Episode 74: Ladies Night


In this episode we discuss crushes, pronunciation, and calling out the wrong person’s name in bed.

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here I bigger the longer that I was
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think cell you think I just hit my head
I like I was pretty good

and I think you’ll read as a joke
alright great cool sell it for let’s

start this episode

I am fortunately the streak is still
alive things continue to get real and I

really think he has like this one so

just Ricky get started motto doctor GOP

50 by a train wreck yeah

the a


do for you

take your money don’t like you

past attendees that victory even today










are away very nice cells like a Western

yeah like the opening titles deal
western Idaho maybe I’m on a burrowing

you’re leading me

relax you’re leading me on a donkey ride

your honor but a Obodo a blow to our
little yeah I’m on a boat on your

leading me

with %uh across southeastern Asia

both old western myths it unless the

a whole I a in yeah but

this is my bitch I brought a record

your movie producers up house I’ve
played that song

there’s %um just as you said the words
out the cell happy these days a

it screeched to a halt work a you didn’t
you said so

ease staged as they’re not even the
western part of Asia

now you’re not even though it says
there’s a Western

I well it’s it’s a spaghetti western


to get to my house let how did you get
into my house your windows open a very


I guess who is warm in here you crack
bill but don’t bend ok I i said and I

I shoved in the mega what’s the you’re
under arrest

although the matter what they were
desperate in okay

I get fine cheeses crates in you be a
bill that a jail

that theme song was written by and

recorded by and Sun by one man named
Danny wild card

he sounds like he’s on the list yeah
Wild West any Wildcat II

okay and back on board will his real
name is Danny schlossberg

said I wild card is there soon add

you may think I hey this is if I were
you the only advise podcast on the

Internet I’m Josh

okay you jumped the gun there hosted by
I’m just and

I am from

Jake now vans who had a

yeah I’m very yesterday I like vans vans
the server

actually wat on it believe I Spy Kids on
the Internet has the by us

I’m vans Nicole issue ahead with the

booklets are really chill you shouldn’t
go up with something so show

I DL on the pitch

I this is Vance on the pitch come at
issue alive

is a slowly morphing into morning
drive-time radio show

oh with the fans and the kids there to
the bench who got hurt

bill bill bill bill I’m yeah I let us
tell you in advance that we can get you

have appeared shot

nice thank you a home so how does it
work people are difficult places they

need advice

they come to us as the theme song
suggested and add the email us if I

really show

at gmail dot com you can do it too we
read them all and try do

help a couple people out every episode
what can we say I don’t know

00 today’s gonna be special why a

we’ve found the emails from four ladies

her what’s special about women had what

what’s a special look Idaho tell if you
aren’t being sexist herb your China

put me on blast her big tits expect all
is that neither can I

the tables have turned off completely
around her back to where we started

early should I be here alone and seven

hmm a well ya know this is ladies night
is ladies night special I think so

I for one love my mother there that’s

million lives their mother more than
ideal as the I know unless there are

more than I do

she’s more than a saint you got I love
you mom

did you say you love my mother a

I idea there does serve a jerk okay

no one loves your mother more than I i
its the theater

with actually your mom really likes me

yet knows what she likes me over fucking
son yeah but she likes you by default

she chose to like me

okay she’d she has to like you and she
chooses like me it means more that she

likes me that she likes you

not you sure it is she loves me more I

only because she’s hung out with you
more yeah and cuz I K

at fucking key router for D I grew it

inside her fucking Stanek so I’m pretty
sure she likes me a little bit player

I ever have you can my house
certification but I suck better keep

diseases for like cool here Sep you’re
talking about 2012 rape

a alright lets get what’s lotsa

lotsa let let’s let so lets a

letter let let the let the leads I’ll
let the let the third loop

let’s let’s elect sur les let’s /url
osha /url an accelerator

lick her pussy you’re dead in this movie
producers hours

i right they ease

are really emails from real people we’re
gonna given fake names to preserve their

anonymity somebody called me out were
saying and non a MIDI instead of


I’d still a minister the dipoles such as
small subtle

truck you for pointing that out an
anonymous isn’t that the word

yeah years those I guess is what to say
anonymity and I’m saying and on Amity

which i think is clearer rate just I
think they are not necessarily that

pronouncing it yeah it’s more about like
we are doing this to preserve

their an unlimited T ray ended

committee me that that’s the way some

anonymity well whatever we’re preserving
13 this question will call this lady

blanche dodge blanche rights

hey dudes love the show I’ve recently
gotten close

to a guy who was my lab partner this
semester he always appears to be kind

and caring and flirty with me

lot of physical contact during class
more cutesy nothing sexual

and asking me personal questions he even
asked me out a few times in the past few


but I was so busy we never even got

here’s the thing that bugs me about him
he never tries to contact me outside the

class that we have together

everything’s great when we’re together
but no texting or messaging up any sorts

after the fact

he has his phone on him most the time so
it’s not that he doesn’t use his phone

he has asked me out again and I have
agreed to the date but this keeps

bothering me

does it mean that I’m just a matter of
convenience to him

is he just playing around I would love
to know more

hmm I would love to know more room

I would love to know your simply views
on my situation

thanks a bunch love blanche plants first
of all

pimply views sounds like we have acne I

it doesn’t sound like I’m a fucking god
and smoke show all that such as actually


you’re right packages that hi once in
the last nine years

a good that is funny that man I am

okay see a people’s net and I’m a Vokoun
hip and PMP

havoc have a button Kane you have a odds
are you became

no liked its cool shit accutane

now all it you’d get at Arup amply free

alright so the Macomb blanches situation
is very interesting

it’s funny to see a girl over analyze
things just as much as guys do

yeah except this is so clearly bad

she’s rather than so you’re upset
because this guy’s

asked you out several times and then you
brush them off

each and every time except for the last
one and he

in some weird way took that as a hint
not to text you

right do you understand how terrifying
it is to talk to girls let alone ask

them out let alone ask about multiple

rights leader rebuffed him even once I
would never even look you in the eyes


yet see you you you are your miffed im
confused as to why he doesn’t text you

because you said no several times we
asked you out by the way he asked you

out you’re going on a date with him

alright so in what world are you upset
that she that he didn’t text you

everybody else in the world

is upset the guys don’t have the cash
horny to has the now to their face in

person right fashion way nice and
romantic like this does not being

passive you like silly once used

season is she’s gone after what he wants

n year you you’re asking him to the

to send you a fucking text it to regress

yet but i digress. blanche heroes I’ll
send you a text

lol eg do you a whole

occur bad dagestan it damn right

you but girls don’t realize how
terrifying it is to talk to them

right even the nice ones the nicer you
are the cooler you are the scarier you

are to me

you are all terrifying girly go it’s
scary to talk to you

it’s never ever ever Lake

MBUS per they got a yeah like

its oh man as good as me a couple times
isn’t actually what’s the deal

he likes you I oh this guy like with the
new ones and they never said anything to

be with the deal he loves you

oh this guy is like I as we sometimes
but I can tell you like to talk about

other girls

he likes it hit is to always if a guys
talking to you have any lakes yet he

said was so much

effort just to talk to you you don’t
talk to people you don’t like you

let’s think girls do they’ll just like
party PA a ROM is that like

nine guys that have 10 talking to that
girl want her

like ur yet and that’s the most that
they can do that’s the most they can


Rebel Girl Talk answer is like because
it is better that they can have friends

right girls can have guys friends and
not wanna

bonam right guys not so much I think I

lesser I am so what should we tell this

and to not worry that eating text you he
asked you out on a date go out on that


yeah and then get his number and text
him and their

ill text you back really get anything
you embrace that you guys have like this

this this cooler relationship that is

tax that’s that’s great right on that

look plain right there you wouldn’t be
able to handle that hear that

you’re texting aficionado you love the
text zone collect text

the air the be at the turn me on the

I were deeper for why do you prefer
texting to

any other means of communication I like
more than email more than

nylon email love phone the lot text the

test the most click the X in a little
presence that get yet unwrap

but a few why and I’m well how sad it’s

but I’ll admit the entire to pry deeper
I know what I said was fucking

horrifying Lisa allies

Eliza text a gift more than an email
apne on emails a gift to

but a text is more exciting cousins were
like micro caps

leah is like unwrapping your stocking on
christmas morning you don’t know what

that’s like cos you’re a fuckin Jew

yeah of holy shit I’m so I’ma say like
that mean you’re an

you’re stupid you yet Adler’s leave mean

a fucking Jew US steel producers are old
baz slimy

yeah I’d like to do I hate that you’re
searching for a

yeah yeah these are all worsen an OK

well but whatever I’m but

none are misleading christmas is the
best at I love the Christians that my

family my mom

you the best sex button appcake you
older talking about text messages I am

I’m hi I’m I kind /url really tired

I we are shooting this a recording this
at 4:15 a.m.

I but moral 5 a.m. you play should be
awake at night sleep

I here’s the exciting part about texts

and tell me if you agree there’s an
immediacy to on

like emails you can sit on for six hours
24 hours a day

are 20 wears two days will text either
sort of an excitement factor like oh

this return can come

at any moment yeah that’s true it’s more

yet and it’s also a smaller and shorter
see after like

cram the wait and meeting right there
there I think they’re inherently more



I’m nazi-like me 30 factor item

I mean food is that important to me but
understood I

film god I’m just I mean the opposite of

that’s the airs not important I

no flirting is everything it to me areas
everything without it I

guy you understand

hmm the so this lady chill the f though

this guy asked you out everything you do
is a hint

to him he’s actually playing it cool he
SD he sat down he’s not texting you

a in a different world you don’t like
this guy he seid says now in any start

harassing you over text message

that so these days he’s playing it very
very cool well %uh back all the

astronauts several more times

yeah but where she likes them networked
okay I miss things like all but gone

he is cool I to 30 and the GAC I

a alright next question next lady

Dorothy Dorothy that was my
grandmother’s name

I’ll well maybe I’ll find a few
coincidences here

mission statement saying who’s a
crushing immigrant a

doctor to tell okay go alone

digi have four children I would say no
based on the context clues in the email

did you make any money to change her
name did she make a million change her


okay okie now let’s keep it or thick
dark area

hey guys I’ve got a problem for you
yesterday in my college sociology class

we learn that during a one night stand
guys tend to get more pleasure at a sex

and when you’re in a relationship the
girl gets more pleasure at a sex

I told us to one of my guy friends and
we laughed about it but then he started

hinting to me very strongly that he
wants to hook up with me

he’s a good friend but I would never
consider sleeping with him

at the same time I don’t wanna hurt his
feelings what should I do

minutes tricky me

you know honest this Mr yeah how will it
be bad if you

her zeal and see you don’t wanna make
him feel

low yeah so I guess for lack of a better
piece of advice the only thing you can

do is a

spread your legs open for him I would
say the only thing you can do is him

I very nice next question

a black gathered X-ray you fucking
monster or commit to that it that hard

it I’ll commit I did admit to a day I’ll
give it show

there is no is the benches in Ascension
he is feeling it

the old the page Commission take still

to commit to a bit I don’t give a shit
now rub your clear day

aaaa dude if you want me to hit you

here up just tell me that’s it

IRA that the its a pair

I’ll tell you that’s it that were just
like this they

I am sorta owns its freestyle rapping is
more like freestyle slam poetry

yeah I feel like if there is a
competition and Matt I could compete net

I thank you and that you’d be too
nervous to do that

yeah you get very nervous that too

a a a very scary yeah I to up

I you you’re comfortable only in the
confines of an empty room a microphone

in me

I really need you there yeah I really
always do

but prune you thank you I appreciate
that I and I’m crippled by it

okay a so let’s tell Dorothy the truth
here a

every guy wants to bone you you don’t
you don’t even have the time to placate

all your friends that wanna have sex
with you

yeah I would be more than a full time
job all of your friends

are they wanna sleep with you but now
there are operating under

the assumption that they can’t yet you
should allow this cut

to go back to that comfortable though no
friendship where he knows he can’t make

a move on you

yeah and he’s so eager that the just
this conversation a one-night stands

in is twisted brain open the door that
he’s like oh maybe

she’s bringing this up I’m just gonna
fucking go for it rate that’s like this

is like

any guy emailing our podcasters like oh
this group brought up 18 stay in havana

me that he wants to bone mean we would
just be like

no not necessarily girls talk about lots
of things and don’t want a better idea

every guys just like does this mean does
this mean does this mean and I usually

know and every girls like this

in and in CS a trolley the air yeah

means that little weird sociology class
I feel like with Professor should be


for this weird theory that is presenting
as backed an educator

know that sounds in Assos class we
learned that during a one night stand

guys to get more pleasure out of sex but
when your relationship girl gets more


but sorta sociology classes that

sociology I still had a little
colleagues UN to you but they obviously

didn’t have it

they didn’t have a single sociology
class or if they had a class on


the prime not Hyundai do

I am so the cause sociology you could as
we go to learn to be social

I can’t wait until like I find out later
on that my Burnett chs is perfect

pronunciation by the way

not print change the eight you said

it but but ok

you a this is the opposite have tickling

noses goes says it take Leila PA I

oh you’re a cutie it up for me

you read the only do well clean lap

they can’t uelmen both so cute

um ok I

said though the road genuine matter is
that I’ve ever had and bug death

I edit that out I can’t be that real

you so cute both the up

arm buck

so what I i think

I believe that has merit wearing a one
night stand it’s its

I feel like it’s us it’s much less about
late mutual

pleasure as it is sorta like some kinda
just salacious

a just pound pound pound carnal urges

yeah sure but I just seems like a
generalization not something that is

should be taught in classrooms

yeah I mean sure maybe

but I i wonder if there’s like some
kinda I’m sure there’s like a study done

on it that

the present though the professor that

took and present it to the class
something like don’t be so sure

you think that you gonna ask where this
girl goes to school

holy shit it’s Yale I stand more for a
leisurely the Berkeley I think that they

had a sociology class

as the sociology of renown ciation

a the I don’t want to hurt his feelings

that would be the worst okay sir don’t
ever sleep with someone because you

don’t wanna hurt their feelings

that’s not a good reason yeah a

like what is ailing that’s fine yeah
it’s it’s going to hurt someone’s

feelings especially if it’s the

because %uh the fact that you don’t
wanna sleep with them yep

and yeah all your good friends wanna
sleep with you unfortunately that’s one

of the things bad things about being a

yeah but its fine because you don’t have
to worry about hurting anyone’s feelings

he has you have your own feelings and it
hurt your feelings to sleep with someone

because you just don’t want to hurt his

so your feelings come first his don’t

dumbfuck am must be fun to be a girl
who’s down to sleep with their

her male friends you must have the pick
of the litter

there’s a gap that’s like would you fuck
me like a curse their Facebook friends

is they will you fuck there yet again
another thing but we’re friends right

it’s like private less you

match right so it seems like one of
those things where guys are always say

yes yes yes yes yes

and girls selectively say yes but when
they do. it’s probably a mad

year that’s interesting I wonder if that
up the

has led to any boning a yeah I’m sure

good for it I mean even just the app

lead missed a lot I so there’s a
specific app within Facebook delay I

wore a boner

yeah for sure I questioning where 30

text a we need another year

me rose

rose rose Rai

school RR rules rights I

I W I okay the three r’s

so recently sex with my boyfriend has
been pretty boring

and I just don’t get excited like I used
to so to spice things up I’ve been

thinking about certain mcfarland during

unfortunately I was so into it last time
we had sex that accidentally called

outset as I came a

I told my boyfriend whose name also
begins with s that I just mispronounced

his name

but he doesn’t believe me and think some
thinking about some other guy at our


to rate on the truth that I’m
fantasizing about sup micron during sex

gorgeous up the situation dies out oh
and I’m an 18-year-old freshman girl in

college if that makes any difference

rose old rose how boring has your sex
life gotten that

even ap as an 18-year-old a freshman in

arguably the hottest agent lacy okwu

you’re thinking about fucking Seth
MacFarlane but

who’s your boyfriend its and Peter

he said Deb happen Brian at

you wow yeah I’ve never heard of a set
McFarlane’s that spanned

sex fantasy that’s so weird LS is really
attracted to money

right this dude is loaded you can sing
that’s kinda cool

yeah actually scat Haney’s

mmm great smile no wonderful hair NHA

my god it so I’m I’m attracted to Seth
MacFarlane now more than ever

your rock hard another okay and I never
not cute

a mmm so should she

would you should she continue the
reasons saying now is

mispronouncing your name or should she

fess up to the fact that she’s talkin
sup mcfarlane content they have what I

were I would want in the situation we’re
in. the boyfriend

and someone calls out someone else’s

yeah that ever happened to you in a
relationship I don’t think so

I’ve been called like not during sex
what they call during sex

things that were my name but now with

and I’ve been like mistakenly called

and ex’s name just like in casual
conversation troll

will you upward but what do you want for
dinner John a and it’s like world

I’m not cool I didn’t like that one bit

only because I don’t want to eat dinner
with you I don’t care what the fuck you

call me

but it’s interesting because like you
just have an extensive so it’s not like


she’s a you think you have an axe which
is good rages they give a quote unquote


rate will with this guy thinks that he’s
that she’s thinking somebody else that’s


so if anything she should say separate
filing cabinets like know nothing about


that guy I’m thinking about setting it
far less it’s a girl thats

funny and weird all were my mind is when
it was like if

I was sleeping with someone that I loved
that i won

that I had that was thought I really
cared about and they yelled out

0 fuck me tween and I was like

in and then I’ll idea what the fuck was
that like who’s this guy

between the S&P with and she would be
like oh no no I’m not sleep with anybody

I just like

have a fantasy about the rock Dwayne

I and I would be like I’m glad that
you’re not

sleeping with anyone else but now I can
never watch it when Johnson

I can never look at the Rock and like I
look in the mirror and I don’t look like

the rock some like what the fuck you
doing with me in and Natalie where my


so this guy doesn’t look like said
MacFarlane I think it not necessarily

get the big no no it was in this case
that that’s cool with it was a celebrity

that you can never be any really rich
and successful and funny and you’re

boring so a

I fantasize him but then there’s that
I’m so i’m talking a lot has done a drug

yet there’s like a double standard love
you know like it I’m

sleeping with someone I’m bored with
them like imagining an accord Cobre

then that’d then what her know

am i allowed to judge my

my significant other just because
they’re using somebody else’s

face in their imagination to get off a

I guess if you’re doing it then it’s not
fair to accuse the other person or be

mad at them for doing it

yeah also if you’re fucking the rockies
you to say oh rock rock rock

that even people who actually fuck the
rock tanks a ODU Wayne

do I think if you have if you get hit
like if you actually get to be


penetrated by 20th I feel like you’re
close and intimate yuma’s relish that

you can call ’em

dwayne into the rock which is kinda cool

what a few ha would it be amazing dick

climax with the rock but the documents
to come at the same time

as the rock yeah just like a
simultaneous orgasm and appears like the

wife or girlfriend or whatever but like

to fuck ’em and look in his eyes as he
is coming and Yahtzee the people’s


reach their peak the same time they had
the as he as the screams

do use now lol

what they rock is coming yeah

buckle apps a II will

submit that I think you gotta just you
started the lie at the get to see it


because you know it’s fine to have
fantasies and its fine

I think also to just picture the people
you’re fighting to get off because your

boyfriend more than anything I’m sure
the city should white your

happen or or Yasmin feel good but I

their I think you fucked up by a you
slept he said the guys he said seven far

as they were together stick your story
and be like

a doubt I said your name is
mispronounced because you make me feel

so good

he can’t call he can’t ever be sure that
you said somebody else

he can only think that you did right and
and that it is a 74 on it sounds like

I’ll maybe I was and now I’m tryna like
the good ways to cover it up

that’s chill it’s too late stick to your
guns you are delighted don’t go back

companies like you’re lying about a
million things yeah

can you imagine what it would be like to
have sex with Seth MacFarlane

I think it sound a little something like
this: lil until

/url what the deuce it and cheese
loescher Nair

giggity giggity think a hey paid

for a mmm cheese

I’m Brian for all crap I’ll crap

our old geez how alarming coming

lil lil cool

up people are gonna think we are high

but I share your not though this joke I
really shouldn’t do it that having that

was incredibly exciting that was

though like you bunny we should I do an
episode members don’t

yeah where we get baked actually if you
want to watch an episode I’ve

something we did when we were stoned you
can look at my brother’s Instagram

but a yeah that was the first time we

shot something when we were faded I feel
like to read people that like

they watch the video there’s in the
partners like are you guys get like


still needing you make shit up but yeah
never ever hi

but that one night a what is your
brothers Instagram that’s actually

pretty funny

thing for people to try to find it a
British earth it is named maker herwitz

I think so

Micah yeah maker herwitz oh and as last

as of now I caption fruit salad

fifth day if you think that we make Jake
and Amir videos I

wait till you see this video and see how
bad it is

that’s what it would look like if they
actually were high

my new thing is just drinking coffee in
shooting taken years that’s the most

fucked up all its

yeah I that’s good iraq break time

do you need a break um I mean and then
to power through

their thing going on in my life what’s

or I from that’s a great question well

what’s the the subsequent April 28th

house the leave Rd were done we’re done

we’re done with our tour I’ll one of us

I got some pretty terrible news actually
over the last couple weeks

Jesus Christ yeah I know it’s you I

good unfortunately it’s you well yeah

eugenic you detected a mole I guess they
you didn’t see

deploy attack them all yeah I guess he
is found a mole

along with the underside your thigh
where the fuck is this where has this


yeah and a doctor like scraped up in I
guess they’re still

there the biopsy is pending be a little
bit nervous that I’m a piece that’s the

bad news today a

yeah your cuz Polar Plunge there don t
think alright do what you want to say


it was good skin cancer you I’m sorry
for and so wanted to shoot me straight

and ultimately did

appreciate it I’ll set up

a I’ll gash a

oh the live podcast hun

May 31st at the Hollywood Improv we’re
gonna post

more details on our website if I R you
showed outcome boom

and I think that’s it on a man when you
want me to say

know there’s going to be so close so
president is not a promotion at

anything that’s just mean yield mmm

sit and think about what’s up what’s
going on with you how is the

has the tender see it has cells a house

%uh your move in LA little ’em

tender is very sparse ok I I am

maybe I’m not swiping as much as they
should I don’t know I am

I feel I talk to people whose tender
light a lot

and they never meet up anymore Houston
you become like oversaturated with

with people who are not interested in
meeting up I wonder if it’s like

where we were in new york it’s so easy
to meet up with people and it’s really

common in Lake

you know you go to a bar and use or to
try to collect as many people as you can

in LA it’s a lot more there’s a lotta

there’s a lot more air very specific
plans going into going to a party thing

is in LA boers New York thing not just

tender overtime bloody its new york
persons everywhere saying

britain said it into overtime yeah I
think New York was like

people are still you know people in New
York their timurian still meeting up

with people

am i seven checked in a while yeah

I don’t know I wonder yeah i think i do.

you think there’s gonna be there would
be a new tender that like takes a tender

does but

maybe improves upon it like the first
app that does something is never as

successful as

later iterations that through well with
the new tender be

it has been invented yet many people are
working on it right now

it’s going to revolutionize it it’ll be
like what team you’re used to be before

all these

I’m sorry but jus chill the she said

break so I where does semi I had to say
a minority that I kid

possibly fall into otherwise the Joe
could be too offensive

there’s no god forbid I said ten year
before Asian people joined last suddenly

oh I can’t say that you’re not an alien
really did say

risk okay but I not only does I’ll blow

by turning into some sort of weird bit

on yeah I don’t know when are these days

one of these days tenders going down

have you ever been on a dinner date yev
one lady

toda fairy tale a

okay moving more than a hug her I will
talk about this after the shot

good still recording it you Korea all

it you are and blushes little Pillsbury
Dough do

oh my gosh litigate years you couldn’t
be more cool a future I

you’re a cool a boy but you’re still a
go away known I i right

very good Asians like so here we go

I last last question last question it
ladies night

comes from haiti’s de Sophia did we say

I don’t know say Sophia perfect Sophia

hey guys I met a dude through work he’s
a contractor for my company we hit it

off for right away

I’m his main contact at the company but
almost all of our work emails devolve

quickly into jokes

and chips going back and forth we’ve
hung out outside of work

getting drinks and dinner a few times
and we always have a great time an end

up hanging out for hours

we’ve definitely been flirty but not
overt about it

neither of us has made a move yet be on
these hangouts

that could be dates but might just be
friendly get togethers

if he didn’t work for me I would just
say something but I’m worried about

making shit weird

I can’t tell if we’re just taking things
really slowly or if he sees me as a


or a few dozen even know I’m interested

should I just say something or wait for
a clearer signal or what

toda Sophie %uh

Sophia right de esa via

okay he also said gyps is that it gets

yet this is that a is as the design is
that all the

pronunciation pronunciation annunciation
okay I’ve got another year punctuation

in this situation is yes it’s a it’s a

by Kyle and infatuation love that I A

Sophia sorry to say I he is

only interested your friendship I

really because otherwise why would you
go out to dinner with their and what I

got the drinks in like the emails in the
flirting is unlike all that that it’s

like friendship guys dig chicks

as friend yes and that the one on one
stuff like that like

no go now he after-hours yeah the

Pandit if you have any no relationship
with the girl and i’d like the balls in

play cutesy stuff in like sending little
animated images and stuff hmm

that we do with your bros I can do with
you dudes that you know your compadres

ethically you do we like work work
emails turned into just like you know

this is logistics logistics and then

I’ll do that with any girls yet lately
even if girls even if the girl I’m not

like attracted to like I’ll flirt with
every email

you like you can send your emails go
back in for take out the deadliest yes

spend and spend time with their like
nights yeah

when your weekend did because he thinks
the end I value our friendship

I want like to make friends new friends
at this cute girl dole

make a move it is danger would ruin the
friendship she wouldn’t object to you

and then it would be weird with work

regulation world are you miss read the

I am here to be friends with the a came
out because I thought it would be.

cool plutonic thing yeah and the drinks
were aware

being like a social lubricant so that we
can have more interesting conversation

wants to fuck his self be a

he wants to put his penis in you and I
think you wanna put your vagina around

his penis

which I so sir sounds like a win-win

yeah because he the Edo need a clearer
sign then him flirting with you over

email a nasty you have repeatedly it
sounds like he’s a little bit if we

carry that he hasn’t leaned in to kiss
you and once again

Rosa terrifying yet that with it like
he’s going through this

ten times worse than you are you like
what I see what does he want like

it’s so clear what he wants and he just
has no idea that you want it because I’m

sure that is used to girls

not wanting it yeah the fall guy that’s
all geyser ever used to

every time I had ever kissed a girl had
been like

out dope you wanted to do that yeah hell

thanks because there’s a giant fear
rejection because a lot of times it


exactly and that’s why I’m not sorry
that yeah in general

people yeah for ugly people right yet
for specially for

mediocre ugly P haven’t added you leaned
in to kiss someone and they rejected you

and the loop well I play it I’m so
cowardly that I waiting to like the

ultimate signal

I’m not I don’t take big risks but it
happened a couple times

you wait for the ultimate speculate
still haven’t yes

that is good much the what is that the
other thing to lose

kiss me a mere and the holy man in the
world what the fuck were you doing more

or less that has happened be & Wed

not necessarily ce actually saying kiss
me but

all the signs were there and okay we
hire and a green light

got t-boned by a Mack truck at I know
where when that happened

well a

them yet and how it happened what can I
say we got a lot to talk about his nose

are getting your ex things happen I
don’t know

well a theater Sophia the obviously want

yeah obviously likes you we should have
a wheel like a wheel of fortune wheel

but every space says he’s into you

so it’s like who good question let see
with the magical we’ll says no we spin

its yet he’s India

guess guys are done apes and this are

beautiful little complex butterflies but
they’re also done because they can’t

tell when a guys into them when it’s
always yes

well it’s true girls are dumb to yeah
that’s the beautiful thing we’re all

done for different reasons

all stupid we all must suck well now and
say they suck they’re just

they give people too much benefit have
too much doubt

they suck we suck we all suck human
beings are

bill well don’t don’t drag us down to
your level obviously you suck more than

I things are

build and so are all the brides in all
the groom South

unit you you’re on you’re doing
something interesting tonight I like it


it’s like almost like you like Ryan’s or
some shit today

rhymes are cool here mean to them I

I only speak in rhymes the alright
that’s it

cuz that was ladies night and as the A&A

and as the the area tonight %uh tonight

I only speak in rhymes I do it all the

I nights Brea and tire iron now we’ve
definitely reach the end to this though

a little

experiment we call episode 74 that
opening theme song was written by Danny

wild card

who I guess is a magician or a blackjack
dealer something with that nickname

and this closing line is

from a Matt rescind and the reason he
has a weird name is because he is from


we appreciate it matter reason we
appreciate it

Danny wild card and if you have your own
themes on submissions or

own questions have your own own own
email if I were you shown

at gmail dot com own up

I’m gonna go kill myself a Fiji

can do you know who sump pump gas

thought to day even better

I to the here and you’ll

hmm what would big deal I’ll

the new you the cool I’ll


I love


lol would si tu le

Eve the cool

and from

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