Episode 98: Underwear (with Thomas Middleditch)


Friend and star of “Silicon Valley” Thomas Middleditch joins us to discuss technology, fidelity, and stealing underwear.

This episode is brought to you by Stamps.com, Slugbooks.com, andMeUndies.com!

we got another doozy of an episode in
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oh yeah do the numbers show a weird but
first I want to say thank you

to stamp stock come yeah thank stamps to
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yalla the bath you know getting your
mailing and shipping done

seems like a no win situation nobody
does when actually yeah

everyone loses its heart it down it’s
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meet yeah

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if you love go to the post office hey
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I Frodo right away well you get things
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I wanted to say thank you one more
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well they’re called slug bug school
while %uh slug bug this one’s a gosh

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who there was back in the day real for
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you know we don’t get it either why
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either way 7 money but you get to see a
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but yeah you can use it to masturbate to
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or I’m it to save money on books
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czechoslovak dot com will now let’s
check out this

episode i cum because our boy Tamim IDs

is back in the house yet time it yet I
meet Tom be any

and things ended up I getting

match a good start screaming at each
other at a certain point so this would

be fairly it’s Sayid they did become
really got real

then joins

me you have my move on

memorial job although sure I



when you shoot in my

ask change canon near do what she did to

only you


and if

movie Neymar


do that

who learn

is RI

who you

who the was that good enough for you Tom

or do you want better shit that was

I you’re crying it doesn’t matter

you had a rough week and now it’s just
it spoke to me I

you’re staring out the window that
entire cybercrime were started tearing

yeah I cried when I got here that guys
name was Danny Coale

and he says look me up on YouTube and
his last name is CLL without the E

they call the up on you to know you

years is he is now I don’t think they
have no

I police said this is your email address

the battery doesn’t matter I’ve got a
few probable J you after beer memento

I a good thinker no not really

but she wants to be in the correct place
you want to be in the middle for I was

hanging out with the old be short span

the bean yeah house in the beam any Barz
I was starting out

the vein yeah we 8 went to us a symphony

the at we won on a date to a symphony
live be happy about it I able-bodied

it through him got it was strange life
%uh and at one point a lady with me she

wanted to take a photo and

and sister looking it over I get where
you want when you want to be in she goes

i wanna be in the middle

and then as she’s walking over better
and I it’s by Dec

we know are going on we said she wrote
to me

in the mirror and that’s

been in my head for like a week now
you’re everything I don’t like doing it

were also just walking around the house
thing and she rosary

in lemay existing sunau no see you as
just had the exact same sign him up here

at like the same

weird range to yup that’s amazing the
ever and the like

bands ever come up to you like comedian
friend you guys do bits

past when you date come and I have read
that’s fine ahead by and they are still

just ripping

yep it’s an alright thanks in a row like
they did a lotta

when other federal aid never hey your

yeah exactly now I don’t even I don’t
really talk to fans

I could only two play that song again

I Thomas little bitch back on the show

part 3 part 3 the whole house yet has
your regular streeter Slidell now

a better they call me yeah the being in
street that’s why they call you in bed

on the street it through the be in the

and the old middle staying in the last
has the last time you were here was the

day before

Silicon Valley debuted oh yeah we did we
did before

and I’m other posts are like yeah I only
did it can add

during almost there just did you know
we’ve done I thought little

the second time was right but we’re
already there were some added


people he said as the photo the post on
his phone regular workday

plastered everywhere yeah down here and
then the second time was the day before

came out yet right and we how do you
like the next nigga hey we should do

another one and then you called us back
to your convertible you like

cya brought me here you right now
eliciting a lawyer you like and I get

Jerry on the phone like thomas’ doesn’t
do haha cast with anyone is in touch

with your lawyer air

manager your publicist and they said can
you hit 2.50% I like what you talking

about his 250 like that

tommy’s going rate might that smile
usual listener

yeah your 250 people account which is

which has left the room that right now
you may get whenever I’m on my soapbox


downtown screaming away yeah evidence
over pain

cut the end is nigh I’m proud on our
part that the

the yeah and now it’s poston outpost
Silicon Alley

a let’s talk about it during the break
that’ll be a fun little discussion how

your life is changed

share sure babies the I’m sure Davies
Dave Ellis

I spread your legs open for me but the

I’d sitting standing years the boat
every year in shorts

I come out of the state call them up
your conservative little boy i’d journal

I just yet I’ll come on digital you can

look at you I day out that did no way
man it so I maintain my fresh style

brother hmm a you’ve been on the show
you know how or actually get emails from

people who are in difficult places in
their lies in the email us at a fire you

show a gmail dot com and then we answer
their questions

sometimes just me and Jake in sometimes
Thomas religious and


you million deal if caterpillar she one

in the middle she wants to be you woohoo
we will

she month to be you I’m very excited I
can I love the earth

yes it’s fun right it’s super fun for me
it’s fun for us

and it’s fun for the audience I hope it
is that after I hope you will like her I

I’m I think we’ve got another this

back in and so this it is better that we
have repeat guests

yeah because the chemistry is yet the
cannisters there in like if there’s a

better flow to the show at not be with
us covering for the first the show’s

guided flow

for show put up the flow the show I’ll

ago you know you know the I doubt that
the bleeding

I don’t know that but I don’t know help
to a

I met with him is a hemophiliac your
memo Mariama

I look while

a scorpion just came out your nose I

shit but about you lobbying scorpions
your Timothy dad

9 Jul 20 68 the score being controlled
by every minute

but the I and own

dear i right well this is the fun part
due Tom

gets to make up names for these people
the right into

where that is a preamble now we’re going
to helping out the phone as the US

Constitution baby

the I the preamble to the Constitution

I don’t have a look I’m from Canada has
said it earlier is going to have a


either just like everyone just known as
I don’t know I

you are myriad Harriet yeah I you know I
don’t think we have like

me I can’t say I don’t use you studied
it like when you study history in

a in Canada an elementary school high
school is a Canadian history

we study american it we stay ok out
affair medically necessary I just didn’t

pay attention I remember Louis real-time

a fugitive and John a MacDonald the
first prime minister

me greatly no is is gosh of E


the by got on this bike down I

yeah so yeah we got a little we know
that we know that you guys try to an

access and some dude that was a good

and they really Lahiri right knowledge
about the premier israeli in your canady

I’m the only blueblood here

your blue blooded I don’t know blue was
a girl you are killed by fellow viet

America him

I Taylor had no known casino but Yahoo
to do a video podcast the tail attacked

he’s just a little

classic tale attack which does
forty-plus 3 Damiano

getting their deale that’s even better
strength 12 which is higher than average

that bad it

advantage now a mile on a group generic
universal role-playing system

Diana currently gay mastering the
campaign where my friends are a caveman

and they’ve got it on an epic quest to
save their village because the Sears

down with the line

I no in I did not have it is

you do during the day his a try which I
do it every Sunday but you know

knows a lot about once a week now i can
say you not do it like 12 hours a day


this is your poker game yeah my book
again that’s that’s cool

and all the haters can go suck a eg
Chris I

eg it like exo-k Kheda if you are

out of it but cater you’re a hater

bill hater a closer Odin she wanted to a
podcast once there was this game

how did idea I did over eaten people

people can make it happen but maybe one
day it’ll happen I’d love to do the ally


cannot percent does with his dungeon and
Dragons accepting it a little bit more

seriously guys yeah because like a lot
of it is like they’re just having fun

but it is known about your heart

yes let me that that you’re taking your
voice your call and ask Colin Thomas

the minaret says agape says looking for

who do you think’s more nerdy near
Thomas it’s really humid like quiet nerd

good we’re like bowler but

yeah you’re pretty you’re like an
attractive hipster guy with a backwards

hat you thermos

yeah and you are like I secretly getting
really buff yeah I’m gonna cut mustache

good haircut media

however no why you’re you’re your I than
me because I’ve goes on what we were

talking about earlier like

I accounting money management nerd and
the Jewish near your Jewish nerd and I’m


a like herb jizz kid fancy nerd year

yeah I think you’re near done goes
deeper than mine

ICT it does go on deeper and longer
LASIK nerdy stuff

I guess right numbers than ok actually
maybe two houses nerd

nerd year because like yours your
nerdiness is numbers related like

numbers and math and stats

really excite you yeah back here is over
talking about what he’s getting so you

can be the game I can see the

are lowest or gimme gimme two numbers I
wanna multiply them in my head I

pianists force known as much as you are
is like a little bit cool cats or too


reconciling sports I like hockey so fuck

that’s pretty masculine the act the only
fantasy am involved in his fantasy


well I play lotto soccer video game

I play a complete game like a madman and
I go to Ren Faires

in car so I think yeah I know you have
an aging a matching and

II give us a female name so we can after
this e-mail

from Tricia smear

I named after its so pretty to be
generous I

who treasure and what’s your last name
Tricia smear

that I what smear I misled you teacher

myth smear butter do

I miss smear right Smith I’m a college
freshman who recently started classes

my mom was kind enough to get me an iPad
for high school graduation

when asked if I wanted a many or a
regular I asked for a regular

although she suggested I get a mini I’m
regretting it

its bulky and heavy with the case my
colleges checking many iPad’s out to us

for the semester and selling them to us
at a greatly reduced price in December

and I’m considering selling my iPad and
getting one of those

it would be more convenient but I am
afraid of hurting my mom’s feelings

I really appreciate that she got it for
me but I’m kinda embarrassed because she

was insistent on getting me a many and I
refuse to I

should I sell mine and just avoid
showing her

or would this be rude and disrespectful
thanks for your time

churches smear what an aptly merely a
question following what the heck we’re

just %uh here

the smallest problem UK yeah I won’t lie
I want to be treated us very be like you

have the best life ever

this is what you like this is what you
stress out about are white people

problems man the air

maybe she’s like on but they sell iPad

everybody yeah and there’s no there’s no
racial unified

but I mean I’ve had but it is like that
so its

shiny grey that’s great no she has a
problem she wrote at the time to write

the email we have taken for salad Dyson

that’s fair I think I’ll I think
actually you could spin this to be like

mom you were right yeah now she’s sarah
said she may have started in college is

that I gotta start listening to you my

yeah exactly you know I told you so but
that’s about you had to

by in order to maybe get to I

you fake sell your other one you have
baby and you say mommy I last night

can you give me money to treat tight it

I you were right I was wrong if I were


blood and she say the name in the pot I

like a neighbor a mild he’s all the
listeners they gonna tell

you’re listening yeah does a station
identification I mean right

that you could spit that if you’re just
like fuckin chill man

I have an iPad and regular like didn’t
know wat you called

I don’t know what you got yeah they’re
not damage bigots it’s just so bulky at

the bar with at all

they’re like the iPad is the sleekest
smallest nicest piece %uh machinery ever

but now there’s a maniac and now yours
is bigger I just all key and actually


is there at like the weird but that’s
like that we’re young which could they

could also be like

paid others an iPad extra-large and the
screen is huge

i can text faster got Galatta storage
like oh shit I want the biggest IPS it

touching on it a perfectly this is all

be we all get manipulated by advertising
this is all it is man you don’t need it

now what do you have for going to class
typing notes I’d love to see you like

without the many

and type 2 hours worth of notes on that
back in Kenya yankel

and call center wherever it might be
here are made of yeah

sticker car makers have the paper just

program just like a big stamp

dernier she’s here in all over the place
the end let’s be honest and a Samsung

see not doing us like typing

come on guys it’s dependent in there is
always going to be smaller is always

going to be bigger but the point is that
your mother is alive and she bought you

one and that’s really nice yeah

of good yeah I N and to be honest you
don’t need it

now and you’ve got a perfectly
functioning next Jan

regular a fat climate ugly iPad

which you probably have a case for it
cuz you now damn I’m about to get a

little notebook

to old-school composition book yeah I

I have one of those I have like a Lenovo

mega laptop it’s very bulky but you’re
talking about you write it down talking

about like a legit

pen and paper well I love old school
cloud that could solve a retro throwback

XE she will have bury FC yeah I mean
that would be the jam if you show up to

class around got their little

no there the iPad and seven you pull out
this like Italian leather

like hands bound at yeah your blood does
stop a bit later

18 but could spell exactly it’s likely
the crevices and other people iPad

short-circuiting every penny it got him
I’ve got a minor grammar

like just Seppi bonobo ni Italian

and it is live like about work the UK

that is it’s not his notebook it’s not a
year’s nope now he used to do a lot and

on a sign and might hand is posted
venture like he makes really now just

he makes bank by the iPad yeah and he’s
got like a is getting online store

arm just happy I its at the dot-com from

yesterday got your big bulky iPad ago at
the dot-com

me it I & Byers up

did you guys take notes handwritten
college of course with an app for iPad


no package yet lap child age at laptops

some harlem height not not for me angry
and probably not laptops relax

kinda like maybe not permitted in class
even if you did have them yeah

imaginative a very big the

distraction thing now you have your iPad
are your computer with the internet on

it you’re trying like pay attention to

economics lesson I think ahead like one
class where we had

where we brought computers and it was
like I feel it ended with 23

surely be early they have wifi yes it
was like I read that was whether or not

I’d wireless internet I’m like wait what
do you mean why are they and others have

used with the

Buckley talking about yeah I there
doesn’t need 0

no wire so how does he get in now here

no deaths yet but it was also good
because that when I would be that the

form Facebook had come to my college
it’s a really have a lot

I get that point but if you’re watching
porn on a laptop in

32-bit they did it with but I computer
with download scrubs and watch porn yeah

I did

%uh I would imagine for the dead kids
that come there to learn a laptop or a

night that would be very good but for
the baddies

%uh yeah Tyler it after I pay it

so I don’t know what their final advice
is for trash II with the addition is

like sell this

the police been as a you are right mom
yeah if you’re really obsessed with this

embarking many yeah it’s been I said you
got a good deal givers love the money


didn’t then you’re there you go then
it’s a nice gift to your monthly hey

mama your eye and we actually there’s a

great deal it’s cool but was thinking of
selling the bigger iPad

getting this one for cheap in give you
the ex yeah though if your mama

I mean if humans there is no britain
resume a person all like

as if I as any woman is I you mother

yeah you could maybe sort of talk to her
like that just how we did to rational


yeah talking to each other all rights
are all in favor of selling your iPad

getting the many

I don’t know I am actually not I love my
iPad regular ants

I don’t know yet why it’s a little while
joining it’s a little too big not

just wave to a postman lyman delivered
two boxes for you

should get two boxes at the door say go
grab I am not sure why not

with the river today wasn’t around the
park is yet

sassy dollar-for-dollar basis the Bjork

hungry we should be a separate iPad are
separate podcast

where we just talk until the mail comes
and we go through the mail

it’s called waiting for the email yeah
where the Tammy enemy I’ll

well I’ll be damned it’s it’s a metal
bar players for both for Cali Nebo

open on that their neighborhoods can
open them open them cool a dildo

her love now I am at the little big and

I she should get the dildo many though

i right area question 100 question and

desi a we need another female’s name

arm Maureen

puddle on a bitch Wow the girls are hot

I rethink your like god damn smoke show
and have a beer with a lot of its

Eastern European dude to be some mo

open about my mouth a hey guys my
boyfriend and I have been dating for

seven months

he’s the first nice guy I’ve ever dated
we met in college

I graduated in May my boyfriend still
has two years everything was going great

until I noticed he was covering slashed
tilting his phone when he was on it

I got suspicious so I broke relationship
advice number one don’t snoop

he left his phone at my house 18 and his
phone kept getting texts

I couldn’t resist so I lucked the text
was from a girl

and the past messages from a month ago
had provocative conversations with him

being the initiator

I confronted him about the messages he
begged me not to leave them he said

you’ll never do it again and he realizes
how important I am to him

giving us a given a second chance if so
how can I trust him again

but no answer with oh yes or no and
three ready late section to sit out

yesterday in a second chance at an hour

no BC Real ID tags with

from you haven’t been down this road
just text yes time the right at them now

you know I’ll say that she didn’t break
relationship a

rule number one don’t snoop relationship
rule number one is don’t cheat

he broke you think he cheated by texting
a girl either yet you never love you


I also like who knows who knows what
like if it let anything more than that

who notes a yeah I guess she doesn’t

I mean lot yet is it is

it you know I suppose you could argue

it I don’t know the extent you don’t
know the extent maybe it was like a

month hundreds of messages now is really
intense and stuff like that than that

and I something if it was like

yeah I would have fun with it it and
when a relationship you know you’re very

to very great maybe in another life
that’s not that bad

you don’t know the extent but I gotta be
honest he’s gone down the road

he but I would like some advice I see
aired find another did but I anything

like ’em

it was prolonged behavior it wasn’t just
like a one one conversation makeup

managing you doing this labor’s

were done it was like he he multiple
multiple times initiated

and a steamy conversation with someone
who was then texting

like many times throughout the night
parable when he left his while she was

there to kiss his

he’s shielding that yelled Ali shading
is shadings cold and that’s that’s

the the sneak that don’t look your dad
be doing that yeah

as soon as I had a reminder self the
that is still in college

%uh that’s another thing she’s two years
older than he still in college and she’s

not an hour maybe he is a late bloomer
in college late but either way he’s in


for a couple more years and she’s not
she said she should be focused on

getting herself a job I

up a career she like nasa does it have
on it so you know you know you got a you

know come on

well I’m going to pick a subject matter
yeah broward yes

I just got a brand new spanking degrees
mentions that is the first nice guy I

ever dated he only had

cheated on me yeah I match in with the
mean guys that her watch out for the

nice guys

we’re tricky I relying role squarely on
the area we all go through phases many

you know we’re all we’re all we all know
young on point can you be a nice guy and

still do this

orders them he’s not a nice guess you
could still be a nice Gambia

rotten bastard with them in their nice
guy yep sure you just better at

disguising yes like don’t know how to

confront your feelings and women and
maybe you want to still be a nice gotta

also want to be a bad boy your complete
didn’t come as a political tendencies I

mean he could donate to charity and then

send a list a text to a stranger sup I
think if he is a nice guy

and this is the worst he’s ever done and
he feels so bad

slash when you feel bad you just mean
you’re the you’re scared straight


is basically too afraid to do it again
now but that’s not all that clear that

if you’re gonna be in any way

yeah I also think matter how she’s in a
conductor self movie Borat like are you

gonna be able to trust him if he says

if he says I won’t do it again it will
happen again are you gonna be like

okay and live your life and a be common

present or is she gonna be like always
like crap with his phone say now

yeah like his tech his father’s but who
is with the typing really stresses eyes

now for ever gonna be partly

and to be honest this is dark but like
when you’ve been taken back

there’s part a view that feels like i
cant I get away think

I like you can get off toward I feel
like this person’s we can make because

if that had me out in like fuck you get
out here

from a text message conversation the
Pens I don’t know the kind I don’t know

the actual texts but yeah

I cut my sweet sweet tender love go from
and dies South

like to see me text to be like yo man
what I really bad news

why he had 101 out he was a one night a
steamy texts lately

maybe I don’t know I who knows like all
I’m saying is if it happened multiple


several different initiated text
conversation but with one girl

yes but that of course II change my
opinion to be

adamantly fuck that don’t give them a
second chance multiple times shielding

his phone texting some other girl there
that have even gets off

he had a great okay it’s like the name I
together late I’ll never told us

I’ll never be with the girls I’ll just
text it sort of like a a sex chat

there there’s plenty people like to and
then more power to them I’m not saying

you should be condemned for having a

I’m just saying you should maybe be
honest when you’re doing it

yeah he hit it from her knowing it was
her and build it but decided to hide it

and that could hide anymore but cuter he
was a dummy for sure

he was a unifying yale is a piece a shit
nothing’s changed he is a nice guy

he doesn’t need to be persecuted again
we’re all we’re all we all go through

the phases

have you done this yes you you did not
text while in a relationship

a harness bad news and you get out and
you’re like wow I heard someone i really

I learned a valuable lesson heaney
thrillers us when you get with got a 911

you did you feel you deserve a second
chance I begged and pleaded

you know what I mean I would like
sometimes I gotta and guess what I was

like hours for this week

I don’t I don’t don’t don’t give talking
with sections

no second chances that now the lobbying
to handle that I would lessen when I was

little I would get grounded all the time
but it never really stuck

so I never really learned consequences
yeah he might be to my action yeah

so what do your parents have done fire
break up with you

I we I they hadn’t if they’d kept me

idea might be different so thanks mom
and dad and I love me

at you put me on a leash so loose I
could do whatever the fuck I wanna hear

you told you there was electric fans but
there was never anything works but is

this the is it still considered a lease
with their diameter the entire fuckin


United will not be wearing anything at
this point

the well at a it to the lady don’t worry
there’s going to be other dudes

and you are nice other nice guys and a
guy a you messed up one day learn your

lesson in one day

hopefully you’ll be like Jake ally who
are report that is an hour

are hell bent on being getty’s yeah okay
alright so

moesha so you got to to hell knows

and one maybe sell and I think that’s

softer near the weirdest thing is that
like this guy did something that you

wish ever deliver him another chance and
this guy did something that me and Tom

would have done

ever like to but that’s because we know
in those situations we didn’t deserve

another chance now are

and million your you’ve never been in
that attack something with with life if


if and if the end up in a scoundrel on a
bad that

you’ve chosen you chose to shoot the guy
and I gotta go to jail

gear so sorry yeah but that’s what you
that’s what happens

agree and this isn’t like using it this
isn’t like a heat in the moment about

prime passion like this guy just said
something awful in our shoot him it’s


a well-planned yeah like nightly I was
feeling tightness police told multiple

different ways

you know the size far but what his
father’s have-nots are stepping up to

the plate be in

two in a row doing the right thing do
the right thing larry take a bad brian

and basin near air time there in journal

where is he should be my movie it was an

with the reception a Tom Berenger cattle
I can’t keep up with your brain I’m out

the McCoys easier said than a day at the

he was the best part measure brewster

derringer I I have been one other
families but he’s a sort of a strong

silent sorry like

I’ll wear your we are go get ’em appear
on a ghetto like that now with your

weather was like dark but

is lives in a minute we’ll talk without
talk what are called you have

a sugar their question baby is there was
there a break to retire a

I will deter helped steer one more
question and break it up break it up


break it up was this another I know we
gotta guys we gotta did we got a good

thank God we gotta do it is

food year due to name her did name

II she is um

eggs a beer inch practice it inch

ends practice so is that one worlders
they liked I need a match practice like

a stressed-out British name compound

eggs a beer interacting with rights

actually wanna read it in a British
accent and I’d love to

I did you see that animation you did the
South Park

animation review reading that question
to me is an amazing what a treasure

yes but cough and that’s really cool
that’s nice DSS

I am a 21 year old guy in college

with an unusual problem I like the
punctuation already

I have never had a girlfriend or even
been on a date I had my first kiss now I

understand why

nah poor guy RK I know cuz I know do you
like this okay

I don’t know I don’t think I’m
attractive it’s just that I’m a coward

with no guts to ask a girl out

and I also don’t meet very many cuz my
social life as I’m a huge nerd

by John as such I have two questions one

tack and I’m an open game the Bulls ask
the girls out even though I have no

experience and

true or how do I deal with carols who
have think it’s weird that I’m 21 and

have never even been

on that date two-aids there’s only two

brief stop Jefferies & I am can you help
me out with this conundrum or should I

resigned myself to a life of loneliness
and drowning my sorrows

in Mike’s Hard Lemonade sincerely exam

inspect if first man get into beer

I take a girl out for a Mike’s Hard

are do you have a girl from age 21

now I was members in US 19

and then scrambled the play catch-up
whether that’s why was a bastard like

I’ve done it all wrong

how to use women from now our am

a girlfriend a real girlfriend 21 now I
mean I had a couple like

sue does but writes a twenty-one is not
terribly late

there’s still time to turn things around
I wouldn’t be yourself I think they’ve

put I think you be surprised about how
many people in your position I think

society and surf

the like monoculture puts a lot of

emphasis on Mike early sex early
experiences living are Diane

by I don’t pick me I think you’d be
surprised how many people died

yeah so what can what can you do how can
you ask a girl out now kick in the balls

and how can you do that

with an online isn’t an easy way to do
it than enough to actually physically

talking to him a tender tender tender
yeah it’d be here if you do stuff like


if you do online ’cause online is a
great resource is its Lincoln people who

normally don’t go out to bars for
example I’m not a park I

I never met any cross from Verizon
across after coming shows or like

mcbride in on eat you just gonna be
realistic with attendant you know

mcpeak like when you tender yeah don’ts

like Barbies and hot girls set you know
you never gonna have anything in common

with you got a match the girls that
would like you

yeah if you’d if you’re a nerd Mike

some I cried about that’s why I like the
curb swipe obscenity artsy girls who

look like they might like ups or lease
be open to liking

group if they don’t know about that
continue to like that online /a

all because I see a lot of people that
do you they’re like yes all across I’m


you buddy the just imagine everybody
happy but never attack neck

do I met in Fort for checking the old a
cam shows tonight

how’s your sunday looking at Windsor I
I’m alt had an all-night

below the tavern Mike’s Hard Jergens

aa1 using the other I’m not gonna say

it but I am but jodie moore gets the

at II yeah it was a question i think is

your you also you blossom very late

yeah but you’re peaking right now at 31
yeah so

that 21 I was also a nerdy dude a

but we didn’t even have online dating
back then right author

are I idea girls like weird like a well
chat rooms and stuff but I don’t think

there’s any deserve realize that we know

add yeah there’s nothing like the Mean
Girls online for me came on MySpace

concert was pic a see you’re doing it
evenly 06

the I was like out-and-out 23-24

you can meet people on MySpace is not as
friends de myspace was Brad now it’s all

bands but like

could go like I’m searching for female
single within this

age range within this high treason is
weight range well into their profile you

could select cry 3 awesome

it was a and his party Palace I

a place a and caliber

my family more I’m completely own

to vote devoutly in love go I but my god
I love to search all these people is

that code age range high rents right now
I realize found out that my daughter but

absolutely maniac

and over it looks like a bad life but
seven I 131 pal

guy about her right knee the although
she is

David myspace is categorized live ahead

again Slyke see in a database everybody
that i won

here I’ll I would say this did a don’t
worry about it like

refuse Brett you fret about it is kinda
like bachelors in a city with the other

self defeatist attitude right now yeah I
don’t be great to bring up to any girl

he goes out with that

says for stator that he’s never had a
girlfriend yeah just like go out your

guy and you have hobbies and interests
and that’s good enough and you got to be


know we care I don’t think I’ve ever
gone on a date: be like so who else have

you dated

you to any other people the duck I would
actually rather not know

that can be all that can be a fact that
you chair later on like if you guys

head of ideal actually you know whatever
that’s when you’re comfortable in your

talking in chat

yeah for the week ended up the year like
action actually you really like

cute smiley never had a girlfriend like
oh my god I wanna be your first grab bar

light work for you I’ve never had a
boyfriend and they cannot be party like

a quirky cute romantic comedy or chick
too shy people meet each other

under the veil of night never being dad
never going out in the day

there are shy nerdy girls to than I was
as wide grin how’s this gonna say

worker we we’re fortunate enough to live

in a in an age where you can find what
you like and what we like you

that’s the big thing I learned actually
out of getting out of high school love

that microcosm world were forced to be
with us like

more from a small town cruelest like
they’re the same yeah

and even at a college is like you can
find your people

if you don’t even like the idea of going
online at you go to whatever like here

in Los Angeles not on comics

and Mariah go through and comic books
commish us up like that

are you go to wherever that you think
like-minded people will go to

or refund a minute you can find your

and then you’ll see all that like crazy
anxiety goes away cuz right now is


looking at like Vanessa smear

Tricia yesterday super hot sister when
she hit as long as I had evolved

her yeah she’s got the superstars iPad
it led by a nano

and she’s like a 30 girl or whatever out
on them I’m probably judging

unfairly but like his may be looking at
them just the wrong time you like

america at that

I wanna be like own ability her words

I correct I’m not check everything going
to be me the guy I’m not even take

earlier they’d have any declared himself
in the mirror and girls

who are you no one knows I wanna be you
and the region’s third the marion is

disappointed every time that is being is
reached the glass

yeah I many godly ruin any I have Narnia
and then mister thomas’ I could do I

come to read

I dear old timers

unless tell me what i mean he sees
strangers enders land and that

little seder welcomes then into his home

yes the Seder SAT why are I have a
doctors I thought it was a city like a

Passover Seder

now dear yeah from man way to fuckin do
not miss

I right now I wanna cum laude with a nap

is Jude up everything I do you’re
talking to wasps

Advanced search movement up

he is implying a sell online and don’t
tell anybody

no when I don’t tell anybody like the
secret Brazil I don’t know yet that

it doesn’t have to you yet on who you
are it’s not like that that is it a fine

right yet entered a summer many other

I was talking about like sorta like life
after college I first got there is that

ability to find your

your people like in college especially
you can find a and they’re sure there’s

a million

social activities that aren’t like frolf
and stuff like

you can go watch scary movies here nerdy
thing still what did you know that their


on rent movies from the library would be
a nerdy thing to do if you were to rent

a VHS or DVD from the library at Magic
the Gathering club yeah

I’m probably those are a bunch of other
dudes Dom

I don’t know there are there are things
there are people you know what

you know what strange and I did this
when I was on my at Los Angeles before

all the smoke was all about for all the

and I had no friends I wanna meet up dot
com well

it’s like a I’m plugging this thank you
but like their arse that other social

sites like this we’re it’s not about
like dating effect events and you signed

up to be part of the trip to tell you
about events and you can kinda do you

like group they have like a certain
wheelhouse like there’s like

help medical stuff that you can to let
him eat at the UN on

I want I went on there to find a a
pickup soccer game group

that’s pretty cool which is like super
cool yeah I’m little your

but cuz I wanna play you know as fun to
play soccer but there was like

you know quality stuff to do there’s of
our hands and you can just get on these

are groups get older

in your area mean a backup I couldn’t
get the hit

it’s easy it’s free it’s made up dot com
I just got paid 70,000 ok White Castle

Rock israel’s

but that’s now Israel in 20 you fifty I

only do that and how it works and go

that’s it now it’s break time RI Silicon

has your life significantly changed

since the show came out or is it

more or less the same I from

is it is a bit about of okay one it’s
like that it’s the same annette like

nothing I I do day-to-day changes really
I still do

other stuff I for a while I was

very very busy now it’s like chilled out
and i’m waiting for a season to kick off

that main thing that’s changed is that
changed is that like

change will come up and say hey good job
as great

I love I it sometimes it’s like a lot

I an unexpected places like the home
buyer in the middle in louisiana people

about I’m a lawyer show Mike

really in Hawai you’re watching a show
just try to begin from

you then that but you know it’s it’s
been pretty cool

I am so if there was like a documentary
made about your life 24 hours

last year the twenty-four hours this
year’s a noticeably different I

you would take today now now but because
he did his pocket i do. I picked the

well I mean on the moment I’m still I’m
still awake you know spent a lot on my


you play video games rating and doing
whatever I mean

yeah when the season 2 I mean there are
here’s here’s what’s changed

I’ll go to like fancy Holly Howard
parties that they just like send a bunch

if I to I’m not to get people to come
right so they want star

to me there’s garcetti should have
gotten like ten times more suits

others like I have like a stylist I and

met with it and stuff like that that’s
cool I have a published

says although I haven’t you thurr a
checkered just like someone there to

think a

just just to get something goes really
think you know me I go on my math be

attached well how does a stylist work

a stylist will say okay so for the Emmys
I’m going to the i mean

Sunday on Monday no shit that’s the day
the subsequent out

cool watch the Emmys watch him anything
come with this is a clear

jörg krämer if i reaffirm to come

and south will be like hey I should

I’ll go me herschel have a Tonna suits
from all the seven companies

like whatever CK Valentino the to have a
range of like to shoot black

page Gina Papan I have learned about
another Paula and and let you

to be it did prepares suits rather just

it’s like you’re doing anything that
they can cut a lot of it is you actually

not really a

yet to get high you just try to find
like you know an agreeable style you


do you have to pay for it arm

you typically all so they like the is
one that’s just

shy I believe for a couple of these
events she’s been hired through age gets

a chance

Apamea others of their economies HBO
wanna be in love you know my god be with

HBO that the

back select wallpapers too because you
want you to look good because you’re a

fucking slut but otherwise a stroke and
suck buyout I got a tight

and I so that’ll happen occasional get

free stuff like magic the gathering for
example heard I played magic on Sat and

then sell me a box

full a magic lather Lido play Magic

a clip from time I I’m very grateful
thank you

wizards up the Coast but I’m

you know things like that I gotta you
get if couple free things here and there

they like out I would have gotten this

when I was poor but now I have a to
change then take up

which is ridiculous and i’m new
professional opportunities

I furthermore not only does that come
your way career wise it’s been

that has been a total ganges the shop
not that I’m like

gonna be and guardians of the galaxy to
right it’s just that like

people I wouldn’t even consider holy
shit yeah I’m actually just about out

weird well only thing to do anymore lol

it’s such a successful movies like how I
like it I

Althea I could block up on things like
that like

you know I’m just at least in people’s
eyes a possibility to Kasen X for all

our lives

yeah us in so that that’s that’s been
called when do you get

offered parts verses addition the only
fight I’ve been offered

are like parts in movies where

people have never heard of RM mal us the
stuff but I decide to the dollar’s

budget and stuff like that arse I still
mostly have to audition but I don’t


I cannot manage really improving myself
an earthquake shall a clutch

situations let’s go to our like the
close as you can get like being an

athlete as an actor

yeah grain trade pressure situation
before tobacco wants the buchwald

yet to me at some the exact opposite I
you’re the guy was like

just as the state next to his defender
on basketball yeah I’m sorta covered a

best to make blogging

I as I they didn’t fuck anything up
Bobby had

I want me on the court out to be the
christian Laettner on the dream team we


I was on the team didn’t play but I
didn’t ruin things either

yeah that’s good I wanna be the John

six feet tall and white I

I’m that old clothes who wanted to know
that you are now a

but imagine but the package in your age
is a jammin knows no bounds

imagine that one inch taller a

a Stockton asks 6-speed did she get
bigger shoot now it’s not that easy six

feet tall dark Lawrence

no that could work and I a so when the
season to start

we can start filming end of October
ownership it soon

yet animal goes the end of January I
believe and then

that I mean that said that I have like
the rest the air safer when it comes out

there’s like press but

but it’s an exciting schedule or 830
might’ve hardworking and nine months a

chillaxing well I mean hopefully for if
if people

would if Holly will will let me the
ringleader Helen drive anything seen the

documentary mojo

I that now and I hope they’ll be like
the other stuff that

the other top like it this summer after
a couple movies that %uh some final


and the bronze check them out they’ll be
out next year touch me touch wrestles in

exactly what a good guy he had a very
tender man I

if you ever it had cell source and
you’ll save these tender

now is like a he’s around tight he’s
like a brother there are 0 the podcast


be great he’d be great for arm
empathetic suggestions in terms of what

to do oh yeah offer the guy who coups
have a shovel many girls

star a watching party inviting boys and
girls not just you and a buncha girls

invited mixed-gender washing party for
the quest

what’s that if you request now I’m are
you there was the gun rather go really


that the I mean no brainer come
springtime game after on Silicon Valley

come on that he want to budge

I mean that the 1235 but for now for the
summer like start-up right now the class

that this reality TV show

where it’s essentially LARPing like live
action role playing the car these actors

in car in the castle there’s a whole
story line yeah

contestants that I like trying to
compete to be the true hero it’s


a typical guy who got to come and get
the seventh sons be a

otherwise llega bill will come in
destroying us all and unlike the regular

people like

yo man we gotta get the site appears a
little don’t kill it it’s a crap

where the regular people there too
because their cum it’s a reality show

where they can be in challenges and
eliminates the

so it’s like some people are into Italy
though there are there are a couple

people who are like

really buying the narrative that is like
it’s real to that its

Bonnie are what a treasure which elder
it’s not on a channel

it’s on ABC a really yeah that’s what
does am watching this summer there’s

some bachelor in Paradise which is

such a fucking cumshot Plaza out just
another while Alicia

its the next Bachelor but it’s like
although our previous

like not peers bashers that period if
you are on a show the ground are all

stars are in the psych

check trapped in his first or and that I
like loving one person actually here

it’s like carcass just watching mania

emotional mania and four than for any
rise I mean clearly there’s some clear

clever writing going on but on top let
your swatching you’re watching

people come apart to come apart they’re
all having a common

income I come part it’s like two hours a
copy to missus two hours

to guarantee a few hours appearances I
promise after

after each and every one you like I wish
there was another way I

so insane I’m actually going on a flight
soon to London

the 11-hour flight and I like i’m
looking for sure that’ll just make time


Amir everyone says gameofthrones beer
same bachelor it maybe not washing hands


but it may be the special thing sense
but i wanna watch

give it up in a idiot tell you the path
to asshole coming down with that

don’t be a pussy asshole but when you’re
done with the with a month

I’m tell you with a call if you get a
chance to win anything just that as we


it’s nice to have a had to seen any
bachelors now

Nana I’m no I wanna be be higher really
does this matter and no not the area

I was really want to I was these 13 89
with miss a bullet but I’ll give you

little liar

you to only reviewed only be like oh
yeah I like Veronica yeah she was a

basket case in season several right

but they can to give it when they
introduce in a given week to give you a

little recap

it some I’m playing all kinds stuff but
its crisis meet up the car

yeah bequest special present a question
for us to be in

the brain and usually less lethal belly
yet another variegata think you are

this is Peter Dinklage that’s a lie
because my weapon at that as your daddy

or something like that like you’re in
your 20

shortman is if you’re in a religion
religious short

look at them well your church ATF to put
on a shirt set bigger they squish them

down for that reason and another is
actually at small coming sacrilegious

I should we answer one last question why
yes yes please even though

we’re at where our deal on but it’s
giving yeah the

most important thing and breathless not
merely about having fun

people doing the court was there
pursuant to this question well you know


I forgot we have to take a quick little
commercial break to

to think one last sponsor for sponsoring
this episode and then we come back

all the last question we stay around for
that keep in mind it won’t pass

anytime in real time so I’ll just put a
POS ended in a commercial

see you have to do anything but sit down
for another two seconds

me I

real quick let’s think one of our
personal favorites

me undies dot com definitely a new
favorite but a very personal favorite

it’s rare that they had a

company will send the stuff and then you
say you know I feel bad asking for

Marcel spend a hundred bucks on more
prodding 80 bucks

yeah at Ecobank bus but but but yeah
it’s a row from the horse’s mouth that’s


don’t embarrass yourself when you drop
your drawers its time he knew about me

and the dot-com

basically it’s comfortable cool

a lot about you are used to wear I was
just from the gap

it was grey and it was baggy and it was
not good and it was ugly and i chair

wearing me and he’s right now let’s take
a quick quick look

a little gander all those are cool those
are it’s it’s basically style it’s like

a nice way to upgrade your your
underwear game

which you could either do yourself where
you can buy your friend a gift

there through your boyfriend your
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as well

they make you look great and they make
you feel great and they make you be


tastes great are great grow great and do

and under 20 dollars apiece you can
change ur underwear drawer more than

once every seven years you know that’s
how often

on average guys with %uh replace their

Val that’s not okay I’ll so I last time

their promo code was me and he’s dot com
slash mir

you felt slighted you felt betrayed you
created so does not slow

not betrayed me disorder burped and the

trees India up growers in a little bit
call a little guy

it when all is said and done so you
created so it’s a mistake that me undies

I had its programmers update their promo
code URL now you can go to me and he’s

dot com slash

Jacory good for this pretty good a good
enough cricket

you’re like a little baby they got
aladdin is a little too late

and you still have occurred a euro you
are I love cooler though is

its so are the only one for the first
week it was me I do that matter to me

really nothing I

and then for the second time around it
merely that confession is still intact

still good and me and easy lot size you
want to get rid of my bro my one at

least that one

run where you go home one day no its not
let it be able as the just the older

episode and they go to that your own
it’s not there anymore I don’t

that okay so close the dow I was lying
units reveal so what’s the deal

I V go to me I dot com slash mir or
slash Jake

before Sept 1st you can get 20 percent
off your first order

a twenty-percent a quick way to do the
math on that

move the decimal point over one the
multiply by two join a hundred dollar


it’s a ten dollar times to twenty
dollars up now got that your

way I as I spent an eighty dollar order
a dollar’s tied to sixteen dollars on

on the let’s do real quick fifteen
dollar order twenty percent of

fifteen dollar order drugs that move
that doesn’t work 1.5

the three dollars %uh that’s right
that’s no fun it is

madness but I wasn’t fun those stress

hated that I

well they guarantee he’ll be happy with
them trust us

trust them trust me any dot com months

once you go black there blacks this was
a bit with a black boxer briefs right

you’ll never go back

I am back to the absurd back to Tommy

amor baths lol

what do you think that ad enters an ad
it seems right

I would me personally I’d give that out
10 outta 10 yeah I would advise always

have such clever banter Canada but that
is their def

you like snacks I like snacks I did you
do listen to the show how could you buy

me a

you only listen to the ads telling us
know my apt says but I transkei about

anytime you guys talk so I’ll really
allow that is a liar I

Boyce not easy a when you’re this upset

you’d be surprised i right

last question will real quick next time
we should do a video but guess what up


yeah it’s Andrea heavily be down I’d
love to you

right great a nice question last quest
you wanna read this one

you chose it I have another on creative
person does something creative for this


I was very honored that that guy took
all the time they like to animate is not

cool that’s on our site I we like this
so much that I’m gonna

enemy did you see the South Park Book of
Mormon some guided

hello the first sign in the government
as a South Park

an emission bands with that same guy I
was that he really

that guided a version I love Thomas

on our podcast is an iteration we have
fans there are that talented and then

also ones that I read a question like

well as ever if you ever want to do
something creative here there

drying or any or whatever you descended
over to

how are you edging out a cop car you
show a gmail data showed that it is

nice or you can treated us well rounded
on Twitter out we’d

and what will post that will promote its
gonna get the eyeballs

because people love to see it and so do
we we put that one on a if I really show

dot com

I was a the official web get the head
and I was almost inaugural episode

this is this is the and it another name
for a lady right now

I’ll mystery rivers

misty rivers a pornstar probably I

misty rivers rights DJ Premier I love
the podcast I would really appreciate

some help with my sticky situation you
missed the sticky

I was over at my friends house the other
day and we were in our brothers room

looking for a movie

I opened up a DVD case that was shot
near the back at the bookcase and inside

the case was a pair of underwear

not just any underwear my underwear

I know this because it was my size brand
and it was a distinct pattern that I had


I sleep over the house a lot so I can
see how I would get his hands on it

but why here’s the worst part there was
a white streak across them and they

smelled horrible

I what was this I took the underwear in
through the way we’re both

freaked out so we left his room why do
you have my underwear what was on it

seamen is that why it smell bad help me

misty rivers this guy obviously was
gonna do

a arts and crafts project essay you get
the underwear

yeah he is on a bye it ceased t take it
from there was gonna be dazzling yeah I

do like any lower grade be down got your
the glue part on how the Elmer’s yeah

air so you get a streak at this stinky
you know as did the the seemingly it was

a birthday year

yeah you’re being selfish and rude you

it could be a look SEC’s jump to
conclusion that it’s his maths

she coulda had a little fam its magic on

I got about it then it’s been said in a
fuckin DVD case but a

running so she’s like smell around
schneerson and enact a disguise Grossman

really she’s yank on your yeah you got
it recognize the transition is both back


you hand and especially has been in DVD
it DVD case to the right away

the sound like the brother trying to
justify how do you know you can go to go

with my heart the BBQ I don’t wreck to
be in a cycle the board is just over


well how strong I was gonna watch it I
just gotta

got it at the BK not to get back to you
a comme les

I can mail it wrong I gotta put in that
case up

I get is right an address on underwear
send it up willy-nilly

to cover it up it’s like you’d like to
meet her a report that a column I


guy jigs day yeah

a good luck getting tho defensive and

first there’s the it looks %uh yeah

clad women think video in Sewickley the
ads are the busy as they have

yell at them louder and emerging you and
the initial question is like

hey arm so we on my and where in the

huh mistake look you

yeah %uh got there are no one throws
Lake Road Seabrook immediate

love media other old underwear I

police at this next emails from this guy
who said this girl came over and started

sniffing around underwear

Boise Journal why she’s my what is now
open in it spread to the ground and put


kennedy became clear the world the point
clever my room a slob who said it was in

a DVD case

well well northrop

like in the queue likely open up a case
have a DVD and stereo DVD 8:30 p.m.

utensils crumple up a young kid like P
Diddy some weird shit to jerk off

there there’s its weird will let you
know what

here’s the thing is like for me I never
I and added penny step around 13

you hear it a lot like you hear like our
mail that the New Deal

is clear panies something like a in the
air but it’s like no one ever does it

but he was like

ok all that’s what you gotta do like he
actually went did it was a risky

maneuver what was he thinking would have
been like

howdy when wit you sleep over you take
off your underwear they use leave the

next day

know that she’s like I forgot I lost my
bro whatever but but but but then it’s

what I don’t you know you don’t bring
too said the ban is on a sleepover

maybe she does cuz she’s a console nasty
down there leaving streaks

but if you she and her should know that
she’s really

she not nasa because his nephew water
heater sure

yeah she’s a rainforest the swampy got
chicken brewed beer down there

a book I were like tolley attacking her

I got other side it either on you know
who grew up on your knowledge in a sec


item and that is that they have a sticky
situation literally hold are you what

are you honestly can come from the kid
in paris a poor boy

yeah I he deserves that now he’s all
your under age is that ok

its innocently you didn’t say why

this is what I like to hear it off well

I’ll feeling a girl’s underwear

petting zoo so passive though he spied
on her in the bathroom or something then

I’d be like murder him but lead

he was like he is a quiet little boy yes
what I do you say I rather doubt

I 10 he was awarded by if you want to
confront him

don’t like shame him i’d is a psych I
found out that like

you know may be given playful shit he’d
love that I’m sure

he kinda like a large American another
pair Durand I

gate you’ve made my dear here Mike job

awful know he should fucking blow it
yeah that out I want

II qot you do you might but the
underwear you pervert her

he prolly love this I

great freedom the event now are watch

go to go online Google like crap had a
great for your man it was great Jersey

watch I can’t even a hot its weird

just watch it I’m going to everybody I
know all the listeners go go go it it’s

better in its that our

um she is you know you get you guys
wanted to be like the Sam lot where like

you played that prank that got him
Kirsten in like the next day the girl

acres in that little coy smile on the
way to the PL in the end up getting

married I did happen

I sama response honestly would be so
much better than shaming that kid who

that like its gonna bring so much more
weird I think it matters how old he is

if you thirteen which it sounds like he
hopefully will be

thats I think that not with splayed on
shame I’m just like he is that so

innocent reverse those number is a shit

and you’re my age I but if he’s older
than you confront him if he’s under the


dug up but that’s good ask when his
birthday is that their

held at the menu okay nevermind I

a forty would it be it’s okay it was our
friend dad

can you imagine that saw that like a
Todd Solondz movie that bad like

every night at a certain age is bad at
every age that’s not true

yeah it’s like own be really bad about
that the murders sounds its back inside

the added

though Ron Paul II murder him but I was
13 that’s OK with anyone or any more

that yeah I saw those I stole underwear
and jerked up into it but I was 13

outlets by I was twenty

world that’s fucked up if he does it at
13 I’ll do it at twenty nobody will

animate what’s wrong with your craft a
PDF I just saying it’s not nice

it’s not known but it’s like it so it’s
passive shamefully is

a kid who likes masturbating here’s the

if it bothers a girl and she doesn’t
want to having and yes she can confront

them but I would strongly urge in not

like shame him and make it like do it
don’t do it in front of his parents

yeah I don’t in progress is to say hey
or you tell your friend

hey man this is where how 98th birthday
but don’t worry I’m not

rare I’m not mad about a possible I have
just don’t do it again cuz it makes me

feel strange

yeah that’s fine that’s nice that’s fair
if he is that how you really feel you

know what I do it again

exited he looked again he’s got the
underwear the return of so easily boy

he’s probably a little Amir

likely the lasses like you just got on
his math homework is looking at the DVD


well i guess i mean even more yet who
did you and your doctor collier

over the guy that was that was texting a
girl that guy’s a serial cheater he

doesn’t deserve a second chance yeah he
doesn’t know over and over and over

again but this guy jerks off in his
sister’s stolen friends panties

know it’s a one time thing it’s cute
just like the market right away but yeah

it is my opinion no

now I’ll no I wonder how long you need
to do an online poll

on the website does he said if any
reason the right

ordered to add time and a car and a red
okay idea

yeah I will root I would level see what
the populace thanks on both these issues

yeah agreed I would say they would agree
with you on the first issue and me on

the second issue I’ve never really had
agreed with both their

question do you agree rather a little
bit more

I think honestly I think we’re a little

we r I but the other zero dollars
bosnian and Nadal

more on the way and I’m not sayin for
the heater guy like that he should be

hung up by Donna be a family thing 10 in
a row

I’m just one strike you’re out he will
well e-edition but in this one it’s

kinda seriously I N

still in a bit pair underwear different
very different

me as well as on your value kinda down
you can it’s something I remember when I

first object of very first time

I stopped when I was about to come cause
I cook what was that

yet ago that federal yeah bro can I like
gotta shower at like dry top you like

what that’ll never happen again and it
didn’t know you’d headed

and I’m filled to the and lead with I

I remember when I agree thank you copped
a little bit cover I

she and charge it others like it when
you feel the serial ball all the way to

the lead to that the meniscus is

for over the ball that the lock around
there sometimes the mail slot a little


yeah I don’t jog in the market filters
leak out that yet know the

as so that’s when I cut my toenails a
late cut too far little bit but we’ll


I a.m.

wonderfully growth well that’s it those
are four good questions

yeah find different answers I’m glad we

yet disagreeing with I feel that the
internet will who’s right yeah

because morality is an abstract you last
others are lacking last time

I’ll we did I’m was that on Twitter
peeps we ask that but it was okay to

Mel Mel yeah and most will agree with me
when you think about that with Mel

if you’re in a really if the girls in a
relationship can you

go after the girl

AK meddling without knowing any other
information and just simply act

if there’s a lot of circumstellar could
be a issue to be in a bad relationship

you look at me in a way out or not in a
non married relationship

I S think there it is

there it is finally vindication

up I don’t think I don’t think I mean

it’s bad form yeah fuckin it’s a bad
thing to do but I’ve been in situations

are it’s like

anna’s this goes looking to get nailed
it meddled 0

now though no you don’t their lead at
the mouth after and so I

I G turn out in the open in the open
patio interest some

magnifying glass I don’t think it was
older that you can like present yourself

as a really solid option if that person
one at meddling

I don’t think but its it’s nothing like
flirting come out with

know yours that you’re saying like a
hundred percent goal after rehab you

know how much I had only way I’m kinda
and I’m kinda thinking about him when we

actually are at it and yeah

as a younger man I wish I would have met
on the internet all that now like

bouncing off I found that I double has
poor farm cuz you gotta put yourself the


ravage it’s another it like this goes in
an abusive relationship you shouldn’t be

like hey you should not be with that got
hurt like

and had only like actual if you figure
that already had arrived at all

believe it was in a solid relationship
in your like I just think this goes

pretty I’m not just poke around this

now that’s an outlet that’s that’s one
extreme another extreme is this girls

with the guy was obviously not great and
I’m so much better me get along very

well should I just

leave her alone until she breaks up with
her boyfriend or should I discontinue

hang out with their hoping to shed light
on it have the related factor

bad relationships when I found out that
the girls like immediately with someone

and that you know I think that she was
essentially being meddled with value as

well I’m like so mad

and even though I was like a day callers
to write like its it is packed for

if not gentlemanly behavior out a that
were for Fisher

so head on a gentleman which is my new
was by Myra from a yeah

in eitzen it said it’s a hard now I’m
sorry I stand by and let it was insane

what a complete turnaround be well I
think it’s cuz its it’s a question that

you sort of like

as soon as you get more information it
easy to change yeah

I mean there could be like she’s in a
great relationship in your bag I it’s

not worth it but she’s in a terrible
relationship in your a great guy I know

there’s going to be great guys soon as
you start to tell you not necessarily a

great guy

Lee said a nice guy can she yeah but
then he is a consequence of having the

relationship it thank you

what do you want me to have a good
leader it does raise you did

I you guys got the lunch together do
anything is

Amir in mankind Hiller arts

different shades up great a great
there’s no black and white

yeah hook ship it is a great day her
nursery but it’s great I book at the

I baseman thanks for coming back Tom

thanks so much for having me what a joy
it was fun to have you

it was do you wanna plug anything more
than you already have me to doubt our

show and I dot com lifeline

couple showcase I ready earlier I was
reading every I had a great great for

your man

little bit on Twitter yeah I know the
center at tambien eTOM bina on Instagram

on the grants

yeah I don’t know a

watching the Emmys see if you’ll see me
I don’t think I’ll be out I’m they might


pathname you do look like Seth Meyers we
wearing now samplings

I said body its cuz we have a long angle
said Bangla face

mmm whom I wearing when I’m

is I think it’s actually like a
Valentina I think the cup that’s what he

does it

that’s likely to it’s very slim fit al
Calica John’s brother

but the look now the I don’t wanna live
stock listeners Sox

it said it looks more British than what
they were never put on there silly


able to look at look after that and if
you guys have any questions if you’re on

that you want to yell about

it barry show a gmail dot com or if you
have any theme Sox emissions

orpheum any thumbnail submissions we’ve
been using those when we upload them to

Facebook that

open at the song was by Danny Cole
without any in his last one is by Sam we

up that’s how he said to pronounce his
name Sam we r think that’s listening

things Thomas again for coming by

we should have you on that one more time
and that’s it really yeah I’m just four

okay I’ll take it until the police get
them back to you

yeah I’ll be back soon let me guess %uh

sees the she is on a timer you

%uh listeners vision the gym

unions did you since you were

be shown

listen anytime soonish on

the only

best values in the

loose and burn

snow duo

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