Episode 97: Break Up


In this episode we discuss making the band, breaking the band, and taking demands.

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let’s get started this episode was


was real in a weird way a geyer didn’t
start out yeah I actually got real

for shorter hey let’s say let’s do it
alright y’all

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her lips commercial well this sure let’s
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chill out two things will turn out
alright but first a quick blast I’m here

feeling a little boy you

tank on a plane to New Deal that your
19-month-old to know

despite chest and innovation to do

testing home

are you are you yeah I was really doe
Chris Leggett

I like that guy are as I congress legit

very late yeah he actually submitted

another a song I’m just reading now at
the end of the episode 71 with Thomas

Middle Dutch

her and you wanted us to give a
shout-out to his Twitter account no

chance in hell

maybe if we use your third really hard
thing to do for us for free will give

you a shout out

until then you still owe us yet course

at chofer leg at leeg gett

LEED gett at the

GG ET T that is lets you

do but not as good as a rapper as he is
ideally if I was a rapper I would be

like that where

like it would sound super was there was
a very mellow very chill that’s what the

Minnesota melodic to

yeah like dynamite hack remember that
earlier cuz the boys in the hood are

always hard yet I was their original

now the original marginal but it then
within the covered it yeah

will name a retard they they thought it
actually I am

what is it called I they they arrived at

oh I was parallel think he added that he
had the same idea for a song yeah I

don’t know who made it for

I think easy you may have recorded it
seventeen years before them but overall

is basically the same thing

I’m ish have never liked writer aP like
for real

made a rat like if you really tried to
make a rap song could you

um you have to have someone else make
the beats 30

know I could do it all myself are you
can make the beats and make a racket do

anything I put my mind to I

I never have done it before but I could
do it if it wanted to

I hear anything the hard part is getting
over the fact that

in may not be funny yeah yeah what you
fail and it’s also not funny then it’s


like the real rap sadly we had a rat
like a real Raton

yeah I don’t that sounds remember when
we tried to record a rap song like seven

years ago

ok and we’ve recorded it anyways so

we were so embarrassed yeah that we
never released it the course that legos

gonna be a

you know you’re talking about but find
wayward son Howard services now

was an idea like in an episode I made a
rap song and I we just played a nose

like a music video

I think that was essentially a the ideas
are definitely in a year

we made a rap site in your fantasy yeah
I was like Wii U

we like that what flight of the Concords
was doing the Kelly she is trying to

make a rap song and then whatever
episode to be music video yet I’ll be

really cool

that’s one thing we’ve ever done
talented yeah now I’ll

they deserve I really the only abide by
cast on the internet hosted by me

no he accused Jake

hmm and Al Amir a we start

and then every episode when original
theme song sounded like Chris

legate and if you have your own send it
to a fiery show a gmail dot com

so how does the show work what is this
thing that we’re doing episode 97

I’ve completely lost track of time yeah
it’s an advice podcast

0 where people email us their questions

and we try to answer them it right and
shorter and shorter michele lepe

I have like ruined you it was
interesting a pic yeah

I can’t not think I love it it on three

I wake up sweating thinking over
insurers sure they’re insuring them I

say to what are we

why are we here and when others a bonus
Thursday Epson

we have absurd every Monday guaranteed

without fail since we started and
sometimes cool sponsors bring us back

early in the week

that’s correct and we do it on a
Thursday a.m.

Shui operate into I S wine a because we
have nothing else to talk about

with nothing else to do their lives but
sit here in my i pod cast I’m gonna read

this email to real

email from a real person I’m gonna given
this fake name to preserve his anonymity

so that nobody finds out who it is

nice you let’s call this guy balcony

all you know how many

mmm hey guys I’m a 17-year-old who has
been in a relationship for three years

I’m going into my senior year of high
school and I haven’t gone to a single


or get together due to my girlfriend
being extremely jealous

and restrictive about who I hang out
with she is perfect to me

in every way except her jealousy I can’t
hang out with any girls and she hates

the idea of parties and drinking so I

intern and restricted I love her

but I really want to experience high
school and college to the fullest and I

know I’ll regret it if I don’t have
these experiences

is it worth thrown away a great

just so I can go crazy for a few years
what do you guys think thanks

belki BIR talk to miss well gee whiz
Baloch it does sound like you found

the perfect one she is without flaw

she is she is a dimeric to me in every
way every letter A

eggs ever jealousy which is

shore Julia you know

is it age if necessary that she in force
is a few rules

sister here on out there crazy but other
than that other than her far-reaching

jealous attitude and my

change that she rolls over a with an
iron fares and her conduct

the in her her public during the way I
conduct my life

she is perfect inning led flawless skin
does not have one giant zit

Nasheed yeah lead perfect day is not
also marred by some sort of tragic

instance are occasions she is the one
for you

she is perfect she just tells me that I
can’t have fun go to parties meet girls

talk to girls and do anything like that
other than that

a great relationship should I throw it
away just to have fun

just have a little bit of fun for 45
seven years in its too late for you now

you’ve already missed the best part is
the best years of your life I’m talkin

freshman sophomore and junior year of
high school

yeah you read it is the major ray I
guess why those years are behind you you

might as well settled down yeah commit
to year

what I can only assume is an amazing
girl who just happens to have one little

thing about her that she doesn’t you
talk to anybody else is a female

right even if you were in a great
relationship which you’re not you’re in


very obviously toxic one that is why
we’re learning warehouse job leg were


mine were poking fun a I would still say

you should enjoy a high school and
college over that

just because you can always find a great
relationship after high school and

college that being said

your your relationship is in great this
is what we call a win-win situation

right you end the bad and then you’re
rewarded with more good

yet end the bad get the glad yeah

that perhaps at how you describe it you
would be a good rap star

you really think so I come up with good

yeah that’s true have you are best in
that regard

a so here’s the problem: belki

you met your girlfriend when you’re 15 I
it’s exciting to have a girl like you

and your 15

yeah and maybe because you only had this
one her

not as they really want but because I
bet you haven’t had a ton of experience

with dating some

people yeah I’m will just let you know
that your girlfriend is a horrid wit

who is a mi me but maybe she didn’t know
you had any parties and drink and hang

out with other people is that bad

bad person trait to have that’s not a
nice one

that’s a that’s what bad people do yeah
that means she doesn’t trust you

wash maybe she doesn’t know any better
either she’s 15 she just assumes that

you know I feel jealous so maybe I’ll
just nip it in the bud

I will force him not to hang out with
any girls that wear to your jealousy in

the yeah

that is letting your jealousy consume
you to you and then if you see I gotta

cut his jealousy ahh alright

so that means you really should never go
to a party doesn’t she wanna go to


doesn’t she wanna talk to other guys she
must be so jealous that she would rather


she said her legs locked tower and and
look across the

to written see her little prince in
another locks tower and she’s happy that

both of them are missing out at the fun

yeah as long as we’re in this together I

yeah don’t be here yeah with

you can find a girl who’ll also kiss you
and then also let you talk to other


yeah The Big Chill is jealousy like more

in the high school or is I mean a it to
his it around for ever

I think it’s around for ever you just
deal with it better as an adult

right at first you just like I don’t
wanna do that so I’m just gonna make a

rule where you can’t do that

way and then you realize this guy’s
gonna break up with their in his

she’s gonna be like well maybe I can’t
make up rules that make me a dictator to

recognize the people are free

yes like this type of jealousy sounds
insane to us because we’re so far past

at like

you’re not allowed to go to any parties
obviously that’s

fucking crazy yet so they ate your how
do you get into that like how did she

say that you’re like

okay maybe she likes started off by
little by little or no good at this

persons party yes the lake and I like
when you

drinks a like I’m not gonna go to
parties are not gonna drink biogas party

I’m not going gently know you are now
I’m nervous that you’ll drink if you’re


cheat on me but as they like in
relationships and now

I feel like people like a big thing is

are you you can talk to this one person
that like make somebody jealous

oh yeah it’s a lot more of a sneaky
jealousy like I’m not I would you never

be like ok don’t go to this party but
you may be like

Owen you like talk to this person when I
hear you in like this

person communicating I get jealous right
I remember getting in trouble once

I in a relationship because I was
talking to a lady next him

like in the same party as my girlfriend

and I was so confused here yet hours
like way while are you mad at me to like

you were flirting with another woman

other I guess I was talking and joking
but I didn’t think that I

was cheating on you and I you right away
with a display

year in here so that that’s a little
more a great area is that okay to say

that you don’t like that

that are you don’t like your guy
flirting with other girls

I don’t know if that’s always okay to
say anything you feel to Skype

either yet this their knowing it like
without an expectation like if your

girlfriend was like

and pay as a flirting with that girl
you’re never allowed to do that again

array okay the should quiet

I think I i think maybe I saw you I i I

I construe that as flirting it made me
feel bad then you could be like

I’m sorry it wasn’t and I don’t know for
a likable

if you sigh a lady friend years flirting
with a guy

can you say no can you grab your wrist
he say no to that

it I think wall the differences can you
gave it the lease if my lady friend was

flirting with the guy I can grab Ariston
say no

and a five foot at the girl I’m a pip I
as bad

bear yes all man as techno all man

I think I don’t know I its 30 such a
gray area to you because you can like

sometimes it sorted empowering to be
like alike I mean why so many flirt with

somebody I’m to flirt with someone like
know that I’m off limits and Myra a

also is people certain people like

up thirty inherently but other people
like I don’t really know how to talk to

people for not joking

a red if I’m sorry if I’m charming
always and everyone is that flirting

well that is considered

like when you like our joking and

is that they were people would call
flirting but to be I think it be more

intimate if like I was sitting down and
having like a conversation I wasn’t

joking with someone right if I was at
his word areas

yeah like a shit Jake letting his guard
down for somebody that’s not OK

yeah what is it like to talk to someone
and not make a jerk I guess I’m flirting

with everyone I meet guys girls older

yeah I don’t know do if you want me you
gotta have the whole package that

tonight on my lady

I where you never have yeah I know
that’s what yeah akers

early on I like baby while all this had
there’s a lotta shit that comes with it

and he’s like all what I like I’m
pointer my body and then she starts

ordered giggling turns up and I say
while it’s so funny you don’t want this

she says no not really I’m like well if
you did it is that I don’t know I tell

ya dig

there are some rules and regulations
that you gots to deal with a guy who got

I’m not even interested with the
baseline let alone the added value leave

me alone yeah

in your light will wait out change yeah
Ibiza better

yeah I’d like I tried to us like if you
want to know you got a few others are

you gotta get dinner and then but they
look at me an idea that’s not desert

your broccoli

yeah I don’t want you or dinner or
dessert you’re not even food yeah

happy rock yet that they get that to
them I say if you want to look this

rocky gotta eat ice cream and the like
not rather does not look there are

yeah just leave me alone yeah so that’s
that’s mean

other so if I were you I would you do
with this late this guy

I think you should break up and have a a
year it’s going to be more than a couple

years a fun you can

ten years have fun right you know a
lifetime a fine yeah when you go to

parties are gonna realize holy shit

I would have missed out on a lot yeah
and you may even be lucky enough to meet

a girl who’s going to

let you go to parties and go to parties
with you and not and trust UN

not be jealous and a restrictive and the
more the more doable thing you could do

if you really love this girl

I’m rolling my eyes as you can tell by
slurred slowing speech

mmm then you can tell ur listen I want
to be with you and I also wanna go to


yeah I guess you earlier take it or
leave it right you should use I guess

I mean and that that’s necessarily true
there’s that but you can always just


tell tell her the new rules which are
that she doesn’t get to make rules for


yeah ticket she doesn’t like to go to
parties and she doesn’t like to drink

you would never say hey you have to come
to the party and drink

yes the same way that she shouldn’t say
you can’t go to the party you can’t


never impose your ideology on other
people area as a general rule

hi I’m general rule we should have that
like a cartoon guy like Captain Crunch

again eggs get yeah general rule yeah

we always hear good theodore Leslie at
the inner Leslie in general JB to do the

jury leslie voice again

I don’t know if I can do it exactly but
it I forgot our

day skeleton how it’s crazy it’s just
absolutely insane

yeah better now but up

O’Shea at Hyundai I don’t think so

i right next question shimon

the Sun comes from actually this is
kinda cool account from someone named

cousin Larry Appleton

Wow yeah very cool Yanmar said in a
series the third before a question a

higher league I reloaded Wikipedia don’t
wear a good

luckily well get to it a

hey guys cousin Larry Appleton here
pretty cool

I match with a girl on tender months ago
and she was nice and decent looking

we kept talking for a couple months on
snapchat Facebook and what’s app

she was cute and kinda funny and got me
I started to think maybe this could be

more than just a hookup thing

I told her this and she reciprocated
fast forward to some weeks and we both

have to be an

England visiting family we both live in
hong kong and agree to meet up for a

date up sorts

we meet in a mall and I see her and
she’s not as attractive as the photos

we headed east time but I no longer want
a hot cup let alone go out whether

she’s nice and I wouldn’t mind keeping a
friendship that enough that be weird

she keeps hitting me up on the
previously mentioned social networks and

I’m rarely replying

my question is how do I tell this girl I
don’t wanna do any of that stuff anymore

but we can still talk without giving
away my reasons

up her not being as attractive as I
thought you would be on

now love cousin Larry Appleton

thats that depresses me but it is not
uncommon thing with online dating

like %um you see pictures and Alice

person could be attractive and then you
meet up in that shit date might not be

as attractive

the photos that I choose that one would
choose are the most attractive photos

yet well I guess the jugular the seven
most attractive frames of my existence

you can’t see me like that

always will but I mean you’re also a

I don’t think you would choose a picture
like this is such an attractive picture

me that its radar doesn’t look like me

now but they could be like old disc I
mean there are people who are

better looking at photos than they are
in real life that’s fair I get the trick

is to keep it light leading up to the
date there’s no did

there’s no sense in like promising a
relationship in more than a hook up

before you even met her

yeah because she’s funny and snapchat
and she got you

that’s the as a buddy get you over
satcher I who you’re talking about we’re

talking about Facebook snapchat and what
the apogee

gets well you can tell you know they’re
gonna get text message other schools

good this goes good with you never like
she gets me she get lianas girls okay we

could have banter and I yeah

shared some stuff better there’s no such
thing as

getting somebody over what’s app well
specially when she’s

lying about her physicality but that’s a
lesson that he can take

to the next girl he wants to know what
he should do with this lady right now

I I mean like you what you met up once
you’re like

talk and he’s abstruse fade away

dog the old be a delay the body ache

to use the two artists a fatal HR
Michael Jordan in Jake Hurwitz

yet the yet so if you’re fed up with it

with yea you you let one one medium

love communication disappear 00 entirely
cut off what’s that

film so like their ego right off the bat
the three-headed monster is added to a

weird responding more rarely more rarely
had as yet even it snapped at all lol I

had to say about that word we’re looking
at like a photo like in Back to the

Future the people just turned to
disappear entirely

to dodge tax and failed hang out you’re
good to go at FIT

that said three-strikes-and-you’re-out
literally at ever live

and I think you say ultimately you you
bail on hang out

and then used a I am so sorry I’ll hit
you up

when I’m free a the ball’s in your court
and you never had a bad steal the ball

and many lbs

yeah like a little obnoxious kid brother
who’s playing ball way to tennis match

you grab the ball

streak across the net and then just keep
running like that

yeah hearing that the move what do you
think you it’s like you’re playing

tennis and then instead of hitting the
ball back you grab the ball and run of


a yeah I guess that’s the best are sorry

most cowardly way to get the job done
but does get the job done

yes and siding with her feelings a
little bit intact

she’s confused rather than her I

you know how they say honesty is the
best policy now

fading away lying is the best values in
keeps them happy

I are at the very least not upset

yeah what’s better the blunt honest
truth or

the a the societal

fade away which sorta everyone agrees is
with masking the true Blood honestly hey

I’m sorry I dislike

I was like really when we met now is
like sigh I was

I wasn’t feeling it when we met in
person as much as we were

be a great person thanks so much for
your time by

her now I’m not sure what I would rather

well I think I would rather have the
confusion because it wouldn’t confuse me

i’d like

played the game enough to be like okay
you get it that’s it

yeah that was her saying that she
doesn’t like me

try to dodge texana bailed hang out yeah
okay I get it

it would let me are nice n Easy I guess
if she’s not

and I’ll give him the benefit of the
doubt and let her and assume that she

knows how dating works these days

yeah I had to be like alright I so I can
hang out this week and it but she


and you could tell that it like causing
a rare some to

real anguish rather that like I cuz

confusion I don’t think they’ve really
less likely already go fuck it it

doesn’t matter he sucks

that’s what I imagined any girl who are
I vanished that they sleep at night that

ties that uses the same

that she hopefully as twelve other I
live in as they wake yeah

I know full well credibility my life
decisions yeah and knowing

I well I dot the about the worry about
having a nightmare because I am

absolutely 11 the lake name and add the
demon you don’t have inner demons the

argument you are an inner demon for
somebody else

attract cell have you ever been faded
away on

a probably have you ever been headed are
discriminated against

I have I but whether

have been protested in demonstrated
against I am

I don’t know yeah I probably I can I
think you’re right now but I’ll

what about that lady that you met once
I’m tender and then you

messaged her and she didn’t respond for
a month and then you messaged her again

they have a funny year will I never met
with other

ray she we matched on tender yeah and

she was really hot yeah

I was a super excited we

I messaged her she really respect she
didn’t respond for a little

know it she messaged me Anna whenever
I’m related we had to go back and forth


and then after she wanted to meet up and
she didn’t respond

yeah so I just let it sit for a month

and then a month later I responded

is that a yes yes the bill you’re good
at that

waiting to get him at a time and then
making a jerk has that ever resurrected

had the look not defer the later text

a couple they’re getting someone up I
relationship public support yeah I would

I’m no late never two like much success
but I do like

a I would if like something was baby
where front inner like somebody didn’t

respond to my first message I would just
like needle them in a funny way

like the Rd at 08 like there’s no going

like 12 sorry you don’t believe in love

like I can take a hint let’s get a drink

I beleaguered I don’t know I don’t think
I’ve never been faded away in like

away when I was like oh I thought that
they went really well

right I don’t wanna see how you again no
I wanna kiss each other again like all

that that was just messaging back in for
the like never heard

actually turns into anything either way
that the advice

I think fade away unless you can sense
that she’s going through turmoil in

which case

tell her not the truth truth but a lite
version of the truth like

I was really feeling a connection we met
up but I would love to be friends

right that then it’s like maybe should
pick up thank you I appreciate the

honesty it what do you think

I I would say it’s good to be honest if
you can muster up the courage but I

if I were you I would probably do the
fade away thing to just cuz its

I like to avoid confrontation I did you
get a better days anyway

you’re like oh yeah vanishing is a
better thing to do yeah

I yeah I want the US to I head

just because I make fun of me for
something doesn’t mean that I’m I’m not

at fault here

I just easy for me to also your monster

yeah I’d throw stones and I’m not I’m
not just the glass out some a glass

human have a glassman I’m a mister glass

mmm a good idea I hope that made a glass
because I don’t have a heart

I’m a heartless classless translucent

being I’m classless assless

death and done literate a right

love make it happen wage okay so it kill
two relationship so far

on where to the third churches

slaughtering lover a let’s call this

pars then Jennifer Lyons

well boring him all right

Jennifer Alliance rights I made it a guy

let’s call this guy Donald tweak Assaidi

I you remember that character Donald
twinks said he’d barely remember larry

ducky I hey guys long time listener
first time not given a shitter

any horror here’s my dilemma I’ve been a
bad as direct

yeah I’ve been in a band for about a
year now with my friend who plays guitar

and his girlfriend who plays bass and

base no I’m a loser

it for that and his girlfriend who plays
bass and sings and me

I’m the drummer we’ve had about 12 gigs
in all is well actually

all is not well because my friend’s
girlfriend’s voice

sounds like a gecko being strangled by a
rusty pipe

I’ve brought it up to my friend he
agrees with me

we’ve actually tried to push for a new
singer budget there’s a hissy fit every


and 1/2i she actually left the band
she’s back now but she left the band

which is very selfish the army will you

thanks donald twinks Saturday which she
what is she doing the band

she plays Basijis things are so they
need her

yeah as she plays the bass the air
that’s funny

third like we almost its almost good
that you got redder

well they need anything earth it is
funny that

the the friend agrees like listen I know
my girlfriend sucks but whenever we

broached the subject she throws a hissy

its you think they hit the button cuz
the end but now

right it really loudly her quitting the
band is almost

almost fixes the problem yeah if she
there is one more hissy fit and wants to

leave that said that the problem solved

okay by will find a new singer and a new
bass player happen to be

or a bass players I called it I

but what would you do I like he also
said that she left the band but now

she’s back

like kimchi force that that’s right
bitches I’m back god damnit

all the best artists are emotional like
crap turner’s the at like

is specially basis there like they’re
here today gone tomorrow then

here again the day after hmm IRAs so

what to do the some

I guess the if you just throw it be
teller one more time

if you sit her down and have a
conversation with their whether the she

she throws a hissy fit or not it seems
like she should be at the group

yeah it’s two against one that’s the
that’s the joy of having an art number

it’s not like a record yourself and

be late do you hear that that screeching
thats that’s you

yet nobody wants someone who went
through a fit to his seed based fit


I when I would categorize it as a hissy
fit yeah it’s also hissy fit as well

with other when she sings the chorus the
I gecko with a rusty pipe

a the real problem would be if the
friend didn’t agree with you

but as is it as it is right now is on
your side right which is

must be really weird other relationship
yeah anyway that was weird babe

a one lady I love your voice sound so
bad we love you playing the bass with

one another hot chick to come saying

I are that’s a good compromise stay is
the basis let’s find a new sings stress

will do that doesn’t achieve that want
to be that way she does want mostly

based on trance saying

she was saying stirs fold the bear

and yeah I mean I i’ve been a lotta
relationships where the lady doesn’t

think I’m a good singer I got over it
because I’m a bad singer

we never been you you it’s not bad reno

you actually pretty good you must see
you with a lot of girls are talkin shit

you can send you out hi I really think I
saw looking through them to the curb

you said that you got okay I bill Dundee

yeah and then after I got over it

I kept him on the curve what they see
this guy almost as like being

the same sheep should probably jealous
she wants she is all I just be the bases

in the corner she wants to be your
friend senator

well here’s the good thing one you’re
not dating this girl you have no

allegiance is to wear and tear your
friend it seems like he’s down to choose

the band over her

regattas straight up mover to basin find
a new singer and say

this is the dens are the brakes I had
only been a bill

best are like new band all the time
behavior like jammin with his other

person to

will was we still like this band it
still cool but we’re gonna take on this

other project with the different thing
and yeah

the fund as well yeah or or sinking

write a song that only a guy can sing if
a girl is the singer in a band

are all the bands from the point of view
of a woman I’m

now they’re all and wasn’t like a charm

what it called Rilo Kiley has them

was like I’ll email you an email a bill
songwriter a mill

the tires as male he I know you like
write some songs that i sometimes when

she’s thinking it’s like

still from the point of view guile she
is like saying I miss you baby

I wish she would just come back together
bike one other songs by your pledge

a.m. to bed it she’s like saying it to a
girl so he

this is write songs that she would not
feel comfortable singing perhaps

something that’s racially-motivated

have something against the ice bucket

oh yeah and yeah I think its stance
against I like

perhaps a pro Ferguson police marching
song or something that she peels

just emotionally unable to perform cries

that we saw radio show a bracelet annual
event for

fact that issue she learns that heading
out yeah and then it erase that there

was a trap just the review would take
the bait

you’re out in the band I you can kicker
Adam a band

or you can start a new bed if you kick
someone out a band

or if you take the only other member and
start a new band the same thing right

and there are no rules at the band

yet is it is it a new band in their
pointers at the same band with a

different thing you’re

and I love these guys they’re like
they’re like 17 years old anyway how you

they’re back

happy that they’ve had 12 gigs Heather
that they says

for but good for you guys the guy to

the guy mentioned a Danny twinks said he
knew you

well as the same yet Danny Donald tweak
a settee

I is played by a.m. the actor

earnest Sabella who did the voice
approved by a line King

mister corrosive from Saved by the Bell
the beach years

what sacai well yeah

so I now isolated but awesome their

I G flat and unrelated but

awesome no Uddin so what’s the saying a
it were easier si Sa Re said

somebody tweeted at me I think to people
to let me lead that i think is the sharp

yeah he was flat he said you had the you
said you had perfect pitch

yeah and I said Singh legacy and then
you say is that thing at the shop and I

think the show

said let’s do it again d poet here a

d I’m shit yet we give to me in okay

jettison letters as a different one I’m

whatever you want okay d the

B-flat be black and I sang

B-flat on you d her your B-flat was

be I oh yes they be flat on the day on
the air

a idid flat B flat on the of course the

now he I’ll never be sharp and witty I’m
ahead XP shower

I land as I sure did have

that that that at flaca to move to a

and be sharp bearshare bring europe

i right but the take a break it will
little break you

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a what else what else we talk about

during this break we are dangerously
close to go on the London

oh my god for two shows and the tickets
are dangerously close to being sold out

actually so please if their podcast the
late show is not sold out yet it will be

very soon and they’re still

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at seven on Monday September 8th then
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so fuck off thats crazy were selling out
cities we’ve never even been to

not available health how do they know
who it hard

how they get this show their we haven’t
even in there

a packed but you put it on the internet
what do you do harkin about

is it world to israel’s Weber you’re
alive self-promoter

it you but several billboards in the

you even flew there yesterday by the
words that I’d say they’ve never been


you flew there yesterday with a
megaphone in really handy a leaflet the

mood Street

Manchester the so

please come on out a information on Jay

and if I really should I come and 22 22
22 22

do we’re also going to Berlin after just
for chill

yeah that’s just like a chill zone so we
should def hang their

just to hang if you’ll feel have any
tips or tricks

it’s like a video game level you have
any tricks to beat Berlin

I let us know if there’s legacy greg has
the ball

big hit beat Berlin at a beat the bossa

Berlin a here

that’ll be fun too yeah on

get anything else got milk: I

I’ve milk fokker you wanna nibble me its

I have been a hoe we picked up a

yeah I let’s get but just fucking get
back to it then

house I’ve got one last question without

palomas a okay this is great we’re gonna

a fourth question real email

fake name Harriet Winslow sound familiar

hmm that’s right us pinar

their best mom for a family matters as a

an perfect strangers the four family
matters before family matters

why did they do it that way I don’t know
was the character so successful that

they wanted to give her own family

clearly not with just a wave-like tryna
segue like

perfect like safe and perfect stranger
fans to be like

hey look this is almost the same show
yeah keep watching keep watching

and they like family matters and she was
even a big part a family man now I’m not

at all

large its allegorical work there rose
just because all carlin

banner call by the yeah it’s as if like
there was another show after friends

called like

Cunningham and Gunther was the uncle and

it was Joey yeah I hmm but this is even
smaller UL

lesson with I wouldn’t want that gunther
yeah oh what a fuckin got theirs turn

out right now

I don’t give a shit i watch seventh
season that gunther

how many seasons are jodie think there

one so over under 20 episodes a jelly

I guess I think they were 22 episodes

overall a jelly

looking up by Wikipedia

there where ready 46

episodes have Joey it’s pretty
successful its two seasons and gently

there gifford Joey good for do indeed

I got this how sad was the series finale

but when Joey finally got it would do is

yeah he ate the turkey there yeah cad
that’s so sad

I’m gonna read the log line for the last
episode a Joe in an island asked the


after Alex gets really excited about
planning the wedding

Joey thinks she might she wants to get
married however it turns out she doesn’t

want to get married ever

Michael thinks he’s the best man even
know Jimmy asked Joey

Jimmy n Gina but get called be before
the wedding

that the last episode of jelly where the
Hells Ross I

soul rock singers straight up not in Joe
is sure ross and Chandler we’re on the

show and

does the jelly with the be all end all

I Harriet Winslow rights

everyday eat lunch in the same Delhi I
sit alone in just skim through my emails

I often have different guy sitting next
to me and talking to me but today I

really hit it off with someone

we both blew off work I’m a writer he’s
in finance

and spent all afternoon drinking
together and talking

I had an amazing time there are two
problems I have a boyfriend that have

been with for a year

he’s a great guy but we’ve never had any
sexual tension

and our intimate life has always felt
pretty procedural

he moved away a few months ago and being
in a long distance relationship hasn’t

helped matters

the other issue is that the guy I met
with had a day plan this evening and he

went ahead with it

I’m not a dick I’m in a relationship in
EV API today he should go on it but the

girl in me would have liked to be
cancelled to stay out with me

my question is twofold should I break up
with my boyfriend

if I’m thinking so seriously about
dating someone else and to

should I potentially date this new guy
we really seem to connect

thanks love every episode sorry for the

Harriet Winslow miss Winslow yep

this Winslow you are low I

a it’s funny how she’d mention that
thing just

apropos of nothing like I’d I met this
guy like him

I have a boyfriend sinead did try
boyfriend also

succeeded really urge to me in a way he
went out on a date

which is fine anyway she died its rival
a trend wasn’t but like he went on a


in its okay what I’m a little pissed

didn’t cancel for the the taken girl he
met at the coffee shop

yeah I think you should have canceled
his date and put all his chips into the

basket on this girl who’s still not
completely sure that she should break up

with her long-term boyfriend for right
yeah i thinkI I think you go on the day

it was alright yeah

a big lead find that goes directly there
is not be cheating on you

I think if that hurt you try to find a
head space where it doesn’t

I just your your mind body and soul to

be a tease with that your RT jealous
yeah Rd in a bad relationship with this


it she’s actually put her foot down and
said that he can’t go on any dates until

she makes it suppose if there’s any
drinking your parties involved you have

my god it’s

you don’t understand is all fucking one
person I’ll so

at for sure break up with your boyfriend
really already getting jealous of

again dates that even as having crushes
but Bowl I’m going into

angry jealous girlfriend yeah strangers
that though

at the cafe that era can you imagine her
explaining to her boyfriend why she’s in

a bad mood

the geese and upset baby hearts damn I

time at another guy what and he is going
on a date with another girl tho cuz he

added i mean nothing to him

cya whale watching talking about baby
I’m jealous oven other guy

what yeah it sounds like you’re not in a
good enough relationship to

especially like deal with being long

like it wasn’t that good before your
long-distance the sex was bad in a long


so it seems the I like Gary

I like that she described sexual tension
is a good thing select we’ve never had

any sexual tension

tensions kinda figured they you have
usually have that’s a negative thing

their sexual tension

no tensions sexual tensions hot was like

others like sexual tension it’s like
boiling over yeah I guess that’s sure

that I just

I always thought and sexual tension is a
negative it’s not what another at the

negative it to

it was weird D here described in the
context of a relationship has 10 sexual

tension to me

is what happened before you have sex and
its word and it usually is like

their sexual tension here because I’m
not supposed to sleep with this person

but I want to attract attention power
which he had with the guy

right in the cafe Machida never had that
with his

with the other get with runway friend
she’s doesn’t have very passionate


with her boyfriend yeah sexual chemistry

actually preferred so why doesn’t she

for the third time this year a break up
with your significant other we are the

relationship execution and

for EE break up with the year with your

I wouldn’t necessarily say you’re ready
to jump into a relationship

especially the jealous variety with the
stranger from the coffee shop who had a

date that

didn’t can’t that he didn’t cancel but I
think she’s only gonna break up with her

boy if you want this

like this guy is the only reason she a
breakup years once

a guilt-free reason to be I think I
should just like yeah but it then if you

do that you’re just searching for
reasons to break up a new already found

a plate

but there’s always like whenever Asian
say whenever but like once I was at the

end the relationship and

I had a crush on another girl and I was
like did this crash cause the into the

relationship was a RT so over it that I
was able to have a crush I think there


end the relationship is a long dark
tunnel and a crush is like a light at

the end

you’re like wait look there’s hope after
this relationship that I can feel

new exciting feelings for for somebody
and I could learn about them in the week


bucket will be beautiful yeah and this
person has everything that I don’t have

my current person because I don’t know
this person very well

rate she’s a stranger which is good I

I think russia’s or to serve to show you
a what you can have if you get out of


bleak relationship but if I know how
people relate

I think it’s hard to meet somebody in a
copy shop one day

that is going to be like make you
question your whole relationship I feel

your relationships on the rocks and

if somebody can can like go in that

and mess with it and it

agree I then it begs swing the axe if
the relationship

executioner with a guillotine any final
words yeah

a yeah this relationship doesn’t sound
very hot and heavy

exciting and fun you’re in a new place
enjoy your life

chase after this guy who went out on a
date who was behind the best day to be


I use so charged after that cap a
payment is

he was just like a better version of
himself you got a lawyer was perfect she

finally breaks up with her boyfriend
this guy from the cafe shows are

donating an Italian her

babe I just want to thank you you made
me realize how much I love this girl

that I went on a date

on I love her more than I can ever love
you maybe we can double date me

the girl that I’m in love with you your
boyfriend how you feeling by the way you

a lot of egg salad we’re

and how much diana’s the word three egg
salad sandwiches

no I don’t die I would want but is
really big cheese is a Muslim in the

equivalent of God three glasses a man is
in close to 24 hard-boiled eggs yeah it

does the Nagin UT

Mike yeah I got a rather you re Eureka

Eureka the bags a

so that’s that that’s three dumps and

one other question I forget does Anna

whether the bad one I have 300 kick your
job under the bed

a do you think will we can call that a
probe the day before Dobbs if I were you

listen to these two guys little die


that said if you had your own questions
ideas themes on submissions

I or were also accepting new the

thumbnails for our are podcast itself so
that when we put it on Facebook

we have a nice new image with every
episode that

the email for everything is a fiery show
at gmail dot com

the opening theme song was recorded by
Chris Leggett

and this closing one a is from someone
named Zoe

so thanks though it thanks Chris thanks
you guys thanks everybody

thanks thanks thanks lou back on Monday
but the new the now I like the me

Jul who writes like are

Sproul let it go cuz comments NJ

hey so 30

that he won’t hey local school

following requirements: break theme

to Armenian you

me on their the new show


star now me it is doctor and you have
been asking for it so here it is we’re

gonna give you free up so the classic
love line

every week anymore Adam out shut up for

less and less and more those amazing
classic love line show mama

are prepared to step in and iPod who
wears the pants in your house what how

dare you can put up with that

should mark my word no not to behave
like that because you know how your life

called the show in ya there during the
job done with all your home Obama coming


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