Episode 9: Communism (with Streeter Seidell)


In this episode, CollegeHumor’s editor-in-chief and our friend Streeter stops by to talk about communism, friendship, and the lack of meaning in our bleak existence.

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short and bitter no sweet yeah

that was I was a that was by me now got my we think that

actually a guy by Ken mg Arsenal by

that’s our desires your name I’ll lazy kids if I real

hand and recorded for second song who cares made

maeve and we are joined by I really good mood dude yes I would california at

grumpy both we’re having fun on or about August

okay I actually may I stop eating my lunch

tape-record this I slapped a ham sandwich I’ve is my

three turn a big news for weeks and weeks and weeks the others like guys do

a good player txt residual a

yet as the fire you’re the only advice podcast on the Internet hosted by me

NB Amir Jake and where yeah we have a guest today streeter Sidell

a lot applause noise and later yes traders request from his manager agent

I well you gotta go gotta have a good feeling I knew you were with you it’s so

weird that you like

we asked to be on the hike as new like copy does with your agent manager and


I don’t think I’ve been copied you I forgive yeah I request yeah

are generally get in touch with you if you have a loot in the whole team

I gave this is be this is almost a year in the making

leave it rather I guess we just created all through legal

yes so so excited define the AAC right now I’m

I’m comfortable with my whole way behind the project he actually demanded we

start a podcast

the whole reason for doing this thing to say could be a guest on it it

streeters the editor in chief College Humor yeah

and also a great great acquaintance of ours

the one of the best grades as I know I actually really I thought I feel like

your cell was great at something else

oh and you bailed will let us in to rate a you know history well

yeah I’m great at the past he also read more books than anyone else I know

that serve rare thing that you will yes yeah only

people people years I so you really think I’m a a full

yeah short span yeah and I’m not I

Elizabeth is restored yeah I and II big sports fan for sports that already

happened a while

Kayla grounders yeah religion tractors the

am for people down notes yeah English game that baseball’s

grew outta and I believe it foley’s oh yeah the podcast

guided by the door is that near a duties are

I 35 yes is straighter talked about history for an hour

have you thought about starting history podcast I have

I thought about it a lot and I wanted to do it very badly and then

I saw that there were so many really good history podcast bike

huge audiences from much smarter people still a

it’s a crowded marketplace I wouldn’t start a podcast alright these are a bad


I out seems like you guys are really into it than that I don’t think I should

do it now

now now now we would wanna like oversaturated with college humor

podcasts well as ever just be my own thing

you know sure i mean but at that point it’s like media card have our own thing

and it’s like what nasty girl by Katharine houreld

animal ever listen your guest on ours your great acquaints

yea exactly right so you can you can call this podcast your own every

17 episodes %ah I get that a in writing

my vanity who is %uh rather a blackberry

growing up I a so we get

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the show 0 definitely I

ever frantically listening to 30 episodes were restarted

until time speed high speed Scrabble I the whole thing you have a

written three ve done thirty episode yet a

so we get real questions from real people that you know our show at if I

were you show

at gmail dot com yes and these are people in sticky situations and

conundrums are just in need of help in some way and the intake

try to offer advice usually we fail but we try to be as funny as possible

or at least as many as possible yes it has weed is BER rate the person who

answers the question %uh that’s good so that advice doesn’t need to be

good but yeah how should be yeah if I got us I would never listen to you for


ever right you’ve asked me over the past three months

ten separate timeshare if your new york state tax revenues

I and what you can do about it as if I know anything about

tax large doubt that the jet what I did is getting yesterday

not you finally got II would logically email people into it with the phone the

other day with

with the if like whoever said that those taxes check the government’s

the government knows all the government take overall you call the government I

hate it

I had a trip planned to Albany %uh this Matt Kenseth man my money in cash

dividing get it in time

but I got it so we can afford a third microphone to have you on

yelling I got the time hansel and make a time let’s not the zealots

answer some questions I was a legit this one is from

somebody fake name real question named Walter

to alter fault hey guys I call my grandma and Poland every week

largely because if I tell my mother will guilt trip me to doing it anyway

the problem is problem is my grandmother was born into communism

and is ignorant to the scale the rest of the world because she wasn’t aware of

the option

that the rest the world for most of her life so every time I call her she has a

panic attack

because she thinks all the tornadoes in Central American any earthquake on the

west coast although her kids in the south and a terrorist attack

that happen in the village will happen in the village down the street

I tried to explain to her that America is way bigger than poland that most

things he hears about it don’t really affect

where he’s from New Jersey others say it but you can’t seem to get however I

never knew it is this waltz in New Jersey

I don’t want my communist grandma to keep worrying about it but I also wanna

be mean or stop calling her what should I do

it’s funny that that that communist grandma thinks that they’re

I’m their villages around I

that might happen in the religious store elysa

village they win it extinct in medieval times right that you said

be where people live in now we have to have so there’s no village in america


I think I have enough time for his Cheshire yeah what about you is a quaint

little village

yeah that’s right the West Village so what’s good what’s this guy do your you

like all his grandma cousins

mother with guilt trip into doing it anyway I guess lol

if you’re so concerned about you I’m not worrying about you just wait will die

soon she’s old I

and then we’ll lol they don’t fuckin wish you could call or lesser a


shin-etsu shouldn’t should I say something like if I were you

a of the I hire you yeah

are better hosting your actually this actually makes a lot of yeah I mean I

get along really well as I’ve worked against three months

0 got a little I could never write me the way they could pull my way

i like it so a reason is a if area as if I were you I wouldn’t

make that gramm I believe that this is a very real threat

that could affect you whatever it is tornado hurricane terrorist attack

and then maybe what meager savings she had you’ll ever to %uh

yes assertive channel it to you the user to extort young grandmother

right yet cuz she’s you can get a reading is show

yet you can take it with you for the 2011 are coming any need my my

I’m like out UK its costs a ten thousand dollars again to the tornado shelter and

I don’t have a fit body

I don’t tell your brother to make tornadoes the vac yeah

just put on twister I just I love the idea that I guess I had a growing up to

that like calling you grab parts such an awful thing like

why is it that bad what’s not bad at all but it’s always something that you will

have to force your son

daughters to do I’ve never done this I can’t really answer that question her


no I Akram never known you know what my hand police yeah have nothing like

common with them

right yeah identified in world war two whenever I call my grandfather I like

when it’s over like when the conversation is done he’s like you know


so like greatly thank you so much yeah this made my day

and all you do is make my day and I look at it like eight minutes it’s worth I

think five minutes

12 seconds you don’t like no time at all I made his day cuz he doesn’t do it he


you get up at 4 a.m. for some reason right he just waits till he can eat and

that he just leaves in between

it’s an equivalent of camping writers wake up with the Sun because why not

and then you don’t really have anything to do until the next meal that’s not


yeah but I I appreciate that sounds like an ink no

now there’s a million thanks to you and you can pick like what bucking the hike

walk around the animals and nature in three is that you’ve got other guys

having is done shit man old

I having za like what is this we’ve all

wheeze spent all these years working so we didn’t have to live outside knowing

that all the time working so we need to escape to go out to the woods and see

that what the fuck that’s unavoidable is grandmother you gotta berating me about


it’s funny that a that the rumors are true pose people really are stupid

Bowl I but upbringing I hate stereotypes but I guess that one just

happen the land is this even doesn’t even make sense to you guys because she

was born into communism she’s a note to the scale the rest of the world

understand that doesn’t make sense at all communism me don’t understand the

scale the rest of the world was born in

into communist Russia russia’s enormous

so she should have a pretty good grasp but like Russia takes up

I think half the world’s leading I’m users Graham I like it’s not communism

is just as KK

Graham a whole other dimension me as the thing I would call and have a

doctor go check her weird being awful because we’re insulting those guys


and him and I’d like to add salt Hill I mean he’s got a huge

a hole for not wanting to talk to his grandmother one so when he does

literally the least you can

least you can do it’s such a huge thing for her been alive for so long entered a


so much she’s been through such shit grandparents has to do with your

grandmother growing up in poland yeah the mission ever let poland

no grandparents lives are better than their grandchildren’s lives like

every grants para alive right now went to some horrible shit

had it child through against all odds they had a child

and then that child is such an enormous brat that they won’t even call you

right like the team have phones dude be grateful I

because I know I decided to jump in there they did they have phones

funds at around for a while not sorry history packet

oh you’re talking about old dumb fo yeah but I’m not sally is doing okay I got


hey I doubt they didn’t have my phone right I

I was in you this order to tell you but I yesterday

cuz I Governors Ball this weekend of Parham

I Jason I’m uses another music festival and I

so I think you like it supposed to rain our hands like oh man I like

it would be kinda fun to be there in the rain cuz there’s like you know people

jumping in the mud like woodstock

and then I was like no because everybody well all my friends do with their phones

if that happens like we have we always up four hundred dollars

in our pocket sometime that’s just the fucking phone and info

yeah are for those I our grandparents pride and have four hundred dollars for

the first

fifty-eight years of their lives rights with Mike rapper got paid for killing

nine oxy

it was really a half years of his life advising his friends get murdered

general pay for scalps

yeah he got a a ride home steerage class

I on a boat and 400 bucks I will fucking column

are you kidding me basically call your grandmother but she is a communist so

I but what’s they believe israeli agents about the government

monitoring telephone helluva lot about it yet I know it’s you know a call to

former Soviet bloc countries with a comment I

leader up the family if you will might raise the couple runs the I’m surprised

that he has been arrested yet he emailed me on I like a public TV I’m sure the

government is currently talk to his grandmother at least that figure out

where this communism’s come from a be to sell and does all his kids down and get

no rx

4 I what a shame never be able to hear

the bigest I it’s one less listener

a I let’s move on to the next question

Obama this one is from Skyler who

scary once again the email is if I were you show

at gmail dot com email sent will answer your questions if possible

where should people email if they wanna talk to me

we could just give your phone a mertz 2003 553

nah I he said he never saw a text that

I try texting 2039 reviewed

I got I feel that I the question is

I have a friend in quotes who is a man here to put it nicely she’s the most

shallow person I know and I don’t even

I like bring her around my guy friends because they always end up complaining

about her because she acts like such a

bitch as hell for two words not out exactly asking for things because they

obviously don’t

or her an expensive night out and they obviously don’t need to pay for anything

as he treats her girlfriends the same way

seriously anytime she wants to hang out I end up doing physical labor for her

one time and have scanned her family photos for three days straight


says a really funny how do i ditch this be without looking like the one who is

the be

you’re obviously not yeah you can’t ditch that be

this the don’t trust the b—- in apartment 23

I wanna know how this night where that she got invited to an end to the

scanning photos for 30 days

self audition dates you %ah this sucks them halfway done

yeah like holy shit the morning update 3 months and difficult

I Hungarian day holes stretched

but backers my cropping is getting sloppy I

welcome I have the bed is Kaman Skyler did you have my

fucking if owners yet it’s Mike Graham has

a year for 93 fair to say a month on Martha I’m so sorry

I know in polo you know I just doesn’t even know have big America ESPN economy

has 90

yeah it I’m so sorry it’s just like there’s so many photos I think we


are you freaking with these are two photos at a time sky are like a

difference in here crop them out

risk in one photo at a time and skin the back a bit too

yeah like here’s a little note in on it I’ve been checking

I want a friggin crop in like have to rotated a little bit please just make

sure the lines are perpendicular for the sorry I said to stop the bleeding edge


thin-skinned the photos I read/write only three days like

C three days in your life oh my god your bread is had a really hard life a class

she’s bought a war

I this is grown up communist followed I think I

the problems now with this girl this a be

I think the problem is with Skyler Skyler knees the

have a little more self-respect yeah you can I hang around people who

suck all the day I and

just gets those people yeah I mean at least and I’m sure maybe still respect

that a change in BI cool Skyler pass the test you called your mobile see it

a you think it’s a big test yet

well I don’t know she does RW as a dummy photos not be a great idea for the

benefit of the doubt but you might be an awful person that’s a great idea like

if you act like an asshole all the time and somebody calls you out to be like

I’m proud to you I you did it yeah I like right now yeah it’s really rather

as old I cool now serbian nice

that sort make it one day where it goes jointly pledging a frat like all the

brothers Lee

hazing you for two months and then like at the end all right we accept you like

I don’t feel like you you made me

bucky eat dog food you ask I I’m plotting to kill you

yeah but they’re my best friends yeah it’s a new year like I just as I people


but fuckin stick figure it %ah I

much Chris Hogg knuckles above knuckle you hire as always

Irish Chris a fat asian Chris I

good news to age increases one normally the case the one fat asian kid

I so you’re saying look stay yourself in the Maersk I don’t say the problems that

would be

the problem is with me well it’s our eyes when he meets your needs I

yeah that’s what it sounds like it sounds like a some with kinda low

self-esteem you like yes stand-up

yeah he’s just gonna like sit there and take it is there anybody in your life

that you would scan photos for three days straight for

you my wife on our site I

that you I do it for either have you guys out there

sub you like I have a photo I have a box if the probably they decided to just did

a bad job it’s can teach him a pic

I there’s no way that has fixed the revolt by King Day through any photos we

talk yeah

and how old is your standard who has cancer kinko’s really have who has a

scanner and I remember my brother got a scanner for his Bar Mitzvah 1990

to is the big question I certainly think somebody’s are

real Skyler gonna these are real Israel have

bad scanner in Iran our advice is to get a better standard you have to do is

kinda task if you’re such a pushover that you scan it was there with both

now all all OVA all the girls

like president like oh yes Skyler actually get all the world like to visit

as Doughty the Kings game I’ve got a call from the cyano yeah

others yet to anything go the scanner yeah I know she has got a scammer yeah

if to start their own business and makes a billion dollars

sky was tailoring Skyler’s

scare Murray up

a good a we have fun next question let’s read it remain on target sounds like a

little too much

yeah know were joking around with you like a fucking real answer your exact

this is gonna be fun and now you’re putting all these rules

hey it’s still not using my lunch I

there’s that pastrami on rye just the images below streeters knows

arrival idea of getting soggy man come off

you know it makes you the most countries holding food but not being able to eat


like I’m not usually like very hungry but like I’m caring like a slice of

pizza on a train in like

dying yeah be a good torture for you so I ever torture you gonna do there

I also like it will be a drink at a bar like everybody’s getting what you want I

like big cheers or something you’re a variety is like having

arm and is one set that’s really would taste nice right now

I like the way the ride I feel like the worst feeling in the world is when you


when you take its stock up all your life in the people

who you love in your life and you realize the hull

empty and meaningless and its FiOS is manufactured for showing you realize

that you’re in isolated

pinnacle loan %uh in in the dark is adrift on a blue

rock in the middle of space and clearly inconsequential

in the crushing reality if thats Lansdowne

on you when you think by live if I die it doesn’t matter at all

but that booting subject to I can’t breathe

I’m I’m being are being suffocated by my own existential and the whole leaf

box that was heavy I

but enough about streeter I’m kid a

this one comes from Hank my neighbor up okay

I’ll ok and I gotta gotta get this one does come from a my neighbor from

childhood is getting married and is having a wedding in late

June I was allowed to bring up plus one asked my friend who had a crush on since

freshman year of high school

she knew I had feelings for her then but nothing came of it and we’ve been good

friends ever since

and the quite a bit older now and we’re both single at this point

i really wanna date her because she’s been sort of a dream girl but I’ll

I don’t know she’ll ever think of me as more than a friend should I use this

wedding as an opportunity to try to make a move

or should I just have a good time see if any other hot girls are willing to hook

up with me

thanks guys love big wow this chin this is so funny I G

camp believe he got a plus one without a without a serious

girlfriend I that’s created value totally breaking wedding at this year s

figures like bit had a wedding so like that’s that’s a jobs out of the year

us attack I guess at least a hundred dollars right there for you don’t even

know who that person is

I mean that’s in that if you’re doing like chicken if you like doing the full

laying them off

never liked right 3 I remember your way everybody got a Greek yogurt and that

was that

yeah everyone got a fashion IKEA okay

I other way out probiotic a lot of people got diarrhea

I everybody gotta go get on the way to the toilet goes on that yeah

and at last could 23 minutes make it count people

I waco’s the

we see it occurs to sponsor this that because this absurd but he by only

causes our favorite Greek yogurt

fuck Vijay you guys should do a a fake sponsorship every single time entirely

because your trip

that’s good you know it’s actually pronounced by Afia yeah

on a commercial yeah because you know I it sounds a little bit like a derogatory

word yes has like fag

hello world okay these were blue

faggy OCR I

which is actually a different kind of yogurt I

can i address the question yes the remember the question was invited as

general it is this wedding

should he go for it or should he try to see if there’s any hot girls that our

way to hook up with them

right dream girl since high school he’s 26 he’s gotta go for it

gotta go for it at a wedding that’s like the place to go endings

ray that Windows gonna close pretty soon should it was already if it’s eleven

years a

I was already close relation and and i win for

an hour worked out you know i mean you know my wife

it’s true oh that’s the nasa yet that okay yea

yep totally ice by to leave like the yogurt religious messed with my bad it

really a space over that if you have a dinner together last night

I let us remember this now them skating cool

I was gone let’s go then if you got some time love to have you

that the amazing economy ugh great

so I think that it would sort we’re that this guys like today make a move on this


always loved or hook up with some other hot chick yeah like this girl’s gotta go

to the wedding with him

so even though deductions about me feel really bad luck this girl issues he

really liked oh man this guy has a huge crush on me but is also considering just

okay but some random bridesmaid be like if he feels like yeah

objects thats her fault for not giving in like

that she made him think that way if she had a that the

up at the window of opportunity is closed she made him think like

I need a backup plan rights because she’s been shut him down for sell-off

in a yeah but I’d say go for it like high-risk high-reward go for it at this

point if you don’t get it it’s been 11 years if I could happen but don’t bring

your the wedding and I try to hook up if there’s any other hot girls that’s a

horrible idea

yeah because then I find I think I

you know brave the wedding go for it if that doesn’t work then pay

you know 1a and vans were sort everything out there’s a drug buys made

a baby they don’t bride

I can you are then you make a move well that’s that’s what’s up

I actually hooked up I three brides at weddings I know

really which one one its readers I wanna yeah

ok do you didn’t know no I do not yeah I mean that it was an honor to as high as

yet another so much out there they

I I could take as ballet

I think like you know this isn’t your thing you can do is this toxic I

you like the scariest thing for this kid like in the back of his head

is the idea that he goes with this girl and then she hooks up with someone else

that would be like a lady

ultimate horrible situation to protect himself from that situation

yeah but like 26 like your grown-up

here you know with 6:27 get there what would you do

I I think I probably bring this girl and look up with some and make a move

and if it doesn’t work then I have somebody else or even if it works maybe

lacey is better leverage I got somebody else after that

oh you note a good tip is to when he gets the hotel room

book the single bad but then be all like oh oh no oh I guess all the hotel fucked

up world

years this is there anything is anything you do tell you will cut no that’s fine


official I have a bad back and she’s absolutely not sleeping on a cot we have

a double cream I would know that either I which is half asleep inside me our

side are we not so bad about the mistake we’re gonna upgrade you to separate


I this plan is good or very welcome

oh that’s gay cuz I met somebody else no

yeah if the groom

yeah %uh that’s a that’s actually a pretty good tip one-room one bed

glenn has an act 1 room1 groom

to some sites that’s did some scumbag advice but I think it’s I think aware

that the wall that slow

but I support it also way if this goes going to the wedding with him like

right would probably is that what does not close the cheese that yeah

like everyone knows shots up when you bring someone to watch it wide open by

you is that why our wedding so much more romantic

love is on the mind you there there’s a lot of things everybody looks

fucking amazing everybody’s in suits and dresses as drive

summertime right now the I like think

oh my god is the value of getting old I opened but you are hot right now holy

show the company and Lara covenants dade between two people before

the Almighty Lord my God yeahh I’m get shot

hell yah hook up with the bridesmaid

abide by dates the day sigh I do I’m so all over the place I i’m with greater

bring the girl make that move with both you guys let us know how goes that you

know you get is if I were you show

at gmail dot kentucky’s and Duke’s send pics

send pics and questions sent in show theme songs are emails open

two-year deal on point yes I we have time for one more question are you guys


yeah let’s do it this one is from

the same area let me know the stress from Murray

I’ve been best friends with this girl since we were five for twenty years

but over the past three years I feel like I’ve great outgrown her

she is lazy and often depends on her boyfriend and family to support her

financially the last straw was when she couldn’t even be bothered to make

any effort to see me on my birthday even though I got there a lot of effort for a

few months before her to see on her birthday

we haven’t talked as my birthday six months ago and I miss having a really

close right to confide in

who had such a long history and i wanna be the one to call since she doesn’t

seem to reciprocate

anyway what should I do

quit being a bitch goal what sets you really know

is your papers while you’re on your phone that entire question I miss

yeah I give my advice is always great seeing its aiite doing right yeah

center for an hour you looked up yeah matches

I matches equal snatch I

you know you’re on tender matches Eagle snatches okay

that you could sponsor for this that interview go I V

I V very grateful for that sponsorship I would like to like upgrade on it in your


I know that elected a profile is but like I would like another 10 miles


I approach yeah it doesn’t start wide enough

I can’t cast why did have a bad you

that’s like a legitimate difficult question get what I think hard to

it up with an actual answers so I’m not even attract I’m sorry to break up with

a friend

likely break your friends don’t break up I mean and yes a pothead

we yet slowly die with it sounds like you’re doing right now sounds like he’s

just department was carried out under a gotta let it die

yes I this is my theory about friends and I doubt if I’ll be able to

articulate it without visuals but like

imagine every person is like a line graph and then the

earlier you meet someone the more those two lines start drifting apart

so you’re the friends that you made right most recently are your closest

friends and the ones that you made very long ago

are probably so far away from you at this point it’s hard to meet a friend at

85 hats have that rectory stay the same

where you at now eight years down the road with each other

so where did I put a were closer than my very close high school friends I made at

age 15

but further apart than friends I made two years ago really

you have been made any president two years ago others yeah it

love you may have friends here Luke few

oh yeah I know if you got Island I love I’ll yeah Blue Rock

the Blue Rock in the middle is based crushing loneliness

from every direction I’ll yellow decided

illegal really low the Freestyle well %uh

%uh okay I’m alone in the universe is boy yeah

even all the connections I have a meeting with on I love %uh

here a goth forever that Tiger how depressed he goes oh yeah I think so

existence is meaningless ok meaningless a meaningless

in Armenia Phys and I’m killing this like I’m killin myself

I existentialist I wanna existential lists

top three ways to kill yourself schedule is no existe en sleep is

I if

a when I die I won’t be myth yeah

he after we’re done doing this podcast we should work on the song yeah

that sanctions have enabled us have about will introduce the next podcast

with her

his I I think a

i think is that she should make Murray should go out and make a new friend

like actively seek new friends yet set up tryna

like if she doesn’t like in old friend anymore than Mike

who gives a shit with the only company that the effort into your friendship

like it that berkeley relationship is not make you happy then your stuff to

its it comes to convince herself their friends a solid because you’ve been

friends a summer for so long you’re totally right person and you are at each

deadly at 85 yeah like you to watch the same here is I

Jakes play with a rock right now I still like rocks girls achieves a cupcake

unrolled a whole fruit by the foot then hold a backup inch and it all in his ass

after took a paper of

and like wiping still confuses me 30 but a cheese and it is knows that I had avid

I had friends like

yet just cuz you’re like you both like Rocko’s Modern Life

yeah when you’re a kid like you can take while the different paths is even though

I know they got yeah like I have friends from home that I was so tight with when

I was a kid

and now they’re like I don’t know what happened but their intellect country

music some had a

yeah I like drive like jacked up trucks unlike past southern express

a add up like a weird is not this thing happen anymore and that’s fine that’s


you know your life at age five in your life at HCL between 20 if the right as

you enter my wife and I was a tad

holes through so but that’s wrong after my parents but each other when they’re


kindergarten but that was in a range think yes yeah

I like lead with the word sixth-grade I was in a rage Sun

yes you can imagine I agree with your your line graph theory

other I feel like um proximity is everything like

you know what I mean so like it doesn’t if you met someone when you’re five

and you always live next door to them to your eighty

you’re probably always going to be bright eyes are on the same trajectory

yeah you know this person wait here’s person went there they like it hard to

come back and mean and that’ll be that your college’s after it’s the great

destroyer have like

childhood friendships just ruins a mall immediately in and out of new friends

I was younger I was the exact opposite I have I take over France for high school


really have any friends that I just met in college because I was like you know

awful awful person between either 1822 ray you were the worst radii

house just me or a related leeway in June the you

I this feud within the system and with in and out of juvie

they wanted to send to jail cuz he was technically 21 but he was a few small

through these that a few I was able to slide through the bars

Philadelphia I W

I V Lee County Bob knows it was you fly here use it

I I was they who DD because we do DNA

I US live data cages I

%uh some advice if I were you let this

let this late ago yeah you had a good run cut her loose or twenty years

yeah that’s a great price time to find a new venue be friends with a 20-yard and

break up with her at aged 45

would that be nice I isn’t it beautiful thing about life as being able to have

an amazing friend leaves the best part is nice have people drift into your life

and you can suck maximum amount a joy at them and then just cut him loose any

find it find a new source of pleasure

had different human being rather than that husk what you that just

I blew off in the breeze like a move to Seattle hermit crab for a pistachio net

your friends are like a shell I you note some time you get a house

identified your snake skin I

leader dead in the distance if stakes can I make skin

well that’s good let’s write that down today so can I make skin irate

in old yet Koen de todo XQ

makes can I rake in that they can you rec in I’m messing

jurek in a missing well why you be stressin Abu let’s think

undress it

I I’m alone in the world number one in the world and I’m alone with the girl

home alone with the girl up alone in the world

a say %uh the good news is that we are all specks of dust on an infinite plane

and nothing matters so your friend

you know twenty years what’s that infinity

I mean based on these structure uva a fan Adam

anyway where all 99.999 percent

MD space now playing so far nothing we’re not are you

where you’re at empty space gonna kill an empty

may I can’t see a thing I M

empty spaces that the route that yeah

ever space this is empties MC space

ago disgrace case by case

a lesson on that extremely sad but musical note

like a minor chord yeah like a B-minus yeah

last year thanks so much for joining us thanks for having me

do everything you want a plug I guess what can i plug why why

traveling a well let me play we get we got like that’s my only thing I want


you get a V-twenty yes that was his I might might possibly haha

you carries where you can leave it one more blog now

like Audi TT I guess I I guess I next stop at the white sweater

yeah I would have to use the veto on the Twitter yeah I mean he’s my one

emergency be don’t usually get a return to this is so you get to know each other

after this video that makes one

big veto ahh yeah well daily radio

I do you veto i think is Diego

national 30 instead of what she does I

for the speedo holy shit

RIAA you can you can play anything okay at well a

white wine Dhaka wine with an H reich

light with an H two with white with an H year I don’t know how it should spell it


um where that’s where collector first world problems that are

sickening just sickening to me I musicians actually other very disturbing

make me feel better about yourself to read it yes yeah you’re like hey I’m not

the biggest shit that’s ever lived

exactly zero check out white wine dot com and I get this is our show

once again that email address please email us and we need your questions we

feed off them

much like we’re talking about earlier stealing someone saw and using it for

your private good

that he knows if I you show at gmail dot com let’s

let’s get outta here with another brand new theme song

user-submitted keep those coming in this one’s from Alex let do

Alex would do the debris on J

how it’s little this one from Alex would do

from Iraq since this is the best unless men’s County a fresh from

Alex the

I mean you




much you




was some

it huh

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