Episode 80: Ultimatum


In this episode we discuss marijuana, tattoos, and nude pics…

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if things are going to get real they
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and a breezy good good fun had also the

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this is Canada’s very own

if I were goo I

hey I Obama you are you have a razor

hovering above your a few

a retired think that tho through the gym
that was my old fashioned

member Donna it at a dark underbelly

I like that sarcasm reminded me of Jason

and you love nothing more than Jason

yeah a liar I really only love

on I’m yours by Jason Moran ride

I just did so I guess I love Jason meraz
singer I think all the songs sound like


you have hahahahaha no they don’t yeah
there is only one

I’m you learn the other Jason
wrestling’s I am

cuz I think you’d probably welcome I
bono I really like you’ve never

at separating the EU found a song that
you loved me that much yeah I’m yours

all the time %ah and it never occurred
to go back I wonder if his albums good


now like just this one well that’s what
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I A I find songs that I love and then I
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with that thing about Macklemore yeah
that worked out like this whole album

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like and then am like I’ll I love done
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and then I had no inclination to listen
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and I did and I liked liked a couple

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and I’m Jake I am recording is on Sunday

we who wrote was saying that I’m not as
yet Jason revlon Danny ratings

get any regs the regs dregs his prime
earning a fedora right

for no doubt I’ll opened up button down
opened up but doubt help them with an


dahmer ready to do it at noon ever it
was spring you can write that song in


that’s true and if you do you’re lying
to yourself

yeah you’re lying to me and i resent the
implication well he didn’t

yeah I’m not saying that it did miss
your eggs I

11 it’s not a blister exists mister
dregs I don’t think I appreciate you all

respect you because you don’t appreciate
your respect me and I do you wrote that

tell you not to be like this said that
if he had written that song in fact that

I’m on the horn

of Raia he did includes bone over this
is crazy though

mister dregs hi very nice to meet you is
a robot

side doesn’t work we get emails from
people in difficult places dire

situations dire straits as you say

and the right us their problems that if
I were you show a gmail dot com

we reader these questions and try to
offer our advice

so let’s get started I let’s give this

a fake name to preserve his anonymity

on thinking her I am

I got the NBA Draft on my mind you have
a better team than that

better theme in the NBA Draft

good didn’t think so Jo Ellen B ED

rates then hey guys I got a big fight
with my girlfriend of three years

she hates it when I smoke weed but I
never do it when I’m around her and she

never finds out except for one

she interrogates me every once a couple
months about it

I ask her why I can’t enjoy a bit of
weed with my friends every once in a

while and she says it just bothers her
and that

should be enough for me to stop for ever
I think we should have a Don’t Ask Don’t

Tell system

about it but she wants me to at least
send a long text to her before

everytime i smoke saying how much I love
her what should I do

she’s fine with me drinking and just
told me that she kissed

a list of my friends to get back at me
keep in mind my gf is a god damn

ten-cent peace

thanks Jo Ellen bead I refuse to keep
that in mind sir

no level of hotness excuse you from
being a

piece of shit I you

I am it’s a funny that low a list of my

I get this look: you should write

me a text message every time you smoke

I made out with a series of your friends
to get back at you for doing is harmless

activity it sounds like she just wanted
to tell me how much you love me in

not just a text along tax yeah how to
stimulate that

it’s gonna be a long time well you know
that one text do feel good yeah I like

10 bubble takes up the entire sorry I
when you see like on the lockscreen well


done yeah I

that more did exactly at there’s got to
be more I’ll that as the head up

I love that level on tax I agree with
her on that front

the rules the regular it’s really hard
to have people under the rubble as chief

wrenched your friends

yeah that’s larry is a vindictive vixen
and you don’t have to take an era

richard nixon

yeah you are not a crook you’re fixin to

had bio vixen SL we the we suggest that

blitzen yeah blitz and get ready this
lady but

here’s the bigger issue ultimatums are a
little hard

to have in a relationship that means
like there’s a very strong

a pragmatic difference

in opinion there if somebody’s like I’m
drawing a line in the sand you can’t do

this thing and if you do you have to do

doesn’t sound like a good foundation
have a relationship the AM whenever

there’s there you can’t do this

you have to be like her I’m gonna do it

you can’t be mad at I are you can be mad
at me but you can’t

make rules right yet that’s that the

you like smoking weed you not gonna
change thing go ahead and do it

you just tell her in a long text message
every day that you know and love reading

your friend I

habitually get back at you you didn’t
even do anything wrong

well he did something illegal that’s
right he’s not my Colorado and

Washington he had a weed

he had a marijuana joint you hadn’t we
believe that you that you rolled into a

a jointer a doobie yeah Bowl you got
stoned high of a bit

yeah I’m probably had ivory had a
Munchie yeah he had a Munchie I was

gonna say probably had a much higher
amount than a Munchie an herb

small cases the giggles yeah he was
giggly he had a food Muncy in what he

did was have a a food snack about it
needs a like a lot to go into a food


grab yep it’s so much muncie how and

and then his eyes got got bloodshot

yeah he probably got glazed I’d food
Munshi and had a snack about it and


yet actually got it food much she then
added: from

you had you got snow and high you got
him food hygiene United cheeto about a

teenager harsh in Magnolia and

you loser have a cheeto puffs

she deserved to French your friend me
deserved to have it happen

I’m so what can we say I do think

I’m wilbur all better off because she

blatantly cheated on you made a list if
your friends also think so you have no


and no friends in your addicted to weed

iron because a guy bigger I

because I gotta have a laugh at that

I was going on record a podcast

but I got high say what that is on got
so popular

more than it deserves afro man dude

workers after a man been they hear that
this city needs

I guess I made sense that he can then

twelve to fifteen years of I you human
it’s really good make sense that a

when hit then we wondered where you went
very good hit pun intended

because that’s what it’s called when you
take a puff puff pass up the

the bowl old lease for a glass only on
John Yap

a injury and now given to this lady

yeah I think I’m it’s where they were
telling him to choose drugs over

relationship when you get them the that

that like all that await your
relationship when you say I shouldn’t

have to tell you why

ages really bothers me and Mikey if you
do it

it hurts me you like that’s how much
weight would you say that holds like it


I heists Dimebag a dime bag became scale

changers that age yourself in your diet
use for a dime bag just saw it at all

Kush results km I Kali Kush or is it

that banks take heat a tebe at Blue

I no obvious motive my brother

but dream do rather like telling it like
alright so this is like sad avoid which

is like sort of a more heady hi

with that also got that 20 per cent
kickback shooters like

yeah but now I’m well aware of how dare

I’ll defend my family a good to death

it getting be okay beating people can
hear that helicopter

I don’t know alright still let’s find
out I but is now in the comment section


worry about to say will just it you know

somebody says that the if someone that
you love is like

this really bothers me and I can’t put
my finger on why

but it hurts me what do you do the

play together question that this girl’s
arm a vindictive horror that made out

with those guys friends got to get back
at him for doing nothing

I think it depends on what that thing is
like at that thing is like a club domain

year something illegal like it bothers
me that you steal shit

and take I at I don’t yet that problem
with that at the

that is that’s the separation because
like something is

lately bad lately legal but this goes
like this isn’t necessarily bad for


Rangers bothers me yeah you do it it
really bothers me

right do you value how I feel

are you value being high well maybe
there’s a

the widest I don’t like the ultimatum
why does it have to be all or nothing


it sounds like he had the healthiest
thing which is the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell


like I won’t say like I’m gonna go get
high but like sometimes a lot to do with

my friends and I might be I

that’ll be it yen alright you’re really
long tax no she should not do tell you

don’t agree with their like

outta sight outta mind

and a row and he is out of his mind he
is blazed

blazed high more than God not there

a year the to disappear I would have to
be there to begin with

still doesn’t yes and I was not have
this earth

I am I don’t like the ultimatums yeah
that’s it

other means a bad also I think it’s I
think it’s Joe lambe it and I said Jo

Ellen B to know why

I want to be called out put on blast I
basketball fans

I’m wanna love you no cheese screw I’m

noted nearest specially cuz I was great
to begin with and I corrected myself


i right next question ya

comes from a dude warhol

Jabari Parker dry Parker writes

hey fellas I took a gap year to Asia
last year and the whole thing turned

into months of wildness

and Ibaka re debauchery

debauchery definitely one night a friend
in I took it a little too far in ended

up with tattoos on our feet

not matching or any of that shit I never
intended to get this tattoo walking into

the shop in my fierce competitiveness
kicked in when I watched him and thought

I could do that too

now I’m left with this weird circle
thing on my foot that I made up on the


attack to a tattooist traced onto my
foot around a roll of tape

I’m from Australia and flip flops are
part of life and now i dont

and now I don’t have the confidence to
wear them anymore because I feel like a

royal full

with this rough in rotten Inc on me I’m
not really a fan in the thing but

removal is painful and expensive

ended almost seems like the coward’s way
out of my ill thought

out of lifelong decision any advice

would be much appreciated thanks to buy

can you tell I chose this question
because I have tattoos that I regret

on your foot

on your foot yeah and it’s a circle
based at 21 your foot that through till

cell was so I appreciate you putting me
on a tattoo based blast

well it’s it’s a well deserved a a
little Sunday

and it’s a memorial day no really nail
Memorial Day blast

this what this blast last last an extra
day how is that fair

I was there just is that kosher yep

that we should be asking about the
tribal Sun located on your writing

okay cool well I have a tad too I
purposely made my body agree you have an

ugly face and June

I gotcha I’ll I am here’s what I’ll say

about the tattoo personal this guy’s

he got it because competitive to the
suspect get wanted that I can do that to

you of course

yeah my petition I can have thirty five
dollars to I said

yeah I nal you didn’t wear a disguise he
didn’t give it

the Thai two years paid for it and

flip flops are wave life is another dumb
thing he said wells Australia man you

don’t get it rather I am

like that does that too I’m more just
nippy be picking is a

language right and I’ll say about had to

I don’t regret my right away I grew to
regret them

and now I’ve grown to embrace them
because they represent like

as stupid little part of my life where I

19 and really into Dave Matthews and I
thought that like a tribal Sun on my

ankle made me a hippie and I was wearing
cargo shorts and had a hemp bracelet

yeah it’s like and so let me ask you

if you could snap your fingers and
remove them would you

yeah all of them um

probably I I don’t know maybe not the
butterfly tattoo

jus cuz if the Bears thing but it’s like
parted you now

yeah I’ll and maybe I’ll go to feel that
way about the

at the other two but it just

I think if you can’t laugh at them then
it is your lights going to be

shitty if you’re if you’re gonna be more
embarrassed to be more if I to be

attached to you

yeah then it is its like

may find yourself before anybody makes
funny view that’s what you have to do

yeah I was drunk and I was on a as a bra
to my friend areas they go whatever

Alicia shows they argue advocate you
think you think flip flops are carefree

have %uh getting a fucking tattoo of a

that’s the ultimate flip-flop your
attitude has to be good you have to be

able to laugh yourself that’s just life
advice that’s not too

that that attendees Australian so it
seems like thats though that’s the way

it goes to just be chill about it

years my suggestion which is what you
keep toying with is not removing it but

turning it into something else

yeah but like a circle so innocuous it’s
kinda perfect I actually think about

turning my tribal Sun 2/3 I

in and they’ll be in the exact same
place this guy

I yet won t turn it into something
that’s kinda funny or cool

like you’re talking about turning that
circle into a robot yeah remember that

yeah maybe I turn into an avocado now

yeah avocados good what about a future
in the circle into a pizza

at a fund at do pizza but I I

non-biological could be a pepperoni on
the pie you have to be a single

yet that is gonna be so big your tattoo
right now just the pepperoni on a giant

giant pizza pie

this is nice because it leads us into
our break where we will spend it

the talking about other things you turn
the circle that too

into it I you could turn it into a

you could turn into a sunflower many
flowers have circle centers

so let’s go with that beamed year

we could turn into a day 02 I

good turn it into a it into a moon into
his son

into a the you

cool ramone Moore Venus for one

just like a shot at the outside of our
house in at a time left to the Sun

rising and setting for three days

you can turn it into voice is gone

%uh I don’t worry be happy smiley and he

in a perfect circle per you know you had
a little point to the bottom

a.m. excuse big I moved to eyeball

just that some water do you could drink
water until I said everything that a

circular to your circle

idiot you cool it I

yeah surge X advice is to embrace it

I saw and that will we note someone is
getting tattoos removed

who I’ll okay

I secondly it back I know someone who
knows someone is having a tattoo removed

mean I saw there’s like Instagram video
love like

this this woman has like a sleeve of
tattoos she’s getting removed

and its absolutely disgusting looking
like blood blisters

bubbling up and she’s like popping them
and squeezing his posse blood however


ok god-like how I think it’s way more

embarrassing to like habitat to you but
it’s so much more embarrassing to take

yourself so seriously that you’re gonna
go and spend

thousands of dollars in Indore these
people disgusting process we poppin

blood blisters yeah

like that’s why it add to his permanent
for a reason its permanent justly

embrace this stupid thing that you did
it’s funny

it’s silly it’s you didn’t hurt anyone
he just like got a dumb thing on your

skin and played in pay for it

yeah he stole it he did what he usually
talking about he stole the tattoo I bet

do you think I said something about him
paying for it now I’m just guessing that

he did

his stall yeah that’s how he heard
someone I hope

yeah i know i cnt I i imagine like

pain leahy a I don’t know

we missed each other I

episode 80 a rare mares a single

you and you guys are going to be pissed
about that that we lasted this long

without a

making a joke that neither one of us
guide we’ve done it one other time in

the park it’s really rare that mean you
do it ray

is not amazing I think it’s beautiful I
love you man huh okay

I I think it’s cool that many are so

in six on the same level that yeah he
they were like cool

let me say that we share a brain we play
on the par-3

and I want to share everything with you
I love you what a

or question number three indeed you not
say back

cuz I feel it back you’re my man I’m
your man

I know that we are brothers we are

and love I sign that’s that was
definitely true

just move on do we don’t need to like
discuss it i’m saying how I feel about


okay I know its recent I K it is we
don’t have to be like

I love you I love you too out there for
both the bus

I love you you can so much and I feel it
back from you

it’s amazing elevates me it in Rich’s me

you are my man perfect and I have you an

wet what really gets three is not the a
more than anything

I I’m your man that’s and I think that’s

yes done and done the no-one and no more
we belong to each other

big okay I think I yeah the same way

and I feel enriched yes powered that’s
right engulfed by a

by your love let’s get a question
everything okay i jus wanna say

every she ate the I the love that I feel
coming from you

its in is sometimes I wonder if I can
love you enough because you love me more

than I

than I could ever reciprocate ok I think
that beautiful as long as you’re stating

your opinion

its ballot but you can’t thank you your

movie and I’m this is the Emir love’s
Jake said

hey come on dude my brother listens to
this is

aren’t moving on to question number tree

for real this time though hmm Andrew

rates hey dudes I’m 24 and having had a
girlfriend in a while but the last few

weeks there’s been a lady that’s been
messaging me in making a really clear

that she likes me a lot

I like her just fine and all but she’s
not exactly all that bright

I’m not super smart or anything but I
can RT tell I would get tired to this

lady on an intellectual level

should I bang her and be bored with the
conversation or should I just cut it off


anything sexual happens thanks Andrew

what’s your vote a

let what would I do or what should he do
what you do.

I E am NOT able to you

separate as well as they should be
personality and physical appearance

I’d like to be more cool about that but
I’m a very judgmental kinda guy

where if I think somebody’s not good in
any specific way

its order ruins the whole package from

I I’m not saying that’s right or wrong
obviously it’s right

otherwise I wouldn’t be doing in not
that right

but at the same time it’s not for
everybody course of people

have a whole different set of values
that they care about

and you prioritize what you want in a
woman for example

but say I’m looking for is the smartest
girl so make that the highest priority

and suddenly doesn’t matter what they
look like you’re looking for the

smartest girl

never good I

it good don’t lie are

cuz you only cuz ’cause there’s no such
thing the as the smartest girl

as a smart girl home I got it right dude
holy shit

and finally take a stand on this podcast
which I do but being wishy washy

a hot girls aren’t smart I could I am

on the smartest I just wanted for the
world and

I’m a boy less project I have a penis
seconds one person the world

my daddy a puzzle a dude guess what

weighing I third for his personal world
my mom but Steph olexson aborigine

number three at it too let a

um I don’t know I feel like I always

I’m I don’t really

I don’t miss a the surround myself with
Blake Dum Girls

thats I ago I’m out with you that I
would necessarily be like

attracted to you somebody you a found to
be not smart

but I also can see people’s value

outside a flake there’s a certain type
of intelligent ray

like I could talk to someone who doesn’t

isn’t like smart about writing like
which is something that I feel like I’m

smart about

but I they may be smart about something

like gum a.m. you know whenever a girl a
smart about like cooking

I as I every drop a bit

I but I think that you could I could
meet somebody who’s like not mister like

worldly and Mike

intelligent by a normal standard but
that I could find like

everybody is an authority on something
yeah everybody’s

at least the best at some rights I could
find her passion to be like

okay you could talk about this analyze
it was it something like

I’m celebrity gossip I could probably
get interested in it

writer lining up to be like I am
attracted to this person

so maybe this guy should try to do that
not be like love you double intelligent

conversation like

why you not talk about something that
you like perceived to be intelligent but


talk to her about what she’s into you
and then you’ll see that she is


she everybody’s intelligent about
intelligent about something

right and what if you’re not intelligent

anything I don’t then

can you separate personalities well you
can separate personality from appearance

for like one or two nights but then you
eventually have to speak to this person

and in a non drunken setting rate the

and reality will set in and this goes
either way like girls talking a dumb

guys are you guys talking a dumb girls

but there’s nothing wrong with like
hooking up with somebody that you might

not connect with an A level

aside from a sexual level and then just

as you realize you know this i’d not
enjoying my time with this person

because I’m having have conversations
and not just fuck

yeah and the fairway in you do you do
your vanishing act retailer that you’re

not really feeling it

be end yeah and you can justify it
yourself by being like I wasn’t I really

sure how intelligent she was or wasn’t
until we did have sex and then when I

really figured out her true self I
decided not to be with her I wasn’t

necessarily just whether until we fucked
in and I gave up on I just think you’re

like people are always saying let there
you’re projecting too far into the

future to be like

I don’t wanna fuck her and then just
leave because she’s done like money just

it if you right now wanna fucker and you
want to get to know where you wanna talk

to her

then just explore that and she might
feel the same way or she might not

but there’s no no one is saying there’s
any rule about being with her for like

a month and getting in or on any other
levels just

that first just take the first steps
without over they can future

are right Andrew Wiggins but at the same
problem too I’m not able to like

separate my anxiety

and I tell you this is like me have a
conversation with you yeah a podcast

right was like dude you’re always like I
don’t wanna go out there cuz they’re

like one minute

I will call or something yeah know once
a year there’s not a caller

you’d all anyone is asking %uh view is
to go out whether

once yeah and then what

if you had a good time a second time if
you didn’t the ant

but your but to project a feeling on
something before you even Explorer is

it’s a waste all do it

I’ll go out with the next woman I see
whether she likes it I love those girls

whose numbers you got

classroom show do yeah I

right now on my show this idiot on the
show I didn’t adding get any numbers as

he did

you got the numbers no not that first

not that time yes and I are pretty those
numbers you wouldn’t take them

right I was talking about the number the
judge he got I grabbed the number that

my other friend got for me

that is the the pattern its me talking
to someone not necessarily want to see

them again

and then my friend gets their numbers
for me without me wanting that

that’s not true yet well that’s not have
the last couple times

classic vintage me that the other death

for iPad alright alright relax I’ll do
right now

will you now I don’t have her number
once again my friend got it I doubt

leona is a jerk on to

told tell you what send just the attack
says and for the contact

a few an old that was that a smiley for

I you that’s just one step removed from
actually talking to this girl

I am alright let’s sell its whatever
breaky break

on their are

I’ll you know I want to talk about
people have questions about the podcast

one thing

how do you listen to our podcast now
that we’re on podcast 1

I where I’ll podcast one has an app

just like SoundCloud had a nap so if you
listen to it on the Soundcloud ap

podcast one also has an app and it’s for
available for Android

and for iPhones and if you live outside
of America I think you can get the app

you can download

every episode as an mp3 on our podcast

and I’ll leave a link to that on are
show page on a fiery show dot com

also the qualities at the actual audios
gonna get better accidentally encoded it

at a 128 kbps instead he’s gonna magic’s

I so that’ll that’ll also change

I am I think those are the two big
questions people at which is how to get


podcast now that we’re no longer on
Soundcloud I am

what else is going on show host yeah

while shows two shows you how one and on

on Saturday in less than a week at the
Hollywood Improv it’s a live podcast

that’s right and then in june twelfth

and New York at UC be Theatre in New
York City our tramp a return buy tickets


had the prodigal son’s return that so
you guys should call us the prodigal


return yeah but not just the prodigal
son I love it the near

day but law they can hear the prodigal
son return

and coming back to Brooklyn but well
said that it would be the prodigal son

returns /returns

yeah the prodigal son returns returns to
Brooklyn I don’t think that’s a good one

I don’t litter I have a good to be
regrettable son returned its

the Brooklyn couldn’t retired

II last question

yeah because we’re going somewhere for
the first time like Saint Louis

yeah prodigal son returns is coming for
the first time

Saint Louis Missouri yeah but we’ve
actually been sent to us

have-we yeah universe but like a
Missouri Lulay

Saint Louis rollin on the sinbad the

and ready for this now

emotionally physically it’s another dude
I’m sorry

I alright will call this dude Julius

Julius Randle rights aidid’s I’ve been
seen my girlfriend long distance for

about a year now

Jake don’t flip out just yet and it’s
going quite yet

well for us recently however she’s in
for me that you’ll often send her best


nude pics of herself granted these pics

alright granted these are pics she’s
already sent me

but I just don’t understand why she
sends them to her friend also

she says it’s not so much a sexual thing
and she likens it to one girl send

outfit pics to show off or get approval

she says that it’s a pretty typical
behavior among girls who are really

close but I’m 27 and havel

and have had a lot of experience with
women but I’ve never heard of this being

typical behavior with anyone else

what do you think that this situation
and should I do anything about it

are just see if it leads to a three-way

Julius Randle dude

you hit the jackpot and step we leave
you with a highway in a three-way

a you got a ticket to ride a

is guys getting a little ahead of
themselves very optimistic

today do anything about my problem
receive it leads to an orgy

I those are not the options yeah

um let’s just take the orgy of the table
which did not leading to you

I ever know you think it’s a you think
it’s normal typical behavior

I doubt it right sending girlfriend nude

well maybe this leading to an orgy I’ll

his 50 know you think about it know that
I think about it

um I don’t know it seems weird

but at the same time they be mad if

your girlfriend did that um

first lol if I had a girlfriend she
would definitely do it

I yes I would be mad

yeah I’d be irate I fully expect a

yeah at their plight we’ve all seen each
other naked

moreover yeah I am i

I’m a little living at what

the I’m trying to think year

%uh I got legs out this looks like %uh
all feel over now

agenda they do hired it seems like I
would just be a little

worried about like cuz a you love
someone and there’s any like pictures

that are native themselves

you their precious

yeah like those the leaking and being
out there in the world

for other people the dock at whose eyes
they weren’t meant

to be privy to right that makes sense
that you’re not worried about the friend

having it you’re right about the French
showing it to other people I’m worried

I’m worried about the the term

the the term ubiquity the ubiquity

and conformity conformity a is normally

he have the the gravity up this

its what is of fuck what the word

what he trying to describe one each see
out a gritty is is compromised

well because the a.m or the be the

its compromising the the secrecy secrecy

this these are all seemingly close I
wonder people listener shouting the

correct way to hear that you can hear

yeah cuz it’s the future it’s the our

I don’t know the word is is it weighed
is it pressure D like preciousness

know it’s a it’s like come something
being breached

I’ll the integrity that the structural
integrity but not enough compromise yeah

like the

but whatever you do. notional integrity
security is compromised

yeah I’ll head that okay that’s close
enough yet you got these pictures that

you’re holding there in europe
possession their pressure is there a

guest theoretically on your girlfriends

but their precious to her to another on
Iran’s bone yeah

three phones that these photos are on I
think that’s a little too much it’s a

little too little too risky its

that one too many yeah its neck ago to
more phones and more phones after that

and I think but as I she’s cheating on
you with her friend I would just be


with the term with it with

with the carelessness the frivolity that
they’re being sent into the world to you

to a friend

it’s like a these are a little precious

yeah I thought they were for my eyes
only yeah I think that’s another thing

you will you expect to feel special

a especially you know if she’s your
girlfriend should there not be sent to

other people that as per year I was
there for you

that is in a little bit sexy that she
senator friends

I don’t buy into that like lesbians are
hot shit now

that’s not that’s not for you now like
00 dude hot

yeah girls sharing nude pics like I’m
not involved in that

so it’s not like that well he thinks
it’ll lead to that

of course the world what is one step
closer than nothing

yeah that’s true I is it worth the risk

will I don’t even know if it’s worth
bringing up to you you’re hoping to be


don’t do this as you think it makes me a
little uncomfortable

like why do you well yeah that me you
don’t wanna issued the ultimatum

as we called it earlier yeah I’m afraid

I fear the ultimatum you never want to
say choose this over me

was always like the ultimatums always
happy with something she is happening

at or when something or someone is being
shitty so

is susie is unit the ultimatum his issue
that’s like the death sentence for

everything right so it’s not as though
you relied on sending naked pictures

like to theoretically it said Michael
Prince any naked pictures to our

her friends and my friends just like
what the people shy issue an ultimatum

no break up with her right and then it’s
like oh my girlfriend is issued me an

ultimatum that you can start making out
my friends like Oak break-up with their

even touch if it ultimately has been
issued or you think you need to issue an


that’s actually what you’re saying is if
time to break up

right because you don’t want to put her
in a position where you she’s choosing

between something else and you

yeah but it doesn’t sound like this is a
situation that warrants an ultimatum a

breakup but is he like hey I’m like

lately concerned by this yeah maybe a
penalty made in which is the second to

last ultimate actly yes order saying can
you call my fears were confirmed

yeah I can confirm them I have been
sending nude photos to a female friend

of mine

very well and can you call my fears that
this means you are frivolous with your

new but does and you don’t carry if
other dude seat because they fear that


me jealous I looking for and that is
that confirmed to

I do not care who sees these nude photos
rather be my female friends

homosexual male friends or even

male friend that is the keyword they did
not hear heterosexual

a are so your ego this is the end

and our relationship what a ride was her
thank you very much

and tonight nice day that any gear and
then you cut to

leaving the the apartment for ever never
coming back

minutes I think if it makes you
uncomfortable you should bring it up but

you shouldn’t say

don’t do it don’t say don’t do it right

never cuz I think you say something as
you are comfortable

to see how the other person reacts yeah
no one react well to an ultimatum

but they she may react well to your
discomfort yeah her it may be rinsed it

will be a cum for you

yeah I think nobody’s instinct when they
issued an ultimatum is to comfort the


up these said ultimatum maybe we should
a maybe you should also I take a straw


some female friends to see if it is a
normal thing and then you can

drop balls are always a good idea maybe
a Gallup poll maybe a hundred

independent American scattered across
america that way you can I give my real


gonna be I conducted yeah figure that
you were the facts in the case listen

seventy-nine percent

up females do not send pictures to
friends obviously this is

a level of normalcy that you’re over
exaggerating at the very least they

wouldn’t say that

average maybe if fifty percent did but
we’re looking at these numbers i mean

the czars these are strong strong I

bob dole act I am yeah

butter paloma I am if you have questions
on your own

or if you’re just looking to fuck with
us in a weird weird with it

this is a distinct way I got a troll us
like a prank

or maybe a a fake question about having
3somes ur orgies and stuff like that

that you think are funny

but we don’t necessarily like ascend
that too if I were you show at gmail dot


not only that the other p.m. Sun oh yeah
that first on is pretty awesome it was

written by Danny rags I believe his name

d rigs Danny regs right rigs I

and this last one this outro is written

somebody named Jonathan Gould our fans
are more talented than us

so larger than you don’t speak for me

30 I could write the fucking hell outta
team so here we go

dairy to 1 but babydoll mess surrounding
us to know she loves me is %uh no above


so far exactly hey I I know it’s exactly
a %ah

those pretty cool that I thought I did
not quickly also don’t speak for me he

spent three minutes

confessing my love for you which is
something that you don’t have the

authority to do I have the audacity to
do yeah I think that makes me a little

bit lovable

I it but as the little bit too hehehe

yeah thanks guys will be back soon AE


these two

gas my shoes this is Chuck

no work wages



that good








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