Episode 79: Persistence


In this episode we discuss the trials and tribulations of being attractive, and joining a new podcast network!

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a you show lunch

hermenio when I like to shine thoughts

let’s launch accused our demise bit near

I think we should march for that your
lies may sell

as last time he’s on March bit I

luv relatively recently provided you
ever do a much better

yeah back when I was in my high school
you admonish

I hate the guy was like to upgrade to
the house but I would like stand outside

the pit pushing people like back in LA

Diana mashi yeah ma spitzer for big
dudes cargoes are there now for big deal

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yeah i close I’ll I hate

well well let me talk about these guys a
a little bit a background in third is

that this is me reading the email that
they submitted

a little bit a background info we are
two brothers who do cover songs on


under the alias under the covers

all one word if you wanted to mention so
their YouTube channel called

under the covers solid yeah its cute
because under covers but it’s also

hardcore cuz its Thunder I like that a
lot at the Thunder from Down Thunder

perfect I

some yeah but Sep this is a fire you the
only advice podcast on the internet

hosted by us

on mir and on the 10 oh my god is back

habituated to however days in with the
bitch has returned

last three have a server not the pledge

that wasn’t me but I am me now I am the
pigeon you had been pitched it wasn’t as


but Here I am none the lynch yet it
prepares you made a MAS page

act which is a must fit based the based
solely of people like you

so how does it work we get emails from

all around this great world earth I

people who are in a difficult place

yeah dire straits if you will and they

advice so they come to us and we read a
these emails and do our best to offer

these advisers

now who is our best to offer here yet a
perfect game goes better than that

Sheldon the night

at the largest 14 to do them to log on

the manager kept me and just a shame me
but you know my shoulder was

the homies Ave John but the third by

put about for a while as paired it was
like I was

like I was an old hola favorite rode out
the ceremonial birds birds that would

allow both over the plate

they will let me leave the band I did
for the last seven batters left-handed

not for a one strike manager showed me
less than no mercy

I a hit several love the batter’s

he did not care I still

we are going to be reading these really
emails from real people it’s given fake

names to preserve their anonymity

we got you got got you got shall we can
do which we haven’t heard in awhile

since may be the first two or three

which is make up names just making
something out yeah

site we need a lady’s name I’d daffodil
ray n

I oh what’s that daffodil

Rayen rainer ragin raided

are already sold out last night are a II

in I for AI

I’ve been named million

capital array rights hey guys

I’m 19 from Sydney Australia I’m told
that I’m reasonably attractive

anyway I get a lot of compliments looks

etcetera which is totally fine and
flattering but the problem is that breed

of guy who take it further

and start outright hitting on me when I
really don’t wanna be hit on

I’ve been in a happy relationship with
my boyfriend for two years

I know that you’re probably thinking
what a bitch get over it but it’s

actually a major issue for 18

for instance this morning I’ll try to
study some Chinese were cabin on the bus

for a test in a random guy came up to me
and started hitting on me really loudly

it was so embarrassing because I’m one
of those girls who automatically blush

is when a guy looks at me

and I didn’t get any studying done at
all it kind it happens to me a lot

%ah I also have trouble with guys at
work hitting on me when I’m just trying

to do my job it’s distracting and makes
me uncomfortable my question

is how can I signal politely the guys
that i’m taken before I waste half an

hour while they engage in cringe-worthy
chit-chat get the courage to ask me out

so I can finally say I have a boyfriend
I don’t want to be rude but I’m a busy

girl with things to do thanks guys

love daffodil ray n

to searle how much sympathy do you have
to this

cutie its I was feeling like she was a
little bit of a bitch and she had to get

over it up until the point where she
said it’s actually a major issue

and now and now I don’t know actually

I lip done this really tell me where
you’re at cuz I think

well kit I think she has a non

bad problems this is like a good problem
to have

my stars to shine yeah exactly I have
too much money

but it is still a problem obviously
you’d rather have this problem and the

other problem

why won’t guys hit on me I’m lonely and
I like

and I need attention he had on the horny
an open to it but nobody wants to talk

to me but at the same time this is also
an issue in Chi you know we’re asking

people for our

there’d their own sticky situations and
this is hers

right I don’t wanna be like this is

she is at the very least a up

until you have had thought you were
gonna sneeze and say bitch at the same


are you actually digits in a day as yet
reels I

is our first sneeze on the bike and I
think there is another city that I said

is this the first knees and somebody
commented that I think he’s another time

so there’s a sneeze number three

technically I believe the pages a racked
up a record three sneezes and the old

peak athlete is a sneeze the Chinese

yeah I would I would say I sneeze the
disease yeah

okay good as a little detail there’s
hardly convince everybody call me this


on a unit of the earth lol a sleepy

slow the I although polish or the weasel

yeah its knees still meaning um

I don’t I don’t miss I don’t suck the

I just sneeze I I think it’s I was like
a little

miffed that she’s like I was studying
Chinese on the on the

unless they are they got it is like just
stop it I understand you’re pretty

and on the table girl that blushes when
a guy at them you like okay

you’re pretty your dim your your devoted
to your boyfriend you’re learning cheney

you’d like get at it

I but I’m the guy that’s hitting on her

okay you’re that guy that gets hit on

Internationl I think I am going to you

take a walk round the block cool down a
little bit for that

that pissed me off the song yeah the one
line from a song I really didn’t know

you have to you have to take a lock my
hero by Heather

I I’ll look at what would you do low
would you suggest

have you ever talk to a girl for way too
long before she dropped the boyfriend


um I yeah probably I don’t think it
bothers me that much those but L XO

would never really registered

right like so you’re just saying girls
can be friendly even if they have


where you fall on that like if you talk
to a girl for half an hour inches like

very friendly

basically what happened to me last week
yet that’s that was interesting

I guess that was fine because it did it
in advance to a point where she needed

to say I have a boyfriend

I actually a little bit get more annoyed
when I’m like just talking to somebody

like they are you only have like

um we are live at my boyfriend like okay

all right word I was just talking like
that that the problem with this girl she

can’t drop it too early cuz and it’s a
failure presumptuous

will maybe she’s the presumptuous and
people aren’t necessarily hunter but

that’s probably not true I think

it’s too it’s way harder to be an
attractive girl then I’m

allow right now really does get hit on
constantly I remember being

having like girl for the just watching
them get hit on

yes over and over and over and over
arrest it must be awful

there are bike constantly every single
day your

getting attention from people you don’t
want it from I don’t deal with that

it sorta like being famous like instead
a famous if you’re just pretty

then that’s the same amount of attention
rate and people like

who are totally not in your league would
has come up and be like so what’s going

on like how wanna talk to you

honey not near League I me like some
ugly year do

has added after on the bus and be like
so you ride the bus you learn a Chinese

we a go to China late yellow I don’t
have a boyfriend did not want to talk to

you she doesn’t need to be like I have a
boyfriend she just needs to be like fuck


catches be meaner colder over

yeah non friendly Jen is and I think
that would be my advice don’t be

don’t saddle boyfriend is but just be
mean I guess that’s where the stereotype

of pretty girls being mean comes from
the yeah maybe have to be

oh my gosh we just uncovered we unlock
the code

pretty girls are mean because they have
to be

not because they actually are

sigh I’m gonna go to my room and rub one
out what you’re already rubbing out here

up a racket only slowed minasian private

you are you squeeze in a job Chavan a

says that the that the idea just be mean

I guess though and I will say that I I
want to at least take back the

am the my may I am my and

oh my god added money where of course
this ordeal ambassador and I didn’t

I didn’t realize she was that hot
realize she was a Viking

smoke shisha a dime and

an Australian don’t stop to be it’s
tough to be a girl

yeah really is so you’re you’re allowing
her to be

cold mean angry to strangers yeah

and I’m allowing her to say that she
gets hit on too much because even though

it sounds like an obnoxious problem

you know it’s probably true the day sure
it will allow it

I at that next

F this after this I am

low another girl late yes it is

alright another girl one ulmer

yeah on sandy did

candied Sandeep candied she’s a past
tense name

like hunted it a

alright is earning that actually NZD

yeah okay cool just wondering the baby
died and I can ask Randy examples

the name is ed yes very good

it also starts in the ED amazing at the

yeah the name is also head

head which is more accurate I’m

hey guys so here’s the deal my ex who I
used to be very close to you that I’ve

dated for a long time

cheated on me hence the ex and went out
with some girl that he cheated on me

with for around a year

however ever since they’ve broken up
over a year and a half ago he won’t let

me go and insists on %uh still loving
relationship as friends

I’ve rejected him so many times and he
just won’t let up

now I’m just fed up with his persistence
should I just let him in again

I know that if we just be friends it’ll
eventually become something more because

in the past

I wanna make a bad decision though any

I miss gonna let the to the echo love
you reading your stupid voice

filled the room wherever she is I think
we don’t have to advisor because I feel

like she does her the question read back
to run amok enough tone

and she gets how stupid it is yeah or

should she just let him in again oh the
guy that cheated on her and then went

out with the girly cheated on her yeah
but for now

after a year he realize how good he had
a and he comes crawling back in maybe

he deserves her now I ever realizes how

at that age is realize they haven’t
touched your pussy law

to that slutty realize real lies I miss
the way your pussy felt in the way your

tits looks so %ah

so I miss everything about us that’s not
it should and now I’m just fed up with

his persistence this the problem a lot
of guys

like the gin generic advice two guys is

you know it for Stockton where ki gotta
be persistent

like persistence is key but I think
persistence is bad

yeah I think persistence is dangerous

I feel like when it comes to girls if
they tell you slightly

I guy I air on such the side of caution
that if they ever get slightly rebuffed

I am running away the other direction
yeah I’m anti I think there’s probably a

middle ground now I think my way

is the highway the highway I D here

and say bye away I think you yet have
you are

rebuffed especially a bit like an
unequivocal rebuff

she’s like I do wanna be with you and
he’s will he won’t quit

but we’re not advising that dude we’re
having her don’t let that work

that’s a bad tactic yeah unrelated as

I don’t want to be with them but you
know I he was persistent ladies in game

and you guys have the power

you can rebuffed people you can do this

they’re gonna keep coming back and say I
know how good I had it now let me back

in but if you say no if everyone says no
and then they persist in your still say


then maybe one day all that persistence
will not pay off and people will stop in

the world will be a happier place that
doesn’t seem like that’s the classic

advice like

yell your mom also loved it wasn’t down
to date me but I just kept on at it

until I had her

like doesn’t that does not seem familiar
lay a guy who just kept going until the

war the girl down is that it seems
romantic but it’s actually sad

i think thats there’s persistence like
persisted persistence

verses pasa persistence I am saying the

alright process to persistence is text

Wayne outsider class or work with a
let’s hang out here without me like

keeping up with our Facebook uses using
like a lead allowed me like now

but then there’d have persistence like I
like our good friend streeter Sidell

I who waited patiently for it for the
woman he loved

to come into his life any never stopped
loving her but he also

didn’t constantly fucking bother you
know street is actually here only talk

to him about this because

yeah I want you to join one of these
maker fun so we can ask you about

um whether or not you were actually
persist in or rather you just waited


well what’s the story here ever she has
one week me

Susa do a podcast in my room this is a
super abilities we broke is terry cotton

outer sleeping body.

a did you hear this question know I was
listening to tunes

very cool to head over there so this
we’re just talking about persistence in


well how I think that when a guy’s
persist in its actually dangers in bad

that will get rebuffed you should just
quit and there are no bad bad idea so

you’re saying the opposite

well where you persisted you you New
Year now life

when you’re how old I is first how a
matter we were 12

did she do you ask her out any ties she
said now

you know I don’t think I ever officially

was like we should date but I made a
number of

passes at her over the years so lozier
theory that pass a persistence

did you hear me talk about passive
persistence verses put the process to


like now but i buy thing I understand
what you’re saying like

persistent purse spitz

and herbal tea would be yeah he was like
you ought to be like you’d be like this

said character and Micah

a romantic comedy like who just like
constantly going after the hot girl with

like flowers and chocolates and Mike mu
who will today be the day by love like

back and the right address the

that’s the PP but you really cannot be
there pp you know

yeah thats that’s no good but I think
you can

be passive passive resistance that stirs
ray laying in wait

I think it’s like its less about
persistence and more about like

always making sure you’re in option you

i think thats like was the track yeah it
was like I’m always hungry above

I’m available in a so what did you do
how did you wear her down

I Buddha my time I didn’t you know it

honestly what it was I gave up so maybe
the thing is to just give a

like after after and no after like 15
years the

kind of being this lake said friendzoned
a guy who is this always like

always around in like hey you know if
you need a shoulder to cry on make sure

that your thing like

when you get broken up whether you get
down to read everybody say

alright I’m cool with a goodbye and
that’s the best way to get at somebody’s

to pretend that you don’t care

or to actually stop caring yeah I think
I think maybe

she sensed that like me as an option was

gone at that point and was like know a
better move on this now

maybe that was it it also could discover
bin Mike

she matured and realize how awesome I
wanna seeee there’s like

a lot of that happens a lot of people
that don’t like me at first yeah

really dislike me authentic got bigger
and my dick I got the surgery at

I got the procedure down and the
Dominican Republic to make it bigger

and dr. yes some other some other girls
came from the infection

but yeah a lot of it was allotted the
most epic game from the invite Adamek at

rand but

there’s definitely like accumulative
like quarter-inch have

added thickness mass yeah I bet and I
was the question

and had several ways right track the
about your persistence

thank you thanks thanks for having me on
your eyes are heavy on our got to go to

the other side of the room at

as though they are already the past the

I so the advice for this girl is don’t
give in to this guy’s per

persistent persistence threat try to
turn him into

a passive persistent that’s right I like
when we had scientific

especially because we’re dumb it’s like
watching two kids wear lab coats &

play make believe our adult or something

I’ll you are wearing a lap right and
nothing else

she added a third question I wouldn’t
mind that I am

alright this is a guy a dude finally

right I’m sick of all these scheck’s 38
girls it’s all about us

did kids dudes the butter Tom DeLonge

are yeah all that its Martines

I’ll but the sack I actually thought we
were ready to sing like it

I think does that that I talks yeah

is like I want me Calle miss seeing you

that thank you for what is that sends
that’s why I wanna be key I miss seeing

ya class is boring

I that’s good a mama

fact you mom the akio me ome fact your

paquin perhaps I but

to a college guy Tom DeLonge yeah I Tom
take a weird making fun of time too long

though cathy is my idol

whether good never meet your heroes

now that you madam I didn’t Markakis
though would you like more

I never met Tom I a user’s sound like
you do

well first name basis ing it up a B&D


on the DL I I get to meet at duder Luna

hand I a

hey dudes so I’m a senior dude in high
school not interested in a relationship

whatsoever however

I think dates are just so much damn fun
so here’s my question

how do I ask a girl out without her
thinking I want a relationship

also if she knows it’s casual can I ask
good girl friends of mine

without her thinking I’m interested
romantically in her

or is that risking too much for example
a good friend of mine just broke up with

this dying he’s been dating for a year
and a half

casually taker at once or twice what up
its my friend of

well that weird out the dime we’re good
friends it seems the difference between

a serious and a casual date is so

double I’m wondering if I should even
try any advice would be Creek greatly

appreciated dude thanks

Tom DeLonge for somebody who thinks
dates are just so much damn fine

yet seems like you don’t know what
you’re doing I

it is I mean he’s in high school buddy
as like such a adult problem

dating specifically dating like I didn’t
go out

I mean on way you on the other day I
don’t compare yourself to

let guys there’s a jerk you are you are
you exact he isn’t even like another

into the spectrum you hear you exist on
your own you have an ally viewers so

you are such a right that’s enough I
already set hours an outliner

dude this saying out where almost sounds
positive wayside I

Senate you’re not you’re not actually
cutting their negativity you just saying


as you would go as you’re going to any
over white Kaur

out buyer yeah yeah Willits

its it’s pretty sad pathetic what you
are so I don’t want to be a coming out

now and I know that so and what I did
was I cut you are so that you insist the

lake Saturday but that ik

and you’re speaking in a normal a tone
right now as if you’re like

here when I’m saying taking it to heart
her but the words themselves are the


I’ll buddy I missed a I just don’t want
it done and I know you’re just saying a

because I just said it I now and I’m not
busy again x-ray system nado

I will say anything else over I have
sufficed to say

it was advised I were there was very
surprised it was a pleasure it was a

sink through its official did it well go
special you’re a loser

you’re a loser Blumenfeld up

I feel like I am back in high school I I

but even guys that sleep with girls in
high school they don’t go out on dates a

lot of dates do they don’t they just
party and get wasted in

lookup yeah I don’t think ago has a very
adult problem for a high schooler have

yeah will you know my first article ever
put published on college humor was

I think called the lost archive the
first day wow

the law started the day or something
like that just like how people don’t go

on dates anymore

right and I think yeah

its it weird to navigate that world as
it 18-year-old

right it feels like it’s too early I
think this is a problem almost I have

which is like I don’t wanna go out with
someone cuz like then it’s like

what if I’m only mildly interested in
them I don’t want to lead them on and

create a weird situation later so we had
to be with you don’t want to go out and

show someone a good time

years you’re putting that on them to
think that they want to make something

serious on let’s say I meet someone at a
party is like yes she is pretty cute

she’s like yeah yet in fall in love with
you you not leading raunchy but you’re

pretty cute to it but it would be fun to
go out with you

but I don’t know I don’t want to go out
with someone that on lukewarm about

wanna I don’t know I’m just like not
interested to

have a full night with someone that
you’ve got all rights it here by


yes that’s what happened yeah then maybe
having a good time

maybe actually coming lot enough I would

well that’s a whole different dilemmas
like what it was I got with someone that

I’m not very interested in and we end up
hitting it up

are not not end up picking up but we end
up getting attached

physically and I have sex so there and
then I’m become even less interested

is not mean Jan I just kind of rebel
worry about ever go out

no cuz you’re you are by doing that

in charge ’em everyone’s feelings you
not giving her any feelings

so well as opposed to over myself just
could just to be nice to her like mine

was the just feel your own feelings and
that she could do whatever the fuck she

was ag’s like

if you I like a a minor leaguer I’m
lukewarm on this person but I’d like to

see what’s up

you gonna play any feelings to her she

may or may not want to go out with you
but this is all still happening in your

world you go out

yes get a good a drink you have fun this
is great

do not apply any feelings too are your
cousin your mind I know your thinking

osha to make their fall in love with me
I don’t have an uncomfortable

conversation too high to want to be with

but just don’t even think about that
just think I’m having fun us-turkish

think you like

okay cool I’m having fun she’s having
fun who goes the adventure shot in

how about it she might just wanna fuck
somebody in just never talk to you again

to get back together with your ex and
she just wanted to go out one time to


Wiles was out there get some weird dick
in her and then thats

al-qaeda leaders day I know dude you’ve
seen at CES alright political writer

right to reroute line 90 degree AAS and
that’s what I’m saying you don’t need to

apply any feelings to her you don’t need

you’re like worried about hurting
somebody I’m not I’m not worried about

hurting somebody I’m just

lou we’re all about getting the wrong
impression to do that but like

just do it for you you know happy it’s
okay to be lukewarm on somebody

it’s okay to sleep with someone and
whatnot one maybe more

his eyes are never misrepresenting
yourself so

I’ve I meet someone has like she’s
pretty cute she’s fine and friendly

am like I really wanna hang out there
anymore you think that’s a bad attitude

I guess if you don’t know what I mean is
I he being true to yourself but don’t

say I don’t wanna hang out there because
she’s just gonna like

wanna hang out more and more and I’m not
the color of or about this guy

discussion he should I’m given him this
advice to just like

you don’t need is set the that the
president for the day before the date

just go out and that’s fine

that’s all you need to do except he does
say can I ask out a good friend of mine

who just broke up with is downloading of
course not no

don’t know that it you can’t go out your
friends ex girlfriend especially not a


i’m too casual dates the air what is
this thing that he likes

going out on dates but doesn’t like does
that mean he likes having sex 3 not even

added just like playing I

the eighth 110 degrees in his Asian I
does the real thing out yeh doesn’t sell

its exactly like going out on first

right and then second dates and then
that’s it which is

I guess weird to me but whatever budget
each city do that should he tell the

girl like by the way rly wanna go out
with you once or twice no because that’s


and then when a girl wants to go out for
a third time and you don’t want to what

do you say

will he shouldn’t be starting anything
with the attitude that I will only have

two dates

what he does have the attitude this
girl’s school %uh go out there once

and see if I want to again and then you
go out there a second time and then see

if you want to again and see if

and by the way the old tire time we
should be seeing if she wants to

again and again and again and if you do
them good and if you don’t that’s

okay just be honest and say I don’t
wanna see you again

I decided at I wanna hang out tonight or
you can just never respond to her texts

anymore say like hair can’t tonight
maybe in

sometime next week grow aloof when you
grow distant yeah it’s the heat that’s

the Mater daybreak yeah I think that’s
fine too only grow so that is it in

that’s gonna happen both ways of course
is gonna happen both ways

I think the beautiful there’s no do it I

I think you perfected the art form yeah
I think you’re the master the art for I

don’t have a single ex-girlfriends

just the but a girls that are wondering
why I never texted him back

I grow so this then I become a dot so
far away then I’ll currently disappear

i’ma a lone star in AAA

galaxy alone far far far away there is
nothing in my were ripped

and in the and the

my life start burning long ago I am more
than a supernova

I’m a black hole a black hole despair

i right nothing and I to tell this guy
among the inset

I am this guy him loser I am Queens

shit fuckin E its

rebel XD I am relaxed

to it lacks they finally figured out
what happened it’s

peace ship alright that’s quite enough
he got that let’s not do anywhere

self-reflection other I have to say I
when I was wrong Iron Man I am yeah

find out it’s actually oh nothing’s
wrong with you because you are no one

I been said to be run with nothing yeah

you I’m not even here I hey I’m not an

I don’t exist and that’s so much better
and lawyers at the same time

I had a prices up hmm

break time yeah payee

well are I just emerged from that I was

so deep in hosting now I’m finally ready
to be myself now that it’s the break

I am we want to make the announcement
that a

we joined quote-unquote a Podcast

um what does that mean it means we
fuckin made it do

I heard operas we joined a podcast
network thank you all for the support

we don’t need it any more than an hour
pay no matter what our listener

it is that’s exactly incorrect really

I was positive that once we move to
podcast one that we are just


yeah you’re like you like a college
athlete who gets drafted to the NBA and

then just stops working hard that’s me

yeah I add to be the I never started
working hard I resent the implication

that I ever worked anything I’d I yeah
we join podcast one which is one of the


podcasting networks on the Internet
which means the world

to me and you I’ll why did we do it

great question because we wanted money
down well

okay that’s as long as being truthful we
do like money

yet but it wasn’t just back we met with
them they were very nice and friendly

they’re cool people and they know what
they’re doing they have a team of people

working round the clock

for podcast like ours and Adam Carolla
is in bigger web sites

are bigger podcast than ours a so
excited anymore podcast than ours if you

can imagine

or maybe we might be a smart yeah now we
are we definitely are

to now I her and now they’re sure this
year somewhere in the middle

%ah a also the because its network

have more exposure they can put our
podcast on their site

podcast one dot com we can be guess
another podcast

we can grow our listenership and also

we don’t have to sell our own ads
anymore which is very

helpful and a freeze up a lot of time
for ourselves to be able to do other

stuff yeah I’m glad I don’t have to sell
any more at school now I’m

a free spirit yellow down was more for

ya but I was I would say that I was

in the endeavor you did respond to the
emails that I forwarded to you and I

said cool sounds good or just thx

sent as you would respond at all and you
know that that was like a thx yeah

a pat on the back had a promise
something I would have responded and I

also did my part

in taking half the money yes that the
law is a hashing the checks

yeah although I did a set up a direct
deposit for you because you start to

complain about like how the checks were
sorta weighing down your wallet at a

certain point I was in cash

yeah I was not yeah he said it was a
waste of time and effort

I like this day that I would hope that
podcast 1

on previous latter new listeners yeah
but I am

more than anybody those guys slatwall as
to why would my day one’s

holy shit ya ya remember killers other

a podcast won the first if I were you
ever you guys are my babies are you now

or never forget years here’s Inc but the
listeners we’ve gotten because a podcast

got a new one this

but the new ones I the

the and you make new friends became

the old summers over the others are gold
yeah we’ve as a bug that rhyme haha no

new friends

just the older the new ones

could have been silver on a but the old
ones are gold’s

unless the new one stick around for so
long when they become old

and then we start to like them again and
now fuck the future listeners that

haven’t even started last night as
leslie but those ones that have been

there from the very beginning way it
looks like what he did doing here’s your

story to alienate everyone is older

up never see their mother fucker who’s
like the comes to the party the boers

wanna show up yeah parties

over and he’s like ocean we order bagels
its almost five in the bed already here

is to get everyone food can I help clean

like yo dude get out markets and throw
who are those people

um those are the day once but was that
uses said that you ride with and I

do right by them up and tell the I
appoint your bipolar

yes yes a so that’s why we join podcast

what’s gonna change I am not a damn

don’t you a baby’s overly very little
actually the last couple episodes are

technically part to the podcast one that
works if you haven’t noticed anything


a thats sorter the minimal changes that
are going to be happening we’re gonna


a ads before the show’s as usual and

maybe just maybe and add

in the show but don’t hang up yet don’t
yell at us are right relax

because it also means we’ll have more

for example today’s the Thursday episode
we’re gonna have more those

thanks to podcast one they’re going to
be able to give us advertisers that we

couldn’t get

otherwise like audible da com last

so if they’re going to be more adds
there’s at least gonna be more shows so

it’s going to be more content in the
long run

I assure you it is a good thing it’s a

happy little universe we created cuz we
get money

yeah they had at sid they have big did
they get

I they get ads yeah money they get you
guys get more content right I think that

says a triple win situation with any
advertisers get a

gay good good publicity quadruple when

because I really think that we will
email the advertising to AAA we got the

pre rolls down pat

that’s right and so I at one other

small change if you listen to our show
on Facebook that’s gonna stay the same

if you listen to it

on if I were you show dot com RC is the
cheese dot com

that’s also not going to be affected or
if you subscribe and iTunes and listen

to the show on the girl

also completely the same the only
difference is

we’re no longer going to be uploading it
to SoundCloud the night before

we’re gonna be uploading it to the
podcast one’s site

cell if you listen to if you like
bookmarked our soundcloud page because

you want it listen to it as

soon as possible before it even gets
released on iTunes

II you can now find us on podcast one
dot com

and you can look for our page on there a
worse at least SoundCloud but

with %uh say the show will go on cell

that’s that I think on word an upward a

I think that’s it for the housekeeping
also we’re gonna have maybe a little

thumbnail on the logo a farce

are ira up our podcast and

not to be too forward but I think you
and I were maybe

considering getting podcast want that is
that is very for

I was not actually considering I think
we should get a matching pair

apna sir the podcast one share of course
not maybe

a in a fire you are a Jake and Amir

a tattoo with our names on it while get
your name you get mine

it if I actually not that I’m going to
but if I made that deal would you do


I think I would get something like I
would get your glasses tattooed on my

on my own my nipples so it’s like my
chest is you I would get a payout get

the payments to tattooed on myself

if why did what and if you’ve got
something for me dated on you

lowered what’s your thing look at I get
to know I don’t have a thing like you

like your glasses see you it’s you would
actually get my glasses today arm in an

assembly at select I’ll

wet slick it’s my best friend yeah
that’s my guy right there be like make

videos together

outs before he killed himself would you
kill yourself

lotta now depends on what you ever did
you did you ever died

absolutely get your glasses to 10 right
on my chest I

by ever died regardless of how it
happens yet

sir like if I die before you getting my
tat had to have my glasses on your chest

promise you that which glasses

those ones that you wearing right now
lebanese once yep so what should I get

tatted if you are today

um maybe a little

a little crab claw white the pension

you as well I I don’t know I don’t have
a thing

yeah with your thing I know how blind
dude stop reminding me

Iran worry Barca right now which is why
I’m gonna get line

in Italy but the bar glasses yes

a.m. yeah to now maybe I’ll wear like

you’re so nondescript ace to have the
yellow belt

over a yellow belt at the rope though is
dead too I can have

right behind the Sun you have on your
ankle you get this the the tribal Sun


yeah you’re tied to an idea body about
that it be that the butterfly

oh yeah I think that’s what it is your
defining characteristic is something you

added to your cell right whereas mine is
something I was born with your glasses

my glasses

okay I’ve poor vision at least

I have to get to one last question track
we owe it to podcast 1

I alright here we go sons pretty funny

I last dude love the show named

CAG need some on Jack needs

I’m yep he 08 years a martial art is
always a is always

EDS and what does that say have to stop
living in the past eight years

alright hey guys I just finished my
first year college and moved back home

for the summer

it’s great to see my parents again but
that being said I one major issue

my mom sleeps on the couch in our living
room every night

and my dad sleeps in the master bedroom
worse yet my mom goes to bed at 8 p.m.

every night because he has to get up at
4 a.m. for her job

my problem is this in order to move
anywhere in my house

you have to walk through our past the
living room or and my mom is an

extremely light sleeper

one heavy footsteps and chill instantly
wake up and start

yelling at me saying that she won’t be
able to go back to sleep in Natchez

gonna fall asleep driving to work in
crash your car

and I a diva and an ass for thinking
that this is unreasonable

I mean I can pick up for a glass a water
without being put on a midnight blast by

the woman who gave me life

today asked my mom to sleep somewhere
else should I find somewhere else to

live this summer

any advice would be much appreciated to
cagney Tucson

cagney and my the bed as

for results not your house it’s their

you’re living in their house and you’re
waking them up

regardless the situation and you’re
wondering if it’s unreasonable to ask

his home owner

not to sleep wherever she overcame a
bomb so I yeah

imagine someone crashed at your place
any yelled at your got mad at you if

they woke you up

that’s what’s happening wat what

you’re a homeowner rain down and there’s
this guy that’s crashing with you for

the summer for free

notch you’re not you’re not charging
them and their eating all your food

that’s s sensibly what’s happening then
you’re sleeping because you have to wake

up at 4am so they can afford is als

and this person keeps waking you up and
then he’s like is it unreasonable to ask

%uh you to change where you sleep will
she should be sleep in the living room

she’s such a light sleeper

how dare you I’m what is her legs I
apologize for this rude behavior

I don’t think it’s crazy if you’re late
sleeper tune into a sleep

8 aid HD MPAA p.m.

till 4 a.m. so he’s a prisoner in his
room for 8 p.m. until 4 a.m.

yet at the zepa feels like a prisoner as
you can leave I’ve I suggest that you

let her sleep in your room any sleep in
the living room

how’s that shipments fair but at the
same time I wanna scold him

he’d if I am was about to say oh yeah

his second option he said a today as
mine on sleep somewhere else

should I find somewhere else to live
this summer yeah the second one find

somewhere else to live this summer

nice yeah well said leave well said by

all get your honor mama’s boy that’s
your problem dude

you never want to upset your money oo
sorry mommy I didn’t mean to want to

wake you up mami

I’ll stay in my room all summer Miami
dude grow up but if you compared nut up

I dunno huh lol live in our own

yeah right you know lol I love you

okay you got my glasses tattooed on your
chest I love them the

a that’s actually a pretty chill tied to
my other edits on saying

the air I hope you die soon let

other clyde is clearly the initial tack
I you get the Talon still out there

appreciate it

sup said bored with the same

thoughts it’s better actually I that’s

I say move out Jake says switch rooms
with your mom I just said rest the


in a you not to be like mom I hate this
but today hey this is really tough for

me and you as I’m sure she’s a

reasonable woman yeah just sounds very
reasonable what with the yelling at her

son wakes up yelling yeah

but I think that’s a tough situation to
deal with and I think it deserves to be

talked about in the light of day

okay obviously shouldn’t be cranky when
she’s waking up if glob work

yet at 4am job or a wake-up calls
obviously tough she is a newspaper route

but you know what I say when she gets
home from work you gave her a nice

little coffee use a month we talk about
something this summer’s

you know it’s like it’s gonna be tough
for me happy with both

if we could find a solution to this
problem and I think she’d appreciate it

I think she would respect you and I
think our respective mine

they have it what else is there to say
if you find yourself in your own sticky

situation you want

our help for whatever reason that email
address again

is if I were you show at gmail dot com
we start

and and every episode with a custom a

a theme song from our talented fans that
first one was from

under the covers and this last one is
from somebody

who calls himself street lamp

see a Monday I and show

them Shinde









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