up its rebuttal

the okay to slap the route now but we’re

happen at which apt to be having fun
that’s Ireland LA


author disingenuous there it’s the

aviators are the babies darlings the
famous crying laughing like that at


I don’t mean to put you on a reverse
blast but I’m gonna praise the year last

episode they did was arm

most listen to episode old ever had

are well not a coincidence it was fun to
do I had so much fun

and now I’m like a weirdo that I listen
to podcasts I’m on an island another

has so far there is a fine line it’s
great yeah it again we’re gonna try and

do it although

in the first five minutes i’ve already
alienated some your fans by telling them

stop yeah tell me that you block the

with the goal of the others cuz you need
them yeah

I and II I love everybody I thank you
for your support just choose your words

that is your

love had scrutinized it’s like a good
way to go out forever they’re like

alright I’m I’m read and follow Tombini

muhammed be I’m gonna outer I do have
done is badly needed

yeah I figured a way to go out well hell
and do it she got I I’d rather you

didn’t but

in a IP their diplomatic

I ok CR zy I it’s mine I will delete you
I will block you

match I wish I didn’t have to I’d rather
we all get along and support each other

but you know

here we are in mankind were just the
hairless apes

they really we’d we fuck animals

cycle the shower I don’t wanna dance I’d
become instill

and they’re talking about fucking
animals but I’d like catching up let me

bring you back to not talking animals
YouTube account on your Instagram

yeah course in soon as all fuck up a
special my mom and dad on theirs if

somebody like

cause my mom an ugly bitch I will delete
it not that they would ever do that

welcome as most beautiful woman in the
world exactly love you mom

ansel podcast let’s let’s get started we
need a

we a fake name this a real email from a
real personal injury and even fake names

to preserve the anonymity

racing is names from Tom’s new TV show
that that is RT out if you listen to

this podcast the adults ought on ballots
on Sunday night at

what time right after him in France 10

not that you are quite that’s insane
you’re gonna be the most famous person

in the world I realize now that the best
leader in evidence that athlete and do

eventually I S

amazing yet rated meeting him turns in
deep so tight end cuz beeps at 10:30

okay then yes congratulations yeah
thanks this is the last time times ever

gonna hang out with very few

alas I’m we’re talking about like the
poster in like oh yeah

yes that was a came out so if anyone
that isn’t just come out with

everywhere yeah it’s fucking everywhere
it’s real where do people recognize you

from the Billboard

I don’t think people put two and two
together I don’t think anyone’s walk

around me like

cool billboard on remember those faces
holy shit

is that yeah I don’t think you have to
right by your friends like Sony Pictures

left and right yea at Sky hey buddy

which I’ve done a tip red its fine it
I’m by the fucking crazy cuz its it’s

not issue at the site one big billboard
somewhere it’s like

it’s literally everywhere everywhere I
don’t know if it is any on buses

I’m places and the tobacco for bus and
like you been a bit below a billboard

and behind a bus both numbers and the
face looking at me

like Jesus I watched the show I’m
friends with the guy after inundate me

with this message yeah

became a the net with that name I

I’ll d ever let’s give these names
people from your show

okay so what’s your characters name for
tennis is a this’ll be Richard Hendrix

that’s my character’s name cool name

RH Richard Hendrix rockin roller I

Jimmy zongol up algorithms a

the food a hey guys a couple of weeks
ago I walked into the room while my

girlfriend was playing The Sims

and notice she saved and closed at the
game really fast

I noticed her character looks like her
but really didn’t get to see much of it

however the other day I was using her
computer to check my email and out of

curiosity went to her sim saved games

I found the save December with her ex’s
name on it

and saw that they are married in the
game Shia is also pregnant in the game

GPL let the actual fuck

I feel like I’ve hit rock bottom that I
have no idea how to handle this

it’s been making me pretty upset but I
can’t even imagine how I bring it up

with her

or where the conversation with a girl
thank you please help Richard Hendrix

patron as well the funny thing though I
was lied to like as you’re really has


okay all right now and I i’m looking
across the target he is like

his mind was blown yeah and you know
that I

if that’s real if that’s not just like a
made up name out that is

well you’re a gamer eight right yeah i
know i play the sims

so this is why like a dad just do it all
with me I was like

I was like okay this yeah a what’s the

added I was not following along and you
were just like you look to be a

one-point mouth agape you’re like

are the can you believe this we also can
you explain to us what is the what is

the Sims exactly the

uninformed to its just so funny okay for
the Lions listens like

it’s just like doll house essentially
like you can make your own little dolls

essentially and even make the little
house and furnished the little house

and you watch the little dollars play in
the last the doesn’t get

jobs yeah I can have relationships you
kind of play

house you play cod with Bella I’ll so
you can say

get pregnant you can make well they have
the phone up first

and then they can I get like married her
fucker something I’m not sure in the


iteration of the senate wanted to how do
you make it to virtual characters phone

lady lethal charges like its

you have complete control over anything
session way and I i she name the thing

and the end she like interacted
interacted and like food and courted

when I’m probably like be the way a
little virtual dates that’s so they

probably elected in a hot tub

are I mean that before city’s parking

that’s so would you with diffuse cut
your girlfriend Sims

cheating on you is that real cheating
well the thing is there’s so much

dock behind it yeah and she’s I mean is
worse is almost worse

what’s not I mean know that I would
definitely rather have my girlfriend

having at sex with somebody in the sims
in real life

it without worst you know it’s bad about
it is if is

she’s it’s like a secret it’s a thing if
she was like up top like

in this funny look what happened like I
did in control this this hat is not

funny or whatever I did this this is
funny at least like

acknowledging it but said to be like a
duck like close the laptop I didn’t

think it fit

you know that never would like here’s a
good tip if you’re doing something weird

on a computer

never minimize quickly here’s a own it

I yeah don’t even like because like this
guy would have not known what

what’s happening unless you like got
nervous and freaked out by or just like

seeing the same as being played

you know who anybody’s name yeah I I we

continue doing what you’re doing and
fifty times out of 100 the guy just

won’t know what the fuck is going on

well just like look past because nobody
really cares about what people do on the


when you minimize something quickly then
that the base to the girl playing The

Sims 3 o’clock tonight

I do wanna after this I want I want this

on the podcast like I gotta be like that
would be all are you eat what is this

that that next level shit a bus like
calling really calling somebody out

investigate it would have felt bad I
just got an ego that such like a

you build your own world in the simpson
get really complex just built a world


not only the guys just in it like I
would get that may be there and it


but she’s living up this weird fantasy
them the I mean I don’t out tonight like

buddy I don’t know man i cum personal I

is back hale’s problem director doesn’t
feel like maybe it

maybe she’s like shoes it’s an old game

shem started she had these characters

she was with her ex as it she was just
about to quit the divorce but

I don’t know man theoretically has a
progressive are gathered a year ago I

don’t know where

as a gamer would could you see like if
she’d gotten very far along in

I’ve never played the censorship but if
she’s like built some life

in the same she’s pretty with the baby
she has a good job nice

same house she’s just really want to
have a double and even though she’s

now with this other dude any yeah at me
to me like with all the stuff like

asses off is this affecting the
relationship like is it is that bad are

is a relationship good unless its good
fuckin cares it’s a fantasy it’s a video


there’s pot lot worse video games is a
wreck there’s a game called rate play

where you walk around raping women
that’s also bad for this lol

this though there seems to be playing
this emotional chronic

but wouldn’t be able to I would not be
cool with if I was dating somebody who

is having

who had a fantasy life with her ex that

you know what you bring that happen now
years ever euros your Stoops snoop

you’ve betrayed trust you know what

I snoop but guess what I found something
crazy yeah I gas and so I’d rather

responsibility Cypress new PB

shit you better be threatening yeah
guess I had never heard

a good relationship is done irrevocably
then and now and now I see if you do


don’t come in hot I guess you know now
is that is all this with Thomas is


I this is corrected buys I’m just giving
you that the hot headed by

I’m saying fuck this bitch buttered
bread Jason say a bygone sure until now

the probabilities take off the mouth I
had tell you gotta get a job in Atlanta

a I had three saves the whiskey so I’m
like ready to just fuck anybody out

take saying go into the game going to
the game and click on some sort of abort

abort pregnancy but yeah I know it won’t
let you can have a DP and I’m name the

kid up to yourself

Lynnhaven Rd Delta gets on the Sims

yeah nine months for them to have a baby
I mean at nine in not nine real time


19-game and I don’t know actually
haven’t played in San for a time in this

in years

Kenya yeah I play when I was a teenager
it’s been a bah

it around for a long long time you know
you can have a miscarriage in The Sims

now I don’t know maybe announce a minute
the good guys

Miss Kercher’s apart a life or just
animal sometimes it doesn’t work out

that’s true well it is getting reno

very real about pregnancy three guys
getting very are handles man

blog okay well let’s the show after
hours call the fire you what would you


if you found your head of press to have
an answer the question now and I have

among you know it’ll you wanna go first
yeah if I were you and I found that I

would probably bring it up because it’s
so bizarre that its it I can’t just sit

on it

said be like hey you’re pregnant in this

you loser you’re a gamer yeah

I get the act go ahead I’ll bring it up
to you I think you Tom Great Dane

not to come in hot yelling break up
there but he gotta be

very straight up like look I was
sketched out when you

ext everything out real quick the other
days I looked on the Sims

and I you are in a relationship and
pregnant with your ex

what’s that about I have I second that

I gotta gotta a curiosity is and now it

hold this tiger I care and all that

and I want you to write back I want you
right back with what the fuck she said

yes cuz my goodness am i curious

was who doesn’t like it’s just a game
and bring out the worst they are without


with the with that you like why you
making such a big deal out of it

yeah I’ll love like you but it you’re
doing it why you making a small the

latter the

yeah he’s like the alien she s it’s just
a game relaxes feel like well

I it it does making concerned so

organizers have to address at some point
it’s not just the game

also it’s like it the game that
distinctly about

life simulation it’s a tad its about

inventing a weird ideal reality for

so that it’s one thing if it’s like her
know she’s playing

Street Fighter and you I G rection the
crazy I know this is weird back yes sure

what I’m

what I’d love is if he acts he like went
to the basement

love the way a lot of house and an
avatar of him is like in a cage

I can bowl adopted brother mcnabb

what is this and as he’s looking at it
eyes wide clicking through the just feel

the dog collar wrapped around his neck
only said it showed chain

all alcohol you’re mine now up

home your reveal a good hendrix it

if you’re going to be Snoopy I’m going
to treat you like a dog I

around play here urban soda move on out
the though that a exclamation point at

the end to that story let me tell you

a alright we need a a females are female
on your show is it just the

duty now dudes I am

the know it there’s there’s a girl yeah

going to get a do you at dinner
character name Monica

but I’m not sure if the last name
against range monica’s good wish we had

a keeper anonymous anywhere

yeah Monica hey guys have been going out
with my boyfriend for about two years

now and I really am in love with him

but about a month ago a guy used to have
a friends with benefits deal going on

with moved back into town after
finishing University and as we share the

same group of friends I see him

honey quite a regular basis the thing is

I keep having fantasies about sleeping
with them I don’t wanna leave my

boyfriend or cheat on him but

my mind keeps wandering back to this
other guy the result a bit is I

currently have a much higher sex drive

and I have been pouncing on my boyfriend
a lot more regularly than I usually have

became a and he can’t believe his luck
the worst part is

he noticed how much reindeer I am
getting recently and thinks it’s down to

the mustache he started growing

about the same time as this other guy
came into town he talks about his


a lot now thinking that it makes me
horny when it just doesn’t

should I tell them the truth and risk
making them feel like shit or should I


ended all at my local Starbucks toda you
do you

and sees the cheese love Monica so what

her ex-boyfriend with a daring 149 fill
the improper

but he just got us i buzz but

so where does that it’s like a Pavlovian

yeah I did this and then this happens to
discuss this to happen

it now if I grow a mustache I’ll have

a good love ever the fuck that guy I
what is allowed to miss that area said

but the thing is he’s making out the
best he gets to have sex only as a

mother at least so clueless

at but he’s having clueless sex that’s
the worse shouldn’t

like I feel sad for him he’s out there
get it like

having sex is like oh yeah I’m up here
and little the

you know he’s the opposite some other
fucking swab mother fucker is so hot

that it gets this dudes girlfriend
turned on to fuck him

yeah that is this is a room I get I
gotta be honest said

to the scar on my bias sounds like you
now ready to be anything

no issue today in a sad thing about
somebody else’s now you’re allowed to


I mean now act when you’re really ready
to be in the thing

you know that there’s going to be people
consciously gonna you’re never gonna

stop running into people that

would be charming attractive and someone
that you did

in a single World you like to have sex
with thats mean if you’re a social


that’s a solid gonna happen but if you
have all these like a lusty things

an arm and think that’s like a crack in
the damn I think it’s a cracking your

own personal damn I think maybe is not
really don’t beat yourself up about it


especially if you’re annoyed that this
guy thinks is a place for my sister to

beat cute and endearing

I to be honest I think the guys kind of
adorable right now but if that pisses

you off in like

do I if anything to him without the
family what are you there

here’s a cool down mostly on board with
what you’re saying especially because

I think they like fantasizing is fine I
think that’s normal

me up to you know lust after somebody
that’s normal

but she’s lusting after one specific
dude again and again

with I think that is like chipping away

an excellent foundation yeah not score
and at the annex dude

I I feel like it the what she asked

what she asked what she athlete got it

and you’re hurting me it could I driving
to see it

it is like a like for a bit a bruise

a few what happened I don’t mean
anything you touch it got really mad

guys podcast event burn across the table
in flat magic such a nice guy I don’t

the show to tell the truth I don’t think
just be like hey it’s not your mustache

I love

this are I’m I wanna fuck this other
dude she could double it is be late

hey I’m I am a horny lately

had nothing to do with your mustache I
don’t like it shave it

those you’re saying don’t go all the way
to the truth bill yeah just go halfway

the truth bill

Lecavalier plus there’s no go yet drive
into omission town

yes white live bill capital what I live

I lies I will admit that

that unless you’re out to hurt someone’s
feelings you shouldn’t say

hide not horny cuz your mustache out
because I wanna fuck them now

I mean wow that was brought up yet that
you would make him cry

yet imagine someone said that he be like
what an asshole where you’d be the

backing that ass

haha could never have a mustache damn

D could you have him like almost as well

even seeing a mustache on someone else
will just remind him at the time be like

that’s also this reminds me at this is
such a tainted Buddah engine it up

the only option I was in high school
right and there is that we’re doing

superlatives I was a junior these other
kids were seniors I really gotta get we

gotta keep gone

at least you like it has a really good
school really fun but we just got it so

I’m looking at the time the air

has anecdote on this is gonna pay it I

to so anyways dude and you is like

this dude this girl was sort of like
making a campaign to be voted funniest

at school

yeah and the be like made a little
speeches like

this girl was wearing boy clothes in
this dude came out he’s wearing a dress

demo helm I’m back online various I

is wearing a dress and then after that
the teachers made a special announcement

that someone

who had gone to the school year before
it died and who is just like very I just

everybody is dead sober all the third
everyone is that and that dude is just

sitting on the side of the stage

it rather like

oh my god disguised as like no one’s

I so alleging that attitude with the
mustache you like hate noms they have a

belt is about my act than

all he’s doing is just be like I I could

digital up I have this saved right now
just can’t wait to go home and just save

up the moustache I’ll tell

says get out at the dress her telling
him that in him listening to her in a


one would be like the most-watched video
I don’t you that’s led Todd Solondz


like that from a happy netzer
palindromes like what a sad little thing

I think about my other boyfriend that’s
why I’m so fucking turned on your must

to hit the road as the actual it had
something that’s taking it down in Iraq

you like calling out the hairs and I and
then he just so slight mastery

for like go don’t go crying it’s like on

wowie I turnout girl

girl there’s not me and don’t be a super

you can she could destroy this guy right
now I I would destroy someone

it’s pretty rare that you have that
power what why you stay with here’s what

here’s the day why you stay with someone
why you choose the mustache guy really a

is because others like him as a person

and you’re like you know yeah this make
this guy may be a good

lay but this guy’s a really nice guy and
I want to be

I want to be his crops I wanna be around
him if he’s not doing a

if you guys just archive dating is a
second lil dude with a mustache I care

I don’t know take it or leave it the
only way fuck those guys ever get turned

on by someone else

I but I’m move on that don’t know much
about but I love the

and to what your save you love this
guy’s a person than I did you need it

maybe find a way to stop hanging out
with the friends with benefits guy

she said they have a lot of mutual
friends media just like try to cut about

your life if you like value the
relationship that you’re in your

yet and you know what damn get turned on
by the guy out your boyfriend

again if you’re young you know you have
to make these the afters settle down

enough here 2013 semi $0.68

pack %um well that’s kinda the same
thing and her boyfriend just try at a

bus that yeah

%uh her boyfriend’s 23 okay yeah at the
Hitler moustache

a bono to and its I would say

and the tell them that you not turned on
by the mustache

the but don’t tell that you’re getting
turned on by your exports to you can

just enjoy your higher libido

Hill enjoy it oh yeah and telling to get
rid a mustache there that has nothing to

do with that I actually prefer you clean

that’s great if you like the boy for you
wanna state but in a illiberal comes and

abs and floods and see its rage in now
that’s cool

don’t overthink it but if the man says
she’s not like it you know it’s there

came and when I tried their turn at my
session will be a

yeah it is a good look that’s true that
the idle latter Ackley right

don’t say I don’t like the mustache say
would you try a beard

and they try the beer to say I like this
even better than I thought he was an

avid year that’s my girlfriend says

and it makes me feel like a million
dollars I’ll yeah actually as I like in

a bit

but she likes beer two guys and then get
mad because it makes me think

okay who else has a big impact you but
he later turned on line haired sorta

like back in

Fleetwood Mac I can be a guys and then I

every night I think about when their
power faith you know I know which

I think blow my god and kissing anything
to fill out

they don’t catch to let a never

jump huh for the powerful

a I’ve never met your girlfriend but she

ask you this tonight ask her she as ever
had a crush on the debt from family ties

you want me to ask it I think she had

is if he takes if you text through that
it will not thou the UK premiere

you know that only came from you you
down to Texas A&M

hiring now she gets back to me in in the
show a letter and I’ll let you guys know

okay says they have you ever had a crush
on the dead or do you have a crush on

the data family ties I feel I can trust

it’s like intellectual beer bearded guy

sorta looks like a an older version at
you tom is a little bit

onus then yes those perfect on

verdad number family ties

family ties she older than 26

she’s 26 on the button well sell
pollution as a tech it looks like

I should try to get one question hmm
give it another time

where an 30 femina mark as a good one

I we need another dude’s name perhaps
two males character’s name

add it’s Dan Nash and then some crazy

dinesh to pick up a Google iraq cell

I was at this party the other week I was
chatting with this pretty cute girl

we were getting on really well we had
similar interest in music TV shows

and went to the same university she
seemed to have genuine interest in me

by around 2 a.m. we’re both pretty drunk
and I was moments away from making a


when our conversation somehow ended up
on the topic of 9/11

perhaps a symbolic precursor of what was
to come

that’s hot what a nerd and according to
my calculations

a does is going this seemed to be a
topic of interest to her because she

wouldn’t shut up about it for about half
an hour

well it really bugs me was about about
her discussion was that she was one of

those crackpots who believe 911 to be a
mysterious government conspiracy

I wouldn’t do much research on the topic
but I’m pretty sure 9/11 was not an

inside job

from I felt by the tone in her voice she
was one of those hipsters who believes

that such things only to go against the
grain society

turned off by the discussion I made an
excuse to leave and get the heck outta


since the party she’s contacted me to
hang out and I being a bitch Lee for

avoiding this Q

redhead based solely on the motive that
I disagree with her opinions on

admittedly a pretty important topic

what would you guys do in this situation
Dan Ashe

first serve our even let’s explore the
back to handle oh yeah I mean look at

the video out at the airport prompted a
little girl

local police came in a top

looking at all the seven I’m not saying
maybe I’m I’m and look to mean

do about it let it happen obviously if
there’s any and shortly done crazier


the government’s done crazier they how
else we getting into iraq

guys at does so with

would you hook up with someone who is a
good 9/11 conspiracy theorists tops a

good 9/11 conspiracy Peter

yeah I might get some eyeliner in there
I i mean look at

it if you if you’re trying to echo the
cute girl

cart 15 cares what yes that we think is
like I’ll sail into a band

us they have been somewhere like to a
club that I have been to you yeah

what little white lies do for Jer person
why I above be like yeah you totally

right now live

it’s a conspiracy at it like that all
the ends justify the means rare

I can get this kid if he’s coming from
kind of an emotional point like he was

me looking for a graphing assignment you
know I i’ve been in that situation where


she says something you like ok nevermind

I am like like a republican

sorry never mind but it was bad enough
at me and I don’t know our

I would say I would say ask about that’s
crazy what the is if you watch a call

yeah I’ve seen that

I don’t I don’t know I don’t agree I
disagree I mean she may have valid point

he/she he said himself he hasn’t looked
into it rise admitting

like ignorance but girls are smart they
can no more than you its okay

ily she’s done the research buddy what
has the ISO you find out is on the

research also doesn’t matter if you just
wanna make out with ur

yeah I definitely made out people I’ve
completely disagree with

and to be at my honest opinion and
that’s like a fun

difference to be had that’s not like a
core principle belief that makes a


you know I mean yeah some people I can
believe in a

silly or conspiracy theory debt its

pretty harmless the and I call their God
be he here

but I was this close a like if if
religion is important to you and

you know one person is one percent
that’s like a different thing than like

hey do you think now I was a bad weather
inside job right let’s get this guy’s

actually a firefighter who her lust

lost his bid laws brother on 9/11 so

somebody’s like oh yeah it’s an inside
job like okay fuck you

yeah I was there you watch dial loose

yeah but to be honest there’s a lot of
firefighters that do you also think it’s

an inside job realist and

yep mcwethy at this is the I don’t know
anything about it either

is a witty retort to that to what to the
firefighters who believe it was an

inside job early lead in the meantime
for making actually I gotta say

aside check to see if my F my girl from
my girl my head had responded

yeah I get an answer them okay this is
this is this is fuckin that happening

right now

Jesse I whatever the fuck watch shopping
you wanna do want to give her the chance

she says nice on dues in capitals

what was the picture that you commented
on also I’ll tell this guy would say I

don’t know I just got the nod

if this is how quickly it happens its me
innocent i’m looking dapper I might look

at me I’m fancy now okay

watch but comet I’m going over to you
your profile hey did hey

day call I get mad I like so mad and I
we could have been friends

you full you’re a tears are you from
Melbourne I don’t know you

guess what if there is a style icon pops
up i’m ok click it

at all even if a man is the slowest
mother begin at right now

blocks for ever but my mother but never
one strike on Modelo

that so you only got twenty to post Hana
thing follow I

and you follow a 512 you follow a model
you you gotta love

hell no what I kahn et what about

is exactly what he once did you get it
schedule as a No

really the only guy that’s gonna get
this shouting I

here I’m gonna do to thomas because I
want to shout about his next podcast

we could have been buddies I am okay
doesn’t matter back to the girl

yet 9/11 inside job I their

I don’t believe that 9/11 was an inside
job but there are more fundamental

difference is that you can have like
thomas et and decided just

it’s not you’re not cultivating a
relationship at this present quite yet

but we’re to be like oh you had now it’s
like you’re she like the Red Sox do you

like the eighties you know I know

and you think 9/11 was there is that she
thinks who was the government yeah it

kinda fuckin crazy

a there was like death involved though
the pivotal point for society

it wasn’t it’s not like your favorite
color rights you’re saying it’s


it’s bigger it’s a bigger deal than it
is kinda big I mean I would say that


thats it was thwarted by what time
things like

if you are looking for a girlfriend then
maybe it’s cause not gonna be a good

girlfriend but yeah I definitely make
out there

I still think E this is like you’re
focusing on a tiny thing

so so you’d spend more time with this
car which you should if you think she’s


eyesore clears you just called 911 a
tiny think

go on well I mean I you will look at you

we’ve got a lot more people over there
then then we’ve got the fellow who’s the

bad guys anyways

on you to open your eyes people open
your eyes let’s get out there talking

let those people just live their lives

please anyhow gonna political for the
first time ever

bombing yeah shes got damn and I take
the rap debut

any Jarrod I think like so we went on
another day and it’s all swimming

it’s all going on great is this Lily
thing that’s like an intervention

you know like believing in a harmful
conspiracy theory

I mean I don’t know that the question to
ask yourself baby I

as you do yet am fuckin when he figured
out dock on its campus in a black

oh that’s what’s up but that the one who
it myself yeah

don’t know who that is I googled him and
I don’t recognize them he does nothing

for me

why unlock is a good edge did

her few I do that is either

and it was a cousin a

and I was Alex keaton’s dad on the and
family ties

he was Paul she was slender he had a

he had gray hair I went for it

as you said offensive but just clearly
she’s clearly lying to you I’m sorry

dude I’m

I still think that i right yeah I don’t
know maybe a

are looking at a picture of him and of

yet Knoll what do you mean he’s a your
roster fucks

not over iraq is the rocker now is that
iraq’s the guy

that’s the that’s that’s my girl state
doesn’t like you know plaid shirts are


or like a black t-shirt you know today
is World Cup maybe I just

I if she had seen the show he has a very
a crush where the personality on the


cheese issue you you have a crush on you
have a good a bit ahead

from family ties thats maybe I do maybe
I don’t like

you know you definitely do it’s cute

I can really sexy I’m I wanna kiss his
cheek bones that doesn’t have a crush on


he had baby um alright we got one last
question to get to

do we do it we answer that we have to
get yeah show him were still unless it’s

a super big deal for you

in which case at you’re not you’re the
arbiter I’ve love what is bigger

yeah don’t you do. a

this girl a I think I want you to read
this question

it’s a girl who’s seemingly on a drunken

and I feel like you can knock it out at
the park a

d have another female name to get this

it will be from the show I

oh now Tara tera that’s on the show

terror rights in Thomas the video voice
you cannot deal was for this promoter

read it

in the read it in the town other girl
furiously typing away on her keyboard

having just got into a fight with her

k first though like let’s just like

get on board with punctuation

yeah %uh there’s no yeah there’s barely
any please capitalize on

start a sentence I called in clash I

I love you we really are get outta my
country I mean

but it’s the language you speak you
should be really good at it anyway

hey dad’s you never replied to my fridge

im I’ll start that was her far I think I

I do definitely drug I

think I can forgive you but I still have

having a god damn come apart all that I
like that yeah

memories that I have to come apart come
up I written the boy that I could never

get to date me

after backing for 10-man and thing I
love you to each other

just admitted to me that the don’t touch

dissonant mean that the reason he can be
with me it’s because I don’t know if I

wanna have kids

Ted I feel like a way to young to even
be thinking about procreation and I’m 23

in he turned 25 last way at

a this isn’t even considering the fact
that we’re barely beyond the let’s not

fuck other people phase

other relationship his reasoning is that
he doesn’t want to get

more invested in something that’s going
to end inevitably and

I I which

which would make sense if he hadn’t been
telling me for the past I

a bar after had just wouldn’t date me
because he wasn’t ready for a serious


how did he go from I love you but I’m
not ready for anything serious to

please have my babies our word and in
Malian in matter

in a matter a bit early few weeks if you
just get

is the line to let me down easy is his
sociopath with no coupon promotions

accept bribes

by drinking the tears up Waimate

help backing brownie Bay I

20 fucking brownie pie for parking but
there was a I love to hang

so what do you think

25-year-old man are just the same as
fifteen-year-old men

are you think to its young is young

I will I was a shitbag as twenty-five
years or it as a ship back

not ship there but you don’t know what
he wants white man in 25 does

yeah I think you heard some were heard
one thing he didn’t want to hear from


leahy’s imagining so weird future is
like has kids age wrapping up I wanna

have kids and then he like

let that seep in freaking out so my i

personally to her I say go to White Lies
builders be like actually you know what

I do wanna have kids

that’s all you have to say don’t say I
wanna have your kids is like Lions

well she says I she says he’s pissed
because she said I don’t know if I want

to have kids and now is like

I need someone who definitely knows that
she wants to hurt his mistake okay fine

I definitely wanna have kids

doesn’t seem like she’s she would just
it sounds like Jesus

placating im just to see what you would
say yeah it sounds obviously Bay

completely placating but I mean you
could sell it but I think this guys

making it up

I think the second thing is true where
he said a is he lying to me to let me

down easy

I think that’s what it is that’s insane
I had theirs I’m a piece a shit and I

would never say to a girl

I wanna have kids and you don’t so we’re
done yeah but the fucking batshit crazy

rate but people are better crazy but
people who got leading growth

as much as I think the guys are kinda
like simple they have like feet 3 needs

and that’s all they want

but this guy probably he could just be

can have an over thinker you think
actually breaking up with her because

she doesn’t know if she wants kids she
might want to get my car are confusing

indecision guy

right if he’s a guy that’s in this is
because that clearly tell because he

doesn’t want to be in a relationship or
not he’s like I don’t know we’re at it

we are but we’re not we’re fucking but
let’s just say I mean let’s be ex-

there’s about

I’m not you know my girlfriend that
kinda just a get and then he gets this

he’s probably a backup Panicker

he likes to have a good panic is a panic
is a panic Hispanic many like undercover

parking in San a loves a good coming to
an end to this girl

I say you don’t have a panic man you
wanna be with a man who makes decisions

makes choices and knows what he wants

so ship your mouth and ass is with an
older man year

you go to YouTube do you were gonna have
a panic mother fuckers kids and now I’m


nomad well have one F Bonita the pic I
have over

that little follow-up on my back again I
don’t think I forgot I’m okay how are


kid is Bernabeu you see a guy like I’d
like to try I don’t judge it together I

shall I i

no are you think the sperm is in
deciding the

I think the sperms indecisive as well
the year I think it’s cuz I’m dunno West

how to go up in here

the sperm done come apart you know
they’re say it’s palm have to come apart

is getting fat lol a.m. the embryo Santa
hell not among been up here

are not low i’m up love birds are um

up pass i lava lake I’m outside. oh yes

book what happened everyone had
nosebleeds Ibiza raved I have and I

really I think that he does like over
think he’s like

Arizona be in a relationship I love you
out lol happen love you now is like

he’s like fuck it fine I’m gonna do it
I’m in a really do and I really love you

and will you have my kids ages the you
are now in the zygote fuck what am i


hier 0 you know what this could be tough
life tough love and a time

he may not be mean it won’t be a picture
yeah that some say he totally is

grasping at anything that he can as a

no got nobody has already had a rub your
eyes as saying I’m its contributors


if you love someone you want to be when
you not indecisive but the others are I

think all guys

is sexes is it is I think all guys in
their minds

sort have believe even if not outwardly
but like deep down

girls wanna have children so we I would

ever as an excuse to break up with
someone be like I wanna have kids

and you don’t because that’s so
dangerous was a little kid

easily just be like you’re right I do
wanna have kids I’ve got material in

things that sonicated

I’m down had kid he should say silly all
anything else let daddy we don’t know

the conversation that they had

she could have been really advocates for
from her point of view and through

she can really add images like I’d
probably lean towards now

all have never and I i have you ever met
a guy who is like

I’m I can’t do this girl cuz she has one
have kids if they want to be with the

if they want to be boyfriend girlfriend
yet when you could say let’s hear it for

growth and you can’t help but look into
the future

but never the girl who is like I don’t
have to be had as it is

when no I Vernon I brought up again said
I I don’t even believe it would you be

with someone other than a billion ever
want to have kids

you come il headed I no hate no

stop the PPACA i believe i hook you up
like this were I don’t buy

I Instagram I’m gonna have to hear what
you wanna do you do this young man I

we want your penis I he curses

Carol a you my

yep I was like whoppers I would never
say to a girl like I wanna have kids

I’m with this girl it was like right
it’s that insane to talk about any of

that shit so early on

but many ideas and database if you’re
23-25 any just getting into a


nenu as a lamb and the fucking days a
month but he but but to be like

and that we should do this anymore
because you don’t know if you wanna kid

and I know I do like

don’t right off that early well thats
that’s why I think it’s an excuse

because she didn’t say I don’t wanna
have kids which is more understandable

for the guy to guy let’s put the breaks
right now cuz I do wanna have kids she

just said

I maybe do I may be down he’s like a
thats also not good enough for me worth

the rule

it’s clearly he doesn’t like you anymore
night the I think I don’t know I i

minute a problem before saying like I
love you but I’m not ready for because

it was just a doubt

the casual stuff and it’s not as if he’s

wanting to have kids is just that
serious conversations

she shouldn’t have fish and she
shouldn’t have to be like oh maybe I’ll

have kidney his Nana

is demo convictions you be you girl if
you don’t know you I have kids

you know you wanna get down changed an
army here’s a bigger through

out that more general peace advice if a
guy doesn’t know if he wants to be with

you don’t be with him

you only want to be with someone who’s
like now only routing in fighting an

especially we’re talking about

%uh I think in the last absurd is your
guy has some respect

you gotta respect is up yeah I we have
some have her wait around for somebody

this side

that Yahoo that Hunter is that true yeah
whoever the fuck oh say before got lied

to me

yeah I would you guys now I’ve heard the

okay that I learned the truth I have
learned the air

my way they love you I got the thing

ruth is another yeah the record is good

I play to your chest to you

yeah okay it’s like bringing in the room

so bad you know you yell allow the net
you hear it ring and

yeah and they like with a two-out yeah
it’s definitely for

it was just a raid at the save the world
were on that were out we all agree

yes %uh perspectives key man yet so tell
them like

I oh this is who I am if you don’t know
if you wanna be with me then fuck off


I’m could indecision is a decision on

Heath Bell like cell send some like self
his size and World Team

I Alexa hi checking a chance like other

I oh that was okay if he hollers let him

like mice it was like yeah I mean I
demoted like laga forget that as

a DVD Manmohan tere bagair know it like

as like a meanie and I mean a a

her hi negroes a catcher

a gotta tiger by the tail old oh yes I
say what do you

not the time to go under out I’m gonna
US is a girl in prague domicile

no this verb eg I

it his everything I can avoid it

the bird I gotta bring it back a guy to
bring it back okay because my joke

version and send pics is like that’s a
joke persian

but the chat that the real facts are
your stranger inches 23

yeah she is she is she invites you buy a
lot to do this man does that

trees planted done did for this record

just for him but I and optimize I mean
talk about da compromise yourself

as best day aspirational I mean I’m we
have 10 done that it’s it’s it’s

point units touching its true mind I’m
hungry for sushi with you guys so I want

to do that now upgrade but

I wish it was fun with this is fun as
last time

I had just as much fun yeah let that
happen maybe the comment say it was

eighty percent

well say was it was twice as fun yeah to
let your sis but that positivity out

their tail light

clear thats okee alright that’s it ice
creams for everybody I

up yet set pretty good data right yeah
30 cool man

not so gassy more with your doctor about

well I had a surgery that’s why I was
away for two weeks I didn’t actually go

to atlanta

wet happen with doctors science team

a put a little blade okay

a you wanna listen to Tyler my little
boy that may

a police your friend Brett was here a
lot while you were gone daddy

he the address was a I’m sorry who I

read read read I don’t know a Brett we
call rosa Brett he was wrestling mommy

I dad damnit all on

preferred and Fig the a

come come come honey clip nothing
because the laptop

I both know cuz there

a.m. then sends is there is simpson’s

a Simpsons the idea that may be a mod

plug your last are playing a show when
lestat for everybody

still come Bali HBO right after Game of

and if you miss it there’s a thing
college bilko and

rules yeah watched any HBO show ever

thanks again for coming back okay there
much so appreciate we not really even

give the proper shutouts the guy Chris
Garrett lebed who wrote the opening

theme song

and if you have a theme song or a
question i’ve your own

you can email us at fiery show at gmail
dot come

that’s it this last outro song is sort
of a cool

what it called when the your sample our
dialogue over music

a remix yeah remix its good name Chris
Leggett made a remix of our show it to


to close this out so thanks again to Tom
thanks to you has three listening let’s

play Zelda Chris lets you remove a new

let’s get started Amir and I’m changing
my review show at gmail dot com these

are people in different places

their user there you go delayed

I not feeling don’t have anything to do

champagne the world

learn how does my guess work people who
respect the billboard and I have to hand

didn’t hear going on israel’s Istanbul

the same name %uh damn are you doing you
to lower your weblog daughter

a for those who have never heard for
shown the more you know



are yeah I’ll all do


babe don’t worry died Mistral it was at
a party

13 team around your choice please read
on below sorry on our

means do here

behind her

juárez repeated like with do anything

really need any to bring a little odd


gone for the weekend questions

I nice

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