Episode 95: Minnesota


In this episode we discuss new love, old photos, and dealing drugs.

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on a short week me and is

the just get started this was a very

awesome that the search things got real
for sure but a in addition to that

they got a little bit fake which i think
he has a love preciate

let’s get started need by you is about
to begin

new gun into very good me the

you need in the new year long regretted

back to my regret we actually might
regret it Yahoo

you show whom starts by

now in how are you show

sky its yeah

the Michael shawl

Michael Schultz ladies and gentlemen
he’s cool

keep your eye on is here is a rising
star a

yeah I guess keep your eye on this one
but to keep your eye on this one Michael


he’s just got that cool 8 Jason meraz
like when he

when he plays a song it sounds like he’s

yeah in an ATM and Aki Aki been keeping

yeah a little fun with his music yeah
and I had a fight with his music is not

letting his music up on with him

oh you have no what’s a

years sir Muir the dialogue Michael

a if the dialogue you have no you

you don’t have any authority on this
yeah the but I feel like I zarrella

musical your nephew a perfect pair

I you have perfect pitch him you know to

okay C sharp CES show

up another one prove me wrong

a he the yet again

her EA again the I

near the rail is consistent with you I
can’t prove your honor then 09 up either

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up in here year tnx you so worried about

making loses cool yeah I really like the

he went there to lose his cool yeah
billion ever had is cool

right well to may be outside may be

ideas wanted that’s what your debt now
from the beginning the air max you

honestly you outside from the get-go

the don’t put that on me it been bombs

call should we r nothing that the

your you’re in a dark place year

with the matter sorry what’s Gucci bud

we got high yesterday and I haven’t
recovered oh we did get high last night

didn’t we

let’s say that for the break pass it

as a hatter the show work people email
us a

in need advice and we try our best to
answer their emails

yeah a look it we’re hearing it now
whether they what the hell did we used

to say

I dunno the world’s different every time
they are a cell

these are really emails from real people

and we are going to give them fake names
to preserve their

anonymity and nah nah nah nah nah nah
nah nah cell

do you have a fake name for this first
email let’s do you the Miss

stoners like us it a

is pretty well known for a we’re

in getting high comedy weeds this one
comes from Cheech and Chong hull

bother them cheat in town one guy named

Chan the rights hey guys I’m from
England and on my way to moving to

Australia we visited family in Minnesota

I matched with an absolute diamond
tender and after two days of talking we

hooked up

I really like this girl and I have the
option to go to university

in Minnesota if I live in Australia it
will be easier to fulfil my career

being a pilot but if I come back I’ll
get the girl

but have a harder time becoming a pilot
is this girl worth it

keep in mind the sex was great any help
would be much appreciated sincerely

teach in charge it inchon you got it all

it come it she’s married but

your little bit to Karen not alone I

and charm with his last name Tommy John
Tommy John glad to ride with John

don’t do iran I yeah

sound like you’re jumping the gun a
little bit a its

and I did sleep with a girl should do
not move to Minnesota for her

at the decent idea I remember

um when I slept with a girl I wanted to
move to Minnesota to

yeah a hollow she lived in California
some girl holes I

/url laws other on the lam got handed a

it’s a little excessive to match with
somebody and 10 their sleep with them

no matter how good the sex is no matter
how much of a dime si is

to change your life call its good

aidid’s there are living in Australia
/url live in Minnesota

the job is in the last year earlier so
you’re from London on your way to

Australia by way of minnesota and you
think a fuck it

I slept with one girl here all live here

I think this is me forever this is where
I can go to have sex

it’s nice here in July certainly the
weather doesn’t dip well below what

seventy sixty-degree

think I can handle the cold you are
you’re all weather focused I’m just you

know this is just a dumb move

you’re you’re obsessed with whether from
Australia to Minnesota that’s the


yea and have word that’s good for you
eggs are good weather out with your

weather alone so like

in a way it no matter who is left with
you would be like now the weather is bad

don’t move there

a yeah in addition to that yeah your I’m
just anti coward leather

alright so imagine this happened in
southern california he’s on his way from

from London I would think it’s a
slightly better idea

really year uses the head nod Minnesota
now and I are now

hundred-ton nobody out is done or not to
live there not a dominant third is there

bad weather know it to move their

Minnesota’s great your prime minister
and blahhh the leather is that is really

all state on black

they’ve called it is it’s an arctic
blast it’s a winter blast leading

okay it’s painfully called I’ll put him
on blast

for sleep with someone once and then I

say what you want to be a relationship
with them

that is like if that alone is kinda
insane to be like

okay we live in the same time we slept
together now are we now

should I be in a relationship with this
person you’re talking about moving

somewhere for someone and awaiting your
unlike is this girl worth it

I this even what you did Year’s Eve
found out she’d prolly be like your

early Lauren Rousseau

yeah this is a little too much disliked
this on this girls then it’s like

I slept with this guy it was alright but
like you know his own Australia search

got like a nursery yet

actually I’ve been thinking about it his
own I think I wanna Libyan and his robe

England up

L very well then with a Mac said I can
only do one

it either American or not america the
their American you’re silly Voice

so I yeah I think this is I think I’ll
stay here

only 80 new blood a year /url OK to

a before look chip committee
chairmanship million Egyptian

Chiru moved to Minnesota

to be with you I

yeah I don’t move to Minnesota you can
be a pilot you’ll have plenty of sex

that way

you’re going to Australia to become a
pilot promise you should have sex in

Australia there may be a wanna live

yeah just yet at least right have sex in
two different places and then you decide

the veces at the beginning of a
relationship you can only imagine that

its gonna stay that amazing for ever and

right you all the everything a.m. think
about the good big yeah which

right when you had a tendered single
tender day that ends in boning you’re

like oh this girls the best this is the
best possible relationship the Act will


meet up have sex for ever and old live
my life in 10 percent orgasm yet ever

said orgasm in this dream state called
Minnesota this miraculous city called

Saint Paul

I you know they’re actually from and now
many right

her by now many did it did it

not only a day dated to I I

come I don’t move to Minnesota that the
final answer will say do not move to


it it you know it gets better for a girl

this or girls it now I’m not like you
not to put Minnesota blast

as others got its perks yeah I mean it’s
great they’re

three months ended the year whose fight

both I now

moving onwards on to the next on to the

will never talk about that guy ever
again I

their whole lives a we need a lady is an

is there are limits email stone Smith

stones Smith I am

lotta glazer brazil is the billion

Ilana Glazer right hey as

I’ve known my current fiance for a good
part of a decade but we’ve only

beneficial for less than a year

we recently moved in together I know I
shouldn’t have but being the nosy

insecure person I am I went through his

one day and found a mountain up pictures
of him in his ex gf

normally this wouldn’t bother me being
that they’re broken up for years and

that these pictures are buried in the
back of a closet but I guess what gets

to me

the fact that he still friends with his
ex gf on Facebook

aired gmail and I’m not sure whether
they keep in touch or not

is a right to be jealous that he still
has some sort of connection with her

even if it is minor

I mean when he be furious if I moved in
and brought a bunch of pictures of me in

my act and we’re still friends with them
on social networking sites

should I tell ’em it that this bothers
me or is it immature and petty

thanks ilana what do you think

a one you can’t be friends with someone
on Gmail so right off the bat that

doesn’t make sense

if they had email relationship should be
in his car yeah that’s gonna be there to

do I think being Facebook friends

like it through that what bothers her is
not the real photos that he kept but the

fact that he still faced with friends
with this girl

Jenna be the opposite like he can be
Facebook friends with her because that

doesn’t mean anything but keeping the
photos as bad

yeah widest think this is always like

a weird slippery slope liked do you

nobody ever thinks about their axes rush

that that 33 I who

you doing the thing where you don’t do
something and the US in Rio de beers

yeah II need to actually easier but at
that I but you have to think about your

ex is more

know I need to starts and is that same
grand sweeping statements cuz they like

sound cool

because like I don’t actually know them
to like nobody does this

yeah that such you everybody does
everything let’s get ill Israel are

talking about it

I gotta make like its like bass
generalizations that way like people

react to it that’s exactly it

show I would say um

for the most part I don’t think Lake it
on his mind that he’s got like

a stash have pictures hidden away in his
closet and

and my he’s got these amazing little
secret relationships on G chat in

facebook like the pros not thinking
about it

at all definitely worse than you are

like when you break up with someone you
put their pictures away and that you

don’t think about them anymore

a cousin that nobody like are like and
dislike throw these all the way right

now it’s

to heartless so put them in the bottom
in his closet and then you’re never

going to your closet being like

it was be worth it like right now today
he was like I needed

throw away these pictures are my axe I
have to get her out of my mind

right 239 in his mind that’s why hasn’t
thrown away the pictures that’s why

hasn’t a leader on Facebook I G chat

that’s the weirdest part about breaking
up is AF to dislike

throw away all these precious things not
pressures anymore but they wordplay

photos a view the ice together that like
we’re very touching and sweet

you have to put him in a dumpster and
throw them away right cuz they can’t

ever tell you that they become garbage

but they become garbage not like this is
that they’re worthless it’s even worse

than that because they’re like

they become painful garbage for somebody
that you end up carrying about to see

right like oh this is harmful toxic

shouted through these away right now
there’s a

there’s a gift to that one in my ex
girlfriend gave me at like a

she like put she took this photo

love me and front like a nice

natural setting and Mike made it look
cool in like montage Ian like frame

didn’t give it to me as a gift

and my mom still has it up in our house
and like

it’s a little weird cuz like this gift
from an Excel finished up my house like

it doesn’t really make me think I’ve

her when I see it right but if I had a
girlfriend now and she’s like

she for whatever reason knew that there
was that still that painting that


me up that my ex girlfriend gave a
should be very upset

yeah potentially but it doesn’t really
quite mean anything

it doesn’t like right I don’t keep it up
because I a

has still have feelings for this her
little feelings for yeah but the I think

this all goes back to let know how you
feel but how your

will a loved one feels for a so if you
had a

girlfriend whose found out outages like
really bothers me seeing that

you like our doesn’t bother me at all
but like knowing about as you make me

want to get rid of it but not that it
matters either way

right it’s almost worth so I think they
do the worst thing would be like

hey are you get rid their pictured
absolutely not

it’s part of my passion is a tunnel that
is at least heard them

and it back that would still be with her
she didn’t dump me

yeah well maybe that’s another thing I
have going for me that I’ve never been


yeah alike there’s not really any like
their I don’t feel any desire to

hang on to anything could like I was the
one that wanted

things to be like let go in the first

but it’s somebody I mean I don’t think I
have anything was only there for like

hey I want you to get ready they called
love letters from your governing I Asher

I was trashed nipping at throwaway yeah
clouds right

yep I’m but why did you keep it I cuz I
for got

who is in the eye also have on my report
card from centric rather that doesn’t

piss you off so you don’t think that I
like kept the prism weird reason

did because I did my English teacher
haha I miss her

as I think any be a different thing cuz
you that mention my QB a

her if I brought pictures when I moved
in but like yeah I’ll

if you like went through you found
pictures of your ex’s pack them up and

brought them to the right place at the

it’s a little more like if you just why
keeping them is one thing but

taking them with you that right that’s
really hasn’t moved into a new house the

night be like there’s a little weird be

you want to do that he is just like a
little harder boy

do you have anything from ex gf’s they
are just like I wanna guerrillas as a


I not that I know I love I’m it like

there’s the possibility that like maybe
one of my ex’s like would have given me

a book or something

or less a red Tollway that I A still
have but even

something like that I wouldn’t even know
anymore like a brat that occurred this

is as you did so much

so like the only thing I could imagine
is like if I had

pictures /a an ex-girlfriend somewhere I
big I would be happy to get rid those

cuz I know that they like

should be around really pray but it’s
like I O it so far outta my mind

so that’s where that’s just what I
imagine this dude is this is why after a

breakup you should just get rid

the gray perch throw everything away

actually you eyes are preempted just
clear relationship is probably not a


yeah odds are what’d what’s the
percentage a relationship that go not

only through marriage but

that end up not even getting a divorce
right by such a small

yeah he is so throw everything away now
so if you’re in a relationship

throw everything away now even though
quote-unquote prior to the book’s

hepburn other books well

burn all the books

but what if they’re not even get from
loved ones we should burn books

you’re saying even separate from any
like in Fahrenheit 451

but how did you know that knows the one
by getting burned one book editor and

scared but I bernard boarded the ones
that maybe build

like a real have a correct Bernalillo to
except for that one

a solo you tell this girl

I would say if the pictures are really
bother you could be like

hey stumbled across these yeah

a could be like I really like the you
have a

and I’ll probably be like ok I’ll get
rid of them right

I wouldn’t go as far as being like
unfriend your ex is on Facebook

unfriendly could then you’d that the
right now your biggest concern

is that you the X is in that person’s
mind and heart

and they’re not but as soon as you bring
it up

as soon as you like the lead them on
Facebook deleted from G chat

throw out that box then they’re swimming
in memories up their acts which is your

greatest fear the one thing you want to

are actually if I were you I would just
throw away the pictures myself

own probably notice now and see if he
doesn’t notice yet

well what a social experiment I

yeah it’s almost like a bigger deal to
unfriend someone on facebook

like if I unfriended wanna my ex
girlfriend now on Facebook it would be


oh I’m thinking about ur still yet to
keeper is that a change to keeper as a

friend means I’m not thinking about her

exactly there are the pictures away keep
befriended on Facebook burn all the


burn all the books those areas the

three steps to being a in a happy loving
relationship again

so she you’re saying don’t say anything
does anything

throwing the books but lol big tits

the early detection as per the book
that’s an interesting thing throw away

the pictures he can’t get mad at you

nor can he ever say that like I can’t
find a it is likely now the whole closet

gonna gag I really like the little stuff
so I donated them jackets

no I threw away all the pictures have
your ex girlfriend is out like that

that’s a

do what do we do for lunch I’m thinking
turkey lasagna

I next question we need another males

stoners name over another male stunner
about Jake Hurwitz to her

I fucking love getting high I I’ll a
sucky we had

I love doing edibles and honestly if I
could I would marry tht

ok a good

in the you know you can’t I had the only
reason I don’t is because i know i cant

a yeah requires review if you could

the chemical they get %eh CA well yeah
it’s even stand for

technically a hot coals

a good th seized answered technically
hot corner she said totally hot corner

yeah hmm I

one at this usual editor you

to vote early a hot girl that yeah the
first thing I said

totally hot call this a so

take early trade hey dudes I’m 18 and
I’m about to be a senior in high school

over the summer my dad sign me up for
improv classes and they started about a

week ago

since I can’t drive yet my dad rising
into the place and stays during class so

you can drive me home

my dad says that he had it looks like a
lot of fun and wishes he had signed up

for the class

here’s my problem the instructor let him
join in during the last half of the most

recent session and he was terrible

he brought down the mood have everyone
there and just made for a less fun class

and crop just isn’t for him but he said
it was so much fun that he was gonna

come with me next time with the check so
he could join the class

now I don’t want to spend two hundred
and ten dollars on this because I just

don’t think it’s for him and I don’t
want to waste his money

I really don’t want to sound like a brat
as I’m very grateful for him

to drive me there every week and pay for
me but I just don’t think you should do


so what should I do politely tell me
shouldn’t do it or just let it slide and

let him spend his money how he once

any advice would be greatly appreciated
love Jake

now a sad situation yeah we’ve had a lot
of sad emails but I this once

really sad said daddy emails the air

like my dad what the hell you pick up
the car remember that does the season it

is written on air

cada does like a dad wanting to do
improv with his son

and being so bad at it and then he’s
like that was great

I think I’ll join your class I was
really fun so I’m

I’ll be out by an improvised year old
man but you didn’t know I added me on

a I totaled my prayer answered

I’m a save that one for next class it’s
gonna be a lot of art joke from your old


mmm certainly gay get mad at me I am
driving and paying for you

the the funny thing is that this kid
kinda sucks their brother his dad is


his dads killing it my dad like a broad
is not for him

on the party line in a class and over
the your dads are so many you’re not

there good

that at that it these all YouTube your
dad wanted to join in on your hobby

and all I at this see this is where I
think that we can give real

like at I would probably be really happy

it my dad was like I wanna I wanna

I had no idea really scared I doubt if
we were doing a show here tonight

college you’re alive my dad that he
wanted to try out five minutes a


I think I would be supportive about it
well that’s one thing but like

if you do want to be a part of our set
yeah 90 partners them apart in your

class like eight weeks

love lessons I’d be thrilled may be
really funny

but if you’re a senior in high school
yeah because well that’s different

I US were I will how I would feel me
29-year-old Jake

I’m chillin at school my daddy her yeah
you never you never want to do anything

that I want to do so now

sure how fun for me dad for you to
finally take an interest

so yes sure I’d embrace that I’m I point
out that never in his life for the ever

wanted to do anything I wanted to do so

that gotta go that you finally do but I
like an apology for all the past

the the past transgressions I am

but yeah I think if for this is kinda
the opposite what’s going on in your

life when you crash occurred at soccer
games and he feels bad because you suck

at soccer

yeah yon I’ll

he will he the he thinks it’s cool that
on there I think

I don’t pass in the fall I

he doesn’t deserve the ball go out
William it

know sometimes tell me to come to
practice he like you’ll be skins that

are bothering your shirt

that’s our show up the shirtless ready
to play and I S and I see that everybody

is just blacks and whites

and I have assured either color and it’s
like 38 degree s and he’s like

ol I’ll you could just run home in
something like I have an extra Jersey

made out like damn it

night s a but it’s cool to the DI

his same damn it that he is like that
he’s making me borrow is Spencer now

camping lamp

at the service named I so sorry

this is it busy I I think you can

the personal this did not like a total
asshole now sort of aware that he is

that is what it sound like a brat right
any it is grateful for the ride

yeah I think you might be able to just
be like

dad I really appreciate the ride and
I’ll love the you wanna do improv

I think it a like throw me and take me
at this

like the scenes something I’ve learned
in improper that I need to be like

really present for

I and it’s going to be doing the scenes
with my dad now they don’t love you not

that you not graded improv

am but I think as do it together is
gonna robbers both that

rich experience I think you should and
take your own class

after mines finished that’s a good idea
that way you can say

I’ll its it’s not that you’re on funny
just that it’s gonna

negatively affect my experience yet

Ord and you know it you get your license
dog you’re 18

the unit where they gonna drive you
places I

Butler fucked up that again with RTC

if you can drive you can see it maybe I
think you know that when I doubt about

eighty my damages in their room watching

watching like that they’re not ready
improv practice seems very high-stress

like forced funny and then to have your
dad watching that

and then like pulling up his jeans pants
while he’s walking onto the stage let me

give this a whirl actual oh jeez yeah
sure I guess I see it was billed every

practice and maybe is like

is down to just give it a shot I wasn’t
there when you’re 18

everything that your dad says isn’t
funny so you should add

look rather a bit if other people are
laughing if they are then embrace it

yeah their 90 lotta cool dads and their

like eighteen-year-old sons arts like
the sun’s out haha just give it a rest

at now its pilots my knees girl

now known only Brechin dad my dad sucks

I trust me and actually

use the Catalans get possible

your thing on my dad the prize they look
like im

I a alright so

tell your daddy that the EU wanna

oh you should do something else with him
but that your improv classes should be


now where you can still hang out with
them just not in such 0

very uncomfortable environment embroiled

a alright so we take a break wealth do

a stone earnings highs

highs and lows musings on marijuana’s

I’m you got high yesterday yeah I think
because I do it so infrequently when I D

do it hits me harder

did you get like very stone yesterday
now I just have like cobwebs in the


we mean my delayed I feel yeah I feel
tired and heavy

into what you do last night after you
smoked I’ll watch Terminator 2 with


ditch I you like your it’s like is 17

yeah exactly you didn’t do that you the

whether awesome yeah I ruled is awesome
she alleges that out I

noon Turner to ruled but

the last time I got high it was that a

that indoor football game and i got too

oh yeah but you guys you eat something

whole lightly and all the other hand

why did anybody wanna feel that way
because in theory it’s good cuz like I

don’t have to put smoke in my lungs
alike its healthy at all I have to do is

suck on this candy

but the problem is you don’t know what
how much is in it

right I have a joint milic okay I’ll hit
this like three or four times and I’ll

be fine. the red

and then if I have inedible like I don’t
say spit it out now

I have I gotten the appropriate amount
of THC and also like

I how all I had was the the a jolly
rancher size candy

and after an hour I felt fine but unlike
after an hour and a half

I was so paralyzed my body was vibrating

I went to go get food at a concession
stand and I was like

oh no I don’t know what to get so I
ordered two hot chocolates

I can never order na job with no I live

I’ve never a lot of hot chocolate and
others like

mmm too hot chocolate I gotta make it
for love dad

a you I’ve never had a hot dog on the
right now I want to know who ordered hot

chocolate at an indoor

football who goes to an indoor football
game not a lot of people I will tell you


what it did was it good a it was too

I are the AM the I click other hot
chocolate belgrade

time I because my in my brain I was like

a frozen tundra and every sip like made
me really happy

but it was not fun to be that stoned

no I’m never ever like feeling like that
both like the timing is terrible

you if you stuck on a jolly rancher
you’re really high and

hour-and-a-half later yeah no if I want
to smoke weed it’s like an impulsive

decision right then and there like call

I like to be higher than X five minutes
great not okay

I’m gonna do this i misss I’m gonna suck
on this now

and in two hours I’ll be dead for three

I was dead for longer than three hours I
was gone I was done for the rest of the


it was over for me that does not sound

like a way I wanted in my time a

yeah but its I guess it’s more fun to
eat something then to the

breathe it in I don’t know it’s not
we’re discussing how did not

i buy mean the activity like I’d rather
eat a cookie then smoke a cigarette

know I’d rather smoke a cigarette then
eat a cookie really but it tastes good

yep like I’ll I love the static oblique
passing a joint around and feeling like

that paper between my fingers smoke lol

you are advocating drug use right now
what use is legal here

in Minnesota I I yeah we’ve basically

at this point well what’s your
relationship with it I used to smoke a

lot of weed when I was in high school

now is your most yeah I was in high

and mike is early college I smoked the
most we’d

and which is what every day um I
probably smoked

not everyday baby I for five times a

in high school like after high school
yeah like after school

and I was like selling it I’ll year

I you get arrested North

ownership did your mom another seat
auditor in town

and she knows will my dad mom and dad
caught me

cut you selling it yet I thought I told
you this

and enough by now that your parents cut
you dealing drugs

so I would buy a lake I wasn’t like a
big time drug dealer I would buy like an

counts which separated like 27 grams

youth sell a gram for 20 bucks a

that was the price back then now its I
think it’s less but

so I would buy an ounce and I would
separated into

little gram bag you at a scale yeah I
had a scale and I had like a ton a

little plastic baggies

where did you get that I’ll I wanna put
his deal on glasses they

in cases that and does is still selling
yeah I mean

I Arbor let’s just call ’em Ricky the

I I which is now closed his name

another other kid in my school that was
looked like his brother is like older

brother was like moving larger
quantities and you could like

grab an ounce for me right so I would
get that was separated into little

baggies out where it all out and then I

sell it to like I kids at school

her basically you could have been
arrested I guess

but I was never like traveling around
with like out is in my car was there a

little bit I’ve always gotten in trouble
I was also I goes up a younger than 18

so gonna be gun and that much trouble

but I kept it in like this

drawer in my basement that I didn’t
think anybody ever went into you

the basement rohr the basement drawer
the basement or

and I when I read anybody break the lock
in your basement or the

nobody world here’s what did happen I
when I reached my grandparents

I yard haha like a good little boy here
I came home I was

the the unlikely my seatbelt and like

the next then news just the door was
open I’d I was like grab he’d never like

physically grabbed a grabby by there
certainly hold me and love

selling weed we’re all really yeah but
he does like kicking up

yeah even to schedule like a little bit
we did my part were you smoking weed

like become you

with that like all the time my mom would
wash my Panthers like wieder I’d come

home in recanted

they knew I smoked but like my dad found

the Baggies this scale and like four
hundred dollars

but that’s not why I it I’m definitely

I’m Kyle I’m completely cut the worst
thing was that he

he took like a fall outside we he aided
in front of view

he’ll you delete I want you I want you
look what it does do year old man

I who started laughing in a bit this is
actually really

chill I’d like to go into business
reviews on

do we do this thing together without the
worst part is I had like

I heads I needed to sell it to make my
money back

like I was in the whole like I think I’d
split this package with somebody else

so wasn’t just like my money there was a
fight with I like needed to give this


200 ads get that Zawya eventually just

allegedly I won’t I’m not gonna sell it
anymore but like

I’ll can I get rid of this not about to
let me have it back

he’s like cheeses million 11

he let you live you gave it back to be
needed to sell it here you you let you

sell off be out the way that you had

I think he I don’t think he knew that I
was like selling it T I think he thought

that I could get my ass kicked

Lake I I you can get back to the guy who
gave it to you or something

delays did it scare you enough to never
do it again

um I can’t remember if I continue to
sell after that

I think with the real thing was that I
was only making I was like make enough

money for it to be worth like the stress
and the risk yeah I don’t like

if you’re still raking yards for cash
yep at my friends were such little

shithead like

they’d call me at know you’re gonna get
a gram I drive down to their house they

come out the hell yeah like 14 votes

I but you man did really the wheels
gonna have my

downs for that the but then I like the
real thing

like iced with smokin I saw Lord the
Rings and King

they had in stock about getting all the
diet leo’s shit my grandparents are

getting old

or know everybody I know I love is gonna
get old and then I was like

be they ten-minute hyper freak outs
where they go to the concession stand at

the movies and everyone knows I’m hi

everyone except hi everybody thinks I’m
a weirdo

so like it became less and less worth it
to smoke weed cuz I would have liked


mini panic attacks and then a certain
point I started anticipating them too

much and I would like give them to

side start thinking about things that
would inevitably freak me out

zoned that now it’s just like I don’t
wanna smoke weed I don’t wanna like

over it I don’t need to be over
analytical anything your %ah ready to


yet there’s no point saw smoke weed like
relax me if I’m already drunk

but I would I don’t think you’d be very
fun to lick sit around

E doing edible and then

yet lay on the ground it seems like most

kwento ko potheads that a new like the
ones that got high a lot

and telling them not to smoke doesn’t do
anything it like

you have to smoke so much that they no
longer like it

rate like those are the ones that
actually start but I like whipped live


I just don’t like it anymore it wasn’t
fun become boring

right because it’s at first it’s cool so
then you’re gonna do this it’s cool and


even though it’s not very fun at least
I’m cool and then when you like

reach that age really oh wait this isn’t
cool and I don’t like it why am I doing

this I think I’ll just stop right but
then there are the People’s Champ

the Rolex yeah AKA the president

what’s ya Obama you know things like in
ripping a ghosty

right now yeah a gravity bong cheese in
the oval office that so pare back

a i right that was our

them’s the break them the break in the

a one last question yeah

who this one’s from I a lady another
stoner gal

not a problem

I get then their ego

want to know her name is Jim Breuer

I in no way a is that there’s going to
be another stunner check

and stoner chick

years and never miss you like it really
obvious when there is any a mad at me

only see a Silverstone abuser is the
Lord’s donor rights

I’m a 26-year-old accidental virgin

I say accidental since I 10 based this
left life decision around any religious

reason nor did I ever expect to be
breaching my late twenties with that

label still attached

when I got to college I had decided that
I wasn’t going to have sex until I felt

like I was in a committed enough

that wouldn’t have me ultimately
regretting the decision now don’t get me

wrong I pretty much did everything else
with guys from random hookups to casual


just not the full deal so eight years
have passed since I started college and

little did I know I would be spending
the first half my twenties

avoiding serious relationships like the
plague now that I finally at a school in

focusing more on my personal life

I’ve been dating pretty consistently and
will most likely soon be faced with the


do I tell the lucky guy that I’m still a
virgin or will that completely freak him

out love Alicia Silverstone atm

my I don’t know a man with a freak you
out if a girl you’re about to hook up

with said she was a virgin

I might have some questions about it I
may be a little bit nervous

that happen to me a couple years ago I
think that ended it make you not like

the person

it may be a little nervous because I was

this is a meaningful act to a lot of

who especially people who have been
waiting even though I like that could be


as it would be for a guy to assume bad
about this girl

as a maybe she’s saving herself for
someone special I hope she doesn’t think

I’m special and I’m gonna be like
seriously committed to her

I need is not say anything or is it

well I guess it depends %uh for hyannis
top drapery

yeah because if there’s blood and will
be tight she might need to tell them so

it’s like

more gentle then a sex with non virgins

tends to be see you do have to say

if she still waiting for a committed
relationship maybe she might as well

tell the guy that

ray if your if you want to turn into a
committed relationship you should start

with being honest with somebody

for a you don’t hate you could use go to
a gigolo inge be I take this burden from


I with the do remove this scarlet letter

pounded away I

take my burden can you pop your own
hyman with the

doin greater probably a vibrator
actually rests on your

clip so bill that was what you’re
talking about early tonight we it but

there’s parking on your vagina to

it’s just I’m thinking like a rabbit or

I so the question specifically is

her %uh there’s actually a follow-up is
being a 26 year old virgin a deal

breaker to the average non-religious
sexually active twenty-something male

would you be freaked out if your next
girlfriend was a virgin

I’m sure it’s its it ever got a deal
breaker deal breaker

well we have what would you do I I think
if I went on several dates with someone

and then like we’re already getting to
the point where Tech coach

we’re gonna like have sexuales then

if she said that to me I would be a well
get away for me know where he’ll breaker

deal-breaker did a deal breaker

up with a big hit be together again a

a so it’s not a deal breaker

I think you can say it yeah anything
it’s kinda like

accountable maybe help like I’ll you
trust me more than anyone else ever

that’s true but then a lotta guys don’t
wanna be in a position where they’re


locked into something they’re like well
you were gonna be

inextricably emotionally tied to me

do you know how many girls virginity is
you’ve taken

no with you guesstimate a percentage of
your total

ladies probably very little

like 0 to 5 percent

I don’t know what I

each yeah this I don’t know share

cosmos then came later when everyone was
sexually active yet

right I so I think you should you could
maybe anticipate like

these guys concerns which will be

does this mean you’re like I I’d it’s
just a lot a responsibility to be

somebody’s first

is there anything to not saying it no i
at this you should say it but I think it

might also be a

and I’m not like expecting you like be
my boyfriend in commit to me in like

do all this I just want you to know that
I am a virgin but are actually friends

and I think no practice late yet

this is were like a casual thing growing

not trained neither the she should even
have to I guess but like

that would be my concern if I was dating
by was got a couple dating someone and

it was like getting to that stage and I
like I’m a virgin I would be like

my first thought is are you saving
yourself for someone special cuz I’m not

special I’m

is I so I would want that girl today

I’m a virgin I know you’re an asshole
it’s fine

I just might just by you saying that
your piece a shit you’re an asshole your

RT special because most guys

are that they don’t think so oh yeah yes
so I’m special I’m cool I’m not an


because you at least are self-aware
enough to recognize that a base or a

mice so

bigger than asshole a that I know that
thing I’m an asshole puts me in sort of

a better life than other guy

dig deeper your say dig there’s a third
turn where you’re an asshole again

you look in the mirror I’m not there you
flip the mir little bit there I am at

the third dimensional

me but I O Abdullah please share is like
when I call you a peanut M&M

act like on the under shell your hard in

but there’s chocolate entities right
though keep bigger

you will actually earth you’ll see the
core is a shady little peanut butter but


here a pena I will appear in 11 a.m.

do big Nelo oh yeah be yellow because
I’m a coward

chicken and chicken shit a taken Snitzel

I alright so let him know tell ’em it’s

writer and i think is I Z being clear
about being a virgin like the extra

clear about what you really want even
beyond that

a yep cool rarity done

next I if you have your own own
questions for us

you can email them too if I were you
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and close every episode with customized

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mention that I Dave rosenberger buddy

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artist as well as musical artists

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so if you have any ideas or if you think
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