Episode 73: Horoscope


In this episode we discuss nicknames, sex buddies, and how to hit a woman.

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ago as good news it’s just me this week
talking about the sponsorship

good news for Jay Kuo once again has

some responsibility and nothing bad ever
happens to 100 spare it’s good it’s fine

let’s talk about

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I what thinks you Jake nevermind

all right let’s get started let’s start
this episode I just heard it again since

we recorded it

and I’d haha I don’t want to give too
much away

just legislators streak is still alive
enjoy all

if you need one usual mind

than me





and a like the villa

filed my and

I feel I am NOT lapel





awesome they returned a they retire I
love her

our first three times the mentor oh my
god that’s her third seems the inside

Audrey Scott at the dance sexy as I C K

SEA like sea sick but the other way
around it correct

I just sent along a URL for her band’s
website which and we appreciate it

let’s jump right into the shell a well
you that she sent it does for us

yeah it was great up now it had a

what maybe we should say what it is in
case other like

that just in this area great yeah we did
everything just in case then we never

did the showdown

the time come on let’s just tired but

new what above-ground are you afraid

it’ll take away from yours in Salt Lake
you have arrived

I don’t want anyone idoney I don’t wanna
I don’t wanna say retention

at even really don’t like spreading it
around even if it’s become a radio and I

like to shine

a I’m kinda horoscope junkie like

yeah Leo the mighty lion I have a
feeling you just read your horse goes

and change your life to match the
horrors goes instead of the other way


yeah yeah actually do you like the shank
is really only like to Shankar that’s

what people told you leo is d.a

I just know that I leo’s like attention
were also

were also a bit stubborn and and more
than anything that we’re loyal

years is this guy having anybody he
really is describing ping they’re like

yeah every

every year person has facets and every
other scope right

a llama cap record so I was worthy
observe smart

a little bit stupid bullheaded I have
friends friends like me

and overall I’m I’m like to or I want to
be liked

that sounds yeah well that sounds

I mean I’m a Leo but I feel like I share
some others can record to rate some


I either like to be like yeah it’s not
an exact science

well will have fewer appear in Aries I
would say that would make sense to areas

are often attention-seeking or giving

monitors they are you having yeah they
often I have friends are not

are our cap records in Leo’s compatible
Bay are $20 worth sometimes our bulletin

is getting each other that way

but at the end of the day we sorted see
past it yeah

because we know how to stroke each
others egos yeah it’s perfect and it

works out I love you I have actually
gonna say hair bands the URL

you’re actually not gonna say I love you
back a voyeur actually I said I love you

you’re gonna say the ban URL

go ahead cheers buddy and

eight years a friendship down the
fucking tubes but but

for a look it let me get them the two

the fifth down the tube didn’t say love
you back and that is where they at now

every but still every time they want the
mirrors that at first

that’s I whether not use airbag you that
we never said it

well i feel like im gonna start place
right now yeah

yeah you think you’re stuck with you
think I feel el chat

until I i feel abandoned as a Leo as a

I really need affection and attention
and I’m pretty stubborn about getting it

hey a feeling stuck it’s like when
someone calls you out Purdue

not doing something alike so i cant do
it now you gonna play

done haptic so are you gonna get me
something and

you don’t get me anything well I said I
get no don’t get me anything now

okay well then i dun dun like they’re
all scurry

checkmate I guess that is sexy dot band

dot com 6e doubt band camp dot com

i right I

the show is if I real the only advice
podcast on the internet hosted by

us I’m Jake al Amir yeah feels good

feels right it feels tight and I feel

reply because I’m happy you’ve been
eating less

that’s why I now the air you eating

I have been eating healthier right and
yeah and how does it feel

during meals it feels worse but after
the meals it feels better

yes but at the after me last +91 her
ninety-eight percent of your day sitting

idle feel better for those

those times I also like I never ever

so the other day we went to Trader Joe’s
I spent like seventy dollars on


I came back I will sell to be fair hafer
that was whiskey

right %uh that’s true we had by two
miles away it was though

newsmen thirty dollars on groceries got
it forty dollars on WISC that enough

I have a problem but but I made myself
like the simplest

salad is like kaelin but whatever

yeah I was so like I was so proud of
myself like that so just the center

not even is like happiness and eating
but like preparing a meal

you know it was the easiest meal the
world loves like this is amazing

because I did it I’m a chef now yeah
sheffer this I was able to put the

things into one bowl

like cut a tomato at myself yes sir I
cut myself a little bit but overall I

cut the tomatoes mostly fine well I so
love mashed into

clubs and I had a mere cut the rest
today but I feel like a man I cried and

went to McDonalds a

but that’s the Pride that the pride that
tastes so good

even though you’re eating your shady ass
salad but through I am

well as against oh yeah the way the
podcast works we get emails from real

people and real

difficult places and email address if
you find yourself in one is a fiery show

at gmail dot com

we come through the submissions and do
our best to advise some people out of

their sticky places

um let’s get these real emails

fake names to preserve the anonymity and
get started

good idea I totally different didn’t
think a theme 00 Snapdragon

um let’s do let’s do arm

up Wayans brothers but wow

yeah that’s good thank you you get on
the spot good as I’d like to think about

it before

gooden affects year that stretch
appendage so damon wayans rights

that’s gonna call nickname for me the
pitch yeah

but the page is the bad place yeah but
like I shiny the page so they’re like

yeah like if you’re in a pinch that you
are you near the pitcher’s appear

pitches cool I’ve got pinching the pitch

pitch money money I not going to be that

and I’m gonna call you don’t have to
okay I put it out there in the world

right now they listen up like as ya can
call me the pitch

okay if that’s definitely gonna start at

expenditures as the pigeon baby whether
you like it or not that’s it

now I like it right now graduate Dube’s

went through also did J with growth
maybe ever call BJ with a couple years

ago here

and that stock the outside for a bit
alright all right here we go

Damon’s wayans rates hmm

dear Jake and Amir AK the pension Amir

nice having gone for after-work drinks
that ended up

stretching into a full Dave Rosenberg
night of debauchery I very vaguely

remember punching a guy for no real

at the time I was pretty sure he had
punched me earlier in the night but in

hindsight I don’t think he did

luckily I’m really bad at punching I’m
sure he was okay

I do feel very ashamed of it though

I was on this night out with some
colleagues from work

all senior to me since I punched the guy
and then just walked out at the club I


I have no idea if these colleagues even
sign happen

it is now Monday morning and so far
nobody has said anything about it

but I’m pretty paranoid do I just keep
quiet or should I somehow try to find

out if they side happen and will forever
hold it against me thinks

damon wayans Damon thats

really tough a pic hits though

this guy’s a bad guy xio

as he threw a punch yeah I’m its own who
didn’t deserve it yep this

if this have no friend of mine I would
like this guy but this guy is so funny

in the email that I think that is a nice

a he punch someone in the face and he
wants to know if he

should explain to his coworkers what
happened yeah

I guess well here’s the

he really did write a charming you know
it but I heard the story from the guy he

punched yeah I was just at the bar and
somebody came over and punched me and

then left the date that guy’s an asshole
for those guys like

the hero to get email I as 10 to get the
email I forgive you

which is which bodes well for this guy
and the situation let me just say

there’s like

I think every time you do something
embarrassing when you’re drunk

like parted use like maybe no one saw
maybe no one noticed that

never the case someone who hope
someone’s arm

know you like you hope no ones are but I

almost every time at least one person

hey its Beth every time you get wasted
especially view that wasted people are

watching you someone’s gonna remember
and someone even if like most people

didn’t see

it out there I’m what they know I love
that it was a week finds cause is not

going to punching that he just left the

I got at least he should have knocked
the guy at the 2009 World

world david has fuckin strength

a.m. is strong what he do I think you
gotta come out in front of it you have

to make it funny if the idea is to go
out somebody made a punch someone

the other night that screw that’s so
ridiculous and then maybe you can throw

in like I think you punch me earlier in
the night

it seems weird it’d be like to be mom
about it

reactive than ever on may be talking
about to be on your back read it you

seem crazy and weird if you throw a
punch in the never bring it up

it seems like you’re an alcoholic /url
Peter violent which you

say but yet you are a violent you’re a
violent alcoholic

is probably the what’s another’s a
horoscope sign

oh he’s this guy’s gotta be a secretary
as classic said it air

us has the Hill wanna I wanna grab and
hear your tits yeah

I nice thank you a very good at coming
up with rhymes on the spot

they can call me the spot up although a

film model up the nickname okay and Lisi
is as I that’s classic the pitch right


I sometimes the pain to get ahead of

yeah that not this the spot wouldn’t do

Nana I was vintage page the spot shined
on the spot but the paint

who the painted the sense to get had a
pension I mean

I don’t i’d never know

here’s what you should do to this guy
walk up to the coworker that you are the

closest with

and then like hold your hand to be like
are my hand really hurts

did you like see anything that happened
that night that would be like that would


give me a reason to think that my hand
really hurts an exec now I have no idea

the type what you’re talking about

that’s okay nobody knows but he’s like I
think you clinch the one

then you could say oh yeah it’s got
punched back or you make up a noble

reason like

I saw this guy harassing his girlfriend
in line at the bathroom line

or like yelling at a girl and I guess I
can the back my drunken head I just

added to come had to come to her rescue
and I punch this guy that mildly smart


a/c I I think he rightly so as I like to
live my life

that’s that’s close the gap record right
there I

something smart sometimes done I think

you are right you should do some
investigative work

with somebody who is close to the
company even if you are only our senior

people maybe you have like

a friend who could find out like a house
last Friday like old

I can David punch some unsuspecting
bloke in the face yet any walk down any


but I think no matter what happens like
do the investigative work

or talked with party just like straight
up as someone

but you gotta make it like kinda funny I
don’t think you could be like

yeah I punched her for a noble cause
because then everyone is like sees

through it they think you’re weird liar

you have to be like that was crazy that
was so stupid of me

but like be open to being made finer
yeah but there’s still an air of mystery

about you because he did punch someone
in the face with his ill

something a lot of people would have the
courage to do drunk or otherwise

there you go a let’s let’s use this
hitting theme was a segue to question

number two

a which actually comes from comes to us
from Keenan Ivory Wayans

while yeah that the only the only way
and brother bold enough to have

the middle name ivory and use it like it
was his decision as an information here

at a sad I deny

every alright Keenan Ivory Wayans rights

on the topic hitting eaten

hey guys love the podcast but I seem to
be in a bit of a pickle

so I started hooking up with this girl
and when she was drunk texting me a

while back she told me that she likes to

it playfully obviously even just while

how do I do this how hard when I do hit
and where do I hit her

or should I just not I don’t even need
the advice so much I could pry get what

info I need from a public blast if you
want love from canada yours truly

Keenan Ivory Wayans well I seized is
ready for a public blast near

but I don’t think I don’t really have
much to blast them on Yahoo’s

is seems to be in a classic predicament
yeah which is

girls wanting you to do something

painful to them because you are you
raised in a society where that’s


a hundred percent carte blanche wrong in
this girls giving you an opening and you

don’t know whether to take it is a trap

is it real in opening like you’ve always
wanted I heard a woman and

it don’t miss your chance here bird in
this dark dark ABC aches small crack in

sunlight shining through holy shit you
gotta punch your way through the wall

it’s an opening I did it is kinda have

had never had a lady want to do that and
head hurt

has liked being spanked they’re like
choked yeah

and my people there’s like hair pulling
min that stuff like a little pain for

pleasure clients

yeah never like straight up like

hit what does it mean even while kissing
that seems to be kinda extreme


yeah thats I is making our zone she
wanted a like

the slap across the face it puncher in
the sternum

I at the and like guys want you to hit
me just gives her a dead arm

how how old you dick admits

in a sexy way leaders delegate for
Dindin call safety

it kicks your cab I is this

our it now slapping her straight forward
on the nose

the most cable way to be slapped just
like getting your nose jammed yeah like

a dog you shouldn’t have proved inside

i thinkI the your right to just I think

if you’re comfortable trying it I with
the you don’t just like wind up and slap

someone you gotta like it you’ve gotta

I think you kinda be very clear she’s
gotta do. explicit direction as the

and you start %uh plays lap arrange if
she says hard rappers pretty extreme I


me know that she wants is a slap in the
face flat Flickr Flickr for it maybe

now me it’s like that for every little
bit the Unite

growth okay actually im partly cloudy

him that he just like a little it like
while she’s riding you know you slap

across the face

moms I will talk about this like that in
turn it down a totally fine

so you slap across the face when she’s
riding you energies like

that’s great then good and gives our and
like if you like harder than just go

little harder until she said that’s good

but also I’ll say that if you like
really not comfortable slapping her and

it doesn’t turn you on and then you can
have to be like

I we will try it for you but that’s like
not going to get me of you know

well it’s gonna be a mutually benefits
like the experience

well that’s the thing to you how much
%uh vidios sacrifice herself if she

likes it more than you hate it you
almost have to do it

I Blake I feel like sex is so difficult
that s

it somebody gives you a clue and it’s
like I’ll maybe I should

take Raju as much as I can that’s true a
bit like also see if you know that she

likes this you don’t have to be like
slapping her every time cos fetishes you

don’t really don’t really wanna be

this post to be special so like slapper
on your anniversary here slap wrap you

guys I had a really nice day

does not even kissing this is he had

yeah punch her in the gut on her

uniting I don’t condone hitting women in
let’s be really really really

like it not desert isn’t that like a
some like should he

hick bumper sticker like and I don’t hit
a woman in love she deserves it

I got I don’t I would not had a woman
and less she

asked me to do it and that is my boobs
have now had women unless he asked me to

do it and even then I would do it so

as to borderline and Salter yet this is
your bumper sticker

yes it’s a really really nice
bumper-sticker the pitch

it’s not even a rectangle to Foursquare
if it is the harbourside car

I I would never never hit a girl as she
wants to sell

the answer is talk to her about it see
exactly what you want and then do it if

you’re cool with that but not all the

is also part of your bumper sticker I

but you gotta stop making bumper-sticker
the lot about her just like general life


I long thirty-year did she ate at it

I really is get a new job okay

K et toi not easy to get a new job I
know this when you’re so bad a number

I’m in a bit over pinch I’ll

shit look bitchin southern and

and what he say

II I got an idea for a bumper sticker

on she its its

I the kids in the pigeons

not quite the guy you wanted them to be
is agreement

captain clutch a question the three-day

a who this is from a lady utterly

there’s a female way into name is Kim
Wayans really me another

will I write Kim Wayans rights

is get every question sir transitions
from one to the other

for songs about hitting second about
hitting women this third on is about

a woman in a sticky situation and egos
or something like this:

I’m involved in a fuck buddy
relationship with the guy from work

he’s a great fuck buddy because I would
never date him but he turns me on

like crazy there’s just one problem:
he’s yet to give me an

orgasm or even really try to

the first time we hooked up he texted
the next day and apologized

the second time he was hungover and
kinda mentioned it after

and now the third time he didn’t mention
it at all

he went down on me for a couple minutes
the second time but not long enough to

get me close

I’m not really sure how to address this
in a relationship I would just bring it

up and talk about it I thought it was
common courtesy that the lady gets to

come first but I guess not

do I put his hand down my pants my
preferred way to get off

and see what happens announce that I’m
coming first next time I go over

text him that I want him to get me off

please don’t advise me to drop him it’s
tough to find a good fuck buddy you can


turns you on and that you don’t want to
actually date thanks

Kim Wayans alright Kim I will say that
you haven’t found a good fuck buddy

because he doesn’t get you off

he’s found a good fuck buddy because you
get him off

and then don’t say anything that’s not

for you a I don’t think it’s good for

I think everybody like the he’s not he

can’t possibly be such an asshole that
you like actively

doesn’t want you to come he might be
might not give a shit I guess

but I think the lake and any dude if
you’re like

I want you to make me cum they’re like
they want to rise to the occasion

yeah because it’s like an accomplishment
yeah it’s a success rate

every every dude as like to be given ego
to be like

okay with not getting their girl of yeah

at least I think great yeah I think
that’s a point of pride

right so hype all that being said

I think you should just you should just
tell because I’m sure you want to get

you off maybe just like

African the first time in the second
time and then the third time he didn’t

he’s like just starting to feel insecure
about it so you should tell them that

it’s fine he hasn’t

and may be telling how to do it and then
it’s going to be a much better

fuck buddy situation it is real it is
like he’s the perfect fuck buddy except

for the fact that he’s never given me an
orgasm and he’s sorta

makes me do it and then he leaves that’s
not a good fuck buddy at all

and then head as he turned in its like
but she he really turns me on

may be as good looking maybe is funny
I’ll that’s all you need

well then you also should be able to
follow him in an hour girl Kyle

I really all you gotta be able to make
it appear just funny and smart sexy

people have been even if you’re not sexy
if you’re just playing in smart

okay your alternate girls I know god’s
name is in a mere

I Williams airing out myself

I’m not being down here if you’re not
that smart as long as you’re funny it’ll

turn girls on it

you’re only funny half the time that at
least you have called glasses

aku all you need is cool glass since
there’s a razor blade in your other I


traveling helpful a full head of hair

everything go day you shaken by the mir

but I wonder why a

yeah did I i mean the eight teams like
will hurt layer three questions were

dies but is hands down my pants

or announce that I’m coming first next
time I go over or text him that I wanted

to get me off

you don’t have to text him that you want
it I you could do that in person

year out to announce that I’m coming
first next time I’m coming over cuz I

may make him feel bad

I think the best the put his hands down
my pants maybe the best for those three

options and I will like

if he starts doing something if you put
your hand his hand down your pants just


even say something like oh that’s gonna
make me cum yeah

internet it’s hot like thats that really
wanna hear

not like Hey look you are making me cum
and you have to do that he’s like oh

this is weird yeah I like negative thing
right make it sexy

took per year like at Lake

don’t say I want you to make me cum just
like ask for that thing that will make

you cum like

and then be loud and vocal about it
yeganeh positive feedback that like

I’m gonna come I’m gonna come but and

you know hopefully put it out there in
the usurper spend and

and you will he still retract what that
feels like it does like they’ve only had

sex three times and I don’t

I think it’s find to like

getting to you you know you’re going to
get to know each other’s bodies

guys heard I’ve I don’t know if this is

taboo to say but we’re very simple like
enough friction on our deck

yeah it’s true like limit every woman is
a different puzzle

and every guys like very is a very
simple puzzle

right if you there’s three pieces if you
touch this part will

orgasm if you do it this will be good
then for girls like on it like this I

like this I don’t like this I know it’s
hard sometimes I like this sometimes any

there’s such as any this

death but he’ll get it if you guys keep
this up with the if you do you think

you’re going to be a good fuck buddy
then Mike

band you guys could get to know each
other than that there’s gonna be


then you’re gonna get into the probably
gonna be writing to us you’re like oh

shit I fell for my fuck buddy show the
fight me on a white house

I don’t think I’ve ever had just a fuck
buddy like a oh it’s 2 a.m. and I’d like

to have sex now

I’m gonna text this fuck buddy the Asia
try to if the company would be healthy


mmm yeah I guess I guess I should try it

yeah I should try to find someone that
wants to just bony platonically

libido year I there had a reoccurring
fuck buddy

a yeah where like I’ll

at the the end the night we both didn’t
do well so let’s

pleasure each other yet I have had like
nine have that one

Arriva my entire life is a series of
wrote a letter to fuck buddies buddy

ever have like a

re occur I feel like you just have

a lady that you do that with once or
twice oh yeah that’s true

maybe I think like a lot but he implies
that there’s a

amelia is now it does now in that lasted
like more than a month or two

right two months is max and then it’s
like because I think that that’s

pretty common the like you start people
start to get feelings for people

when you far too much right which is
like jealousy like you don’t want them

to fuck other people

Yan you like you know you have enough
Lake conversations between

stack sessions you’re like oh oh should
I get to know this person I remember is

to be like

someone with are telling me about their
job but yeah I will we see the

does it offend you yeah don’t tell me
about your job like don’t tell me about

your family don’t tell me about work

I we’re talking about TV and that’s it I

TV or dumber I you have a you have a
scale relax relax his allies theater


zone family friends religion I love

I try to get to know anybody man’s hand

because I don’t even know myself man to
help them afraid to get to know myself

I’m afraid of what I’ll find out what

yellow the pitches I lacked at Bacchus
is on a lockbox

I’m too scared to even open it myself
Hannahan I

affair with his ad it is a dark scary
room up there I have a man in my own

attic I am trapped and I don’t want to
get our hands

the biggest fear that I open the box in
inside I’ll all appear to come from

it is empty indeed it I’m a hollow shell
love nothing I am a ghost man I am a

coward and a loser

I have no hope nope opinions about
anything I only changed my mind hand

please do not come rescue me at others
attic I don’t want anyone to access it

not you not mean that my parents not
know when that ever a

I don’t let anyone in because then
they’ll see that I’m no lawyer

a you who I don’t wanna gives on an
empty box is a gift for they’ll open in

be disappointed that empty boxes me

and that nothing this is my life hanging
when I

or and K pic and it was dry

good I’m all alone Wayne

it it’s lady doing New Years said Han

you anyway but a break time

let’s break it up break it up on

but from break it up other than

the break into just hope

tricky haha make it up to go down help

hmm this episodes gonna come out on
April 21st which means we’re on tour

this week

holy clock in Seattle Portland San

who’s coming out all lately you email us

let’s lay come hang out and hang up in

nothing ya you know what were recording
this at a time so people I can email us

the answer to this question shit

yeah that’s sort of how it works I am
enough there’s anything else

else to talk about on Ash oh we have a
live podcast

in Los Angeles that’s why we’re not
doing a show in LA we were saving it to

do another live podcast

I don’t know if it’s been announced yet
but we’ll just say may 31st

at the Hollywood Improv is it the plume

if it’s not all at this prior to her how
you look at my calendar right now

alright the that’ll be a fun time we

a we like to mix up the the live shows
that the the live podcast there were

people a

people get sick leave us a simple as we
are stalling cuz I’ve got done

the repair three different maps that
were not a calumny against the

is the wind up trip it live podcast 31

where they May 31st May 31 531 baby
Hollywood improv

Hollywood improv alright now the up I do
you have to stall at all

I Sharia to one last question let’s do

a question the fourth

the Suns interesting from another dude
Marlon Wayans Marlon

Marlon Wayans rates am

what’s up the hill I have a problem with
my girlfriend that is

we recently broke up and got back
together not too long ago the reason we

ended it last time was because I was
feeling used and

honestly felt like I was being taken for
granted she took the break up a really

hard during that three to four month

I feel like she realized that she messed
up she asked for a second chance so I

gave it to her everyone deserves a
second chance right

well here’s the situation once we got
back together everything was great we

were feeling better than ever but now

I feel like she’s going back to her
ungrateful and complaining ways

it’s really annoying and I’ve had enough
of that already

she always says that I don’t do anything
nice for her and that I’ve never done

anything romantic for her which is
completely false

I do so much for her and she just
doesn’t seem to realize it

I just I love her so much and I hate to
Sears so sad but I know when enough is


I try so hard to make her realize the
good in life and how happiness is key

but it seems to go through one ear and
out the other

so my question is should I leave her
again for my own benefit or keep having


help her realize how good we have it
together I know it’s really up to me but

i just want to know what y’all would do

thanks Marlon Wayans I jus wanna kno

we got it so good yeah everything’s
perfect if we could just stop fighting

and stop hating each other

it would be greater she realized how
nice I was and start fucking bitching

and complaining

I maybe we got it so good

you just done grateful and I’m not
romantic but it’s great

only should I stay with their even
though I don’t like urs until she

realizes that I think you’re you’re
trapped in a negative space in your

sorta romanticizing the old version A B
relationships may be the honeymoon


yeah i thinkI I think the problem to
constantly be analyzing your happiness

in like when you break up with someone
to get back together you’re sorta Blake

you’re always looking at the
relationship through this lens alike

is it better are we doing okay have I
done enough have you done enough like

just don’t think about it like that just

fucking be nice to each other you not to
be romantic all the time don’t with girl

Jaycee is it had like

in don’t do things because you wanted to
be grateful you to do things because

they’re nice

at here whether it whether you are being
nice or are being romantic

it almost doesn’t matter because the
fact is she doesn’t think so

so either you’re not pleasing her nuffin
it’s a bad relationship where you are

it’s a bad relationship because he
doesn’t realize it

also they broke up for three to four
months a came back together and

everything was fine for a little bit

which is how it works you just restart
the honeymoon period over again

and that it ends up being bad again yet
something as might be in a better

relationship but I will just say that
like you don’t

I don’t think you have to don’t do
anything like

and sorted expect a response like I’m
gonna take her out to dinner and she

better say that’s romantic dislike

fuckin well that’s one of the things I
was talking about the from the episode

where it’s like I hate when people say
that you haven’t done something and

you’re trapped like if someone like

he just don’t do anything romantic
anymore and then you can just be like

the next day hey let’s go on to a nice

vacation you’re only doing that cuz I
told I L

I guess so yes why did you tell me then

well now you know you do they just lay
here with some honesty be like yeah you

know what you told me that I don’t do
anything romantic so I

searched myself and I decided she’s
right I’m gonna do something romantic

and here we are

yeah I appreciate that you told me that
already doing a lonely doing it because

I brought it up your eye I wish you
would do it without me coaxing a daddy

and you know what baby I think

I think that’s good we’re gonna grow to
that the right now this just happened


yeah this is my response to it yeah and

what you say first this time okay say

ok up I I like you a lot

fuck you too I you know that with
outside help it

I that’s our show led to another fuckin

affirm that that’s our web show that our
website yeah

that’s our podcast that our live tour
everybody by

I live alone and I love you you by Ken
just said that cuz I took

I P yeah added thats loro

sup a cell

I should with this letter we

is this do we is it over about they like
break up with her or don’t I feel like

away is that what he wants I think if

yet the search your heart now that you

yo do you yeah and if you’re like I want
to give this girl had a chance yet to go

into it with a much more open minded and

not now have these experiences

sort of like tryna it predict her
reaction because thats

you’re projecting just be yourself and
be nice but if you

think that I mean break it up

how break it out good

you make it up my most anyone that’s
broken up a force to keep it broken

I know it is I’m I’m a black and white
type dude you know a cap record I

someone holding a romantic here look
into your heart

Noel keyword hopeless look into looking
at the pier

fired and let her know at the last

tell a bit closer I as ans she’s you’re
gonna give her a present and when she

does close our eyes

you get that aim is so close to her
nostril your shares your bike in Dingle

berries are tickling her nostrils

our data totaling who knows as you plug
in let one rip prank caller

well what’s that that was the sound

above one hand fapping when you start
DJ’ing L you can’t because she’s in the

room you’re fucking limp is a dummy

crash test dummy she can’t do anything
about it is that what is happening right


he say long story short sweetheart this
thing going to happen

it’s over between you might as well
shake your dick sweat

I know I yeah

I say it sounds like this guy wants to
break up there but the only reason he

isn’t big is because

should I is a child lever for my own
benefit or keep trying to help her

realize how good we have it together I

yet that the guy remember yet aggressive
attitude towards the right now so if you

used any relationship at least

and get a little more then get a little
more like

chill yeah years and you’ll gain on sale
in but

otherwise yet maybe gotta cut Iran yes
was that may be sold

and then next time down don’t take her
back as she already had her second


you’ll and I love to hear the story from
this girl’s perspective

yes oh if you want to tell her that you
headed to a party and

up however I do if they’re we love the
interviewer for

close to what will seem like six hours
but even longer than that just

split it up to twenty-five different
podcast interview with this guy’s

girlfriend terrible idea

idea that’s it that’s our show that our
time I

email address once again if you find
yourself in a sticky situation is a fire

you show at gmail dot com

if you have a theme song like Audrey
Scott have the band 6-seeded

to open our show you can send that to
that same email address

if i recieve a gmail dot com and this
last one

is a are this last theme song is from a
are fanned

named Lisa in Canada so thanks to Lisa
from Canada

thanks to you guys for listening will be
back in a week dat dat dat to

my 15 still gidon need to know to do


jeje and me

will continue to have him here toons

demand do hello

laymen her nephew yeah

doing G lose

say you who didn’t

the men mmm

keep them ninety no himself and

burn plant and two


to me and he’s just nine june’s

into the

test in cans 9

weakened tunes

dewey man family you shoot G-men its ok

mmm and if they didn’t kids

done she this to money

scum sure you must change do

do not need to know you J

the best possible St nah see yeah

the scanners hand you soon


yeah this is right here Sebastian


did not just say in Auburn


me intentions

Jones do


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