Episode 85: Homophobia


In this episode we discuss tolerance, pseudonyms, and bro-gifts.

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got pretty trail pretty fast so I think

you guys’ll

I think you get has all day get actually
enjoyed shot as the Jag

amazing wait as long as the

Manny fight and let me tell you how much

when a question why well as getting you
may just a minute

great benefits with let me know when the
school system for


problem some sort this all but no matter
how stupid question

me to get honest

the on them said the woman with the six


witness a meeting

services in 1621 delighted rules


I would you let him say what they do

now is cool except for the part where he
said he didn’t like me

I both music wise it was really good he
sounded like Kendrick Lamar

yeah but I can get behind his message
unfortunately right where he was mean to

me in the beginning

that that being said it was pretty good

said that cuz real name i think is

but his twitter name and his Soundcloud

is banjo be banjo BSA has more music on
Soundcloud as banjo be an on

Twitter he’s King benja 0 who at school

year you really do like consistent
branding now

you mean like make a sound like in banja
as well yeah yeah I agree across the bow

I want to know how many wraps

how many rap stirs like I’ll are out
there and they use their

their rapster name is based on their
real name guide yup

old and what I like Eminem is based on
his initials

Marshall yeah hours but then to change
it is not his name is a

twice Charlie yes and ray

know it’s in his twice Charlie

you to the same his name is twice
Charlie Weis Charlie

Kendrick Lamar that’s his real name
Drake is his middle name

yeah a what up I’ll Snoop Dogg’s not
base that his name is Calvin

really yeah well calvin’s like Calvin
and Hobbes

Hobbs was the tiger and I think it’s
just that he looks like lol I see how he

got there

it’s a little removed for sure but you
give Paul

this new deal w for that what’s another
example a rapster

I’ll these was least up points I wrap
Smith the rats the

cheeses karise little camera names right

a lil wayne is Wayne yeah so you’re

your rap name would be based on your
name its Jay what’s right

J yeh J with him I need a dollar J hood

what’s good yeah course but my name
could be anything

it doesn’t have to be a a rapster name
yeah I’m your schmoo a

and nothing lol alright everybody on the
mir shoe well

it dried tomatoes deduce movement the
day soon in the half

he is a fiery you’re the only buys
podcast on the Internet has to buy as

I’m DJ schmoo

an object to its Jay money the dollar
day I heard and I’d love to know what’s


the although the painters and bass than
anything I had the pitch

yeah well I’m getting a pitch that yet
call me that painted red pen to call the


and that’s what these people who have
class a

below downturn they do it they occur

but a people email us at a fiery show a
gmail dot com seeking advice and we do

our best to offer them

advice Tamil your best offer it

advised that the new to share I claim
elastic in visor we do our best to offer


that that that advice damnit
specifically advice

um a anything left to say

and now let’s get started we gave this
guy is props

his do proper is actually did and

I first question question the first

comes from let’s give this guy wraps

a rapster name we’ve done that before
when you think about what’s going on a

make rap name 0 okay so you’re making
one out right now just

makin wanna yeah for the day good I

lolzz Gabriel bad rap name know it’s is
like Kendrick Lamar

in the Marshall Mathers its the it had
other authors real names

yeah I was a little rap name know their
dads and Marley can I find

in a Gabriel Thomas its G Money TomTom

up in it g-money time to the money Tom
Tom here’s the situation my girlfriend

and I get along great

she gets me on so many levels shares my
perspective on the world

and is Q she and I do much political and
community work together

many of her female friends have gotten
involved with their work as well

our work took a few of us over to
Washington DC for a lobbying trip

but it was only me and three of her
friends whatever friends and one was on

the trip

is a total dime beautiful popular girl
from highschool

and still popular in college driven and
also gets me on so many levels

we became good friends after the DC trip
and have been hanging out

often ever since right now this other
girls in Rome Italy and we’ve been

communicating on the daily via Facebook
and Skype

my problem is that I think I’ve
developed a crush on her while still

love my girlfriend I can’t stop thinking
about this beautiful woman

she’s much more down to earth and my
current girl prettier I pain to admit

and is much more open minded I have not
acted on my feelings

but I would like to know what your
thoughts are on my situation

I’d like to think that a good mix about
Jake and Amir when it comes to love and

dating seared by sabi equally

like to see how you can help a brother
out love GD

TomTom g-money tom says he picked out to

interesting I E

I like that he a says that like whenever
great character is that is that she’s


yeah popular in high school was in high
school which is like being in college


1 I’d like my pair things about her was
she issue is popular in high school

okay but this issue with popular loads
as they seized popular now

orders like it doesn’t necessarily
matter I don’t know anybody who is

popular in college

like that such a big day unless you’re
an athlete she an athlete

she’s an athlete yeah I also like that

to be like criterias for women are are
these both but these girls get him on so

many levels you don’t understand having
a level three dimensional are you

like they get that I love popular girl

with series you’re clearly shallow yeah

you let me love girls that are popular
but you also other to get you on because

so many levels which is one

be there you are except he does go on a
community work trips together so he is a

good guy and let me feel sorry for not
going up that way I don’t like community


I don’t got enough community trips for
you but I think I got plenty

I how many I have been on one recently

or ever in my life but I think I think I
think about them a decent amount I think

I might actually

hit this guy up we have his email
especially if they’re the budget dime

smoke shows gonna they’re all popular in
high school and college and they’re

gonna get me on so many levels yes stick
with your high school girlfriend in

seventy up with is hotter Roman check

I don’t know I don’t know this guy also
says he’s still

this girl sisters still love with his
girlfriend but I don’t think he is

are you guys ballin outta love with his
girlfriend is talking about her being

close minded not attractive

can you be I have a crush or in love
with two people at the same time

at the you can be lovers own and have a
crush on someone probably

so you can be like oh I love my
girlfriend but I also have a crush on

another girl

I think that the list but sometimes the
crash will let you know tear the

will tear the love and be loved not
strong the New York russian girl

gonna surpass the 11 some notables
confuse crisis for lovin like make

stupid decisions under the like

you know they’ll could love someone they
have such a big crush on someone there

so infatuated with someone that they
think you

the love that person instead but I think

this gorgeous popular in high school
college driven girl is so open minded


to just such a pressure a breath the
fresh air that you think that she’s the

one and still eventually turn into

a girl you think is less pretty in a
girl you think is close minded men

there’s gonna be somebody

else out there that’ll I held you that
my world

thats were I to live every other girls
more interesting because she’s another

girl she’s new and I don’t know anything
about her and I can make it a

maker future for us in my head and then
I started barking on that future and I

realize she’s the person that makes
decisions and I’m like wait a sec I

constructed the dream version review

who the fuck are you you’re a stranger

get outta my life there’s another girl
over here 0

she says stranger to holy shit she’s new
and exciting she is shiny and improve

event she loses her luster

and I and I’ve got a Buster I

really had the Buster I kill all my

a like God I’m sorry I latter murder

I was as I either I’m just dabble

a so but even if this guy

does have a crush on a girl that’s not
his girlfriend

whether or not that’s going to supply
Class this new girl the fact that he has

a crush on somebody else

is not a good sign you think that when
you’ve been with

people in the past there’s like no
people to come and have a little crush

is on

little crushes yes but not daily Skype’s
and Facebook messages

I see yet that ya you write you rite you
on a true

you are you truce will move a

okay you shmoop you shmoop

occurred so I V like this guys taking it
too far once you start having crushes on

other girls

I don’t think there’s room in your heart
and brain to explore those things

tell to havel at TAV to real crushes

I think you can only be infatuated with
one girl at a time there enough

but maybe that’s just me well you’re
usually writes

I think if you want to be with somebody

then that’s great and if you think that
late your relationship with your

girlfriend is run it

its course and you don’t want to go back
then you know what

it’s fine to break up but I think you
gotta do it now you can be string in

both the home alone

yeah but is it weird is it bad is it

I dickish to break up with your
girlfriend go after her friend

I don’t know maybe what have been some
kinda conversation with the with

the friends say we shouldn’t talk so
much because I’m starting to have my

feelings for you and if she’s late

others Turner on redbook but that it is
like oh my god yet totally like I

respect my friend and I don’t mean a
crush on me this is

not what I want then you’ll know and
then also

but she’s like oh my goodness we should
stop by later can you so much an absurd

have feelings for you to you then maybe
use their having elicit a fair the feel

really excited about the delay

I the beer left their little is that a

Elizabeth who are not all right don’t
don’t don’t fully embarked on the

illicit affair with a little option

and then break up with your girlfriend
and then go on to your list the fair

which is now not on the list the fair
but a perfectly sanctioned

lovely relationship player ex will hate
both love you and that’s

by yeah you have to lose that’s if you
do do it

it seems like it’s a an asshole thing to
do like oh he broke up may start dating

my friend

but if you do it in that order it’s not
actually mean right

I think it’s hurtful but not necessarily
mean spirited

for a no shitty things happen all the
time leave as long as you do it with a

pure heart you’re not an asshole you’re
very sensitive to your goal for dealings

are you true love mind and soul that’s
what you need to look in the mirror and

find out

or are you just a shall a little popular
boy he

love lady wannabe what this

is yet no I don’t know I

having a stroke arnelle but so what
would you do if

I if you’re him I am I would probably

go after this new girl now so man while

breaking up with your girl girl-girl
yeah I think I’d have

I would probably do it in a way that was
done frowned upon by all parties

yeah I would still be having I would
have sex with my girlfriend as we’re

breaking up and I would be

flirting with the new girl in be saying
I can’t wait to be with you I just have

to get out and

relationship with his wench I this

meanwhile I’m like going back to my ex
crying being like remember when it was

so good what are we doing what are we

and we’re at I don’t want to do with
anybody but you and they’re like it’s an

issue that the Blake

my I live in this new girl is like oh my
god you’re so new and shiny in perfectly

constructed the perfect

perfect life for us let’s go I let’s go
camping forever together and then the

girls talk about me to each other and
they say he’s playing as both you the

devil in me that my answer is that

but there were but I’m worse than all
those things I

I’m a devil taped to a monster taped to
a nobody

I like this the hardest part is taping
is up to a nobody

so maybe that’s the advice is to it if
at the very least

if they talk to each other make sure it
it doesn’t end up in them

both hating you like if you’re just
really really great to one of those


then you’ve done your job right like you
break up with the current girlfriend

she’s not gonna like you cuz she’s with

newt with the cuz she’s friends with you
know this other girl that you’re with


but if you you know if you give yourself
all to this new girl

when they talk the new girl can’t be
like oh my god he said that to you I

hate ’em

what the UB great to both then you can
tell your girlfriend I really care about

you and I

value what we’ve built but I’m falling
in love with you and I think that the

best thing I can do is

be honest than I know this hurts now but
it’s it’s going to be less hurtful

in the long run to just to pull the
bandaid off

rather than string along in

and heavy be miserable for months and
have me D

stressed out an anxious and then keep
this new girl might be excited about you


so I think that you’re actually being
nice got everybody if you just admit to

yourself that you fell in love with your
girlfriend you like somebody else

or okay or or cheat on her

that’s not good okay I think alike

it are heading over to johnnie if you’re
in the face

even if you’re nice to her she won’t
like you anymore she won’t but i think

is late

all you can do is giver that retrospect

you know what I mean know that I got
your dad hindsight you anywhere you got

even air Retro high in hand alright you
noms and

so you so she gone be upset with you
munching on the up there were two

but they’re looking back in like a
couple months or maybe longer like maybe


timed I don’t know but she’s gonna look
back and be like

that was actually a cool thing to do
yeah like he broke up with me in a good


yeah but if you like drawdown make it

then she’s gonna look back at like that
sucked initiative just told me straight

up I don’t wanna be with you

yeah I don’t give her any ammunition for
her future self right it was about


you always make it about
self-preservation yeah don’t give her

any ammunition

yeah I am just like give her giver

did for you that hindsight your is a
your and your mean dude

block he’s so where you are

in because I’m bring it back to you like
ODIs don’t be made her so she can’t be

mean to you

yeah when you’re saying is is not be
meet there because you treat all people

equal and I know I’m just

I’m that’s like the ideal but it’s I
think it’s it’s actually it’s fine if

you like

gonna be nice to her because he doesn’t
want her to be mean to him in the future

I guess that’s still like net effective
being kind ultimately so in those

motives are flawed

the outcome is still Dez I’ll well let’s
let’s chances in this to another

question about

treating people kindly okay we need we
need another rapper’s name

if a guy’s name early I’ll the guys name
you at the be the real persons name that

okay well its name starts with J know
you just come out so you come up with a

new name

okay you come up with a new name out
like all say is now is Brandon

right okay Brandon Way Brandon Weeden
Brandon Weeden

year okay so we call them we done down
we dun dun dun we dun dun brand and I’m


the double dunce the double Dunstable

double-double dance double double double
dunce double W me

double double double done this is all
urs name a

nice thing to the tuna bubble butt yeah
it’s double dunce though I’d love to get

them double done

I double done sir rights being a kid
from the rural south it is common for

people my age to playfully joke around
about homosexuality I don’t hate people

who are gay but as far as homosexuality

I believe that it’s Ron for many reasons
mostly because I just can’t see it makes


any sense but then again why would I
that being said

I was screwed the big said I was
screwing around in my English teacher’s

classroom one morning when I picked a
book off the shelf

and read the summary on the back I don’t
remember exactly what the book was about

but it was centered around a gay

looking back now the next thing I did
was quite stupid

and I a probably deserve the
consequences for my actions anyway

I put on my fake hair again old man
oppression and gave a quite

condescending and somewhat loud speech
to my English teacher asking why this

simple slanders

evil reading material was accepted in
her classroom

when she replied by saying well you’re
asking this to a high school teacher who

has a gay brother in a lesbian sister

by joking smile quickly vanished and was
replaced by a quite guilty frown

believe it or not I was stupid enough to
go into a small argument about why they

believe is flawed

out of pride I suppose but I quickly cut
myself making another mistake

and ending the conversation the
remainder the school year was quite

awkward and I’ve heard from various
students that year so it might be a


how do I solve this little issue without
hurting my feet her feelings or make

myself look like a jackass

keep in mind I do not run around cutting
down gay people are just that

I just have my opinion invoice when

I’ll the subject line is

whoops she things on a homophobe loops

you are a homophobe I loops

you’re a double dunce for this loops

that’s funny that that done thing worked
out really should have a dunce cap in

the corner and

double downs a double double double

this is another one of those things
where I think I said this one thing like

to realize how offensive you’re being
replaced gay people with black people

the like I don’t have anything against
black people I just don’t get it and I

don’t understand why they’re like that
and I think that they should get married

I had is quite a penny but a

I guess youth group he thinks I’m racist
that’s ok

it’s so stupid I think being gay is
wrong for many reasons most of all

I don’t understand it pick and thats

okay I don’t get math but I don’t think
it’s Ron if the

thank you I do is recognize there’s a
there’s things that go on in the world

that I don’t have to like

to also you don’t understand gay people
yes pretty straightforward

imagine what you think about women you
would think about guys there

that’s all that is in the second step is
recognizing that you don’t think that

way about guys so whatever its fine

you just go back to being straight don’t
even worry about anything else

Apple would sit the exam I love this
because I don’t think gay people make

any sense

oh my god it’s a funny that is so is so
like self-aware and blissfully ignorant

and also like his vocabulary is pretty

my joking smiled quickly turned to a

quite guilty for AYP

you a um sorry I don’t need a date for
your vocabulary you’re a homophobic

meant to be for that

yeah but he thinks it’s wrong for many
reasons mostly because

he can’t see how it makes any sense um

okay so here’s what you have to do sir

a you gotta come to the realization that
you are a homophobe

and a ills very quickly even in the
rural south be on the wrong side of

history what you wanna do is change your
opinion now that you could be like an

early adopter

%um i cant be an early adopter will
offer his town maybe

them like thirty years that when
everyone’s like tolerant of gay people

and they will you know what

a your kids can be like my dad was
tolerant back in 2014

lot mike got yeah he was like that that
white person in 1780 that felt bad about

owning slaves that she loves being from
the South lot appeal from the south /url

I think key I don’t know this this dude
just had the wrong opinion

I may be here you’re very young you’re
in highschool

I think you just don’t really have I’m

good enough worldview yet the ada
thoughts that are your own quite yet

but well it’s cool that you emailed us
I’ll say that

yeah he’s other areas way that he’s
trying to figure out what’s

what’s Gucci with this whole thing yeah

I will say that I am you know just
explore yourself you felt your

your instincts were right when you felt
guilty about the feeling that you are


yeah that’s good exactly where that a
little flame of tolerance

debello is bright in your say anything
about Plame’s

I he did say at a felt of pride that he
kept going on

maybe your school has the GSA the
gay-straight Alliance maybe you could

join or start that and then you coulda
to start a gay straight alliance

I think that everybody is make up for
this yeah that way your

Eagle we’re balancing out the universe
you realize that you were small minded

and now you’re doing your best to make
sure that nobody else falls prey to the

same mistake I think it is

his emailing us to ask how is
Constabulary guilty and I think that the

do something for the for

the very people that you cut down so
that the gotta do

what else can we say you know it’ll help
is a gay rapper

old yeah are there any openly gay

and yeah aaaa yeah

with his name was his name was his name

or do you not think that far yellow
orange something orange nope

get I definitely not

orange gay rapper gay rapper

is in our future a.m.

should I look it up yeah a Frankie ocean
Frank Ocean

yeah it’s a I searched gay rapper on

Google and it says that related searches

gay rappers revealed Frank Ocean gay gay
rapper list

and Macklemore I that’s funny

a I change your brain

BOM a next question

ya did to do other songs gana bro it to
its kinda fun

lets the let’s give this guy a name
let’s say his

are you know what and I want to give his
email but as with his email others does

kinda seem like a rap name

let’s call him Walter so lets his rap

Walter walter doesn’t falter

um he’s Walt Walt the fall in the

earth he’s the earthquake a okay

about quake Zilla quake Zillow babyy
that you get he was fat

quake Zilla as we called it quakes ila
rights subject Hey ladies

glad you chose me to be on your show I
live in a state to my bro

no my brother my bro lives in France but
is doing some kinda science stuff in


I he was there for me when I was getting
over this hella bitch

and I wanna thank you for being there
but I don’t know how I wanna send him

something without asking his address and
I want to do more than write him a bro


I thought you guys would be the bro
thority is when it comes to this shit

I never said my question would be easy
but I don’t think my situation will be

their side

let’s take it back to the start love
quake Zilla

quake Zilla Clegg Zillow’s trying to be
real real

revealed dude is said many eat quoted
Coldplay at the NBA’s got a love that is

is a sensitive bro you’ve got a complex
is a guy a lot of might get this guy

that means this shit load today

okay hey girls it how you ladies doing

now look at me dicen this fuckin bro the
public better than in notes

known to be a bitch in NASCAR’s address

look at me did they do a present I feel
like I can write a machete as

homers on things do but there was
nothing like science or some bullshit

and I missed the fuckin hell out in is
fucking 00 a.m.

lame lame well that the end of the day I
would like to show my appreciation with

Tokina sorts

how do I then dug across the ocean

a I would love this land the you can I
mail about a hug

I so it’s your brother big bro gift

I think that you should visit them
that’s it 001 I don’t think

I would all especially when i like
studying abroad don’t send me a present

does a fucking car baby doe yet will you

things the right after the physically
deal with I’ll

yeah I don’t like stuff yeah you like
the lake experiences not actuals

cubes that thing yeah yeah yeah yeah
what you wouldn’t do what like an iPod

or something the I why I want an iPad

iPad nano keep your fucking trip save
your money save your flights are no need

to be with you then you leave it I’m sad
I wanna fucking

iPad for this I I help you deal with the
hell a bitch and right now I want that’s

great live music in games

you like to buy high get over her role
if I helped you get over a girl you want

fucking money know what prizes though
yet by helped you get over Iran like

game you I’ll EJ I they have it is every
game for it I deserve music for it

I like games and music for what I did my
actually Reserva

a game machine I think you

he up to get over this girl cuz he’s
your friend and what he do with friends

you spend time with them

fly to Germany her son shit travel with
them that’s cool

you know I actually have I I went to a
store the other day I won’t give this

away but I thought of a really good gift
for you

when your birthday comes up very soon
less than two months away I thought have

a good gift for you it’s a physical
object and I think you’ll like it

well I can wait yeah thank you it’s a
flight to Germany one-way flight I’ll

take that

is an iPad nano a few but later gave you
an iPad

if you got the iPad for a birthday I big
I would

I’d make you return it well i you know
that I wont let alone

yeah it’s better than your Mac Book I’d
yeah but I like my

I don’t fuckin you an unneeded iPad like
sit around and use I had my phone but I

gave you a new computer

you gave me a mac book pro idee yeah it
is that the dough

you like thank you I would probably be
out more than they

I think I’d be like I would Greeley for
a long time about why you got it for me

how much is spent on it why he thought

it was normal to get it for me if you’re
expecting something in return

um but ultimately I get the pass the
test to be really grateful and I would

keep it

correct so I I guess the answer this
question is either a flight to Germany

or an iPad I I

the atty options perfect I break time

what stretch our legs out for a second
our minutes alone to talk about our

other sponsor for today which is a loot

that salute L 00 T and crate

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new subscription tight oh you know it
also want to talk about

we got a little follow-up email not
really a follow-up to an answer

but I on the Allison Williams podcast
that guy who

was dating is friend’s girlfriend and
called him a snake

right rate a wrote us another email
before we answer this e-mail

before your it was know as the day after
we answered that he may yet so you can

hear our answer

but he just he just followed up with
more information for us and we were so

sad that we didn’t get to talk about it
on the show has been re-recorded

right if you remember your he just he
was upset he didn’t know whether

not to keep this girl because his friend

the snake had slept with her even though
his friend as they cause going out there

before he will it will take to occur
from its brand

okay so then he writes as a as a

follow-up email also what’s a good way
to get revenge on this guy because when

my mom went over for drinks with his
parents and confronted him about it

he smirked at her and walked off without
saying anything midway through her


let it not cross your mind that this
guy’s any kind apps studded

he is a loser and he gets in girls pants
room ass kissing and groveling like that

but that it were me years

I either either getting geraldo

like-minded people over where he is just
inadvertently this one is here

what are you talking about you so buddy

you’re sleeping with your friends
girlfriend he that but 30

were midday easy to learn man let it not
cross his mind that he is a stud

mother wait until the any let them move
up this

making a tear I don’t know to do it laws

be keen let did not cross your mind that
he’s a stud isn’t the only gets checked

by complimenting them

that’s good either way to do it

I get it the old fashion way by stealing
it from worms

yeah I steal it from the guys who are in
the car lamented them

yeah but so good hey speaking in London
if this guy’s listening or anybody else

inning when we are still tickets
available for shows we have a podcast


we have a live podcast and a live show
two different shows one beautiful night

Monday September 8th you’re there
selling yeah

use it if you’re waiting couldn’t were
talking about it and it’s not till

September you should know that there we
saw the ticket cuz you should buy

tickets not trying to brag or anything

what weather will be like but that is
not who will be left out

also just a bag removing units removing
unit was like getting shit done

I just think it’s just a brag a little
bit we keep a hundred percent at the


okay you know that means that cash in
hand its cash in hand that’s cash on

on Pocket on pocket cash

in pocket cash on hand COD bo2

the BP oh dear again those British that
British bloodshed

British black dude that vision shit she
may have to make a day

paint the naked /a it and make it a

I you they have strip clubs in England
right Anna

with a is that it will go will be there
trust address will be read it

a we should also take suggestion about
where we should travel after England

that’s true

we want to go somewhere else death
through early leaders are

Berlin bear lane and Amsterdam

that’s true not richard is the chill
just to chill the stank

so let us know you prefer and Oj’s say
one or the other cuz you live there


China rage did tell me where I can rate
my face of an icy museum the culture and


enrage my fucking pit stop at night but
during the day like

in a delicious meal take a nice walk to
a park in a nighttime

does raise my fucking balls off dude
page right decaf

I don’t have I wanna be packing dust
that the ended up being

why I want to explode into a ball ABR

were rage face rage dick raged its rage

ass did or a dollar that often

I will have a face hits a dick or an ass

or not it distribute that so many art
museums I wanna visit

hmm it so that’ll be fun

a alright where were we where were we

your last question last question

last question bits I am

is this from a lady I sure hope so

over this will you tight I female

rap name will call her real name is
Samantha even though it’s not so what’s

your rap name

than a tree well as I

that was so fast that it’s also pretty
good thank you

with the tree within to ease at the end
who yeah it’s as

I am and a space türkçe

yet another tree and then their logos to
trees there is a magical

heard that look likely titties yeah ray
yeah he

kazi make them a little a them asymmetry

that’s actually we should create a rap
persona called symmetry just find a

woman who’s down to wrap for us

the awesome I humanize meets mickey

binky that from the deadline dollar

yep at I hey guys

love the show I found myself stuck in a
little tender dilemma

i’m anne how alright I’m a 20-year-old

email and in no way at all and I
considered easy

however I met this guy and tender was
about five years older than me and


mature we’ve been talking for a pretty
long time yet not had the chance to

actually meet face to face

our conversations are mostly about our
jobs hobbies

basically strictly business with small
traces of flirting hither and thither

I can definitely tell he is interested
it’s nice to have someone who isn’t

constantly asking for nudes and is able
to have an intelligent conversation that

switching the subject up

fucking here’s my problem how do I tell
this guy that I wanna bang him

he’s a hundred percent my type
physically and I’m tired of fantasizing

about a man I wanna

fuck ’em for real would be offended or
think that I’m

immature trashy for suggesting this I
feel like this question is for

Amir considering like he would be turned
off by something like this

any advice would be appreciated thanks
sim asymmetry

yell at the Ministry century yeah

I’m not easy anyway these guys only a
couple Tina messages and I’m gonna fuck


I ology means is that

if a guy was like I wanna fuck you I
think most guys aren’t in there are just

super straightforward what your clients
in the in the woods

I wanna bach and like this girls not
turned on by that sewed

and at another one of the examples are
viewed as the normal guy

you’re already better than so many guys
that’s true she’s like she’s so turned

on by this guy that did NASCAR for new

yeah hey let’s bike that she wants to
but be at guys are so bad that boring is

considered a great

not I don’t think that your easy cuz you
wanna have sex with and that’s

that’s just like your choice ease he’s
looks good year

he’s a little older more mature and he’s
not the

gross creep like everybody else wanted
yeah I don’t think you have to say I

wanna fuck you you just have to say I
want to meet you aren’t into its the

same staying yeah that’s what meeting
means let’s hang out

yeah and I H is asking for my advice I
wouldn’t be offended

if he said hey let’s meet up right I

I think your only problem is like if you
say hey I wanna have sex with you

no think you’re a bot you like your real
that has never happened to me and tender

never happen to anyone I know I went
into this is like let’s fuck and a few

times it has happened the girls just
like fucking with you

right so like you never have to say
let’s fuck you have to say let’s pray

just assume that he definitely want to
have sex otherwise

why would you guys still be talking yeah
I know a lot of people use tender for

friendship relationships

right and deliver a gal pal more than
anything else here wanna sleep with you

her no thanks I’d like to just continue
with the messaging every once in a while

tell me more about your hobbies

although it it would scare it might even
scary guy away to hear that

we had to make it makes this takes a
little too I like ok

shit she wants to get fucked maybe I’m
not going to

show up and do a good job wright also
like osha

she wants to fuck maybe she’s a you know

not real because thats 13 oliver happy
people do your real girls don’t say hey

let’s meet up and fuck

though they should be able to everyone
else everyone should be able to

but since it’s just not late and was
built subways work in

fact sigh sister I do

size symmetry size demonstrates our
advice is what

to fuck ’em but just telling that you
wanna hang out then you guys can I get

dinner and drinks and then have sex in

way cooler than just you know having him
come to your apartment or injury

you go to his on the day can she say
that or is it still a hey you wanna come


I just like on the jury on the day you
could say that you do whatever you want

whatever feels authentic whatever feels
good man if he doesn’t wanna

reciprocate that he will have to so
that’s that’s my advice still

what you said is me whatever feels good

that’s where I live my life baby a
pleasure seeker

iPad I know that symmetry yeah

the military yes eggs down at the
military contract with because he said

is feels good at the moment yeah but
then it’ll get loaded now

but as that what do I do at our pleasure
seeker baby

how do I seek pleasure how do I seek a
respite from this from this sugar

filled stomach ache that is consuming my
body now

a pleasure seeker a is this that is the
choristers an image you patiently

yeah a pledge is the baby I

boots keep on the lookout for that
coming in the fall 29

2933 that both it’s gonna take a lot of
time to read it

military a that’s it that’s our absurd
thanks for reading and if you have your

own problems

hit us up at if I really show at gmail
dot com also

we start and end every episode with an
authentically new

amazingly made themes on submission by
10 var

talented fans that first one was from
banjo be

whose Twitter name is king bed you I am

and this last one is by a young
Englishman named William pedal

so thanks William things Benjamin keep
those theme songs cummick main an

amendment on the moon on now named

long make models of the models that you
on the morrow

made in Jan man in the moon is all my

plume rising demand Iger

from no the movie now

Garmin noiman

know him

got an hour





home hey everybody its Nicole Polizzi
but you may know me especially from

MTV’s Jersey Shore and

I truly feel like that he doesn’t exist
anymore SL

I want you guys to get to know Nepal
download mania podcast naturally in a

call and podcasts one that time

a lot has changed in my life with
becoming a mother getting married losing

weight being

there to be apart a minute fantastic
fabulous wealth

download nationally in a call every
Tuesday at PAC s1

that that by Casio any that can

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