Episode 84: Everybody Snoops (with Allison Williams!)


“Girls” star Allison Williams joins us again to discuss jealousy, pornography, and why dogs are good.

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awesome abs are for so many reasons not
least of which is the fact that Allison

Williams whatever favorite guess

is back we also recorded this one on
video as promised but I haven’t quite

edited that video yet so please enjoy
this audio version

up for now and we’ll try to get the
video up sometime next week

enjoy sir

the leash glitches




the breeze

place did not switch between you ni got
over his

million but religion gonna miss your
tremendous in the election

George dresses given to the gonna know
what I would do without you


near Luling

shaker win

Wow fun fact that was actually written
and created by Brett feels like I did

last week’s acapella the inside no way

wanna tell the gentleman it’s really
weird tonight it is the death

like that with video I’ll were not

everybody this is a video right now
house and lawyers

paid highway how are you I’m great I’m
glad to be back

I yeah this is exciting because I wasn’t
here also recording it we’re not gonna

put the video for it he’s a

yeah will that no that’s not that means
it can be if it’s what I wanted to read

that’s everything’s watchin I

it’s a classic bait-and-switch actually
alright let’s get let’s get down to it

what is this show

this is if I were you the only math days
podcast on the internet posted by us

Amir I’m Jake and we’re without sleeves

thank you for having me um we like we
said earlier we

are recording video recording this I’m
gonna put it on our YouTube channel

maybe like in a couple days a week after

served us the topless bait-and-switch

a classic bait-and-switch classic and
has worked we get emails from people in

sticky situations and do our best to
offer our advice

sector Jul in ahead sometimes else’s

has leadership I think this is my hair
done 3 p.m.

has anything else on the truth streeter
Nasir Alcan

yeah we should do and I will just you n

almost here true fans will be released
yeah I think so i think that P

they’ll be disappointed but only because
they’ll realize how disposable we are

now are

and so we need a bunch of fake name
skies were gonna give these really

emails later camera

I would just yeah I’m sure you could see
me that’s true it’s important in those


I’ll like I can always tell when the
cameras of me because I feel like

said emptiness cover band lol were
having lunch earlier today or dislike

no cameras on me and as a yes sir I
guess not you like I feel empty Nigel


layered look to be seein heard yes I did
see the default value your opinion yes I

like to be watched

yeah appreciate it even without actually
being hated that still fun getaway

tension it’s an emotion and you’re
listening from some pretty

that I guess that makes me unique public
I think it makes me find

I am healthy here that make normal
really doesn’t make you smarter can I

see your multiplication it then a
sampling I got 81.25

nigel is the right line of work a mere a

yeah names names do you have any names

you Disney Princesses hav that’s a
really good according characters the

tigers left column and body mass and boy
it what about

at Israel characters that are very
obscure like are you really into this

nearly be able to name characters I’m
really into Disney

will say okay let’s start with how it
happens here

okay air like more secure than jafar has
Gandhi of non

we’re gonna do all that gave you are
slow as my first adhere to obscure the

second she’s on the bar flotsam and

death yes that exactly for the Cougars

that’s when I don’t let those other
electric eels what they called

flotsam and jetsam okay so which one is
a boy they were

course actually there androgynous so
many on

II flotsam right want to write some

recently I gave a ride home to a friend
of mine who happens to be of the

opposite sex

I have a minor romantic history with
when she left my car she accidentally

forgot her phone

I asked her if she wanted to bring if
she wanted me to bring it to her but she

actually didn’t want me to

and I said I can pick it up the next day
now being the fool that I am this phone

in my possession I decided to look
through some things against my better


it started with just a few pictures et
cetera but soon I found myself looking

through a conversation with an ex of

rookie move I know quickly I’d gone too

I did some really hurtful shit directed
my way in these messages

it seems that the two of them have been
making fun of me in various ways and

misinterpreting basically all my actions
for a good while now

the deeper I got the more I realize
they’ve never kept anything a secret at

all with me

and told each other everything I ever
said about either of them

a lot of it was pretty superficial and
didn’t really bother me too much but

here’s the real kicker

I read that they had both been
embarrassed to be with me because of my

relatively thin body type

I know the biggest mistake here was
looking at the phone in the first place

and for that I already realize I am a
first-rate dumbass but

my problem now is that I can’t say
anything to either

them because they’ll know I crossed the
privacy line but

I also really wanna have up but I also
really don’t want to have anything to do

with unity that solves any more

what should I do come clean about what I
didn’t give them both a metaphorical

finger not say what I did but still
separate myself

or simply do nothing at all an act like
nothing happened things

flotsam on knowing God that the 35th

a I you got me i’ve why I

avi like marge is check their
conversation ended all about him

for an egomaniac at the worst it’s very
honorable the odds-on

reading someone’s phone is saying
something negative is a hundred percent

like it you do everything everybody was
always thinking

it would kill you yeah like what we
present each other is

that happy as nice as thoughts yeah well
we hype for each other

are an ass like this should I was
talking to you about Jake earlier

it will be out w match is not that you
care erected

yeah well it would be leaving what you
say about me it was a lot of good at

acting up late actually

what yes he then blueprints and shit
that wouldn’t you rather than ever made

like Bill Gates

yeah back to the governor s right now
added to a biker

a lot about the US citizens arrest yeah
do forms a

the record calling them here yeah it is

it’s a dangerous game to know what
people are thinking about you behind

your back

right um but this specially in

X like ours you never want to see what
your X has this is I wanna make sure I

understand it

he is a it’s a boy yep he’s in a car the

at who his his current slash pass
romantic interest

who’s close enough to text regularly
with another one of his actions

that’s right my first his vices to leave
that dating pool

yeah I’ll see if they want to be there
out an app for

yet as you may already so that a general
dating advice is don’t date anyone in

the sense

here’s a past girlfriend you and I
thought I would have our

and everyone I know is broken arrow to
Mac too much so I’d say like once its

3/8 just stop

now 23 people have data critical mass
yeah right

there’s too much information out there
interesting dated or

so like I if I date one girl I can’t I
can date one network to her friends were

not three

no it kinda depends if you doing with
the pure heart

you just turn like just go from Mike
fucking someone fucking his own


there yet everybody sees that any you
probably won’t be even you’ll be able to

do it

but then if you’re like actually and
weirdly that can work sometimes oh yeah

i know i because girls like

out a man I also doubt that’s how I get
laid all

I the only way I have sex it’s great

lead what is it just you know being
being an asshole being a slut being like


little piece a shit girls awake oh yeh
dictatorship like I can fix it

are some girls like guys that I slept
with a lot of girls I don’t think it’s

always works and sometimes you can just
be an actual skis ball and I guess

well here’s the thing girls that do
sleep with guys like guys that sleep

with girls

like you’re not gonna get everyone but
you can get the girls that would sleep

with you

you don’t care about the girls that
won’t sleep with you I wanna fuck them


rightly want all the girls yes
everywhere was all the while yet either

everyone but they want to sleep with you
are the ones that are turned on by the

fact that you slept a lot of people

or that don’t know that he’s not like
that lol or that I had that problem

I’ll see can hide it from some people
that make it known to other people

yeah see you you a selectively dismiss

or a amplified formation exactly it’ll
help you out

wasn’t as you don’t need it by my
partner someone and

they’re like you probably look up with a
lot of people

yeah how it would just be like I don’t
know what you’re talking about and now I

am playing

yeah I like being love it was out there
like this the employee yeah

anything and everything yet like but

I really our satellite done I never
doesn’t like another

%uh level as the left learning
techniques holy shit takes a look a lil

diabolique home now both literally
begged me like talk to me like where

like will be at a buyer for the hey for

oh my god he does the credits already
thank you

his hit me in the ass I

it was too close rage plain blank
pallone KS

always you’re not even blowing a your
disk using your fingers looks like you

hurt your mouth


are you badraan gateway works out okay
I’m local

I’m really glad as the video podcast now
we’re doing a lot of visuals like bags

I’ve done three pratfall

yeah and that you ran up the law license
in the range was incredible

I okay so for this kid yeah it’s tough
because you can and this is a

very modern thing by Evren snoops known
as part

as a nurse and I am NOT us number but
I’ve been snoop dining and

you now ever and inevitably finds that
they’re looking for which is the biggest

amor like always they find what they’re
looking for

or they look until they find something
incriminating but then you have to do

figure out

is the crime you found on their farm bad
enough that it will override

the breach of privacy all this is that
Donald sterling shit

yes discussion look through his phone
and see what he texted about his ex

and it was ever anything they well this
email is in his our path

yes that’s you that’s one right there
but this is one of those days works like

oh we found evidence but you did in a
legal way see you can presented to the


right he can’t be like up I learned what
you did about me

other yeah he snooped through my phone
rang worse than that

so he he doesn’t wanna hang out with
them you can just sort of leave them be

also mean is it then body type so I
didn’t even really matter

left early I am i retarded land larry
Dignan how many but it will be a salad

and in good shape either glad he’s a
paper concerns I do is think there’s any

reason other

I don’t know I’m embarrassed to be seen
with them because it’s her birthday

is the papers doll with an immediate
sure you send a picture we

I was laying all day his hand elitist
I’ll I’ll gentle breeze sort of long arm

up towards the sky

like a paper airplane actually you read
a lot of your math on Yahoo spent yeah

but Stanley yet to name is by it’s

his limits flotsam actually

but it was the advice he really give us
multiple choice I’ll need to rehear

those answers

I like I don’t like multiple choice 1
that yet never what he says

I come clean about what I didn’t give
them both the metaphorical finger

now lies that’s just for your own
satisfaction salad I think you should do

it not say what I did but still separate
magazine into finger them

yes what the weather’s middle with MF

to do it we went this AM orders

site I come clean and given the
metaphorical pinger

not say what I did but still separate
myself or simply do nothing at all an

act like nothing happened

I would do this is an opportunity to be

cooler and to be like just to correct
any of the things he said that alive

what you’ve said has been misinterpreted
if it’s been misinterpreted by two

different people

that the pattern yeah me take this is a
chance to like 10 effects on you guys

something from look in the mirror this
yeah turns to get

I but if you could never look at you if
you can never stay

if he doesn’t wanna hang out those
people like if I found that you said

really really mean shit about me another
weird a business relationship

I just know how it I

you here is a real birth that learn to

business relationship yes there will be
no business yeah

well I just mean like if you said so I
think if you said really hateful shit

about me I wouldn’t it be like fuck you
do you have never doubt you again yeah

like hey let’s find out where that came
from yet through it we have

I wonder you’re trying to get each other
rich no wonder if yeah

whether I care because it added it
adversely affects your future


financially about it I wonder if there’s
a text message conversation

that could possibly exist on my phone
that you would read it

and be so angry and hurt

that you would quit everything

I think will I don’t I E apps

and so for example this is something I
texted my daddy the other day

okay hi Daddy I love you yeah that’d

%um so that we have a better
relationship than jake has with his


a I have a better relationship with
Jake’s dad and Jake does with his father

I feel like I did you have never met him
yeah everybody has no damage has been

done and I sorta like the SUN your dad
never had

he does I’ll definitely never had ample
reason admit take it where he is like

where the where’s the mir Jake more
people are recognizing a mere

I from the other two separate thoughts
but yeah

you that both those leg at the same time
was amazing

and tech at hand yet has been s at I

asset we know I’ll get help has the New
Jersey Mar yeah

that’s right expand the estate of all it

I love it so to a wat

I really love every state could and I

easy to learn math yes yeah we also
offer is a big market

cell everything you do is the title
absolutely love the financial dist I

cares so much about money not love
Australia and England

Melbourne your comments do it yeah one
time one time Brisbane

are listening wait a second do even
though both

I guess I think you serious debate will
look it not advisable what would you do

if your him

if I were him bring it back to the teddy
kennedy let these people in the face you

that upset

yet I think he I think it’s happening
there is he say that

I think it like he’s saying I wanna I 10
his first two choices are telling them

to fuck themselves

and then or just like silently vanishing
which sounds like the sad thing in the

world I don’t have to do that went with

been Stanley I biggest my phone with
them one day and then the next he left

for LED light inside with your phone

that’s what’s so we urge you want
additional no it was planted

I really think if it is this I don’t
know he walked into a hurricane jumped

up and we never saw me get he’s so upset
I think you should be I guess I

everything as that about me that’s right
I was really cute they’re both know that

so god damn right I did

do or should I say you god damn right

then that’s right over the part about my
way purse frame

vaguely I don’t appreciate it and year

you losses that the about the UK

your kids to take you higher to your
voice is so babe has your neck is so


year long that is his bombs and his
organs are

I I is little RPT

print my paper heart is broken for you
this is now at how does that happen

I paper heart is broken beginning at ten

I’m went

how did the make great this is this is
it my paper heart no arms and I think my

paper heart

a maybe perhaps that put you know how to
say no matter how many times you how did

you know that you’re not a thing don’t
you would you please

my paper heart is broken for you but hey
how are you thinking yeah okay

her look at the road thing and drive it
in our free time

iPad math and singing I Capehart

is broader and more I love cats paper

by PA per I heard

is still on and pool

for you food that’s gonna it’s really
good at my back my paper heart is twine

me up here can you find me up here by
Peter higher yeah

I I didn’t like it I can’t even think a
single note

if I just saying it was like I is that
can you tell us that no

you’re singing and no if they definitely
a No we just don’t know which one

Severina everything’s a No yesterday and

that singer now real you can tell
lessees like China and the latest song

know if he saying

say it well well I think like a second
no they didn’t go with that one

you have to sing something and now
otherwise it is raining what’s your

favorite what’s your favorite son

is this raises real questions they had
the new tires are you that work for you

what’s your with different things it was
good I was a bit I and i think i right

now your thighs have everything okay and
I’m not met him I

guy getting a very big anis on nearly a

saying I am a a whole new world okay

start low just has a kid I have another

a question for you not handling alright
jazz hands once for you

prompted I a kid showed you though more

he sensed you I can show you

I can show you the whole world

shining she never rings I couldn’t

ok like that you know that’s pretty good
now you have the right now they’re not

on national signing Shearman I do it now
I’ll UK

yes better worse than at how do you
quantify at the like

Chicago I can show you though world

shying share Merengues Blair

ended it’s not perfect he’s not there is
he hurt me I would of bought but what’s

going on you’re looking at a machine

Brandon every night you might have seen
live you are a machine

and layers softball and

a little more Ron real but some have
that love me that wrong here’s a guy I


bodily doesn’t have a perfect boy I’ve
known as a terrible USB those who do you

like that me

about deleting your like you made
yourself to bob dunne you know I didn’t

compare mice I really think I am

okay i different issue and I really
never mind I think a

King Dylan for that lo que at

us even say like one person’s worse
because he didn’t hit the exact notes

yes well in that case there are cracked
netscape’s it’s a sign that the Sun

are here as I definitely feel you it let
me do it again

I yet with the US Britain I will be
provided I supposed to know

shining a minute and metal act three ss

when did you last let your heart and now
he’s bad

they’d like he didn’t know it’s coming
here surprised by the only in the poor

economy and your mouth right there’s a
tempo to it yes

yeah I vanish into that what he talked I
do that like me like

show me princess now when did you last
ledger are decided I was in I sounded

as a parasite I how this time but I know

do what Philadelphia born and raised in
the playground is where is that most by


a but how I can think it wrong it’s a
wrap up

yeah ago than a mile you’re out before

the other night yeah I

good luck Marshall you like mister
Mathers gonna need is some spaghetti on

your sweater already who cares is fun
buddy Cape

there’s funfetti on my slider already
the bombs funfetti

I alright in

over the Sun comes from a lady who lets
do so I am

naaaah not very good period

that’s the hotline from she is hot and
yet he

does gordon Gee hot were supposed to
wanna fuck these creatures

is that the any game you know now

obviously what their alliance but she is

which is the line and I think you’re
freaky I wouldn’t be mad at that

but it’s an it’s a cartoon seeing each
other but the lines that we use your

hand in hand I say yeah

to be a cartoon porn really Google
Disney Princess born yet

cool how you do that and then he’s

above go to let me know but I

anything you at zoom in on her face yeah
he would do that

them do you make it also a game like

ok now I to be fair you can animate them
he district of to it

that’s the worst it again immediately
aboard big deal but they have to do

you have free rein in the entire
internet I know and I

now me some aerial porn it with the high
yeah i jus after gills in

now than she was a woman what the
finances is best of the redhead with Dad


people God Madrid on a spot see redhead
with daddy issues

but alright I with Nahla Nahla rights

dearest to Jake and Amir I recently come
across a conundrum and I would love your


was reacted with she’s like sort of like

seductive like like to you from ok gosh
I think I’ve you always

fondly now a really want to fuck the

I love but now it’s clear to me Kevin Na
are the person who’s right but I N

it solve them an RN so I just finished
my freshman year of college and I’m

currently taking summer classes at a
local school

there’s a guy in my class that be have
become pretty good friends with

we frequently study together late at
night and he lives close to me

through my creeping up discover that he
has a girlfriend and I think they’ve

been dating for a pretty long time but

the weird part is he’s never said
anything about her at all and he doesn’t

know that I know about her

he asked me if he wanna take he asked me

I wanted to come to his family’s
vacation home with him

for the weekend would it be bad if I
said yes

I do like him and he doesn’t realize
that I know that his girlfriend

I don’t know if you want to cheat on her
or if I’m being friend zoned

or what what would you guys do in my
situation hope to hear from you seen

love Nahla interesting there’s

so we’re did you review on hand I got
distracted a lot to me and bare boys

forced some staff he both your agency

it’s you Libya I just was turned on

and I had like press AM yeah did he
reveal she how she found out

about this suppose ed I she felt
restocking so maybe Facebook

for histogram there are only three ways
stock its Twitter Instagram and Facebook

at not gorgeous in person and you
realizing our killers

yeah %uh binoculars dot com the
appetizers see

without in aggregate yes baby I don’t
want stockers

the I think would remember when I you
and your

mate broke up yeah and you’re just
getting back into the dating scene but


if anybody added you on facebook your
last Lake

three years the pictures were all with
us lose that you want to get this guy

benefit of the doubt what time it is not
as I’ve got a possibility I think this

girl should

when playing Askim because it sounds

you know its at the little ambiguous
she’s your day to have a girlfriend

and that was what it what the answer
other than now

yes will but here’s what I mean not
gonna say yes

I got a good thing going on with this
girl however mention the girlfriend

they’re not letting us ever came up but
they both secretly know about it they

don’t want to come up

but i think is gonna come up because
that way he could be like yes

I do but an hour on the rocks and I like
you and I don’t know if you like me

initially got the idea and then as I can
make out my girlfriend they think she

should bring it up adage that area I

like it’s gonna set the course that the
future if you guys have like

it’s the is the talk a battle it
something innocuous just about his

girlfriend or whatever

but it’s like the easy way easing in to

what are we what is this relationship
that is a responsibility to dig deeper

know about the girlfriend

isn’t it this guy with his response and
he has a girlfriend has a tower

but now that she sort of things about it
is there is not gonna tower so

he’s getting the best of both worlds his
living like a king but she also because

she gets to be with him if she brings it
up maybe he’ll be a yeah I do have a

girlfriend and then she’s been with a
guy who

has another offer and seller get at a
Latin is that just as that is

the boy hehe nobody will even him if you
know that

a guy has a girlfriend and you sleep
with them is that just as bad as the guy

that has another girlfriend

course not now its no but my hair

although it hasn’t been confirmed that
she is

on mister hypothetical so like I always
am NOT

for his era seeing someone you get off
at a hundred at

on a basket /url yeah what would he say
I’ll I slept with a girl had a boyfriend

where would you put that

accepting exactly in the middle yeah so
that happens bad

because it stopped doing math d I

fuckin 81.25 I oh my god

polo shirt and around he if there was
ever any 125 I

I see this as an eighty you like three
or four so we’re very close

school absurd 84 81.25

a would you say it also has better not
bad at all ur pretty that it’s pretty

bad but I also think that like

you sort of have a responsibility to
yourself in that situation like will I


bad doing this I might potentially

causing damage to relationship hurting
somebody but then that guy

theoretically had somebody that he loves
that he’s responsible for

and your figures he’s hurting to three
times as many people

and she’s hurting he’s earning two
people know you’re trying to do math 105

then she’s learning to be follow you 30

that evening okay one all love it now
because that that dude

is if he cheats here’s his girlfriend
any written this afternoon

it she cheats she only hurts this girl
whose doesn’t actually know

I’ll say he’s earning twice as many
people yes he’s also fucking twice as

many people

he’s a pimp that and that is that goes
beyond all doubt

they do the fucking hardcore pep up
pounded did you mean it

I you gonna need it we know we don’t is
this a sarcastic now like I said

something kinda do see it here in a
pound me

but and it’s like a wink the Alice in
like a is other day gotta agree with


like %ah look through your phones later
when the UVA when I

I’ll take it also think the town but
evidence of a lot anti-religion

60 did yeah yeah that’s the worst part
of all

Olympic yesterday you didn’t when the
brain is like how to do a lot by far did

it knew there was a finger dragging
dragging the across the screen

I get a little male the kids drian

atm is good should she go on vacation

yeah well well

I mean I wanna go I’m just curious
person taiwan ask all the questions on


heartsick on occasion and then bring up
the girl friend Michael and it will

become the plan my day evening and
Saturday and Sunday in place I remember

it will you define

my family he said at dinner everybody

but you know she is when I get up in a
situation where they’re like

on a walk around the lake any reason to
kiss her and then she has to be that way

do you have a girlfriend any now I need
to know she should find out now you’re

right she’s been here before and that
you plan accordingly it’s like

idea to go for buyers like really like
spending time with you i think you’re

cool energies

in on a friend zone whatever that you
can plant for this trip as a French you

can bring like a

lower couple in me yeah that

it led by land two if by bikini yeah

Alyssa backers continue you were cool
but about

yeah Burchill tonight is the biz you
should buy that nasa chicken

she mad I wasn’t my hands and I don’t
mean a thing yeah

it seems like it’s stressing her out so
this is a at the very least the stressor

exactly is a distressing the distressed

know that ago a how it on time

long need to get outta here DF get here

and I’m really mean now another question
other question other question

well this is the one you wanted to
reject all registers just for this long

and I practiced it

okay just for that reason addison’s
livor diapers

its own preferences are British his name
in course great question

is prince charming the actual name the
prints and Cinderella

inside tirelessly yet you’re a yes is it
and his name is Prince Charming yeah

attorney is an actual last name I think
is a yeah

well darling his name European your

another thriller it’s just really from
Pita Pit yeah

are usually from the NAIA of the ones
that prince charming

okay it is concerned international
community even more

for any done way um Gaston

Plano speaking at Jackson is any French

they’re all friends but they your tax
info lumiere

let me a wrench popular is cards worth

cogs for fast red is definitely in pain
know is he


hit I wasn’t driving a tour boat is cogs
where the British

help it’s the nineties badges looked it
up year

if the desert for the last time yes look
at these times like these it is you’re

gaining weight but yea right

cut this one comes to us from Cosworth

this is a long one buckle up I am in
18-year-old male in London

I’d like to be called Cosworth if that’s

anyway about three and a half years ago
my friend got a girlfriend let’s call

him richard

not his real name feel free to shorten
it to dick

I messages hmm and message this girl

and we really hit it off and talked all
night I felt

I fell for her Telegraph acted is I felt
for her and she fell for me

this much with obvious we both really
liked each other but obviously this guy

being a friend I know that I was three
years old

I knew I couldn’t do this such as that
she’d leave him for me

I felt horrible for doing this but they
had been together for that long so I

thought it might be okay

I really felt bad at this point I
understand I seem like the bad guy

the first Bob came when she didn’t dump
him and that hurt

but me and her got together didn’t tell
my friend we were so happy together

and eventually the love state happened
and really loved each other

last we did everything together and I
thought I thought no one

and to a degree as to be this the two
and a half years went by

and we’re getting on so well but I
didn’t tell my best friend

one that I called him and told him I was
drunk I shoulda told that before

but I did I know I heard him but I
thought nothing other

skip to about half a year later I’m
sitting in the basement with my other

friend let’s call the bill as president

any tells me that dick has had sex with
my girlfriend

my head spins but I set my girlfriend
down and it turns out

it’s true this book is snake

slept with my girlfriend

she broke my heart and it honestly hurts
so much

I don’t have felt like a pussy but it

the she is once you wouldn’t cheat on me
but she did

that’s because every night crying tell
me it is television was me back

I want to take you back to those two
lovers she’s special the kinda girl you

look for your whole life

the situation is couple looted complex
but i wanna know

will they be a complete pussy the taker
back will I ever be able to trust her


oh my god issue is still dating the
first guy

I try to decipher this message for a
long time visible live with his leg

it’s like I stole your girlfriend and
then I got mad when I realize she slept

with you and I called US snake

for sleeping with your girl nothing and
I mean I piecemeal

really than they did in the big my head
though there was like

I do you think that a picture

well I don’t understand Lake he did

they did everything yeah here everywhere
with her boyfriend

rife fucking her that snake-oil salesmen
so it’s her for it

friend’s girlfriend that he did
everything with yeah

you’re gonna with an on-base the there
were still together he said the first

but came when they did break up

the first bottle really but they didn’t
break up thought about that at Mount

Everest he how do you have a clear that
we’re happy here’s the plan right on


yes oh he’s 18 so what do not agree with

yeah that’s what it is a high school
there is a

over together we’re all single love
faith yeah unless they happened

I happens you spend your whole life

looking for her so I guess that from you
when he was the

no things you the line is still think it
will save you some time

she’s not the one film she’s broken gold
shares yes I miss soil yeah

18 by your body is he had an ice cube

broken deeper than that yes and

with the season dealing with those of
esteem issues me and

just like slimline this happen to be a
high school

there was like a girl that me my friend
both were

with and it was how what do you mean
both at the same time

well she you I so nervous type I

things got real Korean serial Obama

it does anybody not have self-esteem
issues in high school was like in

highschool be like you know I’m
confident with Who I am on 15 and I get

my place in life I’m just

totally well adjusted as a middle aged
man who died in 15

I’m well-traveled educated learn did and
I feel comfortable in my own body in my

aunts like all my friends and a

now the girl they want all my friends
are great my skin isn’t greasy

I’m not tall in some areas in short in
others now I’m at the lake

your do it but and Anna

I don’t know what I mean is that she’s
using these boys stink

to the field on emptiness that rate can
email banging on she likes being tased

by these two guys who like people

yeah but she’s not thinking about it
them as human beings

which is so disrespectful as if she were
showing between this way

while she’s she was 15 at the time you
know yeah she’s getting into the house

good I still do it so yeah it’s a good
to break this behavior early

this weekend yet but we do see active
fifteen-year-old you do it

yes yet so that is the adequate age that
it does happen

I think I’m like oh yeah yeah that’s you
have you ever been in that situation


two dudes to friends pining after you
have been dating to friends

and not simultaneously yeah but when
you’re in college into

people know each other right doesn’t
mean I feel good when I Kaiser jealous

the value in LA

on the couch and only like Allison I’m
not usually pretty

look for it by you can tell as a girl
can she not really I mean not always

no I don’t think so like it turns me on
when somebody’s jealous that someone

else it’s not me

I used to think I wanted boyfriend they
were always just like what color me like


stop tell you my girl thing and I like

and in turn that I really doubt that’s
disgusting I don’t like

I would like that like possessive
jealous yea but I like that you like

I I would like if somebody who’s just
like just like in general a delay

no no no sure you want it I ensure

you where /url he

I sharing sled

needed tell me princess

now when did you last Letcher hi

decided I can know

then you are I

this not right now today Yuyuan

will buy Lana yeah like I’m in love with
the FAA

%um date Matt Mangini ranges flow I’m a
finger member it without a data bank

they blow this is Mike in the wind blow
the ages

riding shivering in splendid I

a thats the kisses your Joey

how you do it yeah

how you doing Joey load stain which
issue with all we’ve

eating in her about her he cared all
almost without food as much as he did

about ladies yeah

even more it’s funny cuz he was a
womanizer on that show because Rachel

like me you never like seem like skeezy
they just

and he wasn’t necessarily even more
attractive than Chandler on us the

deadly March activated Chandler

was really depends on what season you
know you can I luxury like crack yeah

across Israel study reauthorize that he
and dole

it’s still rock steady David Schwimmer

I I’m serious everything that you like
David swimmers as hot as knowledge to be

nice very well he’s got a swimmers bod

ike what do we tell you this kid to do
to it not you a cam does the lake know I

am curious to hear

I would like I would like somebody like
grab the like I had to grow up and went

there was like

I am you better not follow anyone you’ve
ever had sex with an Instagram

and I was like that no I don’t like I’d

that that was like to you and that’s the
rules I in US Embassy

but I liked I’ll would like it so we
came up to me like hours they talking

that girl may be jealous

like back I’ll really like a look acute
think he may be jealous not like

I’m jealous don’t talk to that girl
butts like I felt jealous when you’re

talking that person

further afield you never can never ever
feel jealous

a you probably really pragmatic about it
yeah I’ll I’m like

all-weather the unlike in my brain it’s
like oh you can talk to my girlfriend

cuz she other she’s not gonna like wanna
be with the issues with me

and she does want to be with you then
you get her and I doubt

however creating an actress who has
simulated sex and people are

that it never enter their job yeah I
would like that at all

we wouldn’t note was specially cuz like
you will have added

you like people end up people who play
love interest and shows and movies like

often end up

%uh to get dating each other come on

doesn’t like it rarely laugh but a
course but like just the fact that it

does happen

liked it I was dating actor and she was
doing a scene where she at a letter like

a movie where he had to be in love with
some dude and they’re going to

live in a tropical location to shoot the
threes release was

LW this sucks cuz you’re prolly gonna
you’re probably gonna break up with well

you’re not necessarily

feelings rate chemists like a set
crushers that they

you know I mean it’s I’ve never done the
movie version it but on our show

it’s not an issue because we all know
each other celeb beforehand he might be

I think I’d yes I was dating acted as on
a TV show

feel slightly more comfortable yeah as
unifying dating at TV star

hell yes the new movie star actor I’ve
read that actually I read that

yeah like TV’s like the new movie in a
magazine interview after

well was in the bag was unlike anything
I was really on point lately Alec

the orange is the new black like your
little is running

I as I say or did you hear that

house RR so yeah guys though it so

yeah bad bounty all a and

it was a sin el it so it’s different I
feel like on movie is

your isolated you’re in like at one
location together

versus a nap time yet movies are like a
camp like

we just did it two days you could and i
was just two days but like

everyone was friendly to 12 hour day
Yaalon love little possible only by like

everybody that you happy man died after
a month and a half

like he’s really think that your family
and you get very close and bond in

connected by any of the bill
disconnected from whoevers back home

waiting for you because they’re not
having those same experience love added

there’s a certain amount as a plan
involved and this is an any situation

even if you have a really immersive like
work environment or if you go off to

college or something like that you have
to make an

afferent to include the people that are
immediately there in experience if they

care about it

and two be a mess in there an expanse
when you go on a movie like that we’re

supposed to do is go home every week and

be in touch with your significant other
your family like keep one foot out one


registering US perspective otherwise
what what’s that

more general like it not been movies or
TV like what

your whole audiences in the movies in
tyranny yeah I can try and like wearing

collared yeah I like a only

National College I have a call with our
college you wouldn’t necessarily wanna

be a coming home

okay but there is a good example if you
wanna play like a high school play a

psych weep when the players were over
because I wouldn’t have

they were my family and like I’m had
talked to anyone not in the play

per month to have their in these those
does go to school

yet another like their dad doing history
we see reunions for plays

at schools where everyone went to that
yet for everyone is around it anyway

but it’s like a family I can totally
relate to it it’s just you have to

continue living your life

well as much investment

a bad as our break a I yet

you’re really good at this you know you
know the you get the ebbs and flows the

cadence in the rhythm the podcast it is
time for the break

I am do anything to talk about

yes cells the last time you were on show

what’s Gucci yeah admitted at a slight
with security with you

with Goodyear and what’s good G and

with me were it not another K

it i close nah

leaving I’m a

you don’t have to say anything you’re
not comfortable with I won’t thank you

happy not engage that’s the thing that
and that’s boring what else

well so goodbye to are it did gauging
let go

that’s cool I am expand it happen you
said yes right man yeah I said yes

that’s cool

I am said yes to the dress yet though
not talk about having a min

0 my started that let me see the rock
let me see that rock i cant okay there

be there like then a I talk about
getting a dog this weekend

I wanted to but I’m going in and out
every weekend as the satcher

but i wouldnt dogs Hobart it’s so funny
because that would be

one of the worst things that would ever
happen to me

it’s somebody gave me a dog my life
would be over couple but

yeah that would be a lot worse it is my
life literally like

I sedating let’s get some free this is
what I figured that sounds like

oh here you go here’s responsibility for
fifteen years now I have to be at home

every year old tires

whatever i conditional on delivered yeah

everything I 36 hours do you have to be
deter- it’ll die

let you know as they rounded out back
you palestinian I discovered snatcher

this is not this is the present having a
hard time doing right now yeah it’s

something that up

okay the job at hand and the cons are
feeding nurturing picking up its shit

piss being at home

what to make of his own nurturing and

the cup I I wanted and archery if the
driver miss bad time and money are you

yeah I’m not sure you all the time and I
ate it

he breaths baby I do I have to be at

every 12 hours until the doctor or she
pay somebody more yeah

or your I have a livery yard stake in
the walk the dogs somebody lever that it

like human need

you buy the thing that a human needs to
be with every 12 hours until it dies

trade them pain play well maybe

what’s your service so unlikely yeah

how many let them go back to the United

yep I just know your armpit

like 10 thank and Yahoo singing

I so what’s good about a dog and it’s
unconditional love

and and it teaches you yet easy
responsibility in also

it is the old I read something that
can’t happen so it’s like okay

so it’s like homework yeah okay well
it’s happening but when it’s dead you

like early as they serve at the bank if
you have a test when you do

this is not a form for that post someone

yes 90 s not a place for yeah

when you do for us is online: do not say
any of the things you yeah

what this with all the things that
hailing a taxi here for would be the


good diet one of my favorite things
about being single is being able to

speak my mind

unfiltered because I wouldn’t say any of
that stuff a fire in a relationship I

mean it will you find someone who loves
you for saying this but in fact the

perfect around man who shares those
opinions or at least fines years

whimsical and island series I love you
for all that

yeah so good luck finding somebody’s
gonna love me with a big butt

known that I did wear out a lot in many
other helmets

you found them with banners all made
their each other know yet I’ll rather

year and I get a dog and no

guy and so why have you got a dog if you
want it so badly

and didn’t work with a guy and

it does the I am why haven’t I got it
done yeah

cuz you mall let me I

have their landlord told me that I could
get a pet up

any kind of pet you like a hermit crab
you can have a hermit crab

we had a really happen to have america I

I was thinking about getting a cat
recently %uh that’s a bad idea

I don’t necessarily want a cat I just
one animal you know category what you


i know i know: a sense so we are because
they’re they’re easier to maintain their

just two independent

yet they don’t need the luck I want
something that once affection because I

want to give affection I one faction

has sorta like I’ll after-care like

yeah I need it they really are they were

yeah I was heard the attack metabolism
aircraft at work

lauria those unfiltered at yeah

human cat that is thereby an hour

I don’t know enough but also have to
report worshiping season 4

lublu this welfare

there’s a more ambitious I a production
spoiler relating more yeah I am

call time on monday is you heard it here
first I enjoy to see

demonic now I how’s this season compared
to other seasons shooting wise

I am its bid all it’s pretty much the
same it’s weird to have like a routine


this fine yeah every summer so this is
it this is your life now

practice at this these this show for as
long as were alive

yeah me that’s cool the amount promised
each other

yeah I kinda logo from girls to women
told women

to am oh yeah cool if they like one day
that is changing in the shower women

and wow that’s cool I clearly every
human her nipple

yet I say I talk to the um

Lana about that land interesting if
there’s someone named Lana involved with

the show I wrapped leather armor

the girl with the fuck a hater rena

lyle Liana Lena you accidentally sent
her yeah he broke that men make you look

at land on the podcast

yeah blanche a three-man claims bland

yeah plant Denham his these are planned

I really don’t I don’t lie to cover so

going ESIA everybody read it 1000’s
trying to get I

time he is right that way %uh they
always they always the little you know

how the powerful hash tags are apt and
genocide uncut the jeans as I don’t

think this is the Dell is idyllic spot

angry and how long these jeans are
handcuffed them

uncuffed yeah I with I

has roots Ratna but CA

as the LUN by ear then there’s a nice

look at your quad strain this is so

yeah why did a spinning class did you

are we talking about that there’s a
little later another show that the light


yeah it the cash Ashoka like this that’s

old man is a long and I got to miss the
quiz on it and and and i got everyone

thinking too hard

personnel yeah this is like but this is
my mom got the Lakers

panel know that the mere yet as a day as
it is me being me and then just you

being you

I can have the socks with this this is
like oh I don’t care about shit

also I bought these very specific
elements I love you really care about

shit you get your jeans hand

swear to God do you doing you thought to

service you doing the dead OVA dis
similarly now %um your jeans yeah

you have your jeans mugu him your GE
have your G the mir

you know they had to re but and Eugene

have your genes are you saying that to
me my love

have your dreams have my dreams I let’s

but straight answer one more question

another aspect of my outfitter
personality is exposed to you

more than enough people him alright last
question let’s get you ready

yes I this we need another

one last man’s name

four hours later I literally they can be
is the best

down on redirect it look nah I don’t
make one from

be 0 0 I am

well there’s span the rain here

from frozen that’s really good and since
then okay %uh

dear Amir Jake

a friend of mine told me that the Momo
someone we knew had nude pictures of

herself put on the Internet

it’s pretty awful thing to do to someone
but they were put up by the man she

cheated on her husband with

my friend has seen the website how can I
get my friend to give me the link

without sounding like a total per

thanks spend bad

both I so he wants

his bread I Lake Naked Mile

now I have friends naked mom oh so that
even his

other with his I think literally needed
to ask guy who’s going to

now nothing can make your mom think I
have a wake up Rose’s mom naked on the

internet and you’re like hell and UNC
appeal you gonna come off as a purported

here he’s all the land

he’s the he’s the perfect he says he’s
seen as the for deal I

where you differ bear he also

who very good I crazy guy just

I I but he doesn’t want to go down to
his level

he doesn’t want to admit to being a
perve approved just admit this would be

like it I had porn

and you wanted to see a yeah but I don’t
wanna LaRue’s be the

is a her just feel Bihar yeah it was the
disguise it he wants to hide the furnace

be the purview are be the purview born
to be that the

pretty good be per you were born to be

you need to be sunburned so that the
matriarch but you can tell it like it is

here disenfranchising thank you be if I
recorded it up so that but there was

night dogs so happy and always loved

a recording artist I but even if it’s
made up it could still be bad right

objectively yes but

what is my habit is only a judge in your
having this year but what is the


bad music we meet like all these notes
are not get together

dissonance can be good though so there’s
can’t know there’s no it’s all subjects

although energy like i digress. here but
I have like this of sexual energy now

I now playing hi I’m talkin I

node is now I know I don’t feel I other

I think be a sharper lies with bad

I you’re talking about the question I
would you say that up

and delusional the situation we are you
going to do that he was going to ask

your friend or Google aw

around four ish my computer network by

my lol mom is literally a point that
that exists already

is there it is that my friends hot mom
buy phentermine ayatollah

worth it yet it’s like gun these guys
will go over there

their friends us today oh oh hey this is
Kali others fishing out mowing the yard

if the human body than a lot of time
together lately

does he really close yeah turns me on
energy I call Ben Dover’s

Chris W like exec did you just look at
my ass the resolving it wasn’t undoing

feminism real I played his letter they
got so what have to do it

I gotta clean in this dole who will mean
that these women are buried Howard cuz

they come onto the net and the matter
like excuse me and all I wanna

yet boys while there’s usually like yeah
they’re definitely not

real little boys but no like a hot

the hot a hot the hot sale como wiring

the angle for the huge thing why do porn
sites have stories and beans like it you

can adjust with but much like

I A I don’t think a single girl I know

other way could be wrong would be able
to be dropped in on a plane and get


I could do it in context just like him
plane their sex happening

like what’s interesting is best for that
part anyway I like bounce around but I

think I play

that’s happening is creating know yet
added athletic

the boys lax porn with it multiple times

I’ll we talk about this last yeah I
think you up before

children brought that that’s on girls
what form they watched one thing all the

way through with the story

they want like the backstory or even
just the first important to the videos

have a first-half

I watched I what’s the story I’ll

context leaving Lake I liked you see

a girls go with your family me this yeah

was the others the research on the porn
stars themselves to

are you want to look back story behind
the scenes shit of low post on Twitter

just like the with good question will
you mean lots

will you rely videos yeah definitely
really Liby I’ll just like sitting in my

room in of

think about a porn video that I want to
watch and jerk off till today

0 happy new year 100 I don’t think
there’s enough porn on the internet for

Jake to have seen this much

hours and not repeat that followed
through with it and I’ll be like

I late today I was like oh I i’m wanted

I wanted master database is tailored so

ices Taylor yes you there’s like a
really big ass and I’m

you’re saying hey I am that delay

previous period thing after that’s what

what’s happening nothing im Internet
those earning up so I’m day where you

are yeah a little

I have a life Taylor is like really cue
and I’m

who was there a better actor late as
shit that actually makes me a little


Littlerock shit I or even live very far
from it it to life here on earth though

was a rather look at a map

the holiday collapse will lay

wealth lock screen if this is Taylor and
every time I go to lock my phone its


distract beer she is she at yeah

a look at the racks it later that
whatever doesn’t matter

I have a question that will pertain to a
lot of the younger

I think your audience in general for boy

in high school is the day just a long

waiting period until you can master it
is the school day

if it for someone like it might have
been but for me it wasn’t really part of

my purview

her the good word I have another
question for you when you’re


I know you like read to you let you do
your day

black had arranged giant ACA Gators and
there was a specific

a giant anyone did you go to read I’m I

either red tube or youporn get you porn

you please okay but they they clip all
the movies like all those things you’ll

see like an 8-minute clip those are 42
minute movie

I don’t hand only I don’t need more than
two minutes

I’d only eight and I get leon 840
shadows numbers and so you got your

number a look at the Dunhill see this
girl looks attractive and then I’m

leaving Flickr yeah I don’t even click
on the video I just see the thumbnail

you know that you rather I was on Carlos

don’t others he said well as it

yeah it on a dark color in the room but
who are you each other for a second

yeah after I Donna it was like

hey yeah how do you masturbate to porn
like with

I get them they’ll what is it can he

are a PITA do you remember what it is is
it we years

it do keep it looks it up but as the him

is is three to you baby two hundred
dollars are a nap on line at your

nice rather looks a bit like had to go
through caught on video then they’re

going to make it past the

that lol something along those lines so
funny I yes idoney I would never watch

42 minutes a porn i watch words in it
but I like

the part where the girls asses

and out so I liked that’s right to that
I would love

like do you mean the part where the girl
that says Abdullah

dollar reversed how would you like it
will you pretend it didn’t go exactly


if I get a good look you up the ass that
I care about the most

other abutment yes and yes I NASA

but this is my son I like I like Ola

I article on it but the book not so
crazy about the

dollar to with the booze really it’s
mostly but

but everyone’s beautiful an ass man I’m
a family man

you let me know I’ll man last

worry saying What was a question I am
advise you get to the but

I’m still a two minute but cuz I’m much
more than eight-minute

clips that it’s going to be like 15
seconds but nada that none after


yeah I got it I got home I have a lot
but if I’m gonna

yeah last name see don’t

you’ll just click on one video watch it
masturbate and you’re done in like what

five minutes yeah at least I thought
touch you like

okay I one aspect today and then 10
minutes after that you’ll be I get your

clothes on but I’ll be on the 405 icing
a he is Alyssa

St Philomath I

I just started a homer and finished in
between the 101 did that help you

happy yeah I


like piling on you guys feel less alone
if you feel like hell

it %um okay and happy

I the I’ll

I guess it in their leisure usual I

yells after video yeah the 405 to me

I think it’s real a thank you for coming

yeah he should have only a hoe we help
these people I was worried that we don’t

read every day are very sweet visited
both know this is the show we never do

but at the very least up emails you guys
get very little

only intermittent we should start
searching for those that I’m nervous but

they closed following patterns in

yeah as you follow up up in your subject
turns out it’s a good idea

she’s yeah you got it then is nervous
for the weekend search for him

that the plan I’m really southern for
the conclude if we did answer your

question on the show

email address email us with this subject

up I can Shelly lower

I within that we never actually said
anything like it you can email us as

well as if

yet it I were you show at gmail dot com
correct we’re also still accepting

themes on submissions the first I was
from Brett feels the same guy that did

the last

opening theme song I think and this
closing one

is from somebody named he has a very
normal name

and its Jonathan Gould gold yes indeed

thanks again housing for coming I thanks
for having bad when his girl season 4

debut probably January soccer’s great
chance summer release in the winner

classic did anyone with any I mean we
get were in the TV space

we do mostly digital stuff like all the
nice stuff your own leaders glasses fake

they so much a list it will be back next
Monday with all the way up the

little guys for a friend 90 for a friend

a life is being you

hijack to get through the mid

I got a problem shock defeat sauce
packet the laptop on

camp is not afraid to ask and mommy

with this podcast take in India fiftieth
I we do

you sure where to choose make love to
you do with Joe Cassar talk

a captive bead advice so plenty of time
to talk to take place

star see in the future has already HQ

even have the 360 sold trees 10 this

get your life tough but it’s not messed
up this will be the tall

meeting him now school

does appear spent here Jake and Amir had
places right here



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