Episode 76: Bowl Cut (with Streeter Seidell)

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Our buddy Streeter joins us to discuss bisexual boyfriends and globetrotting girlfriends.

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thirsty thursdays are back my frail old
came %uh today Kalou Kaleigh

lug lug lug it’s time to plug plug love
I like that yeah

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our boys streeters on the show again is
back baby and

don’t you worry things actually got

re all enjoyed C me

yeah and every now and then had a minute


needs and create bad

is me

me now

then again

movement and brilliant an

go insane



again in a sticky situation



have been now



my sister

good now

the Chi

have it now


and 9v

its I he

in a bulimic







pass an actor but now I’m only

snag him

this year naquin do

attorney man serving half

scheme solo

I so log I like that this guy’s in as a
really good singer but he just fucking

wet for like 10 the heart is on

visiting it’s like the beginners skeered
just like I think I’ll try this double

black diamond see what happens I get the

I M Myers bravery and I admire that he
forced his little sister in the david


so that the imagine that get over your

yeah I just got the Jeep in a beer make
the fart noise at the end it will be


a streeters here hey that’s our soul of

I just maybe sit here for two minutes
that’s actually just the first half but

let’s wait a second I i

now the second verse period take a
little intermission

I some yeah I thought

at the very least he went for a while
with his name know it so if you guys

talk about it again

actually i dont there’s no girl its it’s
a it what is set for two people came

together to make their

I god is that it’s really Colin in Cory

maybe Korea woman that the there there
is that little girl’s voice in the


he could pitch shifted it yeah it was
all auto tuned

I go out I get this thing that agonizing
and I’m at the gym

the auto to it soon I bro heard

high-seas she me I

he also like beforehand to read I you
make money that has I’ll hate you

forever as a veggie for our

snail trail your house and your follow
us to to a live show and heard us

yeah that’s threatening lol that was
Colin or Corey

yet making those threats it was Corey
it’s more of a Korean girl’s name to it

than it could be

could be you know now day people are so
liberal and crazy with their names it’s

like anybody can be anything air

buddy sorry take it easy and looked
right at me

earlier a lil and crazy yeah the way
that the other the same thing he had

their little same NCAA the liberal

there’s a I swear to God I saw a woman
named Jordan the other day

Jordan this cut look your underwear
allusion to China

ok that’s not it that’s not the reason I
love the weather with you met david

joined with China I

certainly I say you this is a fire
you’re the only advice by guest on the

internet hosted by us

I’m Jake and Al Amir

Yap announced reader yeah

last year your first three-time guest
really your time

I think it yet either third or fourth
how you been on slow long you don’t even

remember how many times

yeah and I haven’t even listened to it
after that’s ballsy

good I it with every each one a beer at
this is really heavily I’ll really hang

through that medically don’t even touch
on but when you’re on me

record for two and a half hours and cut
it down to the best 41 minute I say as a

lot of stuff

you can shift it make you Allison
Williams yeah I

20 the Allison Williams observers
streeter on auto tune

I am so how does it work we get emails
from people in difficult places the

email us at a fiery show a gmail dot com
with their problems

and we do our best to advise them at a
bit such as just as two and sometimes we

have our best friends trader on

myron best friend I am I guess you’re in

you’re in the circle oh well mean like
do you think I’m top 5

annual friends top 5 time that I think
it’s a big ask in you know what don’t

feel it under pressure to say yes well
because you’re not in my top five

I because I did email you my list that
you were not on and yeah I got your list

Michael Ellis the a-list technically was
your bachelor party that me Jake weren’t

invited to wear

okay well real had it was the

I could be on the back you know maybe I
would advise you if you ever invited me

over to your apartment

I or II kno never what you one

apart now was one time I went only
lifted David

how can these will it be voted 2005 to
be clear that wasn’t quite an apartment

I was like yeah it’s true

here it was a rat you can grab your
bachelor party now will be invited

definitely add you know who won in Jeff
Rubin reload yeah

your bump into the act of bombed-out
heat out Ruben hello Jake and Amir

yes that’s right I’ve been to fill his
shoes I

he does wear out oddly enough there’s a
call Jeff room in fact he wears a size

15 and a half last

I get there seven sizes too big but he
still wears them

I have you seen him dunk yeah expanders
in wins those like yeah has he done I

competency and all the time daddy and my
head hurts

like semi-professional competition he
goes to New York to West 4th Street

he just falls they had let his balls is
a 47 inch vertical

its crazy they called the helicopter
jumped over a Honda Civic as part of a

nonetheless dont think a rather Blake
Griffin a

nerds guys can I just say what my
biggest regrets is that I didn’t invite

you to my bachelor party

really yeah just because I had a know
I’ve always thought that that was that

there was a bad man we were guys in the
Hat we are just felt like perils here

let you know bachelor parties are you
can only write so many people might rain

yet a vital areas and more

yeah my fear is more more than six
people are possible to move

more than six yet so it’s like if you
have a group of more than six people

just getting places in agreeing on shit
to do here become super annoying

especially when you’re on mushrooms

yeah I when you’re on a lot of mushrooms
Friday and you

and you’re going skydiving that’s like a
difficult thing to do with a large group

skydiving and mushrooms no but the dude

my instructor guy almost does me on acid

what when we were walking to the plane
he was like you wanna cert

in a search like the men’s year and as I
can assure

every I took when I was about to prove
my mother is the glue wait a minute

known as acid on it I it’s not as the
rocks that as a donde

and does so that would have been

and then he ate it mentioned guys you
have Yahoo he just referred to himself

as Batman and he wouldn’t

I was able what’s your name is like
Batman I

on now I anyway attach yourself to my
body and that’s not bad for an airplane

deliveries in my head but

I’m Batman I G does bear shooting work
you know I will figure it out

I got a cape just in case soup say the
acid search

I I would be considered an update that
he still had cert see if the problem is

all the last night having people are
just so cool you can’t back down ever

you know you know I look like a loser in

I from Batman non-professional sky diver

you know all the bad ones have been
killed already

said Russia that’s why I feel safe
because the good ones have survived long

hair that is that parodies

it sorta darwinian thing as a bad

on the bed skylab all the bad human I

on I it let’s assure get started what’s

we need a we need some fake names we’re
going to give the Israel emails from

real people fake names to preserve

their anonymity should we do trophy wife

home later oh yeah last year after
trophy wife

every Tuesday netted well does next
Tuesday I’d rather that it’s a perfect

well you can’t wait to Jer episode come
out my was last night

holy shit yes yeah new ratings low

rarity I people actually tuned out when
they say your name in a candidate

massive drop off I do bigger with the
lowest rated one

%uh really pics a.m. sure it had nothing
to do with the I’d always one week till

eight so it had to do with the

that are now at my mind opened with
herbs reading of mine comp

I 20 for benefits 2010 solid bed and he
went through the commercial grade

I I am yes ok can you give us names from

trophy wife the show on ABC at your
assure i’ma

legacy healthy a year female mayor

k is the main is the main lady I
creating covet

I sometimes I just think the actor’s
name yeah

like Bradley no great Kate yeah

Kate rights hey dudes so I have been in
a steady relationship with my boyfriend

for five years now and recently he has
opened up about some things that he

wants to try

he wants to have sex with his male
friend in college

he says it’s strictly for having the
experience and that there would be no

feelings involved

I feel very uncomfortable about this we
have done anal play with a dildo and had

anal sex and I even lick his asshole but
he is still dead set on having this

experience with is bisexual friend

how should I feel about this what else
can I do to shake these urges he’s


I consider it cheating but he insists
it’s not please help

what’s there with effort last question
is do you think this is cheating

if I but you will be cheating on my
girlfriend yeah

yet definitely it would it doesn’t
matter what you think it is its hat

your partner would view it you know
that’s a dangerous

game because what if your partners like
I think watching porn is cheating

so is that considered cheating I mean
you have to live in their world

a little bit so whatever you have to
deal with the there are consequences for

what you did

an interesting that is true so
regardless of how donor just by being

married is our wisest

I because he’s really believe it is I
ate some mozzarella cheese last night

and I haven’t heard the end of it she is
on my ass like stink and check

about the Chiefs tag I’ll

what do you think do you think if if you
had a girlfriend and she had split well

first of all

let’s say your wife jet on you it with
another girl with a

with the girls are that would be a huge
he isn’t

I I’ll do I

go for it there as long as I can watch

be the worst thing if she will let you
watch it would just be so I’ll be worse

than cheating on you with a guy

yeah I her some I win I win I’ll tell
you I wouldn’t be into it

you would be into it are you wouldn’t
you would be would you mind at less than

a shit on you the guy

definitely yeah there’s like a double
standard their thing in a.m

I’m okay with that yeah like she can she
can make out with another girl thats

yeah I like she has more wiggle room
than I do and that’s okay with me

baram I’m I’m fine I would also be less
pissed if

a one I had a girlfriend and two she
hooked up with another girl instead of a


you’d be lucky letters does that what
does that make me homophobic

or what the opposite is hetero phobic

its your half open minded yeah I guess
Israel optimist

its it sort of like okay hold up with
the girl

I guess you maybe have like feelings for
women so there’s like something I can

offer you there

right that’s what it is like anything
that’s but all

if she did it secretly in you found out
i think thats like

Arabella that always sucks you know
every guy I like up front with his

girlfriend is like look i’ve having
these feelings I want to explore this he

hasn’t cheated on me just like

actively asking your permission here’s
the thing that this dudes

straight lining cuzzz Lake you would not
pursue that unless you had

emotional feelings leading you in that
direction yeah he’s telling her it’s

just like something he wants to use Juno
is just

wants to do that how are you I feel like
to have my

outsmarted by my pride and love %uh fair

I what the fuck it’s not like billions
are involved I just want to try to help

me a job

fixed your day is not big enough babe
does not go get me wrong I appreciated

the rim job but like you I have a deck
like dry and i wanna get reamed

I get you closer out I

I just in case there’s a deck near lyle
have a good either way I’ll laugh how

odd should’ve give me a fuckin pink
soccer right I wanted elephant around

hanging off the back in my ass

all old he’s a lying here yes this is a
bisexual man

or maybe a gay man whose like in

and probably why hearing

you like now ready to admit that he’s
like having gay feelings that is just

like I’m curious about the Xperia

duets curious about that experience that
was there like a little gay rate Pierre

lol I guess arias I clearly already over

other and yours at Jakes stuffing a gay
kid to a lock

right now you have like I’m not curious
about what it would be like to have a

dude finger my butt

while mucho same as a girl this is like
a not that there’s anything wrong with


right now you can be a little gate not
the we’re not saying it’s a bad thing

we’re just saying that you are right it
was like the whole Kinsey scale unlike

the 0 to 60 either 0 or you not gay at

yeah years which is the best wildly a I
guarantee you get and AM I paid him

either ever it may be the rivers sixes

fixes trade that’s like just go with the
three at atlanta’s the right up

but very don’t matter I’m smack dab in
the middle

and I feel like she should maybe a maybe
it’s time to move on from this fella

other question is well socialized he’s
asking permission she grants permission

that it’s not cheating

so should see said how should I be
feeling about this what else can I do to

shake these urges he’s having

you can nothing just break up with him
yeah you know if you wanna do this

I’ll I totally get it or I don’t get a
bit like I totally

you know I wish you the best but yeah
I’m not gonna be your girlfriend

that’s what I would say yeah if you
consider it cheating then it is cheating

and he shouldn’t do it right or she
should be like

II wanna hook up with the a guy to earl
Ray nothing I

massive if you want to explore your
benefits and %uh pit balls have an open

relationship you could do that too in
red oak IA know what you just look up

with guys if you want to I’m gonna likes

explore my options as well collars but a
lot of sometimes that’s a little too

painful for people and I think it’s
better to just cut and run to be like

you know i cough get fucked by a friend
to college I’m just going to urac from

my life

I’m says it is one thing because I feel
his partners say like they’re in college

so doesn’t matter they can just break up
in its fine

yeah college is a is a wasteland of
emotion college Delhi

County extra I it’s really a just you
know just move along

gray and send them my way you know mail
seven straight

I feel like I I should I was talking to
you last week when we are in Berkeley

I’m like I feel like I should be in
college now

like only now on I a emotionally and
physically ready to hang out with

college kids

right when I was in college I felt like
a high schooler trying to act cool

you look like a high school yeah how
that it now that I’m like 31 I finally

look like a college kid

and I feel like now I should go back to
school he became campus I

thing is that this year in Berkeley that
I completely disagree with that

statement yeah he said

it’s better to be peaking now it as a

yeah than it is to be peaking in college
yet and develop a college girls

rights they had to go to class that
purview don’t have to learn anything

yeah I got to sit there and fake learn
dress sleep but these

lovely you’re saying I just be hanging
out on college campuses

I know I’ll so they should be doing that
what the fuck how much must get laid

dude tinder

I 88 sees better in person Jake

you don’t get that I need to be there
yeah like you is not a fuckin pretty

shell with nothing in it

I alright thanks treat you right crab
you’re right I

thanks dear I appreciate that I’m pretty
is a true love is a beer

I I with the obvious that a that

a gray Eminem I guess the record you
like grows on the outside at Alicia’s so

be it as I’d say

well not that there’s anything wrong
with being gray nothing grows I have a

good news the episode yet

and freddiew you guys out there with
gray skin that wasn’t meant as a slam on

you or anything like that is there a
tender where instead abut

pictures you see like %uh funny quips
tweets and stuff like that movie you

judge people based on their tweets

across that I

discussed already gone other today it a

that won the same one from Mike months
and months ago oh yeah I haven’t met

Ivan physically met anyone that I met
that out at

met online on tender while

and I’ll very tight alright X question

a the venue for guy’s name

guy’s name go with the burt birth the
little kidney

the little funny child that’s perfect
for this cuz he’s a high school in


hey guys this I’m a high school student
in Australia I’m in a band

the only serious one in my school and my
whole band 1 I

the hotly I would have and the only
series one in my school and my whole

band wants to get bowl cuts

my girlfriend over year really doesn’t
want me to go through with it

even though I had one when we met hope
you can help

said like a beatles yeah maybe maybe
like bowl cuts

handball cuts now we’ll cut Skyrim back

am I ready to stop putting crap in my
hair just left well

forward as I guess yeah well wonderful
weather double cuts are cooler not

would he do when year lady friend
doesn’t want you to do something that

all your guy friends want you to do your
kinda fucked not just your guy friends

your band the only serious one in the
whole school

younger I think you just dad

just don’t do it you don’t see it’s
basically hoodie prior would you wanna

piss off

will release the more time with prolly
the girlfriend she’s the one that let

you what

to you find you don’t have your
bandmates find you attractive you want


girl there with the find you attractive
for you don’t wanna seem ha lift

that throw first I get the other explore
your heart be ok what do I want

yeah it is doing the bowl cut just
because the band want to do when he

would rather be like

having a different haircut have growth
provide an attractive they do that and

if you would rather have a bowl cut be
one with the abandoned

tell your girlfriend to get over it you
can wear a hat a rounder yeah I do that

the thing with the bowl cut as you can
just throw some product in their

any style it up and make it into
something out so it’s like that’s not

the spear the band

rarely saying laying I also didn’t
understand that that’s like

the only serious band in the whole
SQLite ya of it like you don’t get it

I came a air

I don’t hate you I’ve added the skill
crack head to a guy without your even

when you need him

let’s wait I he the I’m sure he’ll serve
as a the only serious pain at the school

that means that mean

yeah were so serious we want to get
matching ball cuts

with also seriously don’t even play
music because I thought you like


yeah a lot of our shit is a spoken word

about aborigines well here’s here’s what
sometimes idea when it’s like girlfriend


other friends is you weigh like who
would be

I usually decide to let down the guy
friends because

when you let down your guy friends
they’re not as mad as when

you let down your girl it doesn’t last
long really all you have to get a

haircut pussy alright

what’s up I and their girlfriends like
okay other cat

is look that good and like I S II I

we will do for dinner and care the jail
clothes like

I now I’m done yeah 10 with you

I mean for I don’t blame her for not
wanting to get a polka

yet will be over here and i’d like a bad
idea but I love my

51 a plea for the next six months

but I look like a penis for a little
while it is it is weird like when your

significant other wants to do something
drastically physical to them cuz it’s


you have a right to say what like my
girlfriend is never right to say what I

look like but then it’s like

she has to look at it more than I do and
she has to deal with it more than I do.

so it’s almost like she should decide
what I look like well i think is also

some level love you

or at least there should be that cares
about their opinion race so it’s like

out on a picture of it like

okay I value I your viewpoint you think
my hair would look

way worse as a bowl cut I tend to agree

I I think I have a way out from the sky
yeah I think he should make fun of his


relentlessly for even suggesting that
they all get bowl cuts

like will just aggressively make fun of
that idea

outlet and I think eventually held like
find the weak link in the band like

is honestly probably the bass player the
drummer and yeah why do you say to him

to flip because they’re the non-dominant
band members like as I so angry all the

time what’s its

I like they don’t get to make any
decision self like he can win wanted

them to

his side then i think you can start to
sway the

the ball cut I Almeida yeah just suede

there’s going to be a sikk idea is very
lame it’s very to do 300

let said let’s admit that right off the
bat well we don’t know what’s going on

down there man ever gonna hop seater

i bowl cutter cool bands are serious

I driver might be a crocodile for always
I don’t know who this is but I’ll

it by adding up the Beatles you might as
well do something original it yet

according to The Beatles and even with

debts that bowl cut pretty quickly add a
just good at

yeah they were like /url doesn’t look
like it will come up with something

original that you all wanna do

yeah at all you guys wear sunglasses
that’s fuckin tired but what about month

haircuts you know

but I’m sure yet among haircut we just
have like a Hello of hair

yeah that’s a good answer not a lot of
people are doing that here

I Larry David so is this guy’s ultimate
advice do what

wall pit on piss off the person less is
what I say

if your girlfriend early more pissed
than your bandmates then

do what she wants and if your band will
be more pissed than your girlfriend

then do what they want that’s bad advice
do whatever the purse like I just do

whatever will make you at least amount
of trouble though do whatever you want

Knoll no no that’s battered by I think
you and your damn rival other line now

want the ball ca

because why the book a dog at the book
at the level they get the ball cut it

could matter less you’re in high school

and with your hair leveraged
everything’s gonna be fine this matters

the most to him

I know most important thing in the world
right but I and what a wonderful night

while aides

with my idea as 30-year-old get to be
like it doesn’t matter

we can tell them the truth we don’t have
to be like we are the placating what

would I do in this situation

whatever the fuck I wanted to you that
if ever you do it every situation I

damn good for me intimate you have a
bowl cut I

by band serious a aren’t they have it at

de st. Louis last week nah okay

are you on it now ok nervous writer

the return of nervous writer he does
this thing where he impersonates all

four beatles in a row

to makers kids a go to sleep and it’s
really good

well thats all I gotta say about that
are actors he did he does different

accents for each one yeah houses do the
same an adventure I’m John George and


from is a Paul yet on paula bring guy
decision illiterate

I just like the Beatles

I more I’m as un-american what is it
she’s border

i’d like a cheese border police yeah

speeds borger I in my saying you’re
right she’s borger

hang out saying I oh I’m sorry

you make fun of me up for getting
hamburgers instead a cheese burgers

yet night well i digress. should be the
default Ivy League once they invented

once someone invented a cheeseburger
they should have just stopped making


assassin obvious improvement so you’re
saying the cheeseburger should be a

hamburger and

a hamburger should be a hamburger
without cheese there should just be no

option and get it without she

by one-time Burger King tricked makes
you have to ask for cheese there yet and

I’ve never been

more angry and you never got back to
burg I had a cuz you said this is

ridiculous this hamburg has no cheese on
it and they’re like so that a

cheeseburger like now

that’s a Hamburg ridiculous I called my
dad he’s thought the exact same I got


I is eating it too the sheath their

I I’ve been there I’ve done that all
year here

i right now the lady’s name who Jackie

Jackie BOM third question from Jackie

rights hey guys here’s my dilemma I’m
going to Alaska this summer to work at a

fish processing plant Google

I went last year and had a great time
met awesome people and made lotsa money

however this year my girlfriend wants to
come with me I love her and spending

time with her but one of the reasons I
go up there’s to get away from the real

world for a bit

and I think having her there will change
that and it wouldn’t be the same


how do I tell her that without sounding
like a dick or does that actually make

me a dick

thanks in advance love what is their
name Jackie Jackie

is it a girlfriend as in we will be
talking about as in their lesbian couple

or girlfriend as in her female friend I
think of her bestie girlfriend

like their couple here you get up and
walk away X

I’m not good days sir I’m really

years reply to women

I as a couple she’s getting sick over

guy takes getting sick you here’s find
out your book a

I my bed serious a Yahoo serious I

I am that’s a tough one yeah vacation to
wanna get away

and then your girlfriends like all come
with yell

but I like being away from you in her
head there her girlfriends like

oh my god I’m the sweetest player look
at me going up to stupid alaska to

rip Sam and guts out with the Jets are

right now rivaled that signifies a
fundamental problem in the relationship

like hey can I I’ll come with you like
now I really like a I really like good

gutting fish by myself in a lather

sayings but i wanna go to Alaska in
touch dead fish for up for a summer

diddly squat healing thing you could
possibly do go to the furthest away

and do the worst the I head there rather
do that than you

how about one little ray of sunshine a
couple are no

I really like the dead fish I prefer to
be alone with the patient actually

yeah I did like my hand up in an all
white albacore K

without you there I can to commiserate
with this I haven’t quite been able to


figure out how to tell someone that I’m
in a relationship with that I prefer

time apart because it seems like a net
that seems like a

slap in the face but I think it
necessarily is

right does absence makes the heart grow
fonder yeah yet the set that shit up


early though year I cuz their Catholic

you know you um you have a girlfriend in

flying somewhere like a large I V the
airport that’s like that’s like the

first three months shit

right and then like two years later a
year they’re like oMG I am playing like

having their playoff hockey need

button take have right here used to take
that airport yeah

used to do this use to do that right but
obviously the

use to text me all day the plane is a
relationship can’t sustain the insane

first three months

near Compton I was me on my best
behavior I G lol leaving a voicemail the

rescue I got the phone due to merely Rd
bro got you have to justify this shit to

me anymore

no but like no like understand my
motivations every girl

but do you find yourself being less
you’re married select Yes up you you do

less a lot of time away from finesse
know you do this year does real romantic

shit we were in the Seattle market you

you bought her a big box of her favorite
tea rare

really sweet and low stuff is awesome
but in general the find yourself doing

less romantic stuff that you did like
the first three months when you’re

courting her


maybe he’ll maybe the frequency is less

when we first started dating I was like
every week I was like I gotta do

something I have to make surprise or

and now since we’ve been married for a
few years it’s like

also do that stuff but it’s not as you
know we have life to deal with like I

you can also show how to work I got a
guy who has right track Julie obligated

to stay together at this point right
yeah I have no real incentive to like

exactly a exactly the beginning in the
tabloid agreement from this isn’t that

what marriage is

contract yet the country goal I

did it pays the word I well it’s like

in the beginning relationship like you
know what’s it called would like a


the beginning a fire like blowing on a
spark yeah like a snob and I sparked his


yet but under to psych you’re blowing on
like this little pieces like all that


getting bright red every time you blow
on here just like China sustain this


and another time a Merry to take a full
going fire like I’m in this thing all

keep burning on by itself without any
both at 120th

accordion billows things would put it
the opposite the value

but that’s where it started a raging
inferno and then it cools down to a nice

glowing ember that’s comforting and more
up I guess that’s true it doesn’t make

you a hot and sweaty

right United is Lake I would never so
since like I get time away from the nasa

and we spend time away it sucks and I
miss ur

but I would never ever then come home
and be like

hey I’m going on vacation with my boys
right for a week

like you can’t do that anymore yeah like
when you can go away together whenever

you have to do it

and you should want to do it if you
don’t want to that’s what if your life

was the opposite what if you were

in New York all the time you never
traveled and then you had an opportunity

to go on vacation without her

I think it’s totally fine too to spend
time apart like you need time away from

each other

radio after like three months like you
said you need to start being like

alright I meant to say go away for the
weekend with my friends and michael c

you after

right that’s like which keeps you sane

but to go away for a whole summer izq

I bet it’s like at the big one yeah I so
I don’t why don’t we tell her that she’s

not a dick

for wanting to go away but maybe this
girl friend can come for only part of

the time

who can you justify that by telling her
like oh I like

just being by myself not without you
just by myself

for part of it so any cover part in
vietnam alone for part especially good

what the fuck is that cool gonna do

although all summer well her girlfriend
is chillin in a fish processing plant

rake gotten salmon Sakai were talking I

like horrible I’m collide cuts sockeye

sounds kinda dope I would love to go to
Alaska for the summer you can go out and

work I want those crab boats I can’t at
this cat’s how am i doing a

I would you like ripped forearms give
such a better life year I mean like I

really can’t stress that

a my forms will be jacked your forms are
already jacked by the way I wish

everyone could see ’em I mean my god we
have to do another video episode those

are just that

10 like those are the distance are you i
mean is that the Wolverine

now that I feel like I’m watching a
Wolverine trailer HD

really yellows for arms look so defined
its like the definition

it’s like a dictionary I don’t even know
cuz I live with them every day yeah it

does do it yeah

I I money

I don’t see them grow I think them every

yeah they’re like they’re just part of
me now I guess just me

i right to take a little break your
break a little breather

just let’s calm down to get a little

steamy in there and I’m here now yes it
was he it was hot click here he

Hot Hot Heat I any funny stories from
the tour karaoke night

yes well after San Francisco at this
tour was way more tame

right be you still got it was short it
was short

I yet during the last night I got
completely shitfaced because they were

we like we’re drinking whiskey backstage

yeah yeah then I was drinking vodka Red
Bull backstage you didn’t finish or so

I’d read yours

yeah and then during the live image that
the mic when people were coming up to me

that there is that that putting shots
lol yeah

jst that’s why that happened and that’s
the last oh I traded shirts with the

random dude you’re there you still zip
teenager sure

yeah ago after actually gave him a
really dope Shope though

some kinda I’m kinda bummed but forget

then the the next memory and away add to
memories after that 18 is

watching you guys sing karaoke for 80
were singing a shaggy

my angel and just angel ISA

yeah I don’t by justify with my on the
young guys

were it was completely dead karaoke by
yeah it was

there’s no worse feeling being drunk and
it’s like Sunday night at 11:30 earlier

why isn’t everyone is drunk and crazy as
me i jus wanna go to a crowded place in

the other passengers

there is is for all people not and
that’s all we’ve oh we let their Plaza

i’ve seen the video that the really sooo
I have a video video from a phone number

that I don’t

no analyzers Garrett your Garrett be

the girl

video yeah Olli said you just wander
through its body your head is they’ve

I I was a dick a

laughter that we went to a diner and we
can’t wait do you remember the next the

guy went after us

oh yeah he was great too yeah what he
say a clean so you’re a great one I

yeah he’s there oh yea say somebody to
love yet which is a

which is a karaoke like degree of
difficulty nine-a happen to turn any

kill the

yeah late it’s hard to do Freddie
Mercury who woulda thought

at a karaoke bar in the Castro somebody
so we’re good

he had a mercury think we her ok but
then we went to a diner because I was

the only place those open past midnight
on a Sunday

and I took a great photo a view looking

yet turn so quickly I was really happy
for a while and then in that diner I

ordered like I ordered a

great a biscuit increase I while we’re
waiting for

I went to the bathroom for 15 minutes
and I’ll puked my brains out

came back fell asleep over your food
both Liverpool and I also I think I

how’s that it was pretty good

yeah a the week or do we all go home

yeah we all slept with the air that
night old LaCie Little I thought that

was badly

Dave that night did you we’re coming
back we took that we had a weirdo hotel

oh yeah we mean you went its because
mean streeter on one floor new day or on


yeah we walk into the room and i was
just like wanna sleep in my bed

I was like really I

like yes every 50 with look together all

those beautiful that was a bad hotel to
enojona lowers

a hotel a hotel blasts at Hotel

ads suck it was really grow dust over
there both

Hotel Union Square your mother a blast

I felt bad but you know I’m dunno if
they don’t the people work there are


yeah bills or retire knocking them they
were great don’t stay there

I it through tenement yeah I look like
somebody move there like the seventies

like when they first get December this
and they get off the bus and get a room

for like

forty-five dollars or something like
assholes like to

will we got to the hotel for free on our
tour leo is dirty

it was bad it doesn’t look like it
should be really nice

I think that’s what may be so mad cuz it
like looks really nice the lobby looked

awesome and I was like a

Obuya is a life and then you get the
room you’re like poets the size of a

closet and there’s rats living here

and then a building caught on fire right
next door yeah

you texas you’re like bob or fire the
ice cream I

just a buyer you can’t assume I avodon
realize smoke billowing out youth your

disclose it may be was a good car
screeching to a halt

that dude you said Bob and I was finally
got I thought it was like 9/11 I thought

a closer look like a look like giant
plumes of smoke regs are you telling

people were like scrambling in the
street yeah that’s true but i cant

I I can thing bob really make the

like we’re under attack it was very
scary I always go for the worse that way

if it’s not a bomb you’re relieved

I think it was a grease fire at a Burger
yeah within like sorry man doctor

it was back to normal a you know to let
somebody was

didn’t get cheese and as high with yeah
yeah okay we’re reenter that’s true

don’t worry about it you were so pissed
that smoke came out a few years

I buyer everybody is so hard for her an

I also want to mention our live podcast
on May 31st sadly

first 8 p.m. at the Hollywood Improv
tickets still available

please come we’re thinking again some
cool special guests

it’s not me say it’s now me ya be here
on the 31st

I don’t think so issue just moved LA
already yeah thing I love to

here other I would say we pricier more
often that you visit because

if you lived here we could like we would
be like more casual half to me cya now

that you’re

yeah here’s the day with us every other
week we break lancelot yeah he does get

there and then they have a key

oh yeah well I do you know why I dislike
I’m not how long day and busy

ok with it ape-like actually you know I
don’t even think I can make it

I’ll call the you see that Israel is
just like happy sitting on their cash

not eat at the best

Mullaney generated the most real job
elaine is ok let

that so easy not as yet but he was like
canceling plans is like

use like sex social heroin or something
I don’t

ruin a joke but it’s like its urs its
over the years in terms of instant


canceling plans aside Caroline that
funny we had to be careful yesterday are

really happy

yeah asset to our obligation less

yeah if the meeting with like a producer
who should of course be like excited to

see if we can and should be

resurging is bills should be like
brainstorm ideas which be in their

pitching ourselves instead it’s like we
didn’t do jack shit meeting morning

a bit like a it scattered late yeah I

three unemployed for every with you
anything yesterday we did record a

podcast we didn’t

write anything we just the you got lunch
with your friend I have my Cornell

we took we had a day off actually I
think we deserved a cuz we had a half

day on Monday

yet wiped us and the a day early life
are yeah

last week in in San Francisco we r
didn’t do anything yeah

so that was good we’re back from
vacation in our sort of in a different

home vacate were in the transition
during a staycation

you let’s do not doing anything far away
from homes in Iraq to do anything at

home and then we’ll use and/or

what do you seriously like most people
have time are are their work in time of

oh yeah and then in there at like a
third layer love like

extra time offer something and we only
have time off

we only have a cation poets at leisure
time with the air it’s like

work your its work time my personal
hobby time and leisure time right and

all we have his a hobby time at leisure

alright at work I he had really have to

like but most people are like a forty
hour work week and then in their spare

time they do something still ache

yet it is like the padded yeah lol alert
Amadou woodworking videos hear your

rock climbing would be at their free
time right

a so but I’d say we have a third layer
time which is just boredom

right I deal with all the time now yet
absolutely nothing to housing okay

Lillard it was Hobbit I’m Yours writer

Hobbit I’m writing and I don’t have the
time climbing TV

and they’re like oh I have all these
other time that normally other people

would be using for their hobbies and
their leisure alright but my i buy

leaders already done to me how your dad

you have my dog is your doubt yes the
jury got a landscaper

you a landscaper you got this big ol
yard here you can do some scapin and

they’ll be cool I would be

I would totally be down for that but I
don’t lose play arms do they’re all but

dead you got up

take care that shit the drought and I
cannot take care the earth

I are let’s get a last question we are
you running

dangerously over being alleged shit a

people are that shit they love it I one
last question

if the people what they want give the
people what they will give the people

what they didn’t ask for

dude with a girl okay that the mail kare
great news

trophy wife it has one grown male
characters so we are planning a female


okay let’s go with Meg mega rights

here’s my situation: II a twenty year
old lady have recently broken things off

with a 27 year old guy who I was only
casually dating for about five months

it turned out that he didn’t want a
serious relationship and I told him that


that was the case then I couldn’t stay
around that’s more to about three weeks

and Here I am missing but his company
and the sex

we’ve talk maybe once since we ended
things but I’ve been debating whether or

not to try to talk him into dating me

however I’m worried that since he hasn’t
really reached out to me much

that is lost any and all interest in me
so what do you guys think I should do

should I reach out or just leave him be

I would love to hear your opinion since
he’s closer to your guys’s age thanks


El mag megs megs 20

never like to renege have poor little
meg poor little man and then

her boyfriend is 27 or 26 and 27

the due to its fucking casual yet yeah
always the cash

yellow his like I wanna catch avalanches
like well if you’re not going to take me

seriously I’m gonna leave any that
alright by

in at three weeks ledge that way
actually I changed my mind I’m

I fuck you okay baby this is an
ultimatum her

you got it you gotta be that’s you about
me or not

having sex anymore I ever have sex
anymore okay

wat wat what IRA auto

by Clive a party found two other
20-year-old 25 date me

now I fired a really big business daily
said I’m considering asking him to date

me again

yeah RDS in to date you don’t I don’t
think I don’t think there’s she gets

what she wants

yeah there no matter what happens years
ago but she was nice to hear guns

exactly and then at least at the very
least you have your self-respect

because he is honey he’s a dick weed

let me tell ya says he is a dick Weegee
so much better than him

you know I don’t necessarily think it is
a decree but is one anything serious he

told you he

and you said if that’s the case then I
can be with you and then you left

and that it that’s really it but
nationally are maybe we can thank you

note residing honorable

yet she told her the truth yeah he was
like look I can’t I can’t give you are

you on so I’m not going to waste your

and she’s not saying she wants to just
but she saying I’m missing amid

considering asking him to date me again

that such like you can’t go you hughes’s
didn’t talk to you for three weeks you

can just go back to go okay actually it
was really serious about that offer a

dating seriously

right get it’s over it’s over

yeah I think it’s over I mean she
contrive she’s really

broken up about it she says she is no
harm in trying savages dismisses boning

no she doesn’t she’s gonna miss you’re
you’re gonna go back and start bony

years get attached to New Year to feel
bad and that he’s gonna be like I get

everything I want I got I told her I
wanted to be casual and you’re like back

there being like elf ok agile like %uh
this is so

cool in whatever I don’t care okay that
the other night

like nombre they had are yet buy an Audi
my pick who you fucking

I that may be a lil I tell you you’ve
been through this

yeah your the 27-year-old you’re the guy

yes they don’t give me what I want I

good but it’s working what he’s doing is
working a course it’s working

see but like you have to his heart is is
it is make it not work

break this is Tim you can beat me I can
be vanquished

give you up a fucking roadmap and maybe
he’ll reach out to you and it what if he

reaches out to you is like a coup
leaders have one casual night

interests in a say no definitely say no
course not

you think she’s going to though now yet
without was a metaphor

why buy them why buy the cow when you
get the milk for free

yeah buy the milk when you get the cab
for free what really care how would you

buy the milk for free

you take a good look at highlights
hamill I

by sticking your head up a stake that’s
what I’d rather take the cows report

I on I wanna I am

like in my head I imagine this dude as
likes this nice like understanding

guy who’s like you know what like I can
make that commitment

Mike I want you to a you know I don’t
want me to stop you from eating some

great guy

right hand but like you know in reality
these guys like a high produced

just like your whatever I kept me from
another pocket 20-year-old

Fox so I only needed like that silly
really high

it together to talk with his mouth
closed by any way home now

I can cause I thought you not that I
don’t care a why is it easier for

27-year-old to get

twenty-year-olds than a 20-year-old to
get when you’re old it’s almost like a

age compensates for attractiveness

it’s weird because you can’t as detd as
the mail in this scenario it seems like

this great deal

but like you can’t be a 25-year-old

guy and going out in nineteen year old
girl like

that would suck for viewers are you

you’re saying the ninety it would suck
to date a 19-year-old yeah

I think it would but it would not sad
meet Suu by thing I girls that the

average annual /url

yeah girls I attracted to older dudes

yeah but then I find like I don’t know
when you like

when you hung out with the younger girls
aren’t you like hoc huh

Sep annoying right now is I guess
depends on the girl

but yeah in general I guess it’s better
to date someone is more mature

but what about if you’re just interested
in boning well there goes the matter but

it doesn’t matter

your the subscribe to the divide your
age by two plus seven thing

like his point is 2722 is that to young

I would say would be a little that like
it would just be weird because when

you’re twenty seven-year in such a

stage in your life yeah you know I’m 31
and I have to Sir decide when to cut

the cut the age limit of I would collect
myself lover 27

27 II maybe 26 you think if I

if I slept rather dated a 25-year-old
out be weird with the I think it be you

may be weird if you did one for a long

well 25-year-old I don’t remember if
you’re at a college

I think 20 E or that way you like at
least at a college for a couple years

I room I forget the year that my brain
turned into an adult but only girls are

so different girls

I their girls that are mature like 20 21

ever honor than I and II serve I

that is why your honor I feel the this
immediate unlike

talk with my hands up at at the as a

some bad putting a shotgun at me she
told me she was sixteen your honor

that’s going on is its old right Skype I
got it was hot

I a yeah

can I suggest masturbating to this girl
del issues issues at least having an

orgasm chill desire in lab right will

or just like go out is that I work for
girls that’s at the I don’t know that’s

a weird thing i think thats not think
that’s only a guy

yeah I think it when a guy climaxes like
oh I don’t need sexual again as they are

all my brain to work for

a 1/2 our all of that but when a girl
orgasm reply just one another one right


yeah cuz they can just keep going on it
seems like it makes them more awake

and guys more tired thoughts I would

100 percent okay hans to take that away
don’t masturbate

that’s what it is it really go celebrate

I just go up but another 20th but
another dude

that’s good your you better yeah I do
wat do all you need to do this so many

do a 20 year old guy a favor and go do a
20 yr yeah I

don’t do then you know what stresses you
out yet the rule

outside this guy’s a whether he sucks or
not he sucks for you

and by can meet somebody else yet the
best way to get over someone is to find

a new person

bill yen Anna Meares single and ready to
tingle I’m actually twenty-seven years


from I 27 or straight to heaven

had 27 in forty eight months a alright
that’s it

we went long but you know what that’s
going to happen sometimes Thank You


thanks for having me guide you on a plug
anything I have nothing to plug what are

your TV show

more like this Owens’s come out tomorrow
yet there’s I guess what’s the

yeah the season finale a trophy away
trophy like 20 million people watched

the prior in back

you know what I think the call already
paid by the employer for

yeah hopefully there’s another season I
have a job I can move out here

with you guys and thanks to the

Colin and lowe’s is now Corey

Corey and call in for submitting that
the insanity appears on have your own

or questionable year on senator if I
were you show at gmail dot com

Irish gonna start and and every absurd

completely new original theme song and
this last one at the end of this episode

was written by Rudy Rudy I guess it’s an
adventure time parity so yeah

thanks for listening everybody will be
back on Monday peace

if I were you the broadcast show the

dairy real questions Jake months a year
and the year that their dad


her and me cast time

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