Episode 91: Meddling

The first appearance of Theodore Leslie, the “old gay skeleton”



In this episode we discuss honesty, honestly.

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things got real in this episode enjoy
the all hot the you left what a problem

it doesn’t hurt her

did you know I was gonna help Yahoo
really wanna

helped you comment but where does that
add up but guess

that it’s got I’ll them that way you
cannot tell them you know

not firms air will sell and with their

humor and a lot of jobs here Joe

yeah Nolan you know

no longer things can strangest

Alice and you are a have my eye as wanna

rather thanks to Jake and Amir

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gmail dot com

peace I year well I’m

think I’m star shell that’s what I meant

fill up from Sweden

though re: very very nice very fill up

from Sarita and I was very classic am
was in it isn’t it good that other lane

other countries have to learn OUR
language yeah where they can sing our

songs and Summit

to our podcasts and listen our shows
you’re a bad person I imagine if we had


we had to relearn agree with you had to
learn the language is a follower

Behance now would be a waste of our time
11 at sliquifier fans in thailand you

know deserved advance

let alone a worldwide audience to goes

you’re not happy that you have the you
just happy that they speak your language

I’m mister worldwide actually yeah I
have a lipstick stamps on my pass for

yeah I think I need a new one well
because look at all these

this then so it it through my password
its her tits the other news a bless I’m

due for renewal anyway

border control dozen yeah accepted as
lipsticks Tamms

Wario the Virgin Islands her hey this is
if I really the only advice podcast on

the internet hosted by

us I’m Jake and I’ll Amir I like that we
swing now

yeah not talking about the end show we
literally we swaying

yeah I’m not talking about dan you that
the eight you is swaying I’m not talking

about like a tire on a tree their dad

okay we actually see each other okay

I was talking about golfing all golfing

gether oh my god sway I’ll we fuck each
other after it said yeah

at that Selena her chip something we do
thing is that we had wives and we all

we switched it up I at the absence wing
we just fuck the

night other would you ever swing if you

if you are married and things are
getting a little stale and then another

married couple came over

mean maybe who these are getting really
released a land I didn’t feel threatened

by the other dude

you it can’t yet imagine a world where
you can swing it would I have to really

really really really wanna fuck this
dude’s wife

yeah of course and yeah I don’t know
that sorta like

like if you had a wife and you could

um Natalie Portman I would do it

so well as the question him you had to
kill your way

I would do it sigh with that lowers the

was the other question the editor was in
order to fuck Natalie Portman

added that your murder i plug it I wanna
fuck my life and hope for the best

I V like it’s going to lead to the
Portman blow that leave at the very

least I’ll go to third base

other our a strain on my way she goes
into a medically induced coma and even

if nothing happens with me important

a you know I’ll go to my grave know that
I tried

at the very least I’d like to thank her
for a strangle

I all the hall straying over a big
anybody listening as a line out there

I I so how does it work

we get emails from people we getting
these people are in desperate situations

the email us at a fiery show a gmail dot

they ask our advice and this is the show
in which we do it

really interesting new show I wouldn’t
say it’s better is the show which we

give it

this is the show in which we do it her I
a little give

said Adler is the jury be will cut the
do believe we will email you a vivid

through the heater I people email us in

questions asking for advice and this
Michelle where we do it

I do we have another show where we don’t
do it but that’s a different job there

like the one you did with Ben this is
the one that we do

the the both want it’s funny how
ninety-some at episode them still

still perfecting the explanation yeah

not quite 100 percent I would say it’s
charming yeah

I think we perfected the art have
charming through the intro

yeah I mean at the very least we got
expensive microphones

that’s pretty good that’s an improvement
think something that we spend money

with like cash had a II

idea this was a good why I

met they actually do that through the
whole day but got the nerve boy

RIII 3 gonorrhea love your health

food black alright by Kyle locked into
that out now

baby I oh no I don’t run and

own idea what do you imagine when they
do that annulled drunk lady

yeah I guess an old or like an
effeminate younger man

yeah i i think i wasnt I was imagining a
world like

a all their effeminate man yeah

so either way I’m smoking a cigarette at
like one other cigarette extenders right


yab batch always that about what are

lake with the points I don’t get
cigarettes all night I can hear that

is a no just like a really long
e-cigarette but

as an e-cigarette extender with where
the cigarette extenders is it so that

your fingers does Mike

cigarettes made by years later skirt
sexy looking

and I’m not an expert on that or in
anything he led to answer some questions

RI I am this guy says he has a quick
question sir maybe we should start with

that one

that sounds good does the quick question

which we call this dude his keep in mind
his English

am let’s call him

let’s call on the most famous English
person I know

Hugh Laurie winston churchill ahead
still in church is a close second the

fuel are you

Hugh Laurie there’s cerullo rewrites

hey Amir and a pinch here’s the sitch

here’s the situation got my tenure game
on point

and I have been talking to this girl is
pretty don’t obey problem is I’m not

sure if I want to do to the fact that I
don’t find her attractive

should I do is hit it and quit it she’s
made it clear she wants a relationship

but I don’t feel like she’s the one

Solaire de ver scumbag for fucking her

thanks Hugh Laurie Hugh Laurie

yeah mister Lori House MD himself he is
Hugh Laurie s

I E way he said is that a lets girls
down to bang but I don’t find her

attractive she wants a relationship
isn’t tender

yeah you don’t have to have a real knows
why did she

he’s worried she once they have a
relationship he’s aware that he

shouldn’t fuck a girl that is not
attracted to you because it’s like

always leading her on in some way I
think he is attracted to you

I’ll the US a fucker that is attracted
to it he just like

over it is not conventionally attractive
so I would would wanna like dater bring

around to my friends right but it is in
a fucker is like

the somewhat attracted to your I was
actually able yet because the people all

the time but I’m attracted to them

would you say big heavy of a sucker
people are not attracted to you

yeah definitely but i dont you get away
when you get drunk you get attracted to


well yeah thats pretty easy said also
like even when they’re ugly and probably

attracted them in some life

deceived are corner my body yeah and the
deepest darkest corner there’s just yet

world yeah definitely right our genitals
the deepest darkest parts

so I guess it’s weird because it’s like
odone don’t sleep with someone you’re

attracted to but

by definition if you sleep with them are
you attracted to them yet like I’m not

scientist like really not into you oh my
penis is hard your vagina is where I

guess we r

yeah aeronautic bodies are saying that
we are so I guess I am attracted to you

so you’re saying if you fell if he feels
this way just for a moment

maybe you could be with them but maybe
they be around later this guy’s grosses

gross gross and then make

something happens they were low on riled
up and turn and many do it you like

come in then you’re like 0 shit I wasn’t
feeling that as much as I thought it was

yeah I feel bad so maybe he can see that
he can see himself

doing that and he’s worried because
humate feel bad because she

once more right his quote unquote
leading her on perhaps

worth done that they have they matched
and tender

and she wants to bang insurance tualatin
a relationship

it doesn’t sound like it that seriously
probably not like so maybe if

maybe this is what he should do he
should say hey I really don’t want a

relationship but I’m down to hang out

right does that mean that means like am
down to sleep with you but i dont wanna

see you

ever again after the fact I was yes they
hey I let’s meet up I just liked

if you’d like if you’re worried you know
I think it says something like

hey let’s meet up just to be totally up
front I’m not looking for anything

serious but I think be fined

to be upset them yeah then it that’s
like the pool

that’s the they polite socially normal
lives saying

I don’t want to date you but I’m down to
bone once or twice

yeah and if she responds to that then
you can go for it you don’t have to feel

bad you’re not a scumbag

right but if she says no that it’s like
okay you don’t have to lie to her back

no nevermind I do in a relationship in
sleeper their land yet

I think you did you go with this this is
the the

method the path of least resistance

for a which is lick the honest truth

always almost always the truth will set
you free

except what it does the its case to lie
sets you free

and I can actually get behind that bitch

yeah it’s the only American her English
is not your first language with Ali I

I’ll our delight club

up thirty years ago how the hell do you

forty-a it is

but I’ve been 48 for 12 years hot air
your dad


you’re an old gay skeleton that they

I’m melting the I next question

yet a other sons pretty great

a the work readers do in British people
were giving these really emails for real

people fake names to preserve their

anonymity in caregiving we were real
people British name yeah

serves their British intimate yeah

their completely untraceable and England
but you know they are everywhere else in

the world

another English per another Englishman
perhaps an Englishman who went up the

mountain came down

market went up a hill in came down a
mountain her

that they hear great movie it I was
gonna say Sir Edmund Hillary the area

they climb

the mount everest okay that works too
you’re choosing servers and I’m sure

choosing the hughes sell a hugh grant to

a.m. hey guys

help out if you can i’d cheated on my gf
love three years like three weeks ago

with someone I met at work got her
number and had sex like three hours


never saw her again she was in NY for a
week and she moved back to oklahoma or


so I felt like she would never find out
since the girls not from around here but

she like fell in love with me and kept
texting me and I was all like

it was a one night stand like chill and
deleted her number and my girlfriend

read whatever incoming texts on my phone

saying I miss your dick or something
crazy in and found out that I cheated on

her after talking to this girl who told
her everything

I want to get my gf back it’s been two
days and I explained everything honestly

any emails to her that i deaded like a
hundreds of girls

before that were DTF and it was a one
time thing and I really do love her and

i fucked up

it’s been two days in this other girl
has been sleeping over at my crib I’ve

been seeing

to and wants to be with me like waiting
for me

in my girlfriend to break up but my
question is

how can I get my gf back after cheating
on her because I really do love her and

I want to be with her

and is it cool for me to be with us
other girl while me in my ex are on a

break cuz

you know I need s sex like question mark
question mark

what I love hugh Grant

shoot back as probably our coolers been

it right it is say that this guy was
cereal teeth and as governors are

coolest bad

Paes definitely a so this girl be like

let and then his girlfriend be light why
and I as other g8 girls over

I guess the weather i deaded like a
hundred girls

yeah that’s like a deadlier letter
cattlemen yet to call word to say I

yeah I got I got it dead there yeah
imagine being so attractive that you

have to come up with the word for
rejecting the girls that

all want to sleep with you that is
really cool yeah

three years cheats on her once with

someone that you thought a it was safe
because she

you urge that girl was leaving town
you’re moving up a homer Scioscia

am I think that doesn’t make it okay
that almost makes it worse that you that


and also his still very cavalier about
is a

now since we’re technically out a break
you know because his biz the beaver

cheating on her

not can I sleep with this other girl
walleye I’ll work to earn my girlfriends

trust back

explain to her everything email while
there’s other goal was blowing me at


hey are one at a hundred snuck there
that’s a great rate babe if you can

handle them maybe we shouldn’t be
together and that lawyers put in that

math term for yeah like a one-percent

you’re dead in 99 percent of possible
honey is that a 99 percent but this

bitch was one the air the ski this left
last what she is the one percent

this girl was DTF she there all the Ts

I soon there’s this guy is such apparent
that he can have a one night stand with

other girl falling in love he can’t he
get shack up with some girl just like

yeah your side with other one even has a
girlfriend a breakout like going out and

check directly yeah he’s got that magic
day I got the magic dick

were always that without arkansans the
bell %uh the Magic Stick

I just realized that sort of sounds like
a dick and is that the slang for astaire

oh my god it and when he says I’m going
to the candy shop

keep going to you hit the spot yeah I’ll
let you lick the lollipop lady that yeah


was he talking about I think they’re
talking about popsicles

BH who is that guy

live every day with his name theodore

the then great outlet left there

hours as resident Leslie Leslie a

yeah is there is actually Leslie Alvin
the other

I then I was the guy the Lake theater

I superior Leslie this Saket you in

honey if you think that you got about a
think %ah baguette

I when he talked about the other Leslie

ahead or out there leslie do dear diary
in a lil

gladly I

guaranteed to brighten your day

them a Raiders yeah I have the

problems three girls trying to fuck you
at the same time you know I’ve never

dead a girl let the have put some in a

at the very least there but unico later
they were talking about my wife was

strangled in order

bigger Natalie Portman and butter right

medically induced but still yeah

a so it’s at this player do I feel like
this plan needs to play

I really he shouldn’t be a bit early you
say calling him a player yeah

I V like this dude is my dude you just
brought it down a level

given by the skeletons the podcast
yessir how could he possibly be

here I am I

I as we say to make your friends we
record a podcast

yeah that’s much where he lives there
were huge loser let her fans are regular


you guys are cooler than us yeah that’s
so weird ledges a small small honor

I microscopic so

I believe this guy should just let this
go over girl ended up dead in girls just

live in a mutt totally live your life
%um up life support

are in love with your girlfriend because
you cheated on her and now you’re

shacked up with somebody else

can you cheat on such your girlfriend if
you’re still in love with her

or do you have to fall out of love in
order to cheap

I had you know coming from somebody
who’s never cheated on anyone

and her it’s really tough yeah I know
can you put yourself in the shoes

how do I do that how do I put myself in
the shoes are a monster my feet wooden


issues announced that largely I have
regular size feet

so I don’t have a lot in common with the

that I sleep by the bed i three months
after the battle to hide in the closet

I get my clothes in the closet

yes yeah I’m not a monster

is a new thing you’re like daily
affirmations yeah the determinations

in do you still do this amor no

I haven’t really done them since they
moved to Los Angeles

I hear the good I heard on I think
another podcast

repeats but guess that he does daily
affirmations and it helps

yes like you is like your subconscious
doesn’t know the difference between you

tell yourself you’re awesome in other

that’s pretty cool and it does make
sense I I mean I’d

don’t think I don’t do the daily
affirmations is a way I use do but I do


a random like daily

sentence play here sell yes like myself
out lab-based Iran al adding to the mir

like like you’re awesome people like you
you’re very loud all your funny your

friendly I’ll whisper to myself in the

I the that like say it out loud in the
car sometimes I’ll give myself a pep

talk in the car

and was always in a car never liked
standing in the mirror being like

you are a are a do-gooder

yeah go get him to get here love making
a positive change in the world

yeah well number piece a shit I

do the opposite I had tied daily
otherwise I’ll

I’m like garbage man I and I don’t mean
the kind that pick up your trash at

least those people are productive
members of society I’m less than a guy

average man I’m a garbage care yeah

I belong in a garbage can I belong in a
dumpster dive log in a landfill

call me ask you because I am a grouch
yes I’m grumpy and then

with do cars I’ve nothing to look
forward to another to be happy that our


yep I am a trash garbage man and I don’t
even the people can learn a lesson from

I said tell because I’m that stupid that

everything I do is pretty much common
sense yeah it’s Joe yeah

can you tell me how to get to suicide
streets I

a where we were this guy I tell you that
he was in love with the

yeah I did that year when you cheat on

you had no idea psychologist not limit
strong CES I G A people all the time and

I think I’m in love

so like I love somebody and then cheat
on them with somebody else that I’m in

love with

right well for me love is like micro

at 11:11 left in love in a little person
maker love

I’m and it sounds like this guy may have
Perth that is like

love this girl for three years but that
is like been sorta

you know dead in a lotta girls in Delhi
meet one that’s like gonna leave town

Thursday also I’ll see with our peers
Oklahoma research shit

yeah and now you’re like oh as soon as
this girls broke up with you you like

alright cool I’m saying on the fuck
somebody else until you’re back together

it seems like you’re sorta like taking
advantage of this opportunity

but I think that’s okay you’re broken up
stay broken up

do you think I’m totally with you

we agree for once for

go hook up with that hope to a home in
again hey Oklahoma ok Oklahoma

old the do any Sooners

lead do it sooner a rather the latest

year yeah cover the seniors they yeah as
a lute Lee

thank you he said psychology was your
strong suit

it is now what is your struck six um

air not really a suit but I’m pretty
good looking but

picking up pornography yet the

via clubs the get me I love it

not really a silk but I’ve been pretty
it is solitaire lately

an iPhone game yell my strengths are

kinda embarrassing but I know a lot
about porn yeah

so that’s good ru porn is like your
sports for me

yeah yeah is good it’s nice

good it’s nice to have some them in the
back there yeah you know it’s you so so

much you know about sports

exactly and its at least you’re doing
something with your

your knowledge i cum jerking of

the like kobe’s eighty one point game

you like to jerk off to that on YouTube
that alice is sixty two and three

quarters game

get 62 after three first downs eggs
growing right now

like doubt they get their perverted

a basketball no kiero um

try to find the third question I ready
for the third question oh yeah

hurry up who lady’s name a lady

British a British a lady British
musician Lee the

a leading a lady englishman a.m. a
female englishman

a female Brett it is that even or is it
like British people are men and their

like that girls are like

is it like the lead job Richmond n/an/a
they’ll never build me up

met no girls this girls that’s what a
Scottish person is

Dame a Scottish prison is a female
British person

oo IC will figure this out before we get
to London yes at September 8th

research her name 0 I will turn into

I’m yet let’s give her female British

who is a the most noble British woman

who Kate Beckinsale her

I was gonna say the Queen Geri Halliwell

I hold a good day your teeth players

whose Kate Beckinsale Kate Beckinsale
Zinser deputy

she’s you route a hot would you kill
Natalie Portman to finger Kate


Wow got such a common question

a yeah I think so for all the fish and

that loves you interested I would never
hurt anybody

I would never buy my own higher my warm
in a manner a child

even if they were picking on someone I
love that I wouldn’t buy back

I’m sorta a passive pussy 0 the let’s
say some bully is hitting

literally abusing physically a brother
of mine

even my father mother I would he yell at
them I would say is stop it sir

but I would never physically harm
anybody you’re a pacifist yeah

Jerry hello rights yes hey guys

love the show back in December I ended
things with my boyfriend of 6 years

we went on a while without talking but
over the last few months we’ve become

friendly again

we do normal things together eat lunch
occasionally grab drinks

et cetera nothing serious totally
platonic there aren’t any romantic

feelings from us on either and my a
problem is that his new girlfriend has

no idea we’ve been spending time

or that we’ve been talking again she’s
in Texas they do the long distance thing


whenever we hang out he tells her he’s
with the guys are at work

to have any obligation to tell her
what’s going on I don’t want to cause

problems for them

or even be involved in the relationship
at all but if I was in your position I

definitely would want to know

thanks for any advice you can give me
love jerry hall lol

Jerry /url libelous Jerry

if you like to %uh searchers selfish
apply to us that I don’t cause any


should I teller we’ve been hanging out
it’s a really long romantic

should I it’s a date tonight at all %uh
well I don’t wanna II don’t get involved

at 11 though I know I want it now so
maybe I’ll

maybe I’ll mention that he lies to ur
and hangs out with me you know what I

should do is like because if I just
hollering out that’s kinda like weird if

a tonic

so well maybe I should like serve as a
goof kiss ’em

in like a casual EBITDA yeah it doing a
silly little goth kid and it’s like out

now that now I have to tell her

yet it’s like I don’t want to get
involved I was gonna let her know I’m

kissing my ex wife Renee care current
main squeeze me in screen and then let’s

see what happens maybe that’ll lead to
them not being

cuz I’m single so I actually got become
a comedian we live in the same city in

her now

and a little other I’ll was certain that
I’m still in that very much in love with

it but i wanna back she said that the
only hang out all the time platonically

the edges dinner drinks in any lies to
his girlfriend who is hanging out with

that is platonic

and you’re at the point where you feel
uncomfortable enough they are

considering telling her here

so that sounds but I like it sounds
healthy it sounds like you’re not

involved in it sounds good I’m happy you
guys are over each other in your living

your best live yet this reminds me of
all the ex girl friends that I hang out

with on a one-on-one basis

yeah you remember that night you had
dinner with a man your ex is in your

career lol up Theodora

and calvine a yeah especially yeah

we have a lol nice yeah I to breakfast
lunch and dinner date

lot a daily dose Lloyd you legislation
but you found a way to order

waverly hatch a rose from a diner next

it had a delivered be a seamless web but
so you are

you are meddling you are these do still
have feelings for him at the very least

he still has feelings from you

for you and you know about it yet the
very least he’s aware that it’s not good

for his relationship to hang out with
you so is lying to his ex

so you’re meddling if you feel bad

you don’t have an obligation to do
anything I don’t think because this

isn’t her relationship to do that you
hang out

I if I were you I would be like I don’t
wanna do this

just because it’s stupid I’m why do you
wanna hang out with

your ex boyfriend as friends you should
be at their meeting new people

this dude already was with you you guys
decided it was gonna work so what you


what if she does like images like maybe
I want to get him away from his


is that mean um

or so just like opening up the
possibility and then it’s that his


I don’t love it to be its unhealthy is
it mean to try to steal a guy away from

another girl if you’re a girl

I feel it swell I like if you don’t have
malicious intent

and you actually like a guy and he has a
girlfriend that long distance is it mean

to try to break them up

I have I didn’t mean to like tear at the
fabric cover relationship

and Lake metal with it to the point that
it falls apart and then Mike

you’ve manipulated it to a certain point
where you can insert yourself i think

thats mean-spirited I think that’s bad

but I think I can see where you’re
saying like

you come in pure heart rule used a

would you like to go out sometime even
if you know that that person has

a significant other that person

the seas were you know they they do want
to explore this relationship

maybe that it on them till like start

moving away from their significant other
if you want to explore some other


but I think it I don’t think it’s good
to be like metal metal metal metal

you know like that passive stuff the
planting seeds being weird be an EMT

quote-unquote but ironically

yet yeah I think that like cattle on
kind is kinda bullshit but again it but

to lay out your

everything on it a lick by the way if
you’re in a relationship I think we

should date

do with that information what you will

that’s that’s much better and also it
will be a ultimately better and your

psyche because they’re not like

streaming out wondering what’s gonna
happen with some

platonic friendship yeah but I you want
to give yourself the best chance at that

like if I barely know a girl

she’s not going to want to be with me
but if I’m like oh maybe for hanging out

a little bit she’s soo realizes what a
better guy I am them to her current boy

yeah and then I do wanna dance with
somebody that like it could be that


wooed away would you be worried then
netload think now because she’s only

would because

I’m perfectly compatible with her and
I’m her perfect have you done this


now productive considering that

I’m sorta I’m trying to find a dating
say that like

is has a little only in relationships
the is not Ashley Madison

yeah but I don’t want it she allies yeah
I is trying to break up other people I

think it’s a little sleazy

it’s a little tacky its more than a lot

yeah I don’t think I’ll add it to people
are perfect like

if that’s how your parents that wouldn’t
that be a romantic story

your mom is there someone else but the I
got in there and she chose me

I think it’s row it’s romantic story
when they’re like in high school

like oh yeah I was going to prom with
Thom Evans but I am A

but i said i cud in as it may I have
this dance magic dance with me the rest

of the night her

and I took her home the goal you guys
are crazy you

little teens what a but another day I’m

my a crushes 28

her boyfriend is five years older than
her they’ve been together for four years

and there they go about getting married

but I medal the medal the medal dat
destroyed a relationship

but if I can destroy the maybe it wasn’t
meant to be

yeah you I relations have to be unmet

are as every relationship metal isomers

like if you’re an earthquake in a bill
there’s an earthquake in a building

falls down early and I building was
structurally sound do have a good


yeah but like you don’t have to build
structurally sound buildings

everywhere because there’s not always
supposed to be earthquakes

I love you talking about this this only
works for couples in San Francisco along

the seine address

it’s just like it’s not necessarily fair
for somebody to have like a normal

seemingly healthy relationship but

unfortunately it wasn’t built to
withstand this

onslaught love you being like you take
the youth

tearing down the walls okay follow-up

what if the boyfriend is a loser you
didn’t say that

yeah than other clean your asshole then
of course the letters 11 tassel

you like others guys kind of a douche
and everybody is kind of a douche all

the time

what i’d like you know a guy that you
don’t like yeah if a girl

if his girlfriend was awesome you got
along with them will I get why are you

dating this dude

when you try to break them up I don’t
know because I don’t know the guys are

really like

you when they’re just with their
girlfriends I see people for like

thirty-seconds at a time and Mike if
they say one sentence that I don’t like

them they’re a piece a shit

yeah night so there in a relationship
with their talking

for hours and hours and he’s opening up
about his relationship with his mother


his hopes and dreams tonight maybe he is
like a beautiful person cuz I don’t

think there are a lot of people in the
world who are inherently evil or

for ado loser although all the time ray

so I don’t know it’s it’s a tough one

it would really depend how tighter pussy
willow a

no I really wouldn’t want to mess with
love is what I’m saying

love as they could a crook what do you

America Twitter us what do you think you
think I don’t get so I think it might be


I think if the relationship is metal a

like if this guy is seeing this girl
hanging out with this girl

if I was in a great relationship I would
hang out with my ex girlfriend

ever relationship is metal ball then
year opening it up

to get meddled with and it deserves to

a have this a outside force perhaps try
to chisel away at the very few hundred

legal age

if the year if a relationship is metal

I think you at least this is like
perfect world has never happened threat


poet to the guy to be like pay

by the way I duster pursuing your

may the best man where and he’s like
that alright good game and I’m gonna

start courting her all over again by
retirees do everything the

and then like that’s cool for her cuz
she here

get the benefit of the two guys doing a
ruler pierced

here’s the basketball analogy there’s
free agents those are people who exactly

what up man and a great big

free agent could side with anybody but
then there’s something called the

restricted free agents

which means if year the team that has
that person

anybody can pursue that a free agent but
you have the right to match

so what you’re whining is a restricted
free agency where it’s like any guy can

come aboard and make make their case

but if they offer them a dollar amount
or love them out or a personality

Ellis given the opportunity to match
that she can choose I think that’s fair

but thats meddling let this girl is
doing is meddling

with this girl do it yes she’s mentally
I think you’d I think if you

I’d genuinely saying I don’t want to you
metal and I don’t want to be involved in

their relationship

Danny your there what you should do
isn’t tell the girl

like Europe course becoming involved in
the relationship with you tell her that

you’re hanging out if you don’t want you

genuinely don’t want to be a part of it
stop paying out with them

retinue friend let me but let me say
this caveat meddling is OK

if you want to be in a relationship if
you want to replace that relationship

it’s not okay if you’re just trying to
like fuck the other person and then get

rid of her cuz then it sort of looks the
other person over

right and it’s like okay review
relationship so that I can sleep with

you and then you have nothing

I would I think it’s meddling is okay if
you’re able to provide something

better than what you are meddling that’s
true but also like

then you should be aware I mean I don’t
completely agree with you but you should

also be aware the consequences when you
start meddling

cuz thats the consequences are they
break up right

so you if you don’t want them to break
up in for this person to be single and

her lover to be heartbroken

and you in like pick up the pieces

then I guess I think you’re stupid to go

word and that’s slightly better than
somebody who’s like I’m just gonna metal

until they break up and then a fucker

go away the right like that’s that’s bad

I mean that I don’t think either them a
good at it believe their own up single

people out there that

they should thats you know that the
dating pool yeah

but this in the pool also involve people
who are just sitting on the edge dipping

their toes in

who are in a bad relationship you know

the pools a wacky place either I don’t
even think it is a date will I think

it’s a daily beach

I because the waves are rockin the tide
is strong

and the couple sexy lifeguard patrolling
the area the gym think

I don’t tell way I’d very got lost in
the letter for

yeah I think I just kinda wanna go to
the beach yeah

a home

well what do we do now that we’re at
lake near the 40-minute mark

and ever taken a break yet

do we need to take a break with his
power through the fourth question

our wishes to a break and then and
because breaks a catcher

hustlers you’re you’re the only thing on
it I felons break yeah let’s let’s do a

little break it break

I am before we have to go a

I think well here’s a funny thing that
happened to me in basketball today

gonna I play basketball the with a bunch

that’s cool yeah basketball school but
that with larger the eleven-year-old


I at an elementary school I

then nobody is really good but I’m not
really get either so it works out but

everybody’s like the locals they’re all
pretty cool because the dough

they play basketball on their cooler
whatever cool high schoolers cool

college kids

some always try to be a little bit
cooler than I am

and today a we’re playing five-on-five
in some hick hers

what’s the score and I said instead of
what yours was as a ones if it’s 11

is a ones or one up or want all

but instead I felt a

onesies I

ok I and nobody said anything that I’ve
well exigent idiot like

I can’t talk bill that talk normally in
this place

a rather just like one season that’s
fine but for many yell onesies in like a

pickup basketball game

a lot of the road back to my car drive
off a cliff

Millen said anything the advent I me
know if there’d

I don’t know I yelled it so people
probably heard it but I don’t know if it

registered to them that I was only in
there got to be so funny about as you’re

getting your cars there is a good day
would you

Haddin 5 p.m. today was either as the

I was there a while as I that one

did make them on the court is once the I
a show up on the next they’re wearing a


a wrestling singlet well

that I ones’ as the twist your ankle

get a ball that faith oh my god what
happened to you

twist your ankle people snickering shout
out did a really pretty

guilt you put the packy allay signing

I a well on to say that we’re still
going to London and Manchester to

London Manchester Berlin just lol

yeah we decided on where to spend a week
after we r

Ireland insures and its

the season billion all all

Berlin get all hockey all americans have
so much fun but all

and quite understand how well we eat

Germany job a I am so that’s going to be
fun we’re going to be disordered doing


you know those sharm silly Boulevard I

if we all need me I’ll be eating %uh
veener schnitzel twice the side of my


bitches a owed later Leslie

erode the government-backed

will spur goal clearly as we were sleepy
it or

theater Leslie and his twin sister

year though who are there different
names I guess cuz Leslie

so theater Leslie and leslie’s

at Leslie’s name was Leslie Leslie but
she may return

but he shouldn’t be a daughter sec ok
bidder Leslie Leslie theodore

though they think both wearing onesies a

so come out the shows are still
available and

all other mir well actually Manchester
might be so that by the time this comes


don’t quote me on that don’t quote me on

that’s it where at I’ve where we’re over
time will answer three questions but we

delve deep actually do wanna know if you
guys can’t we did us

I’ll what you think about meddling is it

I think it’s okay or is it never a good

never airs at never nice I i don’t think
it through it’s not a legal I just think

it’s fucked now yeah I don’t think

I don’t think it’s fuckin anything by
you think it’s by

yeah I think it’s by I think it
definitely exist in the world

gray area yeah but what do you guys

my Twitter handle is at Jake and Amir
and Jakes is

at Jake Hurwitz that’s ripe follow via
Twitter everybody I

me the followers I’m working out my
courage to send out a tweet

yeah it’s been a while the couple

since the yeah beer bear on Instagram
you love the gramm

I do love a man take early I do love
Gramin I appreciate yeah apology got

Instagram any know what following your
own Instagram his handle is Jake Irwin

and in the No

yediyat if you are following either
Sunday gave its jus Jack Kerouac you

love me

I okay that at that attack %uh the first

did I say with the first I yeah we did
with were still accepting theme song

submissions every show starts and ans

with an original theme song we always
need more please keep sending them that

first arose from Philip

and in Sweden and this last one is from

Marcus and Laura and they want to give a
shout out to DJ penguin

so thanks Marcus and Laura and DJ pain

and if you guys have your own question
0n theme songs that email address one

last time is

if I reach a gmail dot com see a later

the main

I the meeting and

you and

%uh who


the mind

them and



Brody Jenner podcast with doctors like
dat I don’t really seem pretty damn

one other time before this planning on
cash and do it got his dancing skills


like me had I seen this movie day the

I’ll at my only testified actually not
only did

have a dance wedding kept doing how to
help you just totally checking the last

street dance good

go degenerate doctor Mike death get a
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