Episode 93: Weird Name


In this episode we discuss taking drugs and being yourself.

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the knife

these guys


you love you





mom Dell is Kylie Knox

that was very lovely she had a beautiful
voice what he tryna say that my voice


god you’re sensitive I now

so let me I’ll well your fear it is

miquelle and confirm appear at the same
time yeah

to quell your fear fear is not knowing
any better but it is also confirms that

you have a bad voice

and I disrespect you as a guy not just
anything here but as a man

here i’d disrespect you as a good guy

it he had as the guy i disrespected you
as a coworker I respect you

ideal and added a citizen I inspect you

whoa move over a this is a buyer you’re
the only advise podcast on the interweb

hosted by me al Amir

and underpants and I help from time to

his back that’s right year raising the

some might say that things never left

I’m hoping the microphone into an actual
Google alright now

your head its it sliding in at a good

and yeah I like the nickname so much
that I I decided to turn myself into a

lobster crab man I hope a guy I

the there yeah sunburned that they the
tough thing was

convincing a doctored to the to replace
my lives with edible crustacean have


yes of course I see you’re slowly
applying a excess skeleton me that day

yeah other people shells I could be very
find a surgeon to do it so I had to ask

a vagrant

could you ask a doctor to do whatever he
wants like it I get my leg amputated if

I wanted

no asked my doctor will not do that if I
was him

fun and other very fine if I paid him a
million dollars can I I like how you do

your bill take off your nose and replace
it with a new one he had like a new

lately Chapa Lavia like

just got a new I got to lose their

you have a lack good floods sleeping

old lol goes the eye and now the magical
moment where you find out if it’s


or not and it is %uh is it no a nap a

the placed on crackers barks octopi ass

he she hehe at a

so you’re saying if you at all the money
in the world you couldn’t pay for

quote-unquote cosmetic cosmetic
surgeries I ve had all the money in the


if you do ever the fuck you want right a
guy I got 400 bucks in my bank account I

feel invincible

yeah yeah I’ll you need is a little bit
a scratch and you’re good to go

get a billionaire get a tale got a
billionaire fashion at desk

I’ll do you a better does a billionaire
already have a tail as their life so I

could have been the first guy to think

yep have closely allied

there’s a billionaire have a tail yeah
who else would have thought of that

but should be a question is there any

and I do have one do a billion do brian
is that they’ll fly made history classes

this is a history class that’s a

happen historically speaking has a
billionaire ever added Taylor do you

have any questions about the French and
Indian War II show the French


ever had detailed yes yes is that it
they’ll site

yeah like a guess you can remove fat
from your thigh and fashion intellect

some sort of

abroad yeah that rod what the law is a
size nine damaging your health maybe

I don’t know I don’t know that the true
answer man

teary the true answer every question
I’ve ever been asked as I don’t know for


and also as long as we’re on the subject
to a billionaire’s do

does a billionaire go to the dentist
you’re keeping you be at the dead as

usual a billionaire like when you’re
that rich does it just come to you

I I think the fans yet I think a dentist
can come to live some billionaires

a bit like about some billionaires like
%uh Mambalam Coolum ago too mild enters

the 1i went to before i made any money
yet before I only had a hundred million


now I bet as in milena yeah I mean

I’m sure the billionaires have dentist
as visit them

do home visits at the wedding regular is
people and only if they have a billion

dollars have like a

they even have yet but likely requires
like extra chairs specific equipment &


you know that we have to come in but
people have access like a really really

nice dentist

early and other really nice office so
maybe I could visit for the checkup

yen is like oh you know what I don’t
like the way this cavity looks

um you should come into the shop now
olson’s okay well how one of the Ireland

dollars will have better luck

at all something in your basement that
will use once yeah let’s do that

nine dollars hit US all there is only
the military

I as well his tail all the way to the
bank you a three-minute

added you get it to be Wagle if it
doesn’t matter how is it what is it

connected to the switch my tailbone

like cogs take my tail feather until I

from a what is this podcast yeah I did
so by are you having given any

indication at all

at an advice podcast people in sticky
situations difficult places in our lives

email us at a fiery show I gmail dot com
weary these emails and do our best to

advise them

and they’re terrible terrible de Lemos

good by can enter did really I really
liked it

diana’s was not on purpose but I know
you think I miss poker like I can

already read the tweets and stuff

but I know that I was China like

sort of cool ISE philosophies that that
they say directions yeah he had to have

the directions

%uh what you’re saying that I say he
said unsere directions

yeah I say directions you have the same
area land

or I’d tell you really in maryland I it

that said that exact same thing this
past week it’s like this you called

Maryland Mary land

Avila yet nicer maybe I my

weird accent is seeping into your
subconscious mister with spring maryland

into my ear as I sleep

yeah I’ll start doing that yeah you need
to anymore that if in their

I it work have okay sauced up

artie said I would stop okay not attack
put you on blast

I know it’s been a minute since you were
put on blast the isolate

but three more than a minute I

and water coming out of my hair cuz I
heard the shower

drippings I want to turn it off but
turned it on the runway and I just took

my entire left side of my body

and now I just thought water coming off
a bye that’s comedy

yeah comedies tragedy plus time yet was
time magazine specifically acted

tractor tragedy is time was mad magazine
a gym that

to be funny I well pretty nu minutes
Person of the Year

I’m laughing think it over a idk

a the only seal everything that no put
your app

you doing to the game does this mean
this point too so you could make that

was a joke

you know the feeling good tragedies
National Geographic was cracked

I alright let’s give these real people

fake names to preserve their anonymity

very nice a do we have someone a theme
of sorts a Thursday theme a bonus


thematic element to the whole bonus lol

bonus bonus you know that makes it
thinking out of work the bonus Jonas

Frankie Jonas yes alright yankee Jonas

rights rights hey guys I love your show
and I really need your help

all right right off the bat so far so
good well that my girlfriend is a solid

11 out of 10

and recently she went to a festival
nothing big happened no cheating or

whatever but she did take a lot of MDMA

nothing on Gucci with that I but it’s
how she takes it with your friends

it at the 12 members of their group are
male and they’re the ones that

who seem to buy the drugs they give my
girlfriend the drugs

via their finger which she licks clean

if you were me would you find that to be
a bit too sexual

I can’t get the image outta my head she
thinks licking guys fingers is normal

but I can’t imagine any guy getting
licked by a hot girl thinking she’s not

into them

and I being a silly goose talk me into
some sense

peace Frankie Jonas though is that i
think thats the bonus Jonas

I frankly don’t miss a good question

yeah it’s very specifically hard

yeah because it seems that that’s making
me hard Odisha

yeah pick you throw them all a that
they’re hired on to

bug in AA all mad here to

yet like crazy my as a rematch reactions
like are

you 88th issue its it’s so small but
then we can’t

like girl licking MDMA of a guy’s
fingers like not nothing

I guess it’s not it’s so weird though
because like how upset can you real

lecture which she says that she says
it’s no big deal a yeah she’s likewise

it a big deal that I take drugs

this however when take some it doesn’t
mean that I love you not less

oh the candy dippin that what it is I
don’t know man

she’s licking them of a finger it’s what
the difference is like a bit

Taveuni just late had put the Pilates
figure need like sexy a girl like this

of a bit skinny dipping like

you almost have to lick his finger yeah
but you could use our own finger

I think the way you have to do is that
like the guy with his dick right

any dips his dick into the should
that’ll get you rolling

yeah I i you really real roof I sorta

insert the the drug penis in vaginally
that way it hits your bloodstream the

fastest that’s true

and Yahoo yeast infection a hitches a
ride on an old sperm sperm trains mobile

and then it just goes right into and
then as soon as it hits your uterus

that’s when you start writing about a
high school girl at a rave

well I D buddy I’ll

I your peers yet I’m so sorry

here give your figure no let’s see all
sexual hey

if you wanna lick it yeah I give your
finger disgusting

notes that I I would lick my own finger
let me see your finger

I no

yeah he’s Feria let you buy me doing the

stick it out and then built on the belt
sexual with vigor

your index finger

get up made you really love me do it

what you gonna lick my own indexing area
you know and have been touching

I turn the shower handle thats that
would highly advise you guys back

but I I’m

I would say I’m not I wonder how she did
it right

I’m glad we can wonder without doing
didn’t know your media look I’m

wondering right now

be I’m not sucking let me see the two
ways you could have done it

who love what do the Nike as the other
which is sexual

give your penis I mean you’re nit picky
and heading your

penis day year I

okay I the lady this in

I think a that ron was like

using my finger almost like is a slob
like you’re cleaning your tongue yeah I

think a stamp you’re scraping the pad
have my index finger against the top and

the other one I’d actually

to be perfectly honest I am a little
discuss the myself for doing the first


yen and the so sick is your little sick
right now

you have a little sick it’s also does
the little strange that we’re alone were

booked through and I’m adding a sad
story of hope

its own leaders like OAAA I know those
guys there’s a to help with polls dear


okay at so that was one way I to do it

microphones not plugged into anything I

II 3u I guess I would like clarification

I would be like lick my finger the way
you act is here

and what it’s like now that’s fucking
grows usually do know is that

sexually I would never do that to you
we’re not there yet

I yeah like no Kizuna 29 by you I i

I guess maybe i’d be more bike
disconcerted by the actual

like you know the big picture thing like
that she went to this rave without you

wanted to take drugs

and like ingested them in a sexy way

it’s like a lot of happy things like
going to a concert with a guy friends

isn’t necessarily bad

doing drugs so that you is necessarily
bad sucking on a finger isn’t

necessarily bad I would say that maybe a
little necessarily bad but the whole

thing together like

it starts to add up like 3

third discretion is makes one hole right
and the other thing I’ve always said

about relationships it bill

it’s like it doesn’t necessarily matter
if you’re writer Ron

if you like have these feelings in year
upset in anxious and sad

and you express that to somebody and
they’re not

respond as is the edges like I’m sorry
you feel bad and they

you know why it didn’t mean anything to
me but going forward I’ll

act differently press the campy
important to her that she keeps looking

guys fingers

right a less it’s like a trust thing
like don’t you trust me

I guess you be like I yeah I trust that
you will

lick anybody else’s hand I I don’t think
the big ask I don’t think the big ask is

what I’ll say

I don’t I’m not sure how I’d react

yeah I think if if it upsets you and
your Lake

don’t do this again and she’s like I i
not making any promises that the

it’s a two-out so weird happens without
you break up over at No

by the author is like kinda hard to move
past it it really I don’t you do that

against like no I’m I

he liked %ah now what else are you gonna

DONet a what would you do if that
happened to you

and you have a lady friend she goes to a
concert with a buncha for dudes

she takes in ecstasy which

make CRT feel very like open and
sexually provocative

right there is a sexual element to it I
know about sexual

maybe sell I think it will it’s beyond
sexual their lives when I’ve done it

it’s like

its complete euphoria and you just are
in love with

everything alright drugs are bad but
it’s like the most amazing I but drugs

are bad but it’s like wohl

I’m just happy and you just can’t in a
note pad after Italian

connectedness yeah then are they never
would like exercise evers danazol a

thing yeah

bad right but I’d like better than any
hike better than any friend better than


me are you can share with the love
imagine simultaneously coming as

somebody that you that you’re absolutely
in love with an imagine doing that with

a thousand people that you love you more
than you love that person out at the

okay did

yeah a know that such you I think

and I but there’s a downside to it we
yet why you can overdose and die

yeah we should say that to it let the
releases all if you’re happy at once

yeah next day your various that in for
several days you feel like off balance

and I do it enough

I it definitely fax it to you right
there is I don’t do it anymore

but they’re like made last year as

I did it and a certain point I would

I guess I felt like and needed it it’s
like heightened

experiences I wasn’t getting as happy as
they should when

good things were good Arabia I mentally
ill and regular bigger cycle like

heighten is a good bill

even happier and thats another Mike
don’t do it at all anymore

its comp I completely disagree with that

you can get you can’t do that just with
you know your simple other pills

I eles children and we did Chuck we
actually I’m

and I was like a Kendrick Lamar song I’m
like but yeah i do

gatopoulos barely ahead and added an
employer but let

I’m so side this is a well-attended ever
happened to me

let the question yeah if it happened to
me um

would you say would you do I think I

licking the finger takes a back seat to
you the idea

like going somewhere to a concert with

a eight other guys and doing ecstasy

which is something it the drug that
makes you feel

in love with other people rate connected

emotions I maybe is a I would be so
conflicted cuz I don’t think Pete

anybody’s good time but I think I’ll
probably be upset I would

vocalize that to my partner and I would

and I feel like you had a

an experienced without me and you lick
somebody’s hand

and that makes me feel sad and I could
deal with that information

what you want I sure do hope its you
apologizing and saying the man don’t do

ecstasy with

eight other dudes got a concert without
me and lick their fingers

what about you grafitti do I guess I
would make it known that it also create

me up

maybe I would do the the little ones
that add up to a big bad one

that little spiel that way it’s like are
a few want to do this again maybe

the have me there or maybe don’t do the

or maybe when you take it you don’t have
to take it off someone’s finger

or just text me I’ll come put those are
my p.m. you lick my finger and I’ll


a piece outfit I guess we do you guys
just can’t put the drugs I figure

with with this guy I with a skirt it has
gained by did

when everyone’s invited he didn’t want
to go if you just listen to different


right or likey back to go they said no
right or she told them with to its just

heard eight guys

I know a group at 12 but 8 a.m. our guys

now I say I am an ok that’s also weird

just not trust people’s guy friends
right you don’t again that scary

situation right people just are being my
girl man don’t trust the

8 do they’re all trying a but you then

that’s like a weird self-fulfilling
prophecy right because then it’s like

why would I want to stay with you you’re
just paranoid and mean yeah you’re

paranoid jealous I wanna be with this
guy who’s like cool at the moment yeah

he’s not jealous at all yeah

written that insanely jealous a but as a
now is down these things you’re down to

be like

meddled with right he’s not possessive
it all had weird

i right if it if it bothers you

letter No is what we would do yet

I would say something I with another
Jonas Brother names that we can get to

the second question

um to use and

the Jonas Brothers we only know the we
only know the non C Jonas Brodin

breaky I’m gonna look it up

faction known Lucas well now neck

now that I tell you one you can it be
you know the other one mic

there’s two more yeah Nick Jonas Joe
Jonas yes

Tom Jones Kevin Kevin its citizens from
Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas rare the

hey guys I have a bomb that we really
gets in the way of having a social life

my name is

unusual I’ve always dreaded it hit me
dick fucking Jonas

always dreaded introducing myself the
new people because merely saying my long

an exotic names sound like a bunch of
sounds haphazardly thrown together

to my American peers people at my high
school only see me as that foreign guy

even though I was born and raised in the

even worse a struggle to get my deware
via my

female peers how many white girls have
you met who did people named

a seer or Gaber Salah the aura Akeem

I digress do you have any friends with
unusual or four names

how do they confidently put themselves
out there when a lot of people are giant

hassles about it thanks guys love Joe

her neck Jonas um

is as good as I mean that my name is
normal way Wii U

can you tell me his name and will bleep
it yeah

his name is I I it’s like a

African sounding name hmm

very funny yeah hilarious name even

it’s not as different as like Gaber
Salah Z which i think is a long-distance

runner from ethiopia

or Hakeem although his first examples
how many white girls the you know I’ve

dated people named us ear

that’s so close to my name yeah he must
know that I’m name to me

and you dated white girl a is my name or
what we needed a way to health

and I’ll maybe that’s the only people he
surrounded with you know the does he

think my name is normal

are you’re getting really hungry her
teeth is d the lawyers barry is he is

I I want to help you bro buffers you
gotta tell me I have a normal name


n both I’m a normal guy well he thinks
I’m bone wavy

do I get a pass cuz my name is Amir not
a/c year

her do you have all you need is a mere
schmoo well yeah

and you make it work for you

murder havel I think what is you must be
high school right

hier I or early college like you got to
make those

that’s a cool name you make it work for
you yeah you have like something that

nobody else has

a cool for a name that’s awesome what
about a cool nickname so for example

when your name is Gebre Selassie

Gaber Salah see United like you are
agreeing with me and then you did then

you take a memory

I as I hit moldavia work for it be proud
yourself enemy is now delayed Yahoo

a nickname would also work year changes
like Kyle

like Ted Orion what did you call
yourself Ryan as a nickname

now really a neck as much as it is a
completely deaf his owns that have a

nickname I’m choosing a pseudo name a
different name

an Americanized whiter name sorry I just
go by your middle name

you buy a nickname yet always do that if
anything weird names are cooler

right I agree yeah I think I’ll put your

the in the long run definitely
especially if your name is Gabe Russel

ozzie which

once again i think is a distance running
chaim what about a seer

a seer I don’t know where that comes
from but hakim Akeem a large one

I don’t think the dream had problems
hooking up with white babies admitted

through sheer through is swoosh

sOooo shit it twenty minutes I

tisch 20 but Jude know we gotta go on
what you’re making his career

eleven thousand trees is crazy I

a cool nickname

based on your name I’m not saying hide
from it were me what I did go by the

flasher laser

yeah it’s kinda cool allies are making
shit up

your lasers nice they call the rock

cool a or so

let’s say your name is Gabe Russel ozzie
will you tell people to call you

yep hakeem pack

gave and as the air

the gave in it’s there is a good day

I retire middle emerged as the change
your name to Gabe

let this podcaster is officially been
named you get

the coolest day you can give something
hey guys in gay

gave us so I’m also gave game is so cool
the name were naming our episode after

it because you know we can search use
any name we want which is Gabe

really gay brothers a few only say

atmosphere like that if that is not well
then i’m gay per year you can turn a

league average other

a good Gabe brothers a again brother

yeah every gay brothers up nothin gave
about it

would it do man actin and be in fully

I only to go with children

look weird children hey look my finger
again like that Gaber

that you’re doing earlier mill and

anything else to tell this dude I’m I

embrace it nickname those are the two
options what more could be

don’t do drugs yeah admitted nation make
Molly somebody with the best in the


please don’t do it yeah not at my behest
pollution ever tried

that being said I love like woe to those
alcoholics the cunt the park at school

yeah your egos that my word me too
because I because I live the life

have been there and I hit rock bottom
like loud other well did not

actually have a good story about it on
streeters podcast which you can plug

right now the time shame

yeah streeter the podcast their friends
Twitter Yes No if you go to Taco shame

show dot com I think

I did an episode Jake did an episode i
jus comedians talking about their most

embarrassing story

in Jakes is about MDMA and yours is
about skinny dipping

would you say MDMA didn’t have you
feeling like a champion

I’ll definitely not the next day

there was a time when I felt like I
could take on the world and perhaps when

early state coulda been a contender it
there really is a dangerous delusion of


yeah yeah I’m a devil in the mornin

let you turn on a key yet nay there are
there like people that take it every

single day

like if you don’t have anything left to
give all their happy deuces are out

this does not do anything um ash I’m
sure it

does maybe this release is what little
you have a know the rebuild

maybe this search I don’t know Iran we
do you should be actually went

the I can and they about it oh yeah an
MDMA about an AMA about an MDMA

yeah and MDMA n/an/a using the wrist
over people were doing it every single


yeah like and I really is it was okay I

I’ve been like sort have ever since I
learned about like the

thing I like it like anatomically like
releases happy to use like I’ve been

noticing like throughout the day rally
get a russia that naturally

are you feel happy new year to you yeah

I like just the surgery July yeah course
all the time

what is there how do you cause that a.m.

for me it’s as simple as a the sunset on
a baby smiles at me

heifer I a when I

I look out at the ocean miss the tide
coming in at night as they that’s


yeah death rubber doesn’t change

when I’m masturbating I to ice is Taylor
her alexis texas somebody with a huge

ass and

and I squeeze my penis or the Jack you
to feel the

that uses come over my brain at her body
into tell you what sometimes when I

could be the mountains

the 100 come through that green

their degree pass into the open pasture
and I

I sit down on my phone I low-tech shared
a common

a look at the picture above kristina
Rose rice’s Taylor again here

somebody with a huge ethnicity and I

that’ll make me feel really happy

me the simple things little things
what’s in that bird fly overhead

Seanad I’d happily wag its tail running
up to its owners say I appreciate you

and you appreciate me and sometimes it’s
printed out if it’s true guises

tailor their than just go to town
ravaging my own cock in

you know it it’s everywhere

0 think if he made a issue at a dog
broke with a printed out picked realizes


this first is my Google rudimentary with
the jerk off to 1991 pornography

remember my brother when I was too young
to even know porn was

he was like in maybe fourth or fifth
grade like you figure out at like get


black and white photos from the internet
the printed one out in like brought it

to school is like

a picture a printed out photo: a woman’s

booby lucky magic I that’s the constant
motion that’s the mountain make

you can always masturbate both yeah

we’re talking about a different have
happy to use them the one that doesn’t

come at a purely through a

breaked and alright

third question third question

the requesting yeah on different third

date yet and dear friend a Joe Jonas

hey guys I’ve been going to this copy
shop with a friend

and we’ve both fallen in love with one
of the cute furry stirs

she always talks to us and drives crazy
stuff on our coffee is the last time

we when I ordered the usual mocha and
she can think what to draw so she drew


in my coffee beard and all with what I
believe we’re hearts

as eyes she even offered to send me a
picture of it so she could have so I

could have her number

but in my nervousness me and my friend
just gave a compliment to left

I know this sounds awesome but here’s
the catch: on 18 she’s prying in her


I’m under the impression that my beard
makes me look much older and when this a

duck just found out my age I’ll be

what should I forget all that just
desperate number

or should I just forget it and go to
college in three weeks would love to

show the onus

pS This is the coffee

all meds that’s pretty cool will post
this picture on our website yeah that’s

awesome looking to you

yeah I

well world should he do and well he’s
putting all that on her right now

you wanna be with me cuz I’m 18 and
you’re in your twenties yes just know

how old you are

so you don’t know how old she is buddy
the letter she’s 18

what are you release find out because
then you’ll know psyche as for a number

you as a tech city as a Jan if it comes
up comes up it doesn’t have maybe she

does anyone know maybe she thinks you
might be young but he thinks it cute

you don’t know what she’s thinking she
doesn’t know what you’re thinking but

she drew a picture you in the coffee so
let’s change numbers and see if you can

exchange fluids nosair

a pass

home used a I

his left murder the kind you a

for what seemed like expected a guy here
come the crab claws

like leg Jesus vehicle lived it up to
the crews that makes the closet cumin

and cilantro dill designing t-shirts are
like a picture of me

on the cross crowd clawed a

terrible picture a terrible teacher but
I would like to see that our

there tell the fans make it happen
people here’s the thing dude

I is so rare in life that someone you
think is cute actually flirts with you

you had a strike now is specially for
going to college in three weeks gotta


this positive momentum going to college
that you don’t know when I’ll ever

happen again

or yelling I think it’s great because
you can either go out on a win or go out

on the laws in your either way you’re
gonna feel fresh in me when you get to


dragnet fuck I lost that one fresh start
here we go

like fuck it when I’m high no here we go
lets do it and at the very least the

others cute photos viewed rod

drawn in coffee missus chocolate asking
if you like people

are so nervous that the will like to
anything to convince themselves that

they’re not being flirted with

radical made eyes at me national
initiative marketing of them yet stupid

I’ll that guy he just checking out now
now now I know he was like Amy

right maybe he was just doing that
because at this early he’s they’re just

acting friendly because like that you’re
supposed to do yet why it is always

assume that people are gonna really like

until they give you very clear sign that
there’s that they don’t

time and then I’ll and then you just
retreat he at least with operate on

under the assumption that year good
here’s a good rejection story this could

lead into our break

I’m we’re in Montreal a last weekend for
the Comedy Festival

we went out we’re dancing at one point
these two girls

were dancing next us and I fear and it
felt like they were looking at us and I

couldn’t tell if they’re looking at a
happy where like an annoyed way

does a guy might as well just go for it
say something and see what happens

and so I went over there and I was like
I know it looks very intimidating to

dance with us because we’re really good

and itches like yeah no that’s not what
I was thinking and then they walked away

all over that that’s an example when it
didn’t work

right but that’s funny now and have that
as a fun story

what is that came back to the loving
embrace have your dancing friend ride

that the good thing about that is that
no one knew

and I don’t have to tell anyone I just
sorta live do that quite a shame for


probably the next 11 days her hold no

I I known better about it now no not
working but like all the time do you

have somebody in the works yea I mean
you have to try

that’s something I’m not good either is
like biting the bullet and talking to


ladies are usually have my friends do it
for me right Hammam

much I’m also a lame way guy I am Cup in
like say something that’s

so hard but I’m good at like being the
guy next to the guy that does that

yet totally that’s great yeah I remember
when I was in

eighth-grade wanna field trip to and New
York City

the Big Apple and my friend my friends
named James

he like we’re passing ago group of girls
from like another

field trip to a and at they’re walking
and Mike

he had been like he’s kinda cute like we
can’t girls all day and they’re like

study with sexy and I China’s like hey
and then this could cause you ugly

I home now the I was over there anything

israeli nada hey its

been and a elaine is your ugly okay

let let that’s the one dramatic moment
there like now I’ll never talk to anyone


I think positively where doctor goes for
the rest of my life a.m.

I always if I say hey they’ll yell your

that reminds me do we give this guy a
buscar the remind you of another funny


yeah Montreal I think we’ll say go for
it I agree um

do you remember my brother was in
Montreal me so

my younger brother was there with his
Michael we’ve had a mica

mike was there with his nine friends
yeah which is always fun to go around

trying to get nine people into a bar 19
guys into a club yeah

so the there is now easier tests to the
first though we’re there

I why I waited in line with then we went
up to the buyer

we want to the bouncer and I he just
looked at me and as like

a yeah you know what that is like yet I
can have them as they

there’s no way we could like a friend
that there are no what’s going on Mike

we could just go in is like not a chance

legal right that felt like saying you’re
ugly to meet

so they didn’t go than a and you came
out you got me n

the next night they went very early cuz
they wanted to go to this exact same bar

which is smart so they got there like
nine these

and they still weren’t allowed in but
there this time there with two girls

and they’re like how they forgot her
purse up there is complete we gotta


and the let about to them upstairs to go
look for this girl’s purse under the

guys looking for the Spurs

Micah I ducked under

the rope and follow the men so he texted

this gonna find them I exchange

the pretty great bloodied up in a rope
if he said he had to go look for a berth

well there was knighted in so they let
summer like us water them up and then


Micah ducked under the rope a to sneak n

to steal a line with his friends so

hmm excuse me crying

um so text at 9:41

at apartment two hundred that was the
bar yeah not 41 an apartment two hundred

947 six minutes later lol got kicked out

I thank them back reddaway hahahaha what

text me back long story text me back at

put had 12 minutes later got back in
exclamation point pretty dope turned out

if you wanna come through

played 70 tears in 10 02 p.m. yes I

right alright know about them so he had
gone kicked out for their like bandits

the hinder the

under the rug and velvet rope brought
him back out

kicked him out would let me know any
pair the way back to the bouncer news


I’m sorry I was dishonest all of my
friends are inside I don’t know what

else to do

you have the lead to a pity on him and
let him in well

so later on we got there and am at this

10 the people who run ran it was like

a college humor family came at me i body
shots and another one of the managers

came around and fam use like a run this
place like we’re glad you’re here

they were like they I think there is a
trading comedians well we’re in town for

the festival

right and he was like my name’s Frank

let’s take a shot together was a alright
cool we walked over to the buyer

I had to take the shot and as a rock at
my brother Micah came into the bathroom

as a girlfriend is my little brother
Micah and Frank is big I kicked in now

before it’s like your brothers a liberal

I you but I love among the dead owned

has so it’s like this at the lake sick
and then I thought and have a

conversation went and you out

gonna anti maker for a while I went back
to the bar to try to find him

he was there arms a rather Frankie Edgar

arms around each other rather take
another shot me just

and he looked to me is like you have to
take the shot for me

his eyes like glossing over I got the
shot and immediately at rays they took a


the bartender poured another one put it
down right in front go to shut his eyes

is like you done mike and Frank

the window or accept I Mike if you’re
listening to this I know you are

a will miss you poetic justice well i
poetic justice

we had to make a died in a that led to
the next day I did wake up both that

they want Montreal they want like hoping
that he didn’t die

I both know they left him in his truck
we survived

you live live to see another day
20-year-old they’re very resilient

is 21 mean he’s buck

I am I it left question real quick right

0 to 100 real quick well also take it
still available for our show and our

live podcast

in London I more info on our website so
if you’re in London

go yeah I would love to see their it’s
gonna be a a hot it’s an eight hundred

and it’s not going to be it is an 800
person theater

with imagine doing a podcast from 800
people money so fun that’ll definitely

be a record for me

yeah I am I had like 200

yeah this is at least 30 times that

own a last one is Kevin Jonas rights at

hey guys big fan it surprisingly I’m not
a 15-year-old boy

I’m a 23 year old girl in my first ever
relationship and I need your help

alright I’ve been dating my boyfriend
for about two months and we’ve been

extremely close like as close as couples
who have dated for a year

well recently we’re talking about when
we first started hanging out

we had sex the first night and he asked
if that was a normal thing for me

might tipsy self decided that this was a
good time to reveal that I’ve had my

fair share of one night stands in

this made him second guess our
relationship and he says he can’t trust

me now

I’m 100 percent committed to him but he
says it will take a while

turn back is trust so I guess my
question is how can I reassure them that

I’m not a cheater

and to fix this new view of me as a
total slut

also why do girls get in so much trouble
for a little sex in the past while guys

are applauded

how me out with that one Jake thanks

Kevin and joan is she saying that I I
would never

not applied somebody had sex in the past
male or female

I think the beautiful I see this guy

this asshole turd boyfriend is what we
don’t want to know where your little

world you the guys

cool I the guys meet

you got to admit that I’ve gotta earn
your trust back he slept with someone he

right she retroactively cheated on a
yeah out after they’re gone now but


right you remember back but before the
two men each other when she slept with


that’s it is unlawful you go to rearm I

it’s going to take some fuckin tired you
gonna commit yourself to me and me only

IQ I really hope that your best self
will somehow go back in time in on sleep

but those be baby would you tell me
you’re a virgin

would you mind terribly telling me
you’re a virgin and actually meaning it

yeah edges lightly I will you die I want
you to go back

monument plies Thailand kill your former
lovers one by one actually this is a

great movie idea

it’s called the terrible boyfriend I
Back to the Future priority is a

misguided this guy’s a bad name

well this guy gets guys we don’t want
that first guys like you can’t lick

other guys fingers

to be like this guy that you can have
slept with other gear the guys I

past like we don’t like guys to be
jealous and adj

like is a you happier than I thought I
like that we get a lot of questions from

jealous guys

and guys are also the ones with the most
abhorrent behavior

girls I would not go as they always but
by and large

at least from our emails are the ones
who are on better behavior

asking questions like this I am
committed to him

how do I prove that to him yeah I
shouldn’t have to

yeah because you had one night stands
before you guys knew each other

back before you knew that’s the world
worse doesn’t matter anything goes that

doesn’t mean anything you don’t the rear
earn his trust

you haven’t done anything bad rate

I don’t know this guy’s a turd Ferguson

so the holidays say hey I haven’t done
anything to lose your trust so I don’t

need to return my trust if anything

you have to now rearm I trust because it
its become clear to me

the year do yeah he remained do but
think about where this is coming from

it’s a place above in security doubt

he’s not feeling very

worth the he’s not feeling good about

he was you feel like my eyes and these
other guys

diminished him and I know that you know

that they haven’t we all know that’s not
the case

but if you want to placate him which I’m
not saying you do

you could say something along the lines

this happen before I met you you can
trust me

I love you you only and that’s all I
should have to do

like if you want to be open and direct
with him and tell us how you really feel

which it sounds like

you are you’re saying I want you know
that I’m committed

but I don’t think I do not think that
you should lose the them

you know the anger love unimpeachable

in that you haven’t cheated on him you
just slept with people before you even

knew he existed

right that’s he should know that this is
its it’s a big ask you shouldn’t be like

he’s in the right

if anything he should be groveling being
like I feel weak and sad will you please

just tell me things are gonna be okay I
know I’m a coward and a loser bridges

tell me you really like me in

and that nobody else was good at sex I
don’t I don’t even care if it’s true

just tell me

make me feel better I want to be the
best and then you can treat them like

the baby the years

but you want to be treated like an adult
Danny can’t he can make

he can’t say you have to earn his trust
the air that such a dick

think is it’s just weird I think a lot
of guys when they get in secured he

wants to like

elevate himself but you must earn my
trust REIT what’s going on in his body

is like his dick is shriveled heart
bretton a pic

look for my trust you little floozy
briefly code Shia

Shia love me it’s like Calvin saying
that is dead

you have to earn my respect played down

I’m the adult in your the little baby

I don’t like this guy or you can just
play in this bar to the podcast me alexi

these guys think you’re you’re wrong and
I’m right yeah he’s run

but they parted as understand where it’s
coming from and not that it’s like

he’s not necessarily evil it is very
very misguided

also why do girls get so much trouble
for having sex in the battle guys are


I don’t know isn’t that that’s like a

any a job problem rate I say we stop
that right now we start applauding

everyone for having sex in the past

yes I was not hurting anybody having sex
in the past that’s great yet

good for you let it back let’s make it
better for girls and for guys that we


even the playing field historically let
it be the first copy this round of

applause for anybody is gonna lay

a round of applause both was clapping

one to 3

very tired %ah up her I love her

article up with these pictures I got
here I without

to plastic loving each other hmm a

your at a time that’s more than art at
thank you so much

but to everybody that road in also did I
say I ever did Kylie

wrote that opening thing Sun if this is
your first episode just know that we

open and close every episode with

original theme songs written by you
that’s right

you can submit your own theme song and
send it to a fiery show at gmail dot com

that first one is written by Kylie and
this last one was written by

max driven by alright next day

a thanks guys and we’ll be back on
Monday peace

ok 10 are sure

arts Danny


great Street wells

stymie shout them

marriage cell you

ditto showcased

this month tradition students judge

you deep wells


old tar

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