Episode 88: Walmart (with Eliza Hurwitz!)


Jake’s little sister joins us to discuss texting and driving. Though not at the same time.

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little sis

sweet little sister so let’s just get
straight into it thanks for listening

guys and thanks for supporting the show

things got real get colleagues got a

up a police said you’re gonna start I
just got real during the commercial

mallets to I




she I me



I’m yeah


yeah I’m


yeah I’m








in yeah teamed up became signed by Tom
DeLonge himself

and made at age 12 a lies on her with us

takes little sister hi how are you get

I I wanna get to you sooner but i just
want to give these guys credits that was


and ass to read who after the call then

and I think there there there their band
name is authentic tangerine cuz that’s

what came up when I put it into iTunes

that’s cool so thanks guys for that
blink 182

a oh my rage um by they’ve never heard
the show before

no I haven’t I’m really thank you for
the family had a better

I think everyone else even dads are the
show before

I really I don’t know why I didn’t
listen to I will man I do because you

hate me

I act he has everybody else the event as
a duet

I know that rachel has I know that my
brother has the No and dad have

I guess I’m not sure if firm sayre

or Hannahs like an implant I don’t

I think there has I don’t think an its

it we’ve only opted to your defense
we’ve only had 86 episodes and the only

been a year

said that’s when he gets tricky cuz I
think I should have listened to the

first one and now there are so many yet
where did it start yet

are you gonna listen to this one
probably not but that only

than my voice I it no I listen to it
alright cool

the only when you listen to is the one
you main night

but there is another Saturday could hear
the word you’re headed out here

yeah i watch them or do not give a shit
about me at all

I what I love them that’s true I know
how delighted solemn

do I tell them I have watched a lot I

tonight other I doing well this is if I
were you the only advice podcast on the

internet hosted by me in your brother

I’m Jake and Al Amir and

you an engine issues up again my name
the live there her wet

you go by ELISA ELISA are just like two

alive their are you to tell people elisa
well I don’t tell them I defame

many min then expect them to the mail

but I don’t mind live be there rise
they’ll either get it yet I was a small


yet another guy french fries sometimes
ugly frenchie yeah

little frenchie she doesn’t appreciate

really yeah well apologies same

I say you do have any idea how this

Pakistan works at now

okay locks vanity and to anybody who has
a listen before basically people write a

ski males

then they need advice they read it to a
fiery show a gmail dot com

now we come through all these emails and
she’s like 45 to answer on the show

core we read really emails from real
people be given fake name so that you

know it preserves their

anonymity a yeah %uh d can you come up
with fake names for us while we answer

these questions shall try

okay like your candy edited think

come and Pete you alright

I need a guy’s name Dale

that perfect 50l I that’s it I don’t
even know how you go though I’d

wouldn’t know I like others do Dale he
lay down your

and whether they Dale Earnhardt for the
main demand alright be

alright deal maybe earn high rates

hey guys I was at a Walmart the other
day when something odd happened

a cashier approach me as I was leaving
and gave me her number

she said I’ve seen you around here
collette and handed me her digits

now this girl is not bad looking at all
the smoke show if you may but

the problem is she’s got outgrow d’état
to love Wisconsin on her forearm

this plus the fact that she works at a
wal-mart is quite of putting

should I call this cat our leave this
heifer to graze

it would be great if you could advise me
added a sticky situation

thanks Dale by so what do you think I

I don’t know he called her a Cal and I
don’t like the way he’s getting her job

ever have to wear but thats that’s very
sweet but this chic alors through a


Walmart I think he who rules are she

to that a bull I got its

yes a lot of the emails we get her from
really weird

mean people means looks but

a lo que let’s let’s zoom out a little
bit yeah can you imagine down somebody

having a job

and just based on their job %um go out
with them

what I guess if they worked

and american apparel it what I got

its I can’t wait there anyway

but I am

I guess it depends what the gym I

I wouldn’t go out with suddenly felt
like that a male stripper

I like like a pornographic job yeah

would have like a person’s working like

II Walmart let’s say with that affect
your you love him

I guess I guess it probably would

unfortunately bitch I

d-bag I he does realize you have to
listen to an absurd

I this

there’s like I was shopping at Walmart i
think is what they are like it you’re at

a bar

and you are you are you’re at a bar and
you’re a

a businesswoman right you meet them do
you know his drinking a Budweiser like

what do you do think I work at Walmart
I’m a greeter

see think the others got doesn’t have
any ambitions than paying right this is


shopping at Walmart he doesn’t know
anything about this girl story

she did he could easy may be perfectly
nation may be putting our way through

college may put your way through art
school maybe she’s an artist more dishes

maybe this guy’s like so liberal that
like he considers Walmart the man and

that is what the why the shopping there

because he’s trying to take it down from
the inside or is delayed call there is

smoke show and many cattle

then I didn’t say I don’t think the Cal
is a fat joke I think you are saying


said he is just saying should I take
this animal and her leave her out to


either way is to decide to use the Cal I
think that is

and at the very least is the bad writer

syllogism jest what would you do

what about the tattoo let’s talk about
that grody with guns and that there yet

mister least and roti that’s like him
but his opinion on it

yeah if anything this growth too good
for him yeah it’s got a cool tat till

loves Walmart works there she’s working

yeah what about the actual move a girl
had a guy her number

is that a little off-putting elisa I
think you work

in the services yetta industry kashmir

I don’t care okay you working american
apparel the epic you guy came in with

you every hand him your number

I have no just because I’m not that type
of person you’re shy

yet yeah so I wouldn’t do that but

I’ll say more power to people can right
to the ladies and yeah

lou what if a guy did that to you while
you’re shopping somewhere

somebody will when I was working at
american apparel on think I did give me

a campaign world

what he say how did he do it he was from
France and use only their

for 2 days in New York than in this one
one thing

a tour the city yeah a t-shirt

you wanted a free t-shirt at that eating
he bought a hoodie that what did he say

howdy say it how do you hit on someone
who works in american apparel is like

your friend she just you don’t have to
do anything like although he uses

the people’s real big

little league me all through mergers and
the bean

I is already dead II with his phone
number weird like plus 4401

AT&T 129 number was like man grew to
love you

does yeah downing in ideas for dinner
with her is Boehner is probably fucking

trois assorted it’s a really good guys
or the French God

as is where the french President studio
interview with liking to %ah

I’m his runner was not caught was it

nap okay at and makes he gave me his
facebook information

did use ball over the middle yet with
Valentine’s Day

renowned a really where you when I
wouldn’t yet but like

I went on a gay date cell its fine a day

it why did you hear them we did got your

Sharon know I should be five years out
on the pod

yeah know it without having the weirdest
day of my life

I just like lol I

okay love you guys knew this story in
you outlook

you’re a year both bombarding me

this is the is a look whoa plot I

it was employed at all the IOC about
this on the bus to get to talk about

talking about this

a whole don’t fuck apec I

p well as those progs name I banter

our longer what are you against their

a I don’t know a so this guy has the
added american apparel

any should look me up on Facebook will
you give me a number I will love again

I don’t call or anything for the night
is Facebook message them

how do you have is the first last name
he gave it to me thing I don’t like a


hero like his first name and last name
and it’s by number and the news like I’m

on facebook I

in the know I don’t know I shouldn’t
sabino now would have been made

lol the new base with messaged him he
responded and you guys with I can I take

you out sometime

yeah you okay yeah with you like 40

know he was my age allow yeah okay so
then where did you go

I don’t we didn’t know were questioned I
go on and I’ll

we went to cafe grumpy I’m here yet yeah

but it was really snow that day fell
line is romantic then what happened

that’s enough and now it mather where
did he kiss you

in it was a growth area in a lorry side
right now I’m saying on your base

I she said okay another restart

her body I the Lower East that let your
day your needs

yeah he got on his knees and kiss my

kiss my small little me what the fuck
have you and you

I came back didn’t you and you haven’t
seen a sense

no I ease back in France mom

that’s no excuse from what yes it is you
can still

basic metucci be alright so back to you

back to this guy I’m reeling I don’t
know what to do

I to think that a frenchman kissed her

I should I’ll call this cowardly ver to

I guess leave her alone because not
because she’s low class because you are

you’re super judgemental

and your year a shallow you should leave
her alone

usually her alone yeah I am here his
super is judgmental and sell

order I was gonna never a girl who
worked at Home Depot

but that’s cool I guess

yeah like when a girl works at Home
Depot as I article today like a handy


yeah I know yet what she wasn’t like
working in the woodshop at Home Depot

she was like you know

doing customer service at Home Depot
where he would you do

how did you get a number I am I was

led by were you buying stuff for the
crash that party

know we got her number two you got two
girls numbers work at Home Depot

yeah Jesus a very talkative at the

I see I’m and this girl and it was
getting like a ok

a let’s just say about a hammer I don’t
actually was it was in Los Angeles

I’m like why first letter two years ago
or something

and she was giving you Myers the like ok
you fill out the survey you get 20

percent off and she was actually you
know what

and she wrote down her number jewel use

and I like okay and they’re looking is a
number that’s crazy and she’s kinda cute

so started as a textear

and then she with by totally nuts really

she was like I was texting as I yeah I
was like what it is like I’m like

looking for a relationship

hurts like I’ll I’m not happy I

you ended up dating every three years
the yeah he moved to France again yeah

as you for alexander I’m and

alright so what would you do if you were
him I would get over yourself and text

her she may be cool

even though you’re not liza yeah I think
go for it

alright thats to go forth in one go fuck
yourself so overall I think you’ll thank


and go for early I get get over yourself
basically in 2004

alright had a had to do you feel about
that is your first question

solid the out God II a

okay who I need another guy’s name

one thing that now yet again I do this
it all the time

baby another you would know baby

Evan and then near Hannah I couldn’t get
anything out at its purest

without Allen I all the all the news you
think a further as the Czar Alexander

hey guys I’m in high school and I just
broke up with my girlfriend eight months

she was great but we talked way too much
and she seem like she was lying a lot

and the cons just outweigh the pros but
after we broke up she made me feel bad

by talking about how sad she was a lot

we’re going to try to stay friends but
her sadness is really bothering me

tonight talk to her and try to help
completely leave

or just tell her how I feel thanks love

have been hey an

there’s a world out there usually easy
to an

I think that’s getting network question
is this: I

I cell hair broken up with some

now I only get broken up wit I

she said through a separate the two mile
evander broke my heart

a I so when you break up with someone
there’s this thing where they become sad

but you can’t help them because you just
broke up with them you’re the person

that made them sad

in my calendar viewpoint the best part
is breaking up

its Folgers in your cup I but actually
the best part of waking up

the best way to breaking up is a the
fact that you don’t have to deal with

this person’s emotions anymore

you made them sad but you can’t help
real you do is leave them to figure it

out by themselves

and I got the opposite problem where I
don’t care about anyone’s emotions well

I’m together

I’m a piece of shit and then when we
break up unlike arnoldo piece that I

don’t be scared your gonna be good or be
good he’ll be fine

I care so much now without you body
actually care you just don’t want to be

sad at you

I really really really really really
care holy shit points nasdaq

a for the greater found you your phone
is already the most

back piece of equipment a very big
negative only helped

away you do care happy break up I care
so much why

I don’t know cuz I just feel so guilty I
feel like I ruined everything I do I


fucked up someone’s life so I wanna like
make things right and like I wanna check

and I want them to be happy

the so maybe there’s a happy meet would
you say if somebody

have you ever gone through a bad breakup

yeah get that for a long time but I
think it’s best if the person just let

see you

be by yourself because they’re the
person at causing all the problems

right like they can’t be like yeah I
guess what happens a lot of the times

that I am

the other person I gets really sad in
like maybe can

over-inflated in hopes that they will
make the other person feel so bad that

they’ll stick around right now that this
person is doing that I respond to that

that the

I think that people do some people don’t
like sometimes if I broke up with

someone in there like pre they just need
to see you like we have talked and i

cant sleep

I would just be a I’ll come over and
we’ll figure this out you have and I so

danger and then you there in like the
only thing that’s gonna make them feel

better is you hugging them Sunnis are
hugging and then people started like

grinding on each other and then you end
up having sex in minutes later I what

are we doing that made us feel better
for like a little bit but now you’re


have to be sad to leave each other all
over again

the better way to do is definitely your
way so I get off entirely

yet but I’ve got in trouble with that
way where like the other person flick

why are you being so cold and mean to me
why are you always go back to you in

there like a

I like I’m over it now and I realize
what you did was

nice no but maybe they do maybe they
feel that way and don’t tell me that

I think if you’re like

I did that thing to do is always present
it not tonight actually just be like

super called back I’m not gonna see you
and let them get over it and know in

your heart you doing the right thing I
think it’s to be like

listen I do care about you and it’s not
because I don’t

that I’m ignoring you but I think the
best thing I can do for you is to just

be completely upfront completely honest
and tell you there’s no chance of us

getting back together and

only telling you this not because I
wanna hurt you but because they want you

to start healing right away

I care about you that made at I yet that
you have to give

that would be I just broke up with the
mir I

or you lie to her emulate let’s get back
together but you act like the disc under

scumbag girl that she breaks up with you
right then you come to her your Super

Saturday please get back together with
me and she’s like no no I can and then

you’re like the this is how about we
needed to be a bitch

two years ago is the last two years has
been a long con

worry about to say the same what yet the
same thing

yeah honesty yet honesty is the best

I’ve always said that I’ve always said
that never done it

never followed through I can’t wait to
break up with someone to get on the use

this advice lol

I that way the I’ve gotten better break
up to break up to break up

yeah first one the sloppiest

ugliest worst thing ever that lasted
months right leg and a half a mile is

just Lake

lasted a day and clean break yet that
that’s the way to do it

course yet but it took me it was
literally 10 years the dating now is

like this panda my first relationship to

you know like the ice my personal a shit
when I was like eighty my last known as

when I was 28 yet will this guy’s in
high school so this is his first one

there yet so we’re give word cut we’re
giving them advice little fast for him

ten years ago dan schorr cub Rome

you’re welcome you’re welcome have been
you Evan

hey air then a

there’s a world out there to be need is
Kevin and

I like that anything else we have to say
this guy

go by herself while I just a good like
I’ve ago

I okay with the even the last guy

I but okay

alright I’m gonna try alright ready

third question let’s give this guy

another fake name Dorian

I day 11 and Dorian

I ready this one’s a little too early in
real life

completely I don’t know they’ll either I
read this is someone who’s like

very ADD and I just had a chocolate

ready dear devers

I’m getting my license within the month
and 17 but legit one of the best drivers

I know I’ve already got a car she’s a
rush chapter two dozen sick from

real drive burnout it’s totally legit

I’ve already promised mad people
including my ex girlfriend in a girl I

wanna ask actually seems DTF but I know
the car’s gonna help me get there also

its guys who sort of my cousin but sort
of not like oh I went to pre-k whether

some shit

wants a ride to but he says his mom is a
deer erosion don’t trust teenagers to

drive so two questions I have really

number one should I give a ride to the
ex girl the other girl or one of my

friends or someone else into

do I trust that this kid’s mom will be
cool with it since we’re kinda family

we’ve known each other since pre-k

love dori it white

yeah I his geyser jazz to get a new car
he doesn’t realize you could take

multiple people multiple rides

you know I don’t understand I

that so weird it was just sort of party
a question that made me laugh because I

don’t even know we could say

a he’s just so easy you and there’s
those with specific spot he’s going to

ok really cool I give a ride yeah though
I was that way when I got my first

my license for the first time will you
wanna know who to give a ride to

it would when I have my license for the
first time it was like

it was like out over teen movie like the
girl that I had a crush on

like this really cute girl was like if
you get your license today

call me really like it yet and I was
like oh my god I need to get it I’m

totally gonna get laid

I and at work I’m

well this girl that was super Q an

wanted to hang out and I my the two
friends on a thing as I picked them up

then we picked these two girls up my
friends have tapped the

I Jake if you get your license today I
will totally hook up with your friend

yet it looks like the fittest you

bugging jazz your drive a little guy
really quite a bit on the other side it

out there was a 20 minute drive I’ll

and I got laws and I wasn’t there I was
driving everybody else got hired

it so you’d like to gather luker at

to Prince going out in the backseat
cubans making out next year you’re just


yeah I really pumped about being able to
drive I’m though

is guided the Wendy’s drive-thru I guys
where you live

if you don’t tell me not stop kissing I
just gone already you ever

when I got my license I went to a

there is a easy DMV in a hardy Mb so I
went to the easy DMB

but I was so like not good have a driver

the committee the 215 little mistakes
and still

like at the 15-minute little mistakes
and get your license num

so we did our drive and I parked the car
she’s like well

you got 15 wrong so I’m hesitant even
give it to you

like better than it is it 15 or less at
yeah well I still have to give your life

like are a great day

villages like but I honestly really like
care whatever whatever I got are you

have a car left and right

it’s good it’s a new children thing down
to help the gap

like the account that I had it I love

I’d build relations that the lot and all
know I only feel that one

and then I just quit driving and hello

and then you got it the pair’s done yeah
I got it the first time

how the now 25 wait see you fail that
once when you were 16 of 16

and then for seven years I was not gonna
drive yet and then it two years ago

well it’s not like I did intentionally
is just like I did he did driving and

then year’s Mumbai

and I didn’t do it right and and you
have endured the attorney yet

but then two years ago you like alright
I’m gonna practice again and get it

yeah because I didn’t know where I would
live and how does one my life is in case

but now that you have your a driving I
never drive I drove one time after I got

my life is to Walgreens and now they’re

as the left you only drove 130 leading
edge Otway

I drove to just grocery store I

you crashed into the side and how to
insert are you a bad driver you just


I’m bad in a bit where’s the things he
could be

I’m nervous and bad all the time a
driving be a CNN Germany nylon

year it’s a year and a half my

I and I don’t want to drive again just
not interested yet

a sidenote to tell this guy rather than
you could drive multiple people

I’ll say it’s funny that this it’s like
this dude mom is a road she has

addressed teenage guy mister already
talking about like

your rust bucket during it Road
Melbourne our nails

addon a course I don’t receive a drive
you there yeah

militia let their daughter in your car
your ex girlfriend or this girl is DT at

the just wanna

that like you expect a bug you could you
have a car and then you’re like

weird hillbilly have cuz im not really a

I just don’t think you should write a

a when I was 15 or 16 I felt so all
those like I am so ready to drive


and now that I’m like double that AJ
looking like this these kids shouldn’t

be able to drive they’re not ready

yet it’s insane you’d like a sixteen
year old gets a car

will be held at the practice but then
also laid you drive around on the

streets now in like

forty-year-olds are terrible drivers to
its not like right there’s only one way

to get better that the practice

the other in a few people like it some
people are good I feel like a

15-year-old could be a decent driver

they’re like paying attention right here
but how bad were you when you first got

your license do you remember being bad
I’m I don’t remember being a very bad

a so I think you’re just in actually the
drive back thank you

iraq can overcome driver I’ll I’m a good
driver I think by Edward

I remember like one-time like there are
so many times like world at

I always could have died like those that
was close there’s like little things

that you learn along the way

yelled I remember once as driving across
the country at my other sister

really on the highway and am I

as the I’m sign a mini golf

place I got the excess I could really go
and it has a trip that have really other

than texts were

caught myself and those guys like if I
had died

you my life my love my mom was like when
it will happen

fully willie as hard-hitting oh you just
said who many Gulf and then flipped the

puck over

I one-time hours on a hill going up

to school and I was like 17 and

for some reason at the time I couldn’t
compete that like putting my foot on the

break with stop the car

so like I would drift backwards in our
press on the gas like just forwarded


backwards and Alesha my range was
getting longer and longer every time I

would like to have back in Press gas
like I almost hit a car like but there’s

nothing I can do there’s nothing I could
do I don’t i cant like

and then after we left like our I could
just put my foot on the breaks but for

some reason when I’m such a bad driver
out just like

pressing my gas pedals drifting up in
the lending because like I would rather


Angela I’m is this crisis

I am yeah mauna the give everyone a ride

that the media license doesn’t expire
they can take it away from you

regardless of how many DUI’s you get
Jesus the of Big Ten absolutely take you

a pretty you I i air

don’t drink and drive that’s why that
mice tip

anything else now I’m at this point the
show elisa we usually just take a break

chill out relax her

you don’t pay me think she’s to breathe

be you

you know really clear I he’s alert

yeah quick 10 let the big who are
listening while at the gym around a car

flicked yeah

what’s your favorite memory of me but

the ring on it and think yeah

min yeah when you think you’ve Jake
between the ages of 10 and 60 or

something what’s

a one story that pops in your brain well
when we were really little

we went sledding and it was like really
slim bring a story about yet

this is a nightline and I fell down help
both of us fell

and I just felt like a scratch on my are
my leg or something

but cake like carried me all the way
home and when we got home we found out

that he had dislocated his shoulder

carrying you in I

Yahoo little diva I pick my mom I told
that story on the podcast

unseeded I don’t have any ones that make
Jake Lee a seem less honorable

I want I’ll well there are a couple

do you remember when I A I think they
hit you with

I like I was pretty violent my little
and I hit do a quick bike

the sleeves at my sweatshirt when he was
crying no

yeah I there was one time whereas I play
with the race car

and Mike you wanted to play and I
punched you really hard

still make I do remember that it will
vary by overlooking

yeah um I remember is to give liza my
classes like a tomboy share here very

very short may stabilize my old clothes

and then makes you look older than I did
cuz like

and now she’s like they’re like cooler
bag in her clit awesome

okay come back with a democrat people
thought I was a boy

an hour fad we had the way you
differentiate yourself from your other

triplet sisters

I didn’t I don’t think I did
intentionally just like

something that happened was it hard to
be a triplet we never had a triplet on

the show

only 13 yet no I it with really nice to
have sisters their with me all the time

which one you like more rachel r Sarah I
love them both the same

I had to fail will turn my psyche and
I’m here

okay the we’re not really do you love
more say Rachel

I could never defiance but if you had to
choose would kill of like

over 80 I and it’s good you

miller lite I well with the

what’s been the highlight of your trip
to Los Angeles

arm who this is are going to that ChaCha
Atlanta last night

fun I you tell me love lugar yeah I love
over I love over so much

what about you ate a strawberry for the
first time I get

there been so many great time yeah I ate
a strawberry I never like strawberry

and then I’d decided to try line and I
loved it

well I didn’t love it I look like I
could get used to it I

have you had any sense today and did
they have added Lake

I don’t really wanna I don’t want one
again but I think I’ll

I may try later but the amazing being

but hmm I

we should mention that we have another
live show in London I’ll

are in addition to the London show due
to popular demand we’re going to

Manchester for the first time

ever been a Manchester now I guess it’s
a several hours north of london

and we had a lot of people saying hey
VRT come to the UK should come to London

so we are we doing that same like one
regular show with three tier

mean Jake and then one podcast later in
the day

and that’s going to be at the Lowry the
day after our London shares

so if you’re in London you can see s on
Monday September 8

and appear in Manchester you don’t come
down to London anymore

boom they’re even tell you how to buy
your ticket for London you live in


tough luck here idiots you jumped on the
tickets to pass a life

it’s at a place called the Lowry pure

and then it’s a Salford Quays ironed out
I mean this country so fucking back

hurts have your been there live now

theirselves dahmer over the way they
they they they drive on the wrong with

offices that is france

yeah billy wright I

the apt come check us out we love you
guys almost as much as

we love france I am is there anything
else to talk about

should get back into it let’s do it 10
more minutes let sustained silent


her to 300 magazines Rutland I am

I who okay one are no

yeah one or two more questions we need
another guy’s name

am get creative go crazy girl

I oh my god now i cant I was the only
thing now I love her

emails great I’m go crazy yeah

okay mel I there

that is a weird name you sure is Mel

bull named Melvin Gibson know any I
openly Gibson

i’m looking up right now you think it’s
real name is Mel

nothin yes or no I don’t think Mel
Gibson is his real name yes they say

about bill gets a

Donald goering girl

%uh real yep

weird his full name is male

calmer cyli Gerard Gibson

what colm but I like a real

cill the calm silly

I dunno he’s from Australia I mean this
guy john also

batter Australia

he was born in New York but then moved
to Sydney when he was 12 his Australian

are given that I nell rights hey guy

our site hey Jake I need some guidance
about texting

I can do that I’m friends with this girl
who I would say I’m friends with but not

close with

here’s my problem she texted me out of
the blue and it surprised me as I didn’t

think we were more than acquaintances

we’ve talked for an hour so afterwards I
felt like I owed her a text

in return so I texted her the next day
and it went great

so I texted her again the next day and
it was also

toda I want to stay in touch with this
girl and keep our friendship

at the texting level but the ratio of
people starting the text is 221

in favor of me and it would feel strange
to outweigh who starts the conversation

am i overthinking it and if I am and
should text her

what is worth saying to start a
conversation thanks

Amir feel free to bring your brain on
the ratio par

though that people I like dating on my
girl advice but it when it comes to math

yeah I can’t explain the numbers that’s
huzzah and I overthinking it yes

you think so yeah if the starting every
kit X opposition every day

they’re going great but but he would he
would if he didn’t

text later she never text because I
woods I would probably be a gonna take

it to break two day break and see what

that that that’s that the as in a
one-day of one day

like wanna data text the next they don’t
text the third day

wait wait wait wait and then see if she
takes the energy doesn’t have a texter


I are you aware these texting in let’s
make it so good at texting

but I can’t wait is Ellen texting games
in Jaipur yeah I’m did

so bad at texting and I would just I
think the died normally

text the girl so I think it’s normal
he’s texting her first saw

so if you like the guy if you text you
everyday like this is good you would

never text them to start

you were told the pending on what they
tax if they are we attacked them in a

killer whose

weird and Oman it it’s going great yet

if it’s going well then I would I think
attacks every day

make but he didn’t actually would you
text him the next day

oh you like now it is it’s his job to
start the conversation

I think I would text me if there’s
something to say yeah I would take them

I prolly would take them cuz I would get
I and their

right to go to the day like the pure
heart real rule the just like if you

feel like there’s something organic that
you want to stay in your like they can

edit do a texter don’t like sit there
being late what can I texter

develop your force and I then she might
be thinking the same thing in text you

so like duty feel like it don’t do it if

don’t don’t like try to force yourself
to text her to keep this conversation

thing going but I would also say two
things one

girls don’t have to be good at texting
we’ll get to that later no2

a if EU if if you

don’t text her and she would never text
you then it’s not a good relationship

she’s only responding to your texts race
you should be texting you to Bella it

sounds like the texting conversation is
going great so like

there’s a back-and-forth that’s good yes
I he’s texting her and she’s like being

a cold

fishing acres fighting and then they
give up in eight rising and the next day

and naked I’d like don’t do anything

but like he initiates a conversation and
it goes great

next day initiates gumption station goes

give that up that’s fine as toda indeed

to your girls the need to text anything
good that I resent right in fact that


when they’re not great actors they like
fuck I don’t know what to do I don’t

know how to play this game

yeah girls girls can do whatever they

year though you’re being pursued you can
send where taxi could send

late text you can tax right away or wait
six hours

really I never thought I overthink
everything got all the power

usually never texted Alexander I

in telling dad then I me listening to

I Nani it not be here a little golden
child made out with the Huntsman

and and that’s okay I near the golden

I think a.m. I think I am I

I am that’s the sign a good parent is
that every child thinks that the

building giant note at the hell Rachel
thinks she’s the golden child

well she is the online is like he’s the
black sheep this seemingly doing pretty

well for self

no way how do you not that I have a

a good that’s the hardest thing you can

know how he does it we had him but I’m
on it we got approved by iTunes are

crying out loud on any my parental

Steve Jobs approve me oh maybe a

I was gonna say about texting /url there
is something to waiting

i think im waiting is a very a
underutilized technique in the

texting game and waiting is grading how

waiting is graded if the backed

that I’m steady in because they’re
waiting is degrading

waiting is degrading and a little grainy
answers the fact that I’m stating and I

know the opinion is

undulating but when a girls love you it

in it is a fight worth bearing

it is a little cash rating if that out
participate in the waiting

I they’re just waiting always seems to
be a good idea

its realism time so hard and like them
to me

like waiting as may be a good move but
like I don’t wanna sit there like

with my stomach in knots per day being
like I made a good move

iraq it to me like a good mood is just

having my conscience clear so like I’ll
send a text and I’m like

I don’t have to think about it now I
Blake put this out there I’m not

I’m not waiting for her wondering if
she’s thinking about me when you want to

have a tennis ball to the other side the

yeah just like the balls out at the
bosnian in her court

I don’t think I’m not to do anything I
don’t I i’m not about waiting a day

but like a couple hours always seems to
be a a

it doesn’t it’s not doesn’t have a
negative effect you ever like

oh this person technician at texting
back right away Rd not know I’ll text me

right away

I mean that the point if it right
getting back

not want to have a boyfriend her setting

you say acted in self added I

in I’m back I’m I

you not by de vere had somebody else
text for you are like

group group thing to take help me take
some time a religion

and then I guess now it doesn’t matter
what a girl taxation cares much

exactly on the help you can have more
sub I can give you okay

you’re ready to fish yourself yen but I
always semi texts like Sarah Rachel all

not every text I like him

yeah you know everything about the ever
that the other person’s putting in

whenever i text someone like

who that ago really long time then like
I just assumed the lady on the other end

it just firing it up without even
thinking about it

and I think at I think they think about
it too right

maybe they are also group group but I
focus grueling everybody like stresses

that something may be sad thing about
text that you think about something else

everyone’s thinking about something
every week over overanalyzing something

when it comes to relationships

yes every time until like what the white
year mark is

do you finally get to meet the actual
person I don’t know it by then it’s too

late you like a

its three years before you actually know
the person’s like an unfiltered

that he can ban is that way about
texting them when you’re married he and

you can finally start worrying about how
to break up with them because the actual

person that the eye when the facade is
torn down as

not anybody that you wanna be with toda
we’ve come full circle

I am red of time how fast did that fly
low and i won by tho path of self and

can you believe those six hours

I garcía

I thanks for coming on the show for
having me the anything you want a

plugger mention

I I have been we find you I have a

oh yeah is my name at a light the hell
well how’d you get that

Eliz a the idea I’ll analyzer with two

leahy’s everybody miss her to end the
inning what about the

and I have a tumbler allied to her at
that time black cap

what about your videos logistical and I
do videos with my sister Rachel

is just on her YouTube account which is
why Rachel herwitz

AL yeah and my

at eat people ok people submit their own
theme songs to the show so every single

show start

and ends with a completely original
theme song

that first one is written by Eva and ass
to read but I say their names were

are your authentic pandering said and
his last on

as is by a duo named Rudy and Jesse it’s

but it’s sweet indeed thanks again liza

and will be back next week bites back

by where you

live I where you

a every game

my Asha

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