Episode 86: Instagram (With Hoodie Allen!)


Rapper/Friend Hoodie Allen joins us to discuss social media, jealousy, and of course, prostitution

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already by for someone else the air

super exciting episode we finally got
our boy

our app teacher who drew Allen himself
Hoodie Allen Way yard mark stack

design are dark that and yes things
continue to be casual enjoyed

but are you the low 20s structured into

US to question his best hope is number
by Nickel Belt in duty and by secretary

particular to wait yet here Lyte what
the you’re going to get some jeweler

body politic to pitch

he must be given to stop could be
because issue but the fact is pulled the


the mir the premier Burke reflections
the security mommys and daddys elitist

killing people here to the theories in

device manager tearing apart all you
still be just bubbling peers

a player Jake enemy by SR never do with
your bets you believe in their

like 10 p.m. believe in spirits were
company babies out a way to better than


beginning at Cantina doesn’t matter it
power to show

BOM baby more holy shit Watch the Throne

happy to let him get in a zone or come
in at your body Alan

actually and that whole island that’s
crazy because I

I really you really got your money’s
worth with all those lessons cuz hours

that was right yeah I remember when

a concept the like timing and I’ll
decision but like I was a you like I’m

never gonna do this I hate

I hate to to burst your bubble that
wasn’t Jake are really rather than I

really those videos I

thats tonight has been at the really
good couple it but now they’re think

that it doesn’t make sense that you
could never do that

yeah I don’t have a any read them yeah I
don’t have a sense

ability I really I really like I can

clapping do we will rock you yeah

help people hours you because I 30

of right I the

I’ll crap

I laws that every clearly now is
actually a band named Garrett

Garrett that’s right opening every show
with the

original theme song in our own was
written by our fan gear at talons care

I love yeah what yeah I thought I think
that hours great for Jake Ballard

I caridad arranging yeah I did a pretty
good Garrett but he is a

greater AJ your and I’ll check how would
you rate that you know as a rap Smith


how it would you would you grade that
one how do you feel about him you’re

saying rap Smith

yeah as as Napster well no no great

are a rapper right a musician and artist

yeah amir says rapster in rap Smith
metallic rapster

oh what a rapscallion bed wraps callas

really bad miss falco chameleon where

a to like I attorney raoul what occurred
all like Dahlia scalia yeah I’ll

yeah it the stallion rap act are getting
a minus for me

that’s really today the one occasion to
continue pushing to be better yeah it is

clear that even

you could be better a little reminder
have met though is over and we cannot we

can always learn from each other

you know a so hoodie just introduce you
to summer fans who might

still first whatever reason not know you
you are

how did how do I don’t like my speaker
miss represent you per year

your wrapper yeah I II rabbi saying om

and II B three glorious appearances on
Jake and Amir so that’s right you know

how did your 12 and and and

m3 we decide to keep a guard at the
bachelor yeah

not to confuse everyone at register 12
and seven

setback reliable and released was like
Star Wars it started with 456

right we’re gonna do 123 you played
declared my rap teacher on the show

I did from any blame I wrapped it on the
show right no no loyalty

how did that happen so they’ll I’ll I
these rafters a lull

I had to do how did this start do you
remember what the beginning once

like had we need her DUI I remember yeah

satellite with the if we can both tell
the story leaders are like how we met

story yeah I

Jake your brother listen to my music and
he recommended

my music to you and you may have said
something nice to me on twitter

your it was returned I said 0 I like you
till the

let’s let’s take this weird friendship
too I R L

and see what happens and then we had in

city had you got involved in methanol
alright by an attorney sweet little

while we had you on our show but you
have yet to have a sign year

II guess albums like where I would love
to be a get like

you know how an ATR as others have other
rappers on the

what it was that we like there’s like
comedian to open up rap albums like hell

noel johnson et al yesterday having to

are the other two halves kids do their
no I mean eight they totally could

this is this is a great gesture and I
super appreciate that being said I’d

love to wrap her out with yeah I don’t
knowingly lie that do dinner invite you

to our show to do

wrapping win major you comedy and us
closer to a bball have to be an upgrade

yeah I guess because rap on really wraps
his answers

I’ll the into britain at the hive
everything ever get access to be advised

that brought arriving advised freestyle
and I also just told them that I had

this idea

you don’t help you don’t necessarily
have to do though might be a fun little

game to play the way let

let’s at least explain what the show is
it an advice podcast called the fiery

you show it’s the only by podcast on the
internet hosted by us

I’m a mere Jake and I year we have

idea and I’m hoodie bitch first-team

I hope people know it I

I am NOT so people email us and we you
know try to answer some questions and

give people advice lie I know this

be obviously when I was just and/or I we
listened to

the podcast in my bunk laugh and to help
me go to sleep

that are not that’s a compliment it is
because like you know when you

listening to your CD invoices just lol
yeah it’s really nice to see a guy

really out there like fingering all
their fans but instead you’re just

yeah blog I’ve yeah I was gonna go too

another day I like making you have more
self-restraint injectors already

available in a little over six minutes
your RT exercising sell for some more

than have a filter

I really do. her some stuff I love pop

a speaking soothing voices I’m really
excited to be using these new

microphones what do you think so far

and hey yeah if they didn’t even notice
that you’re talking about dude looks

like the old Mike now they are

the there’s an endorsement yet I you’re
getting paid by

whatever these makes are there then is a
here worse and worse than ever

a if jeffrey love Smurfs is what it
looks like

and I all right sir she get started
should I start reading these questions

I’m I’m ready for israeli I am ready
we’re gonna give the Israel emails from

real people fake names to preserve their

what kinda what sort of theme a fake
names can you come up with names for us

woodrow see you wanna have it like
consistency and the entertaining three

years or even as may come up at random

I’d love to do that okay the person
should be it’s a guy

alabaster al competitor the alabaster
mcallister ok where all my god you’d

have a phone email customer house that I
feel so bad it’s it’s a female

ala Val about cells sure on other number

I but unless they change the Maha about
the last name

it like a and Iceland way ready your

dear guys my boyfriend eight months has
been away on a Euro trip for the past

week we have spoken

every night and promise to be faithful
to each other yesterday

he was acting weird when talking about

I went on I went on his facebook he had
given me his password

any fat and I found out that he had paid
30 euros to sleep with a prostitute in

the red light district

what’s my next move should I ended
ignore it

or forgive him thanks alabaster a

alabaster mcallister Wow top stitch
stuff stuffs that shoot a shin

Mercola mere Brother discuss the Jewish
student yeah

I hmm well ther for starts

my first oz law you know there’s gonna
be delicate about this one

in with the real situation but like yeah
I never thought I don’t believe it 300 K

I’m gonna go with it II she she did gone
to his facebook said that this is


this is her information she knows
something that he doesn’t know that she

knows that right

arm she’s really see we need to see the
release me the play out a little bit in

my opinion and see if he’s going to i

bring it up they give him a to let let’s
let you out

yawning so now you don’t see with the
russians entire girlfriend this is like

missus has a hot hopefully cheating
without necessarily the emotional toll

in super guilty she said he was acting
weird maybe users

it’ll come out also like woody in a
given a week and then be like

if he doesn’t bring it up like then
we’re gonna break up but if he does

bring it up then

maybe he’s an honest guy be kinder to
break up with him now so the rest is

time in europe he could fuck prostitute
gather she’s been a little bit selfish

at the moment I

super selfish only the only as much
coming back from that

now I have oh here here she should just

she’s never gonna be content with
knowing that information and yet that’s

not OK she can just

not ever bring up that’s insane yeah

oh yeah I’ll just never bring it up
here’s the thing that I’d picked out


that -ism is it weird to promised
someone that you’ll be faithful with

their your boyfriend or girlfriend
Thursday actually has promised the

implicit yet just

unsaid right like I’m gonna go to Europe
and I promise you I won’t cheat on you

with anyone right now and I’m

yeah it’s not just that a serious I
think that’s like the trust should be

inherent by then you should be like I
won’t cheat on you while I’m there

yeah if you promise that you won’t cheat
on someone you probably already have

right and if you’re not gonna cheat on
someone you know after promise because

it’s such a foregone conclusion

that’s romantic yeah I would say that’s

that’s our first true statement douche
up the day

brought to you by more my kryptonite
roots were

that my first Smurf Mack Brown fact that
is true the day we’re gonna go seven


I would you consider that a

I am more or less damaging than cheating

cheating on a girl with not a prostitute

I don’t I’m I really think there’s a a

you think cheating though the random
girl at a bar is just as bad as cheating

with ronnie has me next

as the I have a response to have the
house I and II know II you never ask me

shit yeah I guess questions

it good ready to talk are a you know you
are easier I did

okay this I how to respond to that I
know and we’ll get to it and i jus wanna

hear about per sec to

I i feel seating is cheating I think I
disagree with all your 909 alright with


if you’re if you’re if you use it is
some sort a business arrangement and


it’s different I think had yet to come
now to the intent and the action

and it’s the same in both situations I
go head at its

you know what I kid I kid debate your or
I can rap battle you oliver

this happening yeah are you gonna tell
Obama mask are targeted for you

a anywhere to debate I had my god

well I think that there’s like some
level love

when you cheat there’s sort of like it
this can be elicit a fair

because it’s a whore they have it is no
longer carry their no motional cheating

to his lawyers and

get well yeah I was ayatollah the
physical thing this girl they are theirs

say this whore

that he sucks what is a whore woman but

CNN prostitutes be offended if you call
them horses at a drugstore eater I think

it’s still media

yeah I feel there is a line yeah it’s
really weird say the word whore makes me

feel really

bad is the heart are sound yeah whore
yeah I haven’t ho

so this slut these horrors a loyal these
hot God

this um prostitute which is also it
pretty derogatory

its own right with which the nicest way
to column in a lil bit overnight Walker

yeah but Walker a sex artist

aside an artist a sartorial artists in
like yeah

way employees for sacks yeah

the show you know I’m she anyway the she
was paid to fuck him

whose so she isn’t isn’t like in love
with them she’s not gonna keep on

fucking him

so this is like at least a one time
thing that he did in Amsterdam verses


when he was home board didn’t want to be
with his girlfriend started

cheating on yet so I was one level above

right you could it using you should’ve
like your hair used another giant yeah

you paid for a vagina to have rate will

so and also yet did

take into account at Amsterdam like
partly at the experience of going to the

red light district in having sex with
the whore

writer I black

wide he said or again yeah

I know people who have done this
profiter de do do you guys know people

who have been in this situation

I S I don’t feel that I’ve had sex with
prostitutes an appeal had sex with

prostitutes in the red light district

in Amsterdam and would you consider that
cheating yeah obviously right

I’ll yet yet still it definitely
cheating I’m is not sure that it’s like

worse then and the other hand a cheating

this is just the sex chief this is
unlike im like emotional she is pretty

fucked up

so emotional and sex that the worst kind
a cheap

then an emotional she’s pretty bad in a
sec streets pretty bad Kate has been a

want one

other fact in this she said he was gone
for a week like what’s wrong with this


it was levied a semester abroad and he’s
like damn I gotta hold out like users

like I’m in Europe for seven days I
don’t care about anyone else but myself


is kinda selfish do alabaster hit me up
if you have a real man life I

about I lol yaa he was only he’s only

it’s the boyfriend of the month but he’s
only been on our euro trip for a week

yeah like damn any the city didn’t even
make him pay and

at that threatened to the trip giving
Facebook password like option Rd

I got it. I gotta that was inspired him
to give his girlfriend has

is based but password and then have a
conversation with the Facebook messaging

with the prostitute who had a standard
negotiating the raid healing over baeza

guide or is he telling all his friends
at 1303 was a lot

keep the public there that’s a no idea
right up later and she is yours is

actually pretty good

yet take 50 bucks just to have sex

yeah that amazing I we live in the
coolest time would you have sex with a

prostitute are you

past that age I thought you told the
story the podcast right tried to get a

blowjob from a prostitute right but now

and howard air I am

yet no I don’t think I would I think
that it’s like

pussy of like a prostitute night

as long as you don’t call me that again
a-eighteens Lake

but value hood not I wanted to get

but would you ever your thing like any
other would have ever had sex with busty

you got that neurotic Jewish thing that
I have like it stings really in danger

yeah your that new rogers & called
you’re really

you’re a handsome artist but you’re not
nato your nerdy like a mirror on the

inside yeah

out a lot of also also there’s no like

there’s no achievement 28 right like you
that you have to really work hard

right there so than any others you don’t
have money in your card to get the money

yeah which is like having equal reward
yeah I like our man to save the ball

week at work at the cellar tonight

big has posited but like you know
there’s no there’s no cheese to it so

you like a car like that was circled
theory likewise is fun lies and joy I’m

so awkward and uncomfortable leisure

yeah I think another dinner that weather
has been to many but like

if they come to talk to you like please
stop I’m not interested in in this

dialog that we

there we may at the end into been

a you got a friend was like super super
comfortable strip clubs

question that friend like why you so why
you so get here

I’m so good at and where where does that
mean you’re bad

yeah as a disturbing a back to this lady
what’s my next move I think the next

move if Ivor you is to bring it up

cuz like if its price it seems like it’s
gonna fester in and

destroy the religious especially gave
you the password so that even like

I looked through your phone I know I
should know she’s it seems like they had

like this kinda relationship where you’d
like you can log on to my facebook

and he found a she should post a
facebook status on his page

so that says I’m an idiot who fuck
strippers are about the back to me and I

attack his mom and dad yeah

yeah and they like that’s unnecessary
there’s like a really call me and talk

with I like

yeah where Patrick Stewart talking to
the cannon says why the fuck and on top

and then at the bottom but as did I fuck
a prostitute Amsterdam

when I have a relationship diagram thing
that people like him bad guy

whatever his name is the make a bag I
mean with him yeah gonna cover the post


so many view nah over her regret that
their military aid and names start an

actual new one that

yeah like this get this good Guy Greg
Rey yeah bad guy

I’m a column miles yeah the vial again
that a bad bad guy miles in alabaster

I’m out power couple

goes on go the Euro trip what it
positive there’s already a Scumbag Steve

somehow that

now I got miles anyway I bad game I’ll

so what would you do if you were her
that’s what i do. are you would fuck

with them

I would just the intervention and then
never talk again that if it is good to

like have a

a guilt-free ability to take revenge on
someone like

you don’t really get that very often you
don’t get that opportunity in your life

to just be really mean and

fucked up but it’s like no one would
take his side against you

right this is like it she could punch
him in the face and everyone would be

like that’s cool yeah

you should punch him in the face a happy
thought about that yeah

like that’s awesome how comp how often
do you get to punch them in the face and

like if anybody asks when it like you
punched in the face while he had sex

with a prostitute in Amsterdam

are good for you that I was looking
graduate at they want people I did


well start now yeah world star hip hop
dot com whether

you know arm NJ de BOM 500

you know well sorry yeah I love fights

now it’s just like it is like

ridiculous video the people do in like a
rat thing to the crash

I and an like go early on there and I
use it like if someone punches let you

added on Dec five is a camera going on

you’ll both though world stock alike
because make need is common people


yeah let other great site lies ahead bob
relate and understand the hip-hop

correlation they also

but media I’m it so with that and also

music radius it this is a great website
that their business plan

yeah if you get them to sponsor the show
I next question yeah

group a this one is from a guy

serve gone alabaster com miles

I am I covered a standout I the other
guy and his cup

the problem I am dobbs advised I played
up to my dog or dogs alerted

peter is a better at all their dad for
that other shit yeah this is nice for


a DNA where you wanna go miles %uh no no
no we r use miles

arm this is going to be dick cheney Berg

0 I like that inspired by real person

Yahoo Mark Zuckerberg yeah

dick cheney Berg rights hey guys when my
girlfriend gets annoyed at me for stuff

like not putting enough photos of her on
my Instagram she does this thing where

she walks on the other side the side

at least a meter to away from me if I
try to lock next to her

she moves even further away and leaves
me feeling like some kind of stalker is

it weird urs it just me

I don’t see the value of social sites an
ass like I G but maybe I’m Ron

would love to hear your opinion over now
love dick cheney Berg

that’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever
heard the weirdest thing about that was

the metric system yet been hurt

lot of our fans are British yeah or
British Columbia and

or Columbian that account or just not

but like why tell us how about

what she does when she’s mad well that’s
the question is it weird that she does

it added

I thought I was is it weird that she
gets mad yeah I’ll is it its

obviously we’re that she does this they
worship walks on the other side the


I get the air that is well yeah that’s
also weird

Sabha is is it weird or is it just him

just so specific to be like seemed to go
to the side on the sidewalk two meters

ahead of me

like it doesn’t matter which he does
Rachel yell will that it should have

paints a picture a little bit more yeah
I can tell exactly what kinda mange

mad she is I’ll would you say this is a
big deal the posting NOT posting an


photos of her on Instagram it’s all
those things like our act the other


when I was in New York I saw like the
beginning I love

the Best Buy at like is these two people
what they’re walking headed

a the with that on world star hip up
yeah to do

they should do what world star hip world
star hip hop but for like

passive-aggressive normal people

Latvia yeah had it like that whenever

discussion they are having had come to a

this girl stopped she is looked at the
dudes like

I want you done follow on Instagram I’m
he said back

I’m not gonna do that good health the

hello this is like Bayern I sucks Friday
night bad

the beginning at the night this is the
by dad then art sucks so much I bet that

that comes up a lot probably right no
real I think so yeah

that israel any but it’s weird cuz it’s
like so

so small and mine yet it’s not nothing

but what she was like I want bike right
to say this girl is his

X-ray yeah I want you to and partly yep
course no

okay sure still follow un ballo that’s

conversation over or maybe she’s like a
big enough personages like

I don’t care what father and his two him
like where walking on the street right


writers bring that’s a that’s good and
valuable but they’re like

these two Lake this the these two people
coming at each other that stubbornness

yes so detrimental what well if you have
to ask

a test I V evas someone follow somebody
then it’s not even like

even if they do it’s not good rate to
collided just for you are you happy now

but i think thats by if you like really
didn’t care

they need its after now is in 2014

I don’t want you to look at photos they
are ex-girlfriend took

will even though the this is an
ex-girlfriend rights be like

I el-ad laces or something like that its

the Ariana I was trying to get igniting
his my lesson and then she’s gonna be in

power name doctor

utterly Melanie Iglesias and I really
popular Instagram

I don’t know this cuz I don’t follow her
I other men are the

I’ll however gritty performance militant
group yeah it is a very

I i can speak to this because I have a
problem with social media

the tonton that you guys have the same
problem which is I’m always on my phone

and always

looking at this but this is like I’ll
well you’re way more popular like you

have hundreds of thousands of fans on
Twitter and Instagram right

yes if they do and yeah I really do the
food service in a bit it’s a big part of

your life

no but the same time I think jacket on
this question yet it projected

a signal on had those neither people
should neither neither people knew

either I think no I think they both work
either I

it shouldn’t care is the point where
either high either neither neither them

should care

because it’s so small and insignificant
and it just

it just signed a light on how like we

put a big magnifying glass on on things
like who you follow on Instagram er how

many pictures you take a somebody

on Instagram is reflective like how much
you care

how much you love someone or do I mean
like it’s is very strange

but now that’s how we operate because
we’re always looking at our phones and

using that as a metric for like

right relevance and buddy it since we

its it almost makes sense that she would
get mad ape

or nail that only a I’ll I think here’s
what here’s what I think

if he is like taking pictures all the
time like dogs and food in like his car

he’s posting all that shit and chips
that white your are you not proud to be

a proud like your car repaired these
dogs but you like

don’t wanna share me with anybody then
like maybe I would be like

I don’t think I could ever be a thought
that I’d bring it up played a I like

that hurts me a little bit %um bother

maybe in some really really real I am
Not Me

but I can I configure world where early
here’s where he is valid we were early

a ride in your I was a it sound like he
doesn’t post anything on Instagram

so she shouldn’t be so upset if anything
this guy should just delete Instagram

day you know exactly how I feel you have
the advert

so who are you mad at now I don’t even
exist but

she leaves them I well at a one Up
button date someone out to eat her out

popular than I we grew up

pre Instagram so for us instead as a
huge part of our lives

if you’re like between the ages of 13 18
Instagram is all you know so Instagram

is like the new

whatever it’s the way to like a display

any emotion so like for some people and
five minutes to go out like

I don’t know what our kids these in
these days ago into and like that new

hamster dance back on I

with the oh my god I’m sold right now
all I know is knows and understands that


is that no that s huge loss snapped at I
don’t snap chat is all

is I would almost say is so next it’s

reenact I it like it’s it’s is going to
have her take

Instagram I am NOT going anywhere really
yet but I’ll kick

kike is that now that’s like the next
level at the minor league system and I’m

wondering how

snapped a has any staying power it’s the
most boring and it literally disappears

after six seconds the app should also go
away that less

i think is right as I 24 hours are
really for like

how can you consent as you can get
everybody in your to show off your


moment you United being spammy cuz it
goes away

right they’re just like it as much
natural is now the kids have likely are

you to use nafta

now but I I know the kids have a short
attention spans and Mike yet I’ll order

the better

I read an article that like cuz I read I
can read

I rhetoric we’d actually as pretty as
day I read a tweet

on it an app something about that yeah

that said like some teacher was like
this is the most disruptive thing that

ever happened in a classroom in my 25
years that I can imagine a teacher and

now every kid is an iPhone under the
debt like

we’re already distracted with T-eighty
body yeah

like paper in games that I hope that
they would like if you actually had a

move alone

you be done there’s no way you’re you’re
trying to teach kids about history

category so steve is a

so bad we’re already pretty done imagine
how dumb they’re gonna be

but has this ever happened to you like
somebody getting mad at you

about an Instagram related Obama issue
i’d I did

yeah kinda I mean I know that i cant
liking her just following

world is the idea NOT posting a picture
I love a girlfriend but you spent a

lifetime posting pictures of yourself

that’s not I super admirable trade

I to have it so I’m working towards I
i’m working toward my maturity I’m that

and also well as kind of separate from
Instagram but I did get

ya that a little bit for taking pictures
with fans button at a at a baseball game

but not interest in taking pitches like
with my girlfriend at that same baseball


other I don’t like to adjust lighting
pictures but then again with another big


go-slow here’s the thing you’re uniting
us run for but still

your Instagram like do you consider it
the Stephen Instagram for the Hoodie

Allen Instagram cuz like two different

yeah I anybody that I this model
personality for people’s right now

your your Instagram is more towards your
career that lady perspective fans and


and not as their creature like your mom
or dad yeah I don’t know it’s it’s a

weird place right as well lines blur in
general for people on what they

shouldn’t chin

well your lucky you’re really good at
social media like what’s your

what advice would you have liked what
are your tips like people my what we’re

having a ball earth

well your little ass all I think we
could be better to engage in our

I think we do a pretty good job in n
you’re like one level above that

you respond to almost every tweet
correct law I responded to like a lot

right onto every three but om here’s a
good metric is how many times you’ve

tweeted now don t that

and I not because this is that this is
not just like you trying to be funny

this is like how many times are you a

lied to people right and stupid see it
like just as a good litmus test

our account the Jake and Amir slash my
cat 4602 its

yeah so that seems like a lot a lot of
an interaction and I go to Hoodie Allen

you so bad

way we’d I did four year 4400 4600

do you know where you’re at yeah 146 I
just got back but I hear you think 2003

idoney 5:30 to 9 40 times what we have

yeah but you know what though honestly I
just I only really to be

when I’m pooping out as people I I so
that’s what it is the par-5 rely on it

is a lot of hoops a survivor one

bars and you now be you’re great at
responding in

in and like involving your fans I mean
this is ridiculous it’s crazy it takes

so much time and effort but your
family’s mother doesn’t think it’s

really confusing

maybe it does I don’t know I really do
it in like down time I think I do is

that having conversations with actual

in the real world buddy do it as a chore
like I better spinal you actually love

interactivity and I really like doing it

seven people are being mean yeah only be
me know you mean backer you like the


nice ass the shit outta are really yeah
I now regret it

I can win an argument on the internet
with anyone cares even if you burn some

was so badly

de disco I’m fifteen you’re arguing the
15-year-old and be like damn it

I live again loses yeah I Tim we tend to
just ignore the haters

although our own carriers doesn’t have
here we have their leaders

we’re our own Gary be there like like
Aziz Ansari and they like a buoy Hey

Jude now is more like you guys are the
sons are yeah he’s trolling us all

religions you all the accounts I would
love that but I

Gary Vaynerchuk is also super into
social media told us like if you go in

there and talk to the haters you can I
convert them into fans yes those are

doing that i win

not all the time but sometimes when
people are like write something

as I they had it on like read it before
yeah I like

hating on this video and I read like
responded in the comments like very

earnestly dismay I hey I don’t know why
guys here that I really like eight years

led by was funny

yeah there is and I respect you so much
thank you for talking every line after

that was just like

they were just like all humans because
they realize that I i with in their


but when when you don’t think anyone’s
reading at the time has already had

their back there like they don’t think
there are any comments

done a real person yet it goes a point
where she’s like you’re not a real so we

can just say whatever

rate and an idea and their unique just
like poke your head in the room like a

I hear you’re talking about big all
poppers I reside

you know we like you with about his one
video and and and

yeah that search area a leaders I
stopped rolling never

I minded people %uh

with this guy’s specific question is not
normal that she’s

so at the it’s really just as well as
they pick your battles things

if it’s so easy did as good as we know

poser opposite her and as it doesn’t
matter at all let it snow let me know if

your followers won’t give a fuck it’ll
make your girlfriend happy and that’d be

a bit late three pictures %uh Burnett

later he’ll get laid you want to spend
30 euro

in Amsterdam the next time is there yeah

a former tow I left it at all like that

and then the other than the alternatives
like if he doesn’t APA

really doesn’t like social media it’s
not about his groping you just

issued a stellar that its Nana

I don’t be locations I’ll be the guy who
says I’m not going on follow

yeah I’m not gonna do that and i could
think so it’s not weird that she’s

asking that that’s

the new normal I do think it’s kinda
normal but and

not this early that you want its it
weird if you like post like a picture me

every single day

the lake right just what we’ll be in a
relationship I think people like I would

like you to

I’d like to feel like you’re excited by
me you know

you’re the one who said that he would
never announce on Facebook that he was

in a relationship

yeah not going to do that year left the
same thing with something I’m at a about


I guess I would just be a key it I think
its job I love it enough other way it’s

like integrated

I L economy is a go because we have how
and every social media gotta be a free


yeah lived on Twitter you get used to it
to the jury

a grab-bag billions a I

their question question third a

we need another dude’s name another
dude’s name

clint I you guys don’t know but I edited

75 minutes of silence before that I

who is in close to home now the movie a
feature-length movie let’s not a long


it came back to tie down still couldn’t
come up with anything or second-hand

I was the really bad at sex the you

rights so I about myself in a conundrum

I’m just starting college and have only
had sex three times and feel it’s

important for some reason to keep track
of all my sexual partners because I

because I take having sex pretty
seriously I

recently a girl invited me over and as
we were hooking up

I tried to take off her pants but she
wouldn’t let me we then proceeded to

quite literally have sex with their
clothes are she was riding my dick and

we weren’t even kissing and she was

just literally having sex for the road
me furiously until I Jackie elated all

over her couch

and then until she finished we basically
had sex right

my question is should I count this
experience is having sex even though

technically there wasn’t quote-unquote
penetration per se

and to add this girl to the list the
sexual partners I had doesn’t

technically count

thanks for not thanks for the advice I’m
your biggest fan love you guys love

clint the says a few then it shows
clinton out when appropriate

alike that is leading us who like we
literally had sixty years with you can


given my we literally did you didn’t
literally after you liar

that the it with the opposite literal
sexy does but you’d have to be sure

literally having sex a yeah

a I almost had counted it sounds like is
a very painful and

typing experience and the period is
probably way less pleasurable might as

well be safe call that the secular very
seriously remember it takes is

very serious they take things very
seriously yeah I think

whether or not you take sex seriously
everybody likes to have that number in

their brain

Mary take sex seriously or not 3/3 times
earlier the bill it’s pretty good he

should be stressin

yeah you could take one of you don’t you
don’t need this one you don’t need that

we are you end up

you guys are hooked up to maybe you
still can have sex is there just don’t

count yet yeah he did now you’re

when you actually have sex will be not
that excited didn’t happen yet

yes is the fact that your penis was in
her vagina that’s what sex is sex isn’t

coming cuz then you have sex every time
you masturbate right

I’ll its by his metric is like oh yeah
there was

enough friction and I ejaculated that
sex right sell let this happened

a sex but you couldn’t get it up

or couldn’t stay hard so appellate
around that you

didn’t come yep new generation counted
just had a

prior drug but her and are now

that seems like a sex without cumming

is different than sex /a flake losing
your direction and not coming I don’t


I need more information alright I you
have an argument on the phone with Bay


let’s just say you have an erection but
you can’t ejaculate because

the condom is prohibit him what condom

condo yet that rubber that you were to
prevent sexually-transmitted disease

yeah what I

I mean even if you don’t use them surely
you know they are a very

abuses you can hear anything on saying
then I

said I think concept yeah %um I think
the I would consider that sex it you

are a few bike without coming but like
they’re still fucking

yeah so that penetration penetration is
sexy jaqui elation not so much

yeah either IIIi

number two I agree 100 percent I don’t
know I this this kid is so eager to

to count every time he like it’s close
to a girl he’s got a relax claims relax

managing relax

you’re gonna have plenty of sex not if
you have that attitude lol rather

that’s true take a girl maybe he is
gonna be so good

a dry humping that’s gonna be is Rep
yeah he hasn’t heard of dry humping

that yes I like from yeah never heard of
dry up if that’s exactly what I love you

write it

how do you go from like he’s never had
never had not had sex buddies ever

had dry humping never dry out anybody
while he’s literally

they literally had sex maybe he’s never
had that in this is kinda literally I

whether I say

yet so that makes more literal sexes and
n0 love the actual kind

a sore we’re not counting it service
there’s not counting it went cleared

I didn’t have sex iraq

their test let’s take a break let’s
chill out a little bit thank god what

have you been up to dude

me on what’s new yeah with would you say

what’s Gucci yes with Lucia oh and now

just in some some new music and stuff
like that well since let say since your

last appearance on Jay can hear what’s
your schedule like

couple months a ride in couple min to
touring in an alternate between the two

basically more alas you know there’s
been like I get a lot of people at my


om who always ask me to play the

wrapping hun Sen for this or that is
yell at me she ever avatar merck’s


sometimes I’ll do the whole rapid from
the main I don’t get the shows but I

don’t do the whole thing but his you not
during the show

I mean I can the lines to get a line and
then they’ll be others got to me

the shake my hand to be like what’s like
how cold is aardvark om

I like call the I and then they’d then

they come in a bassinet ever sex but

but now it so we’ve been ya I’ve been
getting a lot of request to do our part


Aki tranki but happening is happening it
hasn’t happened we should do it yet but

but um

it happening but if the right to limit
it happening with making out tonight now

holy shit it happen it’s going to
happen. where literally gonna do it a

little earlier

having part 4 at happen we should be
there when you in LA next

cuz he cant you can’t in the next two

I don’t know maybe I can without does
it. the better than that if they’re


the Nike be satisfied all right you
heard it here first coming out Tuesday

Canada tomorrow that’s right I O we have
had started by buyers I know this

it’s already how at I’m is not your
internet is broke

you just did a cool to were where you

instead have trying to sell as many
tickets as possible every show you

capped at $500

yeah which for you is small for us would
be is still an enormous show but for you

like you sold out within a couple
minutes the entire to write

yeah it as as we leave it to me i’ve
i’ve a lot of yeah I mean by me is like

here to insecurity working at 35 aksar
popularity so that’s not really fair to

compare but

you you did something interesting they
are talking earlier about you did the

meet and greet before the show

you met every single fare the show
before the show yes it was a hole like

meeting greet or it’s what we were
calling in underplay because it’s

you note smaller than the usual show and
I wanted to do that

so I meant everything a person who latte
to the show which was

I’m pretty awesome a lot of Purell I can
call and this process

arm but it was awesome be at we did that
be forced like

there to come and do the doors the basic
meet me and then at some point I run


I take a quick coupe you know change my
clothes off and now it doesn’t really

because they’re not up 43 trip during
that time

and and then I get on stage in
performing in the show unions

this don’t go home see our fears million
people over how are fair meeting people

before the show is that like

when we go on stage we want that to be
the first peep first time people CS

but you said people were even more
excited to see you after the Mean Green

well I think this is the nature of above
the whole thing the we’re even more

excited they were just excited to be

but and I don’t know if this happens you
but you know

no one expects me to be funnier to do
anything so

are a people meet you in there like tell
me a joke clown and I’ll

as as anything that happens I want you
to be Leo the various clown but yeah

we should wrap in the line that so we
should I wish list of some other he’s

going to do that sometime yeah

if we’re just tipsy enough we do start
wrapping for no particular reason

bloggers that I think because they want
like great impression before an illegal


that I gotta show did you like the show
is the focus not the

yet we’re just we just we just don’t
want to

you take your fancy a attract hit a
fence I

able I don’t know why we don’t do before
I ask is like it seems will we do it

seem so like

disorderly it’s like as people are
leaving it seems I don’t know how we

could do like

an hour before the show then people sit
down then we go backstage

i’m too nervous before show other
anybody wanna media yeah that’s another

thing it’s like a good

cool I’m not a good for I like don’t
like performing very much

so I need to be II getting my head

yeah I think I think I I think doing
after election normal

cell I would definitely like the this is
like that

was it an experiment businesses
experiment successful

I think cell do it again definitely

being extradited to be capped at $500
now I

definitely sometime in the future I but
not tomorrow

real you know I don’t know people I
think people appreciate

in like I’m sure he will be she meeting
you at any point in time

like whether it be for afterwards are in
the parking lot yeah

stocking your son is in a parking lot in
order when Leah yeah

unit when the file you home in all that

a who’s a better rapper mere Jake

clint I I’m that that that hard you know

I I think I mean I think you have an
edge to give a little bit on edge

but thats that hurt flocked you know a
Jake sedges

Jake is better at a freestyling coming
up with

I lines of the top of his head and I

the other side which is exactly you take
your technical skills yeah like my

natural ability

like if I had your creativity with my
natural ability are you at my ability

with your creativity

yeah lie I’m not a guy I think I have

ability but I see what your saying yeah
wishing that you had my creativity but

led you to that spoken word thing it was
so slow you able to take your time

knows pretty fast in health is really

I are you good freestyler

do you have to be good freestyle a
really good read rapper you don’t have

to be but I do think that freestyling is
an important aspect of it

and it’s fun like it shouldn’t be so
serious DeVries other show

I sometimes when I forget the lyrics to
a song in like the middle of it

now on a plate of leading for it lyrics
to my own song and is a breaking to

feast on a major dimension City Ala

are singing a song in my eye detroit is
in the house

I probably were in Detroit alive I
number I was there I tried everything I

know that right

the yeah I mean not there there are
times I play college urs

iight sometimes do still where like I
would you freestyle

that was like relevant and dedicated to
the crowd

you know sorta making them seem like
we’re on the same page and we’re all in

this together in our

like really mean you don’t know me yet
but I know about you that’s like to be


it’s like the common equivalent a crowd
work which always does really well

because it’s like

oh you’re making it a personal event for
young people know people love like

freestyles about them like you mention
like they’re like

the place where they go eat pizza night
in there like Barack yeah

light at a I all the pizza there

you there and then it just like you have
them hooked actually freestylers that

you gonna be embarrassing out another
three stars who do whatever be the next


and freestyle the answer the United ever

I that’s going to be a lot of pressure
died whatever dude let’s do it wait and

see who’s get where we are all three was
gonna take turns wrapping

the Al go first okay so reorder your be

aka you do my be and other goodies the
things awesome aka

here we go idea Hannah this guy

is lolol this is weird p alright I’ll
get to

bed and actively man’s name a man’s name

%ah geron upheld worked well

but they give my last name was also a
giraffe huh

hey guys I’m emailing because recently I
was pressured into launching a

compressed air cartridge in the middle

my friend said it would be hash tag
doping it wouldn’t go anywhere

it would just die down it’s been on the
ground a lot but it frickin flu

I I mean it went crazy over the
classroom and almost hit a kid

I received a couple days suspension for
it but I could receive more but hit


okay now to the problem some other kids
in class are afraid of me in the suburbs

and some think they can just get me to
do whatever by asking me enough times in

convincing the

that’ll be okay how do I make this scare
kids to

how do I make the scared kids trust me
again how do I make the other kids stop

pressuring me into situation

thanks PS you should definitely have a
hoodie Alan on Pranab was

love you know that lol my bad the crew
who demanded that the awesome

alright so you know how I loved it Ono I
don’t know who you say

your thing million might be ready okay

and it whitten cool

okay it here we go now I

brothers it right in the eye with the I

okay you gotta air cartridge

you are a partridge her I L

here we go here to share this digg this
is whether this is for an olympic bar

go I page kid you don’t always have to
do a people say

I you but your

but a year into your trolling needed no
you’re so funny man

dude the jokes do you guys feel ya night

yell period a hack okay yellow

Jacob Detroit in the building here it
goes okay

yellow boy you are truly whether or not
these tell you that it’s cool

you don’t have to worry about what
people think you don’t have to worry

about what they drink soda shoes water

you are cool you bother to me I

will help still going to you you’ll okay

to all believe in yourself mall fucker

seemed real brother Donnie J money J

sucking titties I conclude he’s

up okay do tony has red lights it’s

their pre I’ll satellite name we out

they have to do an explosion eyes and
idea I did he just kept I

I illegal either I really excited he
survived the blast

like a cockroach here we are you guys
are some good really good idea that’s

ridiculous little air is nice though not
as the dope flow listen to the lyrics

that water has the dog pillow

I and they’re going to be like soda
water copy

wine I the favor dregs allies cool im

occur for hair alright the brothers so
my turn

yeah the effingham you better answer I
yeah I guess just like

don’t worry about it thank you should be
peer pressured into doing things because

you think it’ll be cool

okay iraq here I should okay

area hoop

well as Guiseppe geron adults

to run a failed hey it’s Amir Blumenfeld

actual live gonna give you some
reassurance don’t worry about the pier

pressure and so your parents the earth
your moms here appears ear

don’t fear just have no fear because
amir is geared Iran of elders Blumenfeld

here’s my advise year okay Sarah don’t
subscribe to magazines like advice don’t

subscribe to ideas like

don’t kill my flight do it you wanna
deal and now it’s a Dell

not do much and and now it’s too well
you wanna understand which you can’t do

no pleas to stay in school Louisville

it good I stay in school may have to
stay in school through use of the year

there soon

/url or job help third verse

I woody allen shit

the National pressure to be gay your dad
is here well it a little too

with the bar that we set yeah possibly
hi I’m honored

all right now I gotta get you to be
going to be found an

give me the beat though any parent ready
they are downright a

Spohn straps in

shop real shock mother fucker spousal

products listen up on your house

you crazy for ever are you friend to
hate you

what she gonna do probably go on a stage
dude mashek

get a scary ass kid call their wanna

badass day ya heard the dish that her
just nice and juicy

much it is called they love fuckin
dejected this is one saint so even worry

shoot everybody should

everybody 0 lowell

dead lowland you

that was amazing I

and the advice was on point to /url I

yeah I wow all

shell sober so basically what I’m sayin

my mom well I met with all that yeah I

embrace your new role and live their
shit up and just be the bad you because


the kids are scary always miss Ketty you
and the kids are gonna make You sup

used to give into peer pressure and
basically who cares if you fail to

school again this is your new role now

Wow also don’t hurt anybody which is a
is the theme

hurt like the small small people but
like the big people leave it alone

a her one big deal in an old other big
is almost like there is a good yeah I

present you know

that’s another at actually another verse
that I was I don’t watch a lot orange is

the new black

yeah i apologize. hyper yeah the Pied

a yeah that’s it those great thank you

her D your your debut much appreciated
thanks for coming

thanks for coming on the show that’s all
yeah can you believe this is already

last close to an hour

that it now we had fun time possible

do and you have to plug anything you’re
already more famous than we’ll ever be


not ready to plug anything but I’m I’m
super glad that you guys

had me over here humble abode and we got
to do this and

om you know like bright future part 4
drop in tomorrow

nah a it yet sign online right now

a look on your tenders the year three
min ly

like that but I pray authorizes wreckage
yeah live streaming on tender

court your profile could be a video

yeah I listen up %uh like an animated
gif at the very least yeah video

like an like those old dating videos
they made it easier

I if you have your own questions you can
email us in a fire you show at gmail dot


hoodie might not answer them but we
probably will my vision say probably


pretty slim there now to questions track

and you can also send a theme songs that
first on has ridden by Garrett not Jake

Garrett to thank you so much in this
last one the closer

is a from a guy named jack in Australia

thanks again for listening thanks again
he will be back next week peace


the show do

nude showed good





send your questions to


proceedings in PA you



you dire straits friend CA


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