Episode 78: Steroids (with Rick Fox and Kyle Fox)


Three time NBA Champion Rick Fox and his son join us to discuss performance enhancing drugs, condoms, and canine theft.

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a Jake what’s the worst part about
reading huh have in it did to do as

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let’s get this party started because we
had a

pretty pretty chill pretty chill guests
this episode

very true we talk to a three-time

NBA champion Rick Fox and also

three-time NBA champions Sunna

Kyle box toad %ah I show you things got
real 30












do you only you meanwhile

English at debate

I’ve begun rolling

relay I’m yeah I was unlike some real

Edem trance hip I gave you my nigga if I
give you two guesses as to where that


lives what would you say I would say
Iceland that’s correct

Iceland is Kira event Israel yes site
yeah I knew it his or her name is

Eagle seekers spinning CN yes and
they’re from Iceland name sounds like

the SUN yeah

Rick Fox is here I know someone from
Iceland who

a miss ice to call the icy York

a I York I just like to imagine a world
where you are your guys

a hundred Bergland Bergland your lookup

how did you meet her I matter here in
hollywood ok cool

yes vicuna I’m a I was a party somewhere
here in hollywood was long ago

yeah Thursday waco other AC cuz
brooklyn’s the worse the

I groups want to change in its very name

II C and she was beautiful she was
incredible talls

spike 510 yet the shortest the wedding
she was Miss

miss ice want when I ok shit really yeah
but we were in Iceland

every word every girl I Sinai’s it was
either the most beautiful girl I’ve ever


or a potato I herbert Richter

I where they were potato with I it was
either the most beautiful girl I’ve ever

seen or an icelandic gentlemen

right there is no different for that was
that was a nice intro yes really yes and

I loved it there was that one of our AC

yeah but they have a YouTube channel
this person

does I know if it’s a banner a solo act
but its YouTube dot com slash

the i do. day what

and Dage a DI Oden

got it so if you like music from Iceland
every music from Iceland sounds like


perfect and I know it sounds like when
Kyle is your yeah I’m also united as i


you you only introduced his dad his
daddy II power gonna be calmer but this


yeah I guess I apologize I i’m

jake’s dad is also here we have an
Internet standard yeah but he’s not

going to speak to any idea dad

well that’s what you get for not signing
up with a credit card for college

yet my dad in Kobe Bryant just sitting
over there in the corner stealing

together never say a word on the part
that was deposed as a good

episode a polar yeah brian is always in
the body with a nod to

two episodes now so now this is the
third this makes it official so

Kyle you not only have submitted a
question if your own once be you’d

listen to every episode of ours

I don’t freak you out but I’ve listened
to every episode at least three times

because I was I was into it once and I
wouldn’t do it again

me yeah but it’s so sad because like you
show but I’m like how am I gonna tell

these people that wasn’t to not only
every episode but multiple times on

every episode you have to tell us

on air during the pod yeah I mean this
is a good fit because it feels right

I love it after I prodded into I am so

wrecked just in case you haven’t missed
every upset three times which I’m sure

you I spoke with white

I actually like to cut in his life you
never listen to the podcast

try to put it on on the way here has a
child’s god dammit Kyle

I’m trying to dry I like the spot maybe
I said I want to be able to yeah

myself for the question let’s have let
ok I’ll explain it is dad

yeah how does the show where comics yaoi
your you putting us about it was rather

pretty on the slot not put you on blast
your the

zone okay I we we have her go we have
every every guy like you

we have we get questions from people who
the email in it if I were you

show at gmail dot com Wow and I got

I now write I and then we we give advice
and it’s not always good

but we at least try to be funny I mean
thats else can you say that as the earth

you’re on the show now it all it was a

it with Kyle character a lightweight I
the whole movie

well you’ll I as long as you’re willing
to do all the work that a mere does

which is just

really questions recording the podcast
editing the podcast post the podcast

promoting the pot

death in reaching out to sponsors then I
willing to take you on a typewriter

I because I have everything else yeah

height just in case we ever for a basket
by I would like exam but check what do

you do your

I you’re looking at it I just sort of
interrupts and ideal Amir

and I cover my you handsome you handsome
you damn lawmen

I wanted to follow up with I’ll cows
question the maybe we’ll do that during

the break

hosted an aggressively a break I let’s
let’s get to actually answering some

these people’s questions these are
really emails from real people wrecked


organism that they’re not necessarily
harmful other places in the world

we have were popular nice then we should
go back into a lifelike as denies that

yet but not in Reykjavik either

on so this first email is from

a lady so we have to give her a fake
name there

there you wanna come up with nicknames
for us

your I like that you up with a big
neighbor Bergland

yeah I know you’re absolutely needs to
be a theme that lets the air

seeking deal I can I don’t know ladies
went to college with

I’ll a I

public question do we get I can about

but you have to use real real full names
but you know

some sorta lady’s name for his nickname

will star Kristen I understand kristen i
know i started christa

okolo pic

I am in night basketball and an hour
that will have little after we’re done

recording a lot in atlanta I can look
her up

this one’s a doctor or pharmacy well is
actually like a brainy estimate

something ever sell

yes you should unlike you I

up it so I guess we have the upper hand
were smart now

alright Kristen rights hey guys I have a
little problem on my hands I recently

found out that my boyfriend is doing

before we dated he was lanky and scrawny
but then he started to go to the gym and

I became more attractive to help but he
was and I dated him

an hour in a serious relationship what
his gym friends recently told me

that the way he got good looking and a
muscly is by using steroids and that he

is still using them

should I confront him and tell him to
stop or pretend that I don’t know and

let him keep doing it

I really like his muscles and I’m scared
that I won’t be as attracted to him if

he becomes scrawny again

but I’ve heard that drugs can sometimes
ruins sex lives what should i do please

help thanks Kristin

so just so we’re clear all over concerns
are for her

rap like well I like his muscles I don’t
want to be scrawny butt begin doing

steroids I’m afraid the sex obi is good
for me

yeah for me me me right what is best for

the it was like that in college too I

is crafted I didn’t take any
performance-enhancing drugs college so

I won’t be in vitro not making a made

whole frame Blair is that as an issue

a.m. college athletes and are
professional athletes

not that I’m aware of I think we’re
professional athletes they

the look in other sports it’s easier for
other maybe

faced with the challenge of staying in
the league or progressing in the league


some of them may make poor decisions and
in had the directional

performer PD’s we call to calm PB I am
very close

terrible yeah and that’s cool arm bring
that’s a problem it does the problem the

Christians worried about performance

direction oceana with the but he still
writes the idea even

I yeah that would be the that would be

Werner many reasons other than I just
wouldn’t have known where to get them


yeah it’s a surly didn’t need to use it
would have done no I wouldn’t I

I got any credible opponent I just do
not know where to find them when I’m


but that’s cool much beer started doing
steroids and

but like everyone was so lazy that they
just got fat like they’re just doing

steroids and not lifting so they
wouldn’t be expected to be like taking

steroids meant

instantly as a crack grows like that you
have a big spinach like now a muscly

that the help yet like lift obsessively
yeah I wonder what steroids does

anatomically does it just make muscle
growth bastard

I don’t know I had buckingham the I
plead the fifth I have no idea i knows

that it makes your head bigger for one

desert estelle throws in New Year yeah
you get back to regret

ray the worst side effect involves it’s
on your back got Friday

your big in my sleep but your your penis
is travel then

unusable says it’s like why did I get
muscles because now I can use my have

agreed to get back to the bag disperses

awful in general yeah with our she’s

a she was lanky in Lewes Renn he got but
for now I’m attracted to him but at the

way he did it was a little suspect and I
don’t know whether to dump him or not

but not because she’s concerned about
like steroids can cause a heart attack

basically right there very unhealthy

yeah he’s a leader yes but she’s just
worried about leading to a low

a libido do you have any advice

I think we did I think we just have to
scold her I

as personal all ok a full one hundred
percent blassie I don’t know what the

mic sup

well crested let’s go around the room
thing Kristen how dare you

I nor I’ll start Iraq since you brought
up a lot of feelings for me

Wow you’re talking to the actual
president Chris Herd

how dare you who visited

how dare you Kristen

how dare you Kristen good work go

lowly know that she 10 years beat your

yuri scrawny a lake in you’ve been
lifting and now you’re getting bigger

yet but I’m bigger instilling keyway I
think I’m not like you want to be though

I’m not actually gaining weight they
don’t want Jakes I’ll

twenty-minute the facts MIA’s them to
both YouTube of

I much I’m into muscly yeah lol

you get that a lot don’t you think that
the reverse could beat up your dad

all better but I so could be a mite and

out maybe I’m thinking I was great yours
I find you when you’re dead person’s me

in a mere

ideally we would absolutely does I

I see how many times he’s tried to beat
me up have varied as you tried to be

your data

0 I have no it using ok Athena always

was at the Hyatt that he had a hand to
reach that’s right he knows better

I feel like Rick you’re the only
professional athlete that’s lost weight

since he retired from basketball

that is money that uses because that’s
true right recent occurrence thats

your sea ice but you’re in better shape
now than you were when you played

basketball for a living

I I definitely was my first retired for
three years

I I think I could benefit as model and
then I don’t know why me because I

didn’t have to go play games yeah but
I’m in recovery room I’m

on May on you’re always working hours
worked out every day

playing golf working out been comin out
clubhouse covered up

was remembered I just feel OK

I A but other than that yeah you don’t

your your life as a professional athlete
when you’re playing is filled with

responsibility to actually show up in
compete bravery in the in the level at

which a competing so intense that the

find you just made out in bed leading
food induced

well that’s why I budget athletes like
day come back

in September I’m talking about football
players they come back in September and

October at a shape and they played

that’s what they said about Jackie plays
a into shape by the time the plasters is

talking about tell me the other day

we were in you talk to shack attack
these all

I come closer but OK the usual I would
like that

at Turner here are covering the NBA
Finals yeah our sectional finals yet but

and we were watching a game we’re
recanting some of our members from our

days together playing and he would say

you he said the mix you remember when I
used to like to come in

ins you know training camp cot work my
way into shape mousa

yeah I know I remember it maybe the
Salafi I

whatever hypocrites if is low so much
they gave me a 128 million dollars

yeah exactly as I guess as long as
you’re playing in April it is a matter

how that you are October rights that are
you note for some people

became you know to him he could get away
with that yeah but you you’d obviously a


it was a bad example for for young
players that don’t have his talent

for any would actually really really
annoyed Kobe to say the least

this is called map worked around the
clock so what do you think

it going I’m right here under now I am i
that I was shaking their heads

alright I wanted on a dock claiming a

yell at the prom one fat when non good
players become fat

then you really fucked yeah %um that
happens a lot unfortunately

does pay to bring this back to the
question guys but I’ll

are you sorry doctor jack

better but shack on black I we’ll never

let’s at least leaves give an answer so
we can move on i mean this guy really a

go on the market could focus people are
right we had a fun little time but I’m a

really big as I know I’m wrangling you
guys and

you like your dad talk about basketball
is maybe the most like

the the most interesting thing in the
world premiere day

like the most boring they give it a go
on being there for me imagino with

Kristen in a relationship I could be
talking about Shack

who cares what he was saying

I hope and Jack Kobe whatever whatever
we would share their no to those times

I I have actually that’s that’s a true

and we had the championship parade first
one in 2000

yeah I was there are you were there I
took I took I’ll

to join me this how is this is n n he
was there a need for the

be held 180 that he was know your lying
no I’m you five I was maybe retire 6266

hikers were born 94 you six and %ah
weapons massive

parade were up on the stage in Jax you

ludicrous all the stuff is going on in
the confetti is coming down

I can’t find my son and used I behind

run around the confetti sliding all good
place right

fast Fords becomes an a regular
occurrence right every year

like I’ve you’re leaving it like
chrissie yearly hey why don’t they can

look ali won again that as a trophy is
offered right

Builders Inc yeah pays for hates the
moment is the third one

where it went he gets we’re getting in
the car to drive downtown he said where

we going

I got I got a championship recant how

are not data gathered this year’s

story did now 1980 you really weren’t
even following the games you like but

why is de like I did not inherit all

was dead in New Jersey how well does it

as little as I was I was in Boston just
goes where’s that but he’s in Wyoming or

something I don’t

what is this there have a team in Miami
shut up this issue I

maybe someday they’ll be a franchise in
wyoming just not yet haven’t seen it yet

embraced ICICI secure me he just he
didn’t he could care less

do you still not give a shit about
basketball oh absolutely I see I’m just

now kinda getting into

I just now sort of like public reform
that’s you like hot chef

I like I would I let you guys podcast
like that’s why lie I could give a shit

about basketball

so what do you listen to the podcast
more than I do yeah I’ve never ivan was

injured at the right now can I just I
will really bring this up all jokes

aside you listen to the podcast now

what why I want to see the experience is

I was busy right now I’m going to listen
to every day I

I was on the park has I go over the
listeners every day to

over your it’s you’re gonna ruin this to
re-size he has a story I love you

let’s let’s let’s get a question number
two we didn’t we still have you started

it chris said how dare you listen I
really do think was not dare you I think


UE you’re worried about all the
superficial thing let me let me say this

look let’s try to equate to something
real right when when a

much more real than being bussed that’s
what everyone has their own a girl gets

a breast enhancement right back because
a lot of pain about problems right way

to that

what would you say to a guy who had a
girlfriend who gotta Bressan

other repress the my breast enhancement
are illegal steroids are against the law

I’ll night night and I just after just
getting to Smith our 2011

philosophy ethics let’s let everyone
know the drugs without a license

black you gotta go value respect a lot
on where we’re a little bit above the


let every but this our stories we
deliver they just against sports rules

de Villiers Again Sports roselle take
steroids they wrote

doctors prescribed steroids to people
who need them yes but only when you like

when you need when you really need them
like if you have an

exam I put steroid cream lightly I could
look it gets ours are the swine flu you

get steroids and the like almost kills
you get you like

booth your mother’s things just using
steroids for the sake of getting

stronger is the legal pretty positive
their legal

an hour till late Mon we’re all idiots
who don’t let go

settlement I Kelly request submitted

the web sites that come up with his
steroids legal it’s at least unhealthy

I think she should if she should be
concerned that a boyfriend

if you care but she’s not yet and I
think it that she that you’re not

it some the fundamental problem with the

I’m a douche it’s not the relationships
with you you’re a bad person

yeah I will you looking deep in my eyes
and he said I what I assure you I hate

you don’t

you’re a bad person those piercing I I
really hate to be on the actual

receiving end of that

I yeah so maybe I your your priorities
are little at a lack of that we’re

concerned about

let this guy go you got some good
steroid loving had a bit

and for orders date him until he does I
mean if thats yeah which spry right

around the corner store either

think through you know it’s as a girl
its cuz the girls like this the guys

even take steroids

lamb which is incentivizing in the to as

are steroids in the two much comfort is
our are steroids

illegal and are steroid League Obama I
would be like

which the person you want to take
steroids like are they legal believe


and then me I wanted I want them to be
illegal what’s the answer

I am is it it gray area

you need a prescription from a doctor
okay well that’s not a legal when

yeah it’d is it like a how you need a
prescription from a doctor to get


how you say you as my rings idea to give
you steroid love on Yahoo Answers live

but whether certain states that thats

steroids a legal in yeah like Colorado

yeah so professor said nasa they have
edible steroids

butter and brown is now I would take a
story brownie

be you know how long it takes to wear
off you know you don’t know the dosage

it’s dangerous there is our legal

are illegal they are legal okay I’m
starting a very bad were thirty minutes


be sorry I love you I did a as as

you end up in the comments y’all I it
specifically lawyers

I am yeah let’s get to the next
non-sterile base question we need a dude

a guy you went to high school with that
we are now dated I

love the girl with the most masculine
name yeah I we didn’t have any male

friends in college was all

guide to other teams right and teammates

arm well my teammates was named King

game as a masculine a at their desk as
David Ashley

he did it really to tell pretty bad he’s
a coach now right

yeah there I V our name is rough spots
on the second coolest name on the ideas

like crazy transfer of his last name was
david has risen was king

is his middle name is Dave his first
name was King David Rice

David King rice damn but he’s not
looking David Rice

King David Rice US understanding that
this first day with King

I gotta get that through you King rice

yet I think world named after midnight

very close I was about to be king box
like the whole like

I you fucked up I just didn’t have my
mom my mom was against

Kyle I was trying to go answers you gave
me the case we have to be fair though I

columns columns and a box which means

handsome king of men box that over the
years good and yeah

of like that however you want to compete
my real name is Paul Rick Alexander


alright alright name through remand
Craig Brewer

Alexa we can go wrong with boxes and the

longish love my name is Jacob Hurwitz
even if it means

held by the heel I I meerschaum well Fox

I hebrew is getting with the was rice

I that’s so much worse than dividing

i’d the rice I love rice so much I’m
making a bit

like Uncle Ben we’re talking about last
episode rose %uh commemoration

I am alright hey guys about a month ago
a girl I’d been dating for over a year

convinced me to get rid of my dog

she brought up some very reasonable what
reasonable points I’m never at home I

dot may benefit from having a bigger
yard my house to be clean air I can get

new furniture et cetera

we made the decision together and I
started making improvements on my home

it was sad but we are working through it

last week she broke up with me at the
Blue a partially because he said I blame

her for making you get rid of my dog

admittedly I did I don’t really care
that I got a broken up with the now I

totally miss my dog

I give my dog to a shelter and they’re a
little bit a facebook stocking actually

was able to figure out

where they sent him to live should I
steal my dog for his new owner

he has a history of running away so I
figure I can get away with it as long as

I left the gate open or something

I live far enough away that I don’t
think I’ll ever but run into them a risk

getting caught

what do you think I should do any advice
you can give would be greatly

appreciated to die in advance

King David rice actually reno

30 for Israel and the park as yeah
people are called

about asking about crimes less like a I
have this into illegal things steroids

while like nuclear kill gonna it’s
spilling a dog techniques really colours

as you’re out lol I will not like it was
in the

dealing yeah it would happen if a doctor
prescribes the theft

what now is it illegal we should iight

everyone in this story is terrible well
the ground this is only offering was

right in a way cuz he said it was
getting better

he said his life was better for it knows
that was making improvements on the home

at that he missed the dog

noise as being permits on home but

it was at has been proven home and then
she broke up he said saying now I can

get the dog

yeah now that’s not what you get to do
with the other pet

that’s a responsibility and then you
give it up you don’t get to steal the

dog back

the duck boat is wanna be back there he
had it yet in order that was just like


they fuck you your hairs everywhere my
girlfriend told me to sell your

dire ta for the dogs that night yeah
owner a blast near the

here the Qingdao by in same you guys so
that we can get the dogs together

you know the dog before the girlfriend
yeah keep he had the dog got

cottages like I don’t like the former

I’m pissed at him and they’re all the
dog but rather they were all dogs

game and basically she wanted more in

yeah and she keeping basically they
choose him for me and yes as the girl

and it’s a lovely family comes in adopt
the dogs give the give the love a loving


and he’s like I kinda want to steal the
dog back now that I’m dumped

what if they okay here’s a good here’s
my suggestion

don’t steal it but ask for it yeah

where acid Aug 1st yeah he should go
there acknowledge me

miss whatever the dog goes to: follows I
did at the dog goes

I forgive you yeah then or it’s that
then we stand on either side you see

which way the dog walks

auletta here’s a little trick for that
game stuffed dog food in your underwear

Hugo that’s why I do that every day
regardless just in case Disney

you Nate Dogg’s I don’t hate on me that
if I got a dog you would pretend to hit

it depicted every single day so the
afraid for 10 till

pretend to are you can you believe it
when I have high

ramona foster dog in use to like news

but big hitter and everybody stared

and I like you can’t do that its I’d I
know you’re not hearing your but your

you put beer in her well first of all
she Rd comfort came from an abused home

which is another reason why you added a
little help yeah I was try to like okay

it’s okay like remember when somebody
did this to you but now I’m not gonna do

it so I would raise my hand release us
with Lee

yeah as about as if the strike the dog
home and when she blinked in Coweta way

for me

it showed a great reference to me and I
would then by myself closely you die

horrible sadistic for you but the and
Natalie get close to think that show you

a reference yeah

it says Type A respect I remember faye
getting your dog but I don’t love dogs

I do I feel icky maybe he didn’t take it
used to talk about being

yep that’s rarely do I would like talk
lovingly be like ooh I’m gonna be. I’m

gonna hit yet what it was and I was
actually can still feel the energy a

really bad but I’ll as the

you know the Humane Society thing I I
think your monster yeah I did at B’way


close a few minutes a side with you guys
have animals you have that

no what we did I did I I lost a pet

in a relationship recently well so sorry
get with

but we care it became I now really it
really I could look so

so like my the comp died in like dogs
for the longest

okay you didn’t I just how you look at
it sounds like me a little bit I

that there’s a side of the line fall on
I do fall on the side

a beating dog no dogs

lives like God record I don’t even know
another a Michael Vick incident go

I did not be dogs I just I I did not
grow up with dogs

in the house yeah guard my dog is a kid

lived in the yard right and occasionally
they would go off for two weeks and were

part of the gang name char

would know where they’re at and they
would come back come back with an

animated series about them being streets

so so I didn’t grow up with that you
know dogs on the are in the kitchen at


the on how much right so any time I saw
a dog in the house that was always a

little bit like

okay like going on a bear are you

so I first got elected official my up
with both

over the young lady she had two dogs oh
yeah she had

ladies love dogs man and she had a

Bernese Mountain Dog a small little cue
Coyotes got a huge it was like a logical

to mountain roads repair the dog was
like about

when I say yes I got a huge dog bro

but it she got it was her boyfriend
before me

no locks good that was a little bit of a
problem yet

what I don’t say loving them tortured

and then she had another dog tell you
about Kristen did I

but she did to you had for like nine
years so I was like her dog she got by


as yet another dog with her boyfriend
before me its own I had hair did

two dogs one was like an Indian chief in
one was like a cycle path

right was golden retrievers I love the
golden retriever gotta chill

and the other one represent the one
other relationship in which also means

illegals also

I would raise my hand sometimes like a
mirror I go to rest my head

out but I had those thoughts because I’m
thinking this dog is destroying our life


again today he dokie before me

you know it was like both of them came
for me so yeah not like Christian

or or king here where he’s like you know

pic girl he picked she picked you could
go from the doll I think that

I cannot decide to someone like myself
into the relationship up to three

shortly thereafter within a year are
convinced her that

bernie’s had to go I

that was after the breeze gave her a
black eye though to be that was like to

add another doing that up

isola for she said display topics he
fell down the stairs yeah I looked

around the corner documents

for as a look at your friends list are
looking to be with him and I i don’t

I know you’re even saying the dog ate it
seems like she was having created

I’m gonna the dog yes so Riso

really like we really want the whole
process and having to like

find a family for the bird it was hard
but she will lose like I’m tired to stop

by compounded all

control your life right some we had to
find a home with it

recently you know four years later you
know our

golden retriever had brains had a brain

and it was really really heart because

I’d now after five years love this dog
like mice like my son

yeah really read more I do more than by
good socially like this is this guy’s my

like my

my guy and and so

you realize that now he’s having a brain
had brain surgery everything I’m going

through that like

I feel I feel like I’m a dog’s I’m a dog
lover now at least is dis one-dot

yeah and I forget completely point my
story I think I was well

without a modest or 2.2 story i think is
do what you can with in law to get the

dog back dragon

worth it why because you are saying is
that I wouldn’t go after the Bernice

click on it would go to stay open I go
steal the other the golden retriever I


we still a dog I would never I would be
given up in the first place

are there you go that’s that’s cheating
I’m not asking I

I don’t think this guy deserves to die
out they would rather a little girl

coming to be like oh I like the for on
your couch in like okay

job keep the door to a show it was the
longest yeah ago dogs before hoes well

bros before hoes the dogs before that
dogs 101

then dogs are the top the BNL okay so
you’re saying hats

so maginnis you have a dog for last six
months like

the guy at the one you adopted Benny
Betty you kept very

ban said route see you had a from
February to whenever Canada she’s black

she’s cool

a it I and you

fall deeply in love with somebody you
have someone in your life the respect

that you wanna keep happy as much as he

possibly can and that person is like hey
I feel so bad even asking but like this

dog’s Search Search look at crazy animal
I really don’t like it being here

all move in with you and I’ll do
whatever you want every just maybe give

the dog a production put it in a bigger

and home you would not you would choose
the dog over the girl

I would never love someone that would
make me choose thats

that have you know I know many
unrealistic Nadal’s about dating it’s


I would never date somebody who believes
in something I would never date somebody

at a small apartments that I really
think that the dog would be happier a

small part I

evidence in that regard I am I’m rich
now I

no yard I’m gonna have a house I’m have
a dog and I’m gonna have a woman who

loves all those things too

but that mean you you don’t get to make
me shoot

a you’re a regular King David’s
girlfriend trying to make me choose

between my dog my house my you david
guetta know if you guys can read between

the lines that is basically saying you
get rid of the dark donde

were okay so if there’s any this we need
to ask yourself

if I were to get rid of America train
the dog yeah you couldn’t you come to my

house yanking a dog what it what did you
get on the governor’s perfect

you later the better he said get rid of
a mere I

that’s it appears you’re doing is like
my perfect let me say that an answer if

you call

I I would never have no she’s been hurt
before they all got all they always ask

I no grover wants to live with something

unless it’s hers obviously like I would
I don’t think

I mean it depends if the dog was a
really shitty dog and was given the

black guys it was like

barking at her all the time that I would
probably fall outta love with the dogs

so what’s your advice for this guy

this you gave up your dog some other
people love it don’t even ask for it

i jus you can investigate a little bit
don’t steal it you don’t deserve it but

we don’t know if that

that the new owners actually providing
the likely to see so many lies

I out of this hell with it I request to

is a pretty good idea I we’re setting
you up

yeah library where is a

he’d give me back my god good

great feeling like that I up

you look like today I don’t know if this
helps the question at all but Mike

current offering has a 8 animals geez
Louise yeah she’s two dogs and six cats

are you on that latter I yeah I’m I’m
somewhere in like four

she hates like 20 min I think he doesn’t
like the birds here that now she likes

me with a hacer

yet the park is where popular she lets
let segue to this little break zone

which is

following up on your question which was

678 nine months ago when I was you’re
going away to college you want to know

whether you should stay in a
relationship with this person yaa

and the advice we gave you was not to
and it’s also levi’s you’ve given every

single other person whose

even hinted at the idea and don’t you
say a word rest lowest I’ll

I’d like the I’d like to hear what the
fatherly advice was all might my advice

not having really got to know the young
lady and she’s a wonderful person

I i buy was that ike stressed how
difficult it was going to be

right and I thought he should I don’t
even sound right if you do some college

I’m you should date himself he should
actually work on himself but I’ll

masturbate a lot yeah about the real
thing I was right

I as I can remember man you understand
given your all you there by yourself

your roommate carry on with the Eels
delude yourself man

that no but I was I was hoping for him
actually really not

about spent a lotta energy having to

long distance relationship had a long
distance marriage so I’m not difficult


battle all time job a full time job and
so here it is

as he as a freshman away from home

getting acclimated to his own
surroundings take care of himself

meeting new people studying I you I
thought that it was important him

actually get out and explore life

as a single themself Jake I just wanna

dissolve micro from looks like the
picture the puck

I but she is a babe but at the same time

that advice is so solid that I would
give it regardless of what that person

is like obviously from the outside yeah
actually this follow-up up is about you

calling your girlfriend right now

I I’ll do it all the doors are locked
well no doubt to break up with her

you didn’t fall our allies love him I
hope I did more importantly ask mother

year went off

here we go room because I think it’s
time to actually yeah value we have your

way yeah how did the year go

so firsts for service fun

a same terms little harder and the
relationship were in school

on a relationship easier on the on
school basically it’s a sliding scale a

priority egg with everyone you

you put it like 10 audit make your
father and cultural that doesn’t sound

nice to be able to fuck whoever you want

no back at the South situation yes the
SEO it is it

yeah no it always is no E but it does
make me feel uncomfortable

great yeah he’s one of those that seems
like to get laid this weekend like a

what are you doing like just like not
have our dad

I my dad told me a wonderfully I gave my

my son way too many condoms when he went
to college he gave me

54 conduct is really not feed your pack
condoms and I’d known I give you back

couple but I use on you gave it back use
condoms I come here Dead Sea

on my own this is this is awful I do and
I had one conversation I had with the

and icons that my father was like he

the common house to talk to my mom is a
cleaning lady like found a condom

and my trash can that my friend is open
as a joke it was not having sex

and he called back to his mom like
notion that here’s like okay

if you’re having sex use condoms has
taken okay

by and that was that as the last does a
personalized time my father and I have

talked about this time I ever took my
son to get a condom your that

this is beautiful way I don’t remember
the story what may be repressed it

no I Amsterdam all that’s right you’re
in Amsterdam by Sunday to 12 medicare

today I was 12 years old

I walked him through on a red light
district and

ish 30 every said you sir that

did you bring me here for shock value
yeah I remember saying that I would just

walk into rap today we’re talking about
right how they run their preside billion

or Yahtzee out so I was too smart for
this do I was 12 another we waited to


condom world condom world and we Barker
they have and I gave him my love my


arm straight sex money like that you
think condoms are like just

condoms the work on world’s its its

it is always or I it’s not there so many
more possibilities either

I’ll well I guess we have to have you on
in like nine more months to see with the


is this a joke it like it’s still
happening right to do as they leave you


do whatever makes you the happiest thank
you long-term

long-term woahh a bikers if you if you

if you sit there thinking this goes
definitely the one then I don’t break up

with her I totally respect that Jake I
thought I should add

and I just I couldn’t read a that’s it I
then you know what

I respect that I love it my bond got
married when she was nineteen my dad was

22 they’re still together they’re very

but I think at the very least you should
like make some tweaks on your

relationship so you do better college

your dad happy you’re happy your
government’s happy everybody’s happy


that a united we only have one more
questions why we just make this a super

long podcast to make me how on Rio is

we’re going to be it’s over 40 minutes
at the spot will be close to an hour

all right we need one last females
question the male names IAAF people

named does not come up with a question
does the net

it’s not it’s not that I I can move the
question idea another lady

yeah about Melissa Melissa she became a
washer K Miller

I alright no she did not worried well is
11 Melissa

oh I heard about your lawyer

Melissa number two rights hey dudes in
the summer holidays which is about a

month for now my friend and I are going
to Spain on a party vacation

we’ve been planning the trip for a year
and are going there just as everyone

else to get drunk every night no hook up
with dudes

this is already become sort of a
tradition and and this is our third year

going and from the last times I can
safely say

that the number of cute sexy horny guys
there is dope

all sounds great right here’s the search

I just met the sweetest and funniest guy
and we’re really hitting it off

I can tell he is already completely in
love with me and I’m falling for him to

I could see this is the start of a long
term relationship and I could even

picture myself marrying this guy

what should I do if I start something
serious with him now on guaranteed to

not have any fun in Spain but I also
don’t want to lose him

the trip was also quite expensive and i
cant bill now is my best friend would

never forgive me

she had a pretty bad break up with her
boyfriend has been looking forward to

this for a long long time

can I just tell the guy to call me again
in a month how

how well I’m not feel like I’m cheating
on him when I when I get me some random

audience pain

I really need advice and I know my two
favorite need

internet nerds slash dramatizes I

will help lovin please answer Vic this
is when the hardest questions with every

I love everyone’s is totally OK

call you guys need to use and yeah it’s
not a problem because thats yeah we

thought we’d take we take ownership

love it running when I was in 8th Grade
I was like so scared every anybody would

call me a dirty Jew

and now now it’s our job to remind
myself that

do you guys but like may find yourself
like hand that’s living back and forth

on an answer as she was saying like

stay with the guy but I can also maybe
you could just do this one thing that

all bitchy also is like

mate marry this guy but that also this
is for her french’s wanna let her friend


what she does for small does the guy

take steroids a low great question hold
on let me email alerts to you

a ride it out dogs deal yeah right

yep it clear that up first as you have a
dog does it take steroids

break didn’t give a daughter I do okay
so what if your daughter approached you

with this

conundrum over the sale of soccer comes

well no I I think my daughter I think my
daughter talk to my son about these

issues and we’re not talking about

to me about it which is fine long she’s
talking to one of the men in her life

it’s good arm in this situation I don’t
know how all this

young lady is say college yeah which is
a college third-year

I their dads are you maybe a little I

everything about it your senses she’s in
school and

her I don’t know where what why do you
guess and she’s in schools is enough

money to go to Spain

well she s like she said like vacation
holiday that’s both awesome

yeah Lego yeah exactly at but no I think
I think right now

to through actually hotter national
project up

all the way out to marriage with this
young man she just met

right i think is no different and she
could project

all the way out to marriage with some
kid in Spain rights you throw a wrench

in right away be like you’re not a silly
gonna marry this guy I don’t try acting

was at the gym area

I think I think you take med very
seriously I think she’s just like I

really like this person don’t know I
think she’s no no no no

I think she’s quite set on I’m bout to
head off to college now they need me to

latch on somebody right now missus

option number one of the things like a
money being like a knows all about money

you know about that it’s always about

at settling down it’s about settling
down which is she’s thinking more about

get moving away from her life of heading
to Spain every summer and actually

having a blast drinking in dating in

this may be her last week my hair last
for a and she saying okay I now know

that when I do come back

ominous settle down with this guy here
give it a run

do I basically wat because he might not
be here a month from now

I say look you know what you not evil

fractionally spiro actually being

open and upfront because america’s guy
would be open up front to begin with

which is i hey look I do this every year

I’m going to Spain we’ll hang out out my

I don’t know what I’m gonna get into but
you gotta be on my mind because you did

that to me in

span a black one drunken night arm with

I’m assuming they were drinking about I

so hard I love it there you’ve been for
the perfect amount

that’s ok so I I think she got to Def we
don’t or girlfriend who need to right

now under the bus because in life

with your married or dating you can have
friends in your life that you want to

stay connected to

and they’re gonna need you and she seems
deal to need

her best friend now and this is
something they do keep these rituals

when you’re ten year pretty you’re
married you’re gonna wanna get away from

a weaker to know what you do

is on you in that we could do with your
best friend she really promoting

cheating read-out

like this I said what some people cheat
some people don’t know what I’m saying

is they still need to have friends lease

still need to gingrich facing getaway
anybody worth

dating whose single is gonna have other

so you wanna go away to Spain for how
long is it a month

juror and you soon you’re gonna come
back in that person

is good be available to you again yeah

thanks to such a dangerous assumption
yeah so maybe this is a distant might

have a month and

but I i think thats that’s the part
where she’s she’s gonna make this

decision she’s like either i lock this
down right now cuz they care about this

guy and I’m gonna like

have let or have a different experience
in Spain or she’s gonna say you know

what this guy is great but I really
value this

time that I have in Spain to go crazy
and be with my friends maybe last time I

do it so

I’m is gonna take the risk and try to
wait and if he’s gone when I get back

then fuck it was that fun in Spain

maybe use god she’s gotta decide first
up with gonna maker the more I don’t

like Tiger 40-year-old re:

she’s now in the in the phase which
she’s into cowboys and and rude boy

crazy fortunately for me

its use the one way that time Susan for
mobile telephone

well but I’ve been this is what I this
you know what she communicates to me


asia’s boy she finds attractive and she
has a boy she wants to like really go


and what i’ve sectors other boys have
you know that she’s admire don’t want to

date that that hasn’t really

really haven’t reciprocated there the
interest I we say to her

as your father I want you deserve them a
man in your life someday

who actually pursues UN in actually
chases %um

a hold you up to you know that on alter
out right one for her because I don’t

want her chasing the man

and so it sounds like right now this
young lady is concerned that she’s not

worthy of being chased so if she goes to

Spain team she’s gotta have another
minute this the man’s gonna marry her

dismantle che’s shoulda Spain or holy
shit or at least be taking about her

the whole time she’s gone I’m so that
when she doesn’t hurt

he’s there waiting for so you saying
let’s let’s say a quick vote go to Spain

or stay with the guy

what he said just the those with I I say

I mean after all my advice but I would
say definitely because you always

Riesling that this person

you definitely don’t know if he’s that
guy gave if you’d known for a month

I think it be different but as yours
minimize ago spent go to Spain

Rick I said she go to Spain Italy

Prasad mass although I have learned a

cook a burger birdland ICIC I

guys in a hot night and I said I salute
come back

in in so you come back see efficacy of
the guys

their defeat chase you down again you
know you got you got good right what is

the weight million the area

all right let’s end there they also live
show guys there

yeah unfortunately all good things must
come to India the outro song is 42

minutes los ríos never forget perfect
see I

yes the email address if you an email in
your own questions is a fiery show at

gmail dot com

and if you have your own theme songs
emissions please keep those coming the

first honors from that

amazing singer songwriter techno robot

Eagles senior they’d seen yeltsin and
his last one is from somebody named


make %ah sellout lessons I it’s probably
my ok I’ll actually

to Kyle wrecked thank you guys so much
you have anything you wanna plug

this if this episode was on a Monday I
want to plug my son’s day in school

I good I would support that and then

um follow me on action about boats

a good idea it’s that’s a really bad
idea actually I want to but don’t use

this does follow him

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yeah and that’s that and I will follow
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when it comes to my son you can follow
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over/under I have like two hundred
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so the hash tags are Kyle quit school
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the war campaign iraq has thanks for
coming and thanks for listening area


by me Lucy

love this is just one thing

CE ti

to me

soon concerning

still listed

he’ll and

keke me key

feel today

to scheme him


leakers hill

all came to my see

snow sure

to sing


huge turn

no shine

third season put shuster’s

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