Episode 87: Racist Opinions


In this episode we discuss love in your teens and life in your twenties. Also racism.

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to da I am let what is there

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alright had worst year ago who is this
from at the

/url okay I’ll we need a couple ladies
there’s a there’s a lotta ladies on the

Today Show so we need

three ladies air how women ladies names

and the other lady in true I hope we
have no idea to as low I

Thursday harkin’s part yeah and now we
don’t have

okay just pitch in the promised you I
promise that I have done to deliver I’m


a so this this first one this this this

who wrote this email let’s have them all
the first lady

I was thinking about that will call her
eleanor roosevelt perfect eleanor


right and this is the first first lady
the first first lady

I guess I’ll be technically Martha
Washington which would be the first for

Spurs getting bored

just go .it about his three don’t talk
to me about matter but as the school

it has to do with school in Europe cool
you have an

awful Aditi yeah I’ll you have an awful

radically I your cool dude didn’t see
you can go to school the you know

words me yeah done need to do a

hey guys my boy for another seven months
and I are very much in love but one

major thing has been bothering me
recently often when I expressed that I

wanted to do something that is important
to me like write something myyearbook

come to a family party or even just take
me out pay for a meal he rarely follows


or argues that I shouldn’t want him to
do something

that he doesn’t want to do I don’t wanna
force him to do anything but I also do

things I don’t like a lot because I know
it will make him happy so my question is

where is the line drawn is it selfish to
hope that he will do things just because

he wants me to be happy

and to what extent is it fair to expect
someone to do things

they don’t like for you thanks for your
help love

Martha Washington slash eleanor
roosevelt harm

that question depressed me I get the
line is

it definitely before signing your

I you what does that mean just like

where the limelight what should I which
i reasonably expect him to do

yeah he said he can sign your yearbook
better than that that not out of the

room just imagine him playing X la

babe I don’t wanna friggin sign your
yearbook lock

damnit manufact me up our relationship
is about me being happy

only a shithead that the docking on the

in initiated doubted right shithead
sorry babe looked

he just IMEI many xboxs he just reckon
sign my name

you you don’t make me do you think that
I might help dictate it to you

to whoever how does love me

AGS have a great summer I

hmm love me indeed

I’ll what about all that other stuff

this guy sounds like a shithead yeah

he shouldn’t if he doesn’t want to do it
he deftly shouldn’t say

a stop making me do shit I don’t wanna
deal right

easy just do it and you should make me
do things that don’t make me happy


definitely not true in a relationship
there’s an ebb in a flow

like yeah giving and taking in doing so
and being sacrificial and selfless

and then also accepting lovin in the

gracious way it’s not all one sided like
he never does anything that doesn’t make

him happy

yeah now crazy okay have about this
you’re gonna hate this

but just to put it in a pie chart there
is a hundred percent No

me it good things you do it already had
them thinking up I

yeah okay the whole pie cherries a
hundred percent and then there are three

segments stuff that you do

and there’s that they do in love Southey
do and don’t love

at up you know you’ve got a large studio

you want to maximize the percentage of
stuff that you both love but then

there’s also gonna be slices that

only she loves it or only I love it

and I have to it you have to sacrifice
part your slice for some hers

and it also sounds like your boyfriend
doesn’t love some things that he should

maybe love you guys are going to be in a
good relationship yelling and not to a

family party right family party signing
your yearbook was the other one

taking me out to a meal in paying for it
I and I mean I understand maybe doesn’t

want it

techno he should love that to you taking
you out on a date in treating you well

that’s on the you should love so these
are things that he doesn’t love

read the like at least do happily like a
deadly he’s been

at the point where he’s not even
tolerating it which is him yesterday

wedding is but def I don’t know how we
got here at home some kind of crazy

dictatorship were only what he says goes
it only when he

what makes him happy is the norm appear
but that

not fair you don’t have to stand for and
you should just say

okay well you only do it makes me happy
and I’ll do it makes me happy and right

now it would make me really happy to
tell you to fuck yourself

no I don’t want to do that either baby
girl let’s blocked by using my third BDO

I am can someone who

is concerned about your books be very
much in love

excuse me can someone who deals with the

AKA a high schooler be very much

in love I think

when you’re sixteen you feel very
intense emotions and just because we as

people who were in there late twenties
early thirties

is cuz we can look back and be like oh I
was foolish then you can’t look back and

be like oh I didn’t feel intensely

says oh yeah I think that she can be in
love and I think that the dealings she

has are quite legitimate and I think

you might think she’s small but I
actually think your microscopic

for putting that on her enduring that on
our listeners for China

condescend we were supposed to be giving
advisers appear

I don’t say anything I just asked you
have high schoolers feel the same love

that you do.

no no no no over those creatures

I those rats little rhyme slow his pace

up with economic acid and they can’t
tolerate me

her in I shall annihilate

the I do think that this isn’t gonna be
like the

your last relationship so I think you
should just

I think that like it not make you happy
right now move on have a great summer

be single a hag the AAG yo for real hags
also I just would like to say

a disc alleges that this is not leave
your last relationship today is

my parents anniversary so I like to say

happy anniversary mom you’re the best I
love you

daddy you found a good one you’re not a
good one

but you found a good one lockdown and
for that I say

good job so to

built rare parents anniversary yesterday

congrat on mom you made it work you made
a lasting made a beautiful family

not because the but in spite of our

thanks to his money sure that was good

ok with you I that was good it’s still
happening is and i’m glad that my dad

there is all your shit

if honestly my family would fall apart
if it weren’t for my dad money in my

moms love

those are the two sides those are the
two solids the two sides

are you taking up biking picture be

from you like very unique rate

well I but they met in high school they
would probably other

so yeah I thought I was in love yeah the

anything’s possible but you guys got to
work your shit out yeah I would say dump

this dude

okay yeah it’s pretty simple yeah I am

next question but we need

a dude’s name perhaps what are those

the guys that Mary the first lady’s
president TAS or a priest

a good I if millard fillmore Ryosuke

hey guys I’m 13 and I have been in a
relationship for a nap

I just love that is David Millard feel

bill Mon thirteen-year-old millard I’ve
30 and have been in a relationship for a

month and a week

at this point in my relationship my
girlfriend and I agree that we are

drifting apart

what should I do I would really
appreciate your advice love millard


I’ll millard arm

shit when we tell them a alright

well the truth here’s millard

open your ears open your minds here’s

a heaping helpful half-truths Europe

firstly at age 13

there’s no doubt in my mind that this is
the one this is real

and it’s gonna take effort to there’s
gonna be a you have to fight for this

this guy to fight for me I you for
suggesting a party been together for a

month in a week

yeah but he enters throw away that
history Miller

now you can t can start over at that you
can’t tell you to find someone else

invest another might have a a
relationship is a tree you wanna chop

down a redwood

Miller did plant a sapling yeah watch
that grown now there’s not time

you have no time for that okay you have
time for that you’re invested

sell what do you do now you’re drifting
apart I would say

force fight argue your way through this
rough patch regardless of how long you

guys have to reconnect

I would consider therapy I was there now
I don’t know they’ll be there

be yeah because what do you tell your
friends how does it work when you split

everyone will say oh my god I thought

Miller didn’t and and and alert the way
life yeah

were the ones that we’re gonna make it I
can’t do it who can

yeah the EU has been together a month
no-no week

and it’s embarrassing to break up that
means you guys couldn’t figure your shit

out that there was a month and a half

yeah exactly at five weeks Gippy your
shit out in six weeks then

the gee-whiz Miller who are you you
might die alone yeah

I can I’ve I can’t I can’t see our
universe I can’t imagine a universe

that Millard doesn’t die alone because
at the cemetery about being


I hmm I

is a deadly ridicule that
thirteen-year-old not yet

now yeah the teenager he’s Rd pleaded
with T them for 50 minutes he just

stopped listening and follows that they
could but

I I would hope I with it I what our
relationships when you’re thirteen

I’m when I was 13 it was just like

I would chat with my girlfriend Anne and
I am

yeah and we would pass notes to each
other in the hall

and at the end of the day we I am

it was like a big deal that you would
hug your girl Yahoo late it be in the

hallway like to laugh to hard Lauren

prestigious school have a edict against
hugs now

at some point I think it was even
earlier like in fifth or sixth grade

all the cool 11- and 12-year-olds I’ll
would hug at the end a recess

and there there got to a point where the
teachers we like you guys can’t hug

because it’s like at it just feels like
year the guys are trying to feel the

girls boobs on their chest

yeah yeah well we head up my middle
school is like super Italian

so everybody was really into kissing
like both cheeks

are really yes so it was a pretty big
deal like when you said bye dear

girlfriend and left when

I really like knocking on the door the
popular crowd in eighth grade the

popular italians

yeah I know if we look at a Raleigh I’ll
yeah I missed out pasta dinner later on

I went home from school when they have
them and my girl and I am is like you

can kiss me goodbye today

like cool but yes and then I like for a
glorious the weaker to you I was like

kitty I was grieving and thing by its
cool just like all there’s like four

cases like fuck

yes dude portend to 8 a tape is that as
a cheeks

alright meant so much to me it’s funny
there’s a

I wonder if there’s such a correlation
between a group of people and what they

turn into a lake

I was totally that guy that was too shy
and afraid

to do that Doug people and you are not

and it like you can still see that today
twenty years later

right I’m still kissing people on the
cheek I remember when going out started

to be

I think it wasn’t third or maybe fifth
grade where guys would start asking

girls out

and I was like what the fuck is going on
to my boyfriend/girlfriend yeah

and teachers had to sit down students
like the you know what that means the

you know you can and cannot do so who is
way more like involve mind because

yeah and when out now is that your
principal had a fucked and which and yes

a little much like my little girls like
I hope yeah

experiment room where you locked
themselves in their me like don’t worry

nobody can see you do whatever you want

yes sexual stuff goes sexy a sexual

pros know how cells as that we’re all

a both the as the lead to this guy do

an I will you know it I would

I think material advice

you break up if it’s just this is it
like to you ever recover these Jer

you fairly dry brokers a million I in
like middle school cuz like

I found out she was gonna dump me and I
call their upright bike I don’t go out

anymore I was like I needed to do it for
school I didn’t want to be dumped on us

the 10 mins

but then like a mother to later we like
in music class writing notes to each

other talk about how you broken up to
the lake

yet you dummy like I did cuz you were
gonna die. me is like I was in a dump

you and I both

and I told done so like I don’t think
you should should try to avoid

any social stigma like that I think you
should I think because the you do is

have a real conversation with them be
like a a guy we’re going to party you

do you feel like that to you already do
you because maybe sometimes

not maybe sometimes I think occasionally

people can go too far into their own
heads and feel like they’ve grown apart

well your girlfriend is just like
happily going along picking you guys are


so if you say we’ve drifted apart she’ll

I agree and confirm your peers Horschel

I feel close to you still let’s with
work through this

but if they both feel like they’re
getting a prior maybe they shouldn’t be

together in one but yeah that’s true and
maybe if they’re like we’re drifting


and he says do you wanna try to
reconnect years what do you want to try

to get close

together again then you guys can talk
and feel better about your relationship

or you can say you can agree to split

amicably but because the Hindu is heaven
is open conversation with the rather


thinking all these crazy but that might
not leading Aaron

what about I think because the media is
when you’re having this conversation

have your friend like

take a with the call me low bridge
someone likes like kneel down behind her

una so what you say like I think I don’t
know for drifting apart

richard is falling apart and the push
you down yeah laws as they are ripping a

fart and then the kid underneath

this lets one fuckin read like a real
grady like

like I like a scorcher and then you

yes Schaber I and she she she yells job

the ICC she feels the sting and it hurts
and it smells

cuz she stinks don’t you get a
cheesesteak smart

up into the only had bothered you

it’s def do you remember bill printed

in third grade all I used to do is sniff
glue through a tube in place

Rubik’s Cube Eminem yeah

nights dude nice I

hmm twenty-two years later as rude as
you scheming on the bay with the biggest


UK the now IRA way without the third
question a sec

now as the senate I Gallimore till the

I love da may be getting lol yet

i right I’ll we need another lady

the shell Obama Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama rights hey guys

I’m in a great relationship with my
boyfriend have six months where both

relaxed sociable people who like watchin
TV as much as we like

track in through the out door so far so
good our relationship has gone very

smoothly except that he tends to be
prejudiced towards certain people

ever had have why I in Canada just like
the states we have

First Nations people along with a
multitude of other nationalities

I realize stereotypes are commonplace
and people usually use them in a joking

manner but my boyfriend seems to truly
believe summer them

and after his opinions a certain groups
can be cruel for example

that aboriginals are lazy and collect
government money in that the percentage

of muslim extremists is higher than any
other religion

he’s such a mild-mannered guy and so
lovely to me so why does he have these


opinions he is in the Army in grew up in
the conservative West though as a person

who is an ally of all humans

how should I deal with our differences I
don’t wanna force my own opinion and

seem preachy and all

but I also won’t stand for the rude
generalizations about different cultures

but I really love this man help what
would y’all do

there’s nothing laid-back you or both
laid back people

up he’s a racist I that’s the worst
thing you’re not a laid-back we love

watching TV trekking through the roof
the word and %ah

Eni’s races to hate groups that people
bring no reason

he’s pretty chill and fun loving you
mild-mannered but has bad opinions

he stands to you words sort of snap
judge people minorities specifically

people have different color and thinks
negatively about them however he is very

chillaxed about mostly I don’t even like
her language

I realize stereotypes are commonplace in
usually used in a joking manner

like mood even that no yeah

which is right state has our common I
don’t think stereotypes are that

commonplace yeah I think so now you know
about them

yeah but doesn’t make them commonplace a
better that I think there I think

they’re pope I think they’re on common
enough that when you have them in when

you do

when you when you make mean jokes and
you have actual weird opinions about a

about other groups that people that are
negative I think you’re

I think you’re an outcast and I think
you’re a loser I think that the the

tables are turned in that direction

she’s being Aboriginal about this
absolutely she’s being lazy and I

wouldn’t doubt it she was collecting
government money

youth handout for the aboriginals how on

I think you should talk to this guy

well would you what would you do if you
he I guess you wouldn’t date a racist

you would never even start a
relationship with the racist yeah

no that’s a dealbreaker racism is the
worst one

yes yeah 100 percent I think it’s great
but racist is not a real

there’s got to be a zero-tolerance you
on that you can’t be like he’s cool

that like he’s cool but he’s racist
nobody says that

right he is not cool and he’s racist but
if not I’ll because these races but if

he’s got everything else going on maybe
you can

and get in there and make making changes

yeah you know what to do but I we like
everything else about him

I be super direct and tell me exactly
what’s up and tell ’em

that’s not gonna fly and maybe I’ll
change his mind on this

stuff yeah all were

album be racist do 0 that we have
another thing I

oh that’s an upsurge yeah

we’ll plan it all on the table this
podcast is called every option

I done mom talk to your mom be racist

more options are turn into a bird fly
into the Sun

turn into a fist must live in a society

good and at another option turned into a
bird’s wilmington is the third 20

fish fly to the moon are these are

literally endless this is the podcast
that has no end

are more options more options turn to do
is see a pic to fly into the third

a good hmm I yeah I don’t know man

he added top you know that is racism I
guess talked about his racism

I mean why not I hate moon I did that

remember yes he was cool I

now likened to be a girl what’s wrong
with these days axis I’m not sexist

your your home above I you we all have

there’s no common place I feel like a

I A break time break 10 let’s chill

till the next episode actually bones

relax until we release the next episode
which is in four days

that’s so relaxing well first of all
there’s gonna be a Thursday episode this


that’s cool co starring your sister let
the little teaser right there my little


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be G cleaner will and I now let me read
the ad we were suppose to

well she added I was just %uh product
that I just happen to really enjoy

okay here we go I A swastikas

good as they fly out to go really yeah

why because you’re talking about every
before condemning it

and I thought a funny thing be to say
we’re sponsored by

swastikas and

that think that’s why you made the joke
the every you’re just gonna say it

I said I was funny

and I’m I make a funny check out gonna
say where you gonna set every just

taking credit for my holy shit

let a theory I was trying to show you
that you’re connected in

in with one mind up cool our radios are
you gonna be like to whatever if there’s

a sonic funny I’ll say that ice

I thought a bit too I wouldn’t let you
can co-op my comment I wasn’t there and

use it as a phone

I didn’t you know that’s her that’s
bullshit I’m sorry that’s bullshit I’m


how did you mean it a mentally
government appear

I think you meant to steal it do you
agree with me really tell

it can you say that you there can you
say that

I was gonna steal whatever job you gotta
admit that it may be a

it unno don’t say it don’t feel like I’m
sorry if I offended by what is still the


I want the credit ok wage said I could
never ever in a million years thought

this was the cuz I thought it was good

chuckled a chortle than then I decided
it was mine I deserve that I earned it

and I stole it from you you loser

I am what the hell I’ll we’re going to
London and now we’re also gonna


for the first time in a long time we’re
going to have to Manchester United did


go and our shiite start over for

okay hey girl per gallon to the Chester

and we’re going to buy a band couldn’t
really hot and humid in the summer going


Tuesday Sept eight but it’s gonna be
really great now it’s actually the nine

Tuesday September 9 it is be Tuesday
September 9

up Ono let rather had nine take

dots you’ll what

rise with ninth a million things like
the word that is made up call plight

light riots at nine so does the word
stein another what I made up his anatomy


added an eerie low-earth crime and I’m
now year due to check a heavy

dune tune tune what do you do months to

when we’re dealing with nine is what
we’re driving mines

allowed to live where it’s have been
since they are

deemed to do two months blind them

and this is a man is word on its not as
it is

you live in goal-line now I’ll

there’s no th in Spanish it’s the
Norwegian word

for Ghana Manchester on Tuesday Sept 9th
at the Lowry

smaller shows so grab your ticket well
once again it’s like that early shows a

sketch in stand-up show that we do is
return the Late Show is a live podcast

%uh the still take a developer London
and now we added a date in Manchester

saw you

northerners don’t have to come all the
way down to London

well maybe I guess you’re welcome yeah I
V like

you’re welcome these are not say that
okay you’re welcome

I should get a last question okay we
need a dude

a duty duty we need a little could be

al thinkin alqamar happen

I when I unplug your maker found please
don’t at Needham Heights

ap you but there was another

I fear that podcast will be too lopsided

the most forgettable president you ready
for this

try to name one more obscure than this
Gary he ready

Franklin Pierce very

very forgettable like Iran our country

you couldn’t even fucking think im in a
million years when was it

a.m. 1964 seeking out

magical the I was in between
kennedy-nixon got

thank god I’ve had a vietnam year ago

hey guys you seem to have a pretty
laid-back lifestyle where you seem to be

having fun

with what you do and be able to work on
something that you’re passionate about

so as someone who’s about to graduate

what would you tell them on how to take
advantage of life

in your twenties how would you describe
what your personal journey was like

and if there are tips or things to keep
in mind as we go through our twenties

I have had internships in various
corporate environments

and it just seems depressing to give up
the and it just seems depressing

to give up the freedoms let carefree
attitude one generally has during


I have also not found anything yet that
I’m truly passionate about so in terms

of the generic follow your passion

at this point I don’t have anything like

I don’t know how to best raise this
question see you can edit it however

you’d like

apologies for the run-on sentences thank
you Franklin Pierce

could I do love you the president of
names could

hey help me I needed by a guy who became
the president

who didn’t need any help from other ever
been I am

10 no passions a

no passion sounds like step one is to
find it

I would say so yeah step two is to
pursue it

although you can’t really do that for
money I feel like what did the common

theme is doing what you like for free
long enough and if you’re good you start

getting paid for it

yeah but then you run into the situation
we tried

a lot and happy with your journey like

and Niger I was very lucky so it’s not

applica ball but my journey was like

in college when I was 19 I like college
humor southern can I write for you guys

I emailed Ricky

and asked if I could write for them and
I guess is this advice cuz for three

years I would write articles

not for money but just to like you know
try to become better

and hopefully in one day they would be
able to pay me

after three years a writing articles for

both for myself and for other web sites
in addition ecology amor

Island College Humor did get money they
wanted to hire me

even though it was in a lot of money but
it was still getting paid to do what I


right but in that in in that way I was
passionate about something which was

writing jokes

a reading comedy yeah on

what was yours early twenties journey

very similar to yours I also

red College Humor life college humor
started writing for college humor

became an internet College Humor for
free for free

didn’t get paid rate so who graduate pay

when you move to the Upper East Side at
age 22

I am my the why had a little bit of
money saved up from work in ice cream


right my sister Hannah did the cause
they should ever done for me

well back left standing backflip yeah
shows in the same backflip and then

wrote me

I’m a security deposit rent check for my
first month

%uh in that apartment she paid for my
rent and then I

did you ask her no she just like I

I was trying to move to the city
attorney save up money and she like

was helping me find apartments and we
found like a really good deal

and at my dad was like

at not like

he was right clearly failed at an atoll
urgent ray

I’d like failed at everything I tried to
do so is like I don’t wanna

paper we live in New York City right now
wanted to keep this internship in

commuting proved to me that you

but I have been doing that for like a
month and it is getting really really

hard so

my sister is like I’m our papers first

rent and then I started working in my

I was like a I’m a host at a restaurant
on the Upper East Side

really yeah when you’re working a
college humor yeah

you are a host at a restaurant the Upper
East Side

what a loser i don’t realize you’re such
a loser

and then I but I only had to do that for
like a month

and then Ste streeter and Ricky started
paying me

which is a common route which is like
doing a job you don’t necessarily love

to have the financial

up redone to do what you do love on the
side for free

rate which is another which then there’s
think you have as you’re in that

question cuz like

it what they did say I wasn’t passionate
about everything I was doing as an

intern at college humor I just had

you have like a very small passion have
you’re saying you’re reading

just reading jokes and after a while I
became passion about Jake and Amir


but we only did that for like an hour a
day if that at that time

rights I like you are working
twelve-hour days on taking every

right so for a while I was you I think

have to dedicate a lotta time to think
you’re not crazy about and then a little

bit of time to what you’re passionate

and I think in terms of finding your
passion you should look at what you do

in your spare time in your hobbies

what if it’s just video games then

explore the universe baka maybe I could
be a market maybe I could go into

marketing for video games maybe I could
program video games may be a good design

video game boxes maybe I could

invent video games maybe I could go on
tour with Blake

gamer conventions and help set up the ad
that’s not my life is surrounded by

video games all the time maybe I could
has become the best halo player ever and

win tournaments what a fierce to Hobby
where your passion is something lame


being a chef for helping kids then I
think you’re fucked I think you should

look at it

try to bike

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