Episode 81: Hot Pizza


In this episode we discuss whether you should sleep with somebody your friends have already slept with, and also pornography…

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father’s Day is coming up

your mom’s birthday is probably right
around the corner many years only felt

so long

on that’s it I let’s

let’s start this episode I’ll luckily
things continue to get real so I feel

like you guys like this one I really do

retail I enjoy chairs I’ve never seen a
smoke Sherman


on and I’m always live by:

on and and I love proud of my


who that saw it on C

and all my friends of family me

and every questions like help me save me
and tell me what to do

he’s well now how can you saw me out to
our house tactile

I just thought the love nothing on it

allow calm down we cannot be service out
there yeah

on and right and five million

I said

things will always get me


on Asha five million good see you there

she me

is the

and then I france je


both yes I plowshares I

I’ll doe I lowered iPad now is actually

she’s limited by an ankle file and what
has been submitted for a long time but

he finally got on yeah

we have we had a very long queue for
lowered to get on when she finally

waited 80 episodes and we finally had on

Wow just kidding that was in lowered it
it was the Linea

I love and Danny that was great love the
harmonies guys

you know they are conjoined triplets
amazing yeah liden said that an email

but you can sorta tell just by how is
simpatico they wear

yet like the voices there are really
close together right like to at least

at the very least their mouths were
close or at the very least

it was edited to sound nicely yeah and
at the very most

their conjoined tripled yeah which I
don’t think is a thang

scientifically anatomically but at the
very least

their conjoined triplets a lot less

yeah it you’re asking GB
three-and-a-half conjoint redwoods are


and I guess trained why couldn’t it be
if there’s conjoined twins

and there are triplets why not can join

I’ll tell you why because 0

no isn’t picture I really didn’t wanna

who headed now on a serious whale energy

I just the picture that shows up is not
nice ok

but is it ever can join triplet I don’t
think the injured now

I I don’t think so I a really big
business an omelet

I think there’s a there’s a lotta
conjoined twins with like a third

triplets Lake

am yeah I have to stop the lucky non
conjoined one

yet liked conjoined twins and Anna than
the other baby

yeah but not like an all three people
can join now

that didn’t happen hey this is a fiery
at the only advice podcast on the

internet hosted by

us on a mere antic a

you wanted to I thought to be cool if
you took the lead this episode thoughts


and I love it and aunt here we go let’s
get started

you guys you find yourself in sticky
situations you email us said by ratio a

gmail dot com we do our best

to offer you advice nice good job thank
you that was

concise you know what I’m not even a
certain amount as a was killed it was

concise it was a

it with her it W I sugar coat it with
the no no it was concise he said

everything you need to save concise
informative yeah

eloquent even and no the area I don’t
know glee is on

addict it’s the right now is a good time
with it I get is a one additive that you

needed for that intro

perfect that tell you that in
sugarcoating at that should read it and

you’re not going to cut it but it there
are no effect yes

yeah it takes Adam want any sugar
understand I’m just gonna drown it in


no yeah units each action about donuts
or intros

at i cant believe youre already letting
this go to your hair sorry it took

you eighty episode I think to give it to
give the microphone to a big boy

I and let a real guy do it that’s not
sugarcoating it

now you finally getting it alright so
year ago let’s get started

figure 1a. I a likely yeah what’s

just let the was there with a name for
these folks

a well as the first but average person a
female or male

at the first person is a female okay
let’s call her blossom

alright so we don’t know what the theme
is but it out I’m sure

would you say we’re giving Israel emails
a big names the out to reserve their

anonymity anonymity anonymity in it

a night in any and another not amiss
nurses anonymous

yeah on blossom rights

hey guys so there’s a guy that I’ve
liked on and off for a while

and hinge Allaah alright

tripping over their head out our way

I’m fuck the gay and I have to admit
that dontcha

now %uh then we believe those words if
the dead

hey guys so this guy that I’ve liked on
and on for a while

and he and his girlfriend finally broke
up and I’m ready to make a move

seems easy right well recently gotta put
up with before

want to hang out and I made the plans
before knowing that that first guy was

single again

I like the first guy enough that I would
like to date him but

I really would enjoy hooking up with the
other guy because I know would be great

will be okay if i hook up with the
second guy and then try to get out that

first one

they do know each other but they’re not
best friends or anything so I doubt

there would be a problem in the future

but still something to think about
thanks in advance blossom

so she has two guys that she wants to be

right when he got that she wants lost
long-term a call that guy never a

yet a guy and guy number B is just his

yeah that she can hook up with her
joints nash’s you get be at the way and

then start with k

or did she picked is hooking up with the
compromising a too much into not even do


yeah I mmm

interesting two schools of thoughts yeah
well the reason I found this question to

be particularly interesting

is it’s so guys which is due this

there is a goal to hear us yeah of
course like simultaneously

girls they’d these two girls and then
more girls that they don’t like girls

that they hate

this she’s such a beautiful soul well I
would be afraid to do that be able to

hook up with a girl that I likes friend

she then a friend they just know each
other yeah knowing each other

because then the first person what are
the second person will now and then I’d

feel like I can get with the second

what I I feel like if i hook up with

if I have a crush on someone I would
wanna hook up with someone and that

person is

friendly with but your not considering
that she has a question as other person


you can have multiple crushes right that
no but she like she says one guy’s more


wealthy I don’t know because he’s not
thinking anything he just got out of a


ideally you should liked I don’t think
you should not live your life based on

what might happen

if as long as this other guy is cool
with it I think you should do what you

wanna and then every

if a then it’ll all work out they’re
saying go for the sure thing

no pressure let do what you wanna do it
as a choice hey this guy and then go

after this other dude

she can hook up with multiple people she
could make out this one did you call the

other day the next day there are no

and guys are playing by the school’s
that all may come up and then stick to


when like your she’s complicating the

instead of just doing whatever she wants
yes they do you think hooking up with a


a who knows a guy compromises hooking up
with the second guy

now like if somebody hooked up with me
what do you not wanna hook up with them

I know that make me wanna go for the
more I

every girl hooked up with me yet that
would make you wanna hook up with her


yes I lie

on its sexy in a way I don’t want to
don’t you not want my quote unquote

seconds you turning you’re turning woman
in time we’ll never buddy

I interesting interesting that the third
school but

that it matters just broached their
dollars I would never go in our hood

up to a bowl of chili to be consumed %uh
and you’re just getting the

quite a good sloppy version of that
period a gadget that you carelessly

tossed aside

in this in this %uh fantasy this the

a of course I would never refer to them
as I that’s why I quoted a

chauvinist ass y su you’re staying

it’s like you know but everybody is

seconds thirds fourths by the by that
standard but not like people that you


but you do I don’t want to hook up with
someone that my friend is hooked up with

why I don’t know I below to let me think
for a second

I I don’t know why why don’t I now want
to do that

if somebody has because it’s like some
competitive thing like you want to be

like I got this girl nobody else could

I don’t know if it I don’t even know if
it’s could and a noted is

like if somebody had slept with you

I wouldn’t want to have slept with them
alright see what’s your favorite pizza

place in New York City

I Lombardi’s just because I’ve eaten at

and Dave ate at Lombardi’s dozen

loves Lombardi’s does that mean that
that pizza is less delicious

well I don’t wanna eat your leftover
pizza is not let the repeat still the

same hot

at alicia is Peter day her hooking up
with someone

doesn’t make her like an incomplete meal

everyone every time she sleeps with you
she’s losing a beer or sell for ladies

you’re always a hot pizza you understand

nobody makes you a cold pizza you’re
never left overs you’re always a

delicious meal

episodes might be like leftovers but go
out there take a shower go on a jog put

your face on

and all the Sun oh my god you’re another
delicious pizza

take a shower then we gotta take a jog
yet you know what I don’t yeah

I don’t know that we have only myself
but I don’t know that women aren’t food


here they are they could be good if they
don’t have the leftovers

year the interest-only their pizza why
are you yelling I’ll be able to go on a

run after the shower I don’t always know
exactly what I’m saying but I think it

but I think be the overarching statement
is there

okay say you’re saying just because

a girl or a guy has hooked up with a
friend or yours

that doesn’t make them any more or less

rate doesn’t make them more desirable
not a silly more desirable

and I’ll say that if there was some girl
who is hooking up with

all of our friends I might be less
inclined will not me but

a see some I being less 11-1 should be

right so that’s the thing if if they if

at let’s say let’s switch the genders or
not the

stereotyping here if there’s a guy
that’s left with

all the females friends she shouldn’t
wanna sleep with them

right dearie so or maybe that is next on

someone curious they’re like I wonder
what the hypes about it so everyone

sleeping with this dude with this girl

that makes me think like 0 is the best
amount a friends and infinity is the

worst amount and as you get closer to
infinity the worse it is

they slept with one friend it slightly
bad 234 it’s getting worse and worse


methodists the sex into math English
what he did dipping it again you every

time you make sex into Matt here

I don’t know what to do with my erection

you made me hard for for this really is
a theory there’s numbers

may be right but I also think I think
there’s like

that the rest the the there’s a
threshold that can be

you know there’s a grace period like
zero to three maybe right 03 is the same

yeah just like okay everybody hangs out
like an incestuous

environmental yen and

that just like how it works you like
work with people you tried it may be

sleep with them you have a group of
friends you try to maybe sleep with

something them

and like you shuffle around i mean I

Rachel was with Ross and Joey yeah but
nobody wanted her to be with jelly

that’s true but Rachel had to explore
the opportunity for self

well let me ask you this let said are is
there a friend out there where if a girl

if a girl had the hooked up with Mubi I
don’t want

that girl David Rosenberg I just wanted
a yes sir no you didn’t have the name no


yeah up you Dave Rosenberg

damages goods yeah he leaves Peters

a ruined I ruins be I would save for me

he he attacked the uneven eat at
restaurants CATV just it completely

abandoning the metaphor you wouldn’t

actually eat at Lombardi’s had he even
there yeah because

cuz you know ye that Lombardi’s any any
drills it as hard as he can to me like

to choke you

said I don’t I would buy in actually you
know maybe it doesn’t matter it really

doesn’t matter in China Lake

I want to catch up to my actual view
like I want to practice what I preach


you know some say an I really I really
think it should matter

if Dave had hooked up with a girl and
you’re interested you to go for it

yeah I think so that’s beautiful thank

but I wonder what prohibits me from
doing that so do I

we’ll never know a question for the
podcast friend I

moving on I periods at this girls coach

I think it’s fine and you seem to think
it’s not a if I were you I wouldn’t do


and if I were you I would but that being

your you and you should do it because I
don’t think people would look down on

you if you did

it’s not a bad thing perfect

moving on I who plays for keeping us on

on our feet on our schedule on our toes
we’re moving right along

yes okay quite another thank me for
anything we’re just gonna move with

it’s a step that squirrel I appreciate
your your gratitude

yeah I don’t think it goes unnoticed and
drago you notice but we have to move on

okay okay your attitude your attitude

frankly this blood to get the they are
all they are all welcome

and I am ready to move on and that we
should we shall move on okay I want to

thank you for taking me

appcake great fake I learned how are you

and the question is AM and question the
second moving

right along I like this place that we’re
on yeah i do. me this one comes from a


I will call home Joey Joey

rights well grace I pay do this for the
two part question Big Ben the show and

web Syria’s

yeah and they do this was a two part

part 1 I need some advice girly fifteen
years the page turning 16 soon

and I’ve been training with a good
friend for about one year to become a US

Army Ranger

the problem is I don’t know if that
would be my best course of action

my brother who had very close with
discourage me discourages me from

pursuing a career in the 75th Ranger

because he’s concerned that I might get
killed or severely wounded

but I have a passion for it every day I
ache for the day that I can stand among

the best the best

my question is should I try and obtain
my goal becoming a ranger with my friend

who I know it’s got my back

or should I go to college and get a
degree in psychology

my time in the military could paper so
my college but what if I get killed

while deployed

Raiders are currently still being
deployed as their special operations


in their operation tempo is very high I
know I could wait a couple years to get

my degree and postpone my dream

but all I think about and winning a
couple years seems like for ever to me

part 2 there’s this girl that I like it
she likes me but I’m not sure how to

initiate a conversation I want to get an
hour how to go about doing this thanks

any response would be greatly

Joe I boom

let’s answer the more important question
first the check

so your facebook message here ahhhh I

others did like the most badass guy like
I would be a ranger

my friends got my back at all I pick it
up also

I’m scared of women a what I and other
women on the other side

like other statewide what if instead
over what if instead of weapons they use

women to a talk to me then I’m gonna be
really screwed over the enemy needs yeah

J girls up a face for a cryptic Facebook
message more dangerous than any missile

are the dichotomy of a 16-year-old

I only think about war and pussy I

and I’m all outta pussy I want was he
was actually the original name for one


amazing yeah just a publisher payment
publishing didn’t want him

I to use policy in the title that’s fair
yeah because it’s crass

yes rude so grab a call Edward yet so
they called it

first they called the word yeah the call
that penis and pussy and then

they realize they change that the
etchings the wrong word and then it they

landed on war and peace

so which question should we answer first
and I believe we can answer

a.m. is the second one literally just
how do I start a conversation with a

girl I like to just say hey

that’s it we answer that one already but
is it that easy I don’t know

I letter Facebook message she likes you

there’s all the better off there are no
states you could just like go to make a

fart sound in all the

a good look how do you know she likes
him there with us is that she likes me


I’ll just walk up to her and then

hi hi has your day gone had gathered
Harry Hill

great do you wanna join the air the
Rangers yeah

up the other thing is if you if it’s
something the really passionate about it

sounds are you don’t necessarily need to
make a decision

this seconds and you’re fifty way keep
on training see what’s up and then a

couple years

you’ll ever make a decision yeah you can
always go after your dreams

I at age 18 ray and you know I’m

um I was always too much of a pussy to

the and the the armed forces yeah

level of defense really right and so you

of course I would appreciate it if you
had my back now that you’re a tough dude

yeah if you can if you can protect
pussies like me and Jake that would be

ideal for us that way we can steep

keeper hanging out here with our
microphones in between our how you can


as pussies we will do our best to get
you put go out to that girl and just say


tried that I was up for a trade off
three years in service and we tell you

to walk up to someone

they are we here live on the line and if
they say hello are even Sir

daughter job in give you 50 I am

yeah that’s funny that he’s down to

wars but afraid of 16-year-old girl

he had fear neither death or bullets

but um I don’t know if a girl has like
perk you care to really growth BR

are afraid if I say something weird urs
stupid or worse both than she might not

like me anymore

I wanted a kiss my lips one day I will
like that would make me happiest

I am it says here others concerned about
you i the use

you could maybe have a conversation with
him and say like I love that year you

care about me

but you really care about me you should
want me to it I

to feel fulfilled and being a Rangers

is gonna make you feel that way and I
think the best thing I can do is keep on

training so I can be the best Ranger
that can be

and if I add if I can do that then you

you shouldn’t have to worry about me
yeah that is shady your brother

who i think is a traitor yeah right he
might be

the shit appetizers lattice Cup it was
the clear light

I think about my brother doing that
maybe like I don’t yeah

no I wouldn’t want my brother doing that
either it’s tough but I mean

also the same time think thank god
there’s a people out there that do you

want to do because that’s a

yet not all of us can not do it right
now would work out either

we all didn’t do that we’d be fucked
ideally everyone but me and my brothers

would do it

I that and then the second layers not
have my friends doing it oh and then the

third is fine and strangers do it

a go for your dreams

and it had achieve your goals meet up
with the girls

dreams moving on while you really do
mean business today

I fly I’ve never seen you this confident
and cocky

thank you its unbelievably unattractive

really yeah I hate it I’m sorry

apologize try to be less cocky yeah
moving on

I could be less cocky and the best
benefit idea Lake anything happen if you

need to be less cocky I will because no
it’s better than me and I can nail it

surely go

Ireland feel as cokie that alright
moving on do you mind

I let’s get it alright thanks hey I
don’t even know I’m trying my best

is that alright yeah okay lets the you
don’t mind

how everyone that this paper right
question 3

nailed it this one comes to us Brahma

in other guy mister Nick Russo

mister Nick Rousselle rights

I’m just going to try to get to the
point I like that

right I’ve been dating this girl for a
little over a year now

interred at is a air quotes firefighter

he’s really at the house cuz he claims
he’s always working at the

firehouse my girlfriend’s house is

and I don’t see how your dad by ear
fighter salary could afford it

the other day I was watching porn and I
shit you not I’m ninety-nine point nine

percent sure we’re talking lysol sure

that her dad was one of the actors in
the exotic film I was watching

should I tell my girlfriend I think ur
dad is a porn star

do you think I would offender should I
show where the video and see if she

agrees the actor is a dead ringer for
her dad

any advice would help thanks mister Nick
Russo I

Wed evening lysol share means like that
so many germs lysol kills yeah I guess

unless I get like ninety-nine point nine
percent bacteria

okay that’s their slogan yeah I don’t
tell her that her dad is in porn

there’s two two possible outcomes one
you’re right

and it’s the worst thing ever to your
wrong in its almost as bad as being


is that you admitted to a watching a
porn that look like her dad in

be to sit in her down would scare
accusing her father being a porn actor

died after a tattletale who told on the
dad is in the porn

definitely just don’t tell anybody also
do you think male pornstars make really

great salaries they can afford houses
yeah I would say firefighters

I hope do better than porn stars right
yeah if your sports there’s anything

just society users are doing it for free

yeah rate third certainly lower than a

today shared both dressed like
firefighters I can see why you’d be


I that a question do pornstars make more
than firefighters

if everything is male points as I don’t
think do

may appoint latter I don’t know anything
about being a firefighter because like


put discussed in the last question I am
a pussy so

I would be afraid of fighting fire yeah
I’m also afraid of fighting nod

you know the axis of evil sure basically
anything really

right I’m afraid to fighting everything
but definitely a

am it seems like if you’re a firefighter
captain or something you make a good

salary you have like benefits you’re in
a union

yet who knows where this person lives
right maybe maybe this big house is not


and hop a prime part iv: the world where
you can afford it on a firefighter


yeah I’m he might have gotten a loan
from the bank in is like making payments

again also inherent fighting fires and
how dare you accuse ever being a

pornstar just because he’s

hustling to make a living for his family
in in saving the community you from

flames and you’re like I think these
fucking people I

cabinet I where dude but this dude is
putting out fires in your masturbating

to video zone

fire ok guys that look like him in a

NN cool a little video a it would be
like the dad

like doing like holding on this hose
rake the yard and a slick caused a sec

already guys 3 to one

smash cut to guy our kid with a limp
dick in his hand income coming out of


that’s like the parallel there I wonder
if these others bird added this video

when they continue to master

I that’s a really close is crazy

come I

op should I this is him his him fapping
while running as an email

ok get to that point kurds as should I
teller and also should I finish

I as their Burris in a bit edgy it
squeeze out a drop without say so

see this is why you should only watch

POV porn will never see the face and
then renewed cover the face fucked the


yes see the day you can see the nosy

its it’s as if you’re there favorite POV
porn say

are you asking me idk I’m asking me

yes I’m asking you I might be repealed
the points I don’t know

appeal BD is a really good one POV d dot

I HD POV dot com is pretty nice here

and there’s there’s a but as the D stand
for in POV d

I think it’s I don’t know it’s just
making a simple domain I know that like

the audio is 3d or something but that
doesn’t really mean anything the odd yet

that is specially means nothing first
the audio to be in three dimensions yes

that’s correct in its not that did

yes surround sound audio I gotta be rude
computer speakers

well I mean I guess and how that is
going to school

I because he thought it was cool because
it said

3d fine dude what do you jack off to you
I jerked I jerk off to

the there’s this really cool mixtape up
the Spurs play bass quality master balls

cries so like if they like make some
really crisp passes

that’s not exactly hot that does sound
hot at top 10 Blake Griffin jams the

2010 2 2009 are getting harder your

very well right now um what should we
tell this guy I really don’t

say anything don’t bring up the fact
that you saw your girlfriend’s dad in

porn right any also it just looks like
him if not him

come on they don’t make poor heck no of
course not

and even if it is it’s bad it’s a

your best bet is to forget you ever side
that’s correct

but how you gonna do that I guess you
have to watch so much more porn that you

start to forget which porn use on and it
should not be a problem

a I with deluxe the same videos over and
over d like

the uniqueness have a new video highly I
go back and forth

yet yet babes yeah but I like to search
for new faves

like music you know yeah I roll hits
your eye I also I want some new jams

take you like top-forty been same time
it can be the same top-forty for ever

that’s right speaking a music do you
remember the first like

their songs are popular and now they
just assume that I’ve always heard

but like there had to have been the
first time I heard

talk dirty to me read like there was a
first time they played that on the radio

there was the first time I heard iggy is
Ilyas ANC

through an hour I just assume that have
always known it it’s kinda cool I’ll

just like

headlines hinted he reversed like that I
wanna like I wanna see label waves at

songs coming in going top 40 songs like
a graph an animated graphic like

song disorder gliding up into our lives
I think it out Howard fantasizing about

POV porn in your fans I think about
graphs yeah

that’s like that is highly unusual this
is the Reedy idea by the way if you’re

wondering it’s with the visualization of
top 40 songs

like you’ll see them peak pop and then
glide away and then there’s always that

little public at the end like how we

you start hearing can hold is now a
little bit more that it’s like been a


like that there were six months there
that they were playing it at all cuz

more like this

it’s a Summer Jam yeah at the site it’s
a Summer Jam the surgeon people dislike

you don’t listen to music during the

appears as if they have the Winter Jam
okay well as on the winter

holidays affected I year ago due to the
Christmas and then a

just hold your breath till May baby it
is why there’s no songs like

Calvin Harris is winter doesn’t exist no

a solid winter hit I’ll alright you know

well you tell me what it’s time for
break time

break break break moving on what to the
break I

a air what we talk about actually we
have to take a little commercial break

right now this absurd has brought to you

the signal are you looking for a total
mind trip that will keep you guessing


hours yeah you are great then you should
check out the new sci-fi thriller

the signal in theaters on june
thirteenth the signal

explores what happens to a group of
college students on a road trip

when they are mysteriously blurred to
the middle of the desert by a hacker

suddenly everything goes dark when one
of the students regains consciousness

he realizes he’s in a waking nightmare
then light

well you have to see to find out but I
can tell you the film stars Laurence


who makes his first return to the sci-fi
genre since the Matrix trilogy

then light also rounding out the cast
not then what then who

running up the cats are Brenton Thwaites

oculus Olivia Cooke from Bates Motel

and Sarah Clark from the Twilight films
Marshall fine at The Huffington Post

says the signal is as imaginative

other side by tale since District nine

the signal is directed by William Eubank
and opens up in select theaters on june

thirteenth this the trailer for the film
and find out more information

you should visit Focus Features dot com

the underscore signal you’re obsessed
with Marshall fine

I just really want people to see the
signal opens with this is 238

is that soul rock only yeah Marshall
buys a better writer from the heart but

a lot of the whole

you always ring a Marshall Fire Marshall
fine says Marshall High Dive Resort

District nine

yeah finds I think fines in bed with
nine that’s enough

sigh I Islands wells got

we have a show next week this week we’ve
said this week

on Thursday now the is this is monday
june 2nd

with show next week next Thursday I
thursday june twelfth

at the Sydney Theatre New York and while
reservations are sold out you can still

show up in standby line getting

right your data pack the house rate I
want to pack the house

like the area so right yeah I wanted to
be a fire hazard that this porn star guy

has to come

but a it happen so much so stuff it’s
with so many people that like you can


kick his way through a dense wall Rd in
cement that’s what I would preach

so thick that it’s like seven to eight
time is what

the capacity of the room allows for
there we go

I anything else in general

um I luv I mean how are your

how’s it going I’m good

how are you fine good

we should stop talking to each other of
podcast write a lot more to catch up

yes so when we stop recording this
episode we should just go our separate

ways for a week or two

way raspberry its life and then come
back atcha

yet talk that would be cool am had that
idea for a podcast which was all break

podcast no questions just mean you

no shit chilling imagine that like this
but for forty minutes

lividity like an oral history overcome I
love you know of us as a couple

as couple friends truth I so like

a 40-minute servers describing our
friendship yeah

what we mean to each other and how it
came to be

I that sounds

like it wouldn’t be for everyone
definitely not for everyone

maybe there’s some people out there who
think it was cool yeah mail order to get

bonus thing

you know we should do is record video
record another absurd

thats we haven’t done that in a while
yeah we should ask arnelle to do that

for us

make a plea is next episode even if it’s
just that static two-shot

there doesn’t have to be much editing
that so we did not Hotel New Orleans

yeah a great way to set up a camera we
can even do it on our phones

good and yet we probably won’t

amazing inedito interesting now let’s do
it okay fine

all say I’ll guarantee it bone in June

alright not a radio episode command baby

I we’re just not gonna do it step

now and i’ve lived guarantee means
nothing a marine examine

Irene ager exact yeah yes

I V Nigerian movie ing on re Nigerian
moving on

about that was the highlight of the
entire have is that at this point

every did coming up with that I no I
didn’t I reject the hater a rejected

II last question um

okay this is this is a question coming

a Lata were mad girls that where my
girls at

where my girls that shit where my girls
are my girls at anyone seen my girl had

lost my girls act their age

it two girls at the air and that we’re
just at the American doll store I

haven’t seen my girls act I

were Abubakar girl that will happen to
you all

give me back my son’s that look

I let’s call her genovise already not
six not 60 K

we’re breaking the sixth wall Jenna von
always rights

dear Jake and oh mere nice

so my boyfriend is in his first year at
uni and I knew is moving away would be

hard but

OMG nothing could prepare me for this
emotional turmoil

he’s literally a diva Roach I mean he
never calls me when he says he will

and sorry says he’s doing work but his
facebook pictures tell a different tale

his OBS going clubbing basically every
night probably with other girls

he even had the nerve to make some girls
are special dinner spicy Rose Bowl in


like WTF I just wish he knew what it’s
like to be at home doing jack shit

well he’s living la vida loca and
bettering his career

basically how can I make him pay me more

is it wrong to try to guilt him into
coming home are dropping out

love the show you’re both smoke shells
has tag would bang

I she said levy loca and left half

hash tags she bangs of her email

think it was real there for her sorry
buddy a low-hanging Ricky Martin bass

fruit that’s right you say you just call
Ricky Martin a fruity

it violate the a you come out as a bigot
no homophobe

FAQs there a

which is their labors turn upside inside

I really do you think it you know what I

there’s no picture other for you but I
don’t ever let are there devil red yeah

I ask in yen

the color mo Kay a gentleman always obey

I indeed to let me answer to every
question in a row was the first lunch

is it wrong to guilt him into coming
home that was the first one but I was up

there when you could answer let’s let’s
go one by one

one by one yeah questions are 1

and will I get the first question mark I
see is like what the fuck

okay I’ll tell you what the fuck he’s
having fun at uni

basically how can they can pay more
attention can’t is it wrong to try to

guilt in its coming home or dropping out

yes it is wrong to guilt him to come
home and to drop out right so you are

jealous because he’s having fun

at University yeah and you want him to
pay you more attention

yes and you want him to have less have a
good time you want him to drop out

yeah I think you should break up with
them and try to better your life

she also said like well he’s bettering
his career

I Zuko ladies bettering himself

that he’s had a good life experiences
and there are rather than

making you feel happy for him you are

anxious jealous and you wanted to have a
worse time so you can feel better

so what you have to do is well this guy
is doing

happy with what we advise we advise
people to go off to Union have the time

in their lives as much as they can

but cut off their significant other
there’s no need to still have one far

far away if you have any time the real
life without her

right at least he’s not like not
enjoying himself staying at home being

miserable and blaming her

yes so he is doing something right but
he should probably have the

decency to let her go rent he won’t

she is feeling betrayed annoyed anxious
WTF to bow to your

so the best thing she can do is let this
guy go before he breaks up with her

I’ll yeah other a truck stop hating her
a little bit because I think the vial to

say how do I convince him to drop out of
school at like guilt him into

paying more attention but ice understand
your feeling hurt your feeling slighted

you’re yelling alone and scared in

maybe a little court ok a quiet

I I like adjective others I’ll

as a legacy she he is literally a diva

now is not he is living la vida loca

up but you’re feeling sad and I think
that like all you can do is cut him free

and try to like

the try to give yourself enriching
experience yeah

dragged down by his happiness I am mad
at her alright

I’m just say I got a little upper lady
lady what do you expect

at this point like you don’t don’t let
him get you down girlfrien

you how to use that to inspire you gotta
make spaghetti bolognese with your own

guy who’s not at uni

BOM yetta instead have getting mad at
him while you’re at home

is a China outdoing have a better life

then he is having you have to become the
diva Roach

don’t you understand the metamorphosis
isn’t complete until you’ve diva Roach

to yourself

until your WTF being %uh somebody else

up slut inside now believability

lol yeah that song was everywhere then
went away

I think it’s time for to come back i’d
like to see a gravel pit I’d like to see

a visual representation

I really like a techno remix to that
song by TS diller

David get it can really be this %uh
noose on the summer

fifteen years later so what’s our
suggestion for this girl

if you love something let it go

and have as good as time as you can
without it the

if you love something let it go the
comes back to you it’s yours

yet but it probably won’t yeah that’s
the same obviously I mean this guy’s

already not coming back to you in his

in the emotionally belongs to you room

I if you let him go you’ll never see him

but that’s probably for the best and I
let it go

with you a cuckoo with I what if things
in that

bowling ace spicy

and rice I it right gracie is quite
spicy and I find it to be nice see

I it’s a little bit entice see

it in my head looking a bit lazy butt

yeah you had actually looking very lacy
soul I see it sailed with my sis

heads yeah the LaCie have evolved a
larger sort a row dense

I can see that I can see at not but
enough you describe to let it all go a


a wifey over there a little mile a
little mouse they just scare

skit that allowed it up Mac she ever
brought it

look at Creek Inn Road in for King Road
scurrying away over there and

the yeah its own eyes it’s so obvious
for us

its easy when you’re at a relationship
own but that’s why you read this

in a is that our show you’re the host

yeah and I don’t need the the prodding

yeah I don’t need a leading question is
that our show okay because

iight what I cut it out but we were
sitting here for two minutes and you’re

staring at me I

yeah now then what would I do I do it
now yeah

that is our show ladies and gentlemen I
would say thank you to Lord herself

who Lord up the opening piece on yeah

amazing who was that though

the names that be the day that the three
the names other three

that the three Lords the opening p.m.
Sun was lovely it came to us from

a did that that that that that that that
are detd our

ilana I other Ivor Isla

I love and Danny and any and this last
one comes to us from our

perennial theme song stress opry Scott
of the band

sexy EQ alright you can listen to more
sexy et

as I C K s E a dot band camp

dot com the mail URL is based on the
american pie jerk

yes that’s it thanks so much guys a

and again that email address if you have
your own questions is a fiery show a

gmail dot com

thanks everyone and

yet to line

least hmm do


he had given

could stern


months in


no soon



as her



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