Episode 83: Meredith


In this episode we discuss shaving, dying, and orgasms. While singing.

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alright but gets there thanks guy by


does do mutineers

with certain terrible drive displaces
they had been seized

be used as with the man I love bread
don’t wanna just beginning there’d be no


you got urges didn’t get away with them

does douche

Brett fields everyone bread feel heels
ladies and gentlemen

delhi’s acapella which means he did all
the the music

with his mouth and the singing with his

whitey yeah hi yes he was able to shape

anus in a way that’s saying words while
Steve far did raise ian is saying I love


I think liking acapella is wanna the a

more embarrassing opinions that I have
you really love acapella yeah it’s funny

and it’s fun and it’s entertaining and I
like the way it sounds

that’s I can’t make fun of you could I

I it’s funny and it’s fun and
entertaining and I like the way it


yeah I like the way you are paid a visit
by a year the only advice podcast on the


i’ve a mere lot a shit I it was still

I posted by us i’ve a mere

what there it is a perfect

and I’m Jake I am just to confuse the
people are tuning in for the first time

but never get it a dollar that I reset
it was pretty LC apk or guess I’ll be

with his anus yeah

as always as always so how does this
show work

good question we get emails from people
that are seeking advice and we try to

answer those emails

holy shit 06 seeing Phil

but just happened how would we use today

it’s wherever in the active youth ed
it’s different now

help the email addresses it I really
show at gmail dot com but yet started

I’ll we also ok line okay dick he could

a okay songs yeah both do that the end
will call for with the NRA radar at

alright alright line

first one better right in any way yeah
you are getting right into it

you ruined it finally I hey guys

away who is this email from ol I’ll of
course we all know

and gentlemen from this famous I this
one is from a ring girl ringel rights

hey guys love the shell I

the the the ash shit

so I went to my senior prom a few days
ago with my girlfriend have two months

at the dinner before the prom she was
very passive and wouldn’t really talk

at the prom she ditched me to go talk to
her friends for three hours

when asked if she wanted to dance she
said not right now

after the prom she went back to her
friends house without me

so here’s my question should I break up
with her I spent over three hundred

dollars on this whole prom deal

she’s been really different and we
recently I’m fully willing to drop her

like a hot potato

and if I should break up with her then
how should I do it

love ringo I am

he should break up with the right well
she did go to prom with Han

but then wouldn’t talk to him wouldn’t
dance with him

and wouldn’t leave with him right I

at the very least you guys could have a
discussion about what happened

what the fuck went down it’s only when
people at Lake

emailed relationship questions that are
so like

what is the relationship you feel like
you can’t say any

haywire you are a being like SK

imagine a you woke up one day and

you had a significant other where you
spoke to her she wouldn’t respond then

she went to a dance with you wouldn’t
talk to you wouldn’t dance with you and

left without you

I would be so heartbroken Lee

confuse but like you would what do you
say something yeah

like what should I do fucking talk to

what’s going up right now what it is
waiting for a response teller

teller what happened was bad yeah you
spent that’s the other thing he spent


like shit you should baby she does
realize that I think you could have a

little conversation about their like a

it’s not just my feeling and i actually
admire invested cash initial

big bright so you know i buy you a
corsage and then you stopped at my heart

II pager share the limo and you left
with your friends

and down you know i buy your ticket in
your meal

and you wouldn’t eat or is it with me I
don’t think that’s fair I don’t think

that’s right I don’t think we should be
going out

not that she owes him anything sexually
that’s it

right of course of course think but she
does armor

a friendly attitude well there you know

committed loving relationship she owes
him an explanation if she’s gonna split

yeah I wonder what he thought when that
happens real that’s weird

she’s not dancing with me and now she’s
leaving without me

I feel full what should I do how should
I break up with the right place you

don’t like getting a specific way have
to break up with a note saying you have

to break up with their thou the
relationship is the

not as weird yeah but I think you have
to at least that

communicate when you’re feeling add when
you’re feeling

down in the dumps yeah especially when
it’s due to

something that I she made you feel by
ignoring you prom

well this is a high schooler so it’s
like the reason it sound so we’re to us

is because

if this is your first relationship you
don’t know how things work

is this normal how does one break up why
does one break up

mister you’re feeling each other out
yeah I learn each other up her

and messages have a discussion with
their that’s how it all works used a

I feel this way yeah and not because the

any in you know you don’t project
feelings on her janacek

I feel this way because you’re being a
bitch you would say

I had the what I perceived to happen a
problem was that I felt ignored

I felt slighted I felt I’ll bet you’re
pushing me away

it makes me feel lonely small sad and to
be honest little coy

it will always field coy hey up until

and then she may stay well

the reason I was pretty ways because
those low blood lab lab lab

about yeah you know million reasons but
the important thing is to not

enter a the any discussion with an
expectation has she supposed to make you


and or an expert expectation and what’s
going to be the outcome

you know you to all you can do is
communicate your feelings honestly

and openly aunt to be honest quayle

I curly and coyly

but if you should break up with her then
how should he do it

well I think that the conversation may
lead to breaking out right I felt this

way and she says

I don’t care how you feel maybe you say
okay well

on I don’t want to be with someone who
doesn’t care how I feel ya you always

want to be with someone that cares how
you feel thats like 10 the basic ones

yeah it’s like one of the first things
to build the relationship be the only

one that really really matters yeah I
also like

sex should be done yeah at like and also
if the person’s hot so I guess the three

pillars are if the person is hot

if you connect sexually after sex is
dope and then also like if they care

about how you feel

right that that its those three in
itself can last you a year or two even

at that point two years in a lifetime
buddy yeah

trust that and then once you once you
get past that point then you can discuss

other things like a

values and how to raise a family and

like inconsequential shit like that

um remember idea are the idea this
episode over

singing a song about every question once
we’re done answering a at

d still want to do that yeah yeah cell
we had a idea

me it’s either terrible are good

we’re about to find out but after every
answer that we give this up so we’ll

improvise a song about it ok actually
improvise like their situation like

what happened like basically make a song
at a question or make a song at the


oo interesting we’re rethinking I guess
I was going to start with the

premise of the question and then like go
from there okay

Rs that was all I had gotten re: both
gonna sing are you gonna plan on missing


I’ll will let us when we look but let’s
will both saying

okay but you can I let you start the Sun
a cat you at

I would just like a little bit direction

observe do want it to be sorta like I am

you know what I miss goodman Fielder I

I hear you got the song is by Ringo and
it’s called

I hey what happen at prom


baby meredith let happen at prom

I thought it was real

on you left me high and dry

dole may read a.m. I’ll you did Mirana

all I wanna do is talk to you

year day and I have to touch my donna

home air but damn hot

how do our breakup win I’m do

matter actually really terrible be its
easy E

all I have there’ll is communicate with

or Antalya that you down respect my
feelings on myspace our

how i talk two year you ditched me what
the hell is wrong with you


marad a.m. on 17 and not don’t get how
share works are means I can understand

what it means to me sell married them

understand that I should say

goodbye yeah I

you couldn’t have chosen a better name
than merit

it’s really hard to rise up with
Meredith yeah for some people

buy and sell married there back I


I’ll get down a B-minus not a complete

it sounded sorta like it did not the Sun
yet can admire

yeah I made him main inspiration well
luckily we have three more to get


call an iraq this one is from somebody

email us from somebody wall call George

Joe large rights hey guys when I co
workers recently is gone sick

hospitalized with heart issues breathing
to the whole shebang his only 45 or 50

but he’s a large dude so that could be
the cause of the problems

since he’s gone I’ve been here did most
of his work to complete

as we don’t know how long he’ll be in
the hospital for or if this could even

lead to him dying my issue is his work
is totally fucked up

I’m sitting here trying to make sense of
everything he had done before you left

and I’m noticing

heirs and mistakes left and right my
first instinct is the Talon what he’s

doing wrong have compiled a list of all
the things that I want to correct them

on but the further down I get on the

the more I think about how inappropriate
might be to ask in

but to go to him about these issues the
first day he’s back from the hospital

and tell them that I had to go

and redo most other things he had done I
feel bad for this guy and I obviously

hope he gets better and what not

but does he get exempt from learning
from his mistakes because I’ve what he’s

going through

I’m not sure if I should correct this
dude or not love George

but you george why up toward the highway

I what I’m I think the hell up
inappropriate might be

how inappropriate idno it is
inappropriate to visit a dying guy in

the hospital unfazed ellen is doing his
work ron is going to visit his going

away to lease back the first day

he said out though is that how
inappropriate it might be

to go to go to him the first day he’s
back from the hospital and tell them


to go to re and redo most other things
he had done sack first day back

sees me if you like in a barge into his
hospital room that I was attacked a paid

as I was thinking okay let these guys
back Narsapur then is that okay

and I donors you got the weight give the
kid doing it the first day

I wouldn’t matter now I think there’s
probably a a more polite way to play


O’Marra their all maranda I they DA you
keep I

you maybe don’t panel is the ball the
mistakes he’s made but

do it you can do it’s your job now to
handle his work cell fix it

yes your job and when he gets back you
could say hey

i wanna talk to you about these the

the way you do this it’s not necessarily
right but also has it affected you up

until this point

does I don’t know I don’t know they have
a real job back I

little later with paperwork what’s right
you click Add

the graphs and charts are are arm

the weird yeah the the slides that you
put on what’s that thing the projector

you put it ran aground flight and it
goes on the board the

are the report server in error yeah the

there’s no cover sheet or something yeah
I don’t know

I I don’t have a real work to do

I talk I do with I do a podcast and then
a mere puts the

puts the words on the Internet and you
hear it and I hear it and that’s

that’s all I do yeah is that what you
did wrong

or did he do that incorrectly it doesn’t
make any several has a podcast right

George I am here’s what I would do.

maybe not the right thing to do but this
this show is called a fire you if I were

you I would

I talk to your boss about it then you
never have to communicate with the

sick I that’s the correct answer but
it’s not really nice because it’s like

telling on him

yeah I like a good thing it with the get
the nice thing to do would be to just

fix the mistakes for this guy not get
him in trouble

but in but what I would do is just tell
his boss

when they are you guys have the same
boss if you’re doing the same way it all

depends I guess use that lake

that’s the that the answer to every
question world it all depends I guess

are a bigger bag job it all depends I

a few this hike as does the balls and
does sing a song is

not call the buyer you anymore it’s
called it all depends yes I

which is really clashing go it all
depends I guess alright now we got ahead

after I

45 minutes married there I

year like well why you haven’t don’t get
him in trouble maybe you could like do


do this work and then when he gets back
to tell the past like go I noticed like

that these were

erroneous maybe you could communicate
there the better way to do this going


but I don’t think he gets exempt because
as hearts bad

where does he doesn’t know how to live
his life helpfully or do is work

properly yeah

maybe you should be dead I all their

I many

BG dead

give your see bad day care of yourself

BB should name mid-air

in your still be it

get your work done maybe

use yeah

maybe should be named said: player not

your name is Mary their for everybody’s

is married there i sorry do

get your shit together

make sure that it’s in order so other
people don’t have to do help you out

no need to scream n shout I’m not gonna

when you pass away because today

we’re gonna have to hire someone else to
fix your mistakes

dear up worse than the first one

you think so I you

I am no star on a and we have anything

left to tell this guy um

now I think it depends I guess yeah
depends I guess

I say tell your boss now you have to
deal with it and I say try a little

harder to read the situation

the Act I pink curve it’s all relative

and it kinda depends

yeah usual I would like me to go
somewhere factors

yet you’re drinking arsenic right now
that their and

alright third question up


have we used no John rights

but john was a beetle we had george and

John Lennon I

it you only know to a bomb

the only know the two famous with his
death upper when Carl

George the famous on yeah were the three
famous Beatles

alright sure he really Beatles my

hand ready there are three people where

John George and Ringo Ringo Starr
because of guys wearing a stir

he’s also fourth lah here’s my

my ex girlfriend and her friend let’s
call her and meh

we’re talking about their sex lives and
they reach the top pick up orgasms

and that told my ex that she never had
an orgasm in Astor she would find

someone to give her one my ex

asked me if I would have sex with a
friend because she knows I would give

her an orgasm

my ex and I ended on pretty bad terms
and although we get along okay now I

still have a layer of the hatred towards

for lack of a better term so I guess
what I’m asking is what do i do is it

acceptable for me to have sex

with my ex’s friend based on her
recommendation even though I don’t

really like my ex

her friend is a9 added 10 if that
changes anything

thanks in advance love John so if you
hated your ex and she asked you to have

sex with their friends would you

I think one of the big factors here is
does the Fred what

to you yeah why isn’t she coming to you
because she doesn’t know this guy

she asked her friend to get a guy for
her that would give her an orgasm

okay and she’s like oh my ex would give
you an orgasm

well ladies you don’t need a guy to give
you an orgasm

need should buy a rabbit effect furious

I would say get a vibrator and hold
against your clitoris

and do you may discover you can have an
orgasm without needing to go to your

friends export from that all say

I’m what’s I

secondly I’ll secondly why I a is

I donor okay I’m I think if you hate
your axe

yeah you wouldn’t want to be doing her
any favors

even lottery for you wanna leave that
circle yeah

you wanna remove yourself from that
situation and engaging in sexual

axe at her behest thrust you

right back into the whirlwind that

and complicates your life thusly

so air go therefore here to art thou

I would say it could be Taylor goes some

no do not do that even if it means
boning and nine added 10

baby and

a yes this is your first time I’ve ever
heard you give advice

anti sex I think

advice anti I always give advice

pro sex anti anti hasa trumps all sex

really and yes anti X trumps all sexy
don’t think you should ever be fucking

your taxes

I feel like I’ve said that before I
think I’ll go on record saying it now

let LA but this is in this isn’t
sleeping with an act is too close to it

it’s in it sex involving the axe and I
think that’s the

thats next well what

next question I well I think

pro sex anti-tax is

a good name other song I

mom Apr 06 but anti X

damn bomb

to USA next thing don’t gimme that hacks

I don’t wanna be vexed pros sex

but hanta IX dome

so don’t gimme that hex I sware out on


bad backs cell I’ll want to see you

cool find someone else to bach

that Schuler yes she jewish I assume she
was a

because I had named her am home which
sounded be cuz

oh I’m Pro Bowls sex I’m

and prose sex but yeah I a air

X so

give me that sacks toad ivory body

others are going to be an instrumental
but you came in it was good

and light an instrumental job for life
sometimes the question now

big brain a instrumental

sentimental ballad dares to mental
ballot in T

I can barely hear you tell how would
that be instrumental

would be kinda quiet and cool kinda
chill kinda lacks an

a little bit cool but that’s always call
it would be a

I what I would do in this situation

is also I not do it

because I’d be afraid to one asleep with
someone who didn’t necessarily know me

as some sort of favor for someone else

it so that doesn’t sound like a good
sexual experience you may be a little

faded sleep with someone who is full-on
expecting to have their first orgasm

ever I typically use it that a lot of

say you said you’d blow my mind media

well like robin said that I Miss commit
I’m gonna do my best

0 bono oh I know I did only

mock why why

a an Yahoo in orgasms agree intimate

a and I think

sometimes you really need to know
someone to have a good one

yet can you give someone an orgasm that
you like were set up with on an orgasm


and it depends if your bodies are in
sync at

sigh I yeah you have orgasms like your
first time with someone but you have a


attracted to them I maybe now

but maybe people I in general

in general that sounds like a a good
rule yeah of thumb

citizen tackling the person being closed
by yourself attack to some aspect other


terrifically the ask her I

and the paxil online up so lonely

be okay yeah Hallam I’m not dead

I was at work Jesus let’s move on

I it’s break time ap tie that

indeed um anything to to discuss

the your mind to discuss to talk about

I am obviously could be anything yeah

how easy it is to guide this

own marriage I

is that that’s going to be calm area 3
course yeah

what else do we talk about what else can
we talk about that when he got rejected

from your credit card

the applied for oh yeah my identity was
stolen yeah

I and I got a stolen identity

yeah somebody took me with jacked your
ID her I

yeah and they got a computer and I

their own my credit so I guess watch out
for that guys down a

does can you could it be fixed yeah you
they have to investigate the fraud

and they have to go through and delete
it the but it takes about a month to do

that so what you can do.

is but a fraud alert on your credit card

that way whenever someone tries to open
an account they contact you and Sadie

are you sure you want to open an account

that’s not standard that all the time I
don’t know I guess say I guess it’s

extra work

that’s crazy so they charge you for it
the charge it

opener to tell bridal how much I think

twenty-six thousand dollars cheeses
that’s not my yes I

would be expensive I that’s like it too
I wonder if there’s a word for that type

of them where they just

they take things away and then charge
you for it it’s kinda like TSA pre

right like you never have to take off
your shoes and now you have to take up

issues but if you pay eighty dollars the
route to take up issues anymore

Hannah fuck use the mystic though the
technology is there any other debris

tissue bombs anymore but you’re still
gonna make everyone else take your shoes


yeah how dare you yeah capitalizing on

I’m starting to think they put the shoe
bomber they’re treated you

did you get t is a pre did yeah I signed
up for

do you have it %ah your day like a card
or something now use have a number that

you put in when you signed up for

life its really yeah dope I get that

had them you have to go to an office and
they scan your fingerprints and make

sure you not have known terrorist

and you’re not well I haven’t found out
yet so you don’t you have been approved

for you now

well it was at I was a attached to my
credit score sales declined

I they said that I opened up a computer
cat and ever paid up

no I think you get it within three weeks
but I was approved

caught your attorney at the Starwood
Preferred american express yeah

IQ China why bring that up

and what does it matter just because I
had applied for yesterday at

what you got approved for a credit card
that I didn’t

that’s okay this is this is the guy
could open a single credit card

I a year ago yeah that we tighter than a
Bugatti 4

you were not approved for anything I had
to get the the bear limit one from

bankamerica a literally had to hit me
because I had an account there

they cut the kinda give to sixth graders
to teach him about what credit cards and

I never got when I wasn’t great I had to
get high with 28

who don’t learn from our mistakes people
yeah this is the real had both yeah

get put idea I a fraud alert on your
credit city as a pre

I and get credit card as early as
possible built up that rating

there you go its gonna help you in the
long run you know that actually reminds

me belittle our raps I came up with yup

build our rain baby all right here it is
okay I’m

hmm build

not your reach it needs not that hard

you can get good Crainey you getting

card I P it’s not true

what if you get a card or otherwise you
can have Gatorade

her deal %uh petrie it is like a
terrible commercial for Experian

field up debt rating let’s see what else
is on

I II last question moving on

who you think people like or dislike the
music then let us know

I out right at us leave don’t I don’t
think we can handle the hay

I if you’d let the likely just go do it

alright disaster be back for people that
like that if he loved

the music stuff please let us know and
yep that’s it

I keep your hate yourself we are way too

to hear that canopy bacterial fourth

comes from Paul

whole poll poll like they used a poll in
their actors the whole

poll poll pulled the copley

but I hate you I recently moved into an
apartment with two guys and have a bit

of a hairy situation on my hands

when it comes to body hair I am what you
would call

a grade a guerilla while many males are
the smoother variety may

NB this fact I regrettably despise my
body hair

and have spent the better part of my
life gone to great lengths to shave it


when I was living with my parents I
would simply wait until they are out at

the house go bananas at my electric
razor in the bathroom and sweep it all

up before they were any the wiser

this is where my problem begins I hardly
know any my roommates and as far as I

could tell they never leave the

the electric razor is only meant to be
used on dry skin

and so I can’t simply do it while in the
shower our bathroom doesn’t even have a

fan so the sound of the razor would
undoubtedly pierced through the entire


how am I supposed to know my manscape
how much was to do my manscaping in


when they obviously know the monkey
business on up to

how would I ever faced their mirth was
mocking if they were to find out

should I admit defeat and let myself
transform into the a pie was always

destined to be

also don’t say that turns the ladies
dead body here because I know they dealt

two years in toda Hall its money late
when you have to use it secure about his

body here so I really like

this is your whole world right now yeah
you think everyone will really kill you

if your hairy and you think everyone
will ridicule you if you

shave your hair off no one’s gonna do

no-one cares about you as much as you do

the things you care about gonna hate me
no one’s gonna think about you

though everyone’s gonna love this no
one’s going to think about you

the if that’s not the way it works

what you just you I felt

a tickling on my nipple area so I check
to see if there is any air in your

underwear here now

you just I was talking yes silently
leaned back

it lifted your shirt up above your

and acted like it was normal

I get you just got done saying that
nobody cares about you nobody gives a

shit about what you do and then I just

checked myself in you you’re ridiculing

I care a lot about you yeah but that’s
not it that’s not normally does not

everyone now

you know like maybe one or two people
are gonna care about you do

you do your roommates well here’s here’s
this question if you can’t shape in your

house where’s the best place to shave

well I is there a public shaving place
you can do I

what he does go back and visit your
parents out sometime and do it at home

to do you do it at home

or hotel that insane

but it is who will solve his problem
with a lot of money to book a hotel room

lose you probably should be hotels they
can get like 50 bucks maybe you could

just always go to like a gas station bad

do it like I don’t care what anyone
thinking about you dare I’d rather get

it go to do in a hotel

yet will not everyone has Starwood
Preferred Guest credit card thank you

live you thanks for bringing it up

I think you could lock the door turn on
the shower turn on the sink

steep flushing the toilet they will they
will not hear the Rays are over that

node is that you’re taking

multiple shifts in a row you could do it

late at night yeah you could also let
let it grow see what’s up

and or you could just try to get close
to your roommate to be like I gotta go

shave every part of my body haha

and then that’s it damage thank you
shave your beard for a long time in


they probably won’t be like what are you
shaving the its ambient noise they won’t

think about it what about a friends

is our friend the first yearly it
doesn’t matter Wednesday

do it at a hotel do it in your bathroom
duty a bread that is due to your parents

as or don’t do it

we don’t care it all depends I guess

I as long as you shave tonight got the


%uh know things

there’s a hair on your body

and it did she is like me a bowl are you

so get rid of it one the zaire

to big go away %uh it studies

the Touche Eve tonight so what you do

is good a hotel dot com his girl you
know that has got to go lower

and you’ll ace it should be sold

so shady tonight %uh

pat your hair at all hah hah Merrell

live on MLB got itchy denied

hair today gone tomorrow %uh

& Bide the break go the hair

cool I’m so once again if you liked

the musical component at the steps that
please please please let us know

and if you didn’t tweeted at a celebrity

at the real Paul Danan I P o’neill know
how much you disliked it

a see you’re saying don’t you don’t care
I know she would get no yes of course I

think your beautiful person I the you
can shave if you so choose and I think

you can tell everyone that that’s what
you like to do and I think you could let

your hair

grow like the wolf aight man that you r
if you choose to do that and people were

will accept you because you’re beautiful
and the inside

where do you do it I worldwide manscape

I don’t really shaped I mean a Yuli
certainly you trim

I trim in the shower area near the
bathroom in the bathroom where the


I believe my pubes yeah 0

I E trim my pubes with scissors

over the toilet 0 old guard

is that not normal I think I’m gonna be
sick where he do it I i do it at a gas

station like you said

I I with a pair of dole safety scissors

I use an electric razor the same when
user interface yes

aka and I do it in the bathtub I think
both are

methods are hygienic and effective well
here’s what I actually do I go to a park

late at night I get to as many children
as I can to get her out

yeah it’s all over %uh improvised
bonfire of sorts oftentimes I will dress

is a birthday clown

and much to their parents chagrin

I admit said I will drop trout pullout
electric razor and shaving for the


when I do instead is shave is a grab a
tuft of pubes I way to the growth let’s

say three to four inches of the base

and I sorta the yea call GoDaddy SSL

that’s it up thanks so much for listen
everybody this

once again was if I were you if you have
your own questions that you need advice


we promise not to write songs about all
of them but I will try to advise

as best we can that email address again
is if I were you shell

at gmail dot com also we open enclose

every episode with an all new theme song

the theme song at the beginning was
handcrafted by Brett fields who did all

love that music and words and
instruments with his mouth

and the line at the end of this episode
take a right now

was written by Aamer thats a.m.

E are for Sydney Australia yeah

Aamer cell thanks guys and we’ll be back

later year for movie used

in sticky situations

and I would bet











man the









my name’s Paul Shirley and I’m just how
your podcast called

short corner polygon this week so we had
guest host Amir Blumenfeld from Jay

community college here and their podcast

if I were you I guess wanna come so are
you a big NBA fan

and nope never heard it widely popular
on the chair and said that talk sport


yeah now I am a big it was magic

get money partial even come back reg I
why bother finale next

we had a bombshell to finds that podcast
one dot com com let’s make love two


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