Episode 152: Litmus Test

Description: In this episode we discuss when to break up, when to stay together, and demons.

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things did indeed get real we had a lot
a lot

by too much fun this episode and it

yes pop-punk covers

are better than real songs because they
sound better than the songs that they’re

based on the cover order to cover a

the one the first theme song that you
did isn’t it

is a with a No its cover the Sony sign

the only aired discover if the cover up
the stony theme song

a pop punk cover other song with
somebody else made for us

that that’s the best I am have you ever
heard like a pop punk cover and the like

other signs gray and you heard the

was like a slow version of that song hi

like like new found Glory’s

a I will fight for your Gloria love
right and because I

and will man who will fight for your

are always something there to remind
them to you know that’s our for the

original apparently

okay with 99 red balloons that their
client had both

the songs are pretty obvious that I did
not read linda is good there’s no pop

punk cover that’s worse than the

is not cool I would say the New Found
Glory with Chris

a you I would see you like the German
red balloons

i were really English red balloons more
than the pop punk cover a Red Bull is

absolutely the best one is the German

yeah the pop-punk cover you think the
German ver

a dozen that’s pretty good a within that
one though

pop punk cover the general inch maybe
goldfinger landing gear

yeah gold finger I definitely see it in
like my old the winamp player

yeah ever winning up yeah I would like
that and you could do the different

skins yellow is your dad’s

yet to get the head yeah the dow other
really good Winamp skin

as activism has actually brought to you
by Webb said they just as Winamp skin

authority that that used to be like the
way that could be like that used to be


play I wanna I want to be able to choose
my own designed to make it look worse

yeah how I would like I want to just
trust whatever the app is to look dope

gather around children let us tell you
about all this lately all technology

I love you Oriya really when they left
it up to the user’s

we made it look bad

appear forever max ther max through is
the pinnacle a digital media

this guy who wrote this song that pop
punk or that we did play

his name is Alexander melton and he has

a he does pop punk covers to a budget

I haven’t looked at this link yet but
I’m gonna causes ed

it is pop punk cover but punk covers of

from Taylor Swift and one direction et
cetera and his channel name is bake

Asian room studio

what his channel name on YouTube

is vacation room studio I guess

you know how to spell all the names are
worst channel that hmm

are secondary source of income is
critiquing channel names

vacationers studio gets a solid B-minus
realize the

consultants I’ll ourselves so consultant
make a lot of money

yeah that just sultans now idk

consultant then sad sultans are the two
people that make the most money

with a card to being the sole a cappella
know the con

kilter consultants do make a lot of
money for people like

I wonder why people just don’t tell
consultants then you do it

because that’s all they do they go
around me like I would do this

differently in this differently I can
rightly you haven’t done anything at all

you just it’s like being a critic yeah I

can the best movie critic right a good

no did Roger Ebert appeared

earth free associating neverending light
on for this podcast

rigidly visitors the pod get the
Wikipedia page also disaster each other

opinion the new version until a writer
you were at a movie

I don’t know yes I really think you did
but if you can critique something so

well shouldn’t you be able to

’em create some think ok

can you could you could like critique

the basketball playing skills but that
doesn’t mean you would not play


the hell what’s the difference between
what years cuz I think what you’re

saying is da man what i’m saying is
really smart

some trying to figure out why that

lands I I’ll I gotta one is based on
athletic ability

and the other one is just a no i dnt
creative talent in a

talent that thats basque was not all
athletic ability

the idea has some 100 percent
applicability like ike

not I can throw a tight spiral the cat I
don’t need to do good

do I just opened up this guy’s band

YouTube page she listened 01 share

a okay a house whenever starting the
actual park today at we can never start

the actual pocket as a bonus Thursday up
asserts its like whatever you can easily

be happy to answer questions

yeah yeah yeah we never feel like it and
try to find a

a a song that a No well Taylor Swift we
are never getting back together

pop punk version measures let’s listen
to a bitter that

Taylor Swift you’ve been 10 on both
sides challenge you

to write a song that was better than
that a peachy did read that

she wrote it then he made it better now
it’s your turn can you make it more pop


I is a good age test like if that

like garbage trash to you you are
probably born before 1983 rafter 1992

now and if you’re if that sounded really
good to you were born in that decade

interesting so that a good litmus test
what do you think you’ll it misses made


to come from what is I’ll let these I

I can look it up right now be a lot I
yes cool yeah

let missus a water-soluble mixture

dies extracted from legends so it’s

it’s a it was first used in thirteen
hundred AD

a when the blue dye was extracted from

and you know the guy who extracted it
said what he said witnessed the litmus

her ability at ours is lower because
that’s on the Wikipedia test witnessed

the litmus

Heath it says the main usable in this is
to test whether solution is acidic or


yeah he said hey list we witness the

and then when it happened there I i
guess he

he put his foot innes the and

think it’s poopy said is it as senator

is it a can you trace at

is at acidic or basic can you trace it

till a trace it back to bass a trace in

delight trace it back to Bath the trace

with that but what about the tray Senate
at know about recent I do not

not the gonna like God neosporin I’ll

lesser I don’t know i’m i’m repeating
what you saw your best race

like okay miss porn best race and I
think they like they said with that

witness this wet witness the slickness
is at acidic or basic can you trace it

back to bacitracin

yeah ok or are we just chase and Jason
OJ it’s the

Jason was the son

I really really like who are doing a hug
the with the lady is we’ve ever been


I but what is the show this is a fire
you the only advice podcast on the

internet hosted by us on a mere

I’m a mere now you’re not fine a

we receive emails from people who are in
difficult places in their lives and they

need our advice

sometimes you ramble for 10 minutes at
the top of the show and sometimes we get

right into it

from like today yeah right we we we we
we we we are laser-focused

all we did was dabble we listened to a
few songs we found out what let miss

meant when it started

note that but actually let’s go back to
that page

the 1300 can you spell bacitracin

I i guess i would guess it’s

be a okay see

II tear in my eye a CIA and I have

bacitracin a whole well


commercially manufactured by growing the
bacteria Bacillus subtilis

Tracy one in a container of liquid
growth medium

the antibiotic is that it’s extracted
from the medium using chemical process


min could this be a different podcast is
just a guy

written Wikipedia hopping so take his
train of thought but also he’s learning


yeah I my kernel actually told me about
that he had that

idea for a podcast a really up but like
his thing was that

he would just get stoned I am at

it with ir out the who’s called the
rabbit hole

well that’s a good like he’s high her

he just goes through the internet and
find out about weird things that any

like to read it out loud thing to
another area

all right note to self the rabbit hole
as a podcast

to good idea the solid idea a alright
let’s give

but start reading emails and trying to
help people %uh

these are real emails from real people
are gonna get and fake names

to preserve the anonymity I just want to
mention real quickly

I in case we forget are Los Angeles show
tomorrow is sold out

so fuck off if you want to come up
unless you wanna take it then Cup

yeah please do come if you buy the
ticket a we have a show in Montreal


a now we’re gonna get us a less Comedy
Festival just-announced

we’re hosting for comedy has been doing
one live podcast not exactly sure what

the details are

but hahaha dot com should have it I’ll

yup hahaha dot com they started early

sick they got and then we’re also still
go to Australia

Melbourne Show Melbourne shell sold out
every other shit still available

it more information at a fiery showed a
calm alright what name should we give

this person litmus

I I love that it is I

sir let miss a

hi all I’m a 16-year-old from Scotland

and I’m a bit in a bit other sticky sick
so mean my girlfriend split up a few

months ago because I had feelings for
another girl which later went away and

resulted in me

and my girlfriend getting back together
cut to now and my feelings for this

other girl has come back and I no longer
like my girlfriend at all

she’ll be very upset with this so I
don’t wanna split with her

just now as she is doing exams and it
would distract her a lot

also when we got back together her mom
said that she’d come to my house and

slap me if I broke up with her again
during her exams

I’m also pretty sure that this other
girl likes me

as we speak a lot in class and on
Facebook I’m thinking about doing it

this summer holiday which

I which is two months from now but I’m
not sure I know you guys have had

similar questions to this on the show

but I believe mine is different thanks
in advance

let miss alright let I very different

soul the issue of when to break up with

well it is funny that he’s like I like
two different girl and then

I broke up with my girlfriend and I got
back together with her and I like this

girl again

is in that on it seems like you just
only like this girl when you can’t have


right well I think it’s weird to like
act on your feelings so much

like I had I had feelings for someone
else so I broke up with my girlfriend

and then those feelings run away so I
got back together with my girlfriend and

with a girl like her

I just either an hour no

you’re feeling feelings are kinda dumb
sometimes like though there has to be a

conversation that you have with your
feelings when they come up

like like you don’t have to act on your
feelings all the time not blindly

I’ll I took I hacked my feelings a lot
but I feel like there’s an

there’s gotta be a sort of checks and
balances system in place so who are the

three bodies

what’s the executive judicial
legislative branch have your body

I think its its heart

mind and soul what about dick being one
up on

deck is my soul %uh case of park behind
index all

cool well i i mean dick is sorta heart
dick is everything

our deck only if they are gone yet

they give president Kenneth 3

as though a match in a marionette puppet
where the

the heart is like the Atlas our legs and
the mind is the

arms and the soul is the head and in the
puppet master the hand that holds it all

together is a dick and balls

and he is just started making that
puppet go ahead there in thayer their

high and I left then dry it’s funny that

the dick is your master a pic is surely
the massacres like

sometimes I see my dick when it’s like
give the king he was born to be

he is the only had like rock-hard radko

top with the world a little bit drunk
but not too drunk here’s the here’s a

joystick up himself that he is a
commercial loans there did either in the

morning or something after you’ve
masturbated the night before and you

wake up in is just a shriveled little
nothing military with a little

like a toilet that’s right he and his
age to hide cold and that is who your


a clear your deck is truly a battered

a lukewarm sausage up you sell yes he is
the wharf in sheep’s clothing

and is she knows it’s cheap condo it’s
really is a cheap sheep in the deck is


a limp master is so add

anyway when you have feelings you check
in with everybody say I heart

what do you think mind what do you think
so what do you think dick I know I

get you think calm down things all the

cell add and then you know if you’re
still thinking like a I really don’t

like my girlfriend I really wanna

see where this other thing goes then you
break up their girlfriend

but breaking up is like passing a bill
you need like two thirds of the

the heart vote and then like it has to
go to the head and then the head has to


it better now that can veto it sure to
be like to listen i kno heart

want something but let’s stay irrational
here this girl likes issues actually

it’s a very practical good decision
maybe we should start a family together

I will veto my heart I don’t think I
don’t think had in detail heart and soul

/url so what who can veto the other two
dick is the only thing on the body with

minitel power and executive action
police said

didn’t pick up the phone dick has the
nuclear launch codes to

diecast to show that he really does have
a code

and he can launch the nukes a very well
you share you can any hat

in hurry is the master where he is the

up himself the day alone he is a
mushroom shaped cloud in itself very


but meaning

I think this guy can break up with his

is like really not feeling it be like
somebody else but you have to say

that mean they can’t get back together
with my girlfriend cuz you always will

second guess that kinda decision
disturbing a back to that pop punk song

would you say that she should have never
ever gotten back together

oh wow that’s really interesting talk to
your friends too hard by a friends talk

to me

yeah I become

a now that he is together should he wait
to break up with her

Diablo III definitely not just break up
it’s not his problem would you say

it is his problem but like you’re making
it worse by staying together

the what if it’s like oh she’s going
through a tough a straight right now

there’s never a good time to break up
with somebody but during school is worse

the end of school is worse than summer
break know how she has exams coming up

one we just let her focus on that and
then break up with her after some you

never really end up doing that though
because like when you’re

you’re not invest in a relationship it’s
not like you’re the boy from the that

that person deserves it at this time in
like the exams are gonna be stressful

because you’re a pillar of support

you’re gonna be call disconnected

the computers somebody and they’re gonna
be stressed out about their latest

relationship there’s there’s something
wrong and he said no everything’s binder

to be like

very very distracted by the from the

by you you you’re saying it’s impossible
to actually once you decide to break up

with someone sweep it under the rug so
much that it seems fine until you are

ready very very hard

heading on a mural I don’t think
anything’s impossible I believe in the

power of the universe absolutely for the
dick is the true master if you decide

that should wait the jail he is also
like God

up behind oh my god

that the creators and the destroyer

up hmm a

soul you do if your him do it I’ll yeah
I would break up with this girl now if I

didn’t like her

I would wait you don’t want you don’t
want to give her any more

anger ammunition nation and it seems
like the moms gonna be really mad at you

so if you wait and then it’s like hey
I’m sorry I was distant but I really

didn’t want to do it during your

exams I don’t think she can get mad I
would get really mad at that

shoosh I would say well how you stayed
with me a month longer than you wanted

me and you and you let me know

I that’s right you like a fucking idiot
when people do that yeah but

II I thought I would do that because
your mom said she would slap me if I did

it again great so now I’m mad at you and
my mom but that doesn’t matter because I

I no longer am in a relationship with
you I did you hire but on

I would rather carry on your saying I
don’t care about it I’ll eat it yet but

then I care about them enough to delay

so that it doesn’t really matter
carolinians yes it is

no it’s not because the I don’t want to
make her failed heard at Hathway caring

about somebody’s feelings

with Carrie that scary about your own
feelings no you don’t feel guilty by

making your

Baylor exams but isn’t it wouldn’t it be
easier for me to just do it right now

and say I don’t care about your exam so
I hardest thing because you’re

you don’t want to do it right now you
think there’s going to be more

convenient time for you to do it you’ll
feel better when you do it at this

other time yeah he’ll feel better yeah
there’s never a world where she’s like

thank you for waiting till after my exam
no rate this is exactly what I needed to

be broken on you when I’m that you’re
putting words in my mouth and i frankly

do appreciate it

a hundred percent honesty and in this
situation and I think sometimes a little

white lie

I can go a long way it I agree I also
like the way it liar occasionally

I think when it comes to you breaking up
or stay together

nobody wants to feel like they got duped
you don’t I didn’t get duped baby I just

didn’t want you distracted I wanted you
to focus on your exams now that the

summer is upon us

goal of have a good day

Reuters enjoy the June July and August
two weeks

see this is what I don’t like your the
gatekeeper somebody else’s feelings when

you do that to you

I promised her mom and now the moms
gonna slap me you deserve to be slapped

in this situation violated I would be
desired to be slapped

yeah I I don’t know what to say man I
think I disagree

and not only that I think I’m right
what’s hey let’s call for the vote on

the podcast

how do we do that then we we done it
before the

where it is minutely this is only the
second we don’t disagree often

sure I were with the meddling yeah again
as I trees we treat your answer at us

your answer and a I think

you should have any right now and I
don’t care about this girls exams

or be one Tuan to either in New York
don’t say my answer saying without care

about the exam I care about the exams
fine I

you care more about the human being it’s
better to break up

immediately okay and I say it’s better
to break up after the exams

okay I’d love to hear what you guys

please please write it down on a napkin
and throw it away

occurs the second you guys get a fucking
podcast is the second i’d give a shit

about any of your opinions

are really easy to show his bark data
but the fit

mmm no please do treated at Jake and

or at Jake Hurwitz an alleged now that
I’m right

to let both the bus so we so we can
actually tabulate the results

yeah and don’t just route for Jake
because I i’ve been like extra abrasive

and confident my answer

like don’t let thats wat u the air will
use its way admits that it with a little

bit because they see what kinda person
per year olds their

answering in a kind gentle way but
you’re actually making it worse

and I’d hate for people to just us see
how that the envelope that years

delivering and not the actual content of
the pack

believe there’s a there is that I should
come from my and again we just have him

you know you’ve done say a word to you

you’ve got a nice velvet red boxing
you’ve taken a diarrhea

shit net and it looks really nice when
it comes in and then she opens it and it

smells like hot diarrhea tell you what
they’re both packages the gadget but

would you rather open the shit and rode
away a media had a rather

would you rather let this shit linger in
the closet per year I’d rather you get

it I’d rather

focus on my exams do well on my studies
and then dropped the bomb after the you

think you could do on your exams you got
broken up with yeah I think that

that creates a part of my brain that s
the deal with this thing and I can’t

focus on this

the studying if I’m dealing with the
breakup at the same time

but if he does dealing with a bad
relationship that’s that well thats

the EPA issue doesn’t know that it’s
better list chap

that relationship harry wants to break
up a somewhat but not any other person

doesn’t know about it

as long as she’s living in an ignorant
bliss will existence during the exams

then I I think it’ll be worth more worth
it to break up with her

after the exams p shit

sorry a

I need another I I need another woman’s

Amir Blumenfeld here right see i’d how
about a girls name like the shake-up

her not Jacob Jessica I no way

who threw clothes and a coke head for a

to Jane a health a Jessica

I Jessica rights so I’ve been home from
school for a summer break for about a

week now and

everything’s been pretty chill but
recently things have gotten

not chill my brother just turned 14 and
i think is pretty normal as normal is

going to get

recently he’s been acting weird as shit

now this boy know that I am into scary
movies initiate

and he has literally been acting like
he’s possessed

for the past couple of days one that I
came downstairs he was just staring into

the stove in the dark

and first time like whatever he’s just
being stupid when I called his name he

wouldn’t answer me

I went to my I went about my business
and was cleaning my room which is in the

back at the house that night

now I had to go around the corner trough
threat to throw some stuff away and he

was standing around the corner in the
dark hallway with a sock on as an

whatever that’s normal I thought but
then he started to bang on the wall for

no reason

then I went around the corner one more
time he was standing there in the dark

doorway with scissors in his family he
wanted to kill me

now I’m 99 percent sure that he’s not
possess then is just fucking with me

but how can I make a 100 percent sure
that he

isn’t actually possessed by some demon I

should I call a priest through something

killer not about that life deuces

Jessica Jessica

I’m I’m almost a hundred percent sure is
not a demand that but

ok and I V up under present showing a
little annoying for sure

might be a demon living and thought I’d

there might do there won’t be a small
devil man living in them obviously that

sounds insane that’s why I’m 19 April
ensure that he is the exact problem not


imp it’d probably not need to be
exercise but

what it is appearance sake news in every
my little brother

a poltergeist if you will the letter B
is a glove themself

at Albany that Gould revel in goblin

a kind evaporation UConn the other so
slim I don’t even want to entertain the

notion but if it happens a hundred times
what are the times he will be in fact

that goes to man

weatherbee is indeed a ghoul what do I
do if he is in fact possessed by a demon

he was staring into was still you
withholding a sock he was being a wall


years the DL scissors he is losing
delivered a day

yes that is correct at I

do believe you yeah it is he’s possessed

oh my god by a by the devil incarnate

who there’s no and the reason you’d be
staring it was still

he walks among us he’s not trying to
just fuck with you Jessica he’s probably

a double man today

but a book

I know all brothers are a pain in the
ass but my little brothers do a sated

I love the ass up

hmm and I am Elaine brother the ghoul

I I trigger failed Disney pilot

but the subject my possessed a brother

so it sounds like she’s sorta getting
into the idea that he is indeed


a good way to know if he’s possessed or
not is that can’t be possessed so it’s

not pathetic media

like possessed is an actual thing that
happened I know he was staring into a


but there is a change is trying to mess
with the HSC

right what you have to do is just like
really dull at I E

I’m his coming as a as a brother who
fights with people a lot

I think this is what you do. next time
you like really freaky yeah

looking at the stove not say anything
like holding a pair of scissors

yeah go up and fired on a I’ll it really
breaks the heights

iPad the heat from your colon really
breaks P I’d like tickling do something


yes I like stupid and sweet rate so and

so doubt that’ll break that’ll break the
tension that will he give it

other you can keep a straight face if
you bend over and farted on earth

stomach yeah then he disappears

the other thing a vida AP if he does
keep a straight face to that then you’ll

know that he is buried here

the man I but that’s a long way that’s
that litmus test

a alright he’s not the devil but he
might be

part on to something far Dhanam that’s
your device for everything

a alright let’s take a break and we’ll
come back with more

it by where are you

lower you and I tell you

I really do he happily i

where you showed outcome

thank you as well to trunk club

for sponsoring this episode guys this is
a great smart

brilliant service do think about it

do you like to shop d like to look good
do not know exactly what clothes to buy

to make you the man you deserve to be

I A think shoppers find

okay I know what clothes to buy yeah and

I wanna look good okay while trunk lid
is perfect for you

truckload is perfect for everyone try to
fit right in I don’t tell me it’s not

perfect for someone I’ll tell you why

a let’s say a guy a

doesn’t a doesn’t know what clothes to
buy sell he doesn’t know what to do he

goes the shopping mall in this ghetto
Wetzel’s pretzels and goes home happy

well you know what what the pretzels are
delicious but from now on

that the only reason you’ll have to go
to the from the place

because you go to track club dot com you
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looking for work you’re looking for

and the as party clothes and then what
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take do I make a statement

do you want to go with the flow he was
on its nice and comfortable not send you

a box designed specify to your tastes

up close that you don’t even know about
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that you’ve never heard of they look
good on you anyway never known

a trailing have to pay for the shipping
or the clothes you don’t keep

you try them all on you pay for the ones
you keep and you just send the other

ones back free of charge you know that a

I let’s say this guy is a mama’s boy how
little you

fancy man about the town doesn’t really
know how to walk well he walks like a

potato is rolling down the street

okay he doesn’t have shoes he does not
have shorts

he does not have shirts he does not have
pants he does not have clothing

he is a naked potato man but it out on
the cap

and I went into got big toe

but if you do wanna train to god damn
thing got a trunk club dot com slash

if I were you check out the styles you
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ongoing subscription no hidden charges
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truck club also has locations a store
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doubts if you wanna go in and talk to

they basically a sign a stylist to you

so that you don’t have to style yourself
trunk club dot com slash

if I were you that’s trunk club dot com

if I were you check them out

Ola and who are we but to

little pissed chance not to think
Squarespace dot com for sponsoring the


till speak for your sexier that it’s
hearsay and I know I’m the master

and I’m an aunt your nan to my peers

what is Squarespace its easy this one’s
an easy sell

you don’t know how to do shit I’m sorry

you just don’t know how to bail out AIG
died I had a little shit yes I do

well for everybody out there that
doesn’t know how to build their own


Squarespace makes it easy they hired
people that are so smart

that they built a website that will help
you build web sites

that’s in terminator 2: shit they have

support to be a live chat everything is
very simple

powerful beautiful and its only eight
dollars a month and with eight dollars a

month to get a free domain name

if you by Squarespace for the year but I
know what you’re thinking

what all that that Europe is san well
that’s the constant thought your head

you’re also thinking

there are no good domain names anymore
people in buying these things for thirty

years now when example bill available

dentist ass haha is not avail alan was
taking a look for that way as God

dentist asshole here’s one that is
available for anybody that wants it

free of charge have at it comes with a

Squarespace account if you if you spend
eight dollars a month who farts dot com

who part did you get that because when
you looked up at him

demand it said who is from head a hookah

who parts and now I was searching I
farted he farted she sharted i sharted I


well-taken who farts the question that
all those are answers to the simple

domain name which is who farts like with
the umbrella company exactly if the

parent corp

a farts I have the I and other sister
site to

who’ve who farts %uh the wolf artist
dole okay so how what’s that

than that to me it’s kinda like waters
like who and

I’ll artist is like far to said who
farts dot com

alerts to all participants will artist
dot com is available

authors are like a palindrome happy it’s
not us if you’re looking to build a


at online store a portfolio a blog

anything really

Squarespace makes it easy whether you
need to build one now or like in a

couple months for now remember

Squarespace dot com slash if I were you

and if you use our coupon code if I
really you’ll get 10 percent off major

purchase that actually not bad such
about swiss-based accomplish if I were


let’s go back to the show we’re back

I Wow quick take: is the devil

I some climbing on a wall like a spider

then he turned to me he blinked his eyes

and hissed a third Blacks team came out
of his mouth and nowhere became out his


so I’m just the fighter I another thats
buy anything I’m not a grueling ago say

your you think I’m a spider its his
thing is funny

you think what people used to do it
while the Buddh yes

I boo boo and then there’s the one bath

you have to be a snake to do that’s how
r that some

much distaste after the fact pretty cool

I his son you have we taken the break a
turnout get I was the breakbeat a good

mmm when I stopped for a second that’s
all but the Adhan cool

this is the 150 second podcast while

button are you saying you should know
how it works but we didn’t pause

ol oh we haven’t taken like the break

week we took a beat and that’s why the
where the adl go and then this is like

the break sectional regis alright I’m
saying I did it didn’t feel like we took

a beat when you said we’re going to take
a break as we immediately started


I know it show dot com and then it’ll be
a POS and I

at their battle Pausini yeah it just
needs to be at 1:30 at that the second I

can stick it in fact yeah

I guess I know that but like every

does an earlier it was the whole little
behind the scenes yeah we pause for

maybe five or ten seconds

happen this time we didn’t now

we just went right into it the
newsletters going really well we’re

really excited about the newsletter if
you haven’t signed up yet

great opportunity to nada Jake and Amir
dot com were fiery show dot com

a we’ve sent out 10 week for the last
three weeks videos we never posted but

were made

eight years ago pictures they may not
have seen

information about new shows that like
you would have already known about our

Montreal show fewer

subscribe to the newsletter or if you
missed out on this LA show

we announced in the newsletter like
trying to people podium pictures from my


old phone pictures that we’ve forgotten
about here’s a question

do we have the if you sign up for the
New Years Newsletter now can you see the

other three

previous newsletters you can’t but there
is a URL

that I will put on our website that
shows the last three you can like

click on each one it’s like a website

male chimps pretty polished

we can have them advertise with us yeah
that’s from serial

yeah Davidic maybe they could sponsor
rabbit hole cool

could be a good host a rabbit hole well
I feel like Mike would have to do things


%uh he’s a good coke creator but I’d
really like to have a a unique authentic

voice behind it

someone Lake

me and that is the board sleep

hmm I having a should host it I’m the
champion you don’t locally mpn:

I don’t have to smoke weed that’s the
point rabbit hole

I all either edible offal

you 81 at least one so you fell asleep
for 19 days

I the bill is the best podcast ever up

a podcast which is me snoring would you
think I would snow are based on how I


I yes will know how you look

but the if I hung around you for a lil
because your mouth breather

and that’s all it takes I think snorers
are big people and I’m not a big person

but I still snore

weather is used to i think is because
you you’re a back sleeper you

I’m a side sleeper I think if you sleep
with your mouth open

I remember exactly but exhibit their
mouth open your more prone to sniper and

I hear your phone a little bit from I
think sleeping with your mouth closed as

one of the hardest

like i cant d sleep with your mouth
closed I don’t snore

i think thats so hard like one breathing
through your

now billion through nose for eight hours
like that seems really really hard for


and also like if you look at tix extra
effort it have your mouth closed

like when I’m a completely at rest and

I don’t mind other people to have that
he had just like naturally shot

I guess thats abut

her if your master

stay with me for a second yeah yeah

I’m sure that now he okay what

a Jesus Christ this is so cool to have

on the pike and is that the show Europe
I think yeah

I really didn’t think so you’re like
really milking that place value in

millions way

les lleva a your yeah okay

go ahead say it yes

I mean there’s no other way to do it but
red tide coming n

here it is here and it feels like God I
feel like I’m airing my dirty hun 3309

if it

Rd area by the way you said it event
that you have your my player and I guess

okay income I will be spent you how’s
your eyes and open your minds

ready hmm if your mouth this shot

and there’s literally no other way to
say it but the way I’m gonna do I ruling

it because it’s certainly the Longhorns

up in there okay Europe but levy lately
keep that though it’s a rather

put together idea simply put together
actually to put it simply quite actually

oh my god it’s so cool alright so here

wasn’t from the top your oversell I’m
not over something and I’m under

delivering it

if your mouth is to be closed earth

that at realigned if your mouth

is shot yes you feel better yeah

okay back after part 1 if your mouth

and tell them apart did open it is
partly I

so if your mouth is shut peckinpah

both there too just do it a a year ago

if you’re out the shower just do it you
Mar I am no

stop it okay area yet say it if year

say what if your map nighter Fisher

actually others that once and i know i
does it cause I think I came I came out

the shower I just sent I get a set

all right go ahead here we go if your
mouth shut you

we have to take a break way home we have
on certain perspective Rick

you’re a butt it perfect

not is Ryan’s yeah but like it doesn’t
really mean anything to anybody that

didn’t hear the whole entire leading
because then like

your mouth can be shot at any time quiet
while addressing the master

I but I am the master

and I will not be spoken to you that way

you’re right I’m sorry sale nada más

I’m going to you select

your saluted stand down soldier

I am I really sitting down master that
included up

whom a alright one last question

share this one is very red

from I

mmm II this one is written in all caps

I up so we need a girls name

Tracy like bath to Tracy

a bad reason rights keep in mind this is
all caps

hey guys just wanna say I love you guys
I’m in a bit of a pickle though I met a

guy about two months ago at a club and
we went back home to his place

we did that do and it was awesome we’ve
been texting and see each other

almost every weekend since what I
thought was a playful little hot cup

staying seems to be evolving into
something more serious

or at least I think it is I don’t really
know which is why I need your help

like he makes romantic tutu he makes
romantic gestures sometimes like

waking me up early to walk on a trail as
the Sun was rising and it was hella romantic

also after a long session apart core
fucking we cuddle and snuggle


I’ve had breakfast with him I’ve
explored the town with him

it seemed kinda relationship P

I’ve had fuck buddies before in the past
and this don’t seem like one of those

kinda relationships

he’s super nice and always calls me

but am I just being naive is he taking
advantage of my overly girly romance

loving nature desi only enjoy fucking me
I’m so lost I’m starting to catch

feelings for this guy but I don’t want
to get my heart broken

help me out peace love

treesome trace then so

it sounds like she’s only had butt
buddies before so this thing is real

roellinger role what’s going on you and
on of are high

K think get as well as the lead with a
ride the telephone

plays and a fucking get it we fuckin any
the affectionate afterward yeah I’m not

just before issue nice to me afterwards
will do things like cuddle affection and

you’re you’re you’re not naive this is
pretty normal

up a relationship when a guy like for
you he he he introduced me to his pay

market that’s what the fuck is going on
in your library on might

it might hurt like is this ok official

if toward wedding day is any years any
arian gay you’re like making placement

in a Shiite neighborhood all you know
what to think it’s like hella tight I


is he using me yeah receipt is gonna
pump in dont me once we say that we are

really really by PPP contract own
marriage were engaged to Wed were

married for to each other

I believe we have a child of us you
somebody for their pussy

after youth but with them a bunch let
you wouldn’t be nice to them

just to have sex with them me right cuz
you already had sex with them

so that’s when I feel like you year

the you know the the stereo tape

is that your nice and alien youth that
you show somebody that you want to be

more than a relationship then you have

and then you pull away he when it’s
going the other way when you’re fucking

and then he is taking you out on

semantic stroll this cuddly you

and still fucking you as well then thats

thats it that’s the way it’s supposed to
go that

that’s normal that’s the usual I

the coddling seems like it could go
either way like what else are you

supposed to do even if it’s just a court
in scuttling for your gonna lay

but like wake you up early for us on
right knee high sunrise hike

after you fuck the person likes if you
if you’re not into that person you save

that move for somebody have

forty yeah

I hand well let her Hancock copy paper

a pic I

people in stark today

turned into a crow appear a crane love

appraiser David Crane appears there

yeah I

so don’t worry lady doesn’t seem like he
is Justin F buddy

it seems like you he likes you for real
yeah if you like someone

well the first thing you like about them
as physical you on a bone them

your analytical in addition to that I
like their personality I wanna take them

on a

i’d first one to put their body then you
wanna fuck their mind

all and lastly their soul

and certainly heart a

and then you can blow their God AKA
their dick away

that is correct for he is the puppet
master he is the true master in fact

I want my god to not be attached to me

that he is more important than a hand

sat down to go I guy

now with the the flag I live a

throwing it like a wet passed on the
wall to see this text

Reist dude and the show I yeah

that’s our time thanks so much to
everybody for writing in do let us know

I am still curious if you guys the would
would delay that break up or do it right

away tear down to a band-aid

if you have your own questions for us I
or your own theme song submissions are

your own

Facebook thumbnail submissions we are
still needing your artwork

600 by 3:15 ideally but we’ll take what
we can get. and everything and

anything is to if ivory show at gmail
dot com

thanks to Alex for the opening pop-punk
being such a

there the pop-punk p.m. Sun to start the

and this one is Sam W to close the show

will be back on Monday and if you don’t
listen to us on monday

don’t fucking give us that PT Tuesday
shit the to the Tuesday podcasts lot

what’s more important than that it’s
fine if you listen to it

Tuesday Tuesday is fine but thats
honestly let’s cut it off their

whenever you I listen that’s great as
long as just deal before

a bit after a week like you might as
well just be any time

and thank you we appreciate really
appreciate it do best do it often

do what white

the AAA deliver a view in iTunes leave a
couple more

me head she is a really chill tonight

amir is a really lame

they’re gone and

class 10

put you on blast in Maine

so entertaining and time are committed a
crime in Youngstown OH

listen to the show let’s hash tag no
it’s called



saying so

season and she is in I

are you sure to come with a fucker

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