Episode 94: Ex-Girlfriends


In this episode we discuss weddings, parties, and inventions.

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yeah anyway a we recorded a subset
likely before you left so please enjoy

oh yeah don’t wear things got real p
sometimes you win

sticky situation days straight I am


the top you

here’s what happened to go to Starbucks
in a month than expected news

advice podcast was similar to choose

names make its origins of no means mmm
have them

question-and-answer mean the sitch
leaving the building is wrong you can

ask the

she tangible much triple email if you

made up I can smile and a definite

cuz I’m here to seize the deceased

trust me that was the first time that i

this advice is but they say in the

can handle being played in their usually

and they are suck the the impeached ship

to pack hollow k on a joke that good a
little jerky jerk jerky jerk indeed that

was written

directed it produced starring

recorded who who had the flow is what I
wanna now

and there was Aria love it his website
is music staff

saaf dot com he has music dot com as an

but not until we had a half MU

cells correct I am USIC as I am ISA and
music doc

alright everybody visit I guess music
dichotomous you are the most travellers

site anywhere that the solid five
letters saying no we’re as hell naw


got on earth s AF music saaf tout cas
not about domain may be there

yeah it’s not a good one not the best

yeah it’s no %ah it’s no blue dot com

yeah now like I would be pretty good I
feel you’re going to music something it

to be like a noun

mmm like music pie dot com

music worm I’ll when his leg let me take
that the film music worm

your yeah that’s good as Isaac the
available musical worm

music where is the guide is not
available that you can buy right now for

four thousand dollars military music pi
is available

Music Prize not available either how
much is known for sale for it’s not

known if they’re not even make everybody
they know they know the gold miner

you you know you know to sell you don’t
sell our know yet you that yes it on an

eagle like to give me another noun

I music curtain Muse months kinda thats

a little covers I don’t wanna waste to
entire house is looking rather a my side

I need like a single

musical that sound others getting I

he’s back the is agreed that it was my
gut now the problem is the quiz is takin

really music mucus music mucus

you the money is that is all for I never
did kinda its kinda fun too

look at now they can you guess dot com
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has bill mucus

and I would dispel and you the chus

I Marcus you his own and his ago

ice build and you see USA let’s do

like hell how to spell mucus yeah
acquitted getting further into their

up to 43 minutes later I book your music

doesn’t work but we gotta look at how to
spell you that you know trust me on NEC

US I do kinda

mucus and you see US

the minders yeah mucus snot

or flan try it out with an H they will
do as the air

with the old deal yet assured a
thrilling yeah Marcus

mmm-hmm that’s what you think you’ve
muchas gracias

alright I remember going on music plant

yet music that’s good music plant music

pick carefully aligned

takin I losing button

that’ll be taken earlier in the day get
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ago and I got one was my music but it
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thank you very much that this has been
the domain name suggestions show

there you I am Roger I N Tom that is

then what yep I’m Roger Ebert

okay love weird coincidence we were
behind after

yet this is live is no is he still alive
I know he’s dead

and they’re also gene siskel also passed

a long time ago me I P

hey this is a fiery you the only advice
by cast

the you would know it on the internet
hosted by us unamir

I’m Josh and Louis are just having a
wacky wacky get out it’s been a long day

for us they were a little bit loopy

where high of life a

how does the show work people who are in
dire need of our advice

email us at a fiery show a gmail dot com
and then

we answer those questions on this here
podcast that is the best

you’ve ever done that the best you’ve
ever done

if this is it Lee leaded Noel

you should recently that everywhere
latest in your head before every single

yeah like other government markets are
put on a cassette tape and I’ll press


her listen to it on a lot/land before I
go to bed it was so perfect

um so should we get this party started
right wanna

a fall tell you why not we need

we need a fake name because these real
emails from real people have to be

disguised a little bit to preserve the

who that’s true so why don’t you give
this person

already the first email you gimme give
me a fake name for them

okay at the teenager that helps I’ll

yeah teenager will column Roger klotz

lol I like that Mary funny

manana we’ll get to that later hey guys
I’m a 17-year-old girl from London

well me wish senator patty yeah use that

said Ian in many years sexist my
couldn’t even compute the fact that a

girl could write email

as our editors let’s keeper named Roger
a pair of being on there roger rights

a 17-year-old girl from London so please
forgive me for my

English grammar this Friday there’s a
party for fifteen to eighteen year old

in and around my borough the hosts are
calling it and after exam celebration

i’ve a few questions about this

one that will be weird if I go to this
party because I’m 17

am I too old to I’m not sure if any my
closer friends will be up for it I

haven’t asked them yet but I’m sure I’ll

that I’ll see people I know for safety
in social reasons is a bad that I show

up alone

3 as I’m sure you can tell I haven’t
been too many teen parties and that’s

where my concerns are coming from

that first one I went to was for my
friends 18th birthday in May I had fun I

dance and drink a beer but I got a
little self-conscious because I saw girl

who knew me as a really studious person

I felt someone awkward and I kinda just
sat down for an hour and a half until my

mom picked me up

i jus really wanna know how one acts at
a party thanks love Roger clots

mmm tell you what Roger don’t go to the
party at I think after hearing your


you’re not the kinda person I’d why
around you relax I’m fine I’m just i jus

wanna know i jus wanna know what if
somebody sees major

exam studious ya those sizes for fifteen
eighteen year old and 17 mucho

third-party if I go should I go let
alone or with friends that fine

how to a party before and I saw a girl
that I knew they ran down I just freaked

out so i sat down for an hour to happen
in my mind giving up me

I am a million voters party telemacho I
got him there is because I and II mean

the age range but they’re too old

if you say I that I should go I have a
couple follow-up call a question for you

namely I what times they show up what
times they leave recovery leverage its

July consumer to the pier

should they be liquor should they be a
while I’m to smoke a cigarette and I’m

opportunistic above a week if I’m

if I’m not high too I asked to smoke
more weed or do I pretend I’m hi

by pretending I will be able to
interpret anything I would like it too


with my mom comes to pick me up dude
late now waiting for outside the because

the cosmic

well I start a conversation well I say
to them you don’t

always have to ask questions you don’t
always have to know the answers

sometimes you just show up at the party
in you let

the you go with the flow a

the air that’s really afraid it’ll bills
I am it up it’s called girl with the PLO

goal with low older girl with PLO

goal with the PLO ol girl with blue

at the nursing this is the party I
Berlin the Rohingya I don’t know Scotch

eggs enter

were doing was people eat at parties
what a credibility issue nailed it with

a guide to egg

it’s the sky jeopardy I

what is this guy it’s a I believe it the
neg that’s rolled around in some sorta

demo and then deep-fried I just love how

I feel like everyone has these questions
but there might grow their

maker thought I’ve at the party they
dislike ruffled through your mind while

you don’t really consider them she’s
actually like

taking the time to like sit down like
yeah I’m not sure if any my friends will

go should I go alone when should I get
there for safety and social reasons as a

bad herself alone

like these are the maker thought that
you have when you’re walking into a

party but you can try to

maybe that’s what the alcohols forward
sort of nuns that

analytical part of your brain and I just
like says to yourself hand under the

stove actually matters it’s a party

yeah as far as the age range is
concerned you told us that the party for

15 the 18-year-old’s

you’re not even 15 or eight you know
even borderline

your smell its if you’re not sick ever
figured he has 13 and 17 are the too

good a deal as the sweet spot now

if anything 17 is better because then
your little bit older yeah you got the

upper hand you have the perfect age for
it me 58-year-old 17 broom perfect

if it bad if I show up alone I guess
it’s a little weird you don’t get mad on

a long it is I think it’s fine I don’t
think you can personally handle it me

are no this yes girl I think you better
at that shit is which I’ll let somebody

go with one at the very least you can
talk to them and have a glass a wine

before you do

yeah I get a little she’s 17 I we are on
the tree ages in London early eighteen

ok 18 I don’t do anything that I said

yeah obey the law yeah I course I think
that’ll be the most fun to the party

yeah and obey the law uploaded a la

but none of that matters nothing matters
we’re all gonna die we’re all here for


but were all but that little butterflies
are flapping are

our wings and and it nothing’s important
nothing last forever

were all dust in the wind do whatever
you want edit

I don’t take the party so seriously but

honestly girl like you gotta go on yeah

like every year like listening to this
so hey I like it we are with

yeah I i think you’re you’re a dime your

you’re dying or whatever that whatever
and another dime a dozen attend pair is

not your health and the plant has peace

yeah attend attend the quid you’re a

a but then the offense was the prickly

a yeah chill out relax have fun

you’re beautiful you have fun at the
party if you don’t think so much and

the more parties go to the moral actual
be everybody go to you going to be a


you’re gonna be a little freaked out
that’s why when you saw someone you know

well by the way you will see people that
you know at this party to ideally

yeah and but don’t freak out don’t just
sit down and to win to your mom comes a

valuable thing that you

that everybody should know is that no
one is paying more attention to you

then you are to yourself right that a
lot actually true like dance parties

do you think that that girl is saw you
which is like OC usually studies

with the this is it that is so strange
energy told people

she saw you I was like okay and then she
was like

deep into her own insecurities and my
way as you are the kids are how much she

was drinking here we have a beer

her hey sir the silhouetted perhaps
looks like a pumpkin yeah

every 12 okay was on the 10 apart Union

maybe everybody has their own hang ups
and you’re getting lost in your thinking

that other people are thinking about
your hangups but they’re not they’re

just thinking about their own and the
best thing you can do

is set them free and has gone up and
have a good time bill again nobody cares

everybody’s gonna die or are beautiful

what’s your hang up when you are going
to a party um

I E I guess I would like to be

I don’t know when I walk into like what
am I in secure about year were you

hoping nobody or everybody notices about

I am I don’t they come really the

when I walk in new party wear my
thinking about yeah

I guess I don’t ever wanna I don’t wanna
look like I’m a loner like I don’t know

what where I’m going right so I wouldn’t
want I’ll

but I don’t really think about this a
lot at all but I guess what I will cross

my mind if I like walked in somewhere

and I didn’t know how to get a drink I
wouldn’t like that I would have I don’t

wanna be a go where’s the you don’t ask
anybody where’s the bar and I’m walking

around and I don’t know what’s going on
I also don’t really like to be seen

waiting in the bathroom

I that looks like oh I michael a week
guy with the

little a battle Blatter I am going to do
something private

excuse me say if you have to use the
restroom there’s a line you just don’t


I what I guess I would if I really had
his restroom but on my mind when I’m

when I’m waiting by yeah I see don’t
like to be seen waiting galleon way deep

if I’m waiting in line for the restroom
which I will do as I come above waiting

in a row

but like I would feel vulnerable like I
was waiting in line for the restroom in

like an attractive girl came up inches
I’m is like a how are your idea on this

is that I don’t want another MP

I have to pee because maybe there’s
nothing call you could do when you’re

waiting in line

leads like you’re looking you’re not an
hour later

yet nobody wants to be like the guy at
the party I look at you and your on


yeah I will really that knew that one
man securities at a party he had won a

BMI founder ray

very much don’t the iPhone is hard
because sometimes you like that really

fall at that party to you like

oh my friend the text we need not to get
here really I even a text

texting which is relatively cool is
still a little bad a little lame you and

everybody on the phone just looks lame
at a party held legally

yeah you look like you’re you need is it
that you might as well be playing a

a game on your phone right lookin across

a crowded bar something interesting like
people’s faces illuminated with the blue

light of shame

I play Ono that person’s not at the
moment that person’s that enjoying

themselves that person does not have fun

with your the a maybe style like a
specific thing that I’m wearing

like remember when we were at the party
recently in you

everyone told me to but not my short
sleeve shirt all the way to the top yeah

so like when I have that going on I just
can’t not think about that and I hope to


one it doesn’t look stupid in to YouTube
it looks cool it’s not like

%uh who’s that guy trying to look cool
did you think about

all night when you had it on a maybe not
on a bit like definitely like when I

meet someone I’m like oh gosh they

they’re looking at that but in that
specific button that I’ve but nafta like

act like I created this trend

even though I’ve I’m rising right now
the last person to join date:

I maybe since then it’s change because
it’s been a week but yeah

yeah a Wang I they leave school year

thanks did preciate welcome will I did
it because he said it would look cool

yeah yep iraq

Nextel moving on

who have I don’t have that too picked up
on my government big just tooted

looted no I did not do it was your
tonight into is seeded minor

hype it’s like that under my neighbors

you just matter will be caution though
you do it by leaders there deep staccato

I did I resent this the presenters like
Family Guy The

the the drum my tummy drum upper

it you really be really competitive rate

still playing all 48 I

a who another female BB bluff

well go on that there be said thank you

BB bluff rights hey guys so my sister
recently got engaged in even though the

wedding isn’t until next year have been
thinking a lot about it

I am a lesbian and my girlfriend and I
have been dating for about a year and a

half now

I love her with all my heart and I wanna
take you to the wedding the only problem

is my future brother in law’s
grandparents last family

are very traditional and think my sexual
orientation is a sin

and that I will burn in hell I really
want to take my girlfriend but I am

worried that it will cause his family to
be upset

and I don’t want to create any problems
my sister and her fiance are very

supportive us

but I’m still not sure I don’t just
wanna take ur an act platonically

should I not go with her or just say
fuck you and take her anyway

takes be blood or should I just say fuck
you to them and take her anyway

quick answer fuck you take her anywhere
see that’s what I thought you’d say

but think about it a little bit she
might ru not that she will do it

but bringing the girlfriend might ruin
the wedding she doesn’t want to be

responsible for that

they were in the wedding in might have
all these people are angry at her

they won’t be but what if they are then
they can fuck up

but there %uh they they can run hell so
they’re the ones are

but if it 8 because it their hate yeah

a retreat all their hey it but is is it
is it by bringing it

they can’t dictate here dictate with

alright the better never serve their
like we will

walk at the wedding the entire family
walk either waiting to bring the growth

when you would still say you have done

yes of course even and then a you feel

you’re taking you are on the wrong side
of history at a at a moment away from

you not that I agree we know you’re
sharing the moment with your loved ones

and they should be sharing the moment
with their loved ones in that person’s

loved ones and these

do love ones aren’t saying to anybody
that you should invite

your loved ones now know anybody there
may be a delay so that they’re making

about hate when it should be about love

near and I don’t I don’t side with the

enemy the bigots yet at the same time
what if

what if you bring them and then it just
creates bring your girlfriend

and it creates this weird situation
where the wedding is running in that you

have that on your conscience a little

I we would be on your conscience should
be on your cunt and you didn’t ruin the


his bride a you brought somebody you
love to the wedding so ugly you’re



a I guess you can’t be dating Liz let’s
say you’re dating like an

Asian woman an year brother was getting
married and their

a brother’s wife’s entire family

be Emily hated Asian people and where
there are like

if IFI see an Asian person at this
wedding it’s gonna create a huge

chaotic mess will and it’ll be it’ll
destruct the wedding this

Carlisle lady’s head first of all next
year yet this may not be true they might

just like

know the like but I don’t think yet its
insane for them to be like we hate

lesbian so much that if one shows up at
our wedding party will leave

yet no nobody’s looking at the

at the groom sisters day right but only
if I think your fly under the radar more

than you think

but you can see why she’s apprehensive
she doesn’t wanna

create any any like take any attention
away from her sister

all I can imagine is am

I mean fuck the the spouses

parents rather hate yeah all I can
imagine is her saying like

to her loved one I don’t wanna subject
to you

to their scored right you don’t deserve

right I wouldn’t at like any amount of
discomfort that the bigots feel

i think is justified and I think the

deserve to be punched in the throat a
little out there I think

yeah I think I should be a physical
physical hours ago but I figured that

out I we’re oh yeah

tickets yeah physically yes a physically
and I just think theory

is a is it legal to punch someone if
they’re being racist towards you

racism is illegal isn’t it

I don’t think it is for a bag races I’m
not a legal thinking racist thoughts is

not a legal

right stupid freedom of expression

know your like and we just create a
world where

the racism was outlawed should be

can we just make racism illegal should
be should as I wonder if that exists

anywhere in the world where it’s like if
you have negative thoughts about other

people based on the other races dream

I would you say that the utopian future

a sad little dystopian future if people
can a

see your dream it’s a near-term
definitely an instant it interesting

philosophical debate

pressure should racism be illegal I’m
gonna google that later

we’re gonna put up the question on music
but dot com

him a message board way in

as here saying bring your of course I

ask your lady friend if she even wants
to go to this wedding

based on all the information you want to
bring her there and then have

like a blind sided with this hate what
if we ever know there’s no I altogether

later cards out on the table but you
shouldn’t be like

don’t present the information in a way
that makes it sound like you don’t want

to go to your gay K

is wendy is coming up this whole family
does new one she there do I come

they hey this wedding really important
to me I would love to have you there

I just don’t you to feel uncomfortable
these people are big it’s the these

people are assholes

but I want you there and I think we can

still dance the night away and have a
great time and and

you know if they’re hate gets the best
and look at the best I’ve us

yeah that’s a good line lol

their hey won’t get the best the bus and
I think so

if anything it should unify you guys
make you stronger

if anything you should get married that
day what you wanna still attention from

your sister you get married

that’s a good idea yeah you guys but the
grind on the dance floor apt like as

your mid 69

I as the fathers hanging his head in
shame saying I would have been fine with

anything but

this a use you you’ve turned this entire
thing into a UNAMID call leaders yeah

sex you know and and and then you say
will you marry me to your girlfriend

a you use the same priest and that there
is there

catering yes so in a way that year in a
way this

this bigot father actually paid for the
weather yeah hopefully fortunately


a gay marriage is legal in this state
that there that the other measures

though met wedding is happening better
believe you never want to be the last

eight that legalizes something

right so finally Wyoming is just like
pocket alright everyone knows your last


I they could be Leila why we’re even
know I am I value I would

I would imagine it’s not I would
estimate it’s an Alabama

and Alabama and Mississippi will be late
as last year

well 4958 their I don’t know

smart money’s on Alabama from I’ll check
the Vegas book see what they have

with the line is unless otherwise it is
it was

a mississippi year cuz alums got some
colleges yeah

liberal hugs for sure yeah

Tuscaloosa good luck Godspeed let us
know the wedding is

bring your lady friend your have fun do
it it’s a wedding

yes the bill weddings are fun because it
other people paying for you to have fun

they’re not fun for the people getting
married right but they’re fun frog and

to celebrate love

yeah thats weddings are just fun because
they’re free shit the world like a free


also well these are kinda expensive
enough for you

over the person gun and yeah well I mean
you just did not if it’s like

let’s say your thumb was gay marriage LA
and a slap on a suit go have a really

nice read entire day and what about the
wedding that we had to go to

that we got married I doing up in San

oh that shore how is that punishment you

yeah I am Sam science and could all end

but I love you guys hmm a euro was booed
at that one for bringing your asian

lesbian girlfriend remember

yeah but those early cuz I just know
that nice up a

then I should we take a break ur answer
more questions

inject the time against all questions

the we need a dude name um

speeder Miskito ballantine is there is a

renews mosquito mmm their own name I

I sahnoun you after the bug everyone

be I guess be is a nice name miss .0 the
bad one

lot also has a worse where we’re a lot
so the words because they’re just

their ordinary in their meaning they can
sting forever yeah

they’re like bees but the bus the bus
level and IBM

I alright ready ya hey guys I recently
joined in on that tender game my initial

intention was to use it to meet girls in
my area who were interested in a casual

one night stand type relationship

pretty standard so far yep that’s

last week I matched with someone almost
instantly and got her number when we

started talking and found that she loved
about a two-hour drive

away from Sydney Australia and was only
there for the day although she said she

came down frequently

my problem here is this after about a

have constant talking I’ve started to
develop feelings for this person I

haven’t even met yet

I still wanna have sex with her but I
don’t want to go too deep

no pun intended and become involved in a
not only serious but long distance


we have a lot in common and both seem to
find each other very attractive

so do I continue on further down the
rabbit hole emotion and uncertainty

or do i abort and keep on swiping advice
from both the view is appreciated and

even though he cops keeps up crap

for these kinds of things I will take
amir’s advise just as seriously as


thanks for your help you gotta be
careful here did you do not

doe it does that you guys are on the
fast track towards marriage is that you


messaging for a week you haven’t met yet
but you find each other very attractive

and you have a lot in common so that
sounds like you guys are

I mean exclusive at this point to be
sure at the very least in love

I you pull that the ball Dave coolly and
cut it out cut it out you gotta cut this


of dude million not only in the bud
before the butt she’s obsessed with you

right now

and as I healthy is not good your chest
up a KU I mean it’s been

I mean it’s been a couple days now I’m
I’m I am

I applaud this guy for being so against
relationships that he is willing to cut

of a relationship

because he has something the likes this
girl over text

what you have is called the Crocs yeah
and it’s I’ll stop you right now

I can only only sleep with people I
don’t like it has to be completely

meeting yet have to be absolutely put on
a card can you imagine

worst case scenario I meet this girl and
I don’t even wanna say but laker

yeah there’s a zero-tolerance policy
here internationally by later

I can’t imagine that and then what we
just looked as a

get along you’re right now we we don’t
hate each other

yeah well but he is trying to be very
pragmatic and avoid long distance thing

so early on in the game we ate you don’t
your is being %uh peeped primary he’s

being neurotic years even met the person
yet bro

but in what he does need ernie does like
really does end up in a long distance


got her did you meet her like arian
fucker I mean shit

that that be horrible right I think you
have the and

d you’ve got this incredible outta love
I don’t wanna

seriously date anybody that lives two
hours from me now that’s a good so there

you go

sleep with their hurdles lieber the
Justice League there but I mean

meet up with their hangout CB like urs
the if you guys Biebs if she likes you

CVS want to explore that part of a
relationship that’s all good that’s all

cool and then if

you know she wants more and you don’t
then you can be straight up with their

injures their want to get into a
relationship with them really live so

far away

the dudes sort of understand a little
bit like if you’re in a motive like I

don’t want to be in a relationship and
you start

liking someone don’t you also find
yourself sometimes I wanted to cut it

off before it gets too serious

I’m never ever had the problem love like
starting to like someone by accident

I always don’t like any I I don’t know
that is to be a

Ono I’m getting close to you and I
didn’t want this it’s just like

okay I don’t like your hair value at all
right you can just get you never did a

really does turn it off after bone age

I can turn it on and off like like
lights yeah

actually easier than let’s kiss & as you
forget to turn lights off yeah

while you always is constantly dislike
people this is order these are


my battery after that not even the
clapper that requires and is a lot like

for there’s not they’re not a democrat

third another out or garage latest a the
automatic one that you feel you’ve never

had to replace you never have to think

on and off yeah convenient their their
fluorescent dyes to get emotional it’s

just the

no ideal am NOT yes abject I can you
tell if your eyes are open or closed it


just pitch pitch tired up empty my eyes
are open my eyes are closed

my heart is broken about and those

up hoon your nose really is rocket yeah

yet you Oct into the garage door yes as
tu dharti lights did not go on

other soldiers just I would have done if

yeah worst case scenario you like a girl
no point in cutting off serbia

before you even meet then that’s very
very premature

yeah that’s crazy premature I

you download it entered have a one night
stand you accidentally been chatting

with the girl for a couple days that

see what happens yeah I don’t think
you’re getting too close right now

I don’t think that happening at all yeah

mmm he is doing it right he does is in
Australia as I can only assume

everyone’s is very attractive

yeah I’ve never met an Australian that
was under six foot 5420

we tended Australia ray yeah we should
go to us chillin

I really would like to go let’s make a
pact right now

we never go to Australia because I’m
afraid a meeting this girl

wire and falling in love with their yeah
i right hand sorted into that that’s

really close with ur

de single life though yeah bad yeah I

sali the dole all

and I now we could take a break

thank you finally anything on it the
discusses serotonin stretcher stuff at

I don’t know if there’s anything you
want to talk about specifically

ok we should talk about the other
sponsor the equally important sponsor

for this episode

and that’s slug books dot com for those
the UN college

were about to help you out the bookstore
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text books are crazy expensive so what
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so let’s try to help them out if you’re
in college go check a map

thank you um what else

summer’s almost over it’s crazy flew by
didn’t yeah we’re looking forward to

summer all year long

and by the time is over the comes out
it’ll be mid-august were recording this

in January

but as answer to that Britain mid-august

that’s good it is it’s crazy to think
about August when you’re in highschool

August sucks

yeah I guess that’s all got it so over
it over this is

it and it somewhat now August is the
sunday over the summer

howard said that before and your
birthdays in August

yeah is that a bad thing and

my birthday was always early enough in
August that it was okay my family also

we always go on vacation in August so it
wasn’t really happy like

excited a little bit but it was yeah I
was bittersweet like the

the end of that vacation was really the
end of the summer for me it was like

we get back have three days before

did read read read school yeah like it
was like back to school shopping like

give you high

this oh yeah I would I was a good

goes like Steve sorry to see those
commercials like in July and August

other I are listed over Christmas Rio

didn’t you you for back to school yeah I
was like I was the one that was leg

money take me to Staples today oh oh no
it’s till July

oh who cares that houses like love
flying down the aisle like with one on

my feet on the card is gliding down the

wide ruled college ruled the
highlighters dividers they’re all great

in their

well on the devise a rather weird story
that you had where you live went to

school with the run

oh yeah at the hotel is a little before

oh no you told them you out there has so

I was like this is like the ultimate
like sign up non-americans

my parents didn’t don’t know what

rules are for american schools there’s

we got this class listeners like
supplies annals like come to school with

two notebooks

and sell my dog is given to note book
sale they are these are this is third

grade for the first time ever had to
bring notebooks

like wide ruled notebooks are college
ruled notebooks like I’d sure I come in

at like

I have like one notebook that I’d like
Marvin the Martian on it likes

the spine is at the top and it’s like a
three and a half bye bye index card size

the kind can you give to like little
kids like pretend they’re played


yep and the other one is like even small
that they go booklet it’s like a book of

coupons that the smaller the

article your figure no books everyone
has their media

wide ruled standardize no buzzards like

shit eyes legs slide my little like Kobe

a for got mine at all you didn’t even
try to bring at them over the motel

merging my shock and horror Nash area by
brought that out like

this is my notebook bitches Lola God

unlimited I never recover from that

yeah you still after an open to this day
at people thought only Marvin

oh my god you know it’s a good thing is
the I have some friends that always have

a pen on them I think I’m gonna start
doing that

it’s a it’s a convenient thing when it
happens yeah but I think you mean you

when you explode in pocket

okay nevermind I’m not going to do that
anymore smart I

their pens I depends like on my around
me I have 1i always keep one in my


what’s good hours keep one in that that
tin box in my room doors attended the

pen box I always keep one in the

in the glove compartment in my car are
the cuts and a councillor Mike

the athletes get revenge lol I pay my or
let I know

where they are the back that’s usually
the most convenient

you know that I’d like is a pen holder
an issue I’d like my view about issues

that have a pen

holder I can slide it in slide it out I
always got a ban on me because I was got

my shoes

I had on my shoes I’m at home I got my
pen at home amount about

I better than you yeah I shipping

this is me on shark tank as you pay
anyway the shoe pens retail for 295


obviously it’s a regular shoe that we do
a lot of work John after the fact

I want you guys to buy 5 percent of the
company fell 1.6 million dollars your

phone when is that that is

I shucks the one if you have a pet they
all do

okay way good

yeah they all give y’all giving the Pats

good well yes you gotta get sharks
though they were here in bed

guide on my reading on my phone when
other guys doesn’t make it better

held up but where you can get better I
have won a major without that really so

it already exists my

got a jittery third the marketplace now
I feel like you’re not so much a winner

lit up anybody crazy idea

it isn’t it isn’t it isn’t the most a
dumb idea

I goodbye I can see it in the in like be
a invention convention

be a I that kind invention

yeah is that a thing the invention
convention you never had it

now I was at a high school thing at know
we had in third grade

well third and fourth grade I think it
was the invention convention and


comes up with the invention we make a
prototype her

and then you have like the convention
you when you go into the

a statewide Nash I remember what their
popular ones from your school or

anything better than issue Ben I am too
happy with the

Alec I can only remember mind in israel

I mine was a harmonica over there was a
post it note at the end of it

my will my initial one with the beach

and it was a wagon that you can bring on
the beach that could add like bigger


tires a wagon yeah it was like a

kinda like a you know I’m wagons have

thin wheels that you wouldn’t imagine
being a used and the you couldn’t drag

wagon across the beach

here a.m. like you could have big

tires they would be easier to he won the

sup so that was my invention at

but it had existed sharks how many have
you have a wagon right

we’re dragging the raga donated don’t
want to be at the helm is a good manager

with even worse I

there is a is a weird thought I

who is called the bookshelf organizer

and I A is my mind I thought a problem

in bed existed in society was you had a
shelf with too many books on it you can

find details that you wanted

okay so this was observed for this is a
someone have a problem I can understand

I you yeah this thing just had slots so

sort imagine a bookshelf I a comer nada

Rd where have you ever since he started
talking about bookshelf okay so instead

so then they’re also these other
vertical compartments sorta like

dividers in a

yeah dividers throughout but it was the
on a sliding scale see you coulda

you could remove wanna the think I use

it’s almost like the light particle
board you’d like slide it over and have


all all your books it’s almost like a
vertical dresser

yeah yeah it’s a sliding about

slightest about simmered aliens that a

I think you’re giving me too much credit
I pay the fare back just a little bit

realize how do you know who it is the
divider it was like a droid books

as a you pull the divider out yet it was
just like another

littles it was like a a sleeve a
particle board

mmm so like you can have three books and
then to be the particle board

and the two books appease the particle
by Ryan five books these particle board

but if you wanna do you can remove the
peace that the particle board so there’d

be like

eight books in a row over to go it’s
very multi-faceted

yeah I mean 05 literally any number of
books UK

world yeah there was like to an
unlimited number of slots so you can

move the particle board yeah

at your whim so there was yessir
sometimes you have like a small

compartments and I do you have a wide

the bookshelf organizer a

but I really organizers much as it does
just group celebrates the books yeah

at the D compartmentalize ur its it was
it didn’t win

I gotta you definitely got second place
it did not win no ribbons for you

not taken place I don’t think that place
yeah I

it was a disgrace it was then that bad
in my

and actually my books were all displays

a alright good solid

saw that’s the break that the break
that’s the ideal break

them’s the breaks yeah and them was the

but one last question on do that

even though we’re already at the four th
minute mark and I am delirious

you distill the areas right now yeah
earlier yes we had a full day

very that started at noon a alright but

yet 30 11 hours also we need a

a last name arce we need a first name

we need the last first name give me a
fucking maybe the guy or a girl to it

a its a guy

mister dick not a thing year lamar bone

hi boys buckle up so I had been dating
this girl for two years when we went to


ended the long distance thing Miami New
York while we were at school we kinda

had a Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy

so we both knew that she had gotten with
a couple people but she thought that I

hadn’t been with anyone

actually I had been with 15 ish

we picked up right where we left off
during each break but once summer came

around she decided that things weren’t
the same

and broke up with me shortly after the
breakup I left my phone at a mutual

friend’s house after party

she ended up with my phone in realize
that I had been with other girls at


she got super pissed that I am delighted
about those girls

my question is am I in the iran is there
anything I can do to remedy that I

apparently hurt hurt hurt

also how long is normal to wait to see a
new person once broken up

you know being respectful and all thanks

mister dinkins to date you’re a saint I

this assay to rate wise is sane because
he’s like still concerned you this is

not have it is his problem not it is

yeah that’s not I mean it’s not a knife
that he slept and 15 ish people and said

that he and curled up with anybody

%uh there was the party their policy
right over the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell so

why did he ask if you didn’t have to
tell you viewed him as a saint because

this is kinda view

was done as Don’t Tell but I

I think he is just mad at this girls mad
and unlike and I the rightly why she

pissed at me I didn’t do anything wrong
I’m yelling better she doesn’t get it

so associate that with people it’s cool
because they had a policy that was Don’t

Ask Don’t Tell yeah I did the same thing
but he did

he held up his end of the bargain we
have not to tell right which is now that

she didn’t hold up her into the body to
maybe you should be mad at her

yeah because retailers yes then told he
hasn’t told she asked you didn’t tell

that’s fine I then she goes on she
breaks up with you

okay whatever she had a issue said got
your phone went through it

and she’s upset with you yeah you’re not
my girlfriend you’re just a stranger who

went through my phone and you can’t do

and buck 50 if she’s your ex girlfriend
she could be mad at you it doesn’t


your ex girlfriends as opposed to email
you there’s the proposed a

you but your ex girlfriend doesn’t even
count as a person as

I her ex and I’m not saying it because
it’s a girl it at

like your X is she’s a shadow they
venice is a shadow on a wall see both

love you too

you don’t exist to her either another
shouldn’t exist

to each other to our God that is yeah
allah ne thing does not derail

dollar goes for understand that I you
don’t exist

you’re invisible she’s dust in the wind
you as you do not have a relationship

that is not a dead branches just the
strangers who never existed yet so she’s

dead dead implies that you had something
that was God’s I’ll

yeah exactly so you mad at me you are

your I don’t know you yeah it’s
vehicular me walking up the sauna

grocers there shaking that we are

how dare you yeah exactly like the idea
how dare you I don’t know you are you

who are you is what you would say so
she’s as you look up with 15 girls at

school you say sorry

do we know each other I

good and she says yes we dated for three
years of an hour maybe my phone back

all right here you go that’s what you
say RA

tough love from Jake to you to her

what do you say grovel beg for

she deserves better than that you
monster you monster man

now as I mean I was gonna say the act
you got it you nailed it

which is you don’t tell her anything
because she is

you know

sheath this crisis that’s my fart dude
that’s my prosthesis

she’s up party ago but marches in under

broken fart a deserted oh and then

I love the second grade and how long is
no the wait to see a new person was

broken up you know what

real being respectful and all you know
the respect anybody want to break up

yeah you can do whatever you are US
relate to an ex release: after the best

part of breaking up

they their feelings don’t have to matter
to you anymore

aligned respect somebody and like them
and not want the

them to feel hurt but you don’t have to

worry you’re free your it is your own
person again

here beginning right into another
relationship seems not

I mean I guess is that disrespectful I
just wouldn’t recommend it

right but not necessarily help the I
don’t think you’d have fun doing that


hey what do we know I i mean it is is
weird to be like

I just got out a relationship when you
break up with somebody do you feel like

you’ve been

out of a relationship for a long time
anyway %uh because in your brain it’s

already been over for a while

yeah especially this whole long distance
Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and surprise that I

didn’t succeed

that easily abroad a solid foundation on
which to build any trusting

relationships have you break up with

I’m so over that person that well you’ve
never been broken up with

it ever blindside India rate

have you been dumped no god no I mean I
would never be dumped

right I am I’ve never been in a
relationship right thought things were

going great and then they just ended

but you’ve been a really and the other
side that maybe where I

with 00 the person I’m with yeah I think
it was either going great

I still like you I is this happening

maybe yeah I oil well you know you don’t
have any extra frenzy is have ghosts

just did r.i.p

IP we just killed the globe

but iight r.i.p the

who r.i.p resident was a that

a cool duty but thanks guys for emailing
us in

that email address if you have your own
problemas is if I were you show

act gmail dot com the G stands for

we never actually specified that y’all
don’t know that ha yeah

Google owns gmail I heard saying where
the plug in the internet so you could

definitely do searches that’s the same
share yeah

all part of the gene pool gmail chrome

that’s all good yeah and I was like
where they make bank do if you have an

idea of an Apple iPhone

that Google to know that Apple but like
all I M Google

a lot of Google search as its cash
renewed I know

it my eyes when I like two little three
but they have cash you that you get

money Boeheim Google and let you know
your money they get on a

if you don’t think they’re not agree
you’re okay with the item I have

I totally not if you don’t think the
Google Google

Apple a non-apple saying and pay the
money they are all the same

like you’re done anything come they’re
all clear channel I was either way

rather be really our company I

your eyes in this is the time it’s only
right now I know this is the lesson and

your everyone to learn

okay okay I’m Ivy League yards the I i
actually all in

the entire world is owned by 6p oh my

rupert murdoch you’re building a season
that Warren Buffett

Barack Hussey nyo far as I the 1i AM

and and n the rest what I have four yeah

okay 55 is the Jews what for

yeah 0 he has every Jew yeah

%ah on les Moonves says 6

and I’m lead singer said 67

he said six people are I and then you
know all they’ll be able

and then two million people and then on
your person

there may or may not be jewish himself
rupert murdoch up

anyway Google stealing your cash you
heard it here third

the we open and close everything

every every episode with new teams on
custom theme songs made to spare town

the fans

the first song was from Aria music but
I’m um

and class to learn it from Grant Musser

see you next week y’all it all

okay 0

shoddy fun bombing that

the inside hello

her in

you think


won’t make it


in huh

the its in

you yeah for me

for me

love light is no longer limited to the
coast to coast radio model

that’s true doctor Dru we are now global
an on-demand the park s1 dot com to


four shows right your computer or phone
take us with you

on your commute or even a worker to the
gym for a three-shot wherever you go in

take it

download it same old love line show that
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